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NOTE: This story takes place after the end of the Psycho Ranger Saga.

Power Rangers In Space: Healing The Rift (FF)
by The Sportsman

Aboard the Astro Megaship, Cassie Chan, the Pink Astro Ranger, was in her
private room, her eyes staring at the ceiling. At the moment, her thoughts
were on her best friend, Ashley Hammond, the Yellow Astro Ranger. Recently,
they had been at each other's throats about the cleaning duties aboard the
Astro Megaship. They had exchanged angry words about the situation and their
friendship might have ended had it not been for circumstances involving their
Psycho Ranger counterparts. During the Astro Rangers' battle with Psycho
Yellow and Psycho Pink, Ashley and T.J. came to Cassie's defense when she
was attacked by her counterpart, Psycho Pink. Ashley's actions on her behalf
resulted in her getting captured by her counterpart, Psycho Yellow. Cassie
was devastated, blaming herself for Ashley getting captured.

She eventually helped her friends recover Ashley and the two worked together
to defeat Psycho Pink, even though her defeat at their hands was only
temporary, resulting in the use of the Astro Megazord. After Psycho Pink's
final defeat, the two worked together to get out of the clean-up detail by
staging an 'argument' in front of Andros, Carlos, and T.J. Their three male
comrades never suspected anything.

Even though things were patched up, she still felt bad about the argument. It
now seemed ridiculous for her to have gotten mad at Ashley about the cleaning
duties. Especially considering if things hadn't worked out, Ashley would no
longer be around to take care of anything aboard the Megaship. Indeed, she
would have been killed. She still shuddered at the thought of nearly losing
Ashley shortly after their argument.

Suddenly Cassie was snapped out of her reverie by a knock at her door. "Who
is it?" Cassie asked.

A familiar voice repiled, "Cassie? It's me, Ashley. May I come in?"

"Sure, Ashley," the young Asian replied.

Cassie's door slid open and Ashley, wearing the standard off-duty Astro
Ranger uniform, walked into Cassie's room. She sat on the bed beside Cassie,
who sat up at Ashley's approach.

"How are the guys doing?" Cassie asked.

"They're still cleaning up," Ashley replied. "They never suspected a thing!"

Cassie laughed at Ashley's statement, obviously pleased with the performance
that she and Ashley gave their male comrades.

"How are you doing?" the Yellow Astro Ranger asked.

"I'm okay, Ashley," Cassie replied in a low voice.

"Wanna talk about it?" Ashley asked, immediately sensing Cassie's sadness.

Cassie locked eyes with her best friend. "I'm sorry about what happened,
Ashley. All those horrible things I said to you. I can't believe I got so mad
at you. And for what? Over cleaning duties."

Ashley reached out to stroke Cassie's hair. "It's all right, Cassie. You were
stressed out. We both were. We've been on this ship for quite some time, so
were bound to get tired." She paused. "For what it's worth, I was pretty
angry at you, too."

"Well, we all can't be perfect," Cassie jokingly replied.

"You said it," Ashley laughed. She and Cassie embraced each other. For a
few moments the two friends looked into each other's eyes. As those moments
passed, both were aware of the passion that was building between them. They
knew that one wanted the other and each woman wanted to satisfy her desires
right now.

"Ashley, I...I, " Cassie started to speak.

"Yeah, I know," Ashley interrupted. "Wanna do it, Cassie?"

"Ooh, yeah," the young Asian replied with a whisper.

The two female Rangers began to strip off their off-duty uniforms. When they
finished, Cassie and Ashley were completely naked. Ashley lay on the bed and
spread her legs wide open. Looking at Cassie, Ashley smiled and said, "Let's
get to it."

Cassie decided to lick her first. She lay down between Ashley's legs and
let her tongue sink into the young brunette's cunt. Ashley drew a sharp
breath upon being touched in that sensitive area. That one simple action
set Ashley's skin on fire. It was obvious to Cassie that Ashley liked
being teased, given the fact that she was moaning with pleasure and
massaging her breasts.

"Ooh, Cassie, that feels so good," Ashley moaned.

Cassie then circled Ashley's clit a few times, letting the girl's hips find
the rhythm of her tongue. Ashley writhed with pleasure as time passed. She
liked the way this situation felt, and she wanted it to continue.

Suddenly Ashley shouted, "Oh, Cassie, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm
cummmiiinngg!" Ashley screamed out the last word as she was struck by a
powerful orgasm that left her nearly drained.

Cassie then decided to switch positions, placing her pussy above Ashley's
head. Ashley circled Cassie's clit with her tongue, relishing the sweet
taste. Cassie gyrated her hips in sync with Ashley's tongue, generating
waves of pleasure through her own body. "Are you having fun, Ashley?"
Cassie moaned with a smile on her face.

"Ooh, yess, darling," Ashley replied, and resumed her tongue action on
Cassie's hot vagina. Suddenly Cassie said, "Go faster! I'm gonna cum! I can
feel it! Go faster!" Ashley started working her tongue against Cassie's pussy
that much faster, causing her to come. Cassie felt drained, but she was not
finished with the fun she and Ashley were having.

Cassie and Ashley then stood up on their knees in the bed and held their
arms around each other's waist. The two female Rangers then started sharing
passionate kisses. Ashley's tongue surged into Cassie's mouth, licking all
over. Thin lines of saliva ran down the sides of their mouths, making them
stop kissing long enough to lap the liquid from their cheeks. Ashley's tongue
was hot, thick, and sultry-looking when she made love to Cassie. In a matter
of minutes, they finished kissing, with their bodies slick from perspiration.
The two girls lay beside each other.

"That was fun," Cassie stated with a smile on her face.

Ashley returned the smile and stroked Cassie's pussy. "Yeah. I loved it too,"
she replied.

Cassie then asked her, "Are you tired, Ashley?" She hoped that Ashley had
more energy for her. She liked making love to Ashley and wanted to enjoy the
full experience.

Ashley replied, "Not yet. The fun is just beginning."

She went to Cassie's small dresser and pulled out a 9-inch strap-on dildo.

Cassie was surprised at what Ashley did. "How did you know about that?" she

"I saw you putting it in your dresser when I walked by your room. You left
your door open," Ashley replied. Then she strapped it on her crotch area.
Looking as Cassie, she asked, "Are you ready to be fucked?"

Cassie, recovering from her surprise, whispered, "Yeah."

Ashley positioned herself on top of Cassie, putting the strap-on inside the
young Asian's love tunnel. Ashley pumped in and out of Cassie, slowly at
first. But Cassie kept pushing up her hips to meet every thrust, so Ashley
pumped harder.

"Ram it! Ram it!" Cassie panted deeply.

Cassie's demands spurred Ashley to fuck Cassie even harder. The young Asian
Ranger's breathing increased. Within a matter of moments, Cassie shouted,
"Fuck me! Fuck me!" Ashley responded in kind. After a few moments, Ashley's
actions brought Cassie to a second powerful orgasm.

Then Ashley removed the strap-on from Cassie's channel. She removed it and
gave it to her, saying, "Now, Cassie, I want you to do the same to me."
Cassie strapped on the dildo and positioned herself above Ashley and
penetrated her. The two Rangers looked at each other with evil smiles.

Cassie thrust in and out harder than Ashley pumped her, which suited Ashley
just fine. She liked what Cassie was doing to her, and she wanted to enjoy
every minute. She kept saying, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!" Cassie
was all to happy to oblige.

In a matter of moments, Ashley shouted, "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum,
Cassie! Keep going!" Cassie fucked her harder, causing Ashley to experience
her own powerful orgasm. With their lovemaking finalized, they lay beside
each other to rest.

Ashley said, "That was so wonderful, Cassie. I never felt so good in my

Cassie responded, "Thank you, Ashley. I enjoyed it, too." She paused. "You
think you'll get to have Andros have the same fun with you?"

Ashley, caressing Cassie's hair, replied, "I have no idea, Cassie. In any
case, I've got you beside me if I need you."

"I'll always be with you, darling, no matter what," Cassie vowed.



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