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Setting: This is right after leap of faith.

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Power Rangers In Space: Part 3 - Zhane And Karone (MF,1st,oral,reluc)
by showtime1673 ([email protected])

Zhane and Karone had decided to call it a day, after their day on Earth with
the others. Karone couldn't stop thinking about Zhane after he saved her
life. She couldn't stop thinking about the kiss they shared afterward. She
wanted to kiss him again but she was too shy. Zhane however was not shy. He
was quite the lady killer on KO 35. Zhane had tried to get Karone to open up
to him all day, but he was met with heavy resistance. She looked stunning in
a purple tank top and short black skirt.

"So, how was your fist day on Earth?" Zhane asked trying to make idle
chitchat, so that she wouldn't notice how hard he was.

"Fun, except that Andros couldn't come."

"Don't worry, we'll be back again. We live in space but come back from time
to time," Zhane said with reassurance. "Karone, can I ask a very personal


"Are you a v., wait lets go someplace a little more private." They walk past
the crowded people and headed for his Galaxy Glider. They arrived and he
morphed. "Here hop on." They head back home.

"Zhane, you wanted to ask me something," Karone asked while trying to balance
herself on the Glider.

"Yeah,... are you a virgin?"

"What's a virgin?"

"That's a yes. Karone a virgin is someone who has never had sex."

"SEX, Ecliptor always told me sex was bad. He told me that if I hade sex I
would lose my power and no longer be Empress.

"Sorry to say this but he lied to you. Sex is not bad and is quite powerful"
Zhane responded with a chucle as he remembered some of his experiences.

"So will you show me sex?"

Zhane put his glider into overdrive. "Absolutely." Shortly after they arrived
at the Mega Ship. Zhane took Karone and told her that they had to sneak so
that no one would catch them.

"Why do we have to sneak?"

"Because Andros would not be too happy with me trying to have sex with you."

"I thought sex was a good thing. If Andros doesn't approve then I shouldn't
do it."

"Karone it's not that sex is bad, it is just. complicated." Zhane stopped his
explaining because he could hear moaning coming from Andros's room. "Never
mind Karone, Andros isn't here."


Zhane lead Karone to his room. He turned his back to her as he closed and
locked the door.

Karone had already stripped herself of her tank top and was working on her
skirt when he turned around.

"How did you know what to do?"

"I know what sex is, I didn't know what a virgin was. Ecliptor thought me
about sex, he just told me it was bad."

"So I don't need to explain anything?"


Zhane quickly took of his grey t-shirt and jeans. He jumped on the bed and
took of his boxers, to reveal his twelve-inch cock. Karone's eyes nearly
exploded out of her head.

"The books Ecliptor gave me never had a penis that big before."

"Well, I never did like books, oh and people call them cocks."


"Penis is too technical, but that it not an issue. Why don't you put this in
your mouth and suck on it." With that Karone took the first four inches in
her mouth. Little by little she began to fit a few more inches in her mouth.
Zhane loved the sensation of his cock in this girl's mouth. "Yeah, that's it
suck, ohh yeah." Whether it was his drought of several years being frozen, or
how taboo it was to have his best friend's sister suck his dick, he came in
here mouth quickly.

"Eww, that's gross," Karone said disgusted. She stood up and Zhane spewed his
cum all the way up her legs. "What the hell was that."

"Sorry babe, I guess I got excited." He handed her a towel to wipe off her
face and legs. "Good news though, your turn. He grabbed her and put her on
the bed, so that her legs were hanging off of the bed. He pulled down here
panties and took off her bra.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't worry darlin, this will fell good." He quickly buried his face in her
pussy. She finally realized what he was going to do when he began licking
her. Her first thought was how gross it was, then she started to tingle, and
then she really felt good.

"Ohh Zhane don't stop what ever you are doing. Oh yeahh, oh yeahh!!!" It
didn't take to long for her first orgasm to blindside her. Then after her
first were her second, and her third. Zhane loved eating pussy, he considered
it his forte. After three orgasms, she settled down.

"That was amazing, sex is great."

"Darlin that wasn't really sex. This is sex." Finally recovering from his
orgasm, he was hard as stone again. He grabbed her legs and moved her onto
the bed fully. He spit in his hand and tried to lube his cock up. "This might
hurt at first but it will feel good after that. He pushed his dick into her
and began to thrust.

"Ow, ow, ow" Karone began to feel the pain; however it wasn't as bad as some
of the battles she has been in. After a few minutes pass, she begins to feel
that tingle again and then she felt that glorious sensation again. "There it
is again, Zhane. Yeah that's it." Soon she was screaming his name in passion
as he violently thrust in and out of her. This continued for a few more

"Karone I am going to cum soon."

"What's that mean?"

"It means I need to pull out or else you could become pregnant. So I am going
to pull this out and you are going to swallow all of my cum this time ok."

Karone moaning in ecstasy barley answered, "Ok."

Zhane pulled his dick out and put it in her mouth. She opened her eyes when
he came, and he saw the expression on her face change from ecstasy to

"Don't open yet, get all of the cum in your mouth." She continued to suck all
of his cum out of his dick. "Now swallow it." Karone looked at him like he
was crazy, but reluctantly swallowed.

"That tasted milky, and it wasn't very good."

"Well you'll get used to it."

"So when can we do that again?"

"In a few minutes, I need time to recuperate." For the rest of the night
Zhanes room was filled with moaning and screaming. Karone was happy, but for
how long?

To be continued in Part 4 - Reprogramming Astronema.


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