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This is a sequel to Pretty Little Liars: 'In Vino Veritas'

Pretty Little Liars: Two's Company, Three's a Crowd (Fff, anal, dp)
by LL

"Spence said it's alright if I stay over at hers tonight," said Hanna over the breakfast table. She gave a slight rise of her eyebrows, as if she had asked a question.

Her Mom had been a Mom long enough to know the proper response, "As long as her parents are fine with that, it's okay by me." Her gaze moved over to their 'houseguest', Hanna's friend Emily. The swimmer was sitting in a very short night T-shirt and a flimsy robe that draped half down her arms and in no way covered her sexy brown legs. Ashley Marin wondered if Emily knew the affect that she was having on the older woman; she suspected the teen did. She forced herself to appear cool and collected as she spoke again, her words theoretically for Hanna, but really directed towards Emily Fields, "Is it just the two of you?"

"Aria's got a big family bonding session down the movies tonight," replied Hanna, oblivious to the real question that was being asked.

There was a slight curl of Emily's lips, not quiet a smile, more an acknowledgement that she knew that sub-text wasn't whether Aria would be with Spencer and Hanna, but would Emily be at home... with Ashley. She teasingly took a drink of coffee before answering, "I've got swimming practice," there was a pause as she raised the cup again, her eyes seem to sparkle as she looked at Ashley over the rim of the cup as she sipped, "I should be back by seven."

"I'll cook us up something for dinner," Ashley smiled, hoping that Emily got that was code for 'I'll be waiting naked and horny'. It had been almost a fortnight since Ashley had seduced Emily, or more accurately the other way round, and whilst the last two weeks hadn't been chaste, they'd been quickies whilst Hanna wasn't around. Ashley loved her daughter, but an evening without her, and with a nude, sexy Em, was just what the Doctor would have ordered if he ever ordered hot and sweaty fucking.

Emily grinned wider; she's a minx, Ashley decided as it was obvious the teen had something else to say, but was in no hurry to say it, taking a bite of her waffle, before sucking a greasy finger. Hanna saw nothing in the movement and continued eating her own breakfast, but to Ashley it was a tease - as Emily had intended it to be. She waited for the teen to speak. "I was hoping Paige could come round for a bit. We've a movie we want to watch; so we'll grab a pizza."

Ashley felt like a balloon that had been pricked. She felt herself redden, "No that'll be fine. I've always said that you should treat this home as your home." Even if, she thought, you are a sexy little monster. The smile on Emily's face, the way her gaze was on Ashley's face as she bit her waffle, the way she moved on her seat so that the Milf could see the light-brown sexy thigh, they all said that Ashley hadn't misread the teen it was a deliberate tease. But she also knew that once Paige had gone they'd have the house all to themselves; it'd allow her, for the first time, to go to bed with Emily and wake up beside her in the morning.

* * *

There had been no need to hurry home, in fact with Paige her girlfriend's ex-girlfriend round for movie night there was a reason to be away. Ashley was pretty sure from what Em had said was that she and Paige were no longer girlfriends, but Ashley was sure whether the sexy little nympho meant that Paige was now just a fuck-buddy and she didn't want to ask. There was plenty to do at the bank, loan applications to reject and new start-up's business case to read in detail; it would keep her late and mean she could avoid any awkward meetings with Paige where she'd try to gauge whether the young woman was still banging Em.

At least that was the plan.

It was close to nine when she opened the back door and let herself into the kitchen. An almost empty pizza box lay on the table, the greasy crumbs and stale rim making her glad she had nipped out from the office earlier to eat a quick sandwich. The girls hadn't just eaten, a corkscrew - cork still attached - lay on the table. Ashley frowned briefly, both Emily and Paige were underage and she didn't think their parents would appreciate them having drunk. Then she smiled at her hypocrisy, it had been wine that lubricated her first evening with Emily and if Em's parents didn't want her drinking they almost certainly even less wanted her fucking her friend's Mom. Ashley put the keys on the table and called out, "Emily, I'm home."

"We're in the main room," called Em.

Ashley's face briefly twisted in annoyance; she obviously hadn't been out late enough for Paige to have gone home. Or perhaps the plan had always been for the girls to wait for her. The thought lightened her mood, "You had a good night girls?" she called out, fishing for her keys again, "You want a lift back to your place Paige?"

"We're fine for the moment," Emily called back, "We've just opened a bottle of wine, I didn't think you'd mind. If you want to grab a glass come and join us; we're just about to watch the movie."

Ashley would rather have had her teeth drilled without anaesthetic. She spent the whole evening working way over her contracted hours to avoid having to spend time with Paige and keeping her green eyed dragon in check. And still found herself back having to watch a movie with the girl, knowing that her cutie's exotic face had once been pressed hard against Paige's, that the other teen had fondled her sweet snatch and licked her sexy firm titties. Despite herself Ashley felt herself warming at the thought - which was the other reason she had wanted to avoid Paige. She shook her head to clear it and took a glass from the cupboard, "Sounds like fun," she lied, "Sure I'm not interrupting," she added in a last, desperate attempt to be excused.

"Of course not," it was Paige who replied, her voice sounding unnaturally cheerful.

Forcing a smile on her face Ashley walked into the main room. The two teens were seated at opposite ends of the couch, too close for Ashley's jealousy not to rumble in her, but far enough apart that she was able to force it down. Em stood up with a wine bottle and poured Ashley a generous helping. Ashley smiled as the liquid splashed into her glass, "What's the movie?" she asked as she raised the glass to her lips.

"Lesbian cheerleaders go gang-banging," said Emily as if she was saying it was the latest Johnny Depp.

Ashley nearly snorted her wine as Paige added, "It's a porn. I ordered it off the internet."

"Oh," said Ashley.

"We're lesbians," grinned Paige, "Were you expecting us to be drooling over the Robert Pattinson in Twilight? Anyway come and sit between us."

"Are you sure?" asked Ashley.

"I've been telling Paige about us. Still a secret, she won't tell anyone else," grinned Em and patted the cushion.

Paige grinned widely as Ashley blushed. The teen nodded and made the sign of a cross over her heart, "Girl scout's honour," she grinned.

"Well..." said Ashley. She sat down gingerly, her body tense. As soon as she was seated Emily was against her, touching her thighs against Ashley's and resting her head on the Milf's shoulder. She was like that for a few seconds as Paige fumbled with the DVD, sliding it into the machine and reaching for the remote to flick past the credits.

"You'll like this," grinned Emily, "It's got some great porn stars in it."

"Mm" said Ashley, her lips shut firm.

Emily smiled, her sexy brown eyes sliding over her lover's form. Her hands reached up to the Milf's shoulders and began to press at the tight muscles, "Someone needs a massage," she said with a sexy purr. "You've been working too late at work," she added, misunderstanding the reason why Ashley was tense. However, the cure was the same, the teen's hands rubbing at Ashley, working away the jealousy and irritation. Ashley felt herself beginning to relax, sipping the wine and loosening herself into Emily's grip.

What was going on-screen didn't do any harm either. There was hardly any plot and what there was didn't make sense - the actresses speeding through their lines as if they were worried that if they didn't speak them quick they'd forget them. Dialogue out of the way the cheerleaders began to strip, kissing and playing with each other as they did so. If most of them were too old to be High School Cheerleaders, well, the fact that their lockers seemed to be filled with sex-toys and none of them had any pangs about sixty-nining on the benches suggested it wasn't scripted as an accurate representation of the educational experience. Ashley watched as the girls fucked and fingered and swapped and sucked. It made her only pussy wet with lust; tingling warmly as Emily's fingers pushed and probed at her muscle. The Milf let out a little moan of pleasure; managing, just, to control her own hands and stop them moving down to rub at her cunt beneath her pants.

Paige smiled, briefly turning her head away from the screen towards Ashley and licking her lips, "Hot, isn't it? Watching them fuck each other's pussies with those dildos."

Before Ashley could respond Emily spoke, "Ashley, you ever watched someone fuck before?"

"I've seen a few blue movies," admitted Ashley.

"Is that all?" grinned Em, "I meant live." She paused for a moment, but before Ashley could think of an answer, she carried on, "Paige has a time with her ex-girlfriend."

"Your ex?" asked Ashley, surprised.

"Oh yeah. She was blind, couldn't see a thing, but she went like a bat out of hell," giggled Paige. She looked at Em, "You know this is really wicked?"

"I know," said Em laughing, "Dirty as anything."

Paige nodded still smiling, "So one day we're out for a walk and I'm getting really horny with this sexy babe walking beside me, she's smelling so good and looks as fuckable as America's top model. So I move my hand down and start sliding it over her butt, teasing her. And soon she's as hot as I am, her cute little cunny starting to juice up like she's the Niagara Falls. So we stop at the side of the lake, and I get my panties down and she gets her face in. It was deserted when we started, but after a few minutes these college guys come trailing around. They were smart and as soon as they saw the white cane they didn't make a noise, especially as I shshed them.

"It was a real turn-on, having her cleaning my pussy as we were watched. I don't think I've cum so hard in my life. And then once she finished eating me I slid down her panties, turned her so she was facing the guys and then finger fucked her ass, first one finger, then two and finally three. I was really stuffing it in and she was screaming in pleasure. So she came and we pulled up our panties and then I gave the guys a wink and headed-off, my girlfriend none the wiser about her little show, but me as turned on as anything." Paige grinned, "And that was the first time I used her ass."

The story had made Ashley wet, she could feel the liquid clinging to her underwear, making the cotton damp and sticky. She gave a nod her mouth dry as Emily's hands moved down her chest to fondle her titties through the blouse undoing the buttons and sliding her hands in over the bra, "So what about you Ashley, have you ever seen anyone doing it?"

The Milf squirmed a little as Paige looked at her with a smile on her face and Em continued to play with her boobies, "No." She gave a small titter as Emily's hands slid under her bra and began to tweak at her nipples. Seeing Paige's grin as the teen's gaze flicked between the Milf getting felt up and the three lesbians cheerleaders on the screen Ashley felt her face go red. Emily's tongue slid over the back of her neck and her fingers pushed into the flesh of the older woman's breasts, kneading and massaging the soft bosoms. It made Ashley even wetter and warmer, her pussy sweating cum out. She could see why Paige had enjoyed the best orgasm of her young life knowing she was being watched; in her case it might have been humiliating, but it was also a turn-on. "When I was at college I was watched by some guys."

"Go on, tell," said Emily, her lips moved round the back of Ashley's neck, pushing the woman's hair away with her nose so she could kiss and lick the skin underneath. At the same time her hands were slowly undoing more of the Milf's blouse, exposing her naked titties to her friend.

"Yes, tell," said Paige.

"It was my then boyfriend's idea. We were a bit drunk and we gone back to his apartment with his friends and well we ended up drinking a bit more and playing cards. And as I was drunk my poker face was all over the place and I'd lost all my chips. So my boyfriend said that I could put in some clothes instead; funnily enough the guys were all up for it. Anyway I was still drunk and it didn't help there was a bottle of wine next to me, so next thing I knew was that I was stark naked in front of three guys.

"But I had a great hand, but no clothes and no chips. And so they guys agreed that instead of chips or clothes I'd throw in a free fuck as my stake. I put down my cards, a couple of high pairs - if I remember; my boyfriend's buddy had the Royal Flush. So I was pretty pissed off, with my boyfriend for getting me into the situation as well as myself for not thinking that the guy's smirk should have told me something. I think they'd been expecting me to go into a room and do it. But you know what I lay down on the floor and said if he wanted me he had to do it there and then

"He did. Whilst my boyfriend and the rest of them cheered me on. The sex itself was pretty shit, the card player was pretty wasted. But my boyfriend took me into the room after and we were both so hot we banged ourselves sober." Ashley stopped and went red, "It's not something that happened often."

"I know," said Paige, "It's bad luck getting beaten by a Royal Flush."

Emily nodded like she understood cards, which Ashley suspected was a bluff in itself. She didn't say anything though, instead she just went redder as Emily lifted the Milf's tits from her bra and began to fondle them outside the blouse. She continued to play with them as she asked, "So you want to hear about me and Maya?"

Ashley wasn't sure if she was, but at the same time she didn't think she was really being given a choice - Em obviously wanted to boast about sex with her ex to her current girlfriend and her other ex was wanting to hear it (again, probably). The brunette Mom nodded, "Yes," she said, the giggle that came from her lips was real as Em's hands squeezed at her boobies.

"Maya's got this secret digital diary site on the web. It's so heavily password protected I don't think even Caleb could get in," Emily said. "She loves putting videos up their, little messages to her future self and home movies of things she's doing - including me and her. I was really not sure at first, when she suggested a sex-vid of the two of us, but if you know Maya - she's persistent. Anyway to cut the story short and get to the good bits, eventually I agreed. So one day she comes round with Lucas..."

"Hanna's friend?" asked Ashley, her mouth opening as she wondered how the shy geek would figure in her lover's tale.

She didn't have long to wait, "That's him," said Emily nodding, "You know he's a camera nerd, way into photography and making movies, just the type to be a cameraman for 'Emily does Maya'. So he starts filming as Maya stripping. Then She goes down on me and Lucas zooms in with his camcorder and the poor boy is sweating so much he's either way turned on or he had the worst case of flue ever. Either way after Maya's eaten me, I put on my strap-on and Lucas carries on filming us. I took Maya in half a dozen positions, missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, and in all three holes, ending up with her on her knees sucking my strap-on after I'd just had it up her back door. Poor Lucas, I thought his pants were going to explode the lump in them was so big and when we watched the movie he was shaking so much that watching me and Maya was like seeing two jell-o's go at it."

"Oh," said Ashley. She glanced at the film on the screen, a blonde cheerleader was lying across the bench as one of her friend's slid a dildo in and out of her bald pussy. It was hot, but not as hot as the thought of seeing Maya stretched out as Paige's sexy body slammed into her.

"You want Paige to take some pictures of us? Y'know - doing it?" giggled Emily. The Milfs tits were fully out now, Em squeezing and playing with them like they were play-dough.

The thought of 'doing it' whilst Paige snapped them made Ashley quiver. It was part a nervous embarrassment at doing something so private in public. But it was also an excited anticipation, a realisation that nothing was so hot and sexy as something taboo and there was little more taboo than being fucked by a girl whilst someone else watched. Ashley still hesitated and Emily hands moved from her titties to her pelvis, one hand sliding over the material, pushing the cotton pants against the side of the Milf's pussy lips, whilst the other slowly pulled down the zip. The teen's lips were on the older woman's ear lobe, her tone seductive as she said, "Go on Ashley, do it for me."

"Yes," said Ashley. She went red, but she nodded, "Yes, if you want."

"I want," laughed Emily. She pushed Ashley off her and began to undress, "Paige, you know where my toys are. You wanna bring some down?"

"You want to do it here? In the living room?" Ashley asked.

"We can watch the DVD as we do it," said Em and dropped her sweater to the floor. Her bra followed, then her jeans, socks and finally the sexy little thong she was wearing, until she was naked apart, her little Dolphin tattoo jumping just over her pussy.

Looking at the teen's sexy toned body Ashley felt another rush of warmth spreading in her pussy. She stood up and quickly undressed, her clothes falling to the floor in a heap around her. As soon as she was naked Emily moved next to her and wrapped her arms round the Milf's waist to draw her in.

"Mmmnn," Emily's hands moved to the wet pussy hole, feeling and fondling the labia and sliding a finger over the entrance to the hole, "You're so wet, you exhibitionist slut, you're wanting me to bang you in public."

Ashley didn't respond, she was soaking as the anticipation built up in her. She kissed her lover back, letting her tongue roll into Emily's mouth to tease and tantalise her younger lover.

"Smile for the camera," Paige stepped back into the room. She held up the camera and snapped a shot of the two naked women. Ashley blushed red, but Emily didn't seem to mind - despite what the teen had said it was obviously she who was the more confident exhibitionist; or perhaps she was just more used to be naked in front of her ex-lover. Paige grinned and took another photo before she held out her hand, a couple of different stap-ons hanging from a couple of her fingers, "I brought a choice."

"This one," said Emily, choosing one seemingly at random. Ashley watched as the teenager pulled it up her legs and tightened the belt round her thighs. She swung round and the toy jiggled making it seem like the nine-inches of rubber was pulsating like a real cock with a rush of blood. The swimmer gave another turn, wiggling her tits as well and her waist. She stopped and grinned at Paige and Ashley "This'll do."

"Ashley, why don't you do some sexy poses first?" asked Paige.

The brunette Mom looked at Em, who gave an enthusiastic nod, "Show us what you've got."

It had been a long time since anyone had taken nude pictures of Ashley; the last time had been some by her ex-husband when she was pregnant. Her first poses managed to be both demure, higher her tits and pussy behind strategically placed hands and arms, and also stiff, her smile like rigor mortis. Paige raised the camera and took the shot anyway.

"Relax," said Em. She stood up from the couch and moved behind her lover, so close that Ashley could feel the rubber of the dong brushing at her. Emily's hands were on Ashley's and gently, but firmly, she pulled them away to the side, "That's it, love the camera."

The smile on Ashley's face was still corpselike, but she pushed out her chest and jiggled her tits.

"That's better," said Paige and Emily nodded, "Shake it."

Ashley wiggled her body harder, using her hands to push up her titties from below so they bounced up for the camera. The two teens gave sounds of appreciation and Ashley's exhibitionist side began to take over as she remembered how much fun she'd used to have strutting her stuff in front of an admirer. She twirled round and bent over, her hands moving to her cheeks and pulling them apart, "How's this?" she asked.

There was no reply, but the camera clicked not once, but several times. Ashley remained in situ as Paige snapped away, pulling her buttocks apart further until they were as pried as she could manage and her butt-hole was easily visible. It felt exciting, a glance at Em back to sitting on the couch suggested her girl was also enjoying it, one of Emily's hands massaging a tit, the other sliding over her pussy. She licked her lips as she saw Ashley looking at her and gave some instructions, "Show Paige some pink. Let her snap that slutty snatch of yours."

Ashley did as she was told, whirling round to face Paige again, she reached down with her hands and gripped at the cunt lips, prizing them apart. Paige was down on her knees, shooting close-ups of the wet slit. Ashley moved from side to side, swaying to an invisible beat as she slid a finger in and worked it for the camera. Once it was soaked she pulled it out and sucked it, "I am so horny," she said turning to Em.

"Me too, I am so ready to fuck" grinned Em. She stepped up and said, "Ashley, get on your hands and knees facing the TV."

On the screen a nubile black cheerleader was thrusting a couple of fingers into a petite brunette who in turn was didloing a more busty blonde. But the scene, hot though it was, wasn't what was making Ashley leak in excitement and give little cries of anticipation. Em's toy touched her, rubbing at the hole without quiet penetrating tit. The teen's hands rested lightly on the Milf's waist and she said, "You're fuck-hole is looking so soaked and I'm not even in it."

With that she began to slowly ease her strap-on into the waiting pussy. Ashley groaned in pleasure as the thick plastic moved in, pushing deep into her and sending jolts of pleasure flooding through her. "Ooohh, ooohh, uuurrrrrhhh, uuuurrhh," the Milf moaned. At first Em was slow, each thrust deep and deliberate, thrusting hard into Ashley and bruising her pussy walls. Paige continued to click away with one hand on the camera, with the other she had pulled down her denims. She was walking around with it under her panties, the push in and out of her knuckle against the material showing what she was doing. That turned Ashley on more, making her girlfriend's thrusts seem more powerfully orgasmic. She gasped and grunted more, "Oooh, aaarrggh, urrrhhh. Fuck me Emily, fuck my Milf pussy."

The teen began to move faster, the dildo heating up as it raced up and down Ashley's cunt. The older woman's walls quivered as the dildo shot over them, juice forced from her pussy as the toy rammed in. The ecstasy built inside and then exploded like a dam had burst, sweeping through her body in a flood of bliss, "Aaaarrrgggh, yessss, aaaarrggghhh," Ashley shrieked, "Aaaarrrghh, aaaaaarrrgghhh." Emily gripped her hard and continued to thrust in, slamming her dildo like an out of control jackhammer, a fast pounding of pleasure. And all the time Paige continued to take photos and finger her own pussy.

"Aaaaarrghh, ooooohhh, that's it, fuck me hard, fuck me so fucking hard," screamed Ashley. She could feel the build-up again, pushing against the dam wall, ready to break. Her tits wobbled as she bounced, pounded by her girlfriend's hard thrusts. Sweat slid from her face, which was red with a mixture of exertion and sexual pleasure. In a far away part of her mind she thought the photos wouldn't show her looking her best, more like a perspiring, scarecrow with tits past their prime and creases where creases didn't use to be. But the rest of her was just being swept away in the sex, loving the thrust of the dildo up her and enjoying seeing Paige's finger work as the swimmer snapped pic after pic of Ashley exhibiting herself. The pleasure overflowed, blasting over the dam walls in a flood of ecstatic waves. Ashley's mouth opened and she screamed again, "Aaaarrrgghh, fuuucckkk... ooooohhh fuuuckk!"

Emily pulled the dildo out. Ashley remained in position, quivering in excitement and hoping that Em would re-enter quickly; they hadn't being going long enough for someone with the swimmer's stamina to be used up. However instead the teenager moved back to the couch, leaving Ashley with an unfilled hole that was screaming for a plastic pounding, leaking cum like they were tears of desperation. Ashley turned her head, "I need a hard fucking, don't stop."

"I know," giggled Emily, "I can see." She paused as she licked her lips and eyed the nude pussy on display in front of her. Her lips curled upwards, "You know what I'd find really hot?"

"Fucking my ass?" said Ashley hopefully.

It wasn't just Emily who giggled at that, but Paige as well, but after a few seconds laughing Emily shook her head, "No. Later."

"What?" Ashley was so horny she had to slide a finger into her pussy. It helped, but not much.

"What you were talking about earlier. About you guys friend fucking you on the floor. I want you to do it again... with Paige," Emily said.

"I'm in," nodded the other swimmer. She threw the camera to Em and began to undress even before Ashley had replied.

The Milf was silent for a moment. This wasn't how she thought the evening would go when she'd left the bank. Public fucking was sluttish enough, but public fucking with a girl she hardly knew whilst her own girlfriend watched - well that was total tramp territory, a place she'd thought she'd left in her twenties. She looked at Paige, rapidly getting rid of her clothes. The teen was as smoothly shaven as Emily, her body toned and firm, kept trim by length after length of the pool. Ashley mentally shrugged, 'hell, she'd been snapped fucking Em, she might as well dive all the way in and get banged by Paige as well.' She smiled, "Me too. Now come fuck me hard."

Pulling on the second strap-on she'd brought down Paige moved behind Ashley. The Milf's cunt was soaking with anticipation, Ashley could almost feel the liquid steaming in her moist hole. She gave her ass a wiggle and balancing on one hand, used the other to push apart her labia lips, "Come on in, Paige, the pussy's lovely."

The teen swimmer slowly pushed in the dong. Its thick rubber pushed at Ashley's wall and spread them apart. Oiled by the cum it slid far into the Milf, brushing at the clit and squeezing the bud into the wall. Ashley shivered and squeak as the pleasure returned to her body in rolling waves, "Oh fill me up, fill my twat with your toy."

Paige's hands were on the Milf's sides, holding her lightly as she began to thrust in and out. The teen was slow at first, like she was finding her way, but soon she got her rhythm and began to move fast and hard, each hard, violent thrust slamming deep into Ashley and making the Mom scream with pleasure, "Fuuucckkk, yessss, fuuucckkk meeee!"

"Fuck, you're so fucking fuckable," grunted Paige in return as she slammed in and out.

"Oh God, this is so cool to watch, it's so hot," moaned Em. She had moved her strap-on enough that she could get a couple of unimpeded fingers down her slot and she was working herself hard as she watched, "Give it her Paige, give it her all."

"Yes," squeaked Ashley, "I want your big dong, I want that fucking massive toy deep in my sex-hole."

"Yes," said Paige. She paused, before speaking again, to grab her breath, still slamming her dildo into the wanton Milf, "Fuck, take it, take my plastic prick, fucking take it like a slut."

"Aaaarrrghhh," the orgasm hit Ashley like a car crash. Her body seemed to warm like a fire was within and the tingle wasn't just a touch, but like she'd stepped on a live wire, "Aaaarrrghhh," she screamed again.

"Fuck, fuck, that's it, fuck," groaned Paige.

"Go on, harder, harder," groaned Emily. She was bucking in excitement as she fingered her own clit, the cum dribbling out as her digits thrust in, "Give it her all."

The toy was already going in as deep as it could without Paige following it. Ashley could feel the stinging slap of Paige against her as the teen thrust hard. So fast was the teen moving that the sounds of the teen's thighs hitting her butt-cheeks sounded like a ricocheting ball-bearing being rattled in a tin. The plastic swept in and out, the friction being lessened by the cum of the cunt, but still rubbing hard and fast enough that Ashley could feel its hard warmth. Or at least that was one reason why her cunt felt like it was aflame. Another explosion of pleasure exploded in her, "Aaaaarrrghhh fuuuccckkk meeeee! AAAArrrrghhhh!"

Paige continued to move in and out, ramming the thick and long strap-on down Ashley's pussy, grunting with exertion as she hammered it in hard and deep. All the time Em was giving quieter, but equally passionate moans, as she fingered herself. Ashley quivered in excitement, giving herself to the orgasms and feeling the ecstasy flow round her body, swamping her with bliss. She gasped and screamed again as another orgasm blew within her.

And then Paige was out. The teen was sweating and gasping as she took out the soaked toy and dropped to the floor. Ashley knew how she felt, though she still had enough strength to move to the couch and drop to beside Em. The sexy teen kissed her, her red lips wiping away the salty sweat that covered Ashley's and her tongue, briefly and delicately, slipping into Ashley's mouth and then out again, as if had never been there. Emily pulled her head back from the Mom and said, "That was so amazing. It made me so hot."

"It was," agreed Paige, her pants subsiding enough to allow her to speak - the benefits of swimming becoming apparent as her breathing rapidly returned back to its calm normalcy.

Emily slid her arm round Ashley so that she could fondle her furthest tit. Ashley giggled as her nipple was tweaked and pulled between the slender fingers of the teen. Emily looked down at Ashley's pussy, it glistened under the light, drops of cum easily visible. The teen grinned, "Two cocks and my sexy Milf is still as wet and ready as the Cleopatra."

Ashley giggled and touched her pussy, "What can I say except it was fun and I'm an insatiable slut..."

"You've had one strap-on after another," said Emily, her hand moving over Ashley's tit, "but you ever taken two pricks at once?"

Ashley blushed; that was one boundary she had not crossed and she had a feeling from the exchange of glances between Paige and Em she was now the innocent in the room. On the TV screen a brunette was currently being taken front and back by a couple of other busty cheerleaders and from her screams was enjoying it massively. Ashley could feel herself getting hornier and hornier at the sight. She shook her head slowly, "No..." she left her answer hanging in the air for a few moments, before rubbing her body closer to Em and in the sexiest tone possible saying, "What about you?"

Em looked at Paige and both laughed. It was Paige who answered, "Yes."

Emily took up the explanation, "You remember that blind girl Paige was telling you about earlier?"

"The one she anally fingered in public," said Ashley, "I haven't forgotten."

"Well a few weeks after that I was in Paige's room when she came round. She thought that Paige was the only one in the house and she was down to her panties and bra before we let her know I was sitting there as well. After a little bit of encouragement she finished stripping and then we made her play guess who was fucking her. As there were only two of us and she was way experienced with Paige she was guessing good. So we decided to surprise her by Paige fucking her ass and then I went into her pussy. She still guessed who was in which hole, though we really had to go at it for a while just to make sure she really knew," Emily smiled at the memory.

"And then was the time we shared Samara," added Paige. She looked at Emily to explain further.

Something the sexy swimmer seemed delighted to do, "You know that swim relay the team did a few months back? Well Samara invited the team round to practice in her outside pool whilst her parents were away. And I could see that as we were swimming that little tramp was eyeing up Paige in her cozzie. So after the practice when Samara asked me to stay behind for some 'cookies and a cola', I suggested that she invite Paige as well. It wasn't long before we were in Samara's room whilst I plugged her butt and she ate Paige's slit, and then Paige and I swapped places. And even after that Samara was still as hot as a tropical rain forest, so it was two straps-on and two holes, front and back."

"I was more exhausted by that the training," grinned Paige, leaning up on her elbows.

Emily's hand slid down from Ashley's tits to brush over the Milf's waist and down to the top of her thighs, "Do you wanna try a DP? It'll be fun."

On the screen the brunette was screaming so loudly that it was a wonder the camera lens hadn't shattered. Or perhaps it had and that was why they had changed views from the two dildos moving into her ass and pussy to the cheerleader's face, the mouth and eyes wide open and contorted in ecstatic joy. Ashley felt her stomach turn with nervousness at the thought of doing something so extreme, but the butterflies in there were swamped by the feeling of excited warmth that bathed her pussy. It was only a few weeks ago she'd had her first lesbian sex, something she had been dreaming about since she was a teenager and it had been fantastic. Now she was being given the chance to go further, to have lesbian sex with two girls at once... if it wasn't something she had been thinking about for years it was still too good too miss.

"Yes," said Ashley, "Let's do it."

The two teens grinned, before Emily said, "Ashley, spread your cheeks and lower yourself backwards onto Paige. Don't worry about slipping off, Paige will keep you on."

"Sure thing, honey," Ashley said to her girlfriend as she stood up. She walked over to Paige who was lying straight on her back with her legs slightly agape. She was holding the strap-on up at a right angle; it was still wet with Ashley's pussy. The Milf turned away from the teen and lowered herself onto her haunches, pulling apart her cheeks as she did so. She paused as she felt the rubber toy prod into her buttocks and began to slightly move so that her hole was directly above it, helped by Paige. She paused again as the toy touched her puckered back-hole, if only because she wanted to make sure she was leaning back comfortably and wouldn't slip. Slowly she lowered herself down, "Mmmnnn, that's nice. I love rubber dick up my ass."

She wasn't lying, many was the time that Ashley had lain alone in her double-bed and jacked of her butt with one of her toys, but it was her recent relationship with Em which had really given her an overkill of experience with dildos in the back door. Most of the sex so far had been quickies, but much of that had been anal quickies and to keep her ass ready for action most nights on the way home Ashley inserted a butt-plug and tonight had been no exception. She'd taken it out just before exiting the car, but even after the pussy fuckings she had received earlier her butt was still easy enough for ready access and the large prong slid up easily. The Milf pushed back her head and moaned, "Fuuuccckkk."

"Work it for a few moments and then I'll join in," said Emily.

Immediately Paige began to thrust up. Ashley gasped as the toy went further up her ass and then she pushed back down so that she could take the whole length. Paige was sitting partially up to grab Ashley's waist, the Milf at a forty-five degree angle. It put a strain on her back and thighs, but the feeling of the dildo pounding deep in her ass was more than enough recompense for any discomfort. It slammed up hard, going so deep that the brunette Milf could feel her clit quivering on the other side of the ass wall, stimulated as the toy rammed against the slab of skin that separated front and back holes. Ashley pushed her head back further, so that her thick hair was in Paige's face and then let out a caterwauling scream of pleasure, "Fuuuucckkk.... aaaarggggghhh. This is... Fuuuuckkk..."

"Ready for another?" grinned Emily. She moved in front of them, holding and stroking her strap-on like it was a real prick.

"Yeah, come on in," said Paige and paused in her thrusts.

Ashley spread her legs apart as far as she was able, but still it felt like the dildo would never fit in. She wasn't sure whether it was psychological, her body lying to her that she couldn't fit two cocks or whether her pussy had become a lot tighter with a dildo in her ass, but Ashley really felt like she was being crammed. She slowly worked her midriff up and down, trying to ease in Em's strap-on without loosing Paige's, "Come on, slowly, come on, take me."

Em was smiling and moving slowly and patiently, "That's it Ashley, don't go to fast, let your body get used to it. There that's it, let me go down a bit more."

With a dildo in her ass and another burrowing itself into her pussy Ashley felt like she was being ripped in half; it wasn't just sore, it was uncomfortable - like being made to sleep in a trunk. She felt squashed - her holes too small to fit the big dongs and her body not flexible enough to manage them. She tried to move into a better pose, but nothing worked. Emily moved deeper down and then up, before coming down again. Slowly the toy worked its way in, attempting to meet Paige's halfway and crowding Ashley like she was a tube train at rush hour.

"That's it," said Emily, "That's it you're getting looser"

To Ashley it didn't feel like that, even if Emily was moving faster and Paige had resumed her hard thrusting, to Ashley it still felt sore and cramped and not at all as enjoyable as the brunette cheerleader would have viewers believe.

And then the orgasms hit and whilst Ashley was still squeezed and out of position it didn't matter. They hit her so hard her body buckled and twisted, so hard her brain went into overdrive and electrified her body, so hard that all she could do was let herself cum again and again. It wasn't just one blast of bliss followed by another, it was continuous, a rolling wave of sexual ecstasy. The pleasure was more than she'd ever had before, she'd thought the previous orgasms had been heaven, but as the dildos thudded into her she knew she'd been an orgasmic tourist before, now she was a full-on believer. She opened her mouth and screamed, "Aaaaaarrrghhh, yessssss, arrrrrgggghhh!"

"Like it?" giggled Emily as she continued to pump her lover, thrusting deep down into the cunt. Ashley couldn't reply, though she hoped her shrieks were response enough. The two teens pounded at her holes, ramming them in so deep that when they entered in unison Ashley could almost feel them banging at each other through her wall. It was sore, but she didn't care. Emily's naked body rammed down onto hers, the teen's brown eyes dazzling with delight as she looked down at her lover's twisted face.

"Aaaarrrrghhh, uuuurrrhhhhh, oooooohhhh, fuuuucccckkk, yesssssss!" Ashley felt her insides twisting and popping and wobbling like her guts were made of Jell-o.

"That's it, you love out dildos in your holes, don't you?" said Emily. She thrust harder, her sweaty body ramming down, making rivulets of perspiration bounce and fall off.

"Aaaarrrrggghh," the orgasms blasted Ashley and she could feel her pussy explode with pleasure.

"Uuur, uuur," Paige was as wordless as the Milf, just grunting as she hammered her dildo up. The teen's thrusts were hard and strong, pushing the strap-on in as far as it would go. Her hands were gripping hard at the brunette, her nails biting into Ashley's flesh - not that either minded, as long as the toy continued to pound the back hole open.

It was the most intense and pleasurable sex Ashley had ever had; and she'd had some damned good fuckings over the years. Her entire body was wracked by orgasms, mind-blowing and gut-churning. She couldn't believe it had taken her so long to be double-penetrated and she was so thankful for Emily for introducing her to them; and to Paige for joining in. The Milf let herself go, bucking and screaming and shaking, savouring the fierce concentration of orgasms.

And then it was over. Emily was pulling out of her damp hole and collapsing, sweating and panting on the floor and Paige was pushing Ashley up and off her own toy. The Milf moved slowly, she was aching, but blissfully happy. Her muscles were weak from the orgasms and trembling from the pleasure. She fell down between the two teens, "That was something."

"Hanna's at her Dad's on Saturday, isn't she?" asked Em.

"Mmmnn yes," giggled Ashley, "Why?"

"Just wondering," the teen smiled back.

* * *

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