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Pretty Little Liars: Rosewood Heat Part 3 (MMFF,anal)
by LL

Aria Montgomery's cute little ass wiggled seductively as she walked, the buttocks swaying and rubbing at the satin night shorts she was wearing. Peter Hastings couldn't help but look, imagining what they'd look like if the satin shorts slipped to the teen's ankles and that hot tushy was exposed to the world. He raised his beer and sipped it, almost without noticing. The conversation between him and his neighbour, Byron Montgomery stopped as they both turned their heads to follow. It took Peter a second to realise that Byron obviously wasn't following his own daughter, but Peter's - like her friend she was dressed for bed in a pair of shorts and vest that if he hadn't been her Dad would had him as hard as iron. Of course he wasn't Aria's Dad so the hard-on in his pants was perfectly acceptable.

The teen sexpot and her friend continued their passage through the main room and into the kitchen; both seemingly oblivious to the impact each was having on the other's Dad. The door closed behind and Peter let out a sigh of relief that his cock could now relax and stop straining. "The girls are getting ready for bed early."

"I guess they just want to chill-out in their PJs," Byron replied, his eyes fixed on the door as if he was hoping it would turn transparent the longer he looked at it. "You're not complaining?"

"No," Peter never complained about hot teens, he'd banged enough of them - including several of Spencer's friends. But Aria was Byron's daughter and whilst he was sure she was as slutty as Alison and Hanna, not to mention Mona he wasn't sure of the rules for ramming your buddy's daughter were the same. "Teenage daughter, no-one tells you it's not the daughter that's the problem, it's the fact she has friends."

"Tell me about it," said Byron. "I'm not going to lie, Spencer was looking all grown up."

"Aria was as well, hot I'd say," Peter could see the sexy teen in his mind's eye as he spoke, imaging her slipping out of her shorts and peeling off her vest.

"She's off limits for me," said Byron.

"What about for me?" Peter asked.


"Is single, now she's not seeing that looser carpenter, she's eighteen, I can't tell her who she can't bang," Peter grinned.

"Aria's the same, though she likes older men - I mentioned she'd had a thing for her English teacher?" Byron nodded.

"So if I were to nail her..."

"She'd love it," said Byron.

"As would Spencer," Peter said back.

"So we're okay with fucking each other's daughters?" Byron asked, making sure.

Peter nodded, "Yes."


"Let's see if we can do it tonight," Peter replied.

* * *

"You think they noticed?" Aria sounded nervous, glancing at the closed kitchen door like she was half afraid it would open and half afraid it wouldn't.

"The way you were shaking your tush, my Dad noticed," said Spencer with a confidence she wasn't sure she felt. Aria had a very nice behind, she had wiggled it to perfection and her Dad enjoyed banging teens - which was why he and her Mom were taking a break. But Aria's Dad was there as well and whilst he too might enjoy fucking teens, he might not want his own teen daughter to be fucked. Come to that, her Dad might feel the same. She tried to think positive thoughts "and your Dad was checking me out as well."

"Checking out might be all we get," said Aria nervously. She stood on a small footstool and reached for the topmost cupboard. She pulled out a bottle of whisky and passed it down to Spencer. The other teen poured out into a couple of tumblers as Aria climbed down. Picking up one of the glasses Aria raised it and said "Slainte"

Spencer gave an approximate translation, "To getting some big cock."

She had always had a crush on Byron and the way that Aria looked at Spencer's Dad, she knew her friend had the hots for him as well. Even with the divorce Spencer would have never thought about making a move, he was an older man and he probably wanted women of his own age. It was only when Alison and Hanna started to boast about the fuck session they'd had with the Dads that Spencer began to seriously wonder if she might have a chance. Aria was thinking the same, especially now she and Ezra had split - the brunette suggesting that she wanted someone with even more experience. The two friends decided to share their knowledge and it turned out that Aria knew Byron enjoyed fucking teen girls and Spencer knew the reason for their parents divorce was Peter's inability to keep it in his pants. All it then had needed was a chance to meet the Dads and a sleepover seemed the perfect opportunity - though neither Spencer or Aria was thinking much sleeping would be involved.

Spencer downed the whisky in one, it tasted terrible and from Aria's grimace she didn't think much of it either. She slammed the tumbler on the counter-top, "Let's do this."

The two teens sashayed back into the main room, their hips swinging and with sexy smiles plastered on their faces. The two Dads looked up with barely disguised lust at each other's daughters, and Spencer felt more confident the plan for dick would go down. She slowly walked towards the seat opposite the Dad's, Aria following her, both allowing plenty of time for the men to goggle their sexy bodies. Down she sat, her legs apart in an unladylike pose, which also had the advantage of pulling her silk night shorts up at her crack.

"Aria and I went shopping today," she simpered sexily, "We bought some new pyjamas, do you like?"

Both Dads nodded. "A lot," grinned Byron, his eyes moving up and down her body. Her own Dad was checking out Aria and the brunette was 'accidentally' opening her legs still further as if she was inviting him in.

"Do you want a closer look?" purred Aria and before either man could answer she stood up, taking Spencer's hold of Spencer so that the two of them walked hand in hand over the few feet that separated them from the Dads.

They stood so close that they blocked the men's vision, not that either Dad seemed interested in anything but the teen standing in front of them. Spencer swayed gently, rocking her waist round and gyrating like she was rolling a hoopla round her, she slid her hands up her waist and over the side boobs, barely covered by the silk and then over her face and up to push her hair into a knot. Without warning she swivelled so that her back was to Byron, her sexy ass swinging in his face, the shorts riding up her thighs to uncover her lower buttocks. "What do you think?" asking for herself and Aria.

It was Peter who answered for both men, "Very nice."

The teens stepped away and walked towards the stairs, even without looking at the Dads it was obvious both men's gaze was locked on the swaying and swinging butts of the two young women. Spencer turned her head over her shoulder, confirming the men's view was of the teen rears and purring, "We're just going to clean our teeth and go to bed."

"Do you want to be tucked in?" asked Peter.

Aria giggled and Spencer licked her lips seductively whilst looking direct at Byron, "Oh yes. We'll want a goodnight kiss from you both."

Without further ado she turned back and went up the stair, hand in hand with Aria, their hips moving from side to side as they worked their asses. They quickly brushed their teeth and swilled some mouthwash to get rid of the smell of the whisky. It had helped calm their nerves even if she couldn't see why anyone would drink it for taste. The two teens headed back into Aria's bedroom, giggling both with excitement and nervousness as they spoke about what they'd just done and contemplated what was sure to come. They both got into Aria's bed and slipped out of their shorts, their pussies were smooth and shaved, ready for action. They continued gossiping nervously as they waited for the men to come up.

They didn't have long to wait...

Barely ten minutes had passed before they heard the creak of the stairs and footsteps, followed by the door opening and Byron and Peter appearing in the doorway. Both men smiled broadly as they looked at the two teens in the bed. "You look tucked in," said Byron. His eyes flicked over to the two pairs of night shorts, sitting on the comfy chair near the bed and he smiled.

"We still want our goodnight kisses," purred Spencer.

To her slight annoyance it was her Dad who moved round to her side of the bed, Byron going round to Aria's. Both men gave their daughter's light pecks on the foreheads, seeming to at the last moment miss the point.

Except they probably didn't, even as he was pulling his head back from Spencer her Dad was gazing lustfully at Aria. He looked at his daughter, "Are you okay with me giving Aria a good night kiss as well?"

Spencer nodded enthusiastically, "You should. I know she'd enjoy it."

"And would you like a good night kiss from Byron?"

"Yes," giggled Spencer. "A big one."

The two Dad's switched round, both grinning broadly and suggesting that they knew exactly what type of goodnight kiss the teens were wanting. A suspicion that was further confirmed as Byron got on the bed, moving forward so that he was over Spencer and lay down above her, his face descending. She opened her mouth for the best goodnight kiss ever, the older man's lips pressing at hers and his tongue exploring forward. She slipped her hands up and around him, dragging him into her and making sure he knew she didn't want him to stop. One of his hands moved forward over the covers to where her bosom was. He pulled the quilt down enough that he could get in and place his hand over it, squeezing the tit through the vest as he kissed her.

Beside her she could hear the sound of passionate kissing, the bed gently rocking as her Dad and friend made out, Aria gripping Peter with the same enthusiasm as Spencer was holding Byron. The two daughters wiggled and writhed as the two men kissed them deep, their hands kneading the teenage titties, squeezing them through the material. For Spencer, making out with Byron was a dream come true, and she knew Aria was feeling the same.

The quilt went down a little further, the spare hand moving to Spencer's waist, brushing up the thin vest and slowing dragging it upwards so that when his hand moved down again the palm massaged over bare skin. Spencer kissed him with greater enthusiasm, shifting herself slightly to make it easier for her friend's Dad to lift the top up. At the same time she reached for the bottom of his sweater, pulling it up. Byron didn't resist, breaking the kiss long enough to get the jumper over his head before resuming the mouth-munching. Her fingers reached next for his shirt, undoing the buttons slowly - there was no pretence that this was just a goodnight kiss.

Her Dad was topless as well, his naked body pressing at Aria's, the sounds of their kisses loud and sexy. The quilt was lower now, pulled down almost to their bellies, their vests were higher, the thin material bunched up just under their tits; tits that were being squeezed and kneaded by the two Dads. Byron's hand slid down Spencer's waist and round to her front, his finger brushing over her smooth cunt. He lifted his head, grinning, "Spencer, you're not wearing any panties to bed, that's very naughty."

The teen giggled, "Aria's not wearing any either," she informed him, trying to give him her best good girl look.

"You hear that Peter? Aria's not got her underwear on," Byron grinned as his thumb continued to gently rub at the Spencer's shaven slit.

"She's pantyless," Peter confirmed. He grinned, "You're a bad pair, if you go to bed without any underwear you could get a chill or worse."

As Byron was stroking her cunt Spencer had a good idea of what 'worse' was and it didn't feel bad at all. However, she kept up the role-play, her voice sounding like she'd been caught with her hands in the cookie jar, "We've been a naughty pair of sluts."

"A very naughty pair," Aria added her impress. "We should be punished for being so bad." She didn't sound like she was fearful of the punishment.

"We should," grinned Byron, "What about we put you each over our knees? I'll punish Spencer, if you punish Aria Peter."

"It would be my pleasure," Spencer's Dad grinned.

The two men got up and sat on opposite ends of the bed, their backs to each other as the two giggling teenagers got up to accept their punishment. Byron tapped his knees, grinning even as he tried to appear stern, "Over my knee young lady."

"I'll be good in future," said Spencer, even as she was lying across his lap. Her parents didn't believe in physical chastisement, so matter how bad she'd been she'd never actually been spanked. She hoped it wouldn't hurt, but was sure she'd enjoy it.

Byron's hand moved over her ass, his palm following the contours of her rounded butt, gently rubbing and massaging it. It didn't hurt a bit, the opposite in fact. She gave a little moan of pleasure as he squeezed her rump, his fingers pressing into the soft flesh, pulling it gently away from its partner before letting it spring back. "Naughty girl," he grinned and his palm came down lightly on her rear.

"Oh I am, so bad," she giggled.

"I'm a naughty little slut as well," her friend giggled, "Spank me."

There was the briefest sound of a slap, hardly more than a pat and Aria giggled "Ow."

Byron's hand came down again a few times, the spanks gentle and sensual on Spencer's bare behind, a better punishment she'd never had. Her ass might be reddening, but there was little pain involved and her pussy was starting to get wet with excitement, which was hardly a sign that her ass was being beaten black and blue. Byron brought his palm down artfully once more, her ass cheeks wobbling as he lay across it. His other hand rested on the small of her back, gently rubbing at the skin like a counter-point to the slaps. "You're a bad girl, Spencer," he grinned, "Anything can happen to girls who go to bed without panties."

His spanking hand moved between her legs and eased them gently apart. This time he didn't spank her and let a finger splay out; for a second it rubbed at her closed slit and then it was pushing in. "Oh," Spencer gasped and giggled as she was penetrated. She wasn't a virgin, but Byron was only her second and Toby had always been a lot more diffident, as if she was doing him a favour by letting him finger her. Byron was much more in control, working his finger in and out, bending it slightly so that she could feel both the tip and knuckle grazing at her walls. "Oh," she moaned again.

A few seconds later Aria's squeaks also changed to groans and Spencer could sense her friend's pleasure from the change in tone. Byron wasn't put off by the sounds of his daughter being 'punished' by his friend and his own finger ploughed Spencer's snatch faster and faster, driving in deep. The teen gasped and squeaked, rolling on Byron's lap, her ass rising and falling as she trembled with excitement. Her own fingers were brushing at the carpet and blood was rushing to her head only partially due to her position with it leaning down.

"Ooohhh, urrrrhhh," she shook, "I'm bad, punish me more."

Byron added a second finger, plunging them into to her sodden slit, pounding them as deep as he could manage. His nail and knuckles scraped at her erogenous zones and she shook in ecstasy, her face twisting in pleasure.

She could hear Aria's squeals and moans from the other side of the bed; her friend's cries adding to the excitement and turning Spencer on more. There was something so kinky about being fingered with your best friend getting the same treatment just a couple of feet away, especially if the fingers fucking you were from her Dad and your Dad was the one slipping into her hot slot. The two men didn't seem put out that their daughter's were being jilled behind them, their fingers racing down the hole, slamming them and making both girls squeal loudly.

"Aaarrrgghhh, yes," Spencer's back bent as she came, her head seeming to explode as her brain received a rush like it had never had. "Aaarrrrghh."

"Yesssss, fuck, yessssss," screamed Aria.

"Aria, language," Byron said with fake sterness and continued to finger fuck her friend vigorously, making Spencer shriek out again, her hands clenching in fists to hold the orgasm in and stop it blowing a hole in the floor.

The two teens bucked and gasped, the bed shuddering as the two Dad's thrust hard at the tight twats. Cum bubbled from Spencer's pussy, smearing over her lips and mons, coating Byron's fingers. She could feel his erection pressing at her, and it didn't seem that Alison had been lying when she'd said he was big. Spencer shuddered and rubbed her body at the mound, rubbing his prick with her waist, making he was ready for when he wanted to replace the fingers. Byron grunted and thrust faster, making Spencer shake as another round of orgasms tore into her, "AAarrrrghhh..."

"Fuck, aaaaarrghhh, fuck," Aria squealed behind them, evidently forgetting her Dad's injunction about her swearing. This time he didn't pick her up on it, perhaps as he was too engrossed in jamming his fingers as deep as they could go in Spencer's hole. Aria shrieked again, her cries high-pitched and passionate.

"Aaaarrrghhh, fuck," Spencer cried in unison. Her Dad didn't mention the oaths, he was both more liberal about bad-language than Byron (being a lawyer not a teacher) and also concentrating on the finger fucking of Aria. "Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss."

Byron pulled his finger out of her cunt and released her. She straightened and got off his knee, "I enjoyed my punishment so much I'm going to continue to be bad."

"I'm counting on it," grinned Byron. He reached down for his zip as behind him his giggling daughter stood up. She winked at Spencer before looking down at Spencer's Dad. Spencer smiled back and then transferred her gaze to Byron's midriff. The older man slid the zip all the way down, "Nothing says naughty like a blow-job."

"That's it, on your knees Aria," said Peter behind him. Spencer was descending as well her hands reaching out for the dick. Byron undid the top button of his pants and the cock bulged beneath his boxers for a second before springing through the flap. Hanna and Ali hadn't lied, it was massive, ten inches at least and with a matching girth; she had thought Toby had a prick, but it was nothing compared to Byron's - it was a like a monkey and a gorilla, same suborder, major size differential.

"Oh my God," gasped Aria, suggesting that her friends hadn't been lying about her Dad either.

"Suck it Spencer," grinned Byron, "Blow me off."

The teen gripped it, feeling the organ pulsing as she squeezed. She worked it up and down gently as she opened her mouth and leaned forward. With Toby she'd been able to fit his cock in pretty much straight away, but there was no way that tactic would work with Byron's prick. She took the tip, using her tongue to rub the underside of the shaft. Her hand worked up and down, gently stroking the cock and encouraging it in her mouth as she forced herself down. Byron groaned, leaning back on his hands, letting her take it at her own pace.

"That's good Aria," Spencer's Dad said in praise, which either meant her friend was already giving him a perfect blow-job or he was holding her to a lower standard than he ever did his daughters' efforts. In either case Spencer decided not to worry, but instead make sure Byron had no complaints. She continued to pump his cock, bobbing her head down. Peter Hastings groaned again and Spencer flushed with jealousy at either her friends natural cock-sucking ability or the praise that her Dad was lavishing on her. "Go on, Aria, you're doing well."

"You too Spencer, you can take it," Byron grinned and Spencer felt a rush of happiness. She would have grinned if her mouth wasn't full, instead her next bob was deeper and her tongue tickled harder at his shaft. He grunted and Spencer could feel his thighs shivering and tensing in pleasure. She went deeper, pushing her mouth further down the large dong. Slowly, gradually she took him in, half way, two thirds, three quarters... her jaw ached and her eyes blurred, her throat felt raw and dry and wet with bile at the same time. A couple of times she gagged and had to pull back, panting and wheezing like she was an asthmatic. But each time she quickly returned, her mouth widening and her head bobbing.

"You're doing well, Spencer, that's hot," Byron said and stroked her hair without putting pressure on her head. The teen flushed with pride and forced herself down the last couple of inches, continuing until her lips were pressing at his balls. It was a moment she would savour, but not for long, a blow job wasn't just a race to the bottom, it was about sucking and working the dick. She raised her eyes for a moment to look at him, to show her pleasure, then she returned to bobbing and slurping. The sounds of her blow-job competed with her friend's. The bed gently rocked as the two of them worked their mouths up and down.

Now she'd got it all the way Spencer was working herself into a rhythm. Not a slow steady drumbeat to keep marching soldiers in time either, but a rapid staccato like a drummer showing off his skills in the solo segment of a song. Up and down she went, sucking it the large dick enthusiastically. Her eyes flickered up so she could see Byron's face to make sure he was enjoying it, from his expression he was. She banged down again, feeling the dick pound in against her cheek and slip further into her mouth. It made her eyes water and her throat heave, but it was a small price to pay for perfection. "Oh God, Spencer, you're doing well."

"You too Aria, this best blow-job I've had for so long" Peter Hastings grunted and Spencer wondered if that included Alison. If so it would be best not to tell their blonde friend, Spencer could be competitive, but even she couldn't beat Alison; if the blonde thought either Aria or Spencer were better cock-suckers than her she'd be making them all have blow-job competitions until she won.

The two teens sped up and down the men's cocks, driving their faces down to the balls and then up again, so they could get a good run-up for their descent. The two men grunted and panted, struggling to contain their pleasure. Spencer reached down and began to rub her cunt. It was soaking, still wet from the fingering and she rubbed quickly over it she could feel the warmth. Her thumb rubbed at her clit, waves of pleasure flowing through her as she bobbed. "That's it Spencer, suck my cock deep," said Byron and her Dad also grunted something at Aria.

Up and down the teenager's bobbed, sucking hard at each other's Dads, swallowing the meat deep into their mouths. Spencer couldn't believe how much she was enjoying it, more than with Toby, who's dick was more mouthful size. But Toby had always looked like he wasn't sure whether he should be enjoying it whilst Byron was loving it without qualms, his finger stroking her hair encouraging her as his face split in a wide grin of pleasure. The teen's fingers jabbed at her cunt, jilling herself in time with her sucking, the wetness of the cunt soaking the digits and lubricating them. Byron grunted again, his eyes blinking rapidly as he looked upwards. "Go on Spencer go on."

The teen did so, with eagerness and energy, showing him she was a better dick-swallower than Ali ever was. Byron grunted again, except this time his hand pushed at her forehead easing her back of her his cock. "I think it's time to fuck you properly," he said.

Spencer nodded enthusiastically and stood. Her Dad was helping Aria to her feet and turning her round. He reached down for her vest pulling it up as Aria lifted her hands to get it over her head. He dropped it to the floor and started to kiss the teen, his hands round on her boobs as he guided her to the bed. Spencer noticed he had already removed his pants at some time, and she could see why Aria had gasped in shock when her Dad had unveiled himself. She removed her own top and dropped down on the bed as Byron finished removing his shirt and began to pull down his pants and socks. Aria was down beside her, breathing quickly in excitement as she spread her legs, her fingers reaching down to her snatch to open it for Spencer's Dad.

"Come fuck me," the brunette panted sexily. Spencer watched as her Dad got on top of her friend and pushed his massive member into her slick slit. Aria gasped out as she was penetrated, her back arching as she pushed her cunt up the down-coming cock.

It turned Spencer on so much that she couldn't help but rub her own pussy hard, turning her head to Byron, "I want your dick so bad."

"I want your hot pussy as well," he grinned and pulled off his last sock.

Within moments he was in her. His cock, so much larger than Toby's, opening her slit and driving inside. It filled her hole, his thick bulge stretching her walls. She groaned with pleasure as they elasticated to fit him, stretching and gripping at his cock. If she hadn't been so soaked it would have been painful, but wet as she was it was delicious. A few strokes and he was fully in, thrusting hard at her tight hole, ramming it wide with his huge dick, his balls bouncing at her. Spencer squealed and gripped him hard with her knees and hands round his back. Byron grinned as he descended, smashing his cock forward into her cunt and his mouth onto hers. He remained latched to her for a few moments, his lips moving round her as his hips went up and down, continuing to drive himself deep. Then his head was off hers again and he was pounding even faster, grinning.

"Oh yes, fuck yes," Aria squealed beside her. The brunette was gripping Spencer's Dad tight, bucking and rocking under his thrusts, her teenage tits jiggling and jumping around. She briefly turned her head to Spencer and smiled happily. Spencer grinned back, her hand reaching out to squeeze her friends before returning to Byron's back. The bed rocked and pounded at the wall as the two older men thrashed the teen's cunts with their massive dicks and the two girls responded with equal enthusiasm, bouncing and reeling as they took the cocks in.

Spencer had fantasised about fucking Byron for so long, ever since she'd realised what sex was and that it was something she wanted to do. She realised now that Toby had just been a substitute, a forerunner to the big event. This was the one of the best times her life and unlike many others the actuality was as good as the anticipation, even better perhaps, she thought as the orgasmic pleasure wove through her. Sharing it with Aria just added to the moment, every girl should fuck her heart's desire with one of her best friends beside her - and if it would have been even better to have Ali, Han and Em their as well the bed wouldn't have been able to cope.

"Huh, take my cock Aria," her Dad panted as he fed the teen his hard prick.

In her imaginings she had never imagined that he'd be there as well as she fucked Byron, even if she had known they got on. But she didn't mind, her and Aria had planned this and it was great her friend was fulfilling her fantasy as Spencer was. And it was a new way to do some father-daughter bonding and she and her Dad never did enough of that. He seemed to read her mind as he turned from Aria to give her a fatherly smile, "Enjoying yourself Spencer?"

"Yes, oh God, yes," the teen squealed and gripped Byron's back, riding herself up his cock.

Byron grinned and thrust harder and faster, riding her like a bronco. The teen shuddered and shook, wrapped in pleasure as her cunt was pounded harder than it had ever been banged before. The waves of joy coiled up and sprang, a tide of pure pleasure surging through her so intense that it felt like she was going to snap, her back bent and her tits bounced, her muscles stressed and strained and her brain went into lockdown, "AAAaarrrrghhh, yesssss, aaaaarghh."

She was dimly aware that Aria was orgasming as loudly next to her, shrieking out her excitement and rocking like she was a cork adrift in a storm. The two teens caterwauling filled the room, echoing and reverberating as they shrieked in ecstasy. The two Dads continued to pound, thrusting into the tight teen pussies and ramming deep down with their big ten-inch dicks. Even as one orgasm seemed to subside another hit Spencer and she squealed out in pleasure, her nails digging like claws into Byron's back, "Fuck me, yes, fuck me harder. Ohhhh fuccckkk, aaaaaarrrghhh!"

The bed squeaked from its efforts.

Panting Byron paused his fucking, dropping down onto Spencer to kiss her hard, his hand sliding over her still wet sex to keep it stimulated. The teen moaned and giggled as he moved from her mouth to her throat to her tits, kissing and sucking the nipples until they were soaked with his spit. He moved up again, kissing her neck and chin, before ending up at her lips, their tongues intertwined as his hard cock rubbed the outside of her slick slit. The teen groaned in both pleasure and frustration - she understood why he wanted a break - it would make it last longer before he came, but it left her pussy aching with frustration. Byron pulled back and his face hovered over hers, a grin on it, "You ever done anal?"

"No," she giggled. She knew that Byron and her Dad had butt-pounded Ali and Han, the thought that she might also get hers pounded this evening made her frustration vanish, "I'd like to, sometime."

"You want me to bang your ass tonight?" he asked.

She nodded, smiling coyly. "Yes, ram my butt."

"I'll just have to check it's alright with your Dad," Byron teased. He turned to her Dad, who was also on hiatus, kissing at Aria's titties. "Peter, you okay if I butt-fuck Spencer."

"Sure, as long as I can fuck Aria's ass as well," Peter grinned and Aria tittered.

"It's a deal," said Byron, holding out his hand for his friend to shake. He turned back to Spencer, "If you get on your hands and knees I'll bang that tight little butt of yours."

Giggling Spencer did so, Aria doing the same. Spencer noticed, apropos of nothing, that her friend was facing the opposite direction to her so that Spencer face was beside her friend's rounded ass.

"Stay there, I'm going to get some lube from my bedroom," said Byron and he and Peter left the room leaving the two teens in excited anticipation.

"Your Dad is so big, he made me cum more than Ezra ever did," confided Aria.

"Yours is as well, I can see why Han and Ali raved about their fuckfest. I thought I was going to faint from pleasure," Spencer said back.

"I can't wait until he bangs my ass, its a real fantasy of mine," continued Aria, her expression turning dreamlike.

"Me as well, though I can't imagine how something as big as your Dad's dick is going to fit," Spencer replied.

"Guess we'll find out," Aria giggled back, wiggling her butt as if that held the answer.

The two Dads re-entered the room, grinning broadly, their large dicks hard and shiny under the light, gleaming with the lubricant. They got on the bed, taking position behind the two teens. Spencer could see her Dad gripping her friend's buttocks and easing them apart. If she turned her head his cock was just inches from her face, allowing her to marvel at its size and to think how Aria was in for a treat. But as Byron pulled at her cheeks and rubbed his large dick between them and over the hole, Spencer knew she was in for a treat as well.

"Mmmnnn," she moaned in anticipation, reaching down between her legs to touch her excited pussy. Byron was rolling his hands over her cheeks, massaging them and relaxing her for his big entrance. The teen twerked her tushie gently, encouraging him as her finger slid over her slit. "Come on, fuck my butt."

"Ooohhh," Aria moaned as Spencer's Dad started to push his dick into her back hole. For a moment Spencer felt jealous that her friend was getting filled and then Byron's tip pressed at her rosebud and shoved. The seal held for less time than it took for her to think and then the top of Byron's prick was entering her, stretching the tunnel and scraping at her walls. "OOOhhhh," Aria moaned again and Spencer knew how she felt as her own ass was opened by a big cock for the first time.

"Oooohhh, yessss," she groaned. Even as her walls stretched achingly, a warm rush of ecstasy was flowing through her. Byron shoved again, his cock dipping deeper. Again the soreness was balanced by a feeling of joy. The teen rubbed at her cunt, dipping the finger in it as Byron shoved further, his dick battering at her walls. She groaned and shuddered as he pulled and thrust again. And then again. And again. Each time her ass walls stretched painfully, fighting back against the invading dick and each time the intensity of the pleasure more than made up for it.

"Give it me all, oooohhh, urrrhhh," Aria was rocking beside her as Peter Hastings thrust in. He was moving quickly, Spencer saw, his hands on her friend's waist as he fed the dick in. Even as she was being fucked she was watching in fascination as her Dad's dong went in, each time more of it vanishing between the brunette's cheeks, until he was all the way in and his naked body was bouncing against Aria's buttocks, flesh cracking on flesh. It turned Spencer on even more and she wiggled and worked her ass up to the still thrusting Byron, inviting him to pound her harder. Aria squealed, "Aaarrrghhh, yessss, fuck my ass!"

Spencer pushed her ass back at Byron's down coming cock, gasping in pleasure as her friend's Dad drove deep. He wasn't in all the way, not yet, but he was close. Spencer fell back and almost immediately rose, her tight hole working his cock. It went deeper and the walls seemed to tremble in protest. But they weren't enough to stop him and the teen felt him crashing into her, his large testicles bouncing at her nakedness like wrecking balls. She screamed in pleasure, "AAAarrrghh, give it me harder."

Now he was all the way in Byron complied, ramming her hole with a brutal speed. Her tunnel gave up and Byron went faster. The teen cried out in pleasure and shook, her tits bouncing and jiggling.

She could hear her Dad grunts as he went to town on Aria. His hands were gripping the teen's lower waist, his huge cock slamming in. He grinned down at Spencer, and she smiled back, glad to find that they had something in common. It would be a memory they could share in later years - of how he'd been butt-fucking one of her best friends as she lost her anal virginity. Not many Dads and daughters could say the same - well, there would be Aria and Byron of course, her friend's Dad continuing to pound her back-hole like they're lives depended on it.

"Yesss, I want that cock," squealed Aria.

"I want mine too," Spencer shrieked.

The two Dads grinned and continued to bang each other's daughters passionately, their cocks carving through the soft flesh of the butt tunnel walls and slamming deep into the hole. The teen's cheeks wobbled and bounced as they were continually pounded, both young women rubbing their clits furiously as they were ass-rammed to heaven. They squealed again, crying out in so close a unison they sounded like an choir singing an experimental chorus. There asses stretched further, pounded open by the huge pricks.

Spencer have never experienced an orgasm like it, not when she'd been dildoing her cunt at home, the one time she'd experimented sixty-nining with Alison, not even as Toby had banged her. It was like a volcano blowing its top, it was like a meteor smashing the Earth, it was like every atom in the universe all splitting at once. She screamed in pure ecstasy, unable to control her cries. If anything it was made even more exciting as Aria shrieked beside, so loud it was like they were in a competition.

Their new lovers didn't pause, but carried on hammering, grunting and panting as they did so. Spencer dropped forward, her hands splaying out, totally under Byron's spell. Her Dad was kneeling just inches from her finger, pounding into Aria, so close that she could have flexed and touched him. He was hammering back and forth fast, sweating and panting in a way that Spencer had never seen, his hair matted with sweat and his eyes wild. Aria seemed to be enjoying his attention, still squealing and shrieking, her body rocking back and forth as he continually slammed into her.

"AAArrghhh, yesssss," Spencer was brought back to her own pleasure as Byron's hard cock thrust down. The pain had gone from her butt, the walls were numbed and battered, but she was still cumming. She reached for her cunt again, rubbing it vigorously and feeling the vibrations coursing through her as Byron hit her again and again, his large dick so far in it threatened to explode out the other side. She screamed again, burying her face into the mattress as another orgasm smashed her.

"Going to cum soon," Byron panted.

"In my ass," cried Spencer. She had facials before and over her tits and Toby often used protection. But she'd never had anyone cum in her before; you couldn't however get pregnant from anal and so she was happy for Byron to jettison his load inside her. He pounded forward, perhaps going faster, Spencer's brain was so addled, her ass so beaten that she could hardly tell. She felt the liquid in her, shot and then shot again, spurts of cum shooting into her deep. She fell forward, feeling the sudden coolness as her ass was emptied of cock and the counterpoint of the warm cum trickling down her butt.

She rolled on her back, watching her Dad pounding Aria and listening to her friend's cries of ecstasy. It was only a few minutes before he came, pulling out his dick from the teen's widened hole and pumping it for a few seconds as it sprayed his seed like a garden hose all over her friend's ass and lower back. The silvery liquid staying there for a brief moment before starting to slide like room temperature mercury. Aria fell forward as well, sighing happily.

"That was so much fun," giggled Spencer.

Her Dad nodded, panting and wiping the sweat from his forehead. "It was Spencer."

"I loved it as well," moaned Aria, her face forward on the sheets, as if she was unable to find the energy to lift it.

"We'll have to arrange another sleep-over soon," said Byron.

* * *

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