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Pretty Little Liars: Sleepover Surprise Part 2 (FF+,inc,anal,dp)
by LL

Hanna was unclothed, absolutely and totally nude, no socks or scarf to cover her nakedness, not even a hair band or bracelet. To her four best friends this wouldn't have been a surprise, they had also been at the lesbian orgy a week ago where the four teens had given themselves with eager enthusiasm to their Mothers. And from their conversations at school Hanna's experience of the next day hadn't been unusual; the Moms had left after the fuckfest, leaving the stunned teens to continue their sleepover and picked them up as planned the next morning. Hanna had tried to talk about what had happened on the way home, but her Mom had either not answered or swiftly changed the conversation. It had left Hanna confused about whether it had been a weird dream where A (who seemed to have vanished, leaving them alone) had reappeared and slipped something in their drinks.

Luckily the journey between the Spencer's and Marin's wasn't longer than ten minutes, slightly less on a quiet Sunday morning. Hanna and her Mom had entered the house, Ashley shutting the door between her. Then before Hanna had a chance to restart the conversation the older woman was pulling down her pants revealing a strap-on ready equipped and lifting Hanna's skirt; they fucked there and then, Ashley ramming her daughter from behind as the teen lay over the couch armrest.

They never did have that conversation...

They did, however, fuck a lot, both that day and for the rest of week and Ashley quickly made clear that inside the house she regarded Hanna wearing clothing as an impediment to allowing easy access to her hot body. She also made clear that top and bottom wasn't going to the same as Mom and daughter and that as a bottom Hanna couldn't be expected to be waited on hand and foot as when she hadn't been Ashley's lover - far from it.

Which was why, in what her friends would have found surprising, the blonde was taking opportunity of the time between her returning from school and her Mom getting in from work to run the vacuum round the house and make a start on the Friday evening dinner. She hummed happily as she worked, the joy within her every now and then breaking into small excerpts of song.

Her reverie was broken by the sonorous ding-dong of the doorbell. Switching off the Dyson, Hanna scurried to the front door. She put her eye to the viewing hole, she didn't want to open it and give the delivery guy from Amazon an eyeful. It was Spencer standing there, a little nervous and impatient, as if she expected the door to open magically on her knock. For a moment, Hanna considered, her Mom would be home soon and whilst she'd cut the vegetables they hadn't yet been put into boil. At the same time she couldn't imagine her Mom would mind too much if dinner was a little late because Spencer was having an emergency; Hanna had become a bottom not a slave.

She opened the door, peeking her head round so that she didn't give the neighbours a view, "Spencer," she grinned, "Come in."

Her friend stepped, not registering any surprise at Hanna's nudity, but letting her eyebrows rise as she registered the Dyson. Only for a second though, Spencer was too cool a cat to loose her poise for long. "My Mom rang me and told me to come over."

"Oh, did she say for what?" Hanna asked, "My Mom didn't say anything." She wasn't sure whether that meant anything or not, she was still very new to this.

So was Spencer. The other teen shook her head and looked around as if expecting a clue, "No." She paused for a moment. "Do you think I should take off my clothes as well?"

Hanna frowned as she thought, briefly weighing up the options before deciding, "It can't do any harm. I mean if your Mom sent you over my Mom must know about it." The two Moms were close, as they were with their other friends Mom's, which was why they'd all taken their daughters together, of that Hanna was sure.

Spencer took off her jacket and began to undo her blouse. "Where should I put them?" she asked.

"You could put them in my room," Hanna suggested, "it's not like I use it often."

"I'll get undressed there," Spencer said.

"Okay," Hanna wondered if her friend was shy; if so she shouldn't be - not only had Hanna seen her naked lots of time before in sleepovers and in changing rooms, but she'd also seen her being butt-fucked last weekend.

Spencer zipped up the stairs and Hanna was just about to resume her vacuuming when the doorbell rang again. Half expecting it to be Veronica Hastings Hanna rushed over to it. She was wrong, it was Emily Fields; after briefly glancing through the eyehole Hanna opened the door and asked her friend in.

"Hi, my Mom told me to come over," Emily said as she stepped in. She looked at Hanna quizzically as if her friend had the answer.

"Yeah, Spencer's Mom did the same," Hanna said and saw Emily's brow quiver in puzzlement, which made three of them. Still, if there was a mystery over why her friends were coming over, Hanna was sure it would soon be solved and she hoped the solution would be as enjoyable as the last weekend. She pointed to the stairs, "She's just getting undressed upstairs."

"Was she told to?" asked Emily.

Shaking her head Hanna replied, "No, we just thought it might be a good idea."

"I'll do the same," Emily nodded and headed up to join her friend, calling out her name softly as she ascended.

Hanna managed to get one round from the Dyson before the doorbell rang for the third time. She switched off the machine and hurried over to gaze through the eyehole just to check it was Aria. It was.

"Your Mom told you to come over?" the blonde asked as she invited her friend in.

"Yes, has yours said what its about?" Aria asked.

"She didn't even tell me we're having visitors. Spencer and Em are in my room, their Moms told them to come over. We thought they better get undressed, you know just in case."

Aria did know or at least she nodded as if she did. Like Hanna she didn't think that they'd all be invited over for a study session or at least the only studying they'd be doing was Mom cunt. "I better do the same."

She hurried upstairs, giving Hanna time to vacuum the lounge. That done the teen considered whether she needed to peel more vegetables and think about getting some more chicken chunks out, ready for grilling and adding to the sauce. There was enough for her and her Mom, but if there were visitors and they were going to eat more than pussy (though she hoped there would be plenty of that) they needed more. She decided to at least peel some more carrots and started on that as her friends came in and seated themselves at the table, all as naked as she was.

"Do you know what we're here for?" asked Emily.

"I'm guessing a repeat of last week," Spencer sounded more confidently knowledgeable now she wasn't the only visitor, looking around the others to see if any of them intended to gainsay her. None of them did...

"Let's hope so," Aria smiled. "That was so much fun."

Four phones beeped and unison, Hanna reaching over for hers on the sideboard next to her as her friends picked there's up from in front of them. "It's Mom," they all said, if not quiet together, near enough.

"Are your friends there?" Hanna read her message, glancing up at the others.

"Same message for me," said Spencer.

"And me," Aria and Emily spoke at the same time.

"Yes," Hanna thumbed the reply, seeing her friends doing the same.

She held the phone awaiting a response. It came seconds later and Hanna smiled a little as she read it, "Send me selfie of that sweet little pussy."

"Same message for me," Spencer said and the others nodded to show it was exactly what they'd got.

"We better reply," grinned Hanna. She lowered her phone and with her spare hand spread apart her lips, her pussy smiling at the camera as she clicked. Her friends were all standing and doing the same, shooting their sexy snatches to their Moms and giggling with horny delight as they did. Attaching the photo, Hanna thumbed, 'How's this? You like?'

There was no immediate response, but Hanna remained glued to her phone, only breaking her stare at the screen to briefly confirm her three friends were staring at their cells with equal eager intensity. After half a minute they were rewarded with four simultaneous beeps. Excitedly Hanna thumbed open the message reading it aloud, "I want a photo of some spread ass - Aria's."

Hanna looked up at her friend. Aria raising her head at the same time, "Same message from my Mom, except she say's Spencer."

"I've got you Han," said Emily.

"Emily," Spencer said.

"Who's first?" asked Hanna.

Aria spun round so that she was facing the table, leaning forward she rested her naked titties on it, whilst reaching round to her buttocks. Grasping them firmly she pulled them as far apart as she could. Even if Hanna hadn't known her friend had regularly taken in the ass over the last week she could have guessed with the ease with which the teen was able to pull open the hole. She briefly admired the open sphincter for a second then raised her phone and snapped. As she was sending it to her Mom, Emily was replacing Aria on the table, taking the same pose and spreading them for Spencer. The tall teen snapped the shot and then handed her phone to Emily as she swapped places, lying forward over the table. Then, because she was Spence, and just had to go a little further, she not only spread her ass, but bent her knee and lifted her leg upwards in an artistic pose.

Hanna was last up, not that she minded, as she bent over the table and reached for her round cheeks. She gripped them and pulled, slowly opening them for Emily's shot, showing her friends the hole that her Mom had been regularly banging this last week.

"Cool" Emily grinned, "I hope my Mom loves, but not as much as mine." She thumbed the last photo over.

Almost immediately, as if planned, the phones beeped again and the teens eagerly opened the message. Hanna read it aloud and glancing at her friends to watch them nod and confirm they'd all got the same message, "Go upstairs to the wardrobe in the main bedroom and open the cardboard box with one on the top."

"Presents?" asked Aria.

"Let's see," grinned Hanna and led the rush up to the wardrobe of the naked teens. Opening the door she saw a pile of boxes that her Mom must have left in before going to work. She picked up the top one, helpfully marked with a large 'one' in marker pen and opened it. Inside were four leather collars, with tiny little metal studs embedded in them and with little dangling nameplates, like what dogs had on their front. Hanna picked up the first one and read the plate, "Anal Aria... that'll be yours," she said and passed to her friend, "Slutty Spencer... Eager Emily... Hot Hanna."

Her friends took the collars and looked at them wondering whether they were to wear them. Their phones beeped and the message read, 'Put them on,' answering that question. The four teens giggled and slipped them round their necks, all recognising the mark of sexual submission and not one of them minding. Even as they were buckling them in place the phones were going again. It was Spencer who was quickest to hers and who read out the message, "There's a laptop in box two. Set it up on the dresser opposite the bed."

The teen's quickly did as they were told. The machine purred into life, as their phones beeped again, "Go to facetime and link to Mom," Aria read as Spencer followed her instructions.

The screen seemed fuzzy and even peering closely at it Hanna couldn't make out anything more than indistinct shapes, which could have been either their Moms or a sea of desert dunes at night. "Can you do anything to make the picture better?" she asked Spencer as the phone went again.

"The screen is fine," read Emily, "We can see you okay and we're the ones watching." Even as she finished reading there was another series of beeps and Emily continued on to the next message, "Open box three."

Hanna walked over to the wardrobe and opened the next box, her friends crowding round her to see what it contained. "Dildos," giggled Hanna, holding one of them up.

"Big ones as well," smiled Spencer.

The phones beeped and the four teen's immediately opened the messages, excited and hopeful about what it would say. They were not disappointed. "Sit on the bed and use a toy."

The four best friends giggled and tittered as they swiftly chose a toy each and moved to sit on the end of the bed. Hanna got in the middle, spreading her legs so that they touched Aria and Emily on either side of her, with Spencer on the other side of Em. Hanna couldn't see their Moms on the other end of the laptop, but she was sure her Mom and her friends could see her and she could only hope they were as turned on as she was - she thought they would be. Her hand moved down to her pussy and she began to rub it, her fingers moving round and round in a circle. Beside her her friends were doing the same, massaging their cunts and quickly making them wet. The phones and laptop remained silent, suggesting that for this stage of the evening their Moms weren't going to give them detailed instructions but let them get on with it. She began to ease apart her lips with her fingers, opening the crack enough for the toy. She ran her tongue down the dildo and up again, before bringing it down. For a moment it rubbed her outside and then she pushed, sending it into her cunt. It felt so good that she couldn't resist a groan of passioned pleasure, "Ooooohhh, yes, yes, oooohhh,"

"Ooooh, uuurrhh," Emily shuddered next to her as she slipped in her toy.

"Oh, oh, oh," Aria shook as well, her lead going back and her mouth opening.

"Aaah, ooohhh, aaaahh," Spencer's moans joined her friends as her dildo pushed into her cunt.

Hanna drove her toy in quicker and deeper, her pussy relaxing around the phallus. It felt so good, pleasing her in all the right ways, stimulating pleasure centres deep down the hole. But to the teen, the physical pleasure was only part of the reason she was as wet as a rain filled bucket. Doing it with her friends was a turn-on, the four of them as close as they could be - literally touching - as they did the most intimate thing a girl could do to herself. And more, not only was she masturbating with her BFF's, but she was doing it in front of her Mom/lover at the older woman's command. It made Hanna so horny that the slightest touch of the toy would have set her off and she was doing more than slightly touching. "OOoohhh, aaaaarggghhh," she squealed.

Her friends seemed to be all in the same place as well, squealing and squeaking in ecstasy as they rammed the toys. The bed rocked under the furiously masturbating teens, the continual thud of it hitting the wall acting as low counterpoint to the teen's high shrieks. Harder and harder they all hit, slamming the toys deep into their cunts, their legs and shoulders rubbing against each other as they shuddered and shivered in pleasure.

They must be putting on some show, the small part of Hanna's brain that wasn't utterly consumed in sexual pleasure thought. All four of them fit and slender and young and naked, four pairs of lovely teen tits bouncing and shaking, all the way from Em's lovely juicy ones down through Aria's shapely to Spencer's pert pair. And below them four shaven slits, each one opened by the dildos which were slipping in and out. She hoped her Mom was enjoying it all with her friends, she was sure she was; Hanna certainly would have if it had been the Moms on the bed toying themselves (not that Hanna could have imagined being dominant enough with her Mom to order her as she had been).

"Aaarrrghhh, yeesssss, aaaarrghh," Aria was squealing and rocking hard, her tits bouncing, her leg knocking hard at Hanna's. The blonde squeaked and shuddered herself, rubbing back and feeling the sexual friction as they touched. Hanna wondered what it would be like to kiss her, especially with their Mom's watching. She pushed the thought away and then it came back, making her even wetter and more excited than she was already. It was a risk, something the Moms hadn't asked them to do, but it was so hot she was sure they love it; as would Aria if the slickness of her pussy was anything to go by.

She turned her head, "Aria," she gasped out and her friend turned towards her. Immediately Hanna's mouth connected with the petite sexpot, not allowing herself any time to reconsider. For half a second Aria's mouth remained close, her eyes widening in shock and then she must have realised how good it would look to her Mom as she opened her mouth and let Hanna's slip in. Hanna continued to slam her pussy fast and furiously as she mouthed Aria hard, their lips trembling and shuddering as they took each other, their tongues colliding with passion.

Vaguely Hanna realised that Em and Spencer were copying them, kissing passionately and sexually, putting on a show for their Moms. Without any calls from their Moms Hanna just hoped that they were enjoying the extra addition, she carried on making out with Aria and jamming the dildo down her cunt. The brunette was also pounding away and Hanna could feel her vibrations even more powerfully as they kissed.

"Carry on with kissing, show us what little teenage lesbians act like," the voice came from the laptop, so distorted it was impossible to tell even whether it was a woman or a man, never mind which of the Moms was talking. Hanna took the words to heart, however, pressing her mouth even more feverishly at Aria's, moving her lips and jaw like she was trying to swallow her friend. As Aria was doing the same they slipped and slathered all over each other, kissing and slurping and sucking, their hands moving back and forth at speed. Beside them Spencer and Emily were in the same position, kissing with an equal intensity.

The bed below them was damp with juice, the cum trickling out their cunts in an almost constant flow. The sounds of the toys squelching as they slammed in and out of the wet holes, competed with the grunts and moans as they kissed and the rattle of the bed. Then there was a new sound as the laptop spoke again, the voice so broken and low-pitched it was impossible to tell if it was the same speaker as before, "On the bed in a circle and lick each other's pussies."

The four teen's hastened to obey, giggling as Spencer took control pointing out their positions, "Aria you go there, Em you get between her legs, now you Han to eat Emily and I'll go between you and Aria."

It was strange for Hanna to think that only a week ago she'd been a pussy lapping beginner, but that was before she discovered her Mom and how much the older Milf enjoyed a touch of tongue when she got in or after dinner or before they got up. The blonde teen got into position, eager to show Em what she had learnt. The other teen was lifting her leg, pointing her toes skyward so Hanna's face fitted right in. She didn't waste any time, her mouth soon against the pussy, her lithe tongue slipping out and then in. She could see, opposite her, that Em was also swiftly closing on Aria's shaven slit.

Seconds later Spencer's tongue started to slip against Hanna's honeypot and she discovered she wasn't the only one who'd learnt how to lap. She quivered in excitement, shuddering even more as Spencer's fingers moved up to rub at her clit at the same time as her tongue slipped up and down the slit. "Mmmnn, uuurhhh," Hanna moaned, her own tongue barely pausing from Em's cunt.

"Mmmmnnn, oooohhh," Em groaned in reply, she too shivering in pleasure, her wet cunt getting wetter all the time.

"Uuurrrhhh, mmmnnn, yuuumm," Aria couldn't be quiet either, her lithe tongue slipping over Spencer's pussy as her cunt was tongue by Em expertly.

"Uuurrrhh, ooooohhh," finally Spencer was shuddering and moaning, not that it was stopping her treating Hanna's pussy to a delightful licking and lapping.

The four teens carried on enthusiastically, showing what they could do with tongue and fingers. The bedding got wetter and wetter as the girl juice dripped from their soaking pussies. Round and round the pleasure went, each teen gasping and bucking in orgasmic pleasure and passing it onto to the next hot hole in the chain, a virtuous circle of cunt munching. The pleasure rose in each of them, the explosive feelings getting stronger and stronger until...

... four phones beeped in unison. Hanna would have loved to continue lapping Em and being licked by Spencer, but she also didn't want to let down her Mom by not following the new instructions. Immediately she stopped, her friends equally as well trained, doing the same. It was Aria who reached the phone first. "Take box four downstairs. Do not open it."

"Okay," said Hanna pulling box four out of the wardrobe, it seemed a little heavier than the others and she could hear the clank of metal. She took it to the main room and put it on the sideboard, her and the others waiting impatiently for the next set of instructions.

Two phones beeped. Aria and Emily looked at each other, then both looked down as they swiped the message open. "Follow the instructions of Hanna and Spencer," read Em and looked at Aria who nodded that she too had the same message. Seconds later the two phones beeped again and Emily looked at the new text, "Switch off your phones."

She did so and Aria did the same, the two teens placing them on the sideboard and waiting for Hanna and Spencer to tell them what to do. They didn't have to wait long. Spencer's phone went and she read out the new message, "Bring in two dining room chairs to the main room, place them opposite each other on either side of couch and have Aria and Emily sit on them"

They did as instructed the two naked teens sitting down on the seats and looking up at their friends. Hanna's phone was next. "Open box four," she said and went over to it. Lifting the lid she looked inside, there were two sets of chained manacles and then two smaller pair which were held together by a solid metal rod. Sitting underneath the metal were two leather ballgags and some dark silk eye covers. Even as Hanna looked at them her phone buzzed again. "Place the larger manacles on Aria and Emily's ankles."

Hanna passed one pair to Spencer and taking the other pair, knelt down in front of Aria and clamped her ankles together. Almost as if the Moms were watching the phone was going again, Spencer's this time and teen read out the message, "Take the other sets of manacles and clap it on Aria and Emily's wrists."

The two teens did as they were told. If the chain on the ankles allowed Aria and Emily some movement the solid bar between the wrists allowed none, keeping them in position - not that they complained, if anything they looked as turned on as Hanna felt. Her phone went and she picked it up, not surprised by the message, "Place the ballgags in their mouths."

In they went, Aria and Emily's jaws opening to receive them, such was the size a little bit of strain appearing in their expressions. Even as Spencer and Hanna were tightening the gags Spencer's phone was buzzing, the teen swiftly finishing placing the gag in Aria before hurrying to open the message as Hanna pre-empted it and scurried to the box. "Place the blindfolds on Aria and Emily."

They did so.

The two teens sat naked and vulnerable on the chairs, unable to move more than inches, talk or see. Hanna's heart thumped as she wondered what the Moms had planned, her pussy almost dripped with excitement, her mouth almost dry with fearful excitement. Her phone went at the same time as Spencer's. "Go upstairs to the main bedroom."

The two teens almost ran up the stairs. Inside the wardrobe was just one box, a number five written in thick ink on the lid. The phones went, "Open box five," Spencer and Hanna read at once.

They did so, staring in. There were two butt-plugs in it, with long showy fake-hair tails attached to them as well as a pair of hair bands with some large floppy ears. "Like bunnies?" said Hanna quizzically.

"More dog," grinned her friend, "For a couple of bitches." Even as she was speaking the phones buzzed and she read out the message, "Put the ears on and the plug in."

The two teen's did so, squeaking a little as they shoved the plugs as far into their holes as they could manage. Looking in the mirror Hanna had to say that with the tail, ears and collar she made a rather cute puppy. The laptop suddenly flicked on and a distorted voice came out of it, both creepy and sexy, "We will soon be here. You will greet us as a puppy greets it owner."

The laptop shut off and the phones buzzed. "You will not speak to Aria and Emily. You are dogs, dogs bark."

Hanna watched as Spencer got down on her hands and knees, her friend looked up at her and frowned, "Dogs are four-legged Han."

"I know that," blushed the blonde and got down on her hands and knees, following Spencer to the stairs. She had to admit it was definitely sexy watching Spencer crawl, her sexy ass wiggling the tail. Down they went and into the main room where Emily and Aria waited.

Spencer went over to the door and gave a small whine, like a lonely hound. Hanna joined her, making a similar noise and wondering what Aria and Em thought. The minutes ticked by, the two teen's remaining silent apart from some heart-felt moans of anticipation which they couldn't conceal. Then Hanna heard a car draw up, followed immediately by another one. She looked and Spence and the two of them bounded to the door on their hands and knees Spencer giving an experimental bark. Outside the car doors slammed and there was the sound of footsteps on gravel and low conversation - silence for a second - a key in the lock.

The door opened and Ashley stepped in. Hanna did her best excited puppy routine swinging round and round in a circle, her butt-plug tail waggling, like she was out of control with delirious happiness (which as she was super excited at her Mom's return only required the acting minimum). Spencer was joining her, woofing loudly as her own Mom came in, followed by Ella and Pam, the four women smiling at each other as they looked at the teens. Hanna stopped crawling round in a circle, moving her head to her Mom and rubbing it up the old woman's thigh, still barking in welcome. She didn't know what Aria and Em must think, unable to see, but still hearing it all - they probably thought the world had gone mad; and perhaps it had.

"Good girl," Ashley patted her daughter's head and the teen gave an appreciative bark.

"They're so well behaved," Pam said, looking over at her own daughter, chained up and naked and back to Hanna and Spencer, wiggling their tails and rubbing their heads up their Moms.

"Yes, she they are, aren't you?" Ashley said in the voice that adults reserve for small babies and cute well behaved animals, reaching down she gave Hanna's chin a small squeeze and moved her head up and down, so that she was making her nod. "You're a good girl, aren't you?" she continued in the same tone.

Pam and Ella had taken off their coats, hanging them on the coat-stand and Veronica and Ashley continued to pet their daughters as their two friends moved further into the room.

"Look at that, good girl," grinned Ashley and gently turned Hanna's head so she was looking at Ella and Pam. Both women had opened their pants and sticking out was a large strap-on, at least ten inches. Ashley kept Hanna in place as the Ella and Pam continued to undress, slipping out of their clothes and throwing the garments at their respective teen daughters, until Aria and Em were covered in cast-offs and the two Milfs were naked apart from their strap-on toys.

"Go and beg for it," grinned Ashley spanking Hanna's butt firmly as the teen turned and bounded towards Ella. Spencer was racing forward as well, arriving in front of Pam at the same time. The two teen's reared up onto their knees and dipped their hands down, begging and whining.

Pam and Ella smiled at each other, reaching down to stroke and pat the two teen's like they were some well-behaved puppies. "Shall we feed them?" Ella asked, wiggling her toy in front of Hanna's face before gently swiping it across her lips.

"They've been good," Veronica said, "Don't you think Ashley?"

"They do deserve a treat," her friend said and Hanna's pussy almost flooded with lust at her Mom's words.

"Okay you naughty little sluts, open wide," grinned Ella. She pushed the toy forward and Hanna opened her mouth to eagerly accept it, from the corner of her eye she could do Spencer doing the same. The teen blonde began to bob and suck, moving her lips down the cock and slurping it in noisily, knowing that Aria and Emily's only clues in the darkness were her sounds. Up and down she went, taking some more each time and making as much noise as she could. Spencer was following her example, giving Pam's cock a loud and heavy blow-job.

"Mmmnnn, that's good, take it all," Ella grinned, she placed one hand on the top-back of Hanna's skull, just behind the headband and pushed her deeper. The teen went with the flow, taking more into her mouth, feeling her cheeks bulge as it scraped along them and pinned her tongue. Ella's hips jerked slightly as she worked the dick in and out.

"Good girls, show us what you can do," Veronica called out from behind.

"Yes, Han, show Ella why I'm proud of you."

"You too Spence, I've been boasting to Emily of your prowess all afternoon," Veronica said again.

The two teens were taking their Moms words as a challenge, ramming their mouths down the cocks as far and fast as they could. In return Ella and Pam were gripping their heads hard and slamming forward, feeding the cock between their lips, into their mouths and at their throats. The two teen's gasped and gagged, white liquid seeping from between their lips and their eyes opening as if their tonsils were attached to the lids.

"Fuck those mouths," squeaked Ashley in excitement, giving away to the blindfolded teens what was going on if they hadn't already guessed, "Fuck those mouths."

"Mmmnnn, your Spencer is so sweet," moaned Pam in excitement.

"Hanna is as well, she's such a natural strap-on sucker I bet she used to please her boyfriend," Ella added.

The two teens almost glowed in pleasure at the compliment, sucking and thrusting at the dicks, not caring about the discomfort or the bile which slathered from their mouths. behind them the anal plug tails shook like feathers in gale.

"Up you get," Ashley was behind her daughter moving her from a begging position to one where her ass was up. The teen's tail wiggled some more, her pussy wet and soaked. Ashley grinned, "I think its time me and Veronica joined in don't you." Hanna bounced her ass up and down with agreement.

Her Mom let go and stepped away, much to Hanna's disappointment and puzzlement. She continued to bob and suck the plastic dick in front of her, sure from her Mom's words she'd soon be getting a dildo wielded by her Mom in her.

She was half-correct.

"Mmmnn, you're right Ashley, Hanna's pussy is delectable," Hanna felt Veronica's hands on her hips moments before the older woman slipped her cock between the lips, "I can see why you fuck her so often."

"Spencer's cunt is as well, she's so wet and easy; she's a perfect fuck," beside them Ashley replied.

Hanna didn't let the fact that her Mom was fucking her best friend put her off, she continued to suck eagerly and enthusiastically at one cock, whilst rocking back on the other. She could see Spencer doing the same, the two of them moving almost in unison. The four women grinned and giggled, thrusting away at the four holes, spit-roasting two daughters as the other two remained gagged and blindfolded, just feet away, listening to it all. The sounds of flesh slapping at flesh filled the room, competing with gurgled grunts from the teens and laughs and titters from the Milfs. In and out the toys went, faster and harder leaving Spencer and Hanna rocking back and forth as they were pushed one way and then the other.

"Want to try some hot teen cunt?" Veronica said with a merry laugh.

"Oh God yes, the way you and Ashley have been raving about it," said Ella. She pulled the dildo out of Hanna's mouth at the same time as Veronica withdrew from her twat, leaving the blonde gasping and dripping from both holes. As the two Milfs swapped round the teen had time to spare a quick glance at Aria and Emily. They were still sitting in their chairs, straining forward to listen to all the sounds, the Milf's clothes thrown haphazardly on them like they were comfy chairs where you discarded your garments before a shower. Then Veronica was in front of her, blocking everything else out, the Milf naked apart from a toy slick with teen cum.

"Mmmnnn, Hanna you look so hot being fucked by my friends," her Mom called as the blonde opened her mouth and slipped her lips down Veronica's soaking dong. The taste of her juice was on it, sweet and almost as tasty as her Mom's. The teen's head went back and forth as she bobbed, swallowing deeper each time as she quickly became used to new cock in her mouth.

At the same time Ella was holding her waist with one hand as she guided the dildo into the waiting hole with the second. The Milf was an expert and soon it was in deep and Ella was thrusting fast and hard, giving the teen the benefit of her pussy fucking experience. Again Hanna was bounced between two women, enjoying every second of the penetration - the fact her Mom was now face-fucking Spencer beside her was an added turn on; sharing and being shared was so much fun.

"Mmmnn, these holes are so hot," grinned Veronica.

"I can't believe we didn't do this earlier, they are such naughty little fuckholes," giggled Ashley.

"It was a great idea," agreed Pam.

"Less talking, faster fucking," laughed Ella and true to her word sped up her pussy pounding. Her friends laughed and followed her lead, thrusting hard and fast at the holes, there hands gripping shoulders and waists to balance themselves.

Hanna's tits bounced and boinged beneath her, her back arching and bending as she was continually squashed and squeezed. Her blonde hair was flapping uncontrollably and her makeup was ruined, the eye-shadow smudged and the lip-gloss smeared. Her cunt dripped juice, the liquid staining the rug that she and Spencer were being fucked on. Her mouth was also dribbling liquid, the saliva slipping between her lips as Veronica's cock went in and out, the white spit gliding down her chin like a snowdrop sliding down a window. Hanna continued to enjoy it as her insides twisted with orgasm after orgasm, some small tremors, some cataclysmic explosions.

She could hear the pleasured moans of her Mom and the other Milfs as they enjoyed the hot holes on offer, the strap-ons rubbing and stimulating their own pussies. Hanna could just about see Veronica's tits above her, the two globes bouncing and jiggling as the woman moved, she imagined that the other three pairs would be juddering as well as the Milfs hammered home. Her only slight regret was that Aria and Emily couldn't join in, but even that was tempered by the thought that the Moms must be enjoying seeing the other two tied and gagged, powerless and vulnerable.

"This mouth is sweet," grinned Veronica, "but I don't know about you, but I'm ready to move up a gear."

"Me too" laughed Ashley.

"We still get to bang hot teen cunt," laughed Ella, "So ready when you are."

"Let's do it," said Pam.

Hanna gasped and gulped for air as her holes were vacated. She looked up and around, seeing the Milfs smile and grinning at each other in anticipation; Pam and Ella taking a moment to look at their own daughters as Ashley and Veronica moved round behind their teenage daughters and pulled out the plugs. Hanna gasped as her final hole was emptied, their had been a toy up their so long she had got used to it and at it's loss her ass felt cold and lonely, needing something to stretch and fulfil it.

"Up you stand," Veronica said and it was obvious she was speaking to Hanna as well as her own daughter. The two teens stood, slightly shaking as they still recovered from the multiple orgasms that they had just enjoyed. Ella and Pam walked over to the sofa and sat down on it, legs apart and their strap-ons pointing upwards, grinning widely at the two naked teens. Ashley's squeezed Hanna's butt cheek as Veronica pointed towards the sofa, "Sit your hot little pussies on those cocks."

Hanna exchanged a quick smile with Spencer, who grinned back - evidentially enjoying the lesbian orgy as much as her friend - before they stepped forward as instructed. They hadn't been told which cock was for which pussy, but both of them seemed to gravitate towards the Milf they hadn't yet fucked. Hanna quickly straddled over Pam, grabbing the older woman's shoulder's for balance as she held herself over the dick and slowly lowered herself down.

"That's it Hanna," grinned Pam, keeping the dick up straight and gently guiding the teenage twat towards the toy. Hanna knew she'd found it as her cunt brushed at the tip and she lowered herself, her slick slit slipping down the sodden strap-on. She moved up and down, pressing herself at the older woman and impaling her pussy on the large dildo. With her cunt as wet as it was and with it still not recovered from the vigorous poundings it had received it wasn't long before she was fully down the dick, continuing to bounce up and down, her tits knocking at the Pam's more mature pair.

Beside them the sofa squeaked as Spencer did the same, the sexy teen riding the school teacher with a passionate enthusiasm. Behind them their Moms' admired the sight, giggling like school girls not mature adults, as they watched the teenage asses rise and fall in eager unison. "Go for it girls, ride those dicks," called Veronica and the two young woman went faster and harder, driving themselves down the cocks, gasping and shuddering in pleasure as the hard plastic rammed up their sensitive pussies.

"Mmmnnn, slow down a moment," Ashley was behind Hanna placing her hands on the blonde's shoulders, both forcing her down the dick and stopping her rising up. The teen did as she was told, noticing that Veronica was also behind her own daughter. For a moment she wondered what was happening before her Mom answered the unspoken question, "It's double dick time, girls."

"Oh yes," giggled Hanna happily and Spencer nodded with equal enthusiasm. The blonde let out another titter as her Mom's hands reached down to the taut teenage butt cheeks and eased them slowly, but surely, apart. The hole her Mom had fucked so often in recent days was exposed to the older woman's lascivious stare, the Milf almost licking her lips with desire as a finger firstly gently caressed the sphincter, before pressing in and opening the seal.

"Oooohh," the teen moaned in pleasure, stretching her back and wiggling on the dick.

"Uuurrrhh," Spencer shuddered excitedly as well, one of her hands reaching out. Hanna took it and squeezed in a gesture of friendship.

Behind them the two Mom's removed their fingers and started to slip in something much more substantive. The two teen's gasped together, holding each other's hands tight and arching their backs. Ashley and Veronica were each gripping one of their daughter's shoulders as they used her other hand to guide in the toy. Below them Ella and Pam held the teen's tightly by their waists, keeping them in position deep on the plastic dongs. "Oooohhh, urrrrrh," the teenager's moaned again as the cock were guided deeper in. Soon the Milfs were sure they were embedded enough to let go and they moved both their hands to the teen's shoulders, gripping them hard.

"Ooohhh, God, this is great," Hanna wiggled and gasped, her pussy and ass trembling back and forth as she tried to make sure both toys were well-in. The way her Mom and Pam were gripping her limited her movements, so it was jiggling not hard rocking, but they too were also moving, pushing forward and back, sending two dicks simultaneously into her. "Oooohhh, yesss."

"It is, fuck, oooohhh Hanna you're so right," gasped Spencer. She squeezed her friend's hand harder, "Ooohhh fuck, I love your dick Mom."

The two Moms started moving harder and faster, slamming their cocks deeper and deeper into teen's back holes. Below them their two friends began to rise and push, ramming at the front. Hanna and Spencer gasped and wailed in pleasures as the two plastic pricks pounded them together. As they were rammed from behind they doubled forward, their heads falling against Pam and Ella's shoulders, their pert teen boobs clashing with the Milf's pairs. The older woman gripped them hard and rammed and pushed them backwards, the two teen's straightening and falling back against their Moms, their hair brushing down the naked women's fronts and taut stomachs stretching flat. "Aaaaarrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrrghh, fill me, fill me with cock."

The four women were moving to a rhythm, each thrust ramming their dildo all the way into the holes, slamming together to fill the teens as absolutely as if concrete had been poured down their throats. Both young women shrieked in pleasure, their high-pitched squeals reverberating around the room. On the chairs Aria and Emily, strained at their chains, their pussies damp and wet with lust, but unable to do anything.

The Milfs grinned and grunted, pounding in, "Take it baby, take it," gasped Pam as she speared up.

"MMmnnn, this ass is sweet and mine," Ashley rammed down.

"This one is so fuckable as well," laughed Veronica as she gave the hole the full-length.

"This is one great party," giggled Ella as she ploughed teen pussy.

"Yessssss, yessss, yessss," squealed Spencer rocking back and forth

Hanna agreed, "Ooohhh, fuuuckkkk, aaaaarrghh, yessssss," She squeezed her friend's hand again and then pounded forward to rest her head on Pam's shoulders, the older woman's boobs bouncing and bashing at her as she slammed up. "AAaarrrrghh, fuckkk, yesssss, yeeesssss."

The orgasms were as powerful as any she had ever experienced. Explosive blasts of pleasure pounded through her body in what seemed a never-ending barrage of ecstasy. Every nerve and fibre seemed alive and burning, every muscle tensed and relaxed at the same time, every cell giving itself over to the intense bliss of a sexual cataclysm. Cum dripped from her cunt, slipping down the cock and covering Pam and her face contorted with every thrust, her eyes and mouth screwed up like she was trying to jam them shut forever. And then she screamed as it was impossible to hold the pleasure, "AAAaarrrrghhh, aaaaarghhh."

Spencer was the same, her shrieks as loud and intense as her friends, gripping Hanna's hand so hard her nails were breaking the flesh. "AAAaaarrrrrghhh."

"Yes, take it, take our dicks," Ashley grunted, not slowing.

"MMmnnn feed it them good, Ash, ram that ass whilst I fuck this sweet little pussy," Pam grunted in reply, slamming her cock deep into the soaking hole and making Hanna scream more.

The sofa squeaked and bounced. It was designed for three people sitting on it, not six vigorously fucking and at times it shuddered so much it seemed about to break. It held it's own, however, showing its quality.

"Mmpppfff," Aria might have been trying to say something, desperate to join in. She struggled at her bonds, but she was solidly in place and was ignored.

"AAAarrrghhh, yesssss, yessss, double fuck me, aaaaarrgghh," Hanna came again. "AAaaarrrrghhh fuckkk, aaaaarrrghh" and again. "Aaaaarrrgghh, don't stop, aaaaarrrghhh!" and again. The two Milfs continued to slam in as hard as they could.

Sweat coated them all, and girl juice. The liquids soaking thighs and pussies, almost indistinguishable. Hanna screamed and shuddered, her hand gripping back at Spencer's, her blond hair awry and frazzled, looking like a haystack a tractor had just run through. Her make-up was all over the place, ruined by sweat and pleasure and saliva. More orgasms hit the blonde and her cum spurted out from her cunt, coating Pam's stomach. The Milf didn't seem to mind and continued ramming up to meet her friend.

"Huh, huh, huh, yes," Ashley panted, "Your ass is so hot Hanna, it's a wonder to fuck."

"AAaaarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarrghh," was the only reply the blonde could manage as she came again.

"That's right baby, take our cocks," Ashley grinned and pounded some more.

More orgasms followed, sweeping through the teen like an avalanche. Her body bucked and shook, out of control like a live wire. Beside her Spencer was the same, a tempest of orgasmic intensity, her body shaking like a tree in a gale.

There was a pop as her Mom pulled out. Hanna gasped and sagged forward, exhausted, sated, wrecked. Gently her Mom took hold of her shoulders and pulled her back, helping the teen off the strap-on in her pussy. Spencer stood beside her, looking stunned and barely able to stop her legs giving way.

"You should undo Emily and Aria," Ashley said, squeezing her daughter's buttock and turning the teen to her chained up friends.
"Yes," said Hanna, "Do you want us to remove the gags and blindfolds."

Her Mom nodded and then turned back to her friends, "That was some party."

"The best," agreed Veronica, "Even better than last weekend."

"We need to dp them again, except next time I want to be sharing Aria, with one of you," said Ella.

"And Emily," added Pam with a smile towards her daughter, who was rubbing her wrists where the manacles had sat.

"Would you like a coffee whilst the girls get dressed, before you go home?" Ashley led her friends into the kitchen leaving the teen's alone.

Aria stretched and stood up, gingerly taking a few steps before she was sure her legs would hold her. she turned to Hanna and Spencer, with a smile on her face, "It sounded like you were having fun."

"The best," agreed Spencer.

Hanna nodded, "Yes, the most fun ever."

Emily smiled, "Well its mine and Aria's turn to be shared when our Moms next have a party."

"And I hope its soon," grinned Aria.

* * *

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