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Pretty Little Liars: Pretty Little Teen Whores Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Hanna Marin felt guilty. She told herself she shouldn't. That she was just a pawn in all of this. That She had done exactly as she was told to by her pimp, given Aria the bate and her friend had taken it. Was it really her fault her friend was now metaphorically being devoured? Yes. No matter what she told herself she felt like the answer to that question was yes, because Aria was one of her best friends and the least she could have done was tell her exactly what she was walking into.

Despite knowing she was guilty as sin Hanna still felt things would workout for the best. After all if someone had warned her exactly what she was signing up for she probably wouldn't have ever become a teenaged whore, and if that never happened she might have never become the shameless slut she was always meant to be. Like tonight for example, Hanna was worried about her friend and their friendship, and instead of damaging her mind and her body with alcohol or drugs she simply used it for its intended purpose. Or more accurately called someone to come over and use it for its intended purpose, that person dropping everything and immediately coming round to help her out. As usual.

"Hey." Caleb said with a smile.

"Hey." Hanna purred, giving him a flirtatious smile and leaning against the door before moving aside to let him in.

"Your Mom in?" Caleb asked as Hanna closed the door behind him.

"Na, she's out-of-town. Didn't say why." Hanna shrugged, before grinning, "Why? Were you hoping to fuck her too?"

Caleb smiled, gently reached out and pulled her to him, "You're always more than enough for me Han."

"Awwwww, you always say the sweetest things." Hanna beamed as she leaned in to kiss him.

She didn't particularly like the patch of fur he called facial hair which he had grown recently, and she missed running her fingers through his once long hair, but it was still the lips and tongue she remembered back when they were a more traditional couple. Not that they were together in that way now, their relationship more like friends with benefits than anything else, but they maintained the illusion of being together for the benefit of Hanna's friends/hiding their secret jobs. And with passionate kisses like this it was surprised that this was one lie they were pulling off extremely well.

Not that the kiss lasted that long this time around, Hanna naturally being the one to break it and suggest, "Shall we take this somewhere more comfortable?"

"I'm up for it." Caleb grinned, unable to resist the pun as he proved it by momentarily pressing himself against her before letting go and allowing to turn around and slowly ascend the stairs.

Knowing Caleb was a 'butt guy' Hanna made sure to put plenty of wiggle into every step, the blonde grinning wickedly as her ex-boyfriend quickly positioned himself so that his face was eyelevel with her wiggling backside as they ascended the stairs together. Once they reached the top Hanna automatically move towards her room, then stop to think for a minute. She then grinned wickedly and practically skipped into her Mom's room.

"Hoping to get in trouble I see?" Caleb laughed as he followed her.

"Uh-huh." Hanna said, jumping onto the bed on all fours and then wiggling her ass at her ex while in a little girl voice confessing, "I just love giving my Mommy an excuse to spank my naughty ass. Mmmmmmm, teach me a lesson for being so bad... would you like to do that Caleb? Would you like to teach me a lesson for being so bad? For costing you money? For calling you whenever I'm in the mood for a man?"

Caleb grinned, "Why would I punish you for that?"

"Good point." Hanna conceded, flipping over onto her back and smiling deviously, "But enough talking, strip for me."

There was a couple of seconds pause, then Caleb slowly reached down and pulled off his shirt, revealing his abs. He then let Hanna admire them for a few seconds, then quickly kicked off his shoes and socks, before undoing his flying and releasing the 'beast'. He was still new to this kind of thing, or at least newer than Hanna, and wasn't entirely confident he could make something like removing clothing sexy. It worked for Hanna, his ex-girlfriend staring at him lustfully the whole time, especially when his pants and underwear fell around his ankles, but she was a self-proclaimed slut who was clearly aching for what he had to offer. A lot of the clients weren't so encouraging.

"Really good Caleb, you're learning." Hanna said encouragingly as she stood up, "But why don't you take a seat and let me show you how it's done."

Practically scrambling to swap places Caleb relaxed back on his ex-girlfriend's mother's bed and waited for her to strip for him so they could have sex. It was a testament to how weird his life had gotten that this didn't even seem odd to him anymore, although to be fair most 18-year-old guys probably wouldn't care about their surroundings if a smoking hot blonde started stripping off her clothes in front of them. And Hanna didn't just take off her clothes, she performed better than a professional stripper which would probably make the average guy have to think of sports to stop himself from cumming, especially when she revealed those big C-cup breasts and that perfect ass of hers.

Then she crawled on the bed with an evil smile, grabbed her hand around his cock and softly said, "Oooooooooh, always so ready for me."

With that she dropped her head down and wrapped her lips around the head of his dick, making Caleb moan loudly. He continued moaning as she lazily sucked the tip for a few minutes while using her hand to 'jack off' his shaft before she slid her tongue down the underside of his cock to his balls. She then teased the sack with her tongue, sliding it all over those sperm filled balls, before taking one into her mouth. Hanna switched between licking and sucking that ball, before giving the other the same treatment. Then for her final trick she open her mouth wide and took the whole thing in her mouth, again giving the same treatment but while using her hands to stroke the shaft.

Caleb definitely had to think about sports then, but it was nothing compared to when Hanna licked her way back up his dick and then showed off all the training her pimp had given her by swallowing every single inch of Caleb's cock in one slow movement. Just seeing Hanna's painted red lips wrapped around his dong and then slowly slide down it until her face was brushing up against his pubic hair would probably be enough to make him want to cum. But to feel that soft, wet mouth and eventually her tight throat around his dick was definitely enough to make him nearly blow on the spot.

As such he quickly warmed, "Hanna, oh God, if you don't stop I'm gonna cum!"

Hanna considered letting him. She wasn't really sucking him right now, so she was pretty sure all it would take is a little pressure and he'd be blowing his load into her mouth. Or more accurately shooting his semen directly down her throat, the idea almost too wonderful to resist. However the main reason she had called Caleb instead of one of her regular Johns or Jills was because she wanted to give him something extra special, and this was supposed to be about getting that and getting it quick.

So she squeezed his balls in the way she knew he didn't mind too much and reluctantly removed her mouth from his dick, ensuring that at least for now he wouldn't cum. She then slowly crawled up the bed so she was kneeling over him and guided his stiff erection to her needy centre. As she had done this countless times she closed her eyes to savour the moment, then began lowering herself downwards, along loud moan escaping her mouth as she pushed Caleb's cock into her pussy. The pussy Hanna had promised her pimp she wouldn't share with any men, except her fellow whores. Or gigolos, as the case may be.

While Hanna understood this rule was for her own good, after all her clients often came without warning analysts think she or any of her fellow whores wanted was to become a teen Mom, in moments like this she wished someone would invent a condom which was 100% reliable. After all, she didn't love it as much as butt sex, but Hanna still really enjoyed getting her pussy filled with cock. And Caleb had a really nice cock, one which filled her rarely used cunt wide and deep without being painful, Hanna moaning softly as she lowered herself all the way down and adjusted to the size of her ex.

For a few moments Hanna stayed like that, just resting on top of Caleb's lap while getting used to the feeling of him inside her pussy once again. Then she started slowly riding that dick, bouncing up and down on it like the slut she was, at first resting her hands on his chest before lazily rubbing it as she settles into a steady rhythm. The only thing which could have made the moment more perfect would have been if she had another dick or a strap-on available to shove up her ass, and maybe one to stuff her mouth, Hanna regretting her lack of forethought briefly before concentrating on giving Caleb a nice, drawn-out ride.

Caleb knew what was really bothering Hanna, and he knew he should be talking about it. But he was only human. More to the point he was an 18-year-old boy. How could he possibly be expected to talk about feelings when his smoking hot ex-girlfriend begged him to fuck her emotional pain away? And to be fair it seemed to be working, Hanna seeming way too busy sliding her snatch up and down his shaft to worry about whether Aria would be her friend after tonight or not.

To be fair Caleb was almost 100% sure she would be. That Aria would succumbed to her mother's charms in become just another notch on Ella Montgomery's bedpost. Then Aria would most likely become just like all the other teens Ella seduced, her little whores ready and willing to fuck whoever had a spare couple of hundred dollars. More importantly for him Aria would be allowed to fuck Ella's other whores, meaning Caleb might have a chance with that hot little body of hers, his dick twitching at the thought of getting a shot with such an amazing prize. Especially if he could bury his cock in Aria's cute little bubble butt.

As if she could sense his mind was elsewhere Hanna moaned, "Oh Caleb, your cock feels so good. It feels sooooooooo goooooooooodddddddddddd in my cunt, ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me please, I oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!"

Deciding to take the words as a literal invitation Caleb grabbed onto Hanna's hips and started thrusting upwards into her hot little hole. He did this slow and steady at first, partly so he didn't hurt his ex-girlfriend and current casual lover, but most importantly to minimise stimulation so he wouldn't cum too soon. He knew Ella would be very upset with him if he accidentally came inside Hanna, and the last thing Caleb wanted to do was risk pissing off his pimp and risk being denied access to the other 'teen whores', especially if Aria was joining their ranks, which he was pretty sure she would be.

So Caleb did what ever he could to maintain control. That included thinking about sports, school and various computer problems he had, or problems other pupils paid him to fix, and as always it worked like a charm, minutes ticking by as he and the slutty little blonde work together to establish a steady rhythm. Then Hanna went off script, hammering herself up and down harder on his shaft, her big titties almost hitting him in the face with the force of her frantic bouncing. If he wasn't enjoying the look of pleasure on Hanna's face so much Caleb might have tried to push his head downwards so he could be slapped in the face by those big boobs, maybe 'motorboat' them a little, but for now nothing would stop him making Hanna cum. Or more accurately helped making Hanna cum, given that it was the girl herself who was doing most of the work.

Hanna was in the same frame of mind. Luckily for her while that mind had previously been overwhelmed with worst-case scenarios she was now imagining what happened if things turned out ok. After all, Caleb wasn't the only one in this bed who wouldn't mind getting a piece of sweet little Aria Montgomery. As in literally sweet, Hanna imagining Aria's pussy would be one of the sweetest she would ever taste. Oh Hanna had spent so many nights thinking of tongue fucking Aria, and all of her other friends, ever since Aria's Mom had first seduced her, and now hopefully she would be very shortly for filling some of those dreams.

In the meantime Hanna was hungry for a different type of cum. More accurately she was hungry for her own climax, and the liquid boiling in Caleb's balls right now, Hanna licking her lips as she thought of tasting the latter even as she continued to work towards the former. This was another reason she had called Caleb. With him she could guarantee to cum first. Sadly that wasn't always the case with the men she fucked, which was why she had grown to prefer women, despite how good a man who knew what he was doing could make her feel.

Perhaps more importantly Caleb knew exactly what it took to get Hanna off, namely running a couple of fingers against her juice leaking pussy and then shoving that finger up her ass. If he had literally shoved it up her ass she would have probably cum on the spot, but instead he slowly pushed it into her slutty ass hole and then slowly began pumping that whore hole, eventually adding a second finger into the mix. Which prepared Hanna for the butt fuck Caleb knew she'd beg for, and allowed her to feel his cock and his fingers rubbing against each other through the thin wall separating her pussy and ass.

Combined with the fact that this made her remember the many, many times she was DP'ed Hanna came nice and hard on Caleb's cock, her inner walls squeezing down on him tightly as she coated his cock in girl cum. Recognising the expression on his face Hanna quickly removed herself from his dick, dropped down in between his legs and took that man meat into her mouth, taking only a moment to enjoy the taste of her own cum before pushing his manhood into her throat to make sure that first blast of semen would end up in her belly.

Even with all his training it was incredibly difficult for Caleb not to cum when Hanna's pussy was squeezing him like he did when the blonde came. He never used to survive it when they were dating and using condoms, but he had learned it was definitely worth holding on for the wonderful sight of a girl sucking on him just after he pounded one of her fuck holes. Well, she had done most of the work, but he wasn't exactly concentrating on that right now. No, he was using all his concentration not to cum, Caleb wanting to enjoy the sensation of Hanna's throat squeezing his dick for as long as possible.

Unfortunately he was just to wound up at this point to hold back for long and eventually he felt his cock swelling inside Hanna's mouth and then exploding, the first shot of his goo shooting directly down the blonde's windpipe into Hanna's stomach. With practiced ease Hanna pulled back far enough so that the neck shot of cum landed on her tongue, allowing the salty flavour to hit her taste buds. Then she pulled Caleb's cock completely out of her mouth and began jerking it off while she paused for a moment to swallow the second shot of cum, meaning the remaining shots landed on her pretty face.

It all happened so fast, one moment Caleb was gritting his teeth as his entire length was massaged by soft, wet flesh and the next Hanna's face was a mess and she was squeezing the last few drops out of him onto her tongue which was not sticking out of her mouth. She then swallowed those few drops, gathered up some of the cum on her face and swallowed that, then she went right back to sucking his cock, only pausing to lick up her own cum and pussy cream which had leaked out onto his balls and the areas surrounding them.

Back when they were dating this never happened. Hanna had never considered he could get hard again right after, and neither had he. But Ella had taught him that boys his age could have a remarkably quick recovery time, especially if they received the right encouragement, and at least for him personally Hanna was the best at dishing out encouragement. It helped that he had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen next, the way Hanna was looking up at him only seeming to confirm his suspicions, the idea that he was about to do something Hanna would have never allowed when they were in a 'real' relationship probably enough on its own to get him hard again.

Once he was clearly ready Hanna pulled her mouth away again and gave him a wicked smile while stroking him, "You ready to fuck my whore ass?"

"Fuck yeah." Caleb grinned, beginning to get up as Hanna let go of him, "Just let me get some lube."

"Don't bother." Hanna said, getting onto all fours in the centre of the bed, "I've been taking it in the ass all day long. If you use lube I probably won't even feel it."

Caleb frowned, "Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure, now do it!" Hanna demanded, "Fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little teen whore ass! Mmmmmm, fuck my skanky ass without lube and make sure I really feel it!"

Despite her please Caleb pulled her ass cheeks apart and spat on her ass hole once he crawled into position. If he tried anything more than that Hanna might have complained, but as he then immediately let go of one butt cheek so he could guide his cock to her butt hole she just grinned happily and then cried out with joy as he roughly shoved forwards, forcing the first few inches of his dick in her well rounded rear in just the first thrust.

Honestly there was little pain as her back hole and then back passage were stretched, but it was the kind of pain Hanna was very used to, and had even grown to crave. It just made her feel like such a slut, and Hanna loved it. She loved how easily her slutty little ass hole stretched for the full length of Caleb's cock, his thighs slapping against her ass cheeks in what felt like no time at all in the testament to what a total anal whore Hanna Marin was.

For a few moments they both savoured the feeling of full penetration, then Hanna joyfully moaned, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmmm, Caleb fuck me! Please fuck me! Fuck me please, mmmmmmmm, fuck my slutty little whore ass, ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooh fuck me, oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Needing little encouragement Caleb soon began butt fucking Hanna, slowly but steadily pumping his hips back and forth and in doing so thrusting his cock in and out of the blonde's butt hole, making Hanna moan incoherently. Which of course wasn't necessary, even if Hanna hadn't spent most of the day with a huge strap-on pounding her ass hole two years of being a very high in demand teen whore had left Hanna's back hole so slutty and loose that she could take a brutal fucking right from the get go from even the biggest toys and well hung studs. Caleb wasn't bad, but he wasn't as big as the strap-on which had violated her ass today or most of the butt-plugs Hanna like to keep inside herself when she was going about mundane chores like schoolwork etc or just meeting friends.

Of course the fact that Caleb was taking such care with her ass hole was very sweet. It was a sign he still cared about her greatly, even though when they were together she had cheated on him with countless women, including her favourite teacher. Then again after he had enjoyed Ella's charms himself Caleb probably couldn't blame her, and considering he had an open invitation to ass fuck her pretty much whenever he wanted Hanna didn't think her ex-boyfriend got too bad of a deal when it came to their break-up.

Knowing full well what kind of girl Hanna was Caleb was less worried about hurting his ex than cumming too quickly. Despite how easy it was to enter Hanna's ass it was still the perfect fit for a dick. It was warm and tight around his prick, and the sheer nastiness of what he was doing added something to it which was hard to describe. After all, how many guys got to fuck their ex-girlfriend in the ass? And not as some favour but because as something that ex-girlfriend begged him to do?

When they had been together it had bothered Caleb what a flirt Hanna could be, and initially he was furious when she admitted what she had done behind his back. Ironically knowing what a natural whore she was only added to his enjoyment of this moment. Then again, what guy wouldn't like a girl talking dirty and begging him to fuck her whore ass harder, something he couldn't help oblige regardless of how increasingly hard it was not to cum.

"Mmmmmmm fuck me! Fuck me harder Caleb, ohhhhhhhhh fuck my ass!" Hanna begged, "Please slam fuck my slutty little ass! Pound my whore butt! Come on Caleb, make me cum by fucking my little whore ass, and then turn my butt into your cum depository. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, deposit a big load of cum right up my butt! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss I want a big hot load deep in my slutty ass so I can shit it out and eat it! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeee ooooooooooh fuck my ass and make me cum and turn me into your cum dumpster! Mmmmmmmmm oooooohhhhhhhh fuck, you already came in my mouth and all over my face, mmmmmmmm, now cum in my butt!"

Not one to ever deny Hanna Marin anything Caleb picked up his speed until the sound of his thighs smacking off the blonde's butt cheeks were echoing throughout the room along with Hanna's screams of pleasure. And ok, he was denying her his cum for now, but that was only to make her cum first. Not that she was making it easy, Hanna eventually using her body as well as her words to make Caleb have to think of 'unsexy thoughts' to prevent himself from cumming. Even then it was difficult with Hanna pushing back against him, the former couple eventually working together to make sure the ass fucking was brutally hard as possible.

Although he tried to concentrate on anything but the incredible pleasure he was receiving Caleb couldn't help get lost in the sight before him. Hanna Marin on all fours in front of him, her well-rounded yet firm ass cheeks jiggling against his thighs, his dick disappearing and then reappearing from the tiny hole in between those cheeks which was now stretched out for his meat, just beyond the stretching hole a wonderfully tight passage which was milking his cock. And as he focused on that sight it became difficult to concentrate on anything else, his bloated balls aching painfully with the need to empty as they smashed against the bottom of Hanna's pussy with every thrust.

Soon after that they were mostly slamming against Hanna's hand, the blonde reaching between her legs and beginning to frantically rub her pussy lips. Hanna was the type of anal whore who could cum just from getting ass fucked, but she could tell by the way Caleb's cock was twitching inside her back passage that he was struggling to hold back. She could have stopped talking dirty and thrusting herself back against him, but she always preferred adding to subtracting, especially when getting her ass fucked.

In the name of that Hanna ended up pushing one and then two fingers inside her pussy, a wide smile crossing her face at the little DP action. Partly because she could feel her ex-boyfriend's dick hammering her ass to the then wall separating her front and back passages, and partly because of the sheer nastiness of it. Oh Hanna loved her life, loving it even more as she started hammering those fingers in and out of her cunt while frantically rubbing her clit with her thumb.

As Hanna became lost in the blissful euphoria she received while receiving some nice hard anal sex she thought about how happy she was Caleb was here, being the one to butt fuck her. She'd been anally taking their number of 'older gentleman' recently, and while they were so sweet and tipped generously, making herself cum while sperm was dripping out of her gaping ass hole just wasn't quite as fun as cumming and with a cock in her ass. On the bright side both made her feel like a total whore, but the latter was just a stronger orgasm, one she was thrilled to receive this evening.

When her climax hit Hanna buried her fingers as far as they would go into her snatch and then frantically rubbed her clit so she could make the orgasm as powerful as possible while enjoying the feeling of her cunt spasming round her fingers while her ass squeezed Caleb's cock. Then, just when it didn't feel like it could get any better, Caleb came in her butt, Hanna grinning wickedly as she felt shot after shot of hot semen empty into her bowels, soothing her well-pounded rectum and making her feel like a total whore. And not just a whore, but an anal whore, Hanna revelling in the feeling so much she came a second time.

Caleb was a little ashamed of himself. He had lasted longer in the past, but tonight he couldn't control himself. Maybe it was because Hanna seemed even hornier than usual, maybe it was because the thought of getting to violate Aria Montgomery's bubble butt had him frantically rock hard all day, maybe in the week or maybe so it had been since last time he ass fucked Hanna he had forgotten just how perfect his ex-girlfriend's ass was. Or maybe he was just looking for excuses.

No matter what the reason that tight milking ass hole all became too much and he found himself emptying what felt like the entire contents of his balls deep inside Hanna's butt, that well-trained bottom taking every drop of his salty goodness as it shot like a fire hose from the tip of his dick. It helped that as soon as he started to cum Caleb shoved his cock as deep as it would go into Hanna's ass. Just as he had been trained to do. That way it was easier for Hanna to take all of his cum up her butt, even if she didn't keep it for very long.

Shortly after his shrinking cock fell out of Hanna's ass a small trickle of cum began leaking from the blonde's back hole. That hole remained stretched open so the cum would have eventually left on its own, but Hanna reached back and placed her hand underneath her butt hole before pushing it out. It was one of the most obscene things Caleb had ever witnessed, although it was something he witnessed often and couldn't take his eyes away from, especially when Hanna had decided that she expelled as much of his cum as she could and brought it up to her lips. She gave him a perverted grin before beginning to lick away at her hand.

Knowing what was expected of him Caleb collapsed down next to her, watching transfixed as she lapped up every drop of his cum, cleaning each of her fingers as well as the palm of her hand. Once Hanna was sure she got every drop she quickly went down between her ex-boyfriend's legs, Caleb groaning as his sensitive cock was enveloped by his ex-girlfriend's warm wet mouth, Hanna greedily sucking the combination of her own cum and pussy juices mixed in with a drop or two of his cum left over or dripping out his tip. The sensation was almost good enough to get him hard again, but he really needed a minute. Not that Hanna seemed to mind.

No, Hanna just happily cleaned his cock, then took it out of her mouth and bragged, "Mmmmmmm, I'm a great little teen whore, huh Caleb?"

"The best." Caleb groaned as Hanna moved down to clean his balls.


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