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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 14 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

Melissa smiled as she sat at the kitchen table, thinking of what was to come that evening - the seduction and butt-fucking of her Mom, Veronica Hastings. It wouldn't have been possible without the A-Team; the planning and the seduction techniques and the previous opening of Veronica Hastings, by Melissa's friends and team members, Pam Fields and Ella Montgomery. But also making sure that Melissa had the space to act; her younger sister Spencer had been called over by Ella for a night of anal banging, being told the house was free as Aria was having a sleepover with Alison. In reality Ali and Mona were practising their DP skills on the brunette whilst Mona's Mom was out of town and the house was free.

The door opened and her Mom entered, her suit as crisp and neat as when she had left this morning, "I'm home," she announced unnecessarily, placing her bag on the table.

"Spencer's spending the night at Aria's" Melissa said, which was technically true even if Aria wasn't going to be there. She swung on her stool, putting on a caring and sympathetic expression even as she wondered whether her Mom's asshole had fully tightened from it's hard fucking a few days ago. The photos on the wall of the den showed how gaped her friends had made it. Her Mom gave no sign that she knew what Melissa was thinking, but why would she? She wasn't telepathic.

The younger Hastings gave a smile as her Mom sighed and took off her jacket, "Hard day?"

"The usual, yours?"

Melissa didn't answer instead she moved into the A-Team's plan, mapped out, with trigger points which would subtly guide the secret submissive to becoming her daughter's play thing. She tapped her glass of wine, half-empty, "Would you want a glass? Just the one."

"Just the one?" her Mom smiled and reached forward for the bottle, her expression indicating that she might have more than that.

Melissa gently pulled the wine bottle away, not far or obviously, just a touch so that her Mom's hand was reaching for air. She smiled back, not like Cruella de Ville cackling over a puppy or a Heather over some lesser girl's humiliation. But enough to give her Mom the unconscious message that Melissa was in charge, "Just the one," she repeated. Firm, but again not overly controlling or dominant.

Her Mom paused, unaware that her sub-conscious was taking in the message and interpreting it, not as you can only have one glass of wine' but Melissa is a top and you are a worthless bottom who will obey her'. It wasn't breaking through yet, but enough was seeping through for the Mom to automatically nod and obey her daughter, "Just the one."

Melissa got a glass from the cupboard, one of the smaller ones and filled it half-way, then she drained her own large glass and poured wine to near the brim. It was another message. Her Mom didn't complain or even mention it as she gratefully took her wine and sat at the table, continuing to talk about her day and the case she was working on as if she didn't notice the change in the power dynamic. Melissa let her Mom continue to speak, the Milf asking about the younger woman's day as she sipped her wine. It let Veronica lull herself into a sense of security which she didn't know she needed and which wasn't there anyway. Melissa waited until Veronica had finished asking and then launched into a dramatised version of her own day, making it seem harder and more stressful than it really was; designed to kick a Mom's maternal instincts.

"That's terrible," said Veronica as Melissa finished the tale of the malfunctioning water-cooler. Her expression was so sympathetic it was almost pained.

Melissa moved her shoulders up and back, pretending to have a twinge in them. "Really bad, I think I have a knot."

"Let me give them a rub," Veronica said, unaware that this was a bottom's automatic response was to a top's stress.

Melissa nodded and spun on her stool so that her back was to her Mom. She pulled the glass round with her and took a sip of the fruity wine, savouring it as her Mom got up and placed her hands on the younger Hastings shoulder. She began to rub, non-sexually, just a friendly touch, the type a Mom might give her daughter if she was stressed, but one of them knew it was going to go further.

"You are stiff," said Veronica, even though Melissa wasn't. The Milf sub-consciously not wanting to say anything which would be seen as contradicting her daughter, and if Melissa had said she had a knot, that was what Veronica would believe she had.

"I am," smiled Melissa and sipped her drink, the delectable flavour playing on her tongue. "Tell me more about your day," it was an order cloaked in velvet.

Her Mom began to tell her, explaining the case she was working on and its legal difficulties. Melissa only half listened, she wasn't interested in the tale, only where it was heading. Instead she relaxed and enjoyed her Mom's touch, the older woman's fingers and thumbs moving gracefully over Melissa's shoulders and upper back, gently massaging and rubbing, removing a knot that wasn't there. Melissa smiled to herself, knowing it was getting nearer and nearer, her Mom's innocent touch sending little frissons of excitement through her as she imagined the not so innocent fun she would be having.

Her Mom paused, the story of her day seemingly complete and Melissa slipped from relaxed to control mode, even if outwardly nothing changed. "That's sounds like a tough day," her voice cooed sympathetically, before slightly changing tone, becoming firmer and more controlling, "Let me give you a massage now."

"Okay," her Mom said, as if she had a choice. She sat down on her stool, her back to Melissa.

The young woman moved behind her and put her hands on her shoulders. She began to gently rub, feeling the tension in her Mom's muscles. It was slow and professional at first, designed to get rid of the knots, not make her Mom wet with desire. "How's that?" she asked sweetly.

"Good," her Mom sighed contentedly.

"I'm glad," said Melissa, her voice sweet and innocent, the perfect daughter. She continued to ease the muscles with her fingers, moving round the back and then up to the shoulder's again, squeezing the blade and the surrounding sinews and making her Mom moan gently in appreciation. Then her hands moved down the front, just an inch so that she was still playing with the shoulders. Her Mom moaned again, stretching and relaxing at her daughter, not seeing the lustful smile on the Melissa's face as she rested her chin on her mother's head. She went lower and lower.

"Melissa!" her Mom gasped as the younger Hastings hands slipped onto her tits.

"What?" Melissa asked in the most innocent tone she could manage, her fingers kneading at the plump boobs through blouse and bra "Are you not enjoying your massage?"

It was a deliberately phrased question, that Alison had told her to use when they were making up the plan. There was no way Veronica's sub-conscious would allow her to say she wasn't enjoying it to her daughter, even if her conscious thought was it was wildly inappropriate. It would force the Milf into a cognitive dissonance between her id and super-ego, a step to her giving up total control. The symptom was her Mom's response, "I... you...em..."

"Relax," purred Melissa, "Enjoy my touch."

The dissonance got worse, the ego unable to cope. Veronica wanted to obey her daughter, as a good submissive should obey a superior top, but she hadn't yet realised she was a bottom, living to serve for other's sexual pleasure and her outward brain still thought Melissa's touch was wrong. The older woman straightened and strained, every muscle and sinew, tearing and hardening; becoming even less relaxed than she had been before the massage started. Melissa smiled and ran her hands over the tits, pushing them slowly together and then pulling them apart, her hands relaxed but firm.

"Enjoy, you naughty slut," Melissa said so quietly that if her Mom's ear hadn't been next to her mouth she would never have heard.

"Ooohh," Veronica whimpered, sexual longing and horrified disgust merging in the moan.

"You are liking my touch," said Melissa; it was a statement. Her fingers found her Mom's blouse buttons and she popped them as easily as fresh anal cherry. Her Mom shuddered again, unable to speak and articulate what she wanted. Melissa smiled and slid her hands under the blouse.

There was a bra in the way. But not for long. Melissa's fingers slipped under the lacy material and she eased it down past the nipples and under the titty. Melissa smiled to herself and kneaded the boobs, her fingers squeezing deep into the flesh and her palms rubbing over the teats. It was impossible to pretend it was innocent.

Her chin nestled on her Mom's shoulder as she murmured, "What a slut you are. Letting me feel your tits. Why don't you stop me?"

Her Mom couldn't. Her brain frozen and confused, unable to function. Melissa continued playing with her Mom's titties, squeezing them and enjoying their malleability. Her own pussy was tingling with excitement as she took control. She leant closer to her Mom's ear, purring so quietly that it was almost like a voice in a dream, or a nightmare, "You know this is wrong. Letting your daughter feel your titties. It's depraved. Why don't you stop me? Why don't you reach up and move my hands away, tell me its wrong? Is it because you're a dirty, kinky slut? Mmmnn, stop me if you can. You could pull my panties down and thrash my butt for being bad. Or would you like that too much? Does the thought of dirty incestuous sex with your daughter make you wet? I bet it does... mmmnnn, these nipples are so stiff, you're turned on."

"Mmmnnn," Veronica moaned, shuddering and gritting her teeth.

Then without warning Melissa whipped her hands away and replaced them on her Mom's shoulders. "Wake up," she put a tiny note of concern into her voice, "You're dreaming."

"What... I... you... dream..." Veronica's brain still wasn't able to cope. The Milf was so befuddled that she wasn't sure whether her daughter was lying or whether it had been a dream. Melissa knew what her Mom's thought processes were 'On one hand it was so outside normality it couldn't be true, on the other her blouse was undone and her bra half-way down her tits'. The younger Hastings quickly added to the confusion, by saying, "One moment, you're talking the next you're drifting away with the fairies and moaning my name." She laughed, "If I didn't know better I'd have thought you were having a dirty dream."

She could see the blush on the back of her Mom's neck. She needed to continue to strike whilst the slut was hot. "I'm still feeling stressed after today," she said, "What about you give me a proper massage upstairs."

Her Mom was still confused, "I...I... what... erm..."

Melissa continued, "I'll be in your room. Why don't you wash the wine glasses and then come up to give me the massage. You better not drink any more, you sound like you've had enough."

She didn't wait for a reply, confident that her Mom would do as she commanded, going up the stairs and into her divorced Mom's room to prepare for the inevitable.

It took Veronica a few minutes to come upstairs, longer than was needed to just clean a couple of glasses. It didn't surprise Melissa, in fact the A-team had factored it into the plan, Veronica would pause long enough to get her voice back, but she wouldn't be recovered, she'd still be reeling. Or perhaps it would be Melissa who was reeling and her Mom was a fish on the hook, being dragged in.

The young brunette lay on the bed a towel under her, facing the mirror. She heard the door open. "You're naked," there was a touch of surprise in her Mom's voice, but not too much which showed the plan was working.

"Yes," Melissa drawled relaxedly, "For my massage."

She gently inclined her head towards the dresser, "There's some oil there, use that."

"Yes, Melissa," her Mom replied.

Melissa waited for her to go over and unscrew the top, but before Veronica could pour any out she interrupted. "What about a topless massage?"

"You want me to take my blouse off?" her Mom asked, just a little shocked sounding.

"And your bra," replied Melissa.

Veronica blushed, but did so, dropping them to the floor before pouring some of the oil onto her hands and getting on the bed beside her naked daughter. Melissa could see her Mom as the Milf moved next to her, leaning over the bed, her tits swaying in the mirror's reflection. Melissa sighed contentedly, relaxing into the bed and enjoying both the view and the touch of her Mom's hands. It had to be said that Veronica was a skilled masseur and Melissa considered, once her Mom was fully trained, making her drop law to start a topless massage parlour; it was certainly something to think about.

"Lower," said Melissa languidly as her Mom worked at her back and dutifully the Milf obeyed, her hands slipping down Melissa's skin, over the muscles and sinews down to the round rump. She paused for a second just above it, massaging the waist. "Lower," Melissa repeated, with just the right tone of firmness and her Mom moved down.

She gave another sigh as her Mom's hands moved over her ass, gently rubbing the twin globes, pushing them together and make them jiggle softly. Veronica didn't stay there long, which was no surprise - she was still unconsciously fighting her daughter's control - her hands moving down to the thighs. Melissa smiled to herself, looking at her Mom's tits in the mirror, swaying and swinging as the Milf's fingers pressed and kneaded her thighs. "Higher," she purred and as her Mom did as she was told she added, "Concentrate on my ass."

"Yes Melissa," her Mom said, reddening, though it might have been as much the use of the word 'ass' - which wasn't used by polite, well brought up daughters in their Mom's company. Luckily Melissa had got over that hurdle from her upbringing, sighing in contentment as her Mom's hands worked over the butt, oiling it until it gleamed.

It was time for the next stage.

"Mom," Melissa said, "Massage my hole now."

"You mean..." and Melissa could see her Mom going red.

"Yes, my sphincter, massage it with a couple of fingers and make sure none go in, I'm not that type of woman," Melissa said, knowing that her Mom was.

If she hadn't been so confident in the plan she would have been worried as Veronica paused for at least five seconds. Then she gave a small, nervous smile and used one hand to pull Melissa's cheek away and the second to slide a couple of fingers over the anal muscle. Melissa sighed again, a long drawn out moan of pleasure, which was so sexual that her Mom blushed even more. She didn't stop rubbing and massaging, even though she must have known she was turning on her naked daughter. Melissa shuddered and took another admiring look at her Mom's swaying tits. She smiled, "I think you should go bottomless as well as topless, don't you?"

Whilst there was a question at the end, both Mom and daughter knew it was an order. "Yes Melissa," said Veronica, stepping far enough away from the bed to take off her shoes and unbutton her pants. Melissa watched in the mirror as her Mom pulled them down to reveal her underwear, gazing lustfully as they were dropped and she could see her Mom's front fuckhole.

She didn't give the Milf much time to stand there before she said, "Carry on massaging my asshole..." Veronica stepped forward and Melissa moved to the next part, "... use your tongue."

"My tongue?" Veronica gasped.

"Yes, lick my asshole with your tongue, it's a more relaxing massage than using fingers," Melissa said.

"R...right," Veronica said, her face as red as beetroot. She did it anyway, pulling apart the cheeks and sticking her face between them.

"Mmmmn," the younger Hastings moaned appreciatively as her Mom's tongue slipped over her asshole. It tickled and teased, wetting the ring with saliva, and making Melissa squirm with delight. Her Mom licked without complaint, born to be a bottom and obey the sexual whims of dominant amazon women, her hands gently caressed Melissa's cheeks as her tongue flicked to and fro. "MMMnnnn, yesss," Melissa moaned again.

Her Mom's tongue went round and round, just touching the insides, but Veronica making no attempt to go in, already, perhaps, knowing their places. Melissa shuddered in excitement, her legs shaking and quivering, "Mmmnnn, that's good Mom, lick my ass. I bet you've been wanting to tongue my tush forever. MMmnnn, that's right, lap at it, lick my most taboo hole. Mmmnnn, this is as far into it as you're going to get, mmmnnn, lick it good, make it nice and wet and pleasured."

Despite, or more probably because of, Melissa's sexual murmuring her Mom licked faster, her tongue slipping over and around the ring, each touch a whirr of pleasure to the younger woman. There was no denying that they'd moved on and Veronica was giving herself to her daughter as her plaything and Melissa made no attempt to pretend otherwise, "That's it, use your slut tongue. Pleasure my asshole, lick it like a cheap whore, mmmnnnn, lap your daughter's butt, oh, that's so good, you're tonguing like a slut, mmmnnn, oooohhh."

Veronica lapped quicker, her tongue moving into overdrive as she lapped the hole. Melissa shuddered again, looking at the top of her Mom's head in the mirror, as the Milf buried herself deep and licked enthusiastically. "MMMnn, yes, slut, clean my asshole with your tongue. OOoohh, you're loving this, you know its wrong, but you're still doing it because you're a dyke whore who loves to submit. Mmmmm, I bet you love eating pussy as much as ass."

So saying she twisted onto her back. Her Mom lifted her head, her mouth open in shock, their eyes met, the dominant daughter staring purposefully at the older submissive. Without a word Veronica dropped down, her lips pressing at the Melissa's and her tongue slipping out to lap at the cunt. "MMmnnn, ooohh," Melissa moaned in pleasure, "That's it slut Mom, lick me, open my twat with your tongue."

Veronica pushed and licked, slurping at the wet hole, her tongue pressing forward between the lips and into the pink flesh within. It slid up and down, swinging from side to side, in and out, making sure every piece of damp cunt was tongue massaged, the touch making Melissa gasp and groan in excitement, her body shaking as her Mom's tongue explored faster and deeper. "Uuurrhh, yes, lick me like a slut, mmmnn you dirty whore, that's right. MMmnnnn, you're a cunt lapper, eat it all up. Mmmnnn, I know I'm not you're first pussy hole, mmmnnn you've got such an experienced slut tongue, mmmnnn ohhhh."

The Milf's tongue continued to pound, her face so deep in Melissa that even when leaning up on her elbows and looking down the younger Hastings couldn't see her Mom's face. She could imagine it though, contorted with self-disgust, coated with Melissa's juices, the lipstick starting to melt as the cum washed at it. She reached forward and grabbed the back of her Mom's skull, pressing it down, "Mmmnnn, pleasure me with your tongue, eat my wet cunt, lick out your daughter you dirty whore. Ooohh, yes, that is so good, mmmnnnn stick your tongue deeper into me, clean my cunt out, lap out my girl juice, mmnnnn that feels so great, you dirty cunt licking skank."

Veronica tongued harder at her daughter's words, thrusting her tongue at the pussy and slurping up the juice that was seeping from the walls. Without being told, she brought her hand up to use a finger to open the hole, and drove her tongue deeper into the depths, finding the exotic spots and stimulating them.

"Oooohhh, urrrrhhh," Melissa grunted and moaned, her body shaking. she pleased by her Mom's initiative, the sign of a true submissive was not lying back and doing as told but of always thinking about how they could up the pleasure of their top, and opening the cunt to slam your tongue deeper was a demonstration of that. "Uuurrhhh, yes, yes, yesss! Eat my pussy you whore, clean it with your tongue, drink my cum, slurp it up."

Veronica's tongue lapped faster and faster, like a hungry cat presented with a bowl of cream. Her head bobbed and bounced, her hair brushing at her daughter's thighs as she gobbled greedily at the cunt, lapping the cum into her mouth and swallowing down the precious nectar. Melissa pushed her down harder and the Milf complied, her tongue slapping down the hole, sweeping around and exploring every cranny. The younger Hastings gasped again as her Mom found a special spot, "Oooohhh, fuuuckk, aaaaarrgghh. Eat me you slut, lick my cunt. I know this isn't the first pussy you've eaten, show me what you can do."

The tongue continued to pound down, lapping up the juice almost as fast as it was secreted... almost. Melissa groaned in pleasure, pushing herself back on the bed and using her spare hand to rub her titties, playing with the nipples, hard like iron. Below her Veronica continued with an eager enthusiasm, going so fast and hard her tongue must have ached, but not letting that slow her. The younger woman bucked again, "Aaaarrrghh, fuccck, yesss, you're making me cum. How does that feel you slut? Making your daughter cum with your tongue? AAaaarrrghh, yessss, aaaaarrrghhh!"

The waves of ecstasy sped through her, making her tense and relaxed simultaneously. Her cunt spurted out more juice, drenching her Mom's face. The Milf carried on through the squirting and Melissa's orgasm, her tongue pounding hard and fast, vigorously probing at the brunette's pleasure places. Melissa shrieked again, her back bending and arching so much that it look like humpbacked bridge over a river. Her hands balled in fists and she pounded them at the bed, lifting her pussy high and thrusting it at her Mom. The Milf's tonguing continued, passionate and deep.

"AAaarrrghh, that's it, lick me like the pussy whore you are. Aaaarrrghh, fuck, tongue me slut, eat my cunt with your skank tongue, aaaarrghhh, yeessss," Melissa screamed in pleasure.

Veronica drove her face forward, completely in thrall to her daughter, her tongue going as fast as it could, deep in the hole. The younger brunette shrieked again, cumming like an express train, the waves of sexual bliss even more powerful than before so it seemed her head might explode, "AAAarrrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaaaaghhhh!"

She collapsed back and pushed her Mom away from her cunt. Delicious as have her pussy eaten was she had other plans in mind. Her Mom looked up, her face reddening as if she was only just realising what she had done. "Melissa.... I..." she started.

"Wait there," Melissa interrupted her with a commanding tone.

Her Mom nodded and moved into a half-sitting position on the bed as Melissa got up and walked to Spencer's room. Hidden under the bed was a large strap-on and the brunette pulled it out and up her legs, adjusting it so that it fitted snugly against her clit, rubbing it with every thrust. She put on a drop of anal lube, not much she wanted her Mom to feel it the first time and really know her daughter was sodomising her, but enough to help ease the passage and ensure she could get it all the way in.

She walked back to the main room, smiling as she saw her Mom's eyes widen and her mouth dropped open as the Milf looked at the attachment to the younger Hastings. "Ella and Pam told me you fuck like a whore," she said. Her Mom's mouth opened even further and she tried to speak but was unable to find her voice. Melissa grinned, "You think I didn't know? That you're ass was fucked by them? They said they shared you, like a fucking slut, both pounding you together in a dyke DP. Is that true? Don't lie to me, remember..."

Her Mom's face was so blazing red that it could have been mistaken for a ball of fire. It took her a long time, thirty seconds of just staring at her daughter. Melissa waited, her foot tapping impatiently even though inside she was content to wait for her Mom's acquiescence, knowing it would come. Eventually Veronica nodded and in a voice so quiet it was almost unhearable said, "Yes."

Melissa smiled and cupped a hand to her ear, "Can't hear you, whore. Did they DP your slut ass and pussy."

"Y... Y... Yes," Veronica said, slightly louder this time, even as her voice quavered. She looked down at the bed, unable to meet her dominant daughter's gaze. "They both fucked me, together, front and back."

"They said you loved it," Melissa grinned, twisting the metaphorical knife.

Her Mom paused again, not so long this time, but still noticeable, "Yes, I did. I loved it."

"You know why that is?" Melissa asked, before adding a hint, "Slut..."

Her Mom nodded, but didn't say anything. Melissa grinned, knowing the older woman was hers, "Tell me," she ordered.

"Because I am lesbian tramp who loves being ass banged by big strap-ons," Veronica said.

"That's right," her daughter agreed with a smile, "You're a fucking dyke whore, an anal slut, a dumb bitch who's only purpose in life is to be butt-banged by stronger, more dominant women. Women like me. You're not my Mom, you're a hole built for fucking."

"I am," said Veronica nodding and blushing.

"And I'm going to take full advantage of that and ram that sweet tushie of yours," Melissa grinned. "Lie on your back; I want you to see its me as I slam that ass, to know it's your daughter butt-fucking you."

The Milf moved as she was told, obedient to her daughter's command. The younger woman grinned, as her Mom reached and pulled back her legs, gripping the lower thighs to drag them towards her ear, grimacing as she stretched more than she had done for years. "That's it, whore, show me your ass."

Her Mom pulled her legs even further back, her feet dangling overhead as she tried (and failed) to bring her calves to her ears. Melissa gazed down at the tight hole, excited that, finally, she was going to get to penetrate it and make her Mom hers. She savoured the moment, letting her Mom drag down her legs as far as she could and then wait in position, the Milf shivering in fear and anticipation, knowing as much as her daughter how big a thing this was and that they could never go back. Eventually, after a couple of minutes, Melissa moved onto the bed, shuffling forward on her knees with her strap-on in her hand. "You want this in your ass?" she teased the toy's tip at the still closed sphincter, "You want your daughter to ass fuck you Mom?"

"Ooohhh," Veronica cried as if she had already got the toy inside her, her face twisting in self-hate and subjugation as she forced out the word in a whisper, "Yes."

"I can't hear you, Mom," Melissa cocked her hand to her ear in an exaggerated motion, "Speak up."

"Yes," her Mom said, still quietly and then a little louder "Yes."

"Ask me properly, say 'please'," grinned her daughter, still teasing the hole with the toy as she rubbed it up and down over the ring and between the cheeks, a promise of what was to come if... when... her Mom asked for it.

"Fuck me..." moaned her Mom, desperately, "in my ass... please."

"MMmnnn, as you ask so sweetly..." grinned Melissa. She pressed the tip of the toy at her Mom's entrance, pressing at the ring, but not quiet opening, teasing the older woman.

"Oooohhh," Veronica shuddered in anticipation, "Fuck me please, Melissa, I want your big strap-on cock up my butthole. I want you to assfuck Mom, please, ram me anally."

"Mmmnnn, your ass is so fuckable I heard, is it? Should I fuck it and find out," Melissa pressed a little harder, feeling the sphincter give way and the tip push in less than a tenth of an inch. The Milf still shook like her world was on fire, nodding eagerly. "Ask for it, Mom, beg for my cock."

"Fuck me please, Melissa, fuck my butt. It's yours, I want it, please, oh God please fuck it good and hard."

"You want me to gape it and wreck it," Melissa pushed a little further in, the sphincter opening round the toy.

"Ooohhh, God yes, fill me Melissa, I want you to fuck my ass so hard it's broken, oooohh, yes, please open my ass," the Milf moaned, her face contorting as she stretched her legs back further than Melissa had imagined they could go, inviting her daughter in.

"Oh, yes, I've wanted this, I've wanted to slam your slut hole," the younger Hastings grinned and pushed further, pumping the toy into her Mom. The Milf gasped and groaned, her body working back against the large cock. Melissa thrust again, sending the cock deeper into her Mom. She let go off the toy and reached to grab her Mom's ankles using them as levers to balance herself as she went back and down in. "Mmmmnn, yes, let me get this dick balls dick in your whorey ass."

"Oooohh, yes, please Melissa, ram it all the way in, I want you to fuck me so hard," Veronica cried out.

Her daughter pounded harder, making sure she was leaning far enough forward so that her Mom was looking up at her face. The Milf's expression was filled with lust and self-disgust, all mixed with pleasure and pain as the prick was pounding hard into her hole. She kept her eyes open, all the time, making sure she was looking back up at Melissa. The younger woman smiled happily and thrust deep, pressing down so that her Mom's face twisted again in pain as her legs were pushed back. But Melissa knew there'd be no complaint and there wasn't, just another series of moans, "Oooohhh, urrrrhh, oooohhh, fill me, ram my ass Melissa, ohhh give it me deep."

"You're such a slutty bitch," Melissa smiled and slammed. The cock went in again, not stopping until Melissa's thighs cracked against her Mom. She paused, "How does it feel to have your daughter balls deep in your butt?"

"Oh Melissa, it feels so good, like it was what my ass was designed for," her Mom moaned.

"That's its purpose," agreed Melissa and resumed her fucking, slamming the cock in deep and hard.

She had fucked a lot of sluts in her time, pounded assholes open almost as often as she'd breathed, slammed dyke bottom after dyke bottom, including her whore of a sister, but none felt quiet so good as her Mom's. It wasn't the physical pleasure, though the purr in her pussy as the strap-on rubbed her clit, was making her drip with ecstasy. It was the having total control of the woman who gave her life, turning the tables to where they should be, so that they were no longer just a mother and daughter, but a top and bottom, a dominant amazon woman and her submissive bitch. Her Mom was hers to fuck whenever she wanted and Melissa intended to make full use of that privilege. "Take it ass whore, take my fucking dick, yes, thank me for ass fucking your slut butt."

"Aaarrrrgg, yesss, thank you Melissa, aaaaarghhh, thank you for hammering my asshole. Ooohhh my God, you're giving it me so good, fuck me harder, please, aaaarrghhh yesss, thank you, thank you, thank you.."

Melissa hammered her squirming Mom, thrusting faster and harder and filling the older woman with hard plastic dick. With each thrust her Mom bucked and cried, so obviously enjoying the fucking. Melissa relaxed her push on her Mom's legs and let them fall back so the heels were resting against her shoulder. She wrapped her arms round them to keep her balance and slammed in, pounding the butt-hole with an athletic energy. Her Mom gasped and shrieked, her body arching and her hand reaching down to her soaked cunt to rub at it as her daughter filled the other hole. "AAarrrghh, yessss, ooohhh fuck, thank you Melissa, aaaarrrghh, thank you for fucking my ass."

"You're such a whore," grinned Melissa, "Aren't you? You're just a fuckhole, a bitch made for banging, a Mom-slut who needs her daughter's cock. Say it, tell me your place."

"I'm a whore, a fuckhole on legs, I exist to be fucked," squealed Veronica.

"Who owns you, bitch?" Melissa grinned, not stopping the pounding.

"You do, you own my ass, you can fuck it whenever you want, I'm your anal slut."

"You are and don't you forget it," smiled Melissa and pounded in again. For the next few minutes she said nothing as she concentrated on pounding the hole as hard and fast as she could, slamming her dildo deep into the back hole and spreading it like soft butter. Her Mom squeaked and squealed and thanked her, whilst begging for more. It was perfect and Melissa thanked her friends in the A-Team for making it possible.

After a while she changed position, twisting her Mom round so that the Milf was on her front ass in the air and Melissa was behind her, pounding her doggy style. It gave her more control and allowed her to go harder and faster, whilst still ramming the dick all the way in. Her hands gripped her Mom's waist hard, her fingers digging into the flesh as she used the hole for her own pleasure, her clit zinging as the toy rubbed it with every violent thrust into the hole she now owned.

"Aaarrrghhh, yessss, aaaarrghhh," screamed Veronica, "Thank you, thank you, aaaaarrghhh, don't stop please, aaaarrghh, yesssss, thank you, aaaarrrghhh!"

The younger brunette continued to pound her Mom, grunting and panting as she slammed hard and fast, her skin red and flushed, glowing with the sheen of perspiration. The plan had worked perfectly, her Mom's stretched ass was hers to do as she wanted, now and forever. Melissa pulled back and wiped her sweaty brow, looking down at the broken in hole, gaping wide and red-rimmed from the hard banging. "Wait here, I'm just going to take a picture," she smiled.

* * *

Later that night there was a new picture on display in the A-Team's den, a cavernous hole between two plump cheeks with the legend Veronica Hastings - butt fucked'.

* * *

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