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Setting: This is right after leap of faith.

Power Rangers In Space: Part 1 - Andros And Ashley (MF,M-mast,oral,anal)
by showtime1673 ([email protected])

Andros was on the bridge checking for any problems on earth. He couldn't be
happier that he had just found his sister Karone. It took him years to find
his sister and he can finally relax now that she is back. Andros told DECA
to monitor Earth while he takes a break. Andros walked to his room, and lay
down. Andros was alone so he decided to relieve some frustration. He
unbuckled his belt and pulled out his even inch cock. He began masturbating
to the thought of Ashley, the yellow ranger. He was so focused on his
thoughts that he didn't here someone come in.

"What are you doing?"

Andros quickly snapped out of his daydream, to see the Ashley. "Um-um."
Andros tried to answer but he couldn't speak. Andros sits up and tries to
cover his erection. "I no idea what you are talking about."

"Andros you were masturbating."


"Who were you thinking about?"

"Um... I'd rather not say,"

"Tell me who or I will tell the others?"

Andros knew it was all going to come out anyway so he answered. "You."

"Me... You were thinking of me?'

"Yea, I know I'm sick and twisted, and you can tell the others?" Andros

"Well I could tell the other rangers, or we could fulfill your fantasy.
Andros mouth gaped open when he heard this. "Are you serious?"

Ashley pushes Andros on to his bed and begins to kiss him. Both rangers
begin to strip off their uniforms. Andros now had a rock hard erection
seeing Ashley's breasts.

"So what were we doing in you fantasy?"

"Well, you were sucking my dick."

"I guess I better get down then." Ashley says as she gets down on her knees
and begins to take Andros into her mouth. She began to suck and bob up and
down on his cock. She worked her way towards deepthroating him. She finally
got it all down.

"Damn Ashley, I've never had my dick sucked like this before. oh, oh, oh, I'm
gonna cum." Andros began to pull away, but Ashley held him in place. Andros
heard Ashley muffle "cum in my mouth." Andros was in heaven, his crush was
under him sucking his cock and is about to swallow his cum.

"I'm Cumminggggg, OH,OH,OH" Andros was trying to catch his breathe. Ashley
had taken his cock out of her mouth, and showed Andros that she swallowed it

"Thank You." Andros told Ashley.

"Why, is that your fantasy to have me suck you off?"

"It was part of it."

"Well let's finish it" and with that Ashley sits on the bed. "Since you can
go again for a little bit, how about you return the favor."

Andros jumps into bed and begins to work. He begins by sucking on Ashley's
pussy. He then began licking and sucking her pussy." Ashley began to feel
waves of pleasure throughout her body. "oh, oh." Andros could only grin as
Ashley began screaming in pleasure. "More, more! I can feel it."

"Andros, I'm gonna cum" and with that Ashley came in her most intense orgasm

By now Andros was at full attention again. "Your pussy tasted so good, I'm
gonna have to fuck it to."

Andros began to insert his dick into Ashley. He began fucking her with
reckless abandon.

"That's it Andros, Fuck me, Fuck me." Ashley was once again in intense

"Ugh, ugh, that's right take you slut."

"Ashley was so turned on by Andros calling her a slut. "OH, OH, OH, Andros
I'm cumming, I'm CUMMINGGG." Ashley came on Andros' cock.

Andros was close to cumming but didn't want to yet. Andros turned Ashley over
and decided that her cum was a good enough lubrication. "AH." Andros began
thrusting his cock in and out of Ashley's ass.

Ashley was still cumming down from her last orgasm and didn't notice or
care that Andros was ass fucking her. Andros got deeper and deeper with each

"God your ass is big and oh,oh,oh, I'm Cumming.' Andros decided not to pull
out and came deep in Ashley's ass. He collapsed next to her on the bed.

Ashley was the first to speak. "We need to do this again sometime."

"Yea, like everyday." They began to fall asleep. The both said the same

"I wonder what the others are doing?"

To be continued in Part 2- T.J. and Cassie.

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