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Pretty Little Liars: Mona's A Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

"Hello loser."

Only yesterday hearing that would have caused Mona to smirk and ready herself for a little verbal sparring. Now sheer terror flooded her body and her ass hole quivered, Mona closing her eyes and praying that when she opened them again a few seconds later her bedroom would be empty. Alas her high school bully Alison DiLaurentis was sitting on the edge of her bed, looking as evil and gorgeous as she ever had in a tightfitting dress and a wicked smile.

"What the hell are you doing?" Mona spat, trying and failing to keep the fear out of her voice.

Alison shrugged, "You weren't replying to any of my texts."

Mona blushed, and in the name of desperately trying to buy herself sometime mumbled, "What texts?"

Alison smiled sweetly, "You know, the texts from 'girl who owns your ass', who's been telling you all day how sweet your ass is and how she can't wait to get another piece of it."

Mona blushed an even deeper shade of red and weakly murmured, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Enough Mona." Alison said, "We both know you should have been face down on my bed with your cheeks spread for me over an hour ago... unless you have a girlfriend on the side I don't know about. Is that it Mona? Is there another girl out there who owns your ass? Spencer, maybe? Emily? Aria? I always thought my old friends were bottoms just waiting to be taken, but then we both know Spencer and Aria aren't as innocent as they seem, so it just goes to show you that you can never judge a book by its cover. Speaking of which, is it Hanna? Did that little bimbo beat me to your anal cherry?"

Ignoring those words Mona practically spat, "Get out of my house!"

"Gladly." Alison shrugged, "Just as soon as I'm done with your ass."

There was a long silence and then Mona lowered her head, "Surely there must be something else you want."

"From you, no." Alison said.

More silence, then Mona gritted her teeth, "Fine, then go ahead and ruin my life, because I'd rather rot in a jail cell knowing Hanna will hate me for ever then spend another second as your bitch."

Yet more silence, and then Alison asked, "How about your Mom?"

"What?" Mona frowned.

"Do you think your Mom would enjoy being my bitch?" Alison asked, "I bet she would. I bet I wouldn't even have to blackmail her with keeping you out of jail, that all it would take is the right words and your Mom would be begging to be my little lesbian slut."

"Shut up." Mona spat.

"Do you think she's an anal virgin?" Alison asked, "I bet she is. She looks like one of those women who's never had a proper fucking, and I bet she be so grateful for it she'd do any perverted little thing I wanted."

"Leave my Mom out of this!" Mona snapped angrily, closing the distance between them.

Alison smirked up at the tiny girl, amused by the fact that she was almost the same height as a fully standing Mona when she was sitting down, and then calmly ordered, "Turn around."

There was another long silence, and then Mona lowered her head and turned her back to Alison. At least this way she couldn't see the triumphant smile on Alison's face, but both girls knew that Ali had won again and Mona's body was hers. Something Alison wasted no time in taking advantage of, Mona trying not to react as her rival gently slid her hand down to her ass, squeezing and pinching the cheeks like a butcher testing the quality of a piece of meat.

"You know, for a total wannabe, these little skirts of yours are really cute. But this one is way too loose. We need to get you some tighter fitting clothing to show off this sexy little ass." Alison murmured conversationally as she slowly lifted Mona's skirt to reveal the ass she hadn't been able to stop thinking about, "And we definitely need to get you some nicer panties, and a thong or two. I'd take you shopping myself, but... you know, I can't afford to be seen with a loser like you."

Mona gritted her teeth and ignored Alison's words, and the humiliation she was feeling as her high school bully started slowly pulling down her panties, in favour of plotting her revenge. The problem was while she could imagine doing exactly this and worse to Alison she still couldn't figure out how she could get the upper hand on the cruel blonde, and she was going to have to endure another ass fucking, something which terrified Mona. She hadn't been able to stop thinking about the last one, the one which redefined her understanding of ecstasy, Mona wondering if she could even take one more butt fucking without losing her identity.

After a few minutes of groping/staring at Mona's naked ass Alison practically moaned, "God Mona, I really hate admitting this, but... I haven't been able to stop thinking about this ass all day long. I loved fucking it so, so much, and from the looks of your little ass hole has tightened up nicely so it should be a lot of fun stretching it out again. Unfortunately, you've been a bad girl, and you need to be punished. So-" SMACK "I want you to strip and then lay across my lap so I can give you a nice little spanking. Who knows, maybe you're lucky, that's all it will take to make you realise your place."

Fuming with rage Mona turned around and glared at the bitch sitting on her bed, her hand aching to connect with Alison's face. It would be so easy, and make her feel instantly better, but ultimately for the sake of herself and her Mom Mona broke eye contact with the blonde and tried to ignore the fresh smirk on that bitchy face as she removed the rest of her clothing. Her panties had already been around her ankles thanks to Alison, and her skirt hadn't been covering anything as that had been bunched around her waist, but that didn't stop Mona from feeling vulnerable as she pushed her skirt to the floor, stepped out of it and her panties and then quickly removed the top and bra before bending herself over Alison's knee, naturally the last thing making her feel the most vulnerable.

Once Mona was in position Alison was going to spank that ass right away, give the bitch everything she had right from the get go. However she just couldn't resist groping that ass some more, and ultimately she decided it would be a mistake to rush this. After all this was her first time giving her new fuck toy a spanking. It was something to be savoured. Besides, it would be a more effective training tool if she saved the brutal butt beatings for when Mona really pissed her off, and Alison had always preferred dishing out a teasing spanking. Not that she'd given that many, Jenna running off after just a couple of serious spankings, which was another incentive to keep this light and playful, as she didn't want to drive Mona away. Not just yet anyway.

"So Mona..." Alison murmured after a minute or two of fondling Mona's behind, "Ever been spanked?"

There was a long silence and then Mona softly replied, "No."

"Good." Alison said, practically tasting the blush she just knew was covering Mona's face, "I can give you another first then."

With that Alison left her hand high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on Mona's right butt cheek. This made the most adorable little cry escape from Mona's mouth, but no matter how hard she tried Alison just couldn't make the other girl make that sound again. She spanked the left cheek, then the right again, going back and forth for a little while before trying to hit both and then repeating the process, but the best she got was a few very unfeminine grunts, which although amusing weren't as nice as that initial cry. It did give her the opportunity to taunt her rival though.

"Mona, pigs grunt. At least have some self-respect and take it like a man." Alison teased, thinking about it for a minute before adding, "Well, I suppose men grunt too. At least during sex, something which I unfortunately have experience with. Doesn't mean you should be doing it though, so either control yourself or cry out like the tiny little girl you are! Mmmmmmmm yeah, come on Mona, cry for me! Fucking cry!"

This of course just made Mona grit her teeth so hard Alison could almost literally hear them grinding together, which in turn made her spank Mona harder. Not with her full strength, she was still saving something for when Mona really upset her, and/or possibly later, but it was enough to make that beautifully tanned booty turn a cute pink and then even cuter red. She also made the cheeks jiggle slightly with the force of every blow and the sound of flesh connecting with flesh echoed throughout the room, almost drowning out the occasional scathing comment from the wicked blonde.

"You can cry out if you want to Mona, I'm sure your neighbours won't hear." Alison taunted with a wicked grin, "And if they do, well, you can just explain to them that your getting what you deserve."

Alison really love that idea, the blonde picturing herself watching from behind a corner as a blushing Mona tried to get rid of her nosy neighbours, those neighbours blissfully unaware that underneath Mona's clothes her ass was bright red and sore from a fresh spanking. And to Alison's delight she wasn't the only one who liked that idea, or the spanking itself, Mona's pussy wet against her thighs as she continued to beat that cute little butt. Which of course ruined her dress, but it was worth it to degrade her rival, who she could force to replace her dress out of her own pocket.

Mona prayed that no one would hear her, although her mind cruelly invisioned a couple of even worse scenarios than her neighbours overhearing her humiliation, namely her Mom coming home early from out of town or even worse Hanna to see her like this. The latter would be the absolute worst, as how could Hanna taken seriously as a top if she saw her get spanked? And what if Ali was cruel enough to tell Hanna what she had done to Mona last night? What if she already had?

That last terrifying thought, which somehow hadn't occurred to her until now, made Mona whimper and a single tear to trickle-down her cheek. Then finally she cried out, giving up on controlling herself as she realised just how much her treacherous body was enjoying this, that body going limp as she surrender to the feeling of utter despair. Which of course made Alison cruelly laugh and start spanking her even harder, Mona subconsciously trying to wriggle away from the pain although there was nowhere for her to go even before Ali held her down with one hand and continued to use the other to beat her butt.

Then Alison suddenly stopped and went back to groping her butt for a little while, something Mona found soothing after the beating she had just taken, and then the blonde bully murmured conversationally, "That was fun, wasn't it loser?"

"No." Mona whimpered.

"Oh please, you loved it." Alison said confidently.

"Did not." Mona shot back.

"Did too. Not that it matters now, because it's butt pounding time, and I know you love getting this cute butt of yours pounded." Ali said after licking her lips as she squeezed and then smacked Mona's ass one last time before ordering, "Go and get me a nice big strap-on out of your collection. I'm talking at least a 10 incher here. Oh, and some anal lube."

Mona blushed and grumbled, but she would do anything to protect her Mom from this crazy bitch, so she crawled off of Alison's lap and over to her chest of drawers where she hid her sex toys. She had a few bigger strap-ons but she definitely didn't want to take more than 10 inches up her butt. Not that she really wanted to take anything up her butt because she was a top, Mona reminded herself, something she had to keep reminding herself of when she turned around with Ali's requested items to find the former HBIC of Rosewood standing there wearing nothing but a expectant look on her face.

"No Mona, stay on your knees." Alison said firmly as Mona tried to get up, then when her fuck toy had crawled over to her and was holding out the toys in her hand she smirked and ordered, "I think since you want to get butt banged so bad it's only fair you should strap the toy to me and lube me up. You better do it good too, as you're taking every single inch up your slutty little ass."

Again Mona blushed, but she obediently held out the harness for Alison to step into and then when her bully had done that she pulled the strap-on up Ali's legs and tightened it around her waist. She then squirted almost the entire tube of lubricant onto the dildo and then thoroughly rubbed it in, Mona fining herself looking out nervously at Alison for approval as she frantically coated the shaft in the slippery liquid. She got a wicked smirk for her trouble, Alison letting Mona stew in the crippling fear and bizarre anticipation for several minutes before finally moving on to the ultimate act of humiliation/submission.

"Now, what position shall I have you in. Let me think... oh, I know..." Ali teased, before getting on the bed and lying in the centre of it, "I want you to ride it reverse cowgirl. Mmmmmmm, make sure you spread your cheeks, I want to see my dick disappearing into your butt hole."

There was a pause as again Mona tried to think of a way out of this, then she got into position as she grumbled, "I'll get you for this Alison. I swear, I'm going to make your life a living hell."

"Actually, I think you're going to make it a living heaven." Alison quipped before losing the ability to speak as Mona turned around and positioned her ass over the head of the dildo.

Alison had to dig her fingernails into the palm of her hands to stop herself from reaching out and shoving Mona downwards. God, she wanted to impale every inch of her cock up that tight little ass and anally rape Mona into submission. However that was a fate she wouldn't inflict upon even her worst enemy. Besides, there was such an incredible thrill to watching Mona hesitantly spreading her cheeks, lining herself up with that dildo and pushing herself downwards, Alison's greatest enemy who was at least brave enough to show their face crying out in pain and humiliation as her butt hole began to stretch.

It was obscene, disgusting, revolting, gross beyond belief, etc but Alison just couldn't take her eyes off of that stretching little back hole. And when that hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of the toy to slip inside Mona's butt, the brunette letting out a loud cry followed by a really pathetic whimper, Alison thought she was going to cum on the spot. But she thought the same thing when she popped Mona's anal cherry, and Jenna's, and as much as she wanted to she couldn't achieve orgasm from this alone. Luckily she didn't have too.

"God Mona, your ass hole looks so cute stretched around my cock. Mmmmmmmm, I really could stare at it all-day." Alison grinned, "But I also want my dick buried in your butt almost as much as you do, so why don't you go ahead and start lowering that cute fuck hole of yours?"

Mona didn't reply but Alison could practically taste the other teen's blush of total humiliation. It was so sweet, Alison continuing to taunt her rival as poor little Mona slowly lowered herself down on the big dildo, the tiny brunette obediently keeping her cheeks spread so that the blonde could watch Mona's ass hole slowly swallow every inch of that strap-on, Alison amazed that such a tiny hole could take the monster she had chosen. Honestly it had been amazing enough when Jenna had taken it, but Mona was so small and her ass was so tight it seemed impossible, and yet in what felt like no time at all Mona was sitting on her lap with every single inch of Alison's dildo up her butt.

"Oh yes, that's a good little ass slut. Mmmmmmmmm, you know I love it when you take every inch of my dick up your butt, just like you did last night when I popped your little anal cherry, and just like you're going to do from now on whenever I want a piece of slut ass!" Alison praised, "Now ride it! Mmmmmmm, ride my dick with your ass hole like the good little ass slut you are."

Again Mona didn't dare talk back to her, although she had let the most adorable whimper before slowly pushing herself upwards, causing that dildo to slowly slide almost completely out of her butt hole before she pushed herself back down again, that obscenely stretched ass hole once again swallowing the full length of Alison's cock. Over and over again Mona repeated this process, beginning to anally ride Alison like the good little butt slut she was turning out to be. Not that she was completely broken yet, obviously, but Alison was convinced that whatever hassle it would be training Mona it would be totally worth it to have the hot butt in front of her as her personal fuck hole, and the bitch attached to it her submissive little bitch.

Mona already felt like Alison's bitch, and she hated it. And she loved it. And she hated that she loved it. No! She just hated it, really she did, it was just that... it felt so good. Being bossed around and spanked had turned her on so much, and instead of solving that problem impaling her ass on Alison's strap-on only made Mona wetter, her empty pussy dripping with juice and her nipples painfully hard despite the fact that Alison hadn't at all bothered with them. And sure, getting her ass stretched hurt, but it was easier to relax now she'd experienced this ultimate act of bottoming once before, and in a really twisted way even the pain was enjoyable.

Of course Mona wasn't a bottom, she was a top, and therefore shouldn't be enjoying such a submissive act. And yet despite dominating women before Mona didn't think she'd ever done it so effortlessly as Alison had, to her horror her rival proving herself as a total Alpha female, taking control of the situation until it felt natural to do whatever she wanted. But it wasn't natural, because Mona was a top, and even though she couldn't think of any way out of this right now she would find a way. Then she would turn the tables on Alison and see how much she liked the feeling of a cock up her ass.

Just then Mona moaned, causing Alison to laugh cruelly, "You really do love it, don't you?"

Fuming with rage Mona finally snapped back, "I was just imagining how much fun it would be when I'm the one fucking your ass."

Alison burst out laughing, "Oh Mona, that was so funny. I didn't realise you were funny."

Mona fumed. The first laugh had been somewhat forced, but the second had been a type of genuine sounding 'LOL' laugh, the type of which Mona had never heard Alison let out. It might have been sweet if it hadn't been so utterly humiliating, Alison thinking so lowly of her that the idea of Mona turning the tables was literally comical to her. That was just fine though. Let Alison become overconfident and lazy, it would just make it all the sweeter when Mona returned the favour from the other day and popped her anal cherry, Mona becoming lost in that fantasy for a while before she became aware of just how much she was moaning.

Desperately trying to stop Mona gritted her teeth, dug her fingernails into her ass cheeks, and tried to think of the most disgusting/off-putting things she could think of, including Caleb naked which normally did the trick, but no matter what she tried she could no longer distract herself from the dildo moving through her bowels. Her treacherous body had once again relaxed so that she felt nothing but pleasure with every thrust, and soon Mona had to give up on preventing herself moaning, groaning, gasping, whimpering and crying out in pleasure in favour of preventing herself from increasing the pace without being prompted.

Unfortunately she didn't have to wait long for prompting, "Harder loser! Ride that dick harder! Mmmmmmmmm yeeeeeeeesssssssss, bounce that bottom! Bounce that little bottom, my little bottom."

"I'm not a bottom." Mona wept, although the words wouldn't have been convincing even if she wasn't anally riding a strap-on dildo.

"Sure you're not." Alison said patronisingly, "That's why you're not absolutely loving my dick up your tight little ass. Why you're not about to cum like a bitch with a dick in your ass. Why you didn't cum like crazy when I took your anal virginity last night, why you didn't absolutely love it when I pounded your ass, why you aren't struggling not to beg to be my bitch forever because you're actually not a bottom. No, you're a top, and you're totally going to turn the tables on me."

"Shut up." Mona yelled as Ali laughed at her.

"Awww, is that the best comeback you can think of with a dick up your ass?" Alison teased, "Well, maybe you'll do better after you cum. Or aren't you going to cum this time. Go ahead, ride me hard and prove you don't like being ass fucked. Mmmmmmmmm, bounce that cute little booty and prove what a top you are by not cumming on my dick. Come on loser, bounce that booty! Bounce that booty, bounce that booty, bounce that booty! Yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, bounce that little bottom and cum for me like a little bottom, come on Mona, you know you want too. You know you're nothing but a bottom."

Mona practically growled in frustration as she let go of her butt cheeks and started hammering herself up and down in an attempt to get her rival to shut the fuck up. The good news was after just a few more degrading words she succeeded. The bad news was that without thinking Mona looked back over her shoulder and then blushed furiously as she saw the happy grin on Alison's face, the beautiful blonde looking so content, so confident, so effortlessly dominant. That smug look on her face just seem to scream she had won, and in that moment Mona couldn't really argue.

The worst, or possibly the best, news of all was that she was seconds away from cumming. At least that meant her ordeal was almost over, at least until the next time Alison felt like some ass, however it would mean Mona would again have to deal with the utter humiliation of cumming like a bitch with a dick up her ass. The first time had been soul crushing enough, Mona didn't think she would survive another experience. At least not without becoming exactly what Alison claimed she was. And Mona couldn't become that. She won't allow it. No matter what happened she couldn't allow herself to become Alison DeLaurentis' anal whore, and she simply couldn't become this girl's bitch.

Sadly that defiant thought actually led Mona into thinking what it would be like to be completely broken, eagerly taking it up the ass for Alison and begging to eat the other girl's pussy, which made her cum easily as hard as last night, her cum literally squirting across her room and hitting the wall as she screamed loud enough for the whole of Rosewood to hear it. And then she came again, and again, and again, Mona's treacherous body slamming her ass hole up and down the dildo even as she quivered through the type of powerful climaxes she had only ever known once before.

Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse Alison kicked her legs out from under her, which was incredibly easy given that her legs felt like jelly at that point, Mona collapsing on top of Alison and almost knocking the blonde out with her falling head. Unfortunately she missed and Alison started thrusting upwards with a surprising amount of force, somehow keeping Mona on her high and making her cum again. Then Alison placed her feet on the bed either side of Mona, gripped the little brunette firmly by the waist and then started drilling her butt hole from that position, making Mona's mind meld from pleasure.

Alison was in love. Not with Mona, never with Mona, but with her sweet ass. Mona's sweet ass wasn't just a slice of heaven, it was the whole delicious pie of paradise. That metaphor was a little weird, but in Alison's defence she was completely delirious after watching Mona anally ride her with that tight little ass of hers for what felt like hours and now they were finally in the hard butt fucking Alison was experiencing the type of wonderful climaxes she could only get from fucking another girl up the butt.

Of course it wasn't easy for Alison to fuck Mona's butt in this position, and although the challenge was also fun for half a dozen orgasms eventually she rolled the other girl onto her stomach without her dildo leaving that sweet little butt hole. Then Alison started basically doing push-ups into Mona's rear, and although it took her a minute to get herself accustomed to the new position and establish a steady rhythm she was soon making her former rival scream as she ruined her little ass hole with the type of powerful thrusts she was sure would leave Mona's ass gaping and aching for days.

It was so wonderfully good, Alison became like a wild animal pounding into its submissive mate, not caring one little bit about the other girl's pleasure and yet at the same time feeling an incredible thrill that she was making Mona squirt. She had no idea whether Mona really had been a top or not, and she certainly didn't care, but as far as Alison was concerned Mona Vanderwaal was now the dictionary definition of the word bottom. Her ass was way too fuck-able for her to be anything else, and regardless of how Mona felt Alison was going to fuck her hot ass whenever she wanted, which was going to be a lot.

Then again from the way her body was reacting Alison was confident that she could completely break Mona and turn her into a little butt slut. She was at least halfway there already, as evidenced by the way she came and from the way she looked at Alison when the little bitch didn't think she was aware of it. Like when Mona looked over her shoulder a few moments ago, the look on her face one of pure submissive bliss, Mona having the same look now except without the shame as she was just as lost as Alison in the passionate anal sex they were having. Unfortunately Alison stamina wasn't unlimited and eventually she did have to slow down, although she kept pumping Mona's pooper for as long as she could to slowly bring her down from her high. And Mona too, although that was a by-product.

During the last stage Alison rolled them both onto their side and spent some time nuzzling and nipping Mona's neck, gently marking her territory before whispering in the other girl's ear.


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