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Pretty Little Liars: The A-Team Part 10 (F+, inc, anal, gangbang, dp, double anal, atm)
by LL

The Senior Class on Friday was the highlight of Ella's week; they were brighter and more mature than the younger students, able to hold a proper discussion on the merits and hidden meanings of the books she set them without her needing to cajole every word out of them. And if her junior class was filled with teenage boys with unrequited crushes on equally spotty teenage girls, the eighteen year olds in her Senior class were both more subtle in their note-passings and coy cross-desk smiles as well as having mastered the secrets to managing acne. And most importantly there were some real hot little sluts in her class...

Even as she was nodding at Paige McCullers comments on 'The Scarlet Letter' she was glancing down at her phone and looking at the picture of her and Emily Fields bent over the swimming bench, their well used assholes on display. The swimmer finished speaking unaware that her teacher had been looking at her gaping hole; Ella hadn't really been listening so she slipped into auto-teacher mode, "Very good points Paige, that is what the book's saying. What do you think Hanna?"

The little slut started; she'd been dreaming, and from the glances she'd been giving her secret 'girlfriend' Mona on the other side of the room Ella knew exactly what she'd been thinking about. She paused, waiting for the teen to speak, as she did so her thumb skimming across the phone to the photos. "About the book Hanna," she added after a few seconds silence, leading to the blonde making a stuttering start about scarlet being a colour. Ella barely listened, instead she let her eyes fall down to the phone; there were plenty of Hanna pictures, Mona making sure her fellow A-team members were well supplied, but Ella feasted her gaze on a recent one from Sunday. Hanna was leaning on the table, a remains of a roast on it, as beside her leant Ashley Marin in the same pose.

In the photo Alison sitting on the table between them, grinning as she held up her strap-on. Ella glanced at her fellow A-teamer, sitting in the exact opposite back corner from Mona so that no-one would suspect they were best friends and comrades. She was concentrating, looking like butter wouldn't melt her in mouth, the teen who'd escaped from her kidnapper with innocence intact. Few knew the real truth; apart from Ella and Alison, only Mona and their fellow team member Melissa Hastings.

Melissa's sister Spencer was in the front row her hand held so high it was like she was trying to touch the ceiling. She'd been trying to attract Ella's attention, both in the traditional way and by secretly hoisting her dress with one hand, just high enough that the teacher at the front could see that the little dyke whore wasn't wearing panties. Ella wondered if it had been Melissa's idea that the slut should go pantyless to school or whether it had been Spencer's. On most nights she'd have found an excuse to give Spencer a detention and an over the desk butt-fucking, but tonight she had other plans. She decided to put both Hanna and Spencer out of their misery, "Thank you, Hanna," she halted the stammering teen, "Spencer..."

Spencer dropped both hands so her skirt dropped back over her knees and launched into an impassioned and wrong-headed defence of seventeenth century legal mores. Ella ignored her, instead going to one of her favourite pictures, Spencer over her desk, her fucked ass on display. It had been a most enjoyable butt-banging and Ella thought she'd need to repeat it; perhaps next week if Spencer continued to think she was right when she was obviously wrong. The teen finished and Ella was tempted to put her down publicly, tell her she was a dumb bitch and needed an ass thrashing, but unfortunately you couldn't do that in the modern American education system. So instead she just thanked her and asked for further contributions, her thumb skimming through the photos of ass-banged beauties on her phone.

The class continued to give their contributions, needing little more than a gentle prod from the teacher to voice their opinions. It allowed Ella to fix a smile, nod encouragingly and glance down at the various pictures of her open-holed daughter whilst she waited for the day to end so she could get home and gangbang the submissive slut.

* * *

Aria had rushed home to prepare, she wished her Mom had given some more warning or even background. But no she wouldn't have done that, she was testing Aria to make she was a proper submissive like the teen had claimed she was; Aria was determined to confirm it. The problem was Aria had never even thought about what a gangbang entailed, never mind having to prepare to be the centre of one. All she knew was what her Mom had said when she called her over as Aria had arrived in school that day and that was that several friends of her Mom would be joining the Milf in gang-fucking the teen that evening; and that Ella had promised quality. Aria wasn't just not sure who these friends were, but even how many they were. She pulled the cookies out of the oven, hoping they'd be cool enough for when the other women came round; you couldn't go wrong with snacks she had decided; and some wine in the fridge as well.

She glanced at the clock; it was coming up to six, she needed to finish getting ready. She glanced at her Mom, sitting at the small table in her apartment studiously marking; was she ready or was she going to do more? Aria didn't stop to ask, just rushed upstairs to the small spare room. She quickly emptied the suitcase, thinking it lucky she'd already decided to pack some of her sexiest clothes for the weekend at her Mom's, correctly surmising that fucking was on the Milf's mind. She went through them and chose a tiny skirt, one from a few years ago, and if it was tight round the hips it was even shorter on the thighs. For a top she chose a lacy black bra, so sexy her Dad didn't know she even owned it. That done she glanced in the mirror wondering if she needed to wear anything else; socks, a top, panties? She decided she didn't and scooped up her make-up bag to almost run into the bathroom.

Her Mom had hinted that by the end of the night her lip-gloss would be smeared all of her face and her eye-shadow ruined, such was the hard fucking they were planning to give her, which made it even more important to the teen that she started properly made up. Pursing her lips she applied a bright-red gloss, before putting on a more understated blusher and eye-liner. Once again she looked in the mirror, she felt attractive, she hoped her Mom agreed.

She went downstairs, still a few minutes before their guests arrived. She curtsied to her Mom, last weekend her Mom had instructed her to do that before speaking to Ella, to show the proper respect of a submissive to a dominant woman. "I'm ready, Mom."

The Milf looked up from her work and nodded, almost in approval, "Nearly," she said. She picked up a marker pen, "Get down on your knees in front of me and look up."

Aria did; she could smell the oil of pen as her Mom uncapped and leant over her, slowly and deliberately writing on her forehead. "That's better, ass whore," said her Mom, letting go off her. Aria stood and went to look at what her Mom had inscribed on her forehead, it was as she suspected 'ass whore'. It suited Aria thought.

"My guests will be here soon, let them in and remember they're here to enjoy themselves with a cheap anal whore," Ella told her teenage daughter, Aria nodding dutifully and beginning to put away her Mom's school work as the Milf relaxed in front of the TV. That done she went take the wine out of the fridge and make sure there were a selection of glasses sitting ready on the sideboard (originally she'd got out three glasses, then upped to four before deciding to take all six) and waited, nervously and impatiently. As she did so she stood behind her Mom and massaged the Milf's shoulders, idle hands and all that...

The doorbell rang. Without needing any instruction Aria sped over, opening it. Standing in their corridor was her friend Spencer's sister, Melissa. The older Hastings expression switched from neutral to a mocking smile as she looked at the teen standing there in her bra and tiny skirt. "Hello ass whore," she said.

"Come in," said Aria curtsied, trying to hide her surprise that one of the gangbangers was Melissa, who always seemed so straight and conservative; but then so had her Mom.

The twentysomething entered, her hand going down underneath Aria skirts and briefly fondling her snatch, "Nice... hi Ella, thanks for the invite."

"Hi Melissa, you're looking very nice, new top?" her Mom got up from the couch to give Melissa a friendly hug, before turning round to Aria, "Wine, for our guest."

Aria scurried out, pouring two generous glasses (assuming her Mom wanted one as well) before rushing back in. Both women took it without thanks and Aria quickly ran out for the cookies, offering them. Ella and Melissa took one each, but as they might want more Aria remained standing beside them with the plate held forward in her hands.

"Shall we put on a movie while we're waiting for the others?" asked Ella.

"Yes, any ideas?" Melissa nodded.

"I think something to put us in the mood," said Ella, walking over to the cabinet where she kept the hard porn DVDs locked. She bent over and flicked through before pulling one out and walking over to place it in the machine.

Aria managed to take a quick glance at the cover of the DVD, the pictures of young woman tied up whilst other woman fucked and humiliated them told it's own story and her pussy itched with desire. She stayed in place, not able to see the screen, as the music began, tinny and non-descript, though from the looks on her Mom and Melissa's faces the visuals were more entertaining - neither went for a second cookie.

The doorbell rang again. Aria put down the cookies and walked over to answer it again. This time it was Mona standing there, leaving Aria even more surprised than before; at least Melissa was an adult not a student in High School. Aria forced herself to be composed, curtsying to the darker skinned teen, "Come in."

Mona didn't answer her as she walked past, smiling as she saw Ella and Melissa siting in front of the TV, "Hi, how are you, I'm not late?"

"No, not at all," Ella replied.

Mona turned back to look at Aria; "I see what you mean about Aria being a hot little whore - she's looks delectable, just made for fucking. Can I take a closer look?"

"Of course, she's not just mine, she's here for us all to enjoy," Ella smiled broadly. She turned to Aria, "Lift that skirt ass whore, show Melissa and Mona the holes they'll be sampling."

Aria tried not to blush as she lifted her skirt, revealing her snatch, freshly shaved on her return from school. Melissa grinned, "I knew it was nice, you should give it a feel Mona."

The other teen slid her hand down, her thumb pressing at the mons as she fondled Aria. "Oh I see what you mean, it's a slut's cunt, wet already."

"You should see her ass," Ella said, "turn round you little whore and show my friends that tushie of yours."

Her face red with humiliation Aria swung round, keeping her skirt lifted. "Bend over," her Mom instructed as she turned and Aria bent.

She could feel Mona's hand on her butt, cupping and feeling the cheek, squeezing at it gently and giving a little hum of admiration. There was the sound of Melissa walking forward and a second hand joined Mona's in playing with Aria's round buttocks, the two of them gripping and groping the cheeks, pulling them apart. "It's so fuckable looking," said Mona admiringly.

"I can't believe you got to break that cherry," Melissa said wonderingly, her thumb feeling at the tight rosebud, "How hard was it?"

"Tight or difficult," Ella laughed, "It was easy enough once the butt-plug had done its work, but Aria was easy to seduce and let herself be butt-banged by her Mom, she's that type of slut, a total anal whore." Aria blushed to hear her Mom talk about her like that, even if (especially as?) it was true.

"You are so lucky, it's such an ass," grinned Mona giving it an extra squeeze before letting go.

"We're going to enjoy it," Melissa added, withdrawing her hand.

Aria kept her skirt up for a moment, allowing them to continue to feast their eyes on it, before deciding to lower it and offer Mona some hospitality, "Wine?"

"Yes," giggled Mona, "Go pour me a glass," she spanked at Aria's cheeks as she spoke, to send the other teen scampering to the kitchen.

Her Mom shouted, "Pour a second glass, we've one more guest to arrive."

Aria did so, returning with them and passing one to Mona, who was sitting on the couch, munching a cookie as she watched the porno with the others, her eyes glued to the screen where a young blonde was getting spit roasted by two older looking lesbians. She wondered if it was a potent, from the way her Mom, Melissa and Mona's eyes flicked between her and the screen she assumed it was.

The door bell rang for the third and final time; Aria moved to quickly to open the door. Standing in the corridor, with a grin as fake as a pair of plastic boobs, was Alison DiLaurentis.

"Smile," said the blonde with a wicked laugh. Aria wasn't sure who'd she been expecting but her despised ex-friend would have been at the bottom of the list. She had always assumed her Mom had only tolerated Alison because she'd been a close friend of Aria's and when that friendship ended that Ella would have as little do with Alison as the pope with water-skiing , not invite her to gangbang her daughter. For a moment Aria wondered if it was a mistake and Alison had come round for another reason - in which case Aria standing in the doorway with 'ass whore' stencilled on her forehead was ultra-embarrassing. However the blonde looked unsurprised at seeing Aria in hooker gear and the calls of welcome from the other inside confirmed she was expected.

"C...c...come in," said Aria nervously as Alison eyed her like a python eyes a mouse. The brunette stepped aside to allow the other teen in.

Alison didn't move, remaining in place and looking Aria up and down, hungrily and lustily. "So ass whore," she said with a wicked smile, "Does your Mom have any neighbours?"

Aria looked up and down the corridor at the closed doors of the other apartments, "A few," she whimpered, unsure why Alison was asking, but guessing it was going to be bad.

"Are they in?" Alison's finger went to under the front strap of the bra, between the cups and pulled it out, snapping it back.

Aria looked at her Mom, Ella grinned, "Answer her Aria."

"I... I... I don't know."

"Do they know you're a dyke slut?" Alison smiled charmingly.

"No, I...I...I don't think so... I d...don't know," Aria blushed as red as a beetroot.

"You think they'd know if I stood here finger fucking you?" asked Alison, her hand reached under Aria's skirt, though unlike the other's who'd just fondled the outside she pushed at the slit with her finger, driving the digit into the hole.

"Uurrhhh," Aria started and gave a gasp, backing against the door frame as Alison pushed and prodded her cunt, leaning her other hand on the outside wall next to the brunette.

Her face was inches from Aria's, a broad, but evil, beam on her pretty face. "What if someone comes out - won't they be surprised to see Aria Montgomery dressed like a whore getting finger-fucked. Perhaps I'll tell them I'm paying you for a finger-fuck... how much do you think twenty dollars? ten?"

"Five," laughed Ella from inside, "She's cheap Alison."

"Five it is," smiled Alison, "but for that I want a pussy licking as well."

She pulled back her finger, wet with Aria's juice and started to undo her jeans. Aria looked at her aghast, "Here? in the corridor? Where anyone could walk past?" She turned and threw a beseeching look at her Mom.

"You heard her, she's here to enjoy you," said Ella crossly. "Eat her cunt you slut."

Alison had slid her jeans down to her knees and placing her hands on either side of her cunt was pulling it apart, "Get down and guzzle it you dyke hooker."

Aria took one last glance down the corridor, praying that the doors would remain closed and no-one would appear from the elevator at the end. Then she dropped to her knees, knowing that the sooner and quicker she licked out her ex-friend the sooner they could go indoors (she hoped). Her mouth opened and her tongue went out. The teen didn't bother with teasing or starting slow, but went full force immediately, pushing her tongue and face forward.

"Mmmnnn, you're right Ella Aria is such a cunt-licker," Alison said, too loudly for Aria's comfort.

"That's because she's a dyke whore," laughed Mona, not attempting to be silent either.

"She sure is," Alison grabbed the back of Aria's head and forced her face further forward, jamming it into her wet cunt.

Aria went as fast as she could, her tongue pounding forward and up, into the tunnel trying to find the sweet spot and out and over the clit, making her ex-friend quiver and grip her head harder. The blonde's cunt was wet, the juice seeping out of it and coating Aria's tongue with its flavour; sweet and tasty to Aria's horror.

"Mmmmnnn," Ali moaned, "Eat it up dyke."

Blushing red Aria did as she was told, slurping the pussy, almost forgetting the fear of getting caught as she was lost in beautiful cunt, eating its lovely nectars, swallowing the sexy, warm juices. It was where she belonged, between a top's legs, licking - in public or private; as her Mom said she was a slutty lesbo whore and all they cared about was pussy. She could feel the cheap corridor carpet beneath her knees, rubbing at her skin as she shuffled forward, pushing her head deeper into Alison's twat, her tongue pressing down as far as it could.

"Dirty slut," moaned Alison, her hands now resting on the frame like she was trying to push the door apart, "Mmmnnn, eat my cunt, slurp it like a skank hooker."

The teen's tongue probed and pushed and pounded; she could hear Alison's moans and the laughs and giggles of the other tops as they encouraged her and Ali on. The reinforcement for Alison was all positive, "Go for it Alison." "You're so making her yours." "Make her tongue you." For Aria the calls were designed to humiliate and degrade, "Eat it bitch." "Use your lezzie tongue." "Go for it you cunt-lapping whore." Aria didn't know if they knew how much reminding her of her place and what she was turned her on, but it did, making her pussy tingle with excitement, even if she couldn't touch it. Her mouth pressed harder at the twat, the lips pressed hard at the hole's sides as she stabbed deep.

Even as she was licking at the pussy she could heat footsteps behind her; Melissa's she thought, but wasn't sure and she didn't dare remove her face from Ali's snatch to turn and look. Whoever it was roughly pulled the bra from Aria's tits, before snapping the clasp open and throwing it out into the corridor; Aria wondered what the neighbours would think if it was left there; that she was a slut, she supposed. Her tongue drove at Alison's cunt and teen squealed, "Aaahhh, yes, lick my twat with your lezzie tongue..."

The brunette's skirt was lifted up, exposing her buttocks. "Look at that ass," cried Mona from the sofa, "It's so fuckable."

"You're telling me," Ella laughed, "Melissa?"

"Mmmnnn, it's round and firm," Melissa's hands were rolling over the round cheeks like she was polishing marble. She gripped the cheeks and pulled them apart, "Flexible as well." Aria could feel the twentysomething's spit trickling down the crevice between her buttocks and then a finger at her rosebud, pressing forward. Her tongue pushed at Alison as she was entered, she wanted to cry out and beg for her ass to be reamed, but she knew Alison wouldn't appreciate the pause and she remembered her Mom's words about the others being here to enjoy themselves. The finger pushed deeper, wiggling and tickling the hole. "Tight as well," said Melissa.

"She's a little slut," said her Mom.

"She is," giggled Alison, her hand pushing Aria's head at her pussy, "As big a dyke skank as I've seen."

Melissa withdrew her finger, "What did you say she was? An ass whore? Let's see how true it is."

"You go for it girl," giggled Mona.

"She's a slut," laughed Ali.

"Fuck that butt," Ella called out cheerfully.

Aria could feel one of Melissa's hands on her cheeks, pulling the cheek away from it's partner and re-exposing her backhole. A tip of plastic pressed against the sphincter, resting for a second on the crumpled flesh round the hole before driving forward. If Aria's mouth hadn't been full of Ali cunt she'd have screamed, mainly in pleasure, as the toy was driven forward. It might have been Melissa's first time with her, but from the force and skill with which she rammed it in it was obvious that the older brunette had fucked plenty of female ass before. The dildo eased back, a slurping sound come from the teen's asshole as the air was sucked from it, before being rammed back with even greater and vigour, making Aria bounce against Ali's cunt, her tongue temporarily falling from the slot.

"Don't stop slut," laughed Alison, grabbing Aria's head between her head and dragging it forward, "Eat me."

"Tongue that pussy you cunt-licking whore," said Melissa, "Slurp it as I butt-fuck this skank hole."

The twentysomething rammed in, driving the dildo deep. In just a few thrusts she had the toy all the way in and now was using her energy to slam it fast and hard. Her hands gripped Aria's waist for leverage, squeezing and nipping at the flesh as she pounded. Aria rocked and shuddered as the full force of Melissa smashed into her, the older brunette's thighs hitting her buttocks and sounding like peals of thunder. It was sore and fun, her asshole being stretched agonisingly and pleasurably at the same time; not that Melissa cared - dildoing the teenager's anal passage with enthusiasm.

Aria continued to concentrate on Ali, licking hard at the wet pussy. Not that she had much choice with the blonde gripping her head and keeping her in place; though Aria was sure that she was such a slut, that even if Ali had let go she'd have carried on licking. And Alison seemed to be appreciating it, moaning in ecstasy, so loud Aria hoped none of the neighbours decided to look out to see what the noise was in the apartment corridor, "uuurhhh, mmmnnnn, ooohhhh, ohhhh, urrrhhhhh."

Aria tongue slurped in, drinking down more of the juice that Ali was producing; there was a waterfall of girl cum over Aria's lips and tongue, flowing into her mouth. Alison rocked and writhed, "Aaaarrghhh," she screamed "Aaaarrrgghh, yessss, aaaarggghhh!"

An explosion of cum hit Aria, so powerful that no more than a fraction went into her mouth, most of shooting over her face, blinding her and making her nostrils sting as she sniffed it up. She moved to carry on licking, but Alison was stepping away. "Mona, you ought to come over here and get your cunt eaten by this slut, she's a pro."

"Oooohhh, ohhhh," Aria gasped as Melissa continued to fuck her butt, "Ooohhh, ohhhh."

Mona pushed past Aria on her hands and knees in the doorway to stand in the corridor; she'd removed her jeans and shoes, just wearing her pullover, which she had raised to her hips so that her naked cunt was on display inches from Aria's face. "You know what to do..." she grinned.

Even if Aria didn't (and she did) her Mom's yell would have told her, "Eat that pussy, baby."

For the second time Aria's mouth found pussy, opening to lick and lap at the hole and the flesh around it; no technique, just hard slurping. Her tongue drove in and out, up and down, side to side, like it had a mind of its own. Mona seemed to appreciate, as like Ali, she grabbed the brunette's head and dragged her in, "Lick it you whore, lick it."

"Slurp her pussy, dyke, shove your tongue down her hole and lap it up," Melissa said from behind her, still continuing to ram hard at the teen asshole, filling the chute with thick, hard plastic, making Aria ache and orgasm. "We've all been waiting for this, to fuck your dyke holes."

"And it's worth it," groaned Mona, pressing her pussy into Aria's face so that her nose was jammed in the slit, the aroma of damp cunt filling her nostrils. "Your Mom was right, you're a whore, a dirty slut lesbo whore."

"I knew you'd enjoy her," laughed Ella from the sofa, "She's the most natural slut ever."

"I think you're right," giggled Mona "And we all know some natural bitch sluts."

For some reasons that made the other's laugh, Aria wasn't sure why. But it wasn't her place to know, her role was to lick Mona's pussy as hard and energetically as she could, whilst raising her ass and wiggling it back for Melissa's ultimate enjoyment.

"Mmmnnn yeah, that's hot ass," moaned Melissa, "Aria's such a whore."

"Ooooh, but she's a great pussy licker," moaned Mona, as if the two things shouldn't both be true.

The two women continued to share Aria happily as Alison and Ella giggled and chatted on the couch, now and then, calling out in encouragement to their friends. "Fuck her good." "Make her slurp that cunt." Aria did, the humiliation of being shared half-in, half-out of the communal corridor a big turn on; making the dildo in her ass feel all the more pleasurable and the twat in her mouth twice as sweet. "Give the slut your cock." "Grind her dyke face in your cunt."

Melissa pounded harder, sending vibrations through Aria's body. In turn the teen's tongue probed and pounded at Mona, swinging deep into her hole. The two dommes held her tight between them, her head gripped and forced into Mona, her hips squeezed in Melissa's hands. The butt-busting top was really slamming away, giving Aria the whole cock so hard and fast that her ass was burning. It made her lap harder and Mona shrieked and squealed, "AAAArrghh, fuckkkk, aaaarrgghhh."

Aria continued, harder, her tongue smashing at the sweet slot, slurping the slick hole. "Aaaarrrghhh," screamed Mona, "I'm cumming, you're making me cum you slut...aaaarggghhh." More juice rushed from her cunt and into Aria's mouth as the darker skinned teen forced Aria's face closer. "Aaaarrrghhh, fuuucckkk, aaaarrggghhh."

She fell away and for a moment Aria could gasp and groan free of pussy as Melissa's cock rammed her ass, "Oooohhh, uuurrhhhh., oohhhh." Cum slid from her lips as she moaned, "uuurhhh, ooohhh."

The strap-on was yanked from her ass so suddenly that it was like a spotlight had been thrust in her face, leaving Aria blinking and her mouth agape with surprise. She wondered whether she should use this opportunity to retreat fully into the apartment or whether her Mom and the others were so getting off on the risk and humiliation of her that they'd want to her to stay. Before she could decide she could hear her Mom coming over, "It's my time for some anal whore butt." She got behind the teen and spread her cheeks, the open ass being so open from Melissa's pounding she didn't need to use her hand to guide it in.

Aria gasped as the toy entered her; she couldn't say she hadn't enjoyed Melissa's fucking, but there was something hot about her Mom doing it - especially in company. "Mmmnn, fuck me Mom, fuck your whore daughter's hole."

Her Mom didn't answer her, sliding the dick deeply into the ass and giving a couple of exploratory thrusts to make sure it was fully in. Then she paused and spoke, "You want to give this slut a proper spit-roasting."

"Absolutely," said Melissa. She too pushed past the teen in the doorway, but unlike Mona she wasn't offering her pussy, but the rubber dick that had just been sheathed in Aria's bowels. The brunette teen accepted eagerly, opening her mouth to take the strap-on between her lips.

"Fucking whore," said Ella as she started to ram her daughter's ass, "Only a skank would take a dildo that just been in her mouth in her ass."

"Yes, especially when she's getting a second cock in her dyke butt at the same time," grinned Melissa, moving forward. If the younger top's thrusts weren't as hard and brutal as Ella's she was still keen to get as much of the fake phallus into Aria's mouth as possible, grabbing the back of the teen's head and dragging her along the pole. "Suck it fuck-face."

Aria choked and gagged, not just with the taste and the knowledge of where the cock had been and what she was cleaning, but because of the depth Melissa was shoving it, the tip pressing at her throat and tonsils. She let out a surge of bile and spit, the goo spewing out of her mouth and dribbling down her chin. At the same time her eyes were watering uncontrollably, leaking and tearing, smudging the eyeliner as her Mom had said would happen. Melissa thrust again, forcing the cock into the teenage mouth, "You fucking dirty cock-sucking dyke bitch," she cried out in pleasure.

"You fuckhole cunt, you dirty fucking anal hooker," laughed Ella and slammed forward, driving her strap-on all the way into her daughter's back passage and slapping her thighs at the teen's ass. Aria would have screamed in ecstasy if she was able, but all she could manage was a gasping, gurgle and another stream of white bile flooding from her mouth. Her Mom grunted and panted, fucking her harder, as Melissa hit her from the other end.

"Fuck her in both end, spit roast the dyke," called out Alison in encouragement.

"Show her what the A-team does to lesbo whores," Mona added with a laugh, "She's a slut, fuck her hard."

Aria was creased as both her ends were banged, the plastic pricks slipping into both holes. Her pussy was slick and hot with lust, burning with a taboo desire. The juice dripping from it onto the carpet, just inside the apartment, another couple inches forward and it'd be outside, leaving spots outside her Mom's apartment door. Though even if she had she was sure no neighbour see them, they would think that Aria was depraved enough to be double-fucked half-in, half-out of the apartment. She was though, she knew that, she was a dirty slut, a dyke whore who couldn't get enough rubber dick in her asshole.

"You slut, take it in your butt," her Mom called.

"Mouth my cock, deep throat this dildo," giggled Melissa.

The two women went harder, smacking Aria between each other, laughing and joking as they butt-banged and face-fucked her. Aria loved it, shuddering between them, her body blazing with pleasure as orgasmic waves rushed through her.

Suddenly, without warning Ella withdrew her dick, breathing heavily. She reached down and grabbed Aria, pulling her back into the apartment and off Melissa's cock. The older brunette grinned, "There, that's clean." She wiggled the strap-on and stepped out of the corridor, closing the door behind her. Aria noticed that her sexy bra was still out there, lying on the floor; she somehow didn't think that anyone would listen if she mentioned it.

Ella half-pulled, half-dragged Aria into the room, "Ali and Mona want to double-fuck your slutty dyke whoreholes now."

Aria looked up, her ex-friend was sitting on the couch smiling like a hyena, naked apart from a strap-on. Beside her Mona was equally 'dressed' with a butter wouldn't melt in her mouth expression. She looked at Ella and Aria, "I think the whore should beg for us to bang her."

Aria bowed her head for a moment, accepting the top's superiority, before looking up and putting everything she had into her pleads, "Please fuck me. I really want you to fuck me together, one of you in my worthless lesbo pussy and other pounding my anal whorehole. Treat me as your personal fucktoy and bang me as hard and fast as you like, I'll be your slutty, submissive bitch, a dirty whore for your plastic pricks. I'll squeal out your names and cry out for your pleasure. Please just fuck me, fuck me hard please."

"What do you think Ali, should we fuck her?" Mona got up and stood in front of Aria, pressing her cock at the teen's mouth.

"I don't know," giggled Ali, "Look she's putting her lips round your dong like a whore."

"She is a whore," Melissa laughed, dropping down on the other couch and reaching for one of the cookie's Aria had baked earlier.

Aria rocked her head back and forth, slurping on Mona's dildo, looking up entreatingly at the top, like a dog at it's master. She was sure that Mona and Ali would double-fuck her whether she begged or not, but why take the risk? She pulled her head back, leaving the dick dripping, "Please, please fuck my lesbo ass and cunt. Ram it like I'm a slut. I'll be yours, a skank fuckhole, who wants hard fucking dick. Please bang both my holes together." She put her mouth back down on Mona's strap-on energetically sucking the dick.

"Come get on my cock," Alison said swinging round so she was lying back on the couch, "I want to you to see my face as me and Mona fuck you, so you know that you're the fucking whore and I'm the fucking top, you dumb slut. You should never have broken with me as friends; you wouldn't be a whore if we were. " Ali have a streak of vindictiveness, but then she was a domme and Aria was a submissive so the teen did as she said, getting on to the couch and sliding her soaking wet pussy down Alison's large dong. The blonde grinned as the brunette straddled her, "That's good, all the way whorebag, impale that pussy on my big dick."

"Mmmmnn, urrrrhhh," Aria moaned as the huge prick filled her tight, and so far unused, twat. She did as her ex-friend said, lowering herself all the way down the strap-on, so that it vanished completely into her wet cunt.

"Stay still you slut," ordered Mona. She clambered onto the sofa behind Aria and slowly plied apart Aria cheeks. The hole was still loose from the earlier butt-rammings it had received and Mona was able to easily enter, making Aria wince as the two strap-ons filled her holes and rubbed at each other through her thin membrane. The two teens began to move together, rising and falling into Aria.

Aria felt totally full, like there was no room to breathe or move, without being ripped in half. However it felt good, not just that every tiny shift send waves of ecstasy through her, but that having two dicks in her where most women would only take one confirmed her status as a submissive slut, a bitch for others to use.

"Stop day dreaming whorebag," snapped Alison, "Ride our fucking cocks."

Even as she was saying it Aria could feel her lifting her hips to pound the cock into her pussy and Mona draw back to thrust again. Aria began to writhe and wriggle with them; it was impossible to match them totally as sometimes they thrust together, sandwiching Aria between them and then Alison or Mona would speed up and hit her hole and be out even as the other went in. But rhythm or not Moan and Alison were moving fast as if they'd practiced together many times, sending Aria into a bliss of orgasmic pleasure. She gasped and groaned, "Ooohhh, urrrrhh, yessss, yesssss."

"The little dyke's a DP bitch," laughed Melissa.

"Make sure you two have fun and really gape open those holes," Ella added, "She's such a skank she can take it."

"Yeah Mona, what do you say, shall we up the pace?" Alison grinned, slamming up.

"Why not Ali?" replied Mona and both teen's began to pound even faster and harder, loosing any semblance of rhythm in a welter of thrusts and punches and hammerings.

Sandwiched between them Aria was in heaven, squealing and squeaking, shrieking and screaming, "AAaarrrghh, yessss, aaarrgghhh." It didn't matter that it was Ali, her nemesis fucking her - indeed that might be an added turn-on, as was doing it in front of her Mom - all that mattered was that two cocks at once were smashing it to her, filling her. "Aaaaarrrghh, fuuuckkk, yesssss. Fuck me harder!"

"Say please whoreface," laughed Alison even as she was fucking harder.

"Please, please, please fuck me harder, ram my holes, fuck me until I snap," screamed Aria.

Mona's hands were gripping and pulling at Aria's tits, yanking at the nipples and letting them bounce back like little springs. Alison's hands were squeezing the brunette's hips, keeping her in position as she slammed forward, her lips raised in a mocking smile as she used and abused Aria's cunt like she owned it; which, Aria thought, she probably did - or at least she had a quarter share in it. The blonde's cock pounded up, ramming through the wet flesh and smacking against it's partner dick somewhere in Aria's middle, the thin wall separating them vibrating and stretching as the two toys rammed it. Aria screamed in pleasure again, "Fuucckkk, I'm cumming, oooohhh, aaaarrghhh."

"Tag," Melissa said behind Aria and the teen heard the slap of two palms cracking against each other as Mona laughed.

There was a pop as the dark-skinned teen withdrew her dick from Aria's asshole. The coolness which filled the teenage butthole was only temporary, as soon as Mona was off the couch Melissa was back on and sliding her dick back into the hole she'd been fucking earlier. Aria moaned in gratitude, her hands gripping the sofa cushions as the older brunette pushed the toy as deep as she could and Alison slowed to let her in get into a rhythm.

"Mmmnnn fuck, you're such a whore Aria, fancy letting us DP you," Melissa said, "Not that I'm complaining, this is so fucking hot."

Mona was climbing onto the sofa again, standing delicately over Ali, balancing her feet on the soft cushions. She wiggled the dick at Aria's face, "Come on you slut, you know what to do."

Aria wasn't one hundred percent sure, though she was perhaps ninety and opened her mouth to slide it over Mona's cock for a second time. It was more bitter than before, but Aria still swallowed it like the good little submissive slut she was. The three others began to move, thrusting into her holes and if she'd been filled before she was triple filled now.

"I've got to get a picture of this," Ella laughed, picking up her phone, "The three of you making her airtight is ultra-hot."

The three dommes paused to turn their heads to the camera and give cheery grins, before resuming the fucking of Ella's daughter. The Milf grinned and took another series of shots, "I've got to get these shots for the album," she said.

"Make sure you send them to us," said Ali, ramming her cock into Aria's snatch.

"Of course," Ella grinned as she knelt down and stretched out her arm so that she could take an action pic of the blonde's toy slamming into Aria.

The three tops carried on, pressing their toys into Aria and filling her with plastic prick. The brunette teen shuddered and shook, pushed this way and that by the other women, bouncing between them. Her head bobbed down one prick as her hips jerked so that her ass and pussy could manage two more. It made her ache as she strained to take them all, but it felt so good and humiliating, like a sub-whore. Melissa was grappling with her boobs, gripping them in her hands and squeezing them. Mona's hands were on the back of her head, driving the Aria's head back and forth down her dildo. And Alison's were still clamped to her sides, using the hips as levers to drag herself up.

"Mmmnn, this is so much fun," said Melissa.

"I love fucking sluts with you all," said Mona.

"Me too," said Ali, "You're all the best."

"Thirded," grinned Ella. She put down her phone and smiled at the blonde teen underneath, "Tag."

Alison put out her hand and Ella slapped it. Aria gasped as Mona pulled out of her mouth and Melissa out of her butt, the two teen's hopping of the couch. "Off you get whorebag," said Alison pushing at Aria's chest with her hand, "Didn't you hear your Mom? we're swapping."

Aria stood up, her legs weak and watery from the fucking she'd just received. Her Mom was getting on the couch, lying back and pointing her strap-on towards the ceiling, "On you climb, ass whore, let me bang that skanky pussy again." Aria did as instructed lowering her cunt down her Mom's toy.

She could see Alison raising her hand and high-fiving Melissa, "Tag, I've got to have some Aria ass," the blonde said.

"I'd recommend it," grinned Melissa. "Tag," she in turn said to a smiling Mona, "My toy needs a mouth wash."

The women rearranged themselves, Alison clambering on the couch behind Aria and pushing her strap-on into the teen's butt-hole, whilst Melissa stood over Ella and fed the older woman's daughter a well-used cock. Aria slurped at it greedily, bobbing her head back and forth down the toy as the other two toys began to hammer her holes.

"She's a natural isn't she?" grinned Mona as she picked up her phone, "Ella we've got to get some pictures of you fucking her as well."

Ella grinned, "Oh yes." She began to pound hard at her daughter's twat as Mona snapped away at the trio making Aria airtight.

The fucking was as hard and brutal as before, the swapping of holes reinvigorating the tops and causing them to hammer at Aria's holes with renewed passion. And Aria, desperate to please and show them what a slut she was, sucked and bounced and jerked in time with them, using every muscle and sinew she could to meet their fucks. Her body burnt and ached and strained; it was worth it for the continuous flow of ecstatic pleasure that flowed through it and all through it Mona continued to lift her phone and snap photo after photo.

After a few minutes Mona tagged Ella and the four women changed holes again, this time Melissa picking up her phone to take the pictures whilst Mona slammed Aria's pussy from above, Ella butt-fucked her from below and Alison fed her dildo over the couch arm. For the next while the four tops continued swapping and fucking so that all of them enjoyed all of Aria's holes, leaving the ass gaping, the pussy soaked and Aria's jaw so sore that she could hardly speak.

Eventually Mona pulled the cock out of Aria's ass, "I'm exhausted," she said, wiping her forehead and dropping down on the other sofa.

"I am as well, but it was worth it," grinned Melissa, she pushed Aria up and pulled the soaking wet dildo from her pussy.

"I could fuck her ass again," said her Mom, popping the cock from Aria's mouth and letting the teen gasp for air. Ella looked at Alison who was holding her camera to take a snap of the gaping butt-hole, "If the other two have finished are you up for sharing?"

"I am," grinned Alison, "Which hole? Spit roast or DP?"

Ella grinned, "You misunderstand, When I said sharing I mean the same hole."

Alison's eyes widened in surprise and then her smile grew bigger, "You mean double anal?"

"I do," said Ella.

"This I've got to see," said Melissa jumping up and grabbing her phone, as Mona nodded and joined her.

"Okay ass whore," said Ella lying back on the sofa, "I want you to stand up and then lower yourself backwards on to my dick."

"Yes, Mom," said Aria submissively. She waited until her Mom was fully in position, before climbing on top and lowering herself down. Melissa was kneeling beside them taking the dildo and guiding it into the teen's well-opened hole. Aria moaned as it entered, continuing to slide down the shaft until she was seated on her Mom's prick.

"You ready?" asked Alison.

"Yes," whimpered Aria in a small voice.

"I wasn't talking to you," snapped Ali, "Ella?"

"Let's do it," grinned the Milf, pulling Aria back so that the teen was lying on her chest.

Alison climbed on the sofa, it squeaking as she waddled forward, dildo in hand, the toy slick with cunt juice and saliva and whatever else. Aria closed her eyes and gasped through gritted teeth as the blonde started to push her dick into a hole already filled with it. "MMmnnn, it's tight again," Alison said.

"Push it Ali," Mona laughed.

"I think you'll really have to split her whore ass to get it in," agreed Ella.

"Yes, it's slow," said Alison.

She continued to push forward, gradually forcing the hole even wider open than it had been before, wider than Aria had thought possible. It ached, like been forced to do the splits whilst sitting on a concrete bollard. Aria's teeth ground together and her eyes were closed so tightly that she could feel water leaking from them, further ruining her already wrecked eye-liner. She squeezed her fists together, knifing the nails into her palm as if that could reduce the agony in her stretched butt.

"Mmmnnn, this is so hot, double-ass fucking an anal whore," grinned Ella, working her toy in and out to help Alison's enter.

"It is, I can't believe we've never done it before..." Alison said.

"Oh we'll be doing it more," grinned Ella

Aria let out a grunt, "Uuuhhh."

"Looks like the ass-whore is enjoying it as well," said Alison laughing. She pushed the cock a little further in, grimacing with the effort, "God, that is good."

The dildo slowly moved deeper, Alison stopping every few moments to pull it back half an inch and then push it again. Ella continued to work with her, pushing in unison so that both cocks were spearing the hole together, forcing apart the walls and filling the hole so completely with plastic. Aria gasped and groaned, trying to ignore the pain and instead thinking about how sluttish and submissive it was to have two dicks in her ass. And not any two dicks either, one belonging to her Mom and the other to her enemy; that was even more humiliating and submissive.

"Look how wet she is," giggled Melissa, "The dirty slut is enjoying this."

"She is a whore," agreed Ella. "I think we're almost in Ali."

"Yeah, Ella, another inch," grunted Alison, her hands pressed on Aria's thighs forcing the legs further back and giving herself more room to press in, expanding the hole slowly, but surely.

"Mmmnnn," Ella grinned, "This feels so good on my pussy, think you can go harder?"

"Yes," said Alison and began to move in and out.

It wasn't as hard or as fast as when she'd been solo in Aria's ass, but it was enough to gape the hole and make Aria scream and squeal, "AAaarrrghh, aaaarrghh." It was painful, but there was pleasure there as well, intense and powerful, like getting burnt alive in a heavenly fire. "Aaarrrrghh, fuuuuckk, aaaaarrgghh."

Alison pushed and pounded, driving her dildo over Ella's and into the asshole. "Fuck," she grunted, "Fuck."

"These are some for the album," grinned Mona holding her phone, "You'll have to see them, I'll send them you, it's so sexy, the two of you sharing whore ass."

"It's really fun," giggled Ella, "It makes me feel so close to Ali, we should make sure we do this more as a bonding exercise."

"Oh I am so in for that," said Alison, wiping her forehead and pushing forward again, "We ought to make this a weekly thing, double-fucking Aria's ass."

"Double-anal Friday," said Melissa, "Sounds a good idea."

"MMnnnn yes, let's do that," said Ella. She gripped her daughter's titties and thrust up, joining Alison in entering the hole.

"Aaaarrrghh," screamed Aria, "Fuuuuckk, aaaarrrgghh, yesssss"

The four tops laughed at her agreement as Alison continued to thrust forward for a few more moments, before she pulled the toy out, sweating and flushed. Ella's cock sprang out seconds later as Alison looked down at the butt "God that hole is gaping."

"Up," said Ella, "Lean forward and let me see."

Aria sat up and rolled forward onto her hands and knees, showing her battered asshole to her Mom. Ella whistled, "You're not joking, that's massive." She swatted Aria's butt, "Get on the floor on your hands and knees, I want to take a picture."

Aria did as she was told as Ella got up and picked up her phone. She grinned at her friends, "You should all be in at as well, after all it's not just a memento for me."

"Okay," laughed Alison. She slid herself forward on Aria's back, her wet pussy sliding down the teen's spine. She rested her head at the top of the ass crack and hooking a finger down, pulled the open hole up. Even as she was doing that Melissa and Mona was sitting down on either side of Aria, resting their heads on her butt cheeks. They slid a finger each into her hole, pulling it wider, so that the three tops were opening Aria's ass as wide as it could go.

"Smile," grinned Ella and snapped the photo.

* * *

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