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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team 5 (FF,anal,f-dom)
by LL

Ella Montgomery entered the HQ of the A-team, a frown of irritation across her attractive features.

"You're late" Melissa Hastings said and then aware that it sounded like an accusation and noticing her fellow team member's storm cloud expression added in a softer tone "Tough day at school?"

The teacher and founder of the A-team nodded and strode over to the pictures, admiring the recent addition of Hanna and Ashley Marin standing together with their gaped open ass holes. Melissa, Mona and Ali waited silently for a moment as Ella gave a small smile as she looked at the photos and then a shrug as if her problems were inconsequential compared to the team's mission to fuck sexy bottoms. She turned back away from the pictures and took a seat on the couch, next to Alison, who was trying her best to look sympathetic - and almost managing it.

"It's your younger sister, Melissa," said Ella exasperatedly, "Giving her the answer is never just enough, she always wants to push it. I spent ten minutes trying to convince her that 1984 is a left wing criticism of Stalinism and she spent the whole time arguing back that it's a more general critique of bureaucracy and Government. If I said something was black, she'd argue it was just a light form of grey. I wouldn't mind if she did it in class, but she waited until the bell had gone before button-holing me at my desk."

"She needs reminding you're the teacher," said Mona sympathetically.

Melissa thought her younger sister needed more than that, but it was Ella who put it into words, snorting, " She needs butt-fucking. I mean she's so obviously a dyke fuckhole," she looked at Melissa, slightly reddening as she remembered she was talking about her friend's younger sister.

Melissa shrugged, "I'm not arguing, if ever a girl needed a cock up her ass it's Spence. I'm her sister and I think she needs to know her proper place, her head between an A-teamer's legs and her cheeks spread for another. But is she ready?" She looked at Alison the master manipulator, who almost seemed to be able to read minds and then open them so that they flowed in a way their submissive owners had never consciously considered.

It was Mona who answered with a smile, "Oh she's ready and I've been thinking of a plan... that is if we don't mind Ella breaking her in and by breaking in I mean banging her virgin butt."

"Oh I don't mind," Ella said with a smile. She looked at Melissa.

The older Spencer sister nodded, "No, I'm okay with that as well." Then she smiled, "In fact I'd love to hear about how my goodie-goodie sister is going to be made in anal whore."

"Here's my plan..." said Mona and began to go through it. Like many of Mona's plans, the core was good, but the details ill-thought through. Luckily Melissa had the forensic skill to see them and dissect them, throwing the problems to the rest of the group to solve. The four A-teamers talked and schemed for hours, but by the time they broke up they all knew Spencer's time as a heterosexual anal virgin was at an end.

And all it would take was Ella's red pen...

* * *

Spencer stared down at the paper, looked up just to check she hadn't fallen asleep and was having a nightmare, and then looked down again. It was her paper all right, her carefully argued and immaculately typed English essay of a quality most Yale graduates would envy; erudite, witty and above all correct. And there in the corner in red pen, circled as if for emphasis was an E. Not even a B+, which was the lowest she'd ever had (and she was on prescription drugs at the time), nor even a C or a D, which was what her friend Hanna normally got, but an E - a grade reserved for the dumbest of the dumb. She looked up at Ella Montgomery's retreating back as she passed the marked papers to the rest of the class. "Mrs Montgomery, I think there's been some mistake with my grade."

"I don't think so," said her friend's Mom. She turned and walked back to Spencer's desk, leaning over to look down at the paper as if she was checking what she had said was true, Then she straightened up, "No, there's no mistake. I've graded the paper with the mark it deserved."

"But..." Spencer knew it was worth more than that and was about to argue.

Mrs Montgomery made a gesture which said that she wasn't in a listening mood, "Spencer, we have to get on with the lesson. If you want to discuss the poor grade I've given you can see me after school." Spencer went red at the collective gasp that went round the room that she'd been marked as less than perfection. She gave a brief nod, deciding this was not the moment to argue, but equally convinced Ella Montgomery had made a mistake in the grading and that Spencer would need to persuade her of the error of her ways.

The rest of the day seemed to drag, the other classes Spencer had been too simple for words and seemingly designed just to make the day longer. As soon as the final bell rang she was out of her seat and striding towards Mrs Montgomery's classroom. It was empty, but all of Ella's books were still sitting on the desk, suggesting the teacher hadn't left. Spencer waited as outside the room the school emptied, the corridors clearing and the parking lot becoming denuded of both students' and teachers' cars. Just when Spencer was starting to think that she was, for once, wrong and Ella Montgomery had left for the day the classroom door opened and in stepped her friend's Mom.

Spencer immediately wondered if the reason Ella had been away from the classroom was that the divorced Mom was preparing for a date. She'd changed from her formless slacks to a shorter skirt which went half-way up her thighs, her sensible shoes replaced by knee length leather boots and her blouse with a sweater so tight Spencer could see the nipples. If so, the guy was in for a treat - Spencer wasn't a lesbian like her friend Emily, though if she had been she'd have been impressed. However date or no date Spencer wanted to get her grade put up to its proper place, an A- at the least. "Mrs Montgomery you said to come to see you about my essay and the grade."

Ella didn't answer straight away instead taking her seat behind the desk and pushing the chair a few inches back to allow her lovely legs space to cross, the skirt riding up a bare thigh. "I did. I was thinking about going to your parent's direct, but I've decided to give you a chance first - though if I don't see an improvement I'll have no choice."

This wasn't what Spencer had expected, she had thought Ella would quickly accept her mistake and up her grade, not talk about going to her parents. She quickly moved back into the attack, "Mrs Montgomery, you know this essay wasn't E grade material it was at least A. No-one else has done the depth of research."

"No, Spencer, it was sloppy, poorly written, with out of date and discredited ideas, I was reading your essay directly after Alison's and the difference in them was telling. For a smart girl you seem to be incredibly lazy and slack in your school work."

Spencer blushed; it was unfair, she thought, she had worked hard on that assignment. But more wounding was the fact that Mrs Montgomery believed Alison's had been better; there had always been a rivalry between the two girls, but it had become exacerbated now she'd come to realise Ali wasn't her friend but a girl who'd get A+ for being a bitch. She was about to protest more, when Ella held up a hand stopping her, "I don't want any excuses Spencer, what we need to think about now is where we go from here."

"I could redo it?" suggested Spencer.

There was an abrupt shake of Ella Montgomery's head, "If it was only this essay I'd agree. But we both know its more than that. I've been looking over your past work with a more critical eye, I've been marking too high - it's my own fault, you're Aria's friend and also I remember how bright your sister was and that may have influenced my marking. If I'd been marking properly I think you'd be bouncing around a D average."

Spencer's head swam, one essay was bad enough, but all her work.... She opened her mouth and closed it. Luckily, as Ella hadn't finished, "And there's your behaviour in class. Inattentive, argumentative, disruptive...."

Spencer seriously wondered if she'd wandered into an alternative universe where her alter-ego Spencer was everything she wasn't. She was the best student in the whole class, listening intently, never speaking unless she had something constructive to say and always first with her hand up for an invariably correct and well argued answer. How could Ella think otherwise? She looked at the teacher, for once speechless, of all the scenarios she had played in her head, this was one she had never even contemplated.

"So you see," Ella continued, "We have a problem. The question is what do we do about it."

Spencer was still shell-shocked and silent, but seeing that Mrs Montgomery was looking at expecting an answer she managed to mumble, "I don't know."

The pretty Milf teacher sighed, "That's the attitude I've come to expect from you Spencer, an 'I don't care'. You've been able to get by on being lackadaisical and lazy in school, but this is your final year. If you're lucky enough to get into a college tutors there won't be letting your poor quality work slide through, and as for if you need to get a job..." She didn't complete the sentence.

Spencer blushed red, "I'll try and improve," she said, though she wasn't sure how.

Ella shook her head despairingly, "I'm sure you will, for about five minutes, before letting your work slip again. That's the truth and there's little I can do about that, at least nowadays."

"What do you mean, now? Was there something you could have done? Am I too late?" Spencer could feel herself close to panic; she hadn't even known there was a problem with her work and if it hadn't been so life-destroying she'd have thought it ironic that there had been a solution that she had missed.

"I don't mean something recent, but more that whilst much of teaching has moved on, we've lost something about how to deal with poorly performing students. Now we can only tell you off, but it used to be we could physical chastise poor students..."

"Did that work?" Spencer asked.

"Mostly not, but with a few students it did. It made them realise they were going down the wrong path and righted them again," Ella shrugged and made to stand up from her desk, "It doesn't matter, spanking isn't allowed."

"Please, please, can we try it," Spencer said in desperation. There was opening, a way to get her work back on track and she wasn't going to get the law get in her way; she just had to talk Mrs Montgomery, Ella into doing it. It would be humiliating, she was sure, and possibly painful, depending on how hard the teacher smacked her, but it was a lot less bad than failing to get into college and ending up selling Big Macs and fries.
Mrs Montgomery looked shocked, "Spencer..." she snapped abruptly, her tone angry.

She shouldn't push she knew, but Spencer also knew that failing wasn't an option - no Hastings in living memory hadn't got into a top college, grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, her sister... Whilst she couldn't see how an old fashioned spanking would help she had to try, or be a loser. "Please Mrs Montgomery... Ella," the teen wasn't above emotional blackmail reminding the teacher that she had known her since Aria was small.

Ella pursed her lips, "I shouldn't have said. It probably won't work."

Life was so unfair, thought Spence. She clenched her hands tightly into fists as she put every ounce of energy she could gather into her pleas, "Mrs Montgomery, can we give it a go. I want to do better, I don't want to be getting E's and if spanking will help..." Ella didn't say anything, but, from her expression, was at least considering it. Spencer didn't allow her any let-up, "I want to be spanked. I want my bottom to be thrashed until I squeal. I want to be good."

There was another silence, only for a few seconds, but to Spencer it seemed longer, before Ella spoke, "You know what you're asking is illegal. If anyone found out I'd be fired... at best."

"I won't tell anyone," said Spencer.

"If I do this, and I'm not saying I will, I won't be giving you a few light slaps on your bottom it would be a proper punishment, whipping you so hard you'll be sobbing." Ella spoke quietly her eyes on Spencer's face as if she was expecting the teen's expression to tell her something the young Hasting's words wouldn't.

Keeping her features in tune with her words Spencer nodded, "Yes, Mrs Montgomery. I understand. It won't work if it's not a proper thrashing."

The older woman sighed, "Okay Spencer. Go and shut the door and pull down the blind. Make sure it's locked as well."

Spencer almost skipped over to it, doing as she was instructed. In the few seconds it took her to do that and turn around Mrs Montgomery had moved her chair backwards from the desk so that there was a couple of feet of space between them. The teacher sat down and patted her thigh rapidly, "Over my knee Spencer."

Spencer quickly did as she was told. It felt strange having of her stomach resting on her friend's Mom's legs, but it felt vaguely right, almost comfortable. She waited for the spanking to begin. It didn't start, instead there was a cough from Mrs Montgomery, "Spencer if I wanted to mark my hand with your denims I'd have said so."

"Mrs Montgomery... do you mean?..." Spencer wasn't exactly sure what the teacher meant.

However Mrs Montgomery soon made it clear, "Yes, Spencer, pull down your jeans and your panties as well. Spankings need to be on bare bottoms, otherwise they're not going to do anything."

Spencer stood up, blushing. She turned away from the teacher as she fiddled with her jean buttons, all the time aware the older woman was looking at her. Perhaps the humiliation was part of the punishment, another spur to do better. If that was so she should have pulled them down to her ankles or kicked them of altogether, but she couldn't face being bottomless and over her teacher's knee so she just pulled them down to the top of her thighs. She turned back and waddled to Ella's knees, glad that her blouse tail covered her naked pussy. Slowly she lowered herself over the teacher, her head dropping down and her ass raising up.

"That's better," said Ella. For a moment Spencer could feel the older woman's hands caressing her cheeks, almost like she was playing with them. But before Spencer could fully think through the ramifications of that her teacher had raised her hand.

And then she brought it down.

With force...

"Yooowwww!" Spencer gave a cry, as much of shock as pain. It did hurt, more than she had expected, Ella must have put some strength into it. But it wasn't agony, not like ripping a nail or stubbing a toe, more like banging face first into a door. And it was embarrassing like that as well, as if she walked headfirst into one and bounced back in front of a room full of laughing students. The fact that there was only her and teacher and Mrs Montgomery wasn't laughing didn't stop Spencer blushing.

"Oooowww!" she gave another squeal as Ella's hand came down again, making her butt cheeks wiggle and dance. She hated this; it was humiliating enough to be over the older woman's knee with her ass getting tanned, that it was naked and exposed made it even more so. In fact the only thing worse would be the sniggers of the class as they'd heard of her grades. The thought of sitting in the corner wearing a dunce's cap kept the teen in position.

"Yoooucchh!" Ella's hand came down for the third time in as many seconds. Spencer felt her ass cheeks glowing, her face cheeks as well - possibly for different reasons. It didn't help that the position Ella had her in meant that the blood was rushing down to her head, making her dizzy and light-headed. There was another slap, as hard as before on her buttocks and Spencer squeaked out another cry. Face down, butt up meant she couldn't see them coming and it was hard to say anything, sure she could open her mouth and speak, but only to the floor - and why would Mrs Montgomery listen to that? The teen gritted her teeth, opening them again as a fifth slap spanked across her ass.

'Smack, smack, smack," Ella's hand ricocheted down in a series of ultra-quick slaps, each one leaving a print on the teen's firm butt. Spencer squealed and squeaked some more, involuntarily shaking one of her legs, like a nerve was jangling. Ella ignored the twitch and brought down her palm again, 'Smack, smack.'

"OOOowww," Spencer squeaked, was that ten or eleven?, she wasn't sure. Nor was she sure how many she was going to get. Did Mrs Montgomery have a set number in mind a dozen or a hundred? Surely her own hand would be stinging soon, it wasn't like she was holding back - Spencer's ass was red and sore, but the teacher's palm would also soon be aching. Was that what she was planning? To spank until she couldn't do any more? Or did she just suddenly hit a magical point when she would know Spence had learned her lesson. Spencer wanted to tell her that if so, she'd learnt the lesson after the first slap - her grades would improve, she knew it. She also knew that Mrs Montgomery wouldn't believe her, Spencer would be here for a while. Another series of slaps wiggled her naked butt - it was over a dozen now, it must be near fifteen or sixteen even. And Mrs Montgomery wasn't stopping, her hand careened across Spencer's ass taking the number of spanks up to twenty. Spencer opened her mouth and squealed again, "Ooooowwww!"

Would the teacher stop at a round number; even if Spencer had miscounted and it was twenty one that might be the time she stopped. 'Slap', Ella's hand pounded down again, there was no sense that she was weakening and Spencer gave another squeal, shaking in humiliation as her buttocks bounced. 'Slap, slap' the palm came down twice more in quick succession, concentrating once on each cheek, hard enough to have left red imprints in the flesh if her round buttocks hadn't already been scarlet. "OOOwwww," Spencer squealed again, the sound as much due to the embarrassment as the pain.

'Slap' once more the hand came down as hard as before, making Spencer jerk. She waited for the next blow.

And waited...

And waited...

The break might have only been a minute, but to Spencer, splayed across Ella Montgomery's legs with her naked, red, ass pointing upwards at her teacher it seemed like it was hours. Had the punishment finished? was that it? Twenty five slaps or twenty six? It might even be twenty seven? Spencer bit her lip, willing it to be so, silently promising to redouble her efforts on her essay for Mrs Montgomery. The silence continued and Spencer wondered if the teacher was waiting for her speak, to say she'd learnt her lesson and would be a model pupil from now on.

She was just about to do so when she felt Mrs Montgomery's hand on her butt again; except this time it wasn't a hard slap, but a slow, gentle caress of the teen's cheeks, moving over the round mound like she was stroking a favourite cat sitting in her knee. Spencer bit her lip harder, unsure what to do. After the hard spanking the soft touch felt good, worryingly sensual. Was her pussy starting to tingle? It was, just a little, a small feeling of horniness, growing as the teacher continued to rub her. Spencer's face went even redder than when Ella had been thrashing her, hoping that the teacher wouldn't notice the arousal. Over her cheek went the brunette teacher's hand, gently, softly, sexily. Spencer's face was burning with embarrassment; she wasn't a lesbian or a sado-masochist, so why was her body betraying her like this? She could feel her cunt was getting wet, not soaking or gushing, but certainly starting to dampen. 'Please, please, please stop', she thought, 'please, please, please don't notice'.

She was out of luck. Mrs Montgomery's hand moved lower, prying apart the top of her thighs to leave a small gap. She slid between it and down towards Spencer's shaven cunt. Her finger moved over it lightly, rubbing over the lips and teasing her tips at the slit between. For a few seconds she remained there, exploring the crease, before she withdrew. "You're wet," Ella said in the same tone she might have said that 'That dress is red'.

If her face hadn't already been dropped down Spencer would have hung her head. "Yes," she said meekly.

"This is so supposed to be a punishment, not a way to connect with your inner sub-dyke," said Mrs Montgomery sternly.

"Yes, I'm sorry," Spencer whined, "It's just..."

Before she could continue she was interrupted "Spencer if I wanted excuses I'd have asked for them. It seems your sloppy attitude isn't just in your school work." Spencer remained silent as Ella gave a sigh, either theatrical or heart-felt, "It seems just a normal spanking isn't enough. I'll have to take it up a gear for it to have any effect."

"Up a gear?"

"Using my hand, as you can imagine, at least if you've been paying attention in physics is going to limit the force I can use. I thought it would be hard enough, but I underestimated your sluttiness." Spencer went red, she'd never thought she was anywhere near a slut, but Ella must be right. That's why she was wet, was it also why she was failing at school - too much time thinking of boys and not enough knuckling down with her studies. Even as Spencer was thinking Ella was continuing to speak, "So if we want this to work, we're going to have to take firmer measures and use a ruler on your ass."

"Yes, Mrs Montgomery." Spencer agreed.

"Yes what? I'm a lesbo slut or I want you to thrash me with your ruler?"

"Both," said Spencer unhappily.

She could feel Mrs Montgomery leaning forward to her desk and hear the scrape of papers and pens being moved across it's surface as the teacher reached for the wooden ruler. Spencer suddenly recalled that she'd never seen her teacher use it, Mrs Montgomery was English not Math and the teen wondered if it was the first time it had been in the brunette's hand since she brought it in. She barely had time to think that this couldn't have been why it had been bought when the straight wooden stick slapped onto her ass. "Ooooowww," she squealed. If the hand had hurt, this was even more so. It was like being stabbed by a needle as opposed to being jabbed with a stick, a sharp, stinging pain making her blink in agony.

"Oooowwwww," Mrs Montgomery wasn't waiting for the pain to subside before she brought the ruler down again; the crack of it against Spencer's flesh sounding like what she imagined a gunshot would be. "Oooooowwww," the teen shrieked again as the short wooden stick smashed across her butt cheeks, perfectly dissecting them. Up went Ella's hand and down again, making no allowance for the fact that she was now gripping an implement compared to her open palm. Pain, flowed through Spencer, and humiliation.

And horniness.

Her pussy wasn't getting any drier, the tingle in it not vanishing, if anything she was getting wetter and the sexual itch was growing. The teen tried desperately to think of something else, early twentieth century legal reforms, but even as she began to formulate 'Oliver Wendell Holmes' in her mind Ella came crashing down, not even leaving Spencer time to remember whether it was the Snr or Jnr she should be thinking about. She tried to think again, to bring her mind away from the thrashing, but there was no chance - the brunette was just so fast, the teacher bringing down the ruler so speedily that it was like lightning. Spencer shrieked out again, rocking in pain, unable to remember what she'd been even trying to think about, the pain and the humiliation almost overwhelming her senses; leaving enough for her horniness but no more.

Ella was silent, not saying a word or grunting, just thrashing down with a brutal determination, leaving Spencer's butt a criss-cross of red lines and purple weals. Tears sprung at Spencer's eyes, forcing her to blink them back, her mouth was continually open and closing as she let out screams and yells. She wasn't even bothering to count how many strokes Ella had made off her bare bottom, there were plenty, she knew that, but they were too fast to count, even if her brain had been capable of doing so. 'Crack, crack, crack' the ruler smashed down. 'Crack, crack, crack.'

Spencer had never realised it was possible to be numb and feel pain at the same time; but that was what was happening. Her ass was agony, sharp stabbing pain shooting from it continuously, but it seemed to be impervious to the new strikes, hardly able to feel them,. She was only aware that the ruler was thrashing against her naked ass from the gunshot sounds and the way Ella's thighs wobbled and her stomach rubbed at Spence's side as her hand came down. 'Crack, crack, crack.'

Water was leaking from her eyes, no matter how furiously she blinked it back. But it wasn't as bad as the dampness in her pussy, her slit leaking out its own liquid with every thrash as if she was enjoying it. Spencer forced her eyes closed, hoping it would soon be over and wondering what she'd do when it was.

There was no warning it was going to stop, no slowing in speed or force, no words. One moment Ella was giving Spencer's bottom her all and the next... silence, stillness, the only movements Spencer's laboured breathing, the only sound her stifled sobs. For moments Ella remained still and silent, the ruler still in her hand, then she moved placing it back on her desk and sliding her other hand over Spencer's battered butt. "That's looking hot," she said, stroking it lightly, "I bet it burns."

Spencer gave a little whimper of agreement, though it had to be said the brunette's fingers seemed to have a cooling touch, dialling down the pain from agonising to merely sore. For a couple of minutes Ella continued to stroke and slide over the bare red buttocks, not saying anything to let Spencer know whether the punishment was over or whether this was just a break before she resumed with even greater vigour than before. Ella's hand suddenly moved to the top of Spencer's thighs, encouraging the teen's legs open. "Let's see if the punishment worked," she said, "if it did, you'll be as dry as a bone; but if you're a slutty dyke submissive you'll have been getting off on it and you'll be soaked."

Spencer blushed, knowing that she should be as arid as Death Valley, but in reality was damper than Florida during a hurricane. Ella's hand was moving downwards further between her legs, slowly, gradually approaching her wet spot. The Milf teacher didn't stroke it as before, but slid a finger in. Spencer gave a squeak and immediately after bit down, forcing her lips together to stop more sounds of pleasure coming from her lips. It was hard as Ella was working the digit in and out, exploring the teen's hole, twisting round as if she was trying to find a dry bit. "You're even more soaking than I thought," she said, and Spencer wasn't sure whether she said it smugly or with disappointment, "You're almost oozing cum; that spanking has left you literally dripping you little dyke whore."

"I'm sorry," Spencer opened her mouth and then let out a little gasp as Ella's finger slid up again, "ooooohh... I mean, I'm sorry, I will do better, I will, you can spank me harder if you don't think it's true. Or I can stay tomorrow after school and you can go again, I promise I won't get turned on and take my punishment properly. Oooooohhh..."

"That's a lie isn't it?" said Mrs Montgomery, "You're so obviously a slut for other women I can't believe I didn't realise it before; spanking won't work with you, it's not a punishment it's a pleasure."

Spencer didn't think that was true; even if did make her wet and horny it was also painful and humiliating; she thought she should mention that, plead with the teacher to thrash her more and teach her a lesson. But before she could speak again Ella gave a small grunt to herself and then spoke, "I may have been looking at this the wrong way. As you're an lesbo fuckhole, who's turned on by being dommed by other women, I shouldn't be thinking of the spanking as a punishment, but the first part of a two step programme - a carrot not a stick. Or rather a toy not a ruler."

"What do you mean?" Spencer asked in confusion as Ella hoisted her up so that she was standing in front of her.

The brunette teacher was smiling. "I was thinking you needed punishment to persuade you to improve, but I think it may be positive reinforcement you need. To be so wet and horny whenever you see me you want to do your best. I think that would work..."

"I... yes... I'm not sure," Spencer realised the teacher was looking at her pussy, barely covered by the front of her blouse. Her hands moved down to give it further coverage, clasping it protectively.

Ella shook her head, smiling, "This will only work if you are a lesbian. Are you?"

Spencer had never been so unsure it her life. She wasn't one, she thought, except standing here with her jeans round her knees and her hands covering her pussy whilst she teacher looked over her with unhidden lust, she suddenly wasn't so sure. The spanking had left her horny and wet, but was that just some weird deviation of her body and if she called Toby he'd set her straight again - literally. Then she remembered the E staring out at her. Her hands slid slowly apart, to hang by her side, leaving the blouse flapping over her cunt. Her cheeks went red, "I guess I may be a little."

"Say it then," Ella smiled.

"I'm a lesbian."

"More than a lesbian, a dirty dyke fuckhole, a serious pussy loving slut."

Spencer gulped, "I'm a dyke slut, a dirty cunt loving fuckhole."

Ella nodded in agreement, "And do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes, I'm a lesbo slut, I want you to fuck me," Spencer gulped as she said the words, not sure if they were true or not, but unable to stop herself saying them.

Ella's grin got wider. "Remove your jeans," she ordered, "Take them off completely."

Spencer did as instructed, turning away so that the Milf wouldn't see the blush on her face, whilst realising that as she bent down her blouse rode up over her butt cheeks to give Ella another good look at the battered behind. She turned back to face the older woman, resisting the urge to slide her hands back over her cunt to give it more protection that the flap of her blouse. For a few seconds Ella remained seated, here eyes glued to Spencer's midriff; then she stood up and reached under her own skirt, removing her panties and dropping them on the floor. Spencer stared down at them for a second, before switching her site back to Ella as the teacher reached down into her bag and withdrew a series of belts with what looked like a sex-toy attached to them.

"What's that?" the teen asked.

Ella started to slide the contraption up her legs, hoisting her skirt up so that she could buckle it. As she did so she looked at Spencer, smiling, "You don't know? I thought a rampant a lesbo a slut as you would have seen it in the porn videos I'm sure you're always watching. I imagine you fingering your tight little cunt as you watch a hot cutie slam a dirty little slut, always wishing it was you on her hands and knees with it sliding up your ass."

Spencer gulped a little, as she realised Ella had said ass not pussy. She wondered how the older woman was going to fuck her; she'd heard about anal sex, but if you ever did it, it was a birthday gift for a long term lover. From the gleam in Ella's eye and the way she tightened the straps lovingly the teen wasn't sure the teacher thought the same way. She girded her courage, "Where are you going to fuck me?"

"Here, over the desk," smiled Ella,

"I mean, where, in what..." Spencer stopped as Ella stepped forward and put a finger on the teen's lips.

"You're a slutty whore, Spencer, we both know that. You're going to get down on your knees and suck it and then we're going to find out whether you're just playing at being a dyke or whether you're a real submissive."

Spencer nodded silently, allowing her knees to buckle and bend as Ella put her hands on her pupil's shoulder and pressed gently down. The dildo pushed at the skirt, making the material stick out in Spencer's face. She paused for a second, looking back up her teacher, Mrs Montgomery looked confidently down. "You want me to suck it?" Spencer asked. There was no reply, so after a few seconds Spencer pulled back the skirt to reveal the bright blue toy, pointing towards her face. She paused for a second and then opened her mouth, sliding her lips over the plastic and down an inch. Her eyes flicked up, there was a small, satisfied smile on Ella's face, confirmation to the teen that this was she was expected to do. She went down further, opening her mouth wider to take more dick, until it started to feel uncomfortable and then she went up.

There was a pop as she withdrew, spots of saliva dripping down from the toy. She looked up at Ella, "Shall I carry on?"

The teacher replied, "A lesbo dyke wouldn't need to ask..."

Spencer blushed and opened her mouth again, sliding her lips down the toy. It tasted, plastically, not that she expected it to taste like anything else and not like real dick. It wouldn't seep salty semen or suddenly explode down her throat, like Toby's did. and whilst the shape was similar it was less veined and the feel was both more solidly thick and less hard and more pliable. Down she went until she could feel the phallus pushing and sliding across her cheek and towards her throat. She pulled back, but this time not letting it slip out, breathing through her nose and dropping down. In that sense it was very like sucking a guy; and looking up at Ella's face, her previously stern visage replaced by excited anticipation, her reaction was like Toby's as well. A little more dominant, perhaps, as the teacher placed a hand on the back of Spencer's head, guiding the teen's mouth down the cock and controlling how far back she'd drop.

Ella smiled "Mmmmnn, are you a dyke, Spencer? Are you enjoying slurping my strap-on?"

Spencer was. She could feel the hotness in her pussy, the tingle not going away even as she rubbed at it. She went deeper down the cock. Ella's hand pushing her down deeper so that the rubber was pushing over her tongue and threatening to enter her throat. The teen fought the gag reflex. And lost. She choked and coughed, feeling the hot saliva rush up her throat and coat the toy. Ella continued to push at her head, controlling and managing her. " You could stop if you want." the Milf said, "you could force your head back and stop sucking my toy."

That might have been theoretically true; all it would take would be a push of her shoulders and a whip of her neck and the dildo would be out of her mouth. But Spencer couldn't summon the willpower to do that, her body seemed unwilling to listen to her, content to suck the older woman's plastic prick like she was a slut.

"MMmnnn, that's so good. You're pressing the toy at my clit, you're making me wet and hot. You'd go faster if you were a dyke, suck it good."

Up and down Spencer bobbed, her mouth sliding up and down the phallus. She was aware that Ella's hand was keeping her from going to far back, but the speed down was all her own work, Ella just resting her palm lightly on the back of the skull as Spencer shot down. The classroom was filled with the teen's slurps and slobbers, below them faint moans of appreciation from Ella. Faster and deeper Spencer continued, forcing the toy into her throat, her eyes opening and widening, tears springing in them, bile and drool sliding from between her lips and over her chin, dripping down her blouse. Deep sucking the teacher's dick wasn't as humiliating as being spanked, but it was close. And her pussy was reacting the same way, zinging with pleasure and excitement, getting wetter with every thrust forward.

She drove down again, but this time as she bounced up Ella didn't stop her. Confused Spencer dropped her mouth down the did again, slurping it as deep as she dared and then started up. Ella's hand was on her head again, her fingers wrapped in Spencer's hair, tugging her back lightly. The teen took the hint and brought her head all the way up, dropping the dick out of her mouth.

"Stand up," ordered Ella.

Spencer did so. Blushing as she looked down at the dripping plastic dick, sticking out with Ella's skirt draped over it. The teacher grinned, "I think that shows your a dyke. If you were straight there's no way you'd have sucked a plastic cock with so much enthusiasm; it would have been a poor substitute for a real one. But you went for it, deep throating it and sucking it all the way."

Spencer blushed, unsure whether she was being compliment or insulted - or both, or neither. Ella smiled even wider, the teacher's eyes going up and down Spencer's body, the teen in blouse and a with number of buttons from that had come undone, showing her bra. "Now we know you're a dyke, but let's find if you're a whore. I think you are, are you?"

"I... I don't know."

"Turn round," Ella ordered, "Lean face down over my desk with your ass out."

Doing as she was told Spencer leant forward, pressing her body against it so close she could smell the ink stains imbued in the wood and in the paper and exercise books which littered it. For the first time she noticed there was a photo of Aria sitting in a small frame in the corner, her friend looking out with a smile as Spencer prepared to be fucked by her Mom.

Ella moved behind her, her hands starting on the teen's waist before moving down to her buttocks, cradling them and rubbing them, making Spencer wince as she squeezed at the bruises. "You know what I'm planning to do?" asked Ella. She didn't wait for an answer, "I'm going to spread these ass cheeks and introduce your butthole to this dick you've been so busily sucking. Are you an anal virgin?"

Spencer nodded.

"You can stop me any time you like. You can even stop me now before I begin. Just say 'no, I'm straight' or if you can't speak just push back and force me off you."

"Yes," said Spencer, not sure what she was saying yes too.

Ella laughed softly, "But we both know you won't and it's not because you want me to give you high marks, it's because you're an anal slut, a horny dyke fuckhole. I'll tell you what; I'll give you A grades all year whatever rubbish you submit, tell me to stop and you'll get the highest grades off anyone in your year; they'll name you Valedictorian."

Spencer remained silent. Ella's hands were squeezing at the teen's cheeks, slowly pulling apart the sore buttocks, the toy pressing between them, quivering at her virgin rosebud. "Tell me stop, tell me no," Ella murmured, her face inches from the teen's ear, her body over her, squashing her into the desk. "Tell me you're not a slut, who wants to me to anally fuck her."

"Please..." Spencer moaned, then went silent. Ella's toy was rubbing up and down between her cheeks, tickling her hole, rubbing it as the teacher's hand slid over the teen's round cheeks. "Please... I am a dyke. I am a slut. I want it... I want it in my ass."

"MMMnnn, I knew you would," Ella took hold off her toy with one hand, keeping the other on the teenage butt. For a second the toy just prodded at Spencer's butthole and then it was in.

The teen gasped, her eyes widening, tears prickling in them for the third time that afternoon. She'd always imagined anal would be hard and uncomfortable, but now she was getting sodomised she was discovering reality and it was like she'd thought. Her asshole stretched like an elastic band between two fingers, the toy filling it like concrete, seeming to fill every crevice and nook within her, pushing down deeper and deeper. As Ella thrust the teen's tunnel expanded beyond what it was used to, aching uncomfortably as it opened. In some ways Spencer was grateful for the beating her buttocks had taken earlier as whilst having a dildo slide down her ass was sore, it wasn't nearly as agonising as the sharp stings of the ruler on her flesh. And there was a sweetness to it as well, a feeling of pleasure and excitement as the toy stimulated hidden spots.

Ella was moving quicker, thrusting in and out, grunting as she opened the teenager's butthole. Spencer scrabbled at the desk, her fingers hooking over the edges to keep in place. "OOoohhh," she moaned, "Oooooohhh, urrrrhhhh."

"Tell me to stop," grunted Ella in her ear, "Tell me to stop banging you butt."

"Uuuurrrhh, uurrrrhhh," Spencer moaned in reply. Her cheeks were pained as Ella slapped at them, her chute sore and uncomfortable as the thick toy pounded down it, her face was red with the humiliation of being taken anally over the teacher's desk. But she wouldn't have stopped it, it felt so good, the tingles in her pussy graduating to fully fledged waves of lust pouring over her. And even as she flushed with embarrassment she knew that being a slut whore might be humiliating to a high achiever such as her, but it was also what she was. "Oh Mrs Montgomery. I'm a slutty dyke, fuck my ass," she cried, knowing it was true, "Ram my asshole."

"You fuckhole slut, you dirty dyke whore," Ella grunted, hammering deeper and harder, thrusting the toy into the teen's hole. Her hands were under Spencer's body, gripping and squeezing the tits, the knuckles scraping at the wood as Spencer squashed them down, the teen herself rocking down as Ella thrust in and out.

"Tell me to stop, tell me to stop," the Milf dared, not pausing for a second.

"AAArrrghh," cried out Spencer as the orgasm took her, "Don't stop ever, fuck me, bang my ass."

"Slut, whore, fuckhole," grunted Ella. She was all the way into Spencer's ass, deeper than the teen had thought possible. So far in that with each thrust Spencer's pussy wall was vibrating and her clitoris was burning as it was taken from a direction it had never been hit from before. The teen squealed and gasped, making Ella slam harder and faster, her body bouncing up and down on Spencer's driving the teen further into the desk.

A stack of papers fell from the desk, hitting the ground with a crump and a whoosh as they shot across the lacquered floor. Ella didn't stop or pause, continuing to slam it, "Tell me to stop, you whore. I will. I'll stop fucking your slut ass with a word."

Spencer gripped the desk so hard it was a race between what splintered first, the wood or her nails. "Oooohhh, aaaarrrghhh, fuck my ass. I am a slut. I'm a dyke fuckhole. Fill me with that rubber prick. Analise me!"

She had never felt such pleasure or been so fulfilled. It was like being in a heaven, a heaven where she was a submissive slut, her entire day filled with being butt-fucked by attractive, but dominant, lesbians. She screamed again louder, her wails reverberating round the classroom. She just hoped there were no teachers in the classroom next door and that the janitor was elsewhere; otherwise this perfect ass-fucking would be interrupted by banging on the door and demands to know what was going on. Ella didn't seem worried about the risk of being interrupted, pounding hard and fast, grunting loudly and driving the teen to even higher screams of ecstasy.

"AAaarrrghh," another orgasm hit Spencer, made more intense as Ella continued to grunt in her ear, telling her she could stop anytime and interspersing that with descriptions of what the teen was, a fuckhole, a slut, a whore. It was all true and Spencer's body vibrated in pleasure at that knowledge, which had been hidden so deep in her she hadn't even known it existed. Up and down, in and out, pounded the Milf, slamming her dick deep into Spencer's asshole, opening the hole wider and wider and sending Spencer into yet more circles of pleasure. "AAAAArrrrghhh," she screamed again.

When Ella pulled out Spencer was so dazed she wasn't sure whether the Milf had asked her or even if Spencer had accidentally said stop. All she knew was that her ass was aching, her cheeks sore, but that it had been the most intense, pleasurably experience in all her eighteen years. She'd got her 'A' just not what she had expected.

"Pull up your blouse," said Ella.

The still dazed teen did as she was told, lifting it to the small of her back.

"Now reach down to your butt cheeks and pull at them," said Ella.

Spencer continued to obey. It was only as she heard the click of a phone she realised that her teacher was taking a shot of her wide open asshole. She didn't object, she was a lesbo sub and if a domme wanted to snap her well fucked asshole that was okay by her. She remained in situ, gently tugging at the bruised and battered cheeks as Ella continued to snap away.

* * *

Sitting in her office Melissa Hasting's eyes were continually shifting between the document she was trying to read, the clock on her wall and the phone on her desk. It was well after school had closed and Ella must have made her move. The previous successes had left Melissa confident that the A-team's plan would work, or at least mostly so. But she still wanted the proof. Her eyes moved back to the paper in front of her, her brain understanding the words but not the sentences.

The phone beeped.

She snatched it up, her thumb clawing desperately at the screen to open the message from A1. It was as she suspected, a photo, a teen leant over a school desk, her blouse half-way up her back her buttocks red and purple, a gaping hole between them, with just two word in the message 'Butt fucked'.

Melissa grinned.

* * *

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