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Author's note: This story takes place in the first half of Season 5.

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Pretty Little Liars: Mona's A Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

When she had finally come back to school after a long absence Alison DiLaurentis hadn't exactly expected to be welcomed back with open arms. As the school's Queen Bee she had viciously bullied everyone she had considered unworthy of her time, which was pretty much anyone except her four best friends. At first those four friends had given her a place to return too, but she lost their trust and became completely alone. Now she had it back she finally had a place again. That would have been enough, but soon afterwards it became more than metaphorical.

"So, you wanna sit with us today?" Emily asked hopefully.

Genuinely touched Alison asked, "Really?"

"Really." Spencer confirmed.

"Yeah Ali." Aria grinned, gently intertwining her arm with Alison's and escorting her to the lunch hall and then adding with a whisper, "I want to tell you all about last night, with my Mom."

Having somewhere to sit at lunch may have seemed insignificant to most people, especially considering what Alison and her friends had been through, but for a teenaged girl it felt like being thrown a lifeline while drowning. For a few moments Alison almost felt like a normal teenage girl. Well, except for the part about Aria explaining in graphic detail how she gaped her Mom's ass last night, proudly showing her friends one by one photographic evidence while all of those friends looked at her, and the photos, with a mixture of jealousy and lust. Especially Hanna.

"Wow, I wish my Mom was a submissive slut." Hanna grumbled softly.

"Actually..." Alison smirked, unable to resist bringing up one of the newly uploaded pictures on her phone and showing it to Hanna.

"Oh my God!" Hanna exclaimed as she was confronted with a picture of her Mom looking sheepishly back at the camera as she spread her butt cheeks, exposing her freshly fucked butt hole was gaping wide open, "YOU... you butt fucked my Mom!"

Luckily Alison's glare managed to prevent the blonde from exposing them, although she still made sure to make her reply extra soft, "Not yet, but a... friend of mine has informed me your Mom is quite the little anal whore, and a skilled pussy licker to boot. Maybe I could come over sometime and you could see just how skilled she is."

Hanna blushed, "Maybe."

"Hey..." Spencer complained, hesitating for a few seconds before finally revealing who she was fucking, "You said you'd help me with my Mom first."

"And I will." Alison confirmed, "I'll help all of you get your own personal lesbian slut, but I promised Emily would be first."

Blushing furiously Emily stammered, "I, I don't know Ali. I just can't see myself as a top."

"Trust me sweetie, that's about to change." Alison promised, giving Emily a wink and reaching for her hand and squeezing it, "After this weekend you'll be a new woman... cause I've got a slutty little bottom just waiting for you to top the hell out of her."

* * *

Come Friday Alison was lying on top of her bed and staring at a picture of that slutty little bottom on her phone. Not even a naked pic at that, but a close-up of Mona sleeping, which Alison had snapped during last weekend's long sleep over. She wasn't even sure why she had taken it, but she had found herself looking at it a lot over the past few days. She also looked at all the other pictures, but she found herself looking at this one the most. Alison told herself she was just impressed that Mona had become kind of cute and it was nice to remind herself she had conquered her rival, but there might just be more to it which was kind of worrying, and not something she wanted to think about right now. Not when her guests should be here any minute.

During her doorbell ring Alison quickly rang up Mona and asked sharply, "So, you're finally here."

"Duh." Mona grumbled, "Well, aren't you going to let me in?"

"Go round the back. I don't want to be seen with you." Alison said sharply, before grinning, "Besides, this way you can slip through my back door before I slip through yours."

Instead of offering up any sort of retort Mona just hung up, Alison just chuckling to herself wickedly before she got up and head downstairs, trying not to run to her back door although it was hard as she was excited. When she reached her destination she put on her game face, opened and smiled weakly at her prey, "Mona, so glad you could join me."

"Yeah, whatever." Mona grumbled, ducking her head and stepping inside, "Is Emily here already?"

"No, I told her to come an hour later, so I could loosen you up." Alison explained once she had closed the door, then she close the distance between them, "I had this picture of her walking in on me pounding your sweet little butt. Oh well, maybe with Hanna. Or one of the others."

"Ali-" Mona began.

"Shhhhhhh." Alison interrupted softly, pressing a finger to Mona's lips, "I warned you about being late, and yet here you are. You must really want to get your cute little ass spanked, and I'm happy to oblige. Now, get that tight little butt up those stairs and pull down your pants so I can give you what you so desperately want."

After the word 'now' Alison slapped Mona's ass as hard as she could to emphasise her point and to further humiliate her slut. It seemed she succeeded in both, Mona blushing and then after a brief staring competition lowered her head and turned towards the stairs. Alison followed closely behind her, the entire time staring at the ass she had missed so much. When they got to her room she quickly sat down on her bed before beckoning Mona forward. Obviously guessing what was expected of her Mona whimpered, shuffled forwards until she was right in front of Alison and then turned around as Alison gave her a twirling motion with her finger. Then after a few long seconds Mona reluctantly pulled down her pants, revealing a tiny little thong.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, good girl. You remembered." Alison grinned as she reached up to caress those firm cheeks.

"You didn't text me a reminder." Mona grumbled.

"I also reminded you to be on time, and you fucked that up." Alison reminded her with a frown, slapping Mona's ass before going right back to caressing it.

"That wasn't my fault, I-." Mona began again before being interrupted, again, this time by a hard slap to her ass.

"I don't want to hear your excuses! Now, let's see if you remembered the other instruction." Alison said, slowly pulling down that tiny little thong to reveal Mona's ass hole was being stretched open by a butt-plug, the blonde trying not to drool as she added, "Mmmmmmmmm, very good girl. I'm almost tempted to let you off for being late..."

Mona was worried it was a trap so she didn't comment quite right away, but as a silence fell over them she couldn't help ask, "Why don't you?"

"Would you like me too?" Alison asked, and then when there was no answer she pushed, "Would you like to skip straight to the butt fucking? Cause if you ask real nicely I just might grab my strap-on and slam it up your little ass hole right here and now... or would you rather eat my pussy? Bury your face in my cunt so I can squirt all over your face? Would you like that? Or would you like to lick my ass?"

"I'd rather fuck it." Mona boldly interrupted.

"Oh Mona, I almost believe you." Alison giggled, slapping Mona's butt one last time before letting go and leaning back slightly, "But we both know that's not what you really want, and because you're still not ready to admit what you actually want you can bend over my knee and take a spanking. Which, I guess, is what you really want right now, but trust me Mona, the time will come that you shamelessly begged to be butt fucked, and blush at the memory of how stubborn you used to be."

Mona blushed and did as she was told. She wanted to slap Alison across the face, especially when she turned around, but everything she had already endured would be for nothing if she disobeyed, and if she let her temper get the best of her things could end up being much worse. So Mona again swallowed her pride and bent herself over Alison's knee so that her butt was in perfect position to be spanked. She then had to wait maybe a minute or so while Alison shamelessly groped her ass, treating it like a piece of meat and thus expertly increasing Mona's humiliation.

Of course when Alison did finally start raining blows down upon her vulnerable flesh Mona found herself wishing for a return of the groping. After maybe ten blows to her butt Mona got her wish, Ali's hand caressing the pain away almost lovingly. Which was a weird way to describe it, and it kind of made Mona feel funny inside, but in that moment she didn't really care. She was just happy that something was taking the pain away. Then before she could over analyse it she received a handful of other spanks before Alison went right back to the groping, Ali repeating this process for quite a while. Then Alison really started giving it to her.

At the beginning Mona had cried out simply because she was unsure when the first spank was coming. It was the same after every interval, Ali able to force her to cry out an embarrassing amount of times, but after the initial blow she was always able to stay quiet, more or less. But when Alison gave up the groping in favour of a relentless attack, that hand hammering her ass over and over again, no amount of tricks could keep Mona quiet and eventually she gave in, knowing it was what Ali wanted and she wouldn't get a reprieve until she gave it to her.

Fortunately Ali's parents and her brother were out of town, and as deafening as the sounds of the blonde's hand connecting with the brunette's butt were, with Mona's screams even louder, it was unlikely the neighbours would here. Unfortunately Mona was left with the horrifying reality that Emily would be here any minute, and sure enough what she feared would come true did, and Emily Fields timidly poked her head around the door, her eyes and mouth cartoonishly wide as she witnessed the proud Mona Vanderwaal getting her ass spanked by her nemesis Alison DiLaurentis.

Alison had really, really missed Mona's ass. Of course she didn't want to say that allowed and give Mona ideas, but given the way she'd lovingly groped those cheeks at the beginning it was probably redundant. Still, Alison didn't want to give Mona the satisfaction of verbally hearing it, even if the closet bottom should be proud of how much a top of Alison's calibre lusted over her cute little behind. But she would be. Oh yes, Alison had made up her mind, she was going to break Mona completely if it was the last thing she did.

The next step to that arrived while Ali was on one of her groping breaks, her phone vibrating a short distance away from her, letting her know she had a text. She quickly grabbed it and smiled as she saw it was Emily letting her know she was almost there, just like Alison had told her to do. Alison smiled, sent Emily a text reminding her to slip into the open back door, which she would be doing tonight in more ways than one, and then began to give Mona a serious spanking.

For a few glorious minutes Alison was completely lost in that serious spanking, so much so she entered a Zen-like state in which she barely noticed the pain in her hand from the constant assault she was giving Mona's butt. Either that or it just motivated her further, not that she needed more motivation given that she had her former rival bent over her knee and squealing in pain, her cheeks jiggling and discolouring from the force of the blows. Oh it was wonderful, so much so it felt like a long time until Alison remembered she should be on the look out for Emily, and even then she was tempted to just keep going until she was interrupted or her hand fell off.

Instead Alison was just about able to lift her gaze from Mona's ass long enough to spot Emily. Not that it was that hard, her adorable friend was peering around the corner of the room with a deer in the headlights look. Briefly Alison wondered how long Emily had been standing there and if she had crept through her home as quietly as she could or made as much noise as possible and Alison simply hadn't noticed. Neither particularly mattered. In fact the only thing which did in that moment to Alison was remembering to continue the exact same force of the spanking while talking to her best friend, something she felt she achieved as much as she possibly could.

"Emily, please come in and get a look at my slut." Alison greeted warmly.

Emily blushed. She had been nervous about this whole thing since Ali had first suggested it, but today in particular. The closer the time came for her to go over to Alison's the more Emily became a nervous wreck, her hands shaking when she had to open the door to let herself inside. From there she heard a familiar voice screaming, and she initially thought that A was here and doing something terrible to Mona. Then, as bravely or stupidly, she went further into the house the clearer she heard smacking sounds along with the squeals, clueing Emily into what was really going on.

Not that she believed it. Not until she saw it with her own eyes, and even then Emily couldn't be sure what was in front of her was real. After all, Mona and Alison hated each other. Which didn't count against Ali wanting to spank Mona, but actually getting to do it was a whole other story. Plus it implied that Mona was the submissive bottom Alison had been so secretive about, and while Emily was sure that Mona was at the very least bi she was just as sure she was a top, regardless of which gender she was playing with.

"Ali, what's going on?" Emily asked softly as she practically tiptoed into the room.

"Duh, I'm disciplining my bitch." Alison grinned, giving one final hard spank before going back to groping Mona's butt, "And I know what you're going to say, and yeah, I could do better, but there is something so satisfying about using Mona as my personal fuck toy. Besides, she's such a slutty little bottom."

"I'm not a bottom." Mona whimpered, more out of instinct than anything else.

She was rewarded for it with a hard slap to her beaten behind and Alison angrily growling, "Liar!"

"I, I should probably go." Emily stammered.

"No wait! She's a bottom! Just wait, and I can prove it." Alison said, stripping off her clothes quickly which got a wide-eyed reaction from Emily. That alone probably bought her a few minutes, but that didn't stop Alison from going through with the plan, namely to sit back down in front of Mona when she was naked, spread her legs and casually tell Emily while looking at Mona, "See just how quickly she buried her face in my snatch. How easily she munches my twat. She hasn't had it in days, and you can see from the look on her face she's just gagging for it."

Cautiously Emily walked around so that she could see Mona's face, the other brunette's eyes locked with Ali's in a clear battle for dominance. It was a battle which seemed to stretch for several minutes, although in reality it was probably closer to seconds, but it definitely felt like minutes as Emily darted her eyes between the two other girls. The fact Alison was naked kept Emily around longer than was decent, but she swore to herself she was about to leave when Mona suddenly leaned forwards and buried her face in between Alison's legs.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooooodddddddddddd!" Alison moaned as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, clearly becoming lost in her own little world for a few long minutes. Then she opened her eyes, looked at Emily and grinned, "See, I told you. Mmmmmmmmmm, Mona's a submissive little slut."

While Mona maybe a slut given the eagerness she was going at Alison's pussy, and she was definitely little height wise, Emily wasn't quite sold on Mona being submissive. Or at all, actually. Then again, her butt told a different story as she walked round to inspect Alison's handiwork, and Emily was certainly intrigued, and she just had to know. Even if she didn't self-consciously closed the bedroom door, not that she was sure it made much difference given how loudly Ali was crying out, and the things that she was saying as from the sounds and look of it Mona was clearly going to town on the blonde's pussy.

She was certainly licking that pussy thoroughly, however it wasn't quite enough at first for Alison. Then, just as Alison was about to say something, Mona began lingering on her clit, increasing her pleasure tenfold. Then Mona began flicking it, swirling her tongue around it and then finally taking it into her mouth for a gentle sucking session. Those things really drove Alison wild, the blonde rewarding the brunette by tightening her grip on her and shoving her face deeper into her cunt.

To Alison's delight Mona's response was shoving a couple of fingers inside her, first two and then three, her bitch showing no regard for her well-being as she stretched and brutalised her pussy. Which almost hurt Alison's feelings. Or at least it would do, if she cared about Mona. Which she didn't. Mona was her slut, and she was only too happy for an excuse to put her in her place. Then again with Emily around she couldn't be too mean, and it wasn't like Alison hated being fingered by this hot psycho. Exactly the opposite in fact, Alison allowing Mona to finger her for several minutes before she put her in her place.

"Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, who said you could finger me, slut?" Alison scolded, keeping her voice as playful as possible for Emily's benefit, "Oooooooooooh, get those dyke fingers out of me and shove your nasty little tongue in my twat. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, tongue fuck me you bitch! Tongue fuck me and make me cum! Mmmmmmmmmmmm, you've done such a good job at licking my pussy, but now it's time to make me cum. Mmmmmmmmmmm, make me cum good and hard and maybe I'l let you eat Emily's queer little cunt."

Emily blushed furiously at those words, making Alison in turn grinning wickedly. That grin was almost immediately washed off her face as Mona did as she was told, moving her mouth down slightly so she could replace her fingers with her tongue, that wonderfully soft muscle slamming as deep as it would go into Alison and then without a moments hesitation Mona began to tongue fuck her. Not gently either. Oh no, this was a hard tongue fucking pretty much right from the beginning, Mona making her cum embarrassingly quickly.

Aria's Mom had decades more experience at eating pussy, and yet Mona could make Alison cum harder. Why? Probably because while face fucking the little bitch Alison could watch innocent little Emily go from uneasiest to pure lust as she watched the two enemies dyking out, which was cuter than having the shameless Aria watching her. Although Emily was pretty shameless right now, one hand up her own top while the other was down her pants, the swimmer frantically getting herself off while Mona tongue fucked Alison through orgasm after orgasm, the blonde grinning the whole time as she practically drowned her slut with her cum.

Mona suddenly got a face full, so she tried her best to swallow at least a majority of the precious liquid. Not because she wanted to do Alison any favours, but because she liked girl cum in general. Also her mouth was mostly open, so it was inevitable she'd swallow some anyway. And once she started it was hard to stop. Thankfully for a few minutes she didn't really have to avoid analysing why this was as she was completely lost in cum swallowing and getting more cum by tongue fucking the other girl. Then she wasn't given much time to think about her previous actions as Alison yanked her back but the hair and then turned both their attentions to Emily.

"So Ems, wanna go?" Alison asked with a mischievous grin.

Emily blushed, "I, I don't know..."

"Oh come on Em, she's really good at eating pussy." Alison promised, "And she wants too. I mean, just look at her. Mmmmmmmmm yeah, this little dyke just can't get enough pussy."

As she spoke Alison turned Mona's head gently but forcefully towards Emily so that the two brunettes were looking directly at each other, and Emily got a good look at Mona's girl cum and pussy cream covered face. Mona knew that Alison wanted her to agree with her, and she was tempted not too, just to stick it to her rival. But that would probably result in a hard spanking, Alison probably using a brush or paddle on Mona's already well beaten behind, and Mona not think that was something she could take that right now. Besides, she had always thought Emily was hot, and licking the swimmer's pussy was far from unappealing, so she gently nodded her head.

When she got the impression that wasn't enough Mona softly but firmly called out, "Please Emily, let me have the privilege of eating your pussy. I love eating pussy, and I've always thought you were so beautiful. I bet you taste amazing."

Blushing again Emily mumbled, "Well... ok."

To both Mona's and Alison's delight Emily slowly and nervously pulled off her top, sat down to remove her shoes and socks and then stood back up again to pull off her pants. She then hesitated briefly before unhooking her bra, tossing it aside and then sliding her panties down her long legs before sitting back down in the chair she was in before. Alison then finally let Mona go, allowing her to crawl over to where the other brunette was now sitting, Mona taking her time and almost feeling like a top again as she crawled over like some sort of predator and then took a moment to savour the smell of her treat.

Then Mona pressed her tongue against the bottom of Emily's cunt and then slowly slipped that wet muscle all the way up to the top. Over and over again she repeated this process, licking Emily's pussy at a slow but steady pace, savouring every moment of this delicious treat, and equally delicious feeling of control. Sure, Emily reached down to stroke her hair, but there was no grip, no force behind it, no sigh Emily was taking control, again Mona almost feeling like a top just treating a bottom to a pussy licking. Little did she know Alison was about reinsert her dominance by shoving a dildo up Mona's butt.

Emily closed her eyes, threw her head back and cried out in pleasure as Mona's tongue slid over her pussy lips for the first time. She then kept her eyes closed as she enjoyed the blissful sensation she had grown to crave over anything else, namely another girl licking her pussy. Emily had always known on some level she was gay, but the first time she felt Maya's tongue touch her pussy pretty much erasing any doubts from her mind. The amazing orgasms her first girlfriend had given her that night had solidified her sexual awakening, and she had been happily getting her pussy eaten by girls ever since.

The only thing Emily liked better was returning the favour, although sadly she didn't think she'd get the chance. For a moment she hoped that Alison would order her to lie down so she could sit on her face while Mona ate her out, finally giving her the chance to find out what Alison DiLaurentis tasted like. As that was something she'd wondered since puberty it was of course one of the main reasons she came tonight, but those hopes were dashed when Alison quietly retrieved a huge dildo from a drawer, stepped into the straps attached to it and then pulled it up her thighs.

Emily couldn't decide whether Alison looked ridiculous or sexy. Maybe it was a bit of both, but mostly the latter, especially when Alison got out a tube of lubricant, squirted some on her hand and started rubbing it into the toy as if it was real. Given previous conversations it was no mystery where that dildo was going, the thought turning Emily on more than ever before. Maybe that was because she now knew who was taking it up the ass for Alison, or maybe it was because she was going to see it, or a combination of both, but Emily found herself moaning extra loudly and creaming Mona's pretty little face extra thoroughly.

Not that Mona had nothing to do with it. Oh no, Mona was quickly proving herself to be a skilled pussy licker, and probably by accident Alison's actions coincided with Mona beginning to linger her tongue on Emily's clit. When Alison slowly and quietly put the lube back in the draw and closed it Mona closed her mouth around Emily's clit and gently sucked it, causing Emily to close her eyes and let out a long moan. About a minute or so later Mona went back to the pussy licking and Emily opened her eyes just in time to see Alison kneeling down behind her prey and smiling wickedly.

Announcing her presence Alison told Mona, "Relax loser, I'm in the mood for some of your hot butt, and I'm going to take it."

With that Alison reached out and slid her hand over Mona's ass cheeks, grinning as she heard the other girl whimpering into the pussy in front of her. She then took a few moments just to squeeze the cheeks before finally pulling them apart and slowly pulling out the butt-plug and then replacing it with the head of her dildo. Then Alison slowly pushed forwards, practically salivating as her strap-on slowly slipped inside her former rival's ass hole, Alison then making that poor little hole swallow every single inch of her dick.

Throughout this process Alison had to bite her lip to prevent herself from telling Mona just how much she had missed her sweet ass. Because she had, Alison savouring every moment of penetrating Mona's ass again, and when her thighs came to rest against Mona's butt cheeks, announcing she had buried every inch of her strap-on dildo into the other girl's bowels, Alison let out an animalistic-like groan, moved her hands from Mona's cheeks to her hips and then started officially butt fucking the perhaps former A, slow at first but gradually picking up speed as Mona moaned in mostly pleasure.

Picking up on that Alison mocked, "That's it loser, moan for me. Moan for me while I'm fucking your tight little dyke ass!"

The only reply from Mona was another loud moan into Emily's pussy, which in turn made Alison giggle and Emily cry out in pleasure. Of course Emily had been moaning just as much as Mona, but that particular cry had Alison tearing her eyes away from the wonderful sight of her dick pumping in and out of her bitch's butt hole and looking over at Emily who was looking all apprehensive again. It was cute, but if Alison was going to train Emily to be a top she couldn't afford a setback like her running off in the middle of a training session. Well, she possibly could, but that wouldn't be much fun, now would it?

So in the name of distracting Emily, and moving things along, Alison slapped Mona's ass roughly and firmly told her, "Don't you dare slack off on your cunt munching duties just because there's a cock in your ass now. Mmmmmmmm, cause you're getting double teamed like that you should be working twice as hard to please us both. That means your tongue should be inside Emily right now, ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah, and while you're at it bounced that booty back at me. Yeahhhhhhhhh, show me how much you love this dick in your ass. More importantly, show Emily. Show Emily that you're nothing but an anal loving whore. A submissive bitch. Mmmmmmmm, a slutty little bottom."

There was a brief pause, and then Emily threw her head back and cried in pleasure, even louder than before, Alison guessing that meant that Mona had obediently rammed her tongue inside the other brunette. Pretty much proving this Mona then began bouncing herself back and forth, pushing her tongue as deep as it would go with every forward thrust and impaling her slutty little hole on Alison's weapon of ass-destruction with every backwards thrust. This of course made Alison giggle evilly, slapped Mona's butt and taunt her even more.

"Yeahhhhhhhhh, that's it slut! Fuck my friend while I fuck your ass!" Alison ordered with an extra hard slap to Mona's backside, "Mmmmmmmm fuck yeah, fuck my friend with your tongue while I pound your slutty little ass hole with my big dick! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, you love my big dick, don't you? Mmmmmmmmmmm yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, you love my big dick in your tight little dyke ass while there's a nice wet pussy in your lezzie face! Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah, show me how much you love it! Oooooooooooooh, just like that, bounce your queer little butt back at me while I'm pounding it and you're fucking my friend's lesbo cunt with your dyke tongue. Mmmmmmmmm, what a bottom. Isn't that right Ems?"

"Ye, yes." Emily blushed, automatically agreeing with Alison, "Mona is a total bottom."

Mona had in fact shoved her tongue inside of Emily, and she was now reaping the rewards of that. Namely more yummy pussy juice, which pretty much flowed directly into her mouth and down her throat, thanks to her lips being tightly wrapped around Emily's entrance. Mona had loved the taste of Emily's cunt since that first lick, every single one that followed only making her love it more. Not that this was anything new, Mona loved to eat pussy. She'd always loved it, and there was nothing wrong with that. It didn't make her a bottom, no matter what Alison said. It just meant she liked girls, and that was it.

The fact that she had missed the feeling of Alison's dick in her ass, that might mean something. Not that it had to be Alison's, Mona sure she would feel this much pleasure from any woman pounding her butt, as long as they knew what they were doing, but the fact that she was loving every moment of this ass fucking suggested she wasn't as much of a top as she thought she had been. More accurately it meant she wasn't a total top, Mona reminding herself that she still wanted to get revenge and butt fuck Alison DiLaurentis. Ideally on her back so she could see the look on Alison's face when she popped her anal cherry.

Smiling dreamily to herself Mona became lost in that thought for a few wonderful moments, although her tongue continued to fuck Emily on autopilot. Unfortunately that wonderful image of Alison on her back and staring up at her as Mona took her virgin ass combined with Alison suddenly picking up her speed to make Mona cum so hard her cum squirted from her cunt. To be fair Mona had been horny before she even came here, and there had been build up with the spanking she'd received and the pussy eating she'd given Alison, only those things shouldn't be helping her get off.

"Don't slack off bitch!" Alison giggled, slapping Mona's ass as hard as she could, "Just because I'm making you cum nice and hard with a cock in your ass doesn't mean you can forget about making my friend cum. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, tongue fuck Ems. Tongue fuck her nice and hard. Try and make her cum at the same time you are, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, that way you can have a fresh batch of dyke cum on your dyke face as you're cumming from getting your wonderfully tight little dyke ass fucked! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Quickly obeying, for some reason, Mona Jack-hammered her tongue in and out of Emily's cunt harder than ever before, making the other brunette cum in what felt like seconds. Mona tried hard to swallow as much as she could, but there was just so much of it and being fucked in the ass was so distracting, so the majority of that wonderful liquid ended up covering her face. Still, she had another go, and another and another and another, Mona tongue fucking Emily to several climaxes, most coinciding with a powerful orgasm of her own, even if it was anal induced by Alison DiLaurentis.

As Alison felt like she could never get enough of this ass she fucked it through orgasm after orgasm, the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising Mona Vanderwaal meaning that all three girls got to cum multiple times. Then she yelled, "Emily! Go and get a strap-on so you can butt fuck this bitch!"

Emily blushed and stammered, "Erm... where-"

"Middle drawer!" Alison pointed to her chest of drawers and then pulled apart Mona's ass cheeks so she could maximise her enjoyment for the end of this particular butt fuck.

Reluctantly moving away from Mona and scurrying to the requested drawer Emily was amazed at all the different sex toys she found. For a few long seconds she just admired them all, then Mona let out an extra loud scream and squirted again, prompting Emily to hurry up and choose before Alison got fed up of waiting for her. Quickly she grabbed the smallest strap-on, which she guessed was 8 inches long and turned around to see Alison looking at her while casually pumping Mona's butt.

"No Emily, that's clearly way too small for an ass slut like this." Alison said, smacking Mona's ass for emphasis, "Mmmmmmmmm, if you're going to anally ream this bitch I insist that you at least grab a 10 incher."

Again Emily blushed but scurried to retrieve the requested toy and then turned back to Alison with a hopeful expression on her face, only to find the blonde had turned her full attention back to Mona who she was anally pumping a little faster and harder than a few seconds ago, enough to make Mona squeal with pleasure but apparently not enough to make her cum. Without the extremely pleasant distraction of her pussy being eaten Emily just stared at the two girls for a few moments, Mona looking so submissive and weak as she was face down and trying to hide her enjoyment while Alison looked so powerful and dominant as she proudly ass fucked her perhaps now former rival.

Honestly Emily didn't think she'd ever seen anything so hot, the timid brunette suddenly finding herself scrambling to pull the harness up her thighs and strap it firmly around her waist before timidly asking, "Alison... can, can I have a turn now?"

Without a moments hesitation Alison pulled out of Mona's butt, Emily gasping as she was confronted by the gaping crater which used to be Mona's butt hole. Then after a few long seconds of staring into Mona's bowels via her gaping ass hole Alison pulled apart Mona's butt cheeks, emphasising the gape and then telling Emily, "Go ahead Ems, fuck this fuck hole."

"I, I... I, I want to, but, but... but I'm not sure I can." Emily stammered weakly.

"Sure you can, it's easy." Alison said, looking down at the gaping hole she was presenting to her friend and licking her lips, "See how nicely stretched out I'm made this slut for you? Mmmmmmm, she's so gaped. I bet it will be like sliding a key into a lock. All you have to do is take a calming breath, come a little closer, take a hold of your dildo and slide it into this slutty little fuck hole. Mona wants you too, don't you slut?"

Knowing that there would be consequences to saying no, and too blissed out even really think about it, Mona moaned, "Yeeeeeeeesssssssss, fuck me! Mmmmmmmm, fuck my ass, oh please Emily, ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, pound my slutty little ass! Do it! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Nervously Emily did as Alison told her, taking a calming breath and then moving in front of her target, before taking a calming breath and grabbing hold of her strap-on and guiding it into Mona's gaping butt hole. As Alison predicted the head slid in easily, quickly followed by the rest of the shaft, Emily's mouth falling open in amazement as inch after inch of long, thick dildo disappeared into Mona's ass hole. In what seemed like seconds her thighs were pressed against those parted butt cheeks, announcing she had buried every single inch of the strap-on cock in Mona's butt. Every inch of her strap-on cock. Every inch of her cock was in Mona's ass, the thought bizarrely delightful to Emily as she continued staring in disbelief over what she had done.

"You see Em?" Alison grinned wickedly, "You see how easily Mona can take a dick up her ass. Mmmmmmmmm, like I said I loosened her up for you, and I've been training her to be my anal slut, but it has to be partly genetic, right? Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, deep down I think this little pipsqueak has always been an anal loving bottom, and we're just helping her accept her true self. So go ahead Ems, mmmmmmmmm, fuck that butt and help Mona accept her true self. Who knows, you may really like it, and find out something about yourself you never knew. An inner strength to help you make Mona, and this world, your bitch."

Emily barely heard a word Alison said. She was just too lost in the moment. However she was fully aware that her friend expected her to butt fuck her bitch, and under the circumstances Emily certainly wasn't going to deny her. Actually she doubted she'd ever be able to deny Alison anything, but ass fucking Mona seemed like a favour akin to borrowing a hairbrush at this stage, something so simple and natural Emily didn't think twice about grabbing a firm hold of Mona's waist and beginning to slowly thrust her hips back and forth, making the other brunette moan in pure pleasure as for the first time in her life Emily Fields began butt fucking another woman.

Alison was fully prepared to wrap her arms around Emily, press into her back and move her body in time with her friend. In a way she had been looking forward to it, as it would have been like literally using Emily to fuck Mona's ass. However it seemed like not even her words were necessary, Emily so captivated by the sight of Mona's butt stretching for her that she started thrusting her hips back and forth like an experienced ass pounder. Not that stopped her from encouraging her friend, because Alison was only happy to do that, and add to Mona's humiliation, it just meant she could slide the harness down and start rubbing herself as she did so.

"Yeahhhhhhhhh Ems, pound that butt! Pound it deep and hard and make that bitch squeal for you!" Alison moaned excitedly as she watched one of her best friends butt fuck her bitch, "Mmmmmmmm fuck yeah, fuck that tight little ass hole! Ooooooooooh I told you. I told you Mona was a total bottom didn't I Ems? Yessssssssssss, Mona is nothing but a slutty little submissive dyke who loves it up the ass! Mmmmmmmmm, give it to her good, slam that slutty butt, ohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, do her, fuck her butt, mmmmmmmmmm, that's so hot! I love it! Mmmmmmmm, I love watching you butt fuck my bitch Em. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, do me proud."

Even though she said a little more after that Alison became lost in her own pleasure, and the sight of her timid friend fucking Mona's ass with more confidence and passion then she could have ever dreamt. Sure, Emily wasn't particularly skilled, but what she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm and stamina, her days as a swimmer serving her well. They also served Mona, who came like the little bitch she had become. Thanks that beautiful sight, and her fingers frantically diddling her slit, Alison eventually came too, but it was nowhere near as satisfying as when she was abusing Mona. So when it was over she pulled up her harness and re-joined the fun.

"Mmmmmmmm, this is a really special day for you Mona... your first-ever spit roasting." Alison beamed happily as she knelt in front of Mona's head and pointed her dildo at her slut, "So open up that big mouth of yours and enjoy your treat."

For a moment Mona looked up at her and scowled, but Alison just grinned at her, knowing that her bitch would subject herself to this latest humiliation. Sure enough a few seconds later Mona opened her mouth in a long moan, and then after Alison was nice enough encourage the other girl by pressing the dildo to her open mouth Mona wrapped her lips around the ass flavoured cock, once again tasting the deepest part of her bowels and more importantly giving this slutty little bottom her first taste of being double stuffed. It would not be her last, Alison would make sure of that.

"Ohhhhhhhhh that's it, suck that cock!" Alison said gleefully, shuffling forward slightly so it would be easier for Mona to swallow every inch of her cock, "Suck my big cock that has just been up your ass you little slut! Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhh, suck it while my friend fucks your butt! Oh yeah, take it in two of your fuck holes at the same time like the little cock whore you are! Mmmmmmmm, but it has to be girl cock, doesn't it? Yeah, cause you're a total lesbo, just like Emily here. Mmmmmmmmm yeah, it's so hot watching two dykes having butt sex, I love it so fucking much, but it's even better when you're taking my cock in your mouth and cleaning it of your slutty little ass! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, take more of it slut! Take it all the way down your throat just like I trained you while my friend is fucking you in the ass!"

At first Mona just kept the head of the cock in her mouth, the little slut clearly savouring the deepest part of her ass. Then she began bobbing her head up and down the shaft, taking more with every bob, just like Alison had taught her. Alison actually felt proud of her. Then again, it was only natural for a lesbian bottom like Mona to be good at sucking strap-on, that natural enthusiasm meaning that the tiny brunette was soon taking inch after inch of dildo down her throat until she was giving the entire length of Alison's cock a thorough spit shine.

The entire time Emily was pounding into Mona from behind, the swimmer's eyes locked to where her strap-on was slamming in and out of the other girl's butt hole. The only thing that eventually changed was Emily finally stopped spreading Mona's butt cheeks and moved her hands to the other brunette's waist so she could give Mona the hardest butt pounding she could give her, Alison feeling incredibly proud of her friend from dishing it out, and of her bitch for taking it. She was also proud that after she began deep throating the entire length of her cock Mona started bouncing herself shamelessly back and forth without needing to be asked, making sure those dildos brutally pounded her throat and ass.

Honestly Alison could have watched this all day long, but she wanted more ass, so inevitably she asked, "Hey Ems, mind if I get some more of that ass?"

Finally awaking from her trance Emily blushed, pulled out of Mona's butt and stammered, "N, no."

"Good." Alison beamed, moving around to admire Emily's handiwork before reinserting her dildo into Mona's butt with one hard thrust, "Wow Em, you've really loosened up this slut for me."

"Oh Ali, it was nothing. I mean, literally nothing. I mean, you were totally the one to loosen her up first." Emily blushed.

"Nonsense." Alison insisted, "You've totally made Mona the perfect fit for my dick. You should take pride in that. In fact, why don't you get yourself a reward by making this slut give your dildo a spit shine?"

Wordlessly obeying like the good little puppet she was Emily moved round to Mona's front, Alison smacking the smaller brunette on the ass as an encouragement for her to suck the bigger brunette's cock. Seeing no use in even trying to argue Mona wrapped her lips around the ass flavoured dildo the second she was done crying out. Then, doing her best not to moan too loudly at the taste, Mona got to work on deep throating Emily's strap-on while Alison quickly established a steady rhythm, only banging Mona's butt hard enough to make her cum when the entire length of Emily's dick was down her throat.

Back and forth they went, Alison and Emily constantly switching places, treating Mona like a cheap toy until her cheeks were sore from being banged into, then Alison pulled her dildo out of her mouth, lay down in front of her and ordered, "Have a seat slut."

Obviously realising what Alison wanted Emily pulled her dildo out of Mona's butt hole and moved back, leaving Mona to whimper pathetically. Her poor abused anal ring was already gaping and sore. How much more of this humiliation would she have to endure? Apparently a lot, Mona lowering her head after one sharp look from Alison and then the poor brunette shuffled over and positioned herself over Alison's dick. For a second she waited to be told if she should have turned around, just in case Alison wanted her in reverse cowgirl even though she hadn't been clear. As no such order materialised she slowly pressed herself downwards, Alison quickly spreading her cheeks with an evil grin so that Emily got the best possible look at Mona's brutalised butt hole easily swallowing the full length of Alison's dildo.

Once she was fully settled on Alison's lap Mona wasted no time in beginning to bounce up and down, Ali clearly enjoying the sight for a few moments before calling out Emily without taking her eyes off the brunette bouncing on her dick, "Come join the fun Ems. Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh, come and get your cock cleaned by Mona's nasty little mouth. Ooooooooooooh, feed my bitch her own ass while I'm in the middle of ass fucking her like the anal fuck hole she is! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss, come on Emily, let's keep the spit-roasting party going all night long."

Quickly Emily positioned herself standing in front of the bouncing brunette, Mona turning her head slightly and then taking that ass flavoured cock into her mouth for yet another thorough cleaning. This time she wasn't rewarded with an orgasm once she stuffed the dildo down her throat. No, Alison seemed perfectly content with just lying back. That was until Mona tried to make herself cum, at which point Alison grabbed a firm hold of her hips, forcing her to slow down but not stop completely. Then, ironically, as punishment she thrust hard up into Mona's butt, almost making her cum on the spot.

After finally letting Mona ride out her climax Alison turned her attention to the other brunette and asked, "Hey Em, want some more of this ass?"

"Oh yes." Emily grinned widely.

"Then lie down next to me." Alison grinned, "I have an idea."

Emily did as she was told, then once she was lying down next to Alison the blonde pulled Mona off her dildo and then passed her like a toy to Emily, who in turn impaled Mona on her dildo. Back and forth the two friends swapped Mona between them for what felt like an eternity, each time Mona being traded before she could cum. Soon Emily and Alison got their timing perfect so they could swap her just seconds before she was about to cum, Mona guessing Alison's latest evil scheme and as much as she didn't want to give the bitch the satisfaction eventually she just couldn't help herself.

So Mona gave in and whimpered, "Please Ali, make me cum. Ohhhhhhhhhh, make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, make me cum like the bottom I am."

Alison had planned to force Mona to say a lot more than that, but the constant anally riding had somewhat backfired on her and now she was just as disparate for her release as her bitch. More to the point, she wanted to fuck Mona's sweet little ass. Hell, right now it felt like she needed to fuck Mona's sweet little ass, and not just fuck it but pound it until it was gaping wider than ever before. Maybe she could have resisted if Mona was riding Emily at the time, but because the little bottom was riding her dick, bashing the stimulator inside the harness into her clit, Alison just couldn't resist rolling Mona onto her back, throwing her legs over her shoulders and anally pounding her to heaven.

It helped that after the first few times she and Emily had started switching Mona from reverse cowgirl to traditional cowgirl. It had been her idea of course, but Emily had seemed to take just as much delight in watching Mona squirm as she did, Emily very much impressing her for her first time topping a butt slut. Alison would have to remind herself to complement Emily for it later, and try and avoid the urge to critique the performance, at least until the second time they shared Mona's ass. And oh, Alison was more determined than ever to make sharing Mona's ass a regular thing.

The thought of Emily regularly coming over to share Mona's ass, followed by the thought of the rest of her friends gang banging this sweet little ass, trading it back and forth while discussing what a sweet piece of ass it is and how well trained Mona is, or at least would be, gave Alison the push she needed to make herself cum. By that point she had already made Mona cum multiple times, the little slut quickly achieving orgasm with only a slight increase in the power and speed of the sodomy, Alison wondering if this would finally break the stubborn loser.

From the blissed out look on her face and just how hard she came it would be hard for Mona to keep insisting she was a top, but part of Ali was still enjoying the fight Mona was putting up. Not that it stopped her from making sure Mona's rectum was well and truly wrecked, first by herself and then Emily, her friend eagerly mounting Mona without Alison even having to prompt her, the usually shy swimmer sliding her strap-on into Mona's gaping ass hole as soon as Alison was done with it. Or more accurately decided to take a break, Alison watching proudly as Emily pounded Mona's butt to multiple climaxes.

When Emily finally pulled her cock out of Mona's ass and collapsed in a sweaty heap down next to her Alison ordered, "Show us that ass loser!"

Emily looked up as Mona whimpered and then suddenly turned around so she could point her ass to were the two friends were now lying, the former A even reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks so that Alison and Emily would have a perfect view of their handiwork. Instantly Emily felt guilty, but also weirdly turned on, something which was reflected in the gasp which slipped out of her mouth the second she was confronted with Mona's obscenely gaping butt hole. Emily remembered it looked stretched before, but now it looked completely wrecked, for some reason the swimmer finding it sexy.

Noticing the look on Emily's face Alison smirked, "Hot, isn't it?"

"Uh-huh?" Emily murmured, trying and failing to tear her eyes away from Mona's ruined hole.

"Seeing her gaping ass hole, knowing you did that, knowing that you wrecked her ass, that it's going to be sore and open for hours after you're done, maybe even days, mmmmmmmm, there's no feeling in the world like it." Alison said almost conversationally, "Mmmmmmmm, it makes you feel so powerful."

Emily blushed, "You did most of the work."

"Nonsense, you did brilliantly." Alison grinned, "I'll turn you into a butt busting top yet Em, you'll see."

"Thanks Ali." Emily blushed again.

Ignoring her friend Alison called out, "Hey Mona, you know I love looking at your gaping butt hole but now I want my cock cleaned. Ohhhhhhhhh yeah, stop showing off your ruined hole and wrap your pretty lips around my dick. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh, that's it slut, take my dick!"

Considering how obviously exhausted Mona was it was a testament to Ali's training that she let go of her cheeks and turned around pretty quickly and then got into position. She didn't even hesitate to take Alison's ass flavoured cock into her mouth, a thrill running through Emily as she watched another girl go ass to mouth. It was gross and disgusting for sure, but somehow incredibly hot, and while Emily didn't want to do it herself she didn't mind watching Mona bobbing her head on that dildo. In fact... she wouldn't mind getting her own ass flavoured cock sucked, something Emily never thought she'd say, or think as the case may be.

As if reading her mind Alison questioned, "What about Emily? Doesn't she deserved to get her cock cleaned of your nasty ass cream? Let me answer that for you, yes. Yes she does deserve to get your skanky butt cleaned off her cock, so be a good little ATM slut and switch to her strap-on!"

Whether broken for good or just temporarily Mona didn't hesitate to obey, moving over slightly so she could wrap her lips around the head of Emily's dildo, once again tasting the deepest part of her bowels. And she moaned. Mona actually moaned from tasting her own ass! Emily thought she had been imagining it the first time, but... wow. Maybe Alison was right. Maybe Mona really was a bottom after all. She was certainly eager to suck Emily's cock, soon bobbing her head up and down just like before with Alison, Emily's eyes so glued to the obscene sight she didn't notice Alison moving closer until the blonde's strap-on was poking Mona's cheek.

"Don't you dare forget about my cock! You haven't finished cleaning yet, and as a slutty little bottom you should be able to multi-task." Alison taunted, giggling with delight as Mona quickly switched to her dick, "Mmmmmmmm, that's it slut, take my cock deep! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, take it deep into your throat to get the butt cream you crave. Yessssssssssss, gag on it you fucking whore! Oh, but don't forget about Emily's cock. Yeah, it still has plenty of anal juice for you to slurp up. Oh yes, that's it, switch back and forth between us like a good little cock sucker. Oooooooooh yeah Mona, be our little cock sucker."

Alison continued talking trash, but Emily barely heard it as she became lost in watching Mona go back and forth between those cocks, in the process taking those dildos down her throat like a sword-swallower. Eventually she took every inch, which earned her a little praise from Alison and a quick break before they went right back to spit-roasting Mona, and despite being slightly concerned for the other girl's well-being Emily didn't need much convincing to further abuse Mona's butt, the former A spending the rest of the night, and most of the weekend with one cock in her ass and another in her mouth as Alison and Emily delighted in all the different positions they could put her in.


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