Planet Of The Apes: Doing It Monkey Style (M-best, anal, ws)
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

The flames of the fire crackled and sparked, illuminating the cave with a
shimmering, golden hue. Captain Leo Davidson stared into the flames, his
thoughts quite literally millions of miles away as he remembered his home,
his friends, his family.

"Do you want to be alone?" spoke Ari, the female chimpanzee who had
befriended him on this madhouse planet where apes ruled and humans were

"For a bit...yes" Leo replied eventually, regretting it almost immediately.
He was already alone in this world, he really didn't want to be without
companionship now. But Ari respected his request and had turned away walking
into the depths of the cave.

After a few more minutes of solitude, Leo walked to the back of the cave,
silently approaching Ari. In the light of the fire, he spotted her, her back
towards him, squatting on her haunches, legs splayed. At first Leo had no
idea why Ari was seated this way but, in the flickering light, her noticed
her right arm was moving rapidly up and down rapidly and it slowly dawned on
him that Ari was actually masturbating herself.

Ari's body was rocking back and forth as she masturbated frantically, small
grunting noises escaping from her mouth as she did so.

Davidson was shocked to find himself incredibly around by the sight of this
young female ape pleasuring herself. And at that moment he wanted her more
than anything.

"Ari" Leo spoke, softly.

The female monkey turned around suddenly and was immediately embarrassed that
this human male had seen her at her most intimate.

"Leo...I...I don't..." Ari spluttered, withdrawing her hand from her

"Don't say anything" Leo responded and moved towards Ari.

"Leo... take me tonight. Take me now" Ari said, her voice almost begging.

"Show me how apes... How apes fuck" Davidson responded and within moments
human and ape were embraced.

Ari pulled away. "We first have to mark each other" she said and then
stripped off her garments standing naked before Leo. The young pilot looked
at the naked chimp before him, her body covered in hair except for her small
breasts. His eyes could not turn away especially from Ari's amazing nipples
which were huge. Between her legs Leo could not even make out Ari's genitals
as her body hair covered her entirely in that area.

Leo underdressed himself too. "How do we do that? How do we mark each other?"
he asked.

"Lie down" Ari said and Leo complied. Ari lay down over his body, her feel at
his head. Suddenly, Leo found himself drenched in warm golden liquid as Ari
urinated over him. Recognising what he had to do, Leo let go his bladder and
Ari groaned in pleasure as she too was soaked in his piss.

"Now take me" Ari said, moving away and squatting on all fours.

Leo now had a raging hard on made even more so by the sight of Ari's hairless
pink buttocks which invited him.

Leo surged forward, pulling Ari's ass cheeks aside to reveal her tiny
puckered anus. If he was going to fuck a monkey, he reasoned, he was going
to do it like a real animal. He aimed his cock toward the ape's anus and
thrust in.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggg" Ari cried out in pain as Davidson's cock
penetrated her and he began to take long, deep thrusts.

"harder... harder" Ari begged, rocking her body back and forward against
Leo's cock.

"Yeah... I'm gonna fuck you so hard monkey... fuck your little monkey ass"
Leo groaned. Ari was really tight but it felt so good to screw her this way.

Leo thrust harder than ever pushing the full length of his cock into Ari's
anus making the chimp scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

And then Ari started to squawk and gibber like a primate as she neared her
climax. "oh oh ah ah ahhhh!!!!" the monkey cried as she came violently, the
muscles of her sphincter contracting around Leo's cock tightly.

Close to cumming himself, Davidson withdrew and flipped Ari over onto her
back. He positioned his cock above her hairy little muzzle and started to
jerk off. Moments later he shot his load all over Ari's face, covering her
with his semen.

The couple collapsed together on the cave floor, exhausted. After a while
Leo spoke.

"Well I've done it doggy style before but that was the first time I ever did
it monkey style!" he joked.

"You are not bad for a human but..." Ari trailed off.

"But? But what?" the astronaut queried.

"You're so damn ugly!" Ari replied.


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