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Setting: This is what happened during Dark Specter's Revenge. The story
starts out slow but it will pick up later.

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Power Rangers In Space: Part 4 - Reprogramming Astronema
by Showtime1673 ([email protected])

Karone awoke in Zhane's bed. She was satisfied and happy for the first
time in history. She was famished, the last thing she had was some lunch
yesterday. She took her clothes and quietly entered her room. She tried not
to wake anyone else. She changed into her the uniform that Andros had given
her. She went into the dining hall and saw the other female rangers. Ashley
and Cassie had made a big breakfast.

They exchanged pleasantries as Karone took some food. They each looked at
each other and all of them had a guilty look on their face. They practically
sat in silence the entire time. It wasn't until TJ and Andros walked in that
the silence was broken.

A unison of good mornings floated around. TJ and Andros both took breakfast
and began a conversation.

"So, what's on the agenda today?" TJ asked already knowing the answer.

"The usual, cleaning up the ship and fighting evil," replied Andros.

"The chores might be easy to do if we pair up," TJ suggested.

"That's a great idea!" Ashley yelled. The other four rangers had questioning
look on their face.

"Well, it's settled, we will start pairing up." Andros decided. "Oh, look
who's finally up." Carlos and Zhane both walked in. "We have decided to pair
up for our chores." Andros explained.

"By my count that leaves an odd man out. Who's it gonna be."

"I do it, I had a really long night. I was partying all night." Carlos said
with a glazed over look on his face. "Hey TJ, where were you? You are usually
the first to party after our team wins a baseball game."

"I had a date." TJ responded nonchalantly. Cassie nearly choked on her
breakfast when she heard this.

"So who was it?" Carlos asked.

"Someone special, and that's all I am going to say." TJ stood up and put his
plate in the dishwasher.

"C'mon it's us. She hot?" Carlos pried.

"I am not telling and I need to get to work. Who's going to join me?"

"I will, I'm done." Cassie responded trying no to sound to eager, like Ashley
did earlier. Cassie stood up and walked with TJ to the Training room to start
sweeping. When they were out of sight Cassie punched him in the arm. "What
are you thinking? A date, you might as well tell them we had sex."

"It was more than that, right?"

"Of course it was."

"So what's the big deal? They are going to find out eventually."

"I guess, don't tell anyone until I tell Ash, please"

"Sure thing, now we need to get sweeping before they get suspicious." TJ
answered before kissing Cassie.

Karone and Zhane left in to test the thrusters. Ashley and Andros left to
check the bridge for mechanical problems. Carlos stayed and cleaned up
breakfast. The three couples would occasionally kiss each other or grab
something. This lasted for a while until Decca ushered everyone to the bridge
for a message from Dark Specter. He commanded that they return Astronema to
him or else he would crush Earth with a meteor. After a failed attempt to
stop the meteor, the rangers deliberated. After some convincing Karone was
able to talk her way into sneaking onto the Dark Fortress. She went to her
room and dressed like Astronema. The leather suit and metal armor fit
perfectly. She had to wear a red wig to cover her new short blonde hair. She
looked just like her evil self.

Everyone wished her luck and she left for the dark fortress. She was able to
fly one of the velocifighters that the rangers had stolen. Once she landed
she snuck into the control room and tried to shut the meteor down.

"Astronema!" shouted Ecliptor

"Ecliptor, is that you?" Karone asked.

"Yes, my princess it is me," Ecliptor answered slyly.

"What have they done to you?"

"The same thing that will be done to you." Ecliptor moved in and grabbed her.
Her communication device fell to the floor and broke. The rangers all shouted
in disappointment. They began to argue what to do next.

Karone was fighting with all her might against Ecliptor.

"Stop fighting me, you can't win."

"I can try."

"This should knock you out." Ecliptor pulls a syringe from his back and
injects Karone with it.

"What was. that?" Karone asked already beginning to lose consciousness.

"That was a heavy sedative, and you should know that it would knockout
someone as big as Dark Specter." Karone's protests had stopped and she fell
limp in is arms. "Good she's out." Ecliptor brought her into one of the ships
holding cells, and laid her on a table. He took his sword and cut through her
armor and suit. He ripped the suit in half and through the armor on the
floor. "No need for this anymore princess. No panties, someone has been
naughty?" Ecliptor then shackled her arms to the top and her legs, spread
open, to the bottom. He walked over to the computer.

"Dark Specter I have her."

"Very good Ecliptor, when she wakes we will begin."

A Few hours later:

Karone wakes in a fog. "What happened?"

"Welcome back my princess." Karone's view came back to her she saw Ecliptor,
Darkonda, Elgar in person and Dark Specter on a screen.

"Astronema, I told you that you could never escape me." Dark Specter said
with an evil laugh. "And you thought that you would get away with it. It's
time to pay the price. Ecliptor since you captured her, you get to go first."

"Go first? What are you talking about?" Karone said frantically looking

"Why I get to be the first one to rape you. In fact I will be the first one
to have sex with you. I have been waiting too long for this."

"I hate to ruin you party but I am not a virgin anymore. Last night I had
sex. Too bad for you."

"On the contrary, it is only bad for you. The scanners have told me that you
are still an anal virgin."

"NO, Please Ecliptor don't do this" Karone begs as Ecliptor walks next to her
and she sees a 14-inch phallus extend from his nether regions.

"It is time, my princess." Ecliptor hit a switch on the table and it moved
vertically and the table folded so that it was now a bar at the top of her
hands at floor shackles. "I'm gonna walk behind you and just." He thrust his
phallus into her ass as she screamed in tremendous pain. "Hurt, Astronema."
He thrust every other second. "Ooo, you have such a tight ass." The other
monsters laughed as Karone began to cry and whimper. "Oh, c'mon Astronema
where is all that tough bravado that you just had." She tried to answer but
the tears of pain overtook her. "No answer, well I guess I'll just have to
thrust harder." Ecliptor began thrusting with everything he had. Karone began
to bleed and this only encouraged then more.

"Well Ecliptor, looks like she is no longer an anal virgin." Darkonda laughed
as he began to get hard.

"I can do this all day Astronema, I am a robot now and do not need to cum.
But I cant and I will, my princess." Ecliptor taunted. Unfortunately for
Karone, she started to feel that tingly feeling again. Then it became a
quivering, and finally an orgasm was building.

"No I can't be doing this. He is a monster, and I can't help myself." Karone

"Astronema, the computer over there is picking up a strange reading, one like
an orgasm. Hahahahaha. I new you couldn't resist me." Ecliptor bragged. "It's
time" He began to cum in her ass. She couldn't help but climax at the same
moment. She was too focused on her ass being filled with cum that she didn't
enjoy the orgasm. Her ass flooded and his cum spewed on the floor in a
puddle. "I'm done, it's your turn Darkonda.

"I don't take sloppy seconds, so I'll take her pussy. That's right Astronema,
you will be mine."

Karone could barely think. She had been anally raped and was about to be
vaginally raped. Darkonda needed no time to get ready, as his 13-inch cock
was rock-hard.

He shoved his cock deep into her pussy on the first try. "My god she is
tight, but that's about to change." He grabbed her and humped her silly for
the next few minutes. She started to have an orgasm again. "That's it
Astronema, cum for me. Cum for me. I command you to cum." She came. She felt
sky high again. She imagined it was Zhane she was having sex with. Each
thrust better than the next. She built up more orgasms and came twice more
before Darkonda was finished.

"Oh, here it cums." Darkonda spewed deep in her pussy. The cum shot though
her and began filling her pussy. Again the excess began to puddle on the
ground. "Don't worry Bitch, I can't get you pregnant. But it was fun trying.
Hahahahaha." Darkonda shouted as he told Elgar that he was next.

"Oh boy, it's my turn. Hey Astronema you were always yelling at me. So open
that pretty mouth." Karone didn't care anymore; all she wanted was for this
to be over. She opened her mouth and took his seven inches in. "Oh yeah
that's the ticket." She deep throated him pretty easy after last night's
festivities. It didn't take long for him to cum. "Oh baby, here it is." He
took his cock out and plastered her face, hair and chest with buckets of cum.
He just kept going. Finally he stopped and Karone was covered nearly head to
toe in cum between the three of them. It was now Dark Specters turn.

"Astronema you are lucky that I am not going to have sex with you today." The
three monsters looked surprised. "Instead I will have the whole fortress have
sex with you tonight." They all shared in a diabolical laugh as Quantron
after Quantron came in and raped Karone. After about 300 soldiers Ecliptor
walked up to Karone and asked: "So who are you?"

"I am Kar. K, my name is Astronema princess of evil."

They again laughed and they attached a chip into her brain to make sure that
all of their work tonight would stay. Of course if it didn't, none of them
would complain.

The End of this series for now. Next is the Psycho Rangers Saga.

Please write me any feedback. [email protected]


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