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Setting: This is right after leap of faith.

Power Rangers In Space: Part 2 - T.J. And Cassie (MF,inter,PWP,oral,anal)
by showtime1673 ([email protected])

TJ, Cassie, Carlos, and Zhane were on Earth showing Karone what Earth was
like. All five of them had gone shopping and had lunch. Afterwards they
decided to go separate ways. Zhane and Karone were going to go back to the
Mega ship. Carlos went to the arcades. TJ and Cassie decided to go to the
beach. They felt like walking to the beach incase of an emergency.

"So, what do you think of Astrone... I mean Karone?" Cassie asked TJ.

"Well, I guess she is on our side. Only time will tell." TJ replied. "I
didn't trust her at first but so far she has helped us."

"I guess I'm just paranoid."

"It's your job to be paranoid, that's why you were the leader of the Turbo

"Sorry, I know that it makes things uncomfortable when I mention that."
Cassie had a worried expression on her face.

"Don't worry about it. I've accepted the fact that Andros is the Leader now,
however it was kind of cool to be the leader for a little while. I mean being
second in command is cool and all, but I wish I could be the leader again. I
feel like I am letting Tommy, Zordon, and the others down by letting Andros

"TJ your not letting anyone down, most of all Zordon. Listen there is no way
that you could have predicted leaving Earth and battling evil in Space.
Besides some of us still think of you as the leader."

"Yeah, like who?'"

"I do."


"Well Andros does has a better knowledge of Space, you know people and think
better in a crisis that he does. Not to mention that you helped Tommy and
Cat, which is why you were chosen to lead."

"You did help me with that."

"Yeah, but only because you wouldn't stop."

The arrived at the beach, and to their surprise it was pretty much empty. The
set their stuff down and relaxed a little bit. "Hey since no one is here lets
make some sand megazords." TJ suggested. They both began working on a
megazord. Cassie decided to make the Astro megazord. His megazord was very
good; it even had some weapons equipped. TJ made the Turbo Megazord. He had
it fully equipped with everything. "Well let's see?" TJ said in a confident

"TJ I don't know which one is better?" Cassie said sarcastically. TJ was
about to declare himself the winner when the tide came in and washed his
away. "No. Just like real life, I lost the Turbo Megazord due to stupidity."

Cassie realized she had to get his mind off of the past. "Well I guess I won
then? So as my reward I vote that we swim."

"Sounds good." Both of them jumped in the warm water. After a couple of
minutes they were both acclimated to the temperature of the water. "So TeeJ,
you wanna play a game?"

"Sure, how about Marco Polo? I'll go first, I'll be Marco."

"Marco? Marco? Marco?"

Cassie finally replied "Polo."

TJ had great hearing and knew about how far away Cassie was. He quickly dived
under water and popped up right in front of Cassie. "Gotcha." TJ said as he
realized that he was right next to Cassie. He stood there for a minute
realizing that she had on a very tight one-piece pink bathing suit. Cassie
was also in a daze. Both of them could feel something between them. TJ
decided to act and he kissed Cassie. She was initially shocked but quickly
kissed back. They sat there kissing passionately for several minutes. "We
need to go somewhere fast." TJ said realizing that in his blue bathing suit
his erection would show very easily. "OK" was all Cassie could say.

TJ grabbed her and ran into a nearby bathroom. He didn't care if it was male
or female, as long as it had a stall. TJ and Cassie ran into a stall where
they continued to make out for a while. "TJ, I've wanted this for so long."
Cassie said in between kisses.

"Me too, now lets get out of these wet clothes." TJ removed Cassie bathing
suit and she removed his.

"Holy Shit, that's huge." was Cassie first thought as she saw TJ's massive
11-inch cock.

"Yeah, they all say that."

"It's gonna take a lot to get that down my throat, but I'll give it a try."
Cassie then lowered onto her knees and took TJ's cock into her mouth. She
began to bob her head up and down his cock. TJ looked down and smiled as he
saw the pink ranger sucking his dick with such ferocity. TJ grabbed Cassie
hair, which was in its usual pigtail form, and began thrusting his hips in
tune with her head.

"OH, OH, Cassie you're the best cocksucker I've ever seen." Not wanting to
cum now TJ told Cassie to stop sucking his cock and said, "It's your turn,"

TJ grabbed Cassie and lifted her onto the toilet seat and told her to lean
back. TJ knelt down and began to lick Cassie's shaved pussy. This was the
first time in a long time that Cassie was being eaten out. She wanted to
take full advantage of this. She began to buck her hips in rhythm with him.
"That's it, that's the spot. OH, god TJ!" She began to trash about as her
first orgasm in a while was about to climax. "AH, Ah." was all she could say
as she came in TJ's face. It took a second or two until she realized what
happened. "Sorry Teej. I guess I got caught up in the moment."

"Don't worry about it, but we're not done yet." TJ grabbed Cassie and lifted
her against the stall wall. He then inserted himself into her, and began to
thrust. TJ was shocked to see how tight she was, "Cassie, is this your first

"No, remember Bobby, and Lenny."

"You had sex with both of them?! You slut, you're a, little whore aren't

Cassie wanted to reply but felt another orgasm coming. TJ was fucking Cassie
so hard the wall to the Stall was beginning to shake. From the outside it
looked like someone was slamming into the stall. Cassie was about to cum,
when TJ let her down. "Why'd you stop?" she said trying to regain her breath.

"Because I needed to let you down, I'm not really strong." TJ was ranger
strong but he couldn't hold her consistently.

"Well how about you fuck my ass?"

TJ's eyes nearly popped out of his head. TJ didn't respond instead he took
hold of Cassie's hips and leaned her over the toilet. "Sorry about the view."
TJ scooped up his bathing suit and lubricated his dick. After he was done he
gently inserted his dick into Cassie's ass. It took a little bit of time
until he was fucking her with some force. TJ couldn't believe his luck. He
was having sex with Cassie, and not just sex, anal sex. TJ realized that soon
he would cum. He continued too fuck her anyway. "Teej, I'm gonna..." Cassie
didn't finish her sentence, as she was speechless after her second earth
shattering orgasm.

"Cassie get down." TJ removed his dick and held it towards Cassie's face.
"Here it comes." TJ announced as he shot several strands of cum into Cassie's
face and hair. After about ten spurts he was finished. The both sat there for
a minute. TJ spoke first, "Sorry about your face, I' hope this doesn't change
our relationship."

"TJ of course it has changed our relationship. I now have someone to fuck me
whenever, I mean we already live together. Oh and don't worry about my face,
I came in yours you came in mine."

They both cautiously walked out of the stall and washed up as best they
could. "Hey, Cas, how about we morph this way no one can see our faces and

"Good idea TJ, see that's why you're the leader." They both yelled "Let's
Rocket" and morphed and d flew back to the mega ship on their Galaxy Gliders.

"I wonder what the other rangers are doing?" Cassie asked.

"I don't know, but I can bet it was less fun than what we did." TJ told

To be continued in Part 3- Karone and Zhane.

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