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Pretty Little Liars: Rosewood Heat Part 2 (MMF,anal,dp)
by LL

Clutching a box Mona Vandervaal walked up the path to the Montgomery household and rang the doorbell. She glanced down at the bric-a-brac inside, old CDs and DVDs, a couple of books, two baseball caps, a selection of T-shirts and baggy jacket - the detritus of her relationship with Mike Montgomery, to be handed back.

The door opened and there stood Byron Montgomery. "Hi Mona," he seemed surprised to see her. She wasn't sure whether he knew they'd broken up. His next words confirmed he did. "I'm sorry about you and Mike."

"It happens Mr Montgomery," Mona shrugged. She lifted the box a few inches higher, "I'm just here to drop of some of his old things."

"He's not in," said Byron. Mona knew that, she'd deliberately chosen a day when he was at lacrosse practice and his sister was out of town visiting a college; the teen didn't want to be face to face with either of the Montgomery children. Their Dad was another matter, he might not look like much, but Mona had a definite crush on the older man.

"Do you mind if I come in and leave it?" she asked, giving him her most winsome smile.

"Of course," Byron opened the door wider and stood aside to let her in.

"Hi Mona," Peter Hastings was sitting on the couch, a can of beer in his hand.

"Hi Mr Hastings," Mona replied, trying not to grit her teeth in frustration. Any plan she had to show Byron Montgomery she was now not just single but available being sunk by the appearance of Spencer Hastings' Dad. Not that he wasn't a dish as well and to be fair her plan hadn't been much more than find a time with Byron alone and see where she could get with the divorcee. She mentally shrugged, she'd have to find another time, "Should I just leave these here or drop them in Mike's room?"

"Leave them in Mike's room," Byron nodded, "You know the way?"

"Yes," said Mona. she'd been there often enough.

Opening the door to Mike's room she took one last look around as she placed the box down. They'd both lost their virginity on that bed, and he'd taken her doggy style over that desk and on the floor she'd straddled him and bounced like she was a pogo-stick. She sighed, just thinking about the sex was making her horny; if only Byron had been alone he wouldn't have believed how lucky he could get. It seemed, however, she'd just have to spend the night alone in her room with a copy of Cosmo for company. She turned and left.

"Would you like a beer? A glass of wine?" Byron asked as she came down the stairs, "It seems a long way to come and then to just leave."

He had a lascivious smile on his face and so did Peter; as if they were mentally undressing the eighteen year old. Mona had driven over here and she didn't want a DUI on her record before she even got to college, she'd need to be careful. But if they were stripping her with their eyes it was too good an opportunity to miss. She nodded, giving a sexually provocative smile, "Just one glass of wine."

Byron vanished into the kitchen and Peter patted the couch next to him. Mona took the hint and sat down, crossing her legs and adjusting her skirt so that it came halfway up her thighs and gave Peter a good look at toned flesh. He grinned and sipped a beer, "So how's the single life?"

"Boring," Mona said, flicking a strand of hair over her shoulder and managing to joggle her boobs under her tight red sweater in the same way.

"In what way?" Peter Hastings asked, it was obvious he was interested in her, not the answer, as he was addressing her tits.

"Shall we say it means a lot of do-it-yourself," Mona grinned dirtily and from Peter's smile he knew exactly what she meant.

"You can always get help, to deal with those tricky spots you can't handle yourself" he smiled and 'accidentally' slipped his hand onto her leg.

Mona didn't resist or act shocked, she didn't want to put him off. Instead she wiggled back against the couch so that the skirt went up another inch, "You may be my saviour, I've got a lot of tricky spots of DIY that I need help with."

"DIY?" Byron returned into the room holding a large glass of wine.

Mona smiled and took it from him, it was almost filled to the brim and she sipped it gently to stop any sloshing out and falling down the front of her top. Byron stood over her for a moment, looking at his neighbour's hand moving up and down her thigh, getting closer to the hem of her dress. She smiled mischievously at Aria's Dad, "We were just talking about if you don't have a man around there's a lot of DIY." Her tongue moved round her lips as she glanced forward at Byron's waist, the mound underneath his pant was stirred and it didn't look like any small prick - a case of like father, like son she hoped. Her smile was wicked as she looked up, "Though for really tricky DIY I think two men are better than one."

She was hoping she'd read the situation right. It seemed she had as Byron sat down next to her, so close that she could feel the touch of his jeans. "I agree," he said and slipped his hand on her thigh, sliding it up and down in time with Peter.

Mona giggled and took a swig of her wine. It was much nicer than what Mike had served here when she was here, Byron must keep the less vinegary bottles away from his son's thieving hands. However, no matter how good the vintage she wasn't here for drink. She leant forward and put down the glass on the coffee table. Smiling she looked from Byron to Peter and back again, "So are you two big men going to help me with my DIY?"

"Yes, that's the plan," Byron grinned widely and wickedly.

"Perhaps I should give you both a hand first," Mona giggled. If she'd misread the situation she was about to look very stupid, mind you the two older guys were being so flagrant that if she'd misread she'd have to seriously think about entering a nunnery. Both her hands snaked out to the just below the men's waists, for a second or two she stroked the rapidly enlarging mounds under their pants, feeling the huge dicks straining. Then her fingers closed round both zips and she slid them down. Neither Byron or Peter stopped her, she had read right.

Their cocks were both hard, thick and long. Mona smiled happily as she took them both in her hands and began to gently stroke them.

"God, yes," murmured Byron, his hand creeping up her thigh and pushing her skirt further.

Peter might have said something but Mona placed her mouth on kiss and began to kiss him hard. Their jaws worked soundlessly as their lips slurped and slithered over each other, their tongues gliding together. He certainly wasn't a bad kisser, thought Mona, though she continued to slide her hand up and down his prick to make sure he remained erect and hard. Nor did she want to leave Byron out, breaking with Peter after a few moments to transfer her mouth to Mr Montgomery, slurping his face as enthusiastically as his friend's.

"Oh yeah. work it," Peter groaned in satisfaction, leaning against the couch back. Mona slipped her mouth from Byron and back to his, her tongue sliding enthusiastically forward as her lips tried to enclose his. Her hands went up and down, gripping the cocks hard and jumping.

"Let's get this off," Byron was pulling at her top.

"Mmmnn yes," Mona agreed, breaking the kiss and lifting her arm. Her red sweater was off in moments and she turned to kiss Byron again, as Peter undid her bra, dropping the dark lingerie onto the floor. He leant in and began to lightly kiss and lick the nearest tit and it wasn't long before the nipple reacted, becoming as hard as a helmet. Mona worked the two dicks harder, her mouth slamming passionately at Byron's, before without warning she switched to Peter.

He responded with a hard make-out, his jaw and tongue going into overdrive as he tried to overwhelm her mouth. Byron's mouth was down on her tit, giving the right one the same treatment the left had just had. The teen shuddered in pleasure as the nipple was sucked and nibbled, Byron taking it between his teeth and gently worrying it. The erogenous zone round the teat sent whizzy messages of pleasure up to her brain and down again to her pussy, giving her that familiar hot urge between her legs. She had to do something about that and fast.

She let go off Peter's cock and reached round for her skirt buttons, loosening it enough that her hand could push under the elastic and into her panties. She stroked her cunt, already wet with passion as her other hand pleased Byron and her mouth moved in time with Peter's face-munching. Of course the only problem with that was that his dick wasn't getting what it deserved...

... luckily Mona had a plan.

She broke the kiss. Byron's teeth slid off her nipple and for a moment he straightened up. Mona giggled, "Now let me show what else I can do with my mouth."

"Yes," grinned Peter, who instantly knew what the teen meant.

Mona's mouth opened and she slid her tongue down his dick teasingly. Once she reached the bottom she went up again, slowly swirling round the huge organ and leaving it damp with her saliva. At the top she swung round the sensitive mushroom head, hearing the sharp-intake of breath as Peter enjoyed her touch. She went down again, swinging her tongue from side to side as she did and then up again, a long, sexual slather of non-stop lick. This time when she got to the top she opened her mouth, forcing her jaws to widen and took the dick between her lips. Peter gave another groan in pleasure, his hand resting on her head, putting the lightest of pressure on it to encourage her down and not force it. All the time she was continuing to beat Byron's meat, her fingers strongly gripped round the hard penis.

The two men gave happy smiles of appreciation as Mona serviced them both at once. Unfortunately the position she was in wasn't great for rubbing her own pussy and that itch was having to go unscratched. Byron noticed, "Let's get this skirt of." He stood up and moved in front of her, his hard cock sticking out of his pants like it was escaping. Reaching down he gripped Mona's skirt and pulled at it, she straightened her legs and lifted them so that he could fully remove the skirt. It was dropped on the ground next to her top and bra. Byron didn't stop there. He reached forward and slid his fingers under her panty's elastic, pulling them towards him.

Mona lifted up her ass to help before again raising her legs allowing him to slip the panties off her. She kicked off her shoes, leaving her in just her socks. There was a definite disparity in how much they were all wearing. She slipped her mouth of Peter's prick, "You should get undressed, I feel self-conscious if I'm the only one naked."

Byron and Peter began to undo their shirts as Mona dropped off the couch and onto her knee in front of Byron. She didn't bother teasing him with her tongue, just opening her mouth as wide as she could and easing herself down it until she could feel it push at her cheek. Her head bobbed back, a slurping sound coming from her throat as she sucked like she was inhaling it. Then just as Byron groaned in pleasure she pushed forward again, ramming her mouth down the dick hard and guiding it to hit her cheek like a stunt car hammering cardboard boxes. Mona worked her head quicker, banging away like she was in the front row of a Marilyn Manson concert.

Meanwhile Peter had stripped off completely, not even bothering with socks and was standing next to her and his friend, stroking his cock as he patiently waited for his turn again. Mona pulled her head back with a jerk, wiped away a little trace of saliva which had come out with the prick and slammed her open mouth back onto Peter's. After having taken both dicks in her mouth she was better prepared and instead of using her cheek as a buffer she allowed the dick to slip deeper and push at the top of her throat. She gagged a little, coating the dick in bile, but forced herself forward. Mike had always enjoyed her deep-throats and she was pretty sure Peter wouldn't be complaining either.

"OOohhh, fuck," the older man moaned in pleasure as she went further down his cock, choking and retching as she did. Her eyes watered and her jaw ached as much as her throat, drool dripped from her lips. But Peter was grunting and leaning on her shoulders, showing every sign that he was getting the sucking off his life. She continued to give it him, her head slamming back and forth. Byron's pants dropped beside her, complete with boxers and even as she continued to suck his friend Mona reached out and took his hard cock, stroking it and keeping it as stiff as iron.

After a minute she switched, turning her head and sliding it down her ex's Dad's prick, her jaw straining as she slid in the thick meaty prong. Her lips rolled down the prick, taking it further and further into her mouth until it was pressing at her throat and she was gagging and gasping, covering the cock with her bile and saliva, leaving it as wet and shiny as a newly washed car. Her eyes stung and her throat ached, but it was worth it to see Byron look like he'd gone to heaven. She rapidly bounced her head making gulping noises as the cock pushed in and out at her throat. Even as she was bobbing her hand was on Peter's dick, jerking it enthusiastically.

"Shit," moaned Peter happily as Mona returned her mouth to him, sucking in his dick as deep as she could. Her hand clamped round Byron's dick, it felt wet and slithery and she worked it hard, stroking it fast and quick.

She continued to swap between mouth and hand for the next several minutes, continually keeping Peter and Byron on edge. Saliva slid from her the sides of her mouth, totally ruining her lip gloss and as she pushed forward down the dick her eye shadow smudged and merged like oil on water as the tear ducts misted liquid across her the thin membrane. As if it was a challenge she pushed further down the massive cocks, taking it as far as she comfortably could and then some more, so that both Peter and Byron's dicks slid from her mouth to threaten her throat. The saliva got whiter as she choked and coughed, looking like cum dribbling from her lips; but even with the discomfort the cocks felt so right, she didn't care. Anyway the deeper she went the more lubricated the dick, and her cunt was itching for action.

Swinging her head back and spitting out the cock with a pop, Mona looked up randomly settling her gaze on Peter. "Fuck my hot cunt, ram my tight teen twat," she ordered.

Peter was happy to oblige. He grabbed her, hauling her up and leading her to the couch. He dropped down, naked, on the sofa where her ex-boyfriend and his sister watched TV. He held his cock upwards and Mona didn't need any instructions about what to do next. She almost leapt onto the older man, straddling his legs and bringing her pussy down his dong. She was soaking and his cock was spit-oiled, but such was the size she had to force herself down, mentally thanking God that He had designed cunts to be elastic. Peter gripped her waist, grinning and thrust up as she began to bounce. "OOoohhh, oooohh, oooohhhhh fill me."

Byron stood a few feet away, watching in lewd fascination as she jumped his friend. Her boobs swung and juggled, like a couple of beach balls being kicked down the beach and she pushed forward to Peter, pressing them at his chest and rubbing the pecs as she moved. Her ass lifted and she knew Byron was looking at her hot tush and wondering if his son had filled it - he had a couple of times and Mona had loved it. But her and Mike had never done what she was about to do now. She turned her head, still riding Peter, and smiled sexily at Byron, "Aren't you joining in? I've got a second hole that needs filling."

"I was just waiting for you to get going and get Peter's cock well in you," Byron grinned in reply.

"It's well in me now," tittered Mona. She stopped her bouncing, sliding her wet cunt all the way down's Peter's shaft so she was fully impaled. She leant forward against him, raising her ass further and reaching round to the cheeks to gently spread them and show Byron her rosebud. It was tightly squeezed together, with barely a pinprick of a hole visible, but she knew from experience that it elasticised well. "Fuck my ass," she instructed with a purr.

"Go for it," agreed Peter. He reached round and gripped Mona's cheeks, yanking them harder and pulling them apart. It allowed her lean even further forward, balancing her hands on the back of the sofa and raising her ass so her back was almost parallel with the floor.

Byron moved behind her and she felt the tip of his cock rubbing at her hole, like it was nuzzling it as he looked down to make sure it was lined up. "This looks a sexy ass," he said and began to push forward.

"Oooh" she gave a little squeak as Byron's cock broke her anal seal and began to advance into her tunnel. Her ass resisted for a few moments, the chute trying to remain tight against its owner's wishes. But Byron wasn't put off and he gripped round Mona's stomach with one hand, using her as a lever, as he kept the other guiding his cock in. The thick member slipped forward, beating back the opposition for her walls. Mona rocked and rolled her ass, encouraging him down, whilst grinding her pussy on the cock she was already in. Peter grinned as his friend came nearer, his hands continuing to spread the teen's cheeks like a welcome mat.

"Oooohhh," she moaned again, louder this time. Byron's cock was coming in deep, the older man making small thrusts to shove the prick deeper each time and gradually beat down the walls resistance. Mona wondered what it felt like, her tunnel must be really gripping round his cock like a squeezing hand and making it throb, it certainly wasn't leaving much space in her hole, the dick so perfectly fitting that it was airtight like a cork in a bottle. She moaned and shuddered, rubbing her titties at Peter and running her wet pussy down his cock. He waited patiently for his friend to fully impale her, the only movement his hands as he kneaded at her cheeks, keeping them spread.

"Damn you're so tight," Byron said, "I'm almost all the way in."

Even as he was speaking Mona could feel his balls brushing at her as with a final thrust his dick speared all the way in. In her middle she could almost feel the two dicks rubbing together, like they were trying to split her in half. It made her holes ache, it made them feel wonderful. The two contrasting sense battled for control over her body and she gripped the top of the couch even harder, her nails digging into the fabric and gave a moan which might have been pain or it might have been pleasure, even Mona wasn't sure. She was sure that she wanted them to both to fuck her together, even if she never had another dp she wanted to experience it once. She raised her head and licked her lips, dry as if all her body's liquid was going to her cunt. "Fuck me boys," she said to the two older men, "Ram both my holes."

They moved slowly at first, letting her get used to have two massive pricks inside her at once. Gradually her pussy and ass walls loosened and relaxed so that every movement wasn't an ache. As they did Paul and Byron began to move faster and harder, thrusting their oversized dongs into her willing holes. Mona moaned. Her body shuddered and shook as she fell forward against Peter, her naked body rubbing at his and jerking as she was pounded. The two dicks slammed in, pleasuring her as they got into a rhythm that meant she was constantly filled with cock, one slamming as the other slipped out. She squealed and arched her back, letting the joy run through her. In a distant part of her mind she wondered if the two guys had done this before, dping some other young woman, or whether were just naturally in partnership. At the end of the day, though, it didn't matter whether they were as new to double penetration as she was or more practised than porn studs, they were still fucking her so satisfyingly.

"Aaaarrrghh, uuuhhhh, yes, yes, yeesssss!" she shrieked, her back bending and her body trembling, her head shooting upwards so she was looking at the ceiling. The cocks ploughed into her with even greater speed and power, "Ooohhh fuck, yes, ram my holes, fill me with dick, fuck me like a whore."

The two men grunted and panted, not wasting energy on words when their dicks were saying all that needed to be said. There arms wrapped round her, both hugging her and use her as ballast, their bodies slamming and rocking, making her shudder and shake in the middle, a pinball banged between two flippers. Her pussy was aflame with bliss and her ass a lava bed of pleasure; the sensations from the two holes combined to leave her in a perpetual state of ecstasy so high she wasn't sure when she actually peaked into orgasm or whether she was just cumming all the time. "AAarrrggghhh," she screamed loudly, "Aaaaaarrrghhh, fuuuucckkk yessssss!"

The sofa creaked and shuddered as it took more punishment that it was designed for. It said something for the quality of the furniture in the Montgomery house that it didn't collapse in a splintering of wood and a ripping of fabric. If it had Mona would known what it felt like, she was being torn in half by the big dicks, though it was so worth it. She was screaming constantly, sounding like a banshee howling at the Moon. More pleasure flowed through her, impossible to tell whether it was her ass or pussy. She gripped the back of the couch even harder and it seemed to rock as Byron thrust into her and she slammed forward onto Peter. And then it bounced back as Peter rammed back up and she was lifted up like a piece of meat on a spit. She screamed again, "AAAAaarrrrggghhh, fuuuucccckkkk, aaaaaggghhhh." The orgasms crashed through her.

"I'm close to cumming," Peter grunted, the first words he'd said since he'd entered her.

"Me too," panted Byron from behind.

"Cum over my face," gasped Mona. She disengaged and dropped to her knees in front of Byron as Peter stood up to join them. The two men pumped their engorged pricks as Mona waited expectantly. There wasn't much of a delay before they grunted and gasped and rolled their eyes, the explosions of cum seeming to shoot out simultaneously from both their dicks. It was like being hit by too hoses of salty goo, the sperm splashing all over her face - further ruining her make up and trickling down her nose, round her lips and over her chin, before dribbling down her chest and tits, like melting snow.

She licked her lips, taking in the salty goodness and looked up at Byron, "You'll tell Mike I was round."

The older man grinned, "I'll say you came."

"Oh I did, but just tell him that I dropped his stuff off," Mona grinned naughtily; if breaking up was this fun she'd have to find more High Schools guys to finish with...

* * *

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