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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 4 (FFFF,f-dom,anal,atm,inc)
by LL

Hanna was almost shaking as she entered her house; only the fact that her girlfriend Mona was right behind her stopped her turning and running, or at least just going into the kitchen and only giving her Mom a perfunctory nod and a brief talk-through of her school day. But Mona was insistent that Hanna speak properly to her Mom, even coaching her what to say; and what Mona wanted Hanna gave her. It was either that or never again taste Mona's sweet muffin or feel her pounding Hanna in her most intimate hole.

Taking a mental deep breath Hanna opened the door into her kitchen. Her Mom was there, but unluckily she wasn't alone. Sitting at the table was Alison Dilaurentis, Hanna's ex-friend and current enemy, the blonde smiling arrogantly as Ashley stood behind her massaging the eighteen year old's shoulder muscles through a thin blouse. Her Mom blushed slightly but neither said anything or stopped rubbing at Alison. The teen looked up, crossing her legs casually. "Oh hello Hanna," she said in a voice so innocent it was catty. She looked at Mona, there seemed a trace of a different type of smile, one Hanna didn't recognise as she said, "Hello loser."

Mona ignored her. Hanna knew that she didn't like Alison in the least, the blonde having bullied her mercilessly when she was Mona the freak rather than Mona the stunningly beautiful. Instead she pushed Hanna further into the kitchen: "Han has something to tell you."

Hanna cast her lover a desperate look, mentally pleading to be allowed to wait. But Mona's face showed no understanding or compassion; she wanted this and she'd get it. She'd turned out very like her arch-enemy in that respect.

"Yes," Alison asked, raising her eyebrow, "What?"

"My Mom, I should tell my Mom alone," Hanna said, hoping that Mona wouldn't mind a few moments delay.

Alison shrugged and made no sign of moving, "We've no secrets have we Ashley; we're all friends together."

"No, whatever you can say to me I'm sure you can tell it to Alison," the Milf blushed slightly as if embarrassed she was letting the teen walk all over her. But she made no sign that she was going to contradict her.

Hanna turned again to Mona, hoping that the other teen would have changed her mind. But one look at the expression of irritation on Mona's face told Hanna not only had she not, but also she was fast loosing patience with Hanna's delays. Hanna turned, she would either have to embarrass herself in front of Alison or lose Mona. She chose the lesser of the two evils. Taking a deep breath she said, "I'm a lesbian."

Her Mom didn't look surprised, not that she had any right to, not with her spreading her rear cheeks for Ali every chance she got.

"Tell her what kind, when I stay over I don't want your Mom thinking that we're only going to be in your room pecking lips and holding hands," said Mona. That was why the darker skinned teen was making Hanna do this; it was easier to use Hanna's house than her own she had said and for that Ashley had to know what Hanna was and what the noises coming from her room were. Mona prodded Hanna again "Give her the details."

"I'm a lesbo dyke, a slutty pussy whore. I love sticking my head in Mona's cunt and licking away all her juices, swallowing them and coating my face in her honey. I could eat her all night and day."

"And the rest..."

"And I love it when she fucks me in the ass. I'm a total anal dyke for her strap-on dick. I adore being face down whilst she pounds my butt, and not with some tiny dildo but a massive, giant dong which stretches my ass and leaves it gaping like I've been ripped open. " Hanna halted and blushed hoping that was enough for her lover.

"Oh," went Ashley her face as red as her daughter's.

But Alison smiled, "Sounds a bit like mother like daughter to me." Her grin got wider, "We were just debating whether to tell you..."

"Please Alison, no..." said Ashley, her face went even brighter.

"We have no secrets," said Alison piously, "Anyway I'm sure Hanna's already aware of our little secret and that it's not your cooking I'm coming round for." She gave Hanna a mocking smirk. "Anyway now Han's told us she's a anal loving dyke slut it's only fair to let her know she's not the only one."

Hanna wasn't sure what was worse having to tell her Mom all about her perverse lesbian desires whilst Ali sat on smirking or having to hear about her Mom's fucking with the cruel blonde. She was about to say she didn't have to hear about it and she was quiet content for it to be a secret when her girlfriend spoke, "Go on then; let's hear."

"Ashley's also a dyke slut. We've been fucking since that night of the break-in," Hanna noticed Alison giving a big smile to Mona about that, like she was reminding the other dom that she was still top dog in seeing off intruders. She turned to Ashley, "Tell them where I fucked you that first time."

"In my bed," said Ashley blushing as she looked at Hanna.

"I'm sure Han already knew that, you were squealing like a cop siren," Alison said tartly, "In what hole."

"In the ass," Ashley cheeks were so red she'd be able to audition to play the part of a tomato in a vegetable soup commercial, "She banged me in the butt."

"And you loved it didn't you?" Alison said. Ashley nodded and with a grin the blonde teen turned back to Hanna and Mona, "I've been poking her butt ever since; it's so fuckable and she's such a whore who lets me bang it until I'm exhausted."

Mona nodded, seeming to Hanna to be bonding with their joint enemy to a worrying degree, "It must be genetic. I thought I'd met some complete sluts who loved backdoor, but Hanna is just in a league of her own. I could ram it all night and she'd still be begging for more, even when I've totally ruined her asshole."

"So do you use a butt-plug? I've been meaning to introduce one to Ashley so she's ready prepped if I want to call in to see her at her office for a quickie" asked Alison, to Hanna it seemed her ex-friend had immediately forgotten how much she and Mona hated each other.

Mona seemed to have forgotten as well, "Oh yes," she smiled. "In fact Hanna's got one in at the moment."

The blonde didn't think she could have been more humiliated as her lover exposed her most intimate secrets in front of her Mom and Ali. Sadly she was wrong as Mona reached round and lifted up the back of her skirt, "Want to see?"

"Oh yes," said Alison. She didn't get up to take a look, but remained seated next to Ashley.

Mona gave a small raise of her eyebrows, "Hanna. Don't be impolite, show Alison the plug."

"Mona... my Mom's here," Hanna gave her girlfriend a despairing look, pushing her disobedience as far as she dared.

Hanna answered, not Mona, "I wouldn't worry about that. It'll give Ashley a chance to see how tight a fit it is for when I get one."

"See," said Mona, "Now Han, I know you try to be a good girlfriend and I don't like to push often, but there are limits and you showing me up in front of Alison."

"I...I...okay," Hanna looked down at her feet, it was so embarrassing to do this, but it was better than disappointing Mona; the dark-skinned cutie was so sexy she'd have a new, and possibly better, girlfriend by the weekend. Anyway Hanna didn't want to admit it, but there was a slight touch of hotness about showing her ass and plug; it must be the thought of her ex-friend seeing it, not her Mom.

"Sorry Mona," the blonde turned and pulled up her short skirts. A small round hook stuck out from between her round cheeks, all of the plug that was visible as the rest was firmly implanted in her hole.

"What do you think?" Mona said, and Hanna knew she was talking to Alison; the two teen tops bonding over fucking.

"It looks a tight fit," said Alison with a laugh, "but it suits her. But does it work? How's her ass after it?"

Mona didn't reply, just walking round to behind her girlfriend. "Hanna keep your cheeks spread." Hanna blushed, but did as she was told. There was a whoosh of air as Mona yanked the plug out, leaving Hanna still bent slightly forward with her skirt round her waist, but now with her open asshole being exposed towards her Mom and ex-friend. One of Mona's hands slid over the cheek, her finger's briefly brushing against Hanna's. "So what do you think? Will you be getting one for Mrs Marin?"

"Call her Ashley, Mrs Marin is too formal for a whorehole like her. MMmnnn, it's definitely left Hanna open hasn't it; she looks ready for it to go straight in."

"It'll depend on the size," said Mona truthfully, "As you can see the plug's only four inches so bigger strap-ons will only go in part-way at first. However, it gives you a good prep and it doesn't take long to get the remainder in, especially with an ass as slutty as Hanna's."

"I see. Ashley what do you think? Should we be getting you a butt-plug?"

"I...I...whatever you want Ali, you know I only want to please," Hanna's mom said submissively.

"If you're not sure why don't you take her for a road-test?" asked Mona, like she was a saleswoman with a commission on butt-plugs.

"Road-test?" Hanna's voice was a little higher pitched than she meant.

Her girlfriend glared at her. "You're embarrassing me," she hissed, in what was supposed be a whisper, but was loud enough for Ali and Ashley to hear, "You said that if I wanted to let other girls fuck you you'd be good with that, now I'm offering Ali the chance to bang you."

"I'm sorry Mona," whimpered Hanna, aghast that she'd so obviously humiliated her girlfriend in public, "Of course, I'd love Alison to test my ass out... I was just..." she tried to think of an excuse. "....worried you'd have nothing to do whilst she's banging me."

"I could watch..." smirked Mona.

"I've a better idea," said Alison, "As Ashley would just be sitting around whilst I butt-banged her daughter, you could fuck her ass as well. You'd like that wouldn't you Ashley?"

"I...yes, I'd like that as long as you do," Ashley replied.

"That's agreed then," smirked Mona, "We're Marin swapping."

Ali looked at Hanna, "Go to your room and get naked. I want you in position for when I come in." She turned to Mona "You want a strap-on? I've got some spares in Ashley's room you can choose from."

"That's considerate" smiled Mona, looking to Hanna like she was Ali's new BFF even though they hated each other, "but Hanna's got one in of mine in her bag. I always get her to carry one with her in case I get horny." She turned to the still sitting blonde, "and didn't Ali just tell you to go upstairs. What are you waiting for? A brass band?"

"Sorry Mona," Hanna blushed, aware that her hesitation was showing up her girlfriend.

A feeling confirmed by Mona's angry irritated snort, "Hmmpf, it's not me you should be apologising to but Ali for not listening to her."

"Sorry Alison," Hanna got to her feet, looking downwards for a moment, not wanting to see Alison's smirk.

Though she could hear it the other blonde's reply, "Apology accepted Hanna, but get that sexy tushie upstairs as I'm wanting to fuck it."

Hanna did as she was told, casting a last look at her Mom, sitting red-faced and silent. Hanna wasn't sure whether she was most embarrassed about the swapping and that she and her daughter had just agreed to be anally banged by each other's girls or that Hanna had been slow and almost rebellious. The teen made a mental note that she'd have to try better, she had to remember she wasn't a dominant, but a submissive and she should be doing everything she was told. That is if she wanted to keep Mona... and she did...

She got to her room, unsure whether to leave the door open or close it. She stood still for a moment, thinking. She could hear the giggling of Ali and Mona as they came up the stairs with her Mom. She began to panic as she realised she'd been given no instructions either way - quickly she shut the door, hoping that it was the right thing to do. Then she began to undress, speedily tearing off her clothing and pushing them under the bed, not wanting to waste time hanging them up as she needed to be in position and ready for Ali when the her ex-friend opened the door; and that could be just seconds away.

It might have been speed, or luck or Alison feeling merciful and slowing down but Hanna was undressed and on the bed, her naked ass pointing upwards towards the door by the time she heard the creak of the handle. The door opened and Alison gave a small titter, "Now, that's what I like to see when I come in a room, ready to fuck Marin ass."

Hanna wiggled it enticingly, "It's yours Alison."

"It's Mona's" Alison corrected her, "I'm just borrowing it."

"Yes," confirmed Hanna.

Ali's hand slid over her cheeks, rubbing at the firm flesh and massaging the rounded rump, "This is so sexy and hot. It really is a case of like mother, like daughter as your Mom has the most fuckable ass as well. Which is good as I fuck it all the time. You know I love slipping on my strap on and sodomising your Mom, ramming my big dildo deep into her most taboo and intimate hole and reaffirming my ownership. I bet Mona likes doing the same to yours, slamming it open and make it hers. Does she?"

"Yes, she does," Hanna replied, she shook in anxious anticipation as Ali's finger slid between her cheeks and over the still not fully closed hole. The blonde must have seen her reaction as she paused the finger there stroking at the hole and just touching the tip of the digit into the tunnel. Hanna bit her lip and tried not to give a little squeak.

"She is a complete anal slut, your Mom," Ali continued, her fingers moving away from the hole and sliding downwards towards the rapidly wettening pussy. "I mean she's just like a total fuckhole, always up for me hammering at her backdoor. I knew as soon as soon as Mona came in that your Mom wanted her strap-on cock in her slutty ass as she's a butt-fuck skank. I bet you're the same aren't you?" The blonde's finger was moving up again, pausing at Hanna's back hole.

Hanna didn't know what to say, she wasn't sure what was even the true answer anymore. Yes she was a total anal slut and she wanted Ali to fuck her, or no, it was something she did with her girlfriend Mona and she only was with Ali because she was being told to. She kept quiet, or as quiet as she could, little whimpers escaping from between her lips as the tip of Ali's finger pressed at the butt-plug loosened rosebud.

She couldn't see Alison's face, but she knew the other blonde would be smirking. That was what Alison did, she mentally overawed the opposition, screwing their mind with her games and Hanna knew that was all she and her Mom were to the teen. Not like her and Mona, that was true, she knew Mona loved her. "You haven't answered," said Ali cheerfully, "Are all Marins butt-fuck whores or just your Mom?" The blonde had removed her finger, pulling apart Hanna's buttocks and was rubbing the toy in the crack between, its smooth rubbing running over Hanna's sensitive hole. The teen moaned and Alison laughed, "Is that an answer? You're moaning for a large dildo in your ass, are you?"

Mona wanted her to fuck Ali, that was the one thing Hanna knew. She didn't know whether she was an anal loving slut or not, though she guessed she was about to find out, but she knew her girlfriend wanted her to fuck the other blonde. She gave a moan, "Yes."

"Do you really want it?" Alison's hands gripped Hanna's cheeks hard, dragging them apart, her thumbs moving to the hole to push and press at it, threatening to rip it open. The teen quivered, perhaps she did want it, certainly her pussy was damp and hot and her legs weak like jelly with anticipation as her tummy looped and rolled, fear of what she was mixing with a lustful need. But doing it with Alison? The queen-bitch who'd bullied and demeaned her for years, culminating in ass-fucking her Mom like a whore... did she need to feel so desperate for her to anally dick her.

"Ohhhh, I want it, please I want it," Hanna moaned. It wasn't cheating if Mona had asked her to do it, but wanting it like she wanted it, that was definitely slut territory. She just hoped that in future Mona would keep her ass filled personally, rather than passing her to Ali. But that was a worry for another day, right now she was on her hands and knees in front of Alison and she needed that cock, "Please Alison fuck my ass."

"Sure thing Hefty," smirked Hanna and rammed the dick in.

Loosened at it was by the butt-plug the tunnel didn't resist the first few inches, allowing the toy to hurtle inwards. It was only as it reached the parts that the butt-plug hadn't opened that the walls began to clamp round the dildo, like boxing ring ropes trying to hold in a hard hit heavyweight. They strained and fought back, but such was the force behind it they couldn't stop the toy ramming down and Ali was only halted as her thighs slapped into Hanna's cheeks. She whooped in pleasure and Hanna let out a squeal of pain, though there was pleasure mixed in there as well, "Aaaaaarrrghhh."

"You are an anal slut, aren't you?" Alison said in a snide tone, "Just here to be fucked like a submissive bottom." She pulled the toy outwards and Hanna moaned as it rubbed over her inner walls. "You're a fuckhole, Hefty, an fuckhole to be fucked, just like your slutty Mom."

Hanna knew she shouldn't lie here and take it, she should say something, tell Ali she was more than just a fuckhole, defend her Mom's honour, say something.... anything. But she couldn't. All she could do was grip the bedding and thrust her ass upwards begging Alison to come down again. The blonde obliged, ramming down and in, spearing Hanna's ass with her whole length. Hanna squealed again, as her asshole was stretched and excited at the same time, "Aaaaarrrghhh."

"You dirty skanky, anal slutbag," Ali laughed, "You're loving my strap-on up your butt aren't you. Tell me you do or I'll stop." She was sliding out again.

"I love it, I love you fucking it. I want you to carry on fucking my ass," Hanna cried out, feeling she was betraying everything she loved, her Mom, Mona, herself. But she needed the feel of the dildo in her hole. Alison slammed down again, her thighs smacking at Hanna's cheeks. Hanna squeaked and gasped as the toy ripped into her, stimulating her and making her insides twirl and dance. Alison's hands were grabbing her sides, gripping them so tightly it hurt, and using them to balance as she went in and out. Hanna squeaked again, "Oooohhh, I want you to fuck me."

"Slut," laughed Alison in reply, but she continued to ram at the back hole.

From further down the corridor Hanna could hear the sound of her Mom's cries, through doors left open - deliberately or not, she wasn't sure - as Hanna's girlfriend banged her butt. The Milf's cries were high-pitched and passionate, the thought that they were because her own lover was making her cum made Hanna jealous; though that jealousy was dampened by the butting wrenching slam of her Mom's fuck-partner (Hanna didn't want to think of them as lovers). Alison must have been psychic as she grinned and said, without loosing a beat, "Can you hear your Mom, Hefty, she's so fucking loud when she's fucking. I have to stuff something in her mouth to stop my eardrums being burst. But I don't need to worry about you overhearing us now, do I. In fact, I think it'll be a bigger turn on when I'm fucking her Milfy ass to think of you here in this room finger fucking yourself as you listen. You will be finger fucking yourself won't you?"

"Ooooohhh, arrrrggghhh, yes, yes, yesss!" Hanna said what she thought Alison wanted to hear. She knew she'd be an anal lesbian hooker for now and ever, but she wasn't really going to get off to her Mom being ass-banged in another room. She tried to change the subject, "Fuck me, ram my ass so hard."

"Okay Hanna, you want it hard you dyke dildo hound," said Alison and slammed even more vigorously into Alison's hole so that the blonde teen almost felt that her chute would be split open.

She squealed at the soreness and also with the enjoyment. God, she hated loving this, but love it she did. With Mona most of all, but with Alison as well; trying to ignore that she was being anally ridden by the evil bitch and just trying to enjoy the cock in her ass. But it was impossible to forget it was Alison, the blonde teen keeping up a running commentary of what Hanna was; 'a skank, a butt-fucked whore, a fuckhole. a dirty dyke bitch, a piece of meat on legs with some tits'. As Alison said the last she reached slammed her own body on top of Hanna's back so that her bosoms were rubbing against the teen's back and grabbed at Hanna's own choice pair, gripping them hard and using them like pulleys to drag herself hard and deep into Hanna's back hole. Hanna squealed again and Alison carried on the abuse, "You're a slut, Hefty, I always knew it. I could see that you were a fat, piggy slut. Oink, oink, I'm butt-banging a piggy." She laughed, but Hanna couldn't say that the abuse wasn't even turning her on more, making her pussy wetter and making the orgasms more intense, as if the words were as powerful as Alison's demonic thrusts.

"Oink, oink, slut piggy, I'm fucking your dyke ass. That's what you are isn't it, Mona's little dyke, well not so little perhaps, a fat uggo dyke, who needs rubber dick in her ass like everyone else needs oxygen," Alison laughed.

It was true. Well not the fat bit, she might be a bit podgy still, probably not even that and she was at least moderately beautiful, the stares from the guys at school told her that. But she was Mona's dyke and she needed strap-ons in her ass like others needed to breathe. "I am," she squealed, "I'm an anal nymphomaniac. A slut, a whore."

"A fat piggy whore," corrected Alison.

And like a good submissive Hanna agreed, "A fat piggy whore. Oink, oink."

"Wow, that's good, you're really getting into this, aren't you?" Alison gasped and grunted, panting as she hammered away.

"Fuck me. Fuck my fat ass. Fuck it like I'm a whore, because I am. I'm a slut, a skank, a dirty, dyke fuckhole," squealed Hanna.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah you are a slut," Alison slammed harder, ramming the toy as deep into Hanna's hole as it would reach, expanding her ass like hot gases in a testube until the teen felt she was ready to explode.

"Aaaaarrrghh," Hanna screamed loudly, "Aaaarrrrghhh." She didn't feel any emotional connection to Ali, not like she did to her girlfriend Mona, but the orgasm was atomic all the same. "AAAArrrrghhh," she shrieked, her hands clenching so hard her nails were digging into her palms. "Aaaaaarrrghhhh. Aaaaarrrggghhh." Inside her intensities were looping and her hear hammering like it was trying to escape from her rib cage. "AAaaarrrggghh." The intensity of the pleasure fried at her brain.

There was a popping sound and Hanna could feel cool air entering her asshole as it was suddenly emptied. "Not bad," said Alison, "You're not as anally experienced as your Mom, but just as enthusiastic. it must be a Marin thing. Do you clean as well?"

Hanna nodded. She knew Mona would want her to give the full treatment, to show off to the Alison what a good girlfriend she was. Alison was standing up, leaning gently against the desk, the strap-on sticking out like a weapon. Hanna got up and then down onto her knees in front of the other blonde teen, opening her mouth and without hesitation taking the cock in. She could taste the familiar bitterness, plastic, mixed with her deep ass juice, but she was used to it now and didn't blanche, just closing her eyes and pretending it was something else, with a sweeter taste. Her head bobbed down the rod, slurping and sucking deeply. She heard the door open and the sound of Mona's laugh, "My fuckhole girlfriend, the atm slut."

"She is," Alison said cheerfully back, "I hope you got Ashley to clean yours off."

"She sucked it clean," Mona said, not seeming to mind that Ashley's daughter was in the room, which was fair as Hanna didn't. Well, not much, it was all part of being a good girlfriend for Mona, though she hoped however well her Mom had sucked her lover's strap-on she hadn't cleaned it as well as Hanna would; she didn't want to have to compete with her Mom for Mona's affections. She wondered where her Mom was now? If she opened her eyes would she be draped round Mona lovingly. Hanna's cheeks went red at the thought and she sucked Alison's strap-on deeper, hoping it would remind Mona what a super girlfriend she was.

"Where is the Mom-slut?" asked Alison. Hanna felt relieved that at least she wasn't arm in arm with Mona.

"She's just making us some cold drinks," said Mona, "If you're thirsty..."

"I'll just finish here and be right down," said Alison. She grabbed Hanna's head and pushed her forward so that the toy was pressing at the back of the blonde teen's throat, "Clean it properly skank. Don't go half-cocked on my cock."

Hanna swallowed the dildo as deep as she dared without choking, even so she still felt herself gagging, making the dildo tremble in her mouth and covering it with more bile. Alison seemed satisfied as she didn't push her any deeper, just keeping her head in place so that Hanna could hardly move back as she slurped and sucked. Suddenly, as quickly as it been pulled out of her ass, it was out of her mouth. The blonde teen sat on her knees, gasping in oxygen and letting the saliva drip from her mouth as Alison looked down at the spit soaked toy. She tutted, "I suppose it'll do. Though if this is the best you can give..." She let the words hang, but Hanna mentally supplied her own, '... Mona's just got much better from your Mom.'

She was about to dive back down and start doing a better job, to show Alison she was a great cock-sucker and could she please remind Mona of that, but the other blonde was already turning away, "I'm thirsty, I hope your Mom has the drinks ready." She turned and walked down the hallway. Without instructions Hanna remained where she was for a minute, before deciding she was probably wanted downstairs. She got up and went down.

A naked Mona was already seated, on the nicest sofa a fruity (probably non-alcoholic) cocktail in her hand. She passed a second one to Alison and the blonde took a seat beside her, like Mona her strap-on was sticking up, making it look like she had a perpetual hard-on. Hanna looked around for her own drink, she couldn't see anything but a couple of glasses of water on the table next to her Mom, on the smaller sofa. "Umm," Hanna said, not wanting to ask anything and appear dumb in front of Mona.

Her girlfriend understood and gave her a smile, "Han, your Mom made cocktails for me and Ali as we're guests. She poured you a glass of water, wasn't that kind?"

"Er, yes," Hanna picked up the glass and took a sip.

"Han," Mona said sternly, "Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Thank you," Hanna said to her Mom, blushing at who knew what.

"You should give her a quick thank you kiss," giggled Mona. "Just on the forehead."

This time Hanna knew why she was going red as she leant over her naked Mom, her own bare breasts swinging just inches from Ashley's eyes and quickly pecked her, before standing up and moving a few feet away to stand against the fireplace. Mona and Alison sat relaxed, their eyes moving between the naked Marins.

"So did you enjoy Ashley?" asked Ali as if the Milf wasn't there.

"Mmnnn yeah, very slutty," giggled Mona, "What did you think of Han? Was the butt-plug a help?"

"She's a total skank, isn't she? I bet even without the plug you can get the dildo balls deep in her dirty little whorehole without any complaints... not that it wasn't helpful getting a head start with it."

"Han's an anal nymphomaniac," confirmed her girlfriend, "If I wasn't keeping her on such a tight leash and fucking her butt regularly, I'm sure she'd been going round offering it to every girl in senior year."

"Ashley's the same. Though thinking about it, perhaps that's how I'll be voted Homecomings Queen... 'girls, you can butt-bang my lezzie lover if you vote for me'." Alison giggled and Hanna cast a quick look at her Mom. Ashley was sitting there unmoving but her cheeks were red and burning.

"You'd get my vote," Mona said nodding, "She's one hot, slutty fuckhole. Exhausting though, I'm pooped..."

"I was just about to ask if you wanted to swap back and bang our own skanky fuckhole," said Alison.

Hanna almost jolted upright at words, she lived for Mona banging her and whilst she do anything for her, the thought of the dark-skinned sex-machine thrusting into her was enough to start making her wet again. She quickly glanced at her Mom, if she hadn't been naked she'd have looked so prim and proper sitting their with her hands crossed on her lap, but Hanna thought there was a hint of desire on her face as well as she thought of being banged by Alison.

"In a little while, once I get my breath back," said Mona, disappointing Hanna.

But she ought to have known Alison long enough to realise 'no' was not a word that anyone ever used to her. The blonde grinned, wicked like a very sexy witch about to dump a plump baby in a boiling cauldron, "You need to be re-energised then... would a lesbian floor show do it?"

Hanna blushed, she knew Mona would like that, she just wondered if she'd be made to stay and watch or whether Mona would let her leave the room as Alison banged her Mom. Mona was grinning, which suggested not. "That'd work," said the brunette, licking her lips as she looked over Hanna and her Mom, "So Han you up for some sexy action with Ashley?"

It took a second for Hanna to realise what was being said. Her Mom must have been quicker off the mark as whilst Hanna was still frowning in confusion she let out a quickly stifled yelp of horrified shock. Alison was grinning, "Sounds like an plan Ashley, what do you say?"

"I... I... she's my daughter..." Ashley replied blushing.

"I know. That's what would make it ultra-sexy, the two of you making out, tit to tit, pussy to pussy," Alison grinned. "I think Mona's idea is great."

"Please, Alison, no, it's wrong," Ashley said beseechingly.

Alison shrugged, "If that's how you feel me and Mona better get going, no point hanging around for nothing is there?"

"No!" Hanna was surprised at her own vehemence. She looked at her Mom, "We'll do it, won't we Mom?"

Ashley was flushed red, but she nodded, "Yes, I mean if that's what Alison and Mona want?" She looked at them as if she hoped they'd shake their heads, but the two dominant young teens were looking too lustful for that to be likely. Reluctantly Ashley stood up, motioning for Hanna to do the same. The teen did so as slowly as she could. Despite her agreement to do it, she wasn't any more enthusiastic than her Mom, but she realised if she wanted to be Mona's girl she was going to have to do things that her lover liked; and if that included a floorshow with her Mom so be it.

"Start off gentle," instructed Alison, "Just kissing."

"But make sure you use tongues," added Mona.

Hanna faced her Mom. After a brief pause she leaned in, meeting her Mom half way. Their mouths opened together and they slid at each other mouths, their hands hanging uselessly by their sides. Alison noted that and quickly added a further injunction, "Place your hands on each other hips, so you don't look like dummies."

Hanna moved her hands as her Mom moved hers. Once on she kept them in place, not moving them up and down sensually as she often would do. Her eyes closed, she hoped Mona and Alison would think it sexual and hot, especially if she carried on munching with her mouth, and not the real reason - that if she kept them closed she was constantly reminded the woman she was making out with was her own Mom.

"Go for it you pair of sluts," hooted Mona.

"Get those tongues down each others throats," giggled Alison, "I want to see them fighting for control."

"Yes, kiss harder, like you're really in to it," Mona laughed as the two Marins followed their lover's commands, thrusting their tongues together and in, their mouths moving as they slurped and sucked and tried to encase the other's lips. As they kissed more vigorously and deeper their bodies came together closer, until Hanna could feel her Mom's tits rubbing at her and knew her own were bouncing under her Mom's. She kept her eyes closed, trying not to see in her mind's eye what she could feel against her skin, the nipples hardening, the touch of her Mom's hands on her waist. She knew it was just a natural reaction to being touched, but she felt guilt as her pussy began to become wetter. She hoped Mona and Alison didn't notice.

"You dirty skanks," laughed Alison, "How does it feel making out with your own flesh and blood?"

"They're loving it," Mona laughed as well, "I can tell."

"They are, I bet they slut off with each other all the time when no-one's around," added Alison.

"If we're careful they'll be butt-fucking each other like crazy and we'll be redundant," agreed Mona.

Never that, thought Hanna, she needed her girlfriend, needed her to bang her regularly and make her feel like a woman, otherwise, despite what she and Alison were saying, she'd never have even thought about swapping tongue with her Mom.

"Ashley, feel Hanna's pussy - see if you're making the little dyke wet," ordered Alison with a laugh.

Her Mom's hand slid down and rubbed against her pussy. As soon as her Mom started to move it back (which was within seconds of placing it there) Alison laughed out another command, "Keep it, there, rub that slit good, make her nice and juicy like she's a whore you've picked up."

"A daughter whore," giggled Mona, "Han you need to return the favour, play with your Mom's pussy as you make out."

Sliding her hand down Hanna connected with her Mom's hole, the one she'd come out of eighteen years before. It was smooth and wet, her Mom obviously as turned on as Hanna was and, she hoped, as disgusted with herself. The two teens on the couch were lapping it up however, and that was what mattered. "Finger fuck her Han."

"Oh God, Mona, look at my fuckhole's face, she's loving getting fingered by her daughter."

Hanna went red, but continued to finger her Mom's cunt, knowing that stopping before she was told wouldn't impress Mona. Nor from the way her Mom's tongue moved at hers, would it impress her Mom. She just hoped the Milf's reactions were as automatic as hers, her actions out of her control and just the natural response to having a finger in her pussy. rather than she was being turned on by Hanna. Even so she slammed harder.

"Go on Ashley, stick your finger in that whorehole in front of you," squeaked Alison.

Hanna nearly bit down on her own and her Mom's tongues as the digit slid into her. It seemed almost immediately to find her spot, making her legs shake and her stomach jump. Mom or not, it felt so good and hot, her pussy soaked with lust, almost vibrating in pleasure.

"You dirty skanks, you're just a pair of pussy whores," squeaked Mona in excitement and Hanna couldn't disagree.

"You think it'd be hot if they sixty-nined?" asked Alison.

"Really hot," laughed Mona. "You heard her, get on the floor, you on the bottom Han, Ashley on top and lick those wet cunts."

Hanna opened her eyes, to see her Mom was as red as Hanna was, both Marins flushed with embarrassment. But neither hesitated, Hanna lying herself on the floor, her legs opening and her Mom getting down her face between them and her own pussy over Hanna's face. Hanna's mouth opened and her tongue flicked out at the same time as she felt her Mom's running over her own twat.

"Lick out," cried Alison in excitement, "Eat those wet cunts."

"Tongue those holes, skanks," Mona laughed.

Hanna licked and lapped at the soaking slit above her, tasting the warm sweet liquid that was coating the lips and the tunnel walls between them. Her Mom's body vibrated above her, her larger tits rubbing at Hanna's stomach as her tongue slapped into the teen's cunt. Hanna couldn't help her hands moving to her Mom's butt, she told herself it was to make sure Mona was pleased with her performance and to help the two of them balance. But she was unable to explain why it felt so good to caress her Mom's butt cheeks as she tasted her front hole's juice; it must just be her body running on its own, not caring who it was eating and who was eating it.

"Look at those sluts, Ali, they're really tonguing those twats."

"They're the biggest whores in Rosewood," Alison laughed back, "I bet your energy levels are zipping up."

"It is amazing how watching sexy Mom and daughter skanks sixty nine each other can help you recover that mojo," giggled Mona.

"Shall we fuck some ass again?" Alison smiled.

"Oh yes, lets," Mona laughed before turning to the licking Marins, "You two stay in position and keeping cleaning each others cunts; a good ass-pounding isn't an excuse to slack off Mommy-daughter pussy slurping."

Hanna had been hoping that she'd have been able to stop and that Mona would take her upstairs to her room and butt-bang her in private. But, it could be worse, Mona could have been too tired to fuck her, or as a total nightmare, being so impressed by fucking her Mom she'd throw Hanna over for the chance of a more mature anal fuckhole. She briefly contemplated how quickly Mona and Ali had moved from mortal enemies to their current friendliness. If it had just been Ali she'd have put it down to some devious plan of the blonde, but Mona wasn't the type to put in place complicated conspiracies. It must just be that after years of hating each other the two tops had discovered in each other a kindred spirit; one with the same hunger for butt-fucking.

Her thoughts were cut short as Mona came in behind her, the dark-skinned top lifting Hanna's butt cheeks so that they were resting on her thighs at the same time as she pushed down Ashley's head deeper so that the Milf was deep in her daughter's pussy. Even though her eyes were closed Hanna could feel that her Mom was being penetrated by Alison as her licks got quicker and more intense and she started to shudder and vibrate. To her horror and embarrassment it made her own cunt hotter and hornier, turned on by the vigorous slam of her Mom's tongue.

"MMmnnn, well opened Hanna ass, I'm going to enjoy this," said Mona and pushed the dildo into Hanna.

The blonde started as it pushed in. No matter how loose she was (and with the butt-plug and Ali she was as gaping as she'd ever been) it still shocked her the first time the dildo entered, like it didn't belong. She screwed her eyes tighter shut and continued licking her Mom, knowing she would within seconds get used to the dildo. And she did; moments later the toy felt so right - as if having Mona's strap-on slide in and out of her ass, deep down the hole, was what her back passage had been designed for. She could hear Mona giggle as she sped up the pace, whilst still pushing Ashley's face down into her daughter.

"How's yours Ali?" she asked.

"Ohh, oooohhh. God, Mona, she's as hot and bangable, you did a really good job on prepping her," Alison said.

"You as well. Han's always an anal slut, but she's double it at the moment," Mona said back, "We ought to get them together like this more."

"Oh, yes, I swear they love nothing more than having their butts filled as they lick each other's wet twats like the dirty whore skanks they are," Ali laughed.

The two tops went silent again, apart from little grunts of exertion, as they hammered at the two Marins, slamming the toys deep into the anal passages of them both. Hanna carried on licking at her Mom, until her tongue, and then she licked some more. All the while her Mom's tongue was ramming at her hole, sliding over and in the slit, combining with the ass-fucking to make Hanna's toe's curl and her insides flutter. The vibrations from the butt-banging shot through her, her bouncing Mom's swinging tits scraping at the teen's belly with every brutal, vigorous thrust from Alison.

Suddenly her Mom's vibration ceased and Hanna felt something hard, wet and sticky being slapped into her face. "Open up and suck it," Alison sniggered, "There's a slut."

Hanna opened her eyes. The first thing she could see was the top of her Mom's pussy, dripping with cum and saliva. Seconds later she felt another smack on her forehead and she pushed her head back. Alison had removed the strap-on from Ashley's ass and was pushing it towards Hanna's face. She grinned at the teen blonde, "Open wide and suck it."

Hanna paused, but Mona was quick to confirm that she wanted her lover to do as Ali said, "You heard her Han, clean her cock."

Rolling her head backwards as far as it could go Hanna gave a sickly smile and opened her mouth. Ali didn't waste time with pleasantries or thank yous, just going forward and pushing the dick between Hanna's lips. The submissive teen slurped and sucked off it, she could taste the bitterness of her Mom's anal juices and as much as she tried to ignore them it was impossible to imagine it was anything but her Mom's butt, especially as she could see it above her. She tried to close her eyes, but Alison pushed the dildo deeper into her mouth, "Open your eyes, Hanna, how are you going to suck and slurp with them shut?"

There was no answer to that so Hanna kept them opened as she sucked up and down the toy cleaning it. After a minute Alison pulled the toy out, grinning as she took it in one hand and reinserted it in Ashley's butt, "Look Ashley, Han's relubed my dick for your ass. Isn't she the perfect daughter?"

Without being told Hanna knew she was supposed to be licking her Mom again now her mouth was free. She brought her lips and tongue up and began to munch as her Mom began to shudder and shake from Alison's re-enegerised fucking. The two Marins rubbed against each other as they were fucked back and forth.

"Pop," giggled Mona as she pulled her strap-on out of Hanna's ass. "There you are Mrs Marin, suck it up."

Hanna felt her Mom's mouth lift from her pussy and the sound of her slurps merged with the slap of Ali's thighs against the Milf's butt. "She's a great cock-sucker," the dominant blonde said not pausing in her pounding, "after I've given her a butt-banging there's little Ashley enjoys more than a little ATM action."

"I'm noticing," laughed Mona, "It's a real case of like mother like daughter." So saying she pulled the dick out of Ashley's mouth and placed it back in its proper place in Han's hole.

The two tops continued to pound, laughing and giggling, as they did so. Several times they'd take the dildos out of their girlfriend's backhole and make the other Marin clean and lube them up. Hanna quickly got into a practiced sucking routine, even if she still hated the taste, it was still better than lapping her own Mom's cunt - she would never stop finding that humiliating - even if she didn't consider stopping, not even for a brief moment. But even if she disliked what she was having to do with her mouth, the pleasure her ass was receiving made it worth it. And she couldn't deny the tongue in her pussy was blissful as well - if she tried to ignore the tongue belonged to her Mom. Her insides cooked and her body trembled and shuddered as she came again and again; above her she could tell from her Mom's vibrations that the fake cock and teen tongue was also doing for her.

"Whew, I am totally, like, pooped," Mona said pulling the dildo out and giving it to Ashley for one final clean.

"Me as well, but in a good way, "Alison said, withdrawing her own toy, "Open wide Hefty, eat on this..."

Hanna did as she was told, encasing the thick rubber between her lips and moving them up and down the hard shaft.

"Worth it," said Mona.

"Oh yes, definitely. Now I know you and Han are fucking we should do this more often, swap them as well."

"I'd be up for that," said Mona. She giggled, "Though who would have imagined we'd bond over analising our dirty slutty whore fuckholes."

Honestly Mona, if I knew you loved dyke ass as much as I did I'd have made friends with you in kindergarten, not waited until senior year." Alison said. She pulled the rubber dildo out of Hanna's mouth, "We ought to take a souvenir."

"Good idea," giggled Mona. "Okay, Han, Ashley, the two of you stand up and face the wall. That's it. Put an arm round each other's waists and with your spare hand pull at your outside buttock." Hanna did as she was asked, exposing her gaping hole. "Mona and Ali giggled and there was the snap of cameraphones. "Turn your heads and smile." laughed Mona.

Hanna did, forcing a happy beam on her face, instead of the humiliated rictus grin she'd have otherwise had. standing a few feet behind them stood the strap-on equipped naked Mona and Ali. They were holding their phones at arms length, snapping away at the two Marins holding each other and their well-used butts. "Say cheese," grinned Ali and took another photo.

* * *

Standing in the apartment that doubled as the A-Team's HQ Melissa Hastings admired the latest addition to the wall of photos. It was the Marins, naked together. In the frame below was the engraving, "Ashley and Hanna Marin butt fucked" and from the size of the wide gaping holes that was an understatement, both had been so well pounded that their anal chutes were like caverns.

Melissa turned from the photo towards the two implementers of the gaping, "You look like you had fun." She wasn't jealous, she knew she'd get her turn and it was important that the team never let anything get anything as petty as who got to pound a particular fuckhole in the way of their camaraderie and closeness.

Alison and Mona both nodded, "We did," said Mona.

"I still can't believe that you managed to get them to swap," admitted Melissa.

Alison shrugged, "I was confident," she said with a touch of arrogance.

"I thought we'd get them to swap, but truthfully I thought they'd say no to going all lesbo on each other," said Mona, "But a few words from us and they not only do a make-out session but all the way to a sixty-nine."

Alison shrugged again, "I learnt a lot when I was away from Rosewood."

Melissa grinned, "Sounds like your 'kidnapping' paid off."

"For us all," said Alison with a smile.

Further conversation was interrupted by a knock at the door. Melissa walked over and opened it.

In stepped a visibly irritated Ella Montgomery. She looked round the three A-team members, "Hello girls..."

* * *

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