Power Rangers - Mystic Force: Hook Ups
by Hamster ([email protected])

Chip was stocking some older CDs on the shelf but his mind was not on the
task. His mind was very much elsewhere. Most specifically it was on his
teammate the Pink Ranger, Vida. She was beautiful, brave, she was fun and
she was his definition of the perfect girl. He was so distracted that he
was putting CDs in all of the wrong places.

"Uh Chip, something wrong?" Asked Xander.

"No why?" Asked Chip.

"Because I'm pretty sure that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir didn't release
'Smack my Bitch up'." Xander explained.

"Crap." Chip said as he began pulling CDs out of the wrong paces and fixing
his mistakes.

"Let me guess, it's a girl. You're distracted because you're thinking of a
girl." Said Xander.

"Uh no...I ...uh look it's nothing OK." Said Chip.

Chip went back to putting his CDs away. He really wished that he could be
with Vida. Wait, wish, that was it!!!

"He Xander, cover for me I gotta go I'll be right back." Chip told Xander.

"Hey wait a minute." Xander protested but Chip was already on his way to

When Chip arrived at Rootcore, Clare was away and so was Udonna. This suited
Chip just fine. He quickly went to Jenji's lamp and stroked the side.

"Jenji come out I need to talk to you." Chip said.

The Cat-Genie popped his head out of the lamp.

"Hey Chip, can I amaze you with tales of my tremendous deeds today?" Asked

"Actually Jenji, I need a favor." Said Chip.

"Really?" Asked the Genie. "What can I do for you?"

"Well I was sort of hoping you could grant me a wish and make Vida fall in
love with me." Said Chip.

The gears began turning in Jenji's head.

"Well magic has certain rules and you can't wish for somebody to fall in love
with you." Said Jenji.

"Oh." Said Chip crestfallen.

"But you CAN wish for somebody to fall in love with somebody else." Said

"Well that doesn't help me." Said Chip.

"Maybe it does. I'll cut a deal with you, I will wish for Vida to fall in
love with you IF you wish for Madison to fall in love with me." Said Jenji.

"What? You want Maddie to fall in love with you?" Said Chip in disbelief.

"Yes beautiful, perfect Madison..." Said the cat with a far away look on his

"I don't know if I feel right..." Chip started.

"What are you a hypocrite? It's ok for you to wish a girl to fall in love
with you but not me?" Jenji demanded.

"OK, OK." Chip didn't really want to wish for Madison to fall in love with
the cat-genie but he didn't see any way around it if he was going to get his
own wish granted.

* * *

Clare was in the forest picking berries; she was singing a merry tune as
she searched them out. She was so engrossed with her berry picking that she
didn't hear the silent footsteps of her cousin, Nick. He tapped her shoulder
from behind Clare jumped about three feet in the air and dropped her berries

"EEE-AHH." she cried.

"Whoa, sorry Clare." Said Nick.

"Umm yeah, it's OK." Clare stammered.

The light was filtering through the leaves and hitting her beautiful face.
Nick was so struck by the sight of her breath-taking loveliness that he had
a life-changing realization. He thought she was hot and he wanted her. I
never said it was complex or deep, just life-changing.

"Wow Clare, you look beautiful." Said Nick.

"Oh...thank you." Clare said shyly.

Nick stepped closer to her and grabbed her upper arm.

"I am such an idiot. I can't believe that I never noticed how gorgeous you
are before." Nick said before he closed the distance between her face and his

Clare was breathing very heavy she didn't have a clue what was going to
happen next. But what did happen next was a huge surprise to her. Nick pulled
her in and kissed her. They shared a long wet kiss that lasted almost several
minutes before Clare pulled away.

"Nick, stop, we can't we're cousins..." Clare said as she started to back

Nick grabbed her wrist to keep her from going anywhere.

"I don't care about that." Said Nick. "I want you bad."

He pulled her close and kissed her gain, this time more urgently. He guided
her to a nearby log and lay her down on it. Her resistance faded as he kissed
her and felt her body all over. Nick began by removing her cloths slowly, one
garment at a time. He then undressed himself.

"This is wrong." Clare said once more but without conviction.

"But we both want to." Said Nick confidently.

Clare closed here eyes and breathed. "Yes."

Nick climbed atop her. He guided his cock to the entrance of her sweet virgin
pussy and dove it in. Clare gasped. It was painful at first but pain turned
into pleasure as Nick savored her sweet body.

"Oh, oh yes Nick it's so amazing ooooh yes." She moaned.

Nick came shortly after she did. She was without a doubt amazing herself.

"I love you Clare." He said.

"I love you two." Clare panted.

* * *

Madison was horny as hell. The sweet girl was doing what she usually did when
confronted with this situation. She had her pants unzipped and was laying on
her back. She had her hand down her powder blue panties and was stroking her
pussy feverishly. Her eyes were closed so she didn't notice when her sister,
Vida opened the door and stepped in.

"Hey, sis. Need a hand with that?" Asked Vida.

Madison was momentarily startled. She opened her eyes and saw that it was
Vida and she was elated.

"Yes please." She said.

Vida quickly got on the bed with her. Madison lay on her side. Vida lay with
her front against her sister's back. Vida reached over and started stroking
Madison?s pussy gently.

"You like that don't you Maddie?" Vida whispered and Madison's ear.

"Yes sis, oh yes keep going." Begged Madison.

She was absorbing the pleasure and grinding her ass into her sister's crotch.
Vida inserted a finger into Madison and started to pump it in and out. She
closed her eyes and moaned softly as her sister fingered her lovingly.

"Yes, yes ohhh yes I'm cuuuuming YES!" cried Madison as her whole body

"You liked that didn't you sis?" Asked Vida before licking her cum-soaked

"Yeah thank you, you're the best Vida." Breathed Madison.

At that moment Jenji and Chip's wishes took their effect.

"Oh my gosh! Vida, I suddenly feel like I have to go to Rootcore and see
Jenji." Madison said.

"That's weird because I suddenly feel that I have to go to Rootcore to see
Chip." Said Vida.

Madison pulled her pants up and began to straighten up her hair and make-up.

* * *

Necrolai was pacing. The Queen of the Vampires had been serving a series of
evil masters that had been all thoroughly stomped by the power rangers. It
was getting pretty redundant. Getting your ass kicked every second week
tended to get redundant, though.

"Mom quit pacing, you're giving me a headache." Said Leelee.

Necrolai ignored her daughter as she usually did. She was stressed out. She
needed to relax and, most importantly, she was really, really thirsty.

"Leelee." She said as she turned to face her daughter.

Leelee, despite popular opinion, was by no means stupid and she knew her
mother only paid her attention when she wanted something.

"Yes mother?" She asked meekly.

"Sweetie I'm feeling a little peckish." Said Necrolai.

Leelee trembled slightly. She figured that it would be something light that.

"Moooooooooom come on." She said.

"Stop your whining, unless you'd like me to transform you into a roach
again." Said Necrolai.

"No, no that's ok." Said Leelee quickly.

"Good." Said Necrolai.

She stepped behind her daughter and tilted the girl's head to the side.
Necrolai gently pulled Leelee's hair away from her neck and then bit into
her daughter's sweet neck. Leelee whimpered as her mother's fangs sank into
her flesh. Sweet warm blood flooded Necrolai mouth and flowed down her
throat into her belly. Necrolai knew not to take too much only as much or
maybe slightly more than she'd lose after donating to a blood bank. Necrolai
was always pretty horny after sucking on Leelee. So the fact that Necrolai
was beginning to undress her didn't surprise Leelee one bit. She took her
daughter's top off and roughly squeezed one of her tits. Necrolai didn't
find her daughter particularly useful in the battle between Evil and good
but there wasn't anything wrong with the girl's blood or her body.

"Take my costume off." Ordered Necrolai.

"Alright mom." Said Leelee.

Leelee did as she had been instructed and began to peel off her mom's tight
black leather outfit. Leelee knelt in front of her mom began licking the
juicy slit just south of a patch of white fur. Leelee put her hands on her
mother's hips then began to eat her out.

"Mmm oh yeah baby, lick mommy good." Sighed Necrolai as she grabbed Leelee's
hair and held the girl's face firmly in her pussy.

* * *

Vida and Madison both arrived at Rootcore together. Chip and Jenji were both
already there awaiting them. Vida made her way to Chip and Madison approached
Jenji. Both girl's were almost in a trance and seemed to be possessed of a
single-minded purpose. Madison began by scratching behind Jenji's ears,
making that Cat's leg shake and causing him to purr. Vida put her arms around
Chip's head.

"Uh hi Vida." He said.

"Shut up and kiss me." She said.

She opened her mouth and rammed her tongue down Chip aggressively. Quickly
pointing out that Vida already liked Chip, so all that the wish actually did
was make her 10 times hornier for him than usual. Chip was honestly surprised
at first but that quickly disappeared when he realized that he was playing
tongue-hockey with the girl of his dreams. He reached down to grab her ass
and also reached up to grab a boob as they kissed. Jenji was also getting a
little more aggressive. He used his claws to quickly relieve Madison of her
cloths. Pieces of shredded fabric went flying left and right. The cloths
confetti cloud disappeared and left Madison startled and naked. The cat-genie
licked her face affectionately while he pawed at her tits.

"You want me to get in doggy-style?" She asked.

"Kitty-style." Jenji corrected.

Madison laughed then obligingly got on all fours. Meanwhile Chip was on his
back with his cock flying proud. Vida stepped over and pushed her pussy down
onto Chip's man-meat. She started pushing herself up and down on his cock.
Chip reached up and grabbed her tits. He was squeezing them like stress
relievers While Vida rode his Cock. Meanwhile Madison was being extremely
vocal as Jenji fucked her. He was thrusting into her from behind while using
her hair a reigns.

"OH YES! YES JENJI IT'S SO LONG!!!" Cried Madison.

Chip was inspired; he wanted to make Vida cry out like that. He grabbed her
shoulders and rolled Vida on to her back. He then began thrusting harder and
faster. Vida was taken off guard but she rolled with the punches and threw
her legs around Chip. They all four came at once a simultaneous group orgasm.
As they all slumped to the floor they all knew that this wouldn't be the last
time that they hooked up like this.


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