Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Director's Cut (MF,ncon)
by Wilcox

The ghostly black ship with the tattered sails cut through the dark waters
like a wraith. The Black Pearl was sailing back to its secret lair after the
successful raid on the British port. A raid that had brought the last gold
coin the crew needed to reclaim their earthly lives. They took their time,
steering carefully through secret passages around the rock-ringed islands to
avoid the English Naval Ships that were patrolling the waters.

The ship was under the command of the most treacherous Captain on the Spanish
Main. Captain Barbosa was a formidable man with a lustful heart and he looked
up in delight from the table in his cabin as the young girl who had demanded
'Parlay' was brought in. That she'd brought him the golden coin they needed
to break their curse was important but he'd been without a wench for a long
time and was looking forward to satisfying his demonic lust.

He'd kept her locked below in the forecastle without food or water to weaken
the defiant stance she'd presented when she'd first come aboard. He smiled as
he admired her trim form in the stylish dress he'd sent for her to wear. He
knew that she'd fall in line with the threat to wear the dress and eat with
him, or wear nothing ... and be presented to the horny crew down below for
their pleasure.

The Captain rose, walked to her, grabbed her arm, and started dragging her to
the table. The girl, unsteady from the lack of nourishment, desperately tried
to gather her feet under her so she could keep up with the Captain rather
than being dragged along the deck. She stumbled as he dragged her, finally
gaining her feet just before the Captain threw her onto the floor.

He walked back and slammed the door behind him, clicking the key in the
lock as he turned and demanded, "Who be ye wench? Ye ain't the offspring of
Bootstrap Turner, that be fer sure. Ye got the crew believin' it, but ye's
not got the look of a Turner and there's the air of privilege about ye."

The young girl broke down began sobbing on the floor, unable to answer
through her tears. Captain Barbosa drew his arm back and struck her across
the cheek. "Answer me wench! Who be ye truly?"

She raised her face to him, eyes filled with tears, taking a deep breath
to calm her voice and said, "My name is Elizabeth and I am the Governor's

Captain Barbosa scowled at her. "The Governor's daughter? Lass are ye touched
in the head?"

"Oh please sir! Don't kill me!" she uttered softly. "My father will pay you
well for my return."

"Pay me, will he," Barbosa smiled wickedly. "Well lass, it was ye who came
aboard my ship to 'parlay' ... well I'm going ta parlay with ya all right ...
and it may be ye who does the paying ... with your life ... or maybes with
somethin' else if'n ye wants ta safe yerself."

Her eye strayed to the table laden with the Captain's meal, "Please don't
kill me sir. I'll ... I'll ..." He could see the proud girl regain her
composure and visibly steel her resolve, "I'll do anything you want ... if
only you let me live."

A rosy blush crept up her delicate skin and highlighted her high cheekbones
as the import of what she'd promised struck home. Her tremulous blue eyes
pleaded with him and his gaze swept downwards to take in her swelling
breasts, tiny waist and curving hips.

"Come here wench and prove it."

Elizabeth slowly stood up and moved to stand in front of Barbosa.

"Take off your dress," he commanded with a lecherous gleam in his eye.

Elizabeth knew that she'd be throw to the crew like a scrap of meat to
starving dogs if she refused. Her innocent young mind flashed with the
horrible stories she'd heard of the things that pirates did to female
captives. One evil man to deal with was better than 40 she reasoned.
Resolved to her fate she blushed and said, "You'll have to help me."

She turned around and pulled her long hair over her shoulder. Barbosa reached
forward and tugged on the ties pulling her bodice tight around her chest. The
ties loosened and one side of the dress fell off Elizabeth's shoulder to
reveal her soft skin. Hoarsely the Captain ordered, "Turn around wench and
let me see you."

Elizabeth slowly turned, her hands grasping tightly to the bodice threatening
to slip off of her body with the weight of her skirts. Her eyes were still
glistening with tears, but they met his with a fierce determination. She
would live. No matter what he did to her.

"Let loose of your bodice lass. Let me see what you are offering me in return
for your life."

Her knuckles went white as she grasped the dress tighter to her for a
moment, finally loosening in surrender. The bodice fell slowly down her body,
revealing her naked curves to her captor's lecherous gaze.

Barbosa's groin tightened with desire at the sight of her. Her long dark hair
falling in waves around her shoulders, her breasts heavy on her chest, the
curve of her waist emphasizing the generous arch of her hip, and her mound
with an inverted triangle of dark curls; the Captain leaned forward to brush
his hand across her blushing nipples.

"Lass? Ye promise to do everything I order ye to do?"

Elizabeth nodded.

"Aye then lass. We have a deal, ye and I. Now, get to ye knees."

Elizabeth stepped from her dress towards Barbosa and knelt before him.

"Aye lass. Now undo my breeches and pull out my cock. Ye need some sustenance
before we truly get started."

Elizabeth reached up and unbuttoned the buttons at one side of his breeches.
Her fingers fumbled under his steady gaze, but slowly they all came undone
and his breeches fell open to reveal his huge semi-erect cock. She gasped,
having never before seen a male member and looked up at Barbosa with
confusion in her eyes.

Impatiently Barbosa asked, "What are ye waiting for lass? Your sustenance is
waiting for ye. All ye must do is get it out."

"But Captain, how do I do that?"

"Ah lass, but there's the trick. Ye must put my cock in ye mouth and suckle
at it."

"Put THAT in MY mouth? I can't do that!"

Barbosa quickly reached down and grabbed Elizabeth's long hair in one fist
and yanked her head up to look at him and growled, "Ye said ye'd do ANYTHING
wench. Now do as I say or I'll send ye to the crew ... and after they's
finished with ye to Davy Jones's Locker at the next tide! Now suck!"

Barbosa loosened his grip on her hair, Elizabeth's eyes glistened with tears
once again as she held his cock in one hand and opened her mouth. As she
leaned forward, her hand slid down the shaft of his cock and her warm lips
enclosed the head of his cock as she began to suck.

The Captain's cock hardened and grew to tremendous size as she nursed on the
head as a baby on her mother's tit. Soon the pisshole began leaking precum
into Elizabeth's mouth and as she tasted it, her mouth watered at the strange
pungent taste.

"Arrrr ... that's a good girl," he smiled as he looked down at the pretty
young thing, her full pouty lips stretched around his thick vein ridged
shaft. "Now, takes it in deeper and work ye tongue around as ya suck me.
"She slid his cock deeper into her mouth, sucking softly at first as her
head began to slowly bob up and down.

Barbosa groaned and twined his fingers in Elizabeth's hair. His grip
tightening on the back of her head, his hips thrusting his cock into her
virgin throat. Elizabeth moaned as Barbosa's hips pushed forward into her
face, his hands still on her head. Her moan reverberated down through the
Captain's cock and he began to quicken the pace and deepen his strokes
until her nose was hitting up against him as he fully sheathed his mighty
weapon down her throat.

Twisting her head back and forth, corkscrewing her lips around his cock as
it slid in and out, Elizabeth's tongue swiping along the underside of his
shaft sent Barbosa over the edge. He grasped her head and pulled it tightly
onto his cock as his balls pulled up and he exploded in the innocent young
girl's sweet mouth.

The inexperienced girl struggled with the thick jism filling her mouth and
began to swallow as fast as she could as the evil pirate pumped his cum down
her throat. Finally it ended and he released her, only to pull her to her
feet and throw her face first over the table.

"Eat wench," he smiled as he looked hornily at her exposed backside. "Ye've
earned it well enough."

She started grabbing at the delicious looking items of food, stuffing her
face just as she felt the big pirate move up behind her and lay his still
hard cock between the cheeks of her firm, meaty young ass. She tried to
push back and stand but a big hand in the small of her back prevented her
from doing so.

"Not so fast little one," he growled. "I ain't done with ye yet. You fill
your belly from that end and I'll do it from this'un. Ye didn't think I'd
be finished yet, did ye?" He laughed evilly as he slid his huge hard dick
through the squirming girl's lovely buttocks; "I'm going to make ye a woman
this night, Governor's daughter. Ye can thank me by showing your appreciation
with your tight little cunt."

Captain Barbosa began rubbing his cockhead against her virgin slit, working
it in a tiny circle until her lips were giving it an opened-mouthed kiss.
Then he grabbed her hips and slowly began inserting his massive spar into
her. Elizabeth wriggled and yelled her head off as his size stretched her
beyond believe. She'd been instructed in the mechanics of sex but never had
she expected the pain as she felt him sinking further and further into her.
Then his head struck her maidenhead and he stopped.

The innocent young girl honestly believed that it was over and he was going
to pull out and stop when she felt him backing off. Then he rammed forward.
Elizabeth screamed as his cock smashed against the thin membrane of skin that
had protected her insides for over 18 years. With a wave of pain his dick
burst through, robbing her of her virginity.

"Oh fuck girl, yer sweet little pussy is fantastic!" the big pirate
proclaimed as he slowly buried his long thick shaft all the way inside the
struggling girl. He smiled lustfully as he looked down at her naked body
impaled by his insatiable cock; her perfect heart shaped ass pressed tightly
against him. "Now that ye been boarded, it's time fer me ta plunder yer
treasure box."

He took hold of Elizabeth's flaring hips and moved them back and forth,
sliding her pussy over the full length his demanding cock, sinking it to the
hilt on every in stroke. Then he began to thrust into her as he pulled her
back to him, continuing stroking his meat into Elizabeth's tight pussy as
she cried in tortured agony at the feel of his massive shaft plundering her
virgin cunt. The girl had given up struggling and lay there sobbing, bent
over the table, being pulled tightly against his body as he plundered her
treasure box like the pirate he was.

All she could do was pray that he would pull out before cumming in her and
getting her pregnant. Each thrust wracked her body from head to toe and she
despised this man for using her as a mere toy for his carnal amusement.
Barbosa began ramming her harder and faster. Grunting with every stroke.

He pulled her by the hair, forcing her to look back over her shoulder at
him. His eyes locked on to the young girl's and she knew he was ready to
blast his evil seed into her. She cried out for him to stop but received
only a satisfied smile in return. Then his hips bucked harder, making a
loud splatting sound of meat hitting meat as he pounded his hips against
her upturned ass.

Barbosa groaned as the first blast of his orgasm was released into her. He
slammed harder and continued pumping his load into Elizabeth's violated cunt.
When he had finally finished he pulled out, finding a trace of blood on his
cock. He could see a small trail dripping down her right thigh from where he
had ripped her open.

"Well that was the best pussy I've ever had." He said to the ravished girl.
"In fact it was so good, I believe that I'll cut me another piece of your
fine split tail." He rammed back into the girl's sopping wet cunt and began
to fuck her once again with long deep strokes. Soon, to her astonishment,
the pain she'd felt when he'd taken her virginity gave away to sheer pleasure
and delight as he fucked her with his huge cock.

The lusty pirate first used deep, slow, hard thrusts. Then he eased up and
used shallow upward strokes. The tip of his uncut member caught the ridges
of Elizabeth's G-Spot. This drove her wild and he sensed it. She was bucking
back into his trusts, her hips meeting his. She arched her back and tensed
up just before she came for the first time in her life and let out a huge
passionate moan as her climaxed washed over her.

Barbosa increased his pace and drove it home in her loudly squishy cunt.
"That feels good, does it little one. It's all part of the curse, ya see. My
big bone can go all night, as ye will out first hand."

She was exploding out of her shell of innocence and erupted into a primal and
carnal female animal. He power fucked the young girl through a long string of
orgasms as the floodgates of her emerging womanhood broke down before the
evil pirate's relentless onslaught.

She was so lost in pleasure that when he pulled out of her she actually felt
a loss. But then he pressed his huge cock against her ass and before she
could protest the unnatural entry, he shoved it deep into her anal cavity.
Elizabeth screamed and trembled with the intense shock to her body. She'd
never considered that she could be taken like this. This was the most foreign
and unconceivable thing to have ever happened to her.

He powered all the way up her sweet young ass and with his big bone fully
sheathed in the young girl's virgin asshole, Barbosa looked down at her sweet
heart shaped ass pressed tightly against his loins as he luxuriated in her
vise like anal grip.

"Please don't do this to me," she moaned. "What kind of man are you?"

"A pirate my dear," he grinned as he began a slow steady pumping action in
her glove tight anal canal. "I takes what I want and I don't gives nothin'
back ... and trust me, you're going to love it up the ass afore I'm done
with ya."

Eventually the pain subsided and he made her feel things she'd never felt
before as he relentlessly took her anal cherry ... adding it to her mouth and
cunt as plundered treasures he'd taken from her this evening. She was getting
extremely horny once she calmed down and allowed her sphincter muscles to
relax. The strange feeling of having her ass stuffed with the big pirate's
long thick spar became so pleasurable that she started wiggling her backside
and pushing back into his trusts like one of the whores at the dockside bars
in port.

While Barbosa was fucking her up the ass his balls were slapping against her
pussy, stimulating her clit. Elizabeth soon felt tingling and twinges in her
pussy as her ass was being stuffed and pumped. She reached between her legs
and found her clit. "Oh Goddddddd!!! She gasped as fireworks went off in her
head. Her body began to shake as a strong climax ripped through her.

The evil pirate felt it inside her ass. The contractions were so
strong that he couldn't hold back his own climax. "Oh God girl, I'm

"Yessssssss!!!" Elizabeth screamed.

Barbosa felt his juice rocketing up his shaft and spewing deep into the
young girl's bowels. Each throb of his penis head was met by a contraction
inside Elizabeth's ass. He was being milked ... milked like a vacuum hose,
until everything he had in his balls was deposited deep inside her plundered

Elizabeth collapsed onto her stomach with Barbosa following her down. He lay
on top of her gasping for breath until his penis began to shrink and was
forced out of her the again tight hole. He slowly stood up looking down at
the ravaged girl. As his semen slowly oozed out of her, long drips of cum
began pooling on the deck as it also trickled from her equally gaping pussy
down her legs.


The Director stood up and looked around the closed set, "Print it ... and
that's a wrap for today people! Be prepared for an early start tomorrow
everybody. I want everyone here by 6am!"

"Barbosa" helped "Elizabeth" to her feet and handed her a towel to wipe the
cum oozing from her cunt and anus. "You were great Keira," he said."

"You weren't too bad yourself, you old fucker," she smiled. "That Cyalis
really works by the way. I bet you could have continued ravishing me for
another hour, couldn't you ... you dirty old man. Imagine taking advantage
of an innocent young girl like that. I do believe you were a pirate in
another life."

"Just good acting my dear," he smiled. "Though it does help to have a very
lovely, energetic partner who loves to fuck to bring out the best in a method

"Why thank you kind sir," she smiled sweetly. "A girl tries to do her best."

They were handed robes and she was a bit unsteady on her legs as he helped
her make their way over to the director. "Geoffrey. Keira. Good job out
there. Remember that tomorrow's the big gangbang scene with the crew. I'll
be expecting the same sort of performance tomorrow, okay? These extra scenes
for the European market are going to bring in a lot of money."

Keira grinned, "Sure Gore. Not a problem. We'll be raring and ready to go.
Right Geof?"

Geoffrey frowned, "Gore? Do you really need us here at six tomorrow as well?
I hate getting up so fucking early."

"No. I want the technical guys in then for the setups. You two can get here
at about 7am for makeup. I don't think we'll need you until then. And Keira,
be prepared for a long hard day."

Turning her back to him, Keira wiggled her ass at him invitingly, "Oh I'll be
ready Gore. You can be sure of it!"

Gore smacked Keira's sexy wiggling little ass; "Get the fuck out of here. I
need you fresh for tomorrow."


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