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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 2 (FF,anal)
by LL

"Oh hi Hanna," Alison diLaurentis had a smile like a serial killer, charming to those who didn't recognise it, evil to those who did. She stood in front doorway of the Marin house, obviously expecting to be let in. Not that Hanna was minded to, she couldn't believe that she used to be friends with the little sociopath who'd fucked her Mom. Hanna scowled, it had been two days since she'd come back from breaking up with Caleb to hear the sounds of Ali banging her Mom - in her butthole, as well. The next morning Alison was out before breakfast, her parents picking her up at the earliest time possible. It meant that Hanna hadn't had to see her over the morning waffles, something the teen was eternally grateful for. But when she tried to talk about with her Mom her Mom had blushed and swiftly changed the subject, she hadn't tried to deny it though.

"What do you want?" Hanna asked.

"Your Mom invited me over for dinner," Alison stepped over the threshold almost body slamming Hanna out of the way. She stood inches away from Hanna with her fake smile, "We bonded that night you were with Caleb, you know." Hanna blushed at the thought of it and Alison smiled even more, "You got a touch of the sun Han? You've gone awfully red."

"I don't want you here. You're toxic, Alison, I wished I'd known that when I first met you," Hanna said.

Alison's smile was as sweet as sugar and as cold as ice, "That's not the way to talk to your Mom's special friend."

Any more conversation was halted as Ashley Marin came out of the kitchen, she went a faint red when she saw Alison and she almost stuttered as she spoke, "Oh hello Alison... I wasn't expecting you until later. Hanna I asked Alison over for a meal; I thought it'd be nice for her to have a proper home cooked meal; her Mom's been so busy with things recently that they're living from microwaves."

"Thank you for inviting me Mrs Marin," said Alison in a voice so filled with sweetness and light Hanna almost barfed over her shoes. "I've been looking forward to it all day." She placed a slight emphasis on 'it', hardly noticeable, but it was enough to make Ashley turn even redder and look flustered. Alison smiled and walked further into the house, her hand trailing along beside her, sliding over Ashley as she past the Milf. "I hope you're hungry Mrs Marin," she said, "I know what you like to eat..." She turned and gave a small wink at Hanna.

It was too much for the other blonde. She reached for her jacket, "I'm going to go out and get a coffee and something to eat."

"Hanna..." her Mom called plaintively.

"Leave her," giggled Alison as Hanna slammed the door.

* * *

Melissa sat nervously in her car. She felt so exposed sitting their in this suburban street, it was like everyone could see her and were either clocking her as a housebreaker or a husband's bit on the side. Alison had laughed when Melissa had mentioned that the plan wouldn't work as she was too conspicuous and suggested she could hide under a rug if that helped. Mona had been more helpful, "No-one will even give you a second glance, why would they, they'll just assume you're waiting outside for a friend." The teen had been right, even if Melissa felt everyone was staring her whenever she looked no-one was paying her the slightest notice, not even a twitching curtain.

The cell beeped and she glanced down. A2 - Ali. She quickly read the message, "Target left. Foot."

Melissa looked around. After a few seconds she saw Hanna turning the corner onto the street, walking swiftly and looking like she was in a foul mood. There was a risk that she'd look up and recognise Melissa and the twentysomething waited for the glance which would blow their plans. It didn't happen Hanna stepping straight past her and continuing on. Melissa gave her a few yards head start before opening the door and following her, slipping on the tracker on her cell as she did. A1 was sitting in the den with a laptop tracking them, or at least she should be assuming Mona's gadgetry worked.

Hanna didn't look round, but continued straight ahead down the suburban streets and towards the centre. Melissa continued after her. Her cell buzzed, A1's name popping up, but the message said it was for A3 and Melissa was A4. She still briefly read it, it was an update of where Hanna was; Melissa hadn't needed to be told that, but as A1 said - it was best they were all copied in all the time, the A-team was a proper team.

Hanna paused in front of a shop, looking in the window at the half-priced sale jackets on display. Melissa stepped back and into a doorway, using the time to thumb in a general message, "Two stops from you."

"AOK," A3 typed back.

"She's moving again," Melissa typed in, but held from sending until Hanna stepped away from the window and began to move again down the sidewalk.

A3 must have had her message ready as well as within a second of Melissa's going out one came in, "Moving in for a butt fuck."

* * *

"Oh..." Mona nearly dropped her cappuccino as she only just avoided bumping into Hanna as she stepped out of and Hanna stepped into the coffee shop.

"Mona..." Hanna said. It wasn't her day, first one ex-bff had come round to her house and was probably even now banging her Mom and now another one had almost scalded her with frothy coffee.

"Oh hi Hanna," Mona blushed, "I'm sorry..." she paused, "For nearly spilling coffee over you... I mean..." She didn't mention the shoplifting or that when Hanna had been caught Mona had left her to the security guards, the police and her Mom in possibly the second worse day of Hanna's life.

"Don't mention it," said Hanna snapped. It was how she always talked to Mona now; if she had to talk to her - they'd been ignoring her for the last couple of years very successfully.

Then something surprising happened, normally if they bumped into each other there would be a second of momentary uncomfortableness before they stepped aside to let the other past and get on with their lives. But this time Mona not only showed no sign of moving, but she looked concerned for her old friend, "Are you alright, Han?"

"Why?" Hanna was instantly suspicious, but at the same time oddly grateful; she was having such a cruddy time that even sympathy from Mona was welcome.

The other teen gave a small nervous shrug, "We were friends for ages. I can tell when you're out of sorts."

Hanna paused, unsure whether to barge past her ex-friend and into the shop or stay and continue the conversation, which would almost be tantamount to forgiving Mona for leaving her. Mona made that decision for her, "I'm sorry about leaving you for the security guards, but there was no point us both getting caught."

"Yeah, I suppose so," agreed Hanna, perhaps she'd been hasty in cutting off Mona, Hanna's weeks being grounded wouldn't have been any less if Mona had also been cooling her heels in her room across town.

"That's right, all forgiven," Mona smiled, though Hanna hadn't told her it was, "Now what's up Han?"

"It's complicated," said Hanna, making one last attempt not to get back with Mona.

The other smiled, shaking her head in sad agreement "It always it with you. I'll tell you what, my Mom is out so why don't you come back to my house and we can talk about it. I've got the car here; it'll only take us five minutes to get there."

"Weren't you getting a coffee?" asked Hanna.

Mona turned to the nearest trash can and dropped the beaker in, "Sorted. Let's go back to mine and we can find out what's bothering you."

Hanna had no more excuses, nor could she say she wasn't secretly glad; this wasn't something she wanted to discuss with Em or Aria or Spence, they all had their own problems with their ex-friend and anyway knowing Ali was butt-banging her Mom was too humiliating to tell them. Mona would be a safe space; one conversation to take a load off her mind and then she wouldn't have to hang out with her again. She followed Mona to the teen's car.

It was ten minutes to Mona's and they didn't speak more than two or three words all the way. The house was silent when they arrived, Mona wasn't lying about her Mom being out. Hanna followed her up the stairs and into her room. It hadn't changed that much in two years, some of the pictures on the wall were new and the dresses hanging in the wardrobe and the shoes beneath were as well; but it was mainly the same. The single bed, the vanity desk and chairs, the full length mirror, the lap top sitting on the cupboard - the only sign of Mona's geek past. Mona smiled and sat on the bed and patted a space next to her, "Sit here and tell me about it."

Hanna took the spot, it was nearer than she'd been to Mona for two years, a foot away from her friend - she could smell Mona's perfume, a rosy scent. She paused for a moment, thinking about what to say. Mona smiled, perhaps mistaking the silence for Hanna not wanting to speak rather that not being sure where to start. "So why the long face, Han?"

"It's Alison."

"It would be," a brief spasm of anger crossed Mona's face. Hanna had forgotten how much her two ex-friends had hated each other, though truthfully it was more derision and bullying contempt on Ali's side. "What she done now?"

"She's having sex with my Mom," Hanna blurted out. It felt good to say and she waited expectantly for a sympathetic cooing from Mona.

Instead Mona frowned, "So? Aren't they both adults? Alison's eighteen now and can't imagine she's being forced into it."

Hanna blushed and shook her head, "That's not what I mean. I'm not suggesting my Mom's some sort of pervert."

"Are you saying your Mom is so weak-willed that she's just having sex with Alison because Ali told her?" Mona was still frowning.

"No. no..." Hanna felt confused, this wasn't how it was supposed to go, "I mean I'm sure it's consensual on both sides, that they both want it."

"So what's the problem?" Mona asked.

"I mean it's wrong," Hanna said.

"It sounds like its wrong for you not for them," replied Mona.

"They're having anal sex. I heard my Mom screaming for Ali to put a toy in her butt... at least I hope it was a toy," Hanna blushed as for a few brief seconds her mind work overtime on what else it could be - a fist, a foot, a stool leg...

"So? lots of women have anal sex. Even lesbians and it sounds like your Mom is a lesbian. I'm not surprised, I always thought she was."

"You thought my Mom was a lesbian?" Hanna couldn't understand why, even if turned out it was true.

It was Mona's turn to look confused, "It's a family thing. I thought you both were, and all this thing with guys was just covering up you were both dykes."

"I'm not, I'm straight," Hanna blurted. She had sex with Caleb so many times her heterosexuality wasn't in any doubt.

"You sure? This sudden homophobia just sounds like you're trying to cover up," Mona said.

Hanna stared at her open mouthed. She wasn't in any way homophobic, her best friend, Em, was a lesbian and Hanna loved her as much as she ever had when she'd though Em was straight. This wasn't about being against lesbians, she'd have been happy if her Mom had started dating Emily, even happier if was a woman her own age. No, this was about her Mom banging Alison. "I'm not like that. I'm not a lesbian, but I've nothing against them."

"You sure?" Mona said and then shrugged, "My mistake."

Hanna almost jumped as Mona placed her hand on the blonde's leg. It could have been innocent, but the darker skinned teen's next words suggested it wasn't, "I just thought you were. I was sure when we were friends you were checking me out all the time; that's why I thought we split up and that you were just using the shoplifting as an excuse."

"," Hanna shook her head, partly to disagree with Mona's words, but partly in attempt to clear it and think straight. Mona's hand was moving up her legs, stroking the thigh under the denim, the smile on the teen's face was lascivious as she looked at Hanna. "I'm straight," the blonde said defiantly.

"Yes you are," purred Mona, even as she was speaking she was nuzzling her mouth to Hanna's neck, kissing and licking at the flesh as she continued to rub the teen's leg. Hanna couldn't react, physically she could have moved, but her brain seemed unable to comprehend what was happening or issue any order. Mona's mouth opened and her teeth rub at Hanna's throat, gently sucking at the exposed neck, up her hand went to the top of Hanna's thigh.

"I am straight," repeated Hanna, "Stop it."

"You stop me," Mona brought her mouth up from Hanna's neck just long enough to murmur in her ear, "Push me away and I'll stop, it doesn't even have to be hard, just enough to prove your not a secret dyke."

"Yes, okay," said Hanna abruptly, but she didn't move. She didn't need to see her to know Mona was smirking in victory even though Hanna knew she wasn't really a lesbian, not properly, she was just surprised by what was happening and not homophobic. Mona's hand slid between her thighs, prying Hanna's legs far enough apart that the dark haired cutie could rub at her pussy under the denims. To Hanna's horror it felt good and she could feel herself starting to get wet.

"Mmnnn, you haven't stopped me," Mona's mouth was close to Hanna's ear again, murmuring seductively in it. The blonde didn't reply, she could hardly deny it. Instead she tried to control her breathing and posture and make like she was just allowing Mona to tongue and kiss her to make a point that other girls didn't turn her on and not that she was in anyway excited. She was pretty sure Mona wasn't fooled as the other teen continued to rub at her cunt and nibble at neck and ear. Mona's head moved up again, "I know what you're thinking..."

"What?" Hanna said nervously.

"You're wondering what my pussy tastes like and whether I'd let you lick it," murmured Mona.

"I am not," said Hanna defiantly, but Mona was already back down to her throat, kissing and suckling at it. And whilst it hadn't been true before, as soon as Mona had said it Hanna did start to think of what it would be like. She tried to banish the thought, but with Mona's lips on her neck, her hands between her legs and her scent in her nostrils it was impossible. "I'm not a lesbian," Hanna said, almost to herself.

Mona pulled her head away from Hanna's neck abruptly, there was a smile on her face and she said, "I'll think I'll let you."

"Let me what?" asked Hanna, though as she watched Mona fall on her back and reach under her skirt she thought she knew the answer.

It was soon confirmed as Mona pulled her panties down her legs, "Lick my pussy, silly."

"I... I..." Hanna stared at her ex-friend open mouthed; how had her day had gone from Alison coming to her house to fuck her Mom to it being her sitting on the bed was a pantyless Mona? "I... I'm not sure..."

"Oh Hanna," laughed Mona, "You're not still in denial. I want my pussy eaten and you want to eat it, don't resist." Even as she spoke she sat on the edge of the bed and hoisted her skirt to her waist so that Hanna could see the smooth twat with the small carefully trimmed dark landing strip above it. "Now get on your knees and lick it," Mona's voice was firmer

Without thinking Hanna obeyed, getting down on her knees between Mona's thighs and staring at the cunt. She stared at it for a few moments, trying to resist going down and starting to lick it. Mona placed her hand on the back of Hanna's head, pressing the blonde towards the hole, "Lick it Hanna, lick my cunt."

"I..." Hanna wasn't sure what she was going to say, but she didn't need to worry as Mona push was encouraging her so near to the pussy she had no choice but to start licking it.

Her tongue went out and she began to tongue round the hole, over the lips and clit hood and the flesh around, through the soft hair on the strip above and down to the hole. She didn't know if this was what she was supposed to do; she'd never licked a girl before and Caleb hadn't ever offered either. Mona didn't seem to have any complaints, letting out guttural little moans and groans, as she kept her hand on Hanna. "Oh that's good, Han, eat my cunt, lick it out, like the lesbo slut you are."

Hanna lapped harder and quicker, getting into a pattern. It was strange how naturally licking a pussy came to her, she thought, almost like she'd done it in another life. her tongue stretched out and slid over Mona's cunt. The hole was starting to juice up now, warm, wet liquid forming over the slit edges. Hanna's tongue was brushing over it; she steeled herself for its unpleasant taste, but to her surprise it didn't taste bad; a little bland perhaps. She mentally shook her head, what was she doing thinking about the flavour of Mona's cunt, she shouldn't even be licking it. But she didn't stop, just continuing to wrap her tongue round and round the hole, dabbing in and out.

"OOOoohhh," Mona moaned, "I was right; you're a dyke. Not just a dyke, but a dirty cunt licking whore. Mmnnnn, I bet you're just loving eating my slit, I can tell you're loving it."

Hanna wanted to deny it. She might have even done so if Mona wasn't pressing her face into her twat. But even if she'd said the words they'd have been a lie, she was enjoying it, Mona tasted so good, her pussy was so wet and juicy. But it was more than the taste or the look of the cunt close up, it wasn't even the smell of perfume and cum mixed together in an intoxicating mix. It was that Hanna realised that she was a lesbian, she'd never known before, but her life had been a lie. This was where she belonged, between another young woman's thighs, slurping greedily. Her tongue moved faster, prodding down between the slit walls and into the soft, wet tunnel; driving forward to pry apart the tight walls.

"Oh that's it, you slut, eat my cunt with your dirty lesbo mouth," Mona gasped and shuddered, "Slurp it, you're a pussy licking whore, you love soaking wet pussy. Eat it, show me."

The dark haired teen took her hand away from Hanna's head. It was the blonde's chance to drag her head back up and reassert her heterosexuality. Instead she licked faster and with a new vigour, determined to show that she was a self-starter who didn't need to be held in place any more; she was a pussy licker, Mona was right.

"Mmmnnn, lick it Hanna, lick my twat," as Mona was speaking she was pulling off her top and then unclipping her bra, dropping it on the floor beside Hanna. The blonde wasn't in a position to really get a good looking, but she was certainly getting an impression of her pert boobs and liking what she could see. She ate harder and more enthusiastically her tongue going like a hammer into Mona's cunt. The other teen grunted and gasped, shuddering as Hanna made her cum, "Ooooohhh, aaaarrrgghhh, lick it you dirty dyke bitch, eat my pussy, eat it up."

Hanna's hands were on Mona's thighs, caressing them as her head was stuffed between them. She could taste the liquid, smell the delicious aroma, feel the fizz of it on her tongue. The more she licked and lapped the wetter Mona became, not matter how much Hanna's tongue shot down her hole and over her lips and banged against her clit, she could never clean it away. Her tongue ached with the effort, but it was well worth it for Mona's cries and squeals.

"Oooohhh, you slutty lesbo, you cunt licking whore. You're the dirtiest dyke in Rosewood, mmmnnn you're just a pussy eater, Han, that's what you are, my dirty, lesbian twat licking whore," Mona shuddered, "Oooohh, shit, shit, shit, I'm going to cum, I'm going to squirt my juice all over your pretty rug-munching face."

With that warning Hanna could have escaped, but she no longer wanted to. She knew Mona wanted her to stay in place and keep licking and she knew that she wanted to do what Mona wanted. She carried on, lapping and licking with as much speed and strength as she could manage as Mona stretched and shuddered and shot her girl cum out. It splattered into Hanna's mouth and over her lips and nose and down her throat. It stung her eyes and choked her throat and made her snort as she sniffed it up her nostrils. It dripped from her chin onto her shirt and jeans. She pulled her head back and looked back at Mona, "I'm a dyke. I'm your dyke."

"Is this you asking to be my girlfriend?" Mona raised an eyebrow enquiringly as she looked down at the pussy juice covered blonde.

Hanna blushed red, "I...yes, it is."

"Mmm," Mona put two fingers to her lip in consideration, "I've never had a serious girlfriend before; though I've fucked other women. Perhaps I should audition you before I make a decision. First let's see what you're like naked."

"Naked?" Hanna asked.

"Yes naked, nude, undressed," Mona said, "I mean you can lick pussy I'll give you that, but what do you look like in the buff."

"You want me to get undressed?" Hanna asked nervously.

"Yes. Honestly Hanna what did you and Caleb do all day, play chequers?" Mona said impatiently.

Hanna blushed and stood up. First she removed her sweater and T-shirt, unclipping her bra and dropping that to the floor so that Mona could see her titties. Next came her socks and then she shimmied out of her jeans, before finally pulling down her panties so that she was standing totally naked in front of Mona's apprising eyes. "Not bad," said the darker teen, "Turn around and put your hands on your butt, that's it. Now pull the cheeks apart gently, mmmmnnn nice; bend over... you really are a lesbo bitch aren't you?"

"Yes," Hanna said in a small voice. It was so humiliating exposing herself for Mona's inspection, so why was it turning her on? Was she not just a lesbian but a submissive one?

"Turn round, I've got some questions," Mona said and Hanna turned to look at the sexy topless teen sitting on the edge of the bed, her skirt still drawn up round her waist, but her pussy hidden behind the cross of her legs. She looked so hot that Hanna was desperate to be her girlfriend. Mona looked at the teen for a few more moments, admiring her naked body. Then she smiled, "So questions..."

"Yes, ask me anything," said Hanna, hoping that the teen genius wasn't going to be testing her on geometry or American history otherwise she'd never been eating that sweet slot again.

"You've arranged to meet Spencer and Aria for a coffee when I ring telling you I want you to come over and lick my pussy, what do you do?"

Hanna almost smiled, it was a gentle lob that she could smash back over the net, "I cancel with them and come over and eat your cunt."

Mona smiled, seeming to acknowledge that she'd started with an easy one, "That's right. You get your pretty little ass over here as soon as I call. But what happens if I want to go to a lesbian club?"

"I'll come with you... I mean if you invited me."

"What would you wear?"

That was a more difficult one. She was sure Mona would want her to wear something fashionable, but did the other teen want it to be demure and conservative so that she wasn't flaunting her stuff for other women or sexy and provocative so that Mona could show her off. She tried to hedge, "Whatever you want?"

"What if I haven't left any instructions?" Mona grinned.

Hanna paused, thinking, "A tiny short skirt, a cropped boob tube, no panties?"

"Definitely no panties," Mona grinned. "So we're dancing at this club, I'm guessing you're making out with me?" Hanna nodded quickly and Mona continued, "So I'm getting hotter and hotter, my hands are slipping on your ass - it's naked, no panties, and I whisper my pussy is tingling. What do you do?"

"Are there toilet cubicles?" Hanna asked. Mona nodded. Hanna gave a smile of relief, she was walking this interview, "I'd whisper back in your ear that if you wanted to take me to them I could deal with your horny slit in one of them. Then I'd lick it until you were satisfied, no matter how long."

"Clubbing sounds fun," Mona said, "but much as I enjoyed your lithe tongue I'm not sure I can be a one-girl girl." Hanna tried not to gulp nervously as Mona smiled, "So at the club this cutie catches my eye and me hers, and she comes up and makes clear that there's a place in her bed tonight. What then?"

"I'd be jealous," Hanna admitted, "but if you wanted to I guess I'd be okay with it."

"That's the right answer," Mona smiled, "as I am going to be honest Han, if we do go out I'm wanting to keep on fucking other women. What about you? Will you want to fuck other women?"

Hanna paused, aware she was standing on a precipice, "Only if you wanted me too."

"Mmmn that sounds good. So say instead of me getting eyed up by a cute girl it was you. I could go up and tell her that I'm really cool with her taking you home and fucking you as long as I watched. You'd be okay with that?"

"Yes, it'd be better if you watched, because then you'd still be there. But I'd do it whatever way you wanted," Hanna said.

Mona smiled, "Excellent answers Han. But before I make a decision could you go into my wardrobe and pull out the bottom shoe box on the left, yes that's the one." Hanna did as she was told, pulling out the box. Something rattled inside, sounding more solid than a pair of shoes. She proffered it to Mona. The teen shook her head, "Open it and get out what inside." Hanna did as she was told, her eyes widening as she saw that her guess that it wasn't footwear was correct, but still surprised by the fact it was a large strap-on dildo. Mona smiled at the blonde's surprise, "Pass it to me."

Hanna did so and watched as Mona dragged down her skirt and buckled the toy to her thigh and pussy. She looked at Hanna and smiled, "I took a look at your butt hole and it looked very tight. I'm guessing that was one cherry that Caleb didn't pop?"

"No, its virgin," Hanna blushed, though she didn't think she was ashamed of that.

Mona smiled, "I'm a butt girl. I love fucking sexy female ass. If you're going to be my girlfriend you're going to be fucked a lot in that hole. All the time in fact, every time we're on a date I'll want my Hanna's anal honeypot. So are you up for being butt-fucked?"

Hanna's blush got redder, so much it seemed her skin was melting. Caleb had several times pestered her for anal and each time she'd told him no in definite terms; she didn't see why she should have anything up there. All the time she was dating she had always assumed she'd never say 'yes' to him or any other man, no matter how long they'd be going out. But here she was standing naked in front of Mona, they weren't even dating, yet, and she knew her answer would be different this time. "Yes, Mona. I'm up for you banging my butt."

The other teen smiled, "Good." She sat down again on the end of the bed opposite her full length mirror, so that Hanna could see both her and her reflection, two sexy naked Mona's for the price of one. The dark haired hottie looked at her, "Before I make a decision on you being my girlfriend I think its only right I take your ass for a road test, don't you think?"

Hanna nodded, "Yes."

"Come here then," smiled Mona. She patted her knee with one hand and pointed the dildo up with other. "Have you heard of reverse cowgirl? You sit down on the toy with your back to me. That way it's your choice to go down and be analised and I can watch you in the mirror and see your reaction; that's so hot."

"Whichever way you want, Mona," said Hanna, "I've not done any before."

"I can tell you'll be a natural. You'll be a big an anal lesbian whore as you are as pussy munching dyke."

Hanna moved in front of Mona and looked down at the toy. It seemed massive, eight inches at least, maybe nine, and thick as well. "Do you think it should be oiled? You know to help it up."

Mona smiled, "No, for your first time I really want you to feel it. I want your ass to be really stretched and sore so I know you really want it. But if you don't want to be my girlfriend..." she let the words hang in the air.

Hanna quickly shook her head, "No. I was only asking, I don't need it. I'll do it however you want."

"Then come and plant that virgin tushie on my dick," Mona grinned widely and held the dildo straight up with one hand as she leant back on the other.

Hanna turned her back on the other teen and walked backwards slowly, using the mirror to judge her steps. She couldn't see Mona's reflection but she could hear her excited breathing behind her as she stopped inches from her. Hanna paused for a second, taking a nervous, but deep breath of her own, before taking her cheeks in her hands and prying them apart. She gripped them as she lowered herself down. She was guessing where the dildo was, but either her estimate was accurate or Mona guided it as she felt the tip press at her hole.

"That's it," said Mona behind her, "bring your butt down."

"Ooooohhhh," Hanna gave a small whinny of pain as she pressed herself down on the toy. The tip went into her, followed by the shaft, stretching open her asshole and expanding the walls. She took a look in the mirror. All she could see of Mona was the teen's legs and one hand on her waist; she could see all of herself, her legs spread open to show her pussy, her titties which wobbled as she moved and her face, red and twisted in effort.

"Come down Han, get this dick all the way up that dyke ass of yours," Mona ordered.

Hanna resumed pressing herself down, her face contorting in pain as the thick slab of plastic opened her tight asshole further than it was designed to go. Just as she felt she couldn't go down any further she felt Mona lift herself up, pushing the toy into her, "Look Han, stop being a wuss. If you want to be my girlfriend you're going to have to ass fuck better than this; I don't want to do all the work."

"I'm trying," said Hanna desperately and forced her ass deeper, ignoring the spurts of pain that shot from her anal passageway. She carried on down, rising briefly to give herself leverage, before coming down. Her asshole gradually loosened, she was glad to find, the dildo still extremely tight, but with just enough space so that each inch down didn't feel like she was being roasted with a welding torch.

"That's a bit better," Mona said, which was all the encouragement Hanna needed. She lifted herself up and then came down, feeling the toy press in another inch. It made her wince, but for the first time she also felt a spark of ecstatic pleasure. She shifted position slightly, raising herself up and angling down. The soreness didn't go, but there was definitely something else there as well, a tingly excitement. Mona's hands gripped her waist, "Come on Han, fuck it, fuck my dick."

"Ooooohhh," Hanna sat herself down again, most of the dick was up her now and she could feel it throbbing in her asshole, making the walls stretch and ache and stimulating nerve endings beneath them that she never knew existed. She started to move a bit quicker and harder, bouncing herself up and down the dildo. "Ooohhhh, oooohhh."

"That's it," laughed Mona, "Work that cock. Take it in your ass. You're an anal slut, Han, a butt-banged whore."

"Oooohhh, I can feel it, its so tight," Hanna said, but she still continued to move up and down.

Suddenly she could feel Mona's hands on her thighs, knocking away her legs. Hanna resisted for a second and then she remembered that she wanted to be Mona's and let the petite teen take her away. Without her feet on the floor her entire weight was on the dildo. Her ass went down the rest of the way and she grimaced in pain and gasped in pleasure.

"Fuck, this is hot," said Mona as she started to slam up and down. Hanna could feel her body bounce as Mona slammed into from underneath, ramming the dildo deep into the blonde's asshole. If the hole had felt stretched and sore when Hanna was controlling the speed down the pain and discomfort was doubled as Mona took control and smacked in, but so did the pleasure, making Hanna quiver in excitement. Mona laughed, "That's it, Han, I knew you were an anal whore, I can tell you're loving it."

"Oh God, Mona, fuck my ass, fuck it please," Hanna cried in excitement. Mona was right, it was painful, it was discomforting, but it was fun and pleasurable, the orgasmic waves as intense as she'd ever had from straight pussy fucking. And they got wilder as Mona's hand reached round and began to rub at the blonde's cunt, making her wet and warm. "Ohhhhhh, yesssss, oh please do me, please."

"You're a dirty anal dyke slut aren't you Han? All the time pretending you were straight when all you really want is a big fucking strap-on up your lesbo ass," Mona slammed harder, ramming the toy deep into Hanna. "If only your friends could see you now, what would they think? I'll tell you, they'd think you were a lesbo slut, a cheap dyke whore, a fuckhole, who needs another woman fucking her ass."

"Oooohhh yes," Hanna cried, "That's what I am. I'm a lesbian whore, a dyke, a cunt eating slut. They'd think that and they'd be right.... ooooohhhh fuuucckk."

Mona's hand had moved from Hanna's cunt to the teen's tits, gripping them hard like they were levers as she pounded up with speed, power and passion. Hanna slid her own hand down to her pussy. It was soaking and got even wetter as she began to rub it, stimulating her clitoris under its hood as she did so. She could see herself in the mirror, her tits juggling and jumping, her fingers spayed and her palm thrumming over her cunt. She could even, just about, see Mona's toy slapping up and into her. And if she couldn't see it she could feel it.

"That's it you dyke fuckhole," grunted Mona, "let me use that ass, let me bang it open."

"Oh God, yes, do it, do it, fuck my butthole. It's your Mona, fuck it as often as you want," Hanna gasped and shuddered.

Mona slammed up, making Hanna shudder and bounce. The dark haired teen's tits bashed into her, she could feel the hardness of the nipples. Her own tits were still being squeezed and fondled in Mona's hands, gripped so hard that if they'd been balloons they'd have popped. "Take it you slutty bitch, take my dildo in your dyke ass, take it you anal lesbo whore."

"AAaaarrrghh," screamed Hanna as she came, "AAAArrrghhh." The pleasure was the most intense she'd had in her young life, ten times better than the times when Caleb had been pumping into her, twenty what she got when she had some alone time with her fingers and a dildo. Her back arched and bent, her body quivering, "AAaarrrghh...."

"You total anal slut," laughed Mona, "I knew you'd love it."

"Oooohh, ooohhh," Hanna couldn't speak, she just let Mona continue to thrust into her.

The other teen was slowing down, seemingly satisfied now she had fucked Hanna into orgasm. After a few moments she stopped and pressed Hanna up, "Off you get."

"I can hardly stand," said Hanna. Her legs felt watery weak, but she couldn't sit down, not with her ass as sore as it was. But it felt good, not just the orgasms, but that she'd pleased Mona and shown her that if the teen wanted anal Hanna was her girl.

"Let me take a picture of your ass," Mona was reaching for her cell.

"No, Mona, it must be gaping open. It's ruined... I mean not that I mind, but you can't take a picture..."

"Bend over and spread your cheeks," Mona ignored Hanna's protestations and Hanna did as she was told, blushing as she exposed her wide open asshole for Mona's cell. There was the click as Mona took a photo, "Wow Han, you're right. That asshole is open. Let me take another."

"Okay," Hanna said, she bent over more and pulled at her cheeks harder, accentuating the hole.

Mona grinned and held up the screen, "So girlfriend you want to have a look at what I've done to your ass."

Hanna didn't, but she still smiled and came over, "Girlfriend?"

"Yes, my beautiful slutty dyke girlfriend," Mona grinned. "Now take off my strap on and lick my pussy; it's ready for a real tongue lashing."

"Yes Mona," Hanna smiled happily, getting down on her knees and unbuckling the toy as Mona started to play with her phone.

* * *

Ashley Marin was in Alison Dilaurentis's favourite position, on her hands and knees on the bed, with the teen's strap-on dildo well into her ass. As soon as Hanna had left the house Alison had moved in on the Milf, grabbing her, stripping her, making her eat her teen pussy; all of which Ashley had responded to with the enthusiasm of a natural lesbo slut. Alison had waited until after they'd eaten dinner, before taking the Milf upstairs, getting her in the bed and pounding her.

It was something to do as she waited for the text.

"Aaaaarrghhh, Alison, fuck me, fuck my ass. It's yours, so fuck it good," Ashley was squealing in orgasmic pleasure, her naked body flushed with lust and soaked with sweat. Alison continued pounding from behind. There was a beep from her cell. The teen hardly slowed, reaching across to the pillow it was sitting on and scooping it up. Ashley screamed again, too lost in her pleasure to have even realise that someone had texted the teen.

Keeping one hand on the Milf's waist to keep herself balanced as she pounded, whilst she used her thumb on the other to open the message. It was from A3, Mona. She paused for a second before opening it. "Nice," she smiled as she saw the picture. Despite being taken from behind it was unmistakably Hanna, the blonde bending over her asshole gaping open. "Very nice," she repeated again as she looked at the message below the picture 'Butt fucked'. Ali grinned and closed the message and concentrated on pounding Ashley; the A-team had got the Marin's now who was next?

* * *

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