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Pretty Little Liars: Moms And Lovers Part 8 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

In her dazed delirium Jessica DiLaurentis saw her daughter. It seemed to the drugged Milf that she could see Alison through a haze, looking down at her calling out "Mom... Mom... Mom." Jessica tried to talk back, but her vocal chords weren't able to articulate any sounds other than moans and gibberish words. She wished she could say something, tell Alison what she meant to her, how much she loved her, how much she wanted to be her daughter's and make mad-passionate love like all Ali's friends and their Moms.

"Uuurrrhh," she grunted, unable to get the unable to get her lips and tongue to work together. Alison looked down at her, frowning in concern.

Jessica closed her eyes. It was a dream, but a nice one.

* * *

Hanna glanced at her cell, sitting on the coffee table beside her. Her looking at it didn't make it ring, though she should have suspected this as it failed to do so the dozen other times she'd looked at it in the last minute. Not that she was expecting it to do so any time soon, Caleb had been happily helpful but also uselessly vague - making her expect he would be ringing her anytime between five minutes from now and sometime in the next week. She sighed and turned back to her magazine. Normally, the mixture of celebrity gossip, fashion and tips for great sex made 'Mother and Daughter' a must-read, but today she was too restless and even the spread with matching Mom and daughter lingerie was skimmed rather than lusted over.

The phone beeped. Hanna leapt at it like a dolphin going for a hoop. "Hello," a tinny voice sounded, "We are ringing about your recent car accident..." Hanna grunted in disgust and switched off the phone, cold calls for auto insurance claims were irritating enough at the best of times... but now... She picked up the magazine preying for a distraction.

"Hi," her Mom walked into the living room. She was wearing a long trench coat which went so far down that it covered her knees leaving just her shapely calves and high-heels on show, her hands stuck deep in its pocket.

Putting down the magazine (and sneaking a very, very quick glimpse at her phone) Hanna looked enquiringly at her Mom, "Are you going out? It's after seven nothing will be open."

"No," her Mom smiled.

Hanna's look of confusion deepened, "Were you out? I thought you were upstairs? Have you just been next door?"

"No," her Mom's smile was knowingly enigmatic and also, to her daughter, sexy and seductive.

Hanna frowned. "So where have you been?" she asked in confusion.

To say the grin on her Mom's face was wide would be akin to saying the sea is wet. "Nowhere," the Milf said. She took a few steps forward so that she was standing in front of her daughter. Hanna looked at her, her forehead creased as she tried to work out what her Mom was trying to say. She soon got her answer. Ashley turned away from her and unbuttoned her jacket. Then she swung round back and Hanna had a second to notice that her Mom wasn't wearing any pants or top underneath, before the older Marin shrugged off her coat and gave the teen the full show.

God, her Mom was sexy, thought Hanna. She was wearing a tiny see through black bra over her tits, with a matching small pair of panties attached to a suspender belt, and apart from her high heels, that was all. "Do you like?" asked Ashley unnecessarily as she posed, "What do you think of my new ensemble... I saw it on sale at lunchtime."

"I like," said Hanna, her impatience about the phone call forgotten as the distraction she needed twirled in front of her eyes, allowing the teen to feast on her sexy body.

Ashley swung round again, taking a step towards her daughter as she did, ending with her back to the teen and her butt just inches away. "The panties aren't too tight are they?"

"Let me just see if I can remove them. If I can get them off they're not too tight" grinned Hanna, doing just that so her Mom's naked butt was in front of her face. "They seem a good fit," the teen said, pressing her hand on the small of her Mom's back and encouraging the Milf over. Ashley bent down and Hanna moved her grip to the Milf's buttocks, squeezing them and pulling them apart. The sexy and well used back hole seemed to be winking at her.

"MMmnnnnn," Hanna ran her tongue over the rosebud, making her Mom titter in excitement. The teen lifted her tongue and ran it again, slowly licking the asshole's tight entrance. At the same time her hands gripped her Mom's round cheeks, squeezing them lightly.

"They seem to fit my knees well," giggled Ashley referring to the panties, which indeed had stopped their downward descent there.

Hanna didn't reply instead she just licked again at her Mom's ass, covering it in her saliva. The Milf tittered in enjoyment, bending over even further so that Hanna's tongue could press harder at the sphincter. The trouble with tongues is that they're not hard, stiff organs which can open buttholes, even well-used and regular fucked ones - for that you need a finger.

Which Hanna duly provided,

Her Mom groaned in pleasure, wiggling her cheeks as Hanna pressed between them and forced her digit in. The walls clamped round it as she worked it up and down, tickling with the tip. Her Mom moaned and shuddered, gasping in pleasure, "OOooohh, baby, baby, baby."

Her phone went, but Hanna ignored it, if it was important it would go to voicemail. She shoved the finger all the way in, twisting it and expanding the ass, making her Mom purr appreciatively at the same time. "Mmmnnnn, yessss."

"Now let me finish what I'd started," grinned Hanna. She pulled out her finger and before the hole could even think about closing shoved her tongue in again, this time driving it through the rosebud and into the tunnel. Her Mom squeaked in enjoyment as her lithe tongue slipped around, teasing the walls. It couldn't last long as the tunnel began to close, forcing the tongue back. Hanna continued to lick as long as she could, pleasuring her Mom's hole until it had closed and she found herself running her tongue over the rosebud again.

She pulled her head back, "That was nice, now turn round and let me try the other hole."

Her Mom giggled and twirled round, presenting her pussy to her hungry daughter. Hanna leant forward, gripping her Mom's ass cheeks and pulling the sexy Milf towards her. Her tongue shot out and she began to lick enthusiastically, shooting up and down over the lips, gradually working them apart so that the tip of her tongue was driving over pink between them. Ashley gasped and groaned in enjoyment, her hands gripping her daughter's shoulders for balance as the blonde teen slurped her to orgasm. As her Mom shuddered in ecstasy Hanna went faster, hammering the tongue up and down, sliding over and between the slit, tasting the lovely cummy juice of the older woman.

"Ooooohhh, Hanna, oooohhhh, that's so good, ooooohhh," Ashley shook so much that if she hadn't been holding Hanna she'd have fallen.

Hanna's tongue went faster and harder, driving at her Mom's slot. Ashley squeaked and squealed, "Oooohhh, yessssss, aaaargghhh, yesssss." Her body tensed and relaxed, her back stretching and straightening before falling back. Hanna continued to slam, hammering at the hole until her Mom was shrieking like a banshee, her hands gripping the teen's shoulders so hard it hurt, "AAAAarrrghhh yesssss, ooooohhh my God, you make me cuuuummm!"

Hanna pulled back licking her lips as her Mom staggered back, breathing heavily. "I think the panties are fine," grinned the teen, "You might want to wear them to bed tonight so I can get a chance at a second opinion."

"I don't think you'll change your mind," said Ashley pulling them up. Hanna felt she was right, her Mom knew her daughter. She looked at the phone, "Did I hear that ring."

Hanna looked at it, "It's Caleb and he's sent a text as well." She flicked at the screen with her thumb, smiling as she read the words. "My plan, it's on."

* * *

Jessica opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. It was a dirty white, almost cream, with tiny cracks running along it as if it could do with a repaint. She wasn't sure how long she'd been unconscious, she remembered she'd just eaten before the bitch had arrived at her door and she didn't yet feel like she was hungry; so it might be four hours or five. Long enough to be taken here, where-ever here was and left on a bed that was firm, but spartan. She groaned and lifted her head up, somehow surprised it didn't actually hurt.

"Mom, Mom, are you alright?" the voice was familiar even though she hadn't heard it in years. She turned her head, not quiet believing that she could be right. Her daughter, Alison, was starting to stand, getting up from her utilitarian single bed and move across to her. She looked older, but still beautiful and sexy and even, if it could be said in the small white cell, radiant; glowing despite her seclusion. The girl, eighteen now Jessica reminded herself, got down to her knees beside her, "Mom are you okay? You've been drugged for hours."

"How long?" Jessica struggled to sit up, Alison helping her and then taking a seat on the bed next to her, "How long was I unconscious?"

Alison shook her head, "I don't know. She makes me close my eyes sometime and stand in the corner until she tells me I can open them. It's hard to keep track of time, I just did what she said waiting for her to tell me over the loudspeaker I could look again and when she did you were there on the bed."

"Why? I mean what does she want?" Jessica said.

"She's mad, insane. She's always hated me, claimed I used to bully her. I mean I didn't we just had a little fun like I did with everyone, trying to make them better people. She overreacts and kidnaps me. I don't know how long ago. It must be months, a year even. How long has it been?"

"Over three..." her Mom replied, her heart aching as she saw her daughter's shock.

"What...?" the teen breathed, "...that's impossible." And then because she was Alison DiLaurentis and she was strong she straightened her back and added, "When I get out I am going to kill that bitch."

"Me too," her Mom said.

"You're looking good though," Alison smiled at her Mom.

"You as well," for someone everyone had been hinting to Jessica was dead, her daughter looked good, in fact she looked great. She'd grown since her Mom had seen her last, moving from an adolescent to a woman, a very sexy woman. Alison smiled even wider, giggling a little and tossing her hair coquettishly. Jessica felt an irresistible urge towards her, the teen was hot and sexy and Jessica loved hot and sexy teens. And like many Moms, including those of Ali's friends, she'd always desired her daughter, except unlike them her daughter had been snatched away when she was too young for her Mom to do anything about it. Now Alison was here and so was Jessica.

"No, I mean very well," Jessica took a chance and slid her knuckles gently down her daughter's arm. She smiled, trying to put all her charisma and sex-appeal into the up-turn of the lips and hoping it was enough.

"You as well," Alison purred back. There was a slight curl to her mouth and she looked her Mom up and down, like she was seeing her for the first time. Jessica stretched slightly, like she was had a small ache from her involuntarily sleep, but which also pushed out her tits, straining them against her cardigan. Alison noticed, her smile grew wider and her eyes stared down at her Mom's bosom, with such intensity that if they'd been lasers they'd have burnt right through her.

Licking her lips, Jessica reached down to the cardigan and slowly undid the buttons, "I don't think I need this, do you."

"No," nodded Alison in agreement. She watched as her Mom finished undoing it and shrugged it off.

The blouse underneath wasn't the sexiest Jessica had, when she was out looking for pussy she had some which clung to her tits like Velcro. But Alison still seemed interested. Jessica smiled, looking up. She touched the highest button with her fingers, knowing that her next question would lead to the moment of truth. She paused, concurrently excited and nervous. Alison moved her glance between her bosom and her face, her smile seemed to be answering the question before it was even asked. She gave a tiny nod, as her tongue slid round dry inner lips and then she glanced down again. Time had run out. "Do you think I need to wear this either?" Jessica twisted the button without popping it out.

"No," said Alison. And then her mouth was on her Mom's. Jessica was momentarily surprised by the speed of her daughter's reaction, but only momentarily. Quickly recovering she returned the kiss with vigour, her mouth stretching to meet her daughter's, both of their jaws masticating like they were trying to eat each other. The Milf's hands moved back to the buttons to spring them open, but Alison's were already there. Together the Mom and daughter almost tore the blouse apart. Alison's fingers slipped under the bra cups, yanking them down.

"OOoohhh," Jessica moaned as her daughter's mouth disengaged from hers and instead took in a boob, sucking it in and nipping at the teat with her teeth. The older woman's hands were undoing her daughter's jeans, slipping them over the teen's hips and down to her thighs. She could see her daughter's panties underneath, they were skimpy and sexy. Say what you like about their captor she knew how to buy clothes for Ali to impress her Mom.

The Milf pushed her daughter's head back from her tit and lowered her own. Ali knew what was coming as she straightened herself and pushed her jeans down lower to her knees, her panties joining them. Jessica looked at the shaven slot and then up at her daughter. She said one word; "Yummy."

"Oh God, yes," Alison gasped as her Mom's mouth went down on her teenage cunt. The Milf's teeth teased and nibbled at the puffy lips, before her tongue slid over them in a healing slurp. The teen groaned and shuddered, wiggling her legs to push her jeans and panties further down. Jessica reached up to help her, taking hold of them and pulling them down. Alison removed her top, tossing it to one side, her black bra following it. Veronica didn't look up, though she could imagine the titties in all their pert teenage glory, instead she carried on pleasing her daughter with her mouth, pressing her lips at the teen twat as her tongue slid out and about. She moved her hand up to join it, a couple of fingers taking hold of her daughter's lips and prying them apart so she could move further in.

"Fuck, uurrhhh," Alison's body shook with ecstasy. Her hand pushed down on her Mom's head as she took her proper place as a top. Jessica reacted to her daughter's unspoken words, her tongue and finger slurping and slamming the slit even faster, hitting the pink flesh inside with an enthusiastic vigour. She had eaten a lot of teenage pussy over the last three years, she was even aware she had a reputation as the Rosewood town slut, but none tasted as nice as her daughter. None that she remembered were so juicy and cum filled, making every lick like sliding through a warm souffl. She went faster and harder, shifting her spare hand to just above the slit so that she could rub down and over the clit with her thumb.

Alison seemed to appreciate that as she squealed even louder, her body rocking on the metal bed and her naked back brushing at the white painted wall. Jessica slammed her tongue down the tasty teen twat, loving every second of pleasure she was giving her daughter. Her tongue moved fast and hard, as if she was making up for lost time, that this was a pussy she should have first eaten years ago, munching it when Hanna and Ashley first started dating. It was too late for that now, Jessica and Ali could no longer be the first; Hanna and Ashley were a couple as were Aria and Ella and Ali's other friends. But if they couldn't be the first to mother and daughter couple in Ali's peer grroup Jessica aimed to be the best to tongue fuck her daughter - when they got out Ali would have something to boast about to her friends, just like the Queen Bee she always had been.

"Aaarrrghh, ooohhh my God, fuckkkk," Alison gasped and squeaked, her body jerking electrically. Her hand pushed harder on her Mom's head, encouraging the Milf to keep up her licking. The tongue shot forward and in, spitting out like a drugged-up salamander. The teen squealed louder, "Fuuuccckkk, oooohhh God, fuuuckkk, yessss, tongue me, lick me, eat me hard! Aaaarrrghhh yesss."

Jessica did as she was told pounding her tongue and finger forward, thumbing the teen's clit as she did. The blonde bucked some more, thrusting her cunt at her Mom's face as she gave a squeal of ecstasy. Even as Jessica's mouth opened to slurp some more her daughter let loose a gush of cum and a high-pitched scream. "Aaaaarrrghhh, yesssss."

Alison slumped back against the wall, panting heavily. Her hand slid from her Mom's head and down by her side. Jessica looked up, she smiled. Alison smiled back. "You've done this before," she said.

Jessica blushed. She'd not worried about her sleeping around when Alison was vanished, but now her daughter was back she worried that Ali would think she was too much of a slut. Her daughter continued to smile, "Don't worry, I'm not mad or anything. I mean now we're dating... we are dating aren't we? even if all the dates are in this cell... now we're together I'd like to claim exclusivity, but neither of us came to this room without a past."

"You had a past?" Jessica was a little shocked, she knew Ali had been mature for her age when she'd been kidnapped, but she hadn't known she was that mature.

Ali laughed, "Not before here. Don't worry, I wasn't taking part in underaged orgies under your nose. But here, sometimes the bitch brain ..." she still avoid saying the name, "would bring a blindfolded whore and let me fuck her. I think she probably watched on the cameras and got off on it. I wasn't complaining, mainly because she locked a ballgag in my mouth to stop me talking, but also because if you're stuck in your cell on your own any company is great and sexy, tight bottom is the best company of all." She shrugged. "You're not mad?"

Jessica shook her head, "No, if you're not." She blushed and admitted "I have fucked a lot of women over the last few years."

"Anyone I know?"

"A few," blushed Jessica. "Including the bitch." She blushed even redder.

"You weren't to know," said Alison, "Not everyone thinks so, but she is kinda hot." She put her head to one side, as if thinking, "Could be Stockholm Syndrome I guess."

"Has she ever... you know... fucked you?" Jessica asked.

"No, I've not been a bottom, she just holds me here. I think she likes having power over me, making me her prisoner. If she fucked me that'd be showing she desires me and she can't have that," Alison shrugged, "At least that's my theory."

It was a good a one as any; who knew what the madwomen holding them thought processes were - if you were mad enough to kidnap a teen and then three years later her Mom, logical thought patterns were probably not your strongest suite.

Even as they had been Alison had sat back against the wall and Jessica could feel her daughter's eyes as the teen gazed over her naked Mom body. Jessica moved to her own small bed, sitting back against the wall with one leg dangling over the edge and the other pulled up so that Alison could see the shaven slit in between. The teen grinned, naughtily, "When I woke up this morning I had a feeling I was going to have a visitor."

"Why?" Jessica smiled back at her daughter, turning her head slightly to give her an impish glance and 'accidentally' drop her hand so that her fingers were resting just inches above her slot.

"When I do I'm left a present by pig features," Alison grinned. She reached under the pillow and came back with a dangling strap-on.

Jessica had to admit to being impressed, their captor didn't stint on the quality where toys were concerned. Jessica had a few of equal length and girth herself, with a moulded mushroom head and ridges and she knew how much they cost. She looked lustfully at the toy. "Do you get visitors often?"

"Hard to tell," Alison swung the toy casually round her finger like she was twirling a six shooter, "Every couple of weeks or so."

"And you fucked them all?" Jessica could feel her own pussy tingling with excitement as she imagined Alison on top of a sexy hooker, fucking her. It got even itchier as her fingers slid down and she imagined it was her who was the dirty skank being fucked by her daughter.

Alison grinned, "Every one. Hard and long. In the ass."

"My favourite hole as well," giggled Jessica, "as our captor knows."

"She's probably watching now," Alison glanced at the corners of the room, where cameras stared dispassionately back down.

"We don't want to disappoint her do we?" giggled Jessica.

"Believe me I do, but I don't want to disappoint you," Alison said.

Her Mom rolled over onto her front, turning her face towards Alison, "You won't. as long as you use that thing on my ass."

Alison stood up and stepped into the leather loops, looking at the camera opposite her as she did, "I'm doing this for myself and my Mom, not you you psycho freak."

Jessica could sympathise with her daughter's point of view, but at the same time she had to secretly admit that there were upsides, outside the cell Alison might have ended up with anyone - perhaps one of her friends, especially Emily who'd always had a bit of crush on her. In here, kidnapped though they might be, she was about to fuck her Mom and Jessica wasn't going to let this opportunity slip by. She looked at her sexy daughter, "Come here Alison, let me lube it up with my mouth."

"There's some proper lube if you want," said Alison.

"Let me suck it and show you what a hot slut you have for a Mom," Jessica said

"I know that already," said Alison, but she came over all the same.

Jessica opened her mouth as her daughter slid the toy in. It's girth was such that she had to really stretch, her jaws starting to ache before the toy was even a quarter of its length in. She didn't stop her gentle bobbing, keen as she was to ompress her daughter with her cock-slurping skills. Alison looked down, her hands on her hips, "Looking good Mom, howe much can you take?"

All of it, thought Jessica, even if it killed her. She forced her mouth open even wider, bringing her head slowly down the giant rubber dong. It felt so big and large, that she could feel herself on the edge of panic that it would choke her. She tried to relax and pulled herself back a few inches. Alison grinned down, her hips starting to gently rock. "This is so sexy Mom, the hookers always use lube. This is much hotter."

It was the encouragement Jessica needed. She pushed forward again, bobbing her head so that she was taking a little bit more each time. Her eyes pushed upwards to look at her daughter and see the look of rapture on the teen's pretty face. Soon the look began to mist up as her eyes began to water, the dick pushing further into her mouth and threatening to make her gag. She slowed down.

Alison noticed, "Need some help?" she giggled.

Jessica managed a small nod. Alison reached down and gripped the back of her head and began to rocking, using it as a balance. Jessica made a gulping, gasping sound as the dick pushed in. Her eyes watered even more, as the toy made her gag, water leaking from them as at the same time, she could feel them automatically widening like her eyelids were controlled by her throat.

"Mmmm this is so hot, Mom, what a great idea," Alison gripped her Mom's head harder and jerked her hips, thrusting the toy deeper into her Mom's mouth, so that it was hammering at the Milf's throat. Soon it was no longer Jessica sucking the cock, but Alison throat-fucking her Mom's with it.

"Uuurrffff," Jessica gagged and choked, gasping in a small amount of air, even as her bile washed over the toy like waves crashing over a jetty. It was uncomfortable and suffocating, but Alison seemed to be enjoying it and that more than made up for the pained jaw, gag reflex and watery eyes.

"Oh God, you've got it all in. My God Mom you're right, you're a total slut. This is fantastic," Alison grinned, not stopping as the cock pushed between her Mom's lips and slid all the way down to the fake plastic balls.

"UUrrrrrfff," Jessica gasped, her head slamming down the dick, her saliva lubricating it better than any gel or lotion would have delivered. Her pussy was wet with lust, soaking at the white sheets beneath her as she was rocked by Ali's face-fucking. "Uuurrrfff" she went again, as her daughter's fake phallus went deep between her lips and rammed at the back of her throat. She gagged, coughing and choking up white bile, drooling it from between her lips like an Ali had just let loose an explosion of semen in her mouth.

"Mmmnnn, that's nice and wet," Alison pulled the dick out of her Mom's mouth. She wasn't wrong, the toy was literally dripping spit over the bedding.

Despite the vigorous face-fucking Jessica swiftly recovered. She brought her hands round to her cheeks, spreading them wide so her hole was on display. She looked up at Alison, aware that her lipstick and make-up was smudged like the remains of a sidewalk chalk drawing after a shower. "Fuck me, baby, bang my butt."

"Oh definitely," her daughter grinned. "I've been fantasising about this for so long."

Jessica felt a frisson of excitement as Alison walked down beside the bed, a finger trailing along her Mom's back. The teen stopped behind her, out of Jessica's eyeline. The Milf knew, however, what she was looking at and pulled her buttocks even further apart so her daughter could get a good look at the lewd fuckhole. "Mmmnnn, it's waiting Alison, just for you. I want you to bang it."

"I'm going to," the teen's hands joined her Mom's on the ass, kneading with the ripe buttocks, squeezing them between her fingers and sliding her palms over them. To give Alison more room to play Jessica let go and took hold off the end of the mattress, gripping it in expectations.

"Mmmnnn, what a hot ass," Alison gave her Mom a light slap, making the cheeks jiggle.

"It's yours," Jessica said her voice thick with lust and ready for her daughter's dildo. She raised her butt, offering it to the blonde, "Come fuck it now."

Frustratingly Alison ignored her pleas and instead gave the behind another swat, "I bet this ass has seen plenty of action..."

Jessica wasn't sure if it was a trick question, so she wiggled it and didn't answer. Alison slid a hand over one cheek and gave the other a spank. "Has it Mom? Has it had lots of dyke cock."

"Yes, it's my favourite hole," Jessica admitted.

"Mmmmnnn, good, it's mine as well," Alison let go off her Mom's cheek. Seconds later the Milf could feel the press of her daughter's body as she climbed on top of her.

The teen guided her dildo at the puckered hole, Jessica could feel the pressure of the tip forcing her sphincter as Alison slowly pushed at the ring. Jessica gave a small whinny of pleasure and raised her ass an inch to show her daughter she wanted it. The teen grunted and pushed harder, breaking the seal and entering the hole. Jessica squeaked and gripped the mattress as her tunnel began to stretch to accommodate the interloper.

"Yes, that's it Mom, take my huge dildo dick," Alison called out. She shoved down further, sending the saliva stained toy harder into her Mom's ass. The Milf squealed again, enjoying her long-term dream becoming a reality. Alison rose and then fell, another inch of dong pushing its way into Jessica's butthole. It stretched wider, aching as it always did, a dull soreness like an aching muscle after a hard-work out. But Jessica didn't mind, she knew that the pain would soon subside to be replaced by intense pleasure - she'd taken in the ass enough times to know the drill. And it was even more special to be butt banged by her daughter, the emotional connection giving her something the soulless, anonymous fuckings she normally had could never replicate.

Alison was lifting herself up again, the dildo scraping against her Mom's tunnel walls as it retreated; even that sent pleasurable vibrations through the Milf, especially with the mushroom head which followed the rod brushing over sensitive nerve endings and making them quiver. "OOoohhh," she let out a heartfelt moan and gripped the mattress end, spreading her legs wider so that her cheeks parted and allow Ali easier access.

"MMMnnn this ass is so hot, I'm going to fuck it good," Alison paused, hovering above her Mom before pounding down again, slamming the dildo as far as before and further.

"Aaahhhh," Jessica squeaked in pleasure, her body trembling as Alison bounced down and then pulled up. "Ooooohh," she gasped again as the blonde teen returned, deeper this time.

"I'm loving this butt. It's so fuckable. Mmmmnnn, it's just made to be filled by dildo," Alison purred at her Mom as she moved up and down. Faster and harder, thrusting the toy deeper and deeper into her Mom's anal fuckhole, until it was completely in, the toy vanishing all the way down and only stopping as Alison's thigh and waist hit her Mom. "God, your ass is so delectable. It's worth the wait."

"Ooohhh yeah baby, fuck it, fuck it good," Jessica gasped, her body shuddering as Alison thumped into her, the teen moving to a speedy rhythm and getting faster all the time. "It's your ass, fill it, fuck it, bang it open."

Her teen daughter took her at her word and slammed even harder, her entire body behind each thrust, enabling her to pound deep and hard, filling her Mom's asshole again and again with thick, plastic prick. Jessica loved it, if there was a heaven this was it. It was worth being kidnapped for, worth being in this cell, almost worth loosing Ali for. She screamed in pleasure as the anal orgasm wracked her body, the toy smacking down to press at her clitoral nerves from behind the cervix. "Aaaarrrghh, yesssss," the Milf screamed, every hit from her daughter like magic. "Aaaarrrghhh, God, fuccccckkk!"

Alison was going harder and harder, the bed squeaking and squealing as the teen pounded down. If their captor was watching she was getting a show as Jessica howled in pleasure, her entire body rocking and shuddering as she came again and again. She gripped the mattress so hard that her nail split through the cheap plastic covering and dug into the foam inside as beneath her the sheets crumpled and messed looking almost like snowy hillocks after an avalanche. "AAArrrrrrggghhh, you're making me cum baby, you're making Mommy cum, aaaaarrrghhh, yessssss!"

Alison didn't reply, the teen's concentration focused on slamming the ass as hard and fast as she could, wrecking the hole with passion. It was sore and discomforting, but so sexy and hot and pleasurable, the waves of ecstasy rushing through the Milf like flows of hot chocolate drowning and submerging the aches and pains. Jessica raised her butt, lifting it to meet Alison and then falling as her daughter struck her with force, the teen's stomach smashing at her Mom's back and toy slamming in like a hot knife into soft butter. "Yessss, aaahhhh, yesssss!"

The teen went faster and harder, really giving Jessica's ass what it needed. The Milf squealed and rocked and jerked, the flames inside her body getting hotter, making her glow red with pleasure and shriek in ecstacy. Alison slammed down, reading her Mom's mind and body, hammering the hole as deep as she could. The Milf could feel the orgasms boiling away, popping like lava bubbles. They raced up her nerve system to her brain and down again at lightning speed, taking control of her body and overwhelming her, "AAAaarrrrghhh, yessssss, yessssss," she screamed loudly enough that their captor would be blocking her ear through the concrete walls, "Aaaarrrrghhh, yessssss."

There was a pop and a hiss as a panting Alison pulled the dick from her Mom's and fell down beside her. They kissed passionately, Jessica so happy to be with her daughter again.

* * *

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