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Author's note: This story takes place in the first half of Season 5.

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Pretty Little Liars: Mona's A Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

"You know, for an alleged top, you sure do have a lot of tightfitting pants and skinny jeans." Alison DiLaurentis said almost conversationally as she rummaged through Mona Vanderwaal's closet without sparing the other girl a look, "God, how didn't I realise until now that you were just a bottom begging to get your sexy ass enslaved?"

Mona blushed, but she didn't know how it was possible. Surely she had blushed so much during the last couple of days, and over much more humiliating things, that either her body should be just too exhausted to blush or she should be just immune to the humiliation by now. Sadly neither of those were true, although to be fair while it wasn't as humiliating as being butt fucked by her school bully allowing herself to stand still while that bully dressed her like a doll was pretty bad. At least she wasn't naked anymore, not that the matching black thong and bra left much to the imagination.

Biting her lip Alison went back and forth between a couple of choices for a couple of minutes, then she threw a pair of pants at Mona and ordered, "Here, try these on."

Again Mona blushed but did as she was told, moving as slowly as she dared. Alison didn't like her being too slow, but after three days of being Alison's little plaything Mona's body was constantly aching and sore so she couldn't move that quickly even if she wanted too, which she didn't. She was still a top regardless of what Alison said, or how many times she had been ass fucked, or how hard she had cum from being anally abused. Yes, she was a top, and this nightmare was almost over, and when it was she could start planning on exactly how she was going to get revenge on Alison, Mona once again reminding herself of that fact as she stepped into the pants and pulled them all the way up her legs before standing there with her head held high.

"Turn around." Alison smirked and made a twirling motion with her finger, biting her lip when Mona did as she was told and then thinking about it for a few long seconds before nodding her head, "Yes, that's the one. Now, let's see what else you'll be wearing."

Mona sighed in relief. It felt like they had spent about an hour just picking out what she would be wearing, and her Mom was due back any minute. Luckily with the bottom half picked out Alison was quicker about choosing the rest, even being gracious enough to pick out a cute shirt, jacket and a pair of heels which would go perfectly with her outfit. After that Alison came to stand behind her and gently turned her towards the full-length mirror, Mona doing her best to avert her gaze from herself/Alison even as the cruel blonde admired her handiwork.

"There, perfect." Alison grinned, stepping even closer as she admitted, "You know Mona, maybe I'm going soft, maybe this whole thing with A has made me a better person, or maybe it's just because I spent pretty much every second of the weekend playing with your cute little ass, but with the right accessories, you really are one fuck-able little bottom."

Blushing furiously Mona grumbled, "You promised you'd leave now."

"As long as you wear this outfit, plus the butt-plug I picked out, sure." Alison said, "And you do still plan to wear what I want, right?"

"Yes, now get out of my house." Mona snapped, turning around to glare at Alison.

"Just one more thing." Alison grinned, "Bend over."

Blushing again Mona stared angrily at Alison for a few seconds, then lowered her head, "I hate you."

"And I love your ass." Alison shot back, then when Mona turned around and lent forward she added with a sigh, "Oh Mona, don't pretend that you don't know what I really want."

Yet again Mona blushed then as slowly as possible she reached back, made sure she grabbed onto the waist band of both the tightfitting pants and the thong before she defiantly yanked them downwards. Alison had told her she liked to be teased, for a bottom to slowly pull down her pants/skirt to show Alison her favourite part of a woman, so this was the only rebellious act Mona was capable of for now. Unfortunately it just made Alison giggle, the bitch not seeming even slightly bothered as she held her phone up and took yet another picture of Mona's gaping ass hole. Like Alison didn't have enough already.

"That's better, but you know your cheeks should be spread." Alison pointed out, giggling and taking a few more pictures as Mona slowly spread her butt cheeks, emphasising just how widely Alison had gaped her now former rival's butt hole. Then Alison sighed, "God, it's almost painful to leave such a sweet behind, but you're right, we could both do with a good nights sleep. However I'm the manipulating bitch around here, and you're just my bitch, so as punishment for thinking you can ever trick me into getting what you want... I want you to stay like that until your Mommy gets home. Then, five minutes after she arrives, you can move from that position, and not a second before."

Becoming extremely pale Mona turned her head back to look at her tormentor and pleaded, "Alison, please-"

Alison would of course have none of it, "Not. A. Second. Before."

"But what if my Mom comes in to check on me?" Mona asked, as it was quite late but not impossible that would happen.

Alison shrugged, "Then your Mom will be greeted by the sight of your gaping ass hole, and no matter what you say she'll know her daughter is a submissive little butt slut."

"Please Alison, I'll do anything?" Mona wept.

"You already do." Alison pointed out, "I own you Mona, you really need to accept that."

"I do! I, I will, just please, don't do this to me." Mona pleaded.

Alison thought about it for a second, and then said, "I'll tell you what, I'll take two minutes off if you promise without fail to be in the girl's bathroom nearest the lunch hall throughout lunch. Deal?"

"Deal." Mona begrudgingly accepted.

"Good." Alison said, checking she had all her things before heading for the door, "Bye loser. If you get the chance say hi to your Mom for me."

* * *

Looking back that had been a little much, which was why Alison waited for Mrs Vanderwaal to arrive and then spent about five minutes talking to her before leaving. Truth be told it was fun knowing that while she was downstairs talking to Mona's Mom Mona was still upstairs in her room bent over and displaying her well fucked ass, Alison thinking 'I butt fucked your daughter' over and over again throughout her conversation with Mrs Vanderwaal. Of course the woman was suspicious, and totally didn't buy Alison was there to bury the hatchet, but she couldn't have guessed her real reason for being there was to bury the strap-on into Mona's tight little ass and Alison was a master of small talk, the seconds quickly ticking by until she left the house with mostly a clear conscience.

Not that it had been entirely Alison's fault in the first place. She had just been kind of drunk with power/lust, and resentful of having to give up some precious hours she could have been fucking her new plaything. Of course if she had stayed they would have gotten caught and she would have had to turn Mona's Mom into her slut and then there was no way she would have gone to school as usual, and Alison would not allow that to happen. She was not going to let a passionate affair with Mona Vanderwaal of all people to affect her performance in her final academic year, and just as important to her prevent her from regaining her status as Queen bee, and for the first time since she returned Alison truly felt that way again. Like she was Queen bee, the Head Bitch In Charge, the number one mean girl who made everybody else tremble in their boots.

It was amazing what butt fucking another girl could do for her confidence. In fact it made the past few years feel like a bad dream she was only just waking up from. She had tried to go all Christmas Carol and return to her old life a new and improved version of herself, a nice version, but the past few days had reminded her she wasn't a nice girl. She was a manipulating bitch, with a secret sexual kink or two which some would view as obscene. It was high time she embraced that and be the Alison DiLaurentis she wanted to be, not what she thought everybody else wanted.

So she had come up with a plan to truly take over Rosewood High again, and get back the friends which had once meant so much to her. It was risky, and she was sure no one had ever tried it before, but trying to be nice had just freaked everybody out and driven away the closest thing she ever had to real friendship. So, considering she had nothing left to lose, she tried doing this her way. When lunchtime came Alison went looking for her old friends and found Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery deep in conversation by one of their lockers. For a moment she paused, considered whether this was really a good idea, but if she kept putting it off she might chicken out, and as much as she wanted to reconnect with her friends Alison had other things she wanted to do today. Like Mona's sweet little butt.

So taking a calming breath Alison strolled up to her old friends and greeted them with a, "Hey Spence, Aria."

Their responses were half-hearted at best, Spencer's the only one really audible, "Hey Ali."

There was an awkward silence and then Alison said, "Listen... I'm not 100% sure, but I think I've worked out who A is, and trust me, she's not going to bother us ever again. I'm going to make sure of it."

That got their attention, both of them staring at her hesitantly for a moment before Aria said, "Aren't you A?"

Alison narrowed her eyes, "No, I was the one you referred to as Redcoat. Remember? The one saving your ungrateful asses?"

"Maybe." Spencer shrugged.

"Maybe?" Alison queried.

Spencer sighed, "I'm sorry Alison, I wish we could believe you. I really do. But you've been acting suspicious since before you came back, and-"

"I was just trying to protect you guys." Alison grumbled, "And trying to be nice."

"Either way it's weird, and with everything going on we just can't trust you." Spencer said before she and Aria turned to leave.

Alison fumed for a few seconds, letting them get partly down the corridor before she ran up to catch them and angrily whispered, "Hey, how are your lesbian relationships?"

The two brunettes went very pale, gave each other a sideways glance, and then Aria mumbled unconvincingly, "Wha, what are you talking about?"

Alison smirked, "The other day I spent a lot of time in A's lair, and she had some very interesting pictures of you both. And at least one video which was very, educational."

Desperately trying to stay calm Spence asked, "What do you want?"

"For things to go back to the way they were, only better." Alison shrugged, turning and heading towards the bathroom, "Why don't you follow me and I'll explain everything. Oh, and text Emily and Hanna. They're going to want to hear this."

* * *

Only a few minutes later Alison was touching up her make up in the bathroom mirrors while Aria and Spencer stood awkwardly waiting for their other friends. When they got here Alison had of course volunteered to check the stalls, not opening any of the closed doors but simply looking underneath for the feet. She didn't find any, but she was quietly confident Mona was smart enough to hide with her feet up and not locked the door. If not, well, Alison would be happy to have an excuse to spank her bitch again.

Emily was the first arrive, although she said nothing and just awkwardly looked at her feet while blushing. Hanna was a different story, "What's this bitch doing here?"

"Great to see you too Han." Alison smiled, "And like I told Spencer and Aria, I want things back the way they were. The way they should be. With the five of us as friends and-"

"You on top?" Hanna interrupted.

"Exactly." Alison smiled, then before Hanna could say anything else added, "But that's the thing about life girls, you should always strive to be on top. I tried to protect you from the world, because at heart I thought you were all bottoms, but then Aria surprised me. She proved she could be more than what I thought she was, so maybe there's hope for the rest of you."

"What are you talking about?" Spencer asked.

"In life there are two types of people, tops and bottoms." Alison continued like she hadn't been interrupted, "Bottoms tend to be docile, go with the flow. Honestly the world would be a better place if we were all bottoms. But make no mistake ladies, the world is run by tops. Strong confident people, willing to take what they want by any means necessary, and if you accept me back into the group I created and allow me to take my rightful place as leader, I will do my best to teach you how to be tops."

"And how are you going to do that?" Spencer frowned.

"Simple." Alison said, "I'm going to teach you how to fuck girls in the ass."

There was a deafening silence and then Hanna pointed out, "Erm, Ali...we're not lesbians."

"Aren't you?" Alison smiled wickedly.

"Well, there's Ems, obviously... but..." Hanna trailed off for a few seconds as she notice the expressions on the faces of Spencer and Aria, "Wait, did you two-"

"Get girlfriends, yes. Yes they did." Alison beamed proudly, "Aria even banged hers in the butt."

Aria cringed as she felt all eyes turning to her, the tiny brunette flushing scarlet as she stared at the ground, "I, I-"

"It's okay sweetie, I just spent three days breaking in my latest piece of ass, I know just how amazing it is to butt bang another woman." Alison smiled.

Inspired by Alison's confession Aria couldn't help admit, "It was pretty amazing."

"Really?" Spencer pushed.

Realising her friends were intrigued rather than disgusted Aria looked up and blurted out, "Oh my God it was like the best thing ever. I've never felt so dominant and powerful, I... I don't even have the words, but Spencer, you have to try it. It's so awesome."

"It is." Alison agreed, first turning to the taller brunette and then later the shorter one again, "But Spencer, we both know who your fucking, and if you're going to pop that anal cherry you can't ask, you have to walk right up to the bitch and tell her she can't boss you around anymore. That from now on you're in charge. I recommend a spanking, then maybe making her eat you out. Then and only then tell her you're going to take her ass. That you're going to stretch it open and leave it gaping from how hard you've fucked it. Trust me, that will make your target go weak at the knees, and if she gives you any trouble just stay on her. Don't let up until either she runs away or your inside that nicely rounded ass of hers. As for you Aria, your girl is more than halfway there already. You just need to make it clear you won't accept any of this topping from the bottom crap. That you're the butt fucker, and she's the butt slut. For that, all you have to do is be firm with her. Just tell her to bend over and she'll do it, then when you're pumping her fat ass, tell her how it's going to be from now on. That you're in charge, and she's your bitch, which means she has to do everything you say."

There was a long silence and then Hanna asked, "What about me?"

"What about you Han?" Alison grinned.

Blushing at the attention suddenly being on her Hanna complained, "It's, it's not fair that everyone's had a lesbian experience except me, and... and honestly that sounds really fucking hot and I want in. Whatever your planning, I want in if it means I get a lesbian experience like Aria's had."

"And you will." Alison smiled, "I promise, I'll help you anally top one of the girls that are in love with you."

"There are girls in love with me?" Hanna exclaimed excitedly.

"Oh sweet oblivious Hanna, I can count at least two." Alison grinned, "Of course, one of those is Mona, but that bitch doesn't deserve you."

Plus Alison was training Mona to be her bitch, but she wasn't quite ready to reveal that. Not exactly, although Spencer somewhat forced her hand, "How do we know you're not just full of shit?"

Alison grinned, held up her phone and after quickly finding a picture of Mona's naked butt told her friends, "Gather around everyone, I want to introduce you to someone... see, this is my personal piece of ass. Isn't it cute? So round and firm, and the girl it's attached too, mmmmmmm God, what a total bottom. I just spent the entire weekend at her house, and I fucked her, and I fucked her, and I fucked her. All anal, all the time. Mmmmmmm, it was so hot. I couldn't get enough of that ass, and she couldn't get enough of my strap-on. I treated her like she was a piece of meat, and her ass like it was my personal fuck hole, and she loved every second of it. The little slut let me take her in every position, in every room of her house, until her ass hole was a gaping mess."

"It's cute." Spencer admitted as she unknowingly stared at Mona's ass, "But it doesn't prove anything."

"No?" Alison grinned, turning to the next picture, "How about now?"

"Oh my God!" Hanna exclaimed as she was presented with a gaping ass hole for the first time in her life, and then in a lustful tone added, "That's so gross."

"And hot." Aria said knowingly.

"Yeah." Spencer murmured, "Hey Ali, do you have any-"

"Shots like this?" Alison finished for her, shifting back and forth between the next five photos.

The first was with a strap-on almost all the way inside Mona's butt, the last was just of the tip stretching the other girl's ass hole, and the other three were of times in between, so flicking through them kind of created the illusion that they were watching a live video of Alison butt fucking her bitch. Of course Alison had some actual video footage, but none without Mona moaning loud enough to be heard, and while her four friends weren't often quick on the draw she didn't want to risk any of them correctly guessing the identity of her butt slut. At least for now.

Of course they all wanted to know, Aria been the first one to ask, "So, who is she?"

After Hanna and Spencer had echoed the statement Alison smiled, "Agree to my terms, and not only will you get to find out, I'll let you borrow her."

"Oh I'm so in." Hanna said lustfully.

"You already said that." Alison pointed out with a grin, "How about you guys?"

"Absolutely." Aria nodded.

"Me too." Spencer said, "Although I might need your help with, you know."

"If you fail the first time round, sure. But I really think the first time it should be just you." Alison said, "Do you think you can try, for me?"

"Ok." Spencer blushed, "For you Ali."

Alison smiled, then turned to her favourite, "How about you Ems?"

"I, I..." Emily stammered, before lowering her head and blushing, "I just don't think I'm 'top' material."

"I can change that, I promise." Alison swore, "Hey, I know, why don't you come by my house after school. I can give you some private lessons on being a top."

For a moment Emily looked thoughtful, and then she mumbled, "I, I don't know."

"Don't worry, you don't have to do anything, I promise." Alison smiled.

"Ok." Emily blushed again, partly agreeing to end the conversation, "Thanks Ali."

There was a pause before Hanna said, "So, erm, you want to come sit with us? It's lunch after all, and I'm starving."

Alison smiled, "Thanks, but I already ate, and I have some business to take care of, so you girls go ahead."

The other girls shrugged, said their goodbyes and headed out, leaving Alison alone. More or less. Hopefully less, Alison thought as she slowly moved to the stall nearest the door and started working her way down the line, pushing each door open and spending about a second peering inside before moving onto the next. If Alison was hiding in the bathroom she would have picked the last stall, and she was thrilled to see Mona had done the same as it built the anticipation up for both of them. Alison was also thrilled to see that Mona was wearing the exact same outfit she had picked out for her last night, Alison licking her lips as she stepped into the stall and then closed and locked the door behind her.

"Hello loser." Ali whispered with a wicked smile on her face.

"Please Alison, I'll do anything you want, just don't make me submit to them. They're such bottoms." Mona complained as she stood to face her tormenter, before begrudgingly adding, "And, you know how I feel about Hanna."

"Yeah, and thanks to me you'll be having sex with her soon enough, so you're welcome." Alison quipped, "And as an added bonus, this way it will be YOUR butt hole stretching for HER strap-on, which I think deep down is the way you've always wanted it."

"Oh that is so not true." Mona protested louder then she meant too.

"No?" Alison raised an eyebrow, "So if I stick my hand down your pants you won't have soaked that little thong I picked out? That you didn't get all hot and wet down there from me talking about how great it is to fuck your ass? That you didn't love me showing all my friends how cute your ass looks, especially when it's freshly gaped or stretching for a strap-on? And you absolutely didn't nearly cum from the thought of Hanna pounding your ass hole? Of all of my friends pounding your ass hole, one after another, us passing you around like a piece of meat until your back door looks like the Grand Canyon?"

There was a long moment of silence and then Mona croaked, "I-"

Before she could get another word out Alison shoved her hand into Mona's pants almost violently and grinned wickedly at the wetness she found there, and then cruelly whispered, "So tell me Mona, are you still a top?"

That would have probably made most girls break down and cry. Lord knows she had reduced girls to tears for far less, and Jenna had been a shadow of her former self at this point. But Mona just stared at her for a few seconds, and then almost convincingly said, "Yes."

"You know, your stubbornness really is so endearing. So inspiring. So... cute. But most of all, it really turns me on." Alison whispered directly into Mona's face, before pulling her hand out of the other girls pants and stepping back, "Now bend over and pulled down those pants. Let's see that ass."

Alison deliberately didn't mention the thong to see if Mona would be rebellious and leave it on, giving her an excuse to spank her rival and to slowly pull down that thong herself, but instead Mona just turned around and quickly bent over while yanking her pants and thong down. Which itself was a small rebellion because a bottom should tease her top, so Alison still got everything she wanted, most important of which was a look at Mona's plugged butt hole, the blonde biting her lip slightly as she studied the brunette's beautiful backside. Then took a picture of it, vowing to show it to her friends, along with the next pictures.

"Good girl." Alison praised Mona for both bending over and remembering to insert the butt-plug in between her cheeks before coming to school, "Now spread your cheeks."

Mona did as she was told, allowing Alison some even clearer shots of that rear hole being stretched by the plug. Then without any warning she grabbed the plug and quickly pulled it out, the cute hole left gaping open. Not as gaping as last night, but it was still really cute and would make it easier to anally penetrate her butt slut the next time Alison took Mona's ass. As Alison debated whether that would be right now she played with Mona's ass hole, sticking the plug back in and pulling it out at random times and speeds, even thrusting it in and out at one point so she could literally sodomise Mona with the small toy, which just made her want to get the big toy out of her bag even more.

Perhaps sensing this Mona whimpered, "Alison, my ass is so sore."

"And?" Alison softly queried.

"And..." Mona blushed, "Can I just eat your pussy?"

"Stand up and look at me." Alison softly said after a brief pause, before whispering in Mona's ear, "We both know you want it, so say it like you mean it."

Blushing again Mona considered her options, then said, "Promise you'll leave Hanna out of this, and I'll do anything you want."

"Nope." Alison replied.

"I'll be your bitch forever, I swear." Mona promised.

"Yes, you will." Alison said, "But not because of some deal you can make with me, because sweetie, the only one holding you back from accepting your proper place is you. We both know you're my bitch, and more importantly you want to be my bitch, but you're too stubborn to admit it."

"Am not." Mona whispered weakly.

"Are so." Alison said automatically, before smiling, "But I'll tell you what, promise you'll show up to my house on Friday, and I'll postpone Emily's little training session and even leave your ass alone until then, provided you can make me cum before the bell."

Mona thought about it for a second, realised it was the best deal she would get, and then murmured, "Deal."

Alison giggled as Mona dropped to her knees and tried to yank off her skirt, Alison only briefly stopping her so she could push, "Ah, ah, ah, you need to promise to show up on Friday first."

"Fine, I promise. Now give me your pussy!" Mona pleaded.

Alison smiled, held Mona's head in place while she pulled down her own skirt and panties and then sat down on the toilet before she let go of Mona's head and said, "I knew that when you finally got it, you'd be gagging for it."

Mona spent a second or two glaring up at her tormentor, just to prove she wasn't 'gagging' for it, not that her little rebellion wipe the smirk off Alison's face. Ironically what did make Alison stop smirking at least for a moment was Mona driving her head forwards and beginning to lick the pussy of her high school bully. However since that was because she was too busy moaning in pleasure Mona didn't consider it to be much of a win, especially since she spent most of the weekend swearing she'd never actually asked to eat Alison's pussy.

The weirdness of the situation was not lost on Mona. After all, most lesbian affairs started with eating pussy. Or at the very least it came before anal, if there was such a thing. Then again she wasn't Alison's voluntary lover, the bitch had blackmailed her into the greatest act of submission possible and this was just adding insult to injury. The cherry on top as it were, not that Alison tasted like cherries. No, she didn't taste sweet, not at all, but... there was a certain tanginess Mona slowly grew to enjoy as she quickly established a steady lapping rhythm, making sure to linger on Alison's clit with every lick.

Considering she didn't have much time Mona wrapped her lips around that clit and sucked on it hard while pushing two fingers inside Alison's cunt, although she only got to thrust them in and out of her nemesis a couple of times before Alison whispered, "No! Get your fingers out of there! Mmmmmmmmm, I didn't give you permission for that."

That was a shame, Mona had almost felt like a top again there for a few seconds, and God knows it was hard to feel that way when her ass was still aching from the relentless poundings Alison had given it, Mona's butt hole quivering around the plug stretching it as she remembered being Alison DiLaurentis's little anal fuck toy. Wanting desperately to try and avoid a repeat performance anytime soon, or ideally ever, Mona wrapped her lips around Alison's entrance and plunged her tongue deep inside the other girl while desperately trying to ignore how good Alison tasted, at least now she had got used to her unique flavour.

Wanting to concentrate on virtually anything else Mona noted how Alison was digging her nails into the back of her head and she had this look on her face which suggested she was grinding her teeth to prevent herself crying out to loudly. Even then moans, groans, gasps and whimpers were escaping her lips, all way too loud for a public bathroom. Mona almost stopped and told her to try harder to be quiet, as the last thing she wanted was to be caught going down on Alison DiLaurentis. But she couldn't spare the time... and Alison looked so happy Mona didn't want to disturb her. Not that she cared, because she didn't. Mona was a lesbian and she was just enjoying giving pleasure to another woman this way, that's all.

Alison was expecting Mona to be good at eating pussy. After all, even a wannabe top like her probably knew that pussy eating was for bottoms. Or at least Alison had thought that, but clearly Mona had either hadn't figured that out yet or she was just naturally skilled, because wow, Mona was easily the best muff muncher Alison had ever had. Not that she'd had that many, all the previous men she had been with having very little interest in giving oral sex, although they all expected it, and Jenna wasn't half as enthusiastic for her cunt as Mona was. For that matter neither were Shana or CeCe, and they had volunteered their tongues a lot more freely than Alison's current carpet cleaner.

The point was Alison had originally offered up this little deal because she didn't think Mona would make her cum, or it would come right down to the wire. Right now there was plenty of time before the bell, and Alison already felt like cumming. In fact it was taking a lot to stop herself, and she couldn't keep it up without playing dirty. Then again, even though she had come up with it as a spur of the moment thing perhaps it would be good to take a break. What was that saying, absence made the heart grow fonder, and now Mona had tasted her cunt Alison was sure that her little bitch in training would crave her even more.

The question was, could Alison really go a few days without topping a submissive little bottom? Sure, she had just come through quite the drought, but now she was having so much fun breaking Mona's ass in like a new pair of shoes leaving it alone for so long seemed unbearable. Then again maybe she could convince Aria or Spencer to let her borrow one of their bitches. Oh Alison liked the thought of that, the image of doing a bitch swap combining with the feeling of Mona slamming her tongue in and out of her pussy making Alison cum incredibly hard.

In all fairness the excitement of reconnecting with her friends over her favourite hobby, a.k.a. topping submissive little lesbians, and showing off her bitch to them had really got her riled up, something Alison hadn't really taken into account of one assuming that Mona wouldn't make her cum so quickly. She had also seemed Mona would pull away as soon as it was obvious she had achieved her goal, not swallow her cum like a little muff diving whore. But she did, Alison letting go of her head and leaning back with a smug smile on her face, waiting for Mona to realise what she was doing. Joyfully that wasn't until after Alison had cum, Mona swallowing at least the majority and then lapping up as she could before she slowly pulled back and personally looked up.

For a second the two rivals just stared at each other, then Alison leaned forwards, cupped Mona's face and whispered, "God Mona, that was great. Mmmmmm, you really are turning out to be the perfect bottom."

Mona blushed again and tried to protest, "I'm not a-"

However before she could complete her sentence Alison pressed their lips together. The former most popular girl in school was kissing her, Mona overwhelmed by that thought for a moment before she remembered who that was an blushed again. It didn't help that this just drew attention to how backwards things were with them, Alison ass fucking Mona nearly non-stop for a whole weekend and yet she had never kissed her or shown any interest in anything other than Mona's ass, and now Ali was tasting herself on her lips. And all this came after what sounded like a genuine compliment which was somehow an even bigger slap in the face than usual.

Mona was so overwhelmed by all of this that she just let Alison kiss her for quite a while, her body automatically responding as the evil bitch pushed her tongue into her mouth and bullied hers into submission, and then just when Mona came to her senses enough to fight back Alison pulled away and grinned, "Since you're surprisingly good with pussy, and we have time, I wanna see how you are with tonguing butt hole."

"No." Mona whispered, her cheeks becoming pale, "Please-"

"Mona, don't waste my time." Alison softly scolded, "We both know your tongue is about to travel up my ass, and you're going to love every minute of it. Now do as you're told, and if you're good and make me cum again I'll give you the option to remove that butt-plug. Otherwise I expect you to keep the plug firmly entrenched in your ass until Friday. Now come on, kiss my ass!"

During that little speech Alison stood up, turned around and lent over the toilet so her hand was touching the far wall and she was sticking her ass in Mona's face. Naturally this infuriated Mona, but being able to remove the plug and give her sore ass a break sounded really good, and the best offer she would get from Alison who could pressure her into this anyway. So, since Alison was right and her tongue was going up the blonde's butt anyway Mona slowly leaned forwards, spread Alison's ass cheeks and then slid her tongue over the other girl's back hole.

"Mmmmmmm, that feels good!" Alison moaned softly, "Ohhhhhhhhh, but I said kiss my ass. That means I want you to press your lips to my cheeks and literally become an ass kisser. Oh yes, now the other cheek, yessssssss, now go back and forth. Mmmmmmm, good girl. See Mona, you can be trained."

Flushing red again with embarrassment Mona considered retaliating. The problem was with her lips literally pressed against Alison's left ass cheek she couldn't exactly think of anything witty to say, and she couldn't risk a physical altercation considering the dirt her rival had on her. So she just had to let her shoulders droop in defeat and it was she was told, slowly covering Alison's butt in gentle kisses while the other girl reached down to rub her pussy. On one hand it meant this would be over sooner rather than later. On the other hand it made Alison moan rather loudly considering where they were, not that the bitch had been as quiet as Mona would have liked during this twisted little session.

"Yeeeeeeeesssssssss, now return your tongue to my ass hole." Alison ordered, then when she got what she wanted she added, "Oooooooooooh, that's it slut, lick it! Lick my ass hole! Mmmmmmmm, make out with my butt hole you little freak. Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, you love it don't you? Oh yes, loser Mona loves my ass almost as much as I love hers mmmmmmmmm!"

Particularly that last comment made Mona blush, so much so that she desperately tried to concentrate on rimming her rival so she wouldn't have to think about just how much Alison had proven over the past few days that she loved Mona's ass. Unfortunately now Alison had mentioned it Mona could think of little else, and worse of all she found herself being turned on by thoughts of the other girl anally pumping her, her treacherous ass hole quivering around the plug stretching it as she pressed her face deep in between Alison's cheeks.

After a few minutes of this the bell went, Mona trying to pull away only to have Alison grab her by the hair, shove her face back in between her cheeks and moan, "No, keep going! I'm almost there. Just, just shove your tongue as far as you can up my ass. I'll do the rest."

Mona thought about protesting for a second, then she did as she was told, getting a surprising amount of tongue up Alison's ass. Maybe this meant that Alison had been butt fucked before? Mona kind of hoped so, as it would be easier to turn the tables on her that way. Then again she really wanted to properly return the favour and be the one taking the anal virginity of the mighty Alison DiLaurentis. Either way Mona got to feel a little dominant again from being able to ass fuck Alison, even if it was with her tongue, another humiliation she had been able to avoid until Alison had turned her into her plaything.

Alison loved a good rim job, and this maybe the best she'd ever had, Mona once again blowing away her expectations and proving to be one amazing bottom. The eagerness of her licks, the shameless way she pushed her face in between her cheeks, and just how far she was able to get her tongue up her ass, it was also wonderful and might have even made her cum without the frantic masturbation. Not that Alison considered stopping. Oh no, she focused her attention on her clit and made sure she wouldn't be unreasonably late to her next lesson.

Naturally it was the fact that she was making a rival eat her ass out which was the thing which pushed Alison over the edge, and when it came her climax was satisfying in a way it could never truly be with the likes of CeCe and Shana. In a way that it could never be with a boy. No, Alison needed the thrill of bending someone to her will. She understood that now. And not just anyone, especially not someone who openly wanted her like a boy, but someone who put up a fight and ideally hated her originally. The question was, what happened when Mona broke? Would Alison immediately get tired of her and cast her aside?

That had been the initial plan. To mentally destroy her opponent and then toss her away like yesterday's news, and Alison could never imagine herself wanting anything that might be described as a normal relationship with Mona... but could she really give up this talented little tongue? Oh and that tight little ass. Alison was struggling to imagine going a few days without access to that perfect little fuck hole, so what was the chance she could give it up for good?

Alison laughed as she pushed Mona away, pulled up her skirt and panties and then softly whispered, "See you around loser."

Somehow she got through that without sounding as lightheaded and confused as she felt, Alison quickly opening the stall door and leaving the bathroom as her head spun. To her disgust she then thought about little else but Mona Vanderwaal for the rest of the day, eventually coming to one simple, unavoidable fact. That being that she might not want Mona as a girlfriend, but she needed her as a lesbian sex slave. Luckily for Alison, and probably the former A, Mona's training was almost complete. All it would take was a little push, and Alison would have the perfect little bitch to use whenever she wanted, for as long as she wanted. However long that was.


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