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Pretty Little Liars: Moms And Lovers Part 5 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

Sitting in front of the TV Hanna was watching a repeat of 'Gilmore Girls'. She'd seen it before - in it was one in Rory tried to ask her Mom to have anal sex for the first time, except she was so circumspect in her asking that Lorelai kept pretending not to understand, teasing her daughter all through the episode. Still she enjoyed the show; the fast talking wisecracking Gilmores were a great couple. Even if in Hanna's eyes taking two seasons to get to anal with your Mom was so slow as to be unrealistic; she'd been butt-fucking her Mom's butt in two dates and a couple of her friends hadn't even needed that.

The door to the main room opened and her Mom entered. To Hanna she always looked sexy; she couldn't think of time when she wasn't, but this evening she looked even more so, ultra-hot. Ashley paused in the doorway for a moment, letting her daughter's eyes feast on her, there was no false modesty, she obviously knew how she looked. Her dress was a shimmery silver that clung to her so tight it was like a second skin, but with enough of the first skin on show as well, cuts up the leg and down the front to low down the cleavage.

Hanna's fingers automatically closed on the remote, shutting of the TV, no matter how amusing the Gilmores were they could wait. She stood up her eyes drinking in her Mom's sexy frame, her own dress a short pink cocktail dress seemed shabby and boring compared to her Mom's, even if she'd just bought it that weekend. She walked closer, "My God, Mom, you looking stunning," her hand slid down her Mom's cheek, brushing down to the corner of her mouth, before moving down below her waist to stroke at another cheek - if there were panties they so tiny as to be unoticeable under the smooth material. The blonde teen took a deep breath, "Are you feeling alright? You know we don't have to go if you're still feeling queasy."

Her Mom smiled, managing to be both sexy and reassuring all at once, "I'm fine Han, it was nothing."

Hanna didn't think it was nothing. Coming home to find your Mom unconscious hadn't been the perfect end to what had been up to them a perfect night. Especially when the doctors at the hospital confirmed she'd been chloroformed. The police had been there as well, that creepy Detective Wilder, who'd once banged her Mom (before she and Han had been dating, but even so) and he'd asked all sorts of questions. He'd suggested that most burglars didn't come into houses when their owners were still there, if they did they usually fled as soon as they discovered they weren't alone and for the rest a hammer or gun was more normal than sneaking up with a pad. Even as he was questioning them Hanna suspected it wasn't a burglar, but there was no way she and her Mom wanted Wilder back in their life investigating A; better to pretend it was just a common criminal and get him out. He wasn't convinced but with the wall of silence from the Marins as he tried to push there was little he could do. He'd left dissatisfied and he was barely out the hospital door before the Marin's suspicions were confirmed as their phones buzzed with messages from A.

Who's pussy?- A' was the message under a picture of an unconscious Ashley with her skirt pulled up. Several more pictures followed, with Ashley's tits and ass prominently featuring as she was displayed in her front room like a mannequin. It was that she'd been handled like a puppet as much as the chloroform thaT concerned Hanna and made her worry that her Mom should be staying at home to recuperate.

Her Mom was tougher than she looked, she shook her head, "When we're all dressed up? No, I've been looking forward to this, a chance to show everyone what a hot little sexpot is fucking me." She held out her arm, for her daughter to slip through, "Our we ready?"

* * *

Pam Fields slid her arm through her sexy daughter's as they walked from the car to the school entrance. Over the doorway was a large banner, 'Rosewood High - Fall Parent Child Dance'. Many of the moms and sons and dads and daughters, were there to raise money for the school, have a good time and strengthen their parent-child bond. And many of the moms and daughters were the same; all the previous times Pam had been with Emily it had been like that, even if secretly her desire for her daughter had been growing. But now like a substantial minority of the mom-daughter couples it was something more - a chance to publicly show they were committed to each other - a hot date with dancing.

Emily was fishing in her purse for their tickets, as they walked up the steps. Just inside the door were a couple of desks, the nearest of which had the Emily's swimming coach behind it. The coach smiled as one of her favourite students and her lover/Mom approached. "Hi Mrs Hooper," Emily said handing over the tickets, "This is my Mom." As she spoke she was stroking the top of her Mom's back showing all that they were more than parent and child.

Mrs Hooper took the ticket and smiled as she punched them, "You make such a lovely couple, I thought you'd had a spring in your step recently Emily, how long have you been dating?"

"A couple of months," smiled Emily, obviously pleased by the compliment paid by the teacher to her Mom.

The teacher handed back the tickets, smiling, "I hope you're not going to tire yourself out to much for swimming, I know what it's like. I've been with my own daughter five years."

Five years, Pam's head swum at the thought of five years with Em, five wonderful years; her daughter would have finished college and be working, but they'd still be banging regularly - not for them one of those sexless relationships where they might as well just be mom and daughter. She looked adoringly at Emily who was smiling and saying how good her teacher looked and how her relationship with her daughter must be keeping her young.

The teacher smiled, "It does. Do you want a ticket for the raffle - there's some prizes I'm sure you'd enjoy, including a romantic spa weekend. A dollar each."

Emily nodded, "We'll take ten," she said, swapping them for a ten-dollar bill, before taking her Mom's hand and leading her down the corridor to the hall.

The music had already started, a band standing on stage cranking out covers from the seventies to the noughties, but whilst there were already a few couples around it was too early in the evening for them to be on the dance floor and the buffet was getting more attention than the music. Emily turned and kissed her Mom, "Did I say you looked sexy?"

"You did, several times," Pam smiled, not that her daughter could ever say it enough.

"You are so much the hottest Mom here," Emily said, her hand sliding down her Mom's side, caressing her so closely that Pam was glad she hadn't bothered with panties beneath her dress.

"And you the sexiest daughter," she purred back, glowing with pleasure as Emily's hand slid into hers and led her towards the table. Ella and Aria were already there, both in low cut dresses - though Ella's marginally lower than her daughters. They smiled as their friends arrived, before quickly launching into a conversation about what had happened to Ashley only a couple of nights ago. "We're keeping the door locked at all times," said Ella, "Even when we're in."

"I though A was an irritant, but knocking Ashley out... that's a whole new level," said Pam.

"It must have been awful, Han must have freaked when she got home," said Emily. She squeezed her Mom's hand under the table, "I know I would have done,

"And to send the pictures to us of her posed..." Aria visibly shivered and it wasn't just because the snaps weren't to her standard.

Spencer and Veronica arrived, joining their friends. For Pam and Emily this was their first parent-child dance as a couple and strictly the same was true for the Hastings. However lots of mom-daughter relationships had been set alight at the dances and the same was true for the Hastings. At the last dance before Summer Spencer and Veronica had moved from slow, close dances to making out on the floor to fucking when they got home; something they'd not stopped doing. Normally Pam thought the conversation might have covered that before quickly going on to an interrogation of the Hastings on the threesome they'd had with Hanna. But Ashley's chloroforming by A was still the centre of the conversation. "So what does A want?" Veronica adding.

"She's obviously got something against us," said Spencer.

"Are we even sure she's a she, it might be a he," said Emily.

"I don't know, I always felt it was a she, but perhaps we're wrong," said Ella.

"We need to work out all those who've got a grudge against any of us, male or female," said Veronica.

"It'll be a long list, we were friends with Ali, who's popularity wasn't huge with everyone," admitted Aria.

Spencer nodded, "But that gives us an opportunity. As it's a school dance they'll do a memorial to Ali like they normally do." Pam noted that she didn't mention that this was because Jessica diLaurentis presented the school with a huge cheque for constantly remembering her daughter. Spencer continued, "What we need to do is look out for anything suspicious, anyone texting or taking photos."

"Not sure that will help," said Aria, but she didn't offer a better idea.

"Do you think A is here?" asked Pam looking around.

It was Veronica who answered, "A could be anywhere until we know who it is."

Further discussion stopped as Ashley and Hanna came over, Ashley resplendent in one of the sexiest dresses Pam had ever seen. The conversation quickly moved from whether A was in the building to how Ashley was and whether she and Hanna were coping, all the friends being genuinely concerned for the couple. The school was filling up by now and couples moving onto the dance-floor, including some of the real mom-daughter pairs, a few of them moving close together and kissing passionately. Pam looked across the dance floor, feeling a hit of jealousy as she saw her daughter's ex, Paige McCullers, dancing with her Dad. Even if she and Em were finished and Em was with her, just seeing the other swimmer reminded Pam that Em had other options even if she wasn't choosing them.

Perhaps Emily saw her look as suddenly her daughter put down her soda and turned to her Mom, taking her hand and standing up at the same time. "Let's dance," the teen grinned, tugging at her Mom and not being prepared to take no for an answer.

Pam allowed herself to be brought onto the floor, her daughter's arm sweeping around her waist and hugging her close as the music beat out a tune that was designed for energetic windmilling not sedate, sensuous dancing. Not that Pam minded, she wanted her daughter close to her, so she could smell her perfume and feel her touch, not gyrating several feet away as they both tried to avoid over-energetic pogoing. Luckily most of the couples on the floor felt the same way and the moves and music were totally disconnected.

The two women moved together, Pam sinking happily into her daughter's arms as the teen's hand moved down her back to her butt, leaving no doubt that they were a couple in love. They swirled and twisted round the floor, ignoring the tempo of the music and dancing to their own tune. Pausing for a second as the songs changed Emily kissed her Mom, hungrily and passionately, before whisking her back round, dragging her in a circular loop.

"You're so sexy," Emily murmured in her Mom's ear, "You're so hot in that dress." She paused for a second before adding, "And out of it."

"You as well," Pam said.

Emily grinned and continued, "I want to fuck you so much. I want to take my strap-on and turn you round, hoist up your dress and fuck you right here and now. I want to stuff my plastic prick up your hot butt and bang it until you're screaming. I want to have you on your knees in front of me, my dress to my waist and you slurping my cunt on the dance floor, licking it until I squirt all over your beautiful face."

"MMmnnn, that's making me hot," giggled Pam.

"You're the one doing that to me," her daughter replied.

"It's making me so horny I wish we could do it here," Pam said.

"Me too," said Emily, "but you know what I'm going to do. Once we get home I am going to take that dress of you and then put on my biggest strap-on. Your're going to get down and suck and make it so wet and I'm going to fuck you. First of all I'm going to spread your legs and hammer your pussy as you lie in the front room, then I'm going to turn you over, place you on the couch arm rest and bang your butt so hard that you'll cum like a waterfall." The teen lifted her Mom's head from her shoulder and smiled.

"I can hardly wait," giggled Pam.

* * *

Back at the table Hanna was kissing her Mom, whilst Spencer was staring adoringly at hers whilst they held hands and Pam and Emily were so engrossed in each other on the dance floor they'd not return for ages. It left Aria with her Mom. She put down her paper plate, the sandwich nearly eaten and looked at her Mom. Ella was as sexy as anyone else here tonight in her slinky low cut dress, which showed off her figure to pussy watering standards. she was eating her sandwich at the buffet table, a glass of soda beside her. She turned to look at Aria as the teen smiled, smiling back, "What?"

"Let's go explore," Aria said.

Her Mom replied, "Are we allowed?" her smile suggested that she'd break a rule or two.

Aria wasn't that kind of girl, if it had been against the rules she'd never have suggested it, "It's discouraged, not banned," the teen said holding out her hand for her Mom.

Ella put down her plate, "What about the presentation on Alison, you wouldn't want to miss that."

"It's at nine," said Aria nodding. Her Mom was right, she wanted to be there for that and not just because of Spencer's mad plan that A would be here and do something that would draw attention to her (him?), but because she wanted to remember her friend and wish she was here with them. She took hold of her Mom's hand, "We'll be back for that."

"Well I suppose we could always have a quick look at my old classroom, see how it's changed," tittered Ella.

It hadn't changed a great deal, thought Aria, apart from the fact the sexiest woman she knew was no longer there, but she didn't think they were really going there to admire the posters. She walked from the buffet leading her Mom towards the doors, threading her way through other couples, including Mona and her Mom and Jenna dancing with her step-Dad. She tried not to scowl at either as she passed - they weren't her friends and if A was someone with a grudge those two had be near the top of the list. A teacher was standing by the main doors. Aria gave her most ingratiating smile, "We're just going to look at Mom's old classroom and see how its changed."

"Hi Ella," the teacher nodded to her old colleague, her eyes darting down to where the Milf and her daughter's hands were held, Aria using the brief halt to slide her finger tips sensually over her Mom's knuckles. "Okay, you can go through," the teacher's grin suggested she knew exactly what Aria had planned.

The Montgomerys left the hall and went down the corridor, hand in hand, turning left and up the stairs then down a couple of classrooms until they got to Ella's old one. The door was unlocked and Aria switched on the light as they entered, closing the door behind them and twisting the lock. Her Mom moved further into the classroom, looking round the posters on the wall and the books on the shelves; "It's not changed much," she admitted, turning to her daughter.

Aria followed her Mom in, sliding her arms round the sexy Milf waist as Ella faced her, "Does it bring back memories though?"

"A few," said her Mom with a smile.

"Any hot ones," grinned Aria. She remembered when she and her Mom had first starting dating, when Ella was still working out her notice, that the she had sat at a front row desk, spreading her legs just enough to give her Mom a hint of what they'd be doing when they got home.

"Oh, a few," giggled Ella. She kissed her daughter lightly, "Can I make an admission?"

"As long as it's not that your A," said Aria with a smile.

"After I separated from your Dad, but before I started dating you, you know I had a couple of flings," her Mom said, though this wasn't a secret to Aria, she had been at her Mom's when the Milf was preparing for dates. In fact seeing her Mom parading in sexy dresses and high-heels, with her lips as red and succulent as rosy apples had been key in moving Aria's view of her Mom from being a mother to a lover. Aria nodded and her Mom carried on, "Well one of them was with a student here..."

"Who?" asked Aria, not that she was jealous, just curious.

"That'd be telling," giggled her Mom. "Anyway what I was going to say was that one day after school she fucked me here, over that desk, in my butt."

"MMnnnnn that's hot," Aria said. She'd never had any problems with the fact her Mom had had a lot of lovers prior to Aria and no hole was virginal; you couldn't date a forty year old as hot as her Mom and expect her to have no history. "Are you still not telling me who it is?"

Her Mom laughed, "No, a woman has to have some secrets."

Aria laughed and kissed her Mom, not a small peck or a brief touching of mouths, but a full on tongue twister, slurping at her Mom's lips and sliding her tongue back and forth. Her hands meanwhile were moving to her Mom's butt cheeks, squeezing them sexily and jiggling them under the dress. She could feel stiffness of her Mom's nipples through the thin dress, the two nubs hard like little pebbles on her Mom's hot tits. Even as the teen was exploring her Mom, Ella was returning the favour, her own hands on Aria's ass, lifting the short dress and fondling the naked buttocks - Aria not having bothered with panties. The teen felt her pussy getting hornier and hornier as her Mom's fingers squeezed at her cheeks and her tongue played with her own. She wasn't alone, could see the horniness in her Mom's eyes as they continued to lock lips.

Gently Aria guided her Mom over to the desk where another student had bent her over and ass banged her. Her hands moved from her Mom's ass to her front, just long enough to pop the older woman's bosom out of the dress and leave the boobs exposed and hanging free. Then she returned to her Mom's sexy round ass, lifting the dress just enough so her fingers could dig into the succulent flesh. Her Mom was raising her own hands, Aria could feel the knuckles brushing at her exposed cleavage as her Mom undid a couple of buttons at the front of Aria's dress. Braless the tits popped out.

"Mmnnnn," Aria moaned in appreciation as her Mom's mouth moved from hers and down to her tits. The Milf bent, pushing Aria at the desk, her tongue flickering out like a chameleon to play over the teenager's hard nipples. Her Mom's mouth closed round one, suckling it like she was the baby. Aria moved back, half sitting on the desk and opening her legs, even as her Mom was slurping at her tits, the Milf's fingers was under the dress and finding the teenage brunette's twat, stroking the smooth flesh round it and sliding over the hilly folds of the labia. Aria moaned louder, it felt so good "Ooohhhh, uuurhhhh."

Her Mom switched tits, sliding her mouth over the second boobs and gently, sexily, biting at the teat, stretching it in her mouth, before opening her lips wider so that the nipple and the boob around it was sucked it to her mouth. At the same time she began to slowly penetrate Aria's slit, moving a digit between her cunt lips and into the tunnel behind, expertly finding the younger woman's sweet spots as she had so often. Aria shuddered in pleasure, groaning loudly, her hands gripping the side of her Mom's old school desk so she didn't fall off. "Oh God Mom, you're so hot."

"So are you baby," murmured her Mom. Detaching her mouth from the teenage titty she descended lower, pushing her hands up Aria's dress so it rode up the younger Montgomery.

"Lick my pussy, eat my cunt," said Aria, correctly forecasting where her Mom was going.

"I'm going to baby," said Ella, kneeling and kissing the inside of her daughter's thighs, before slipping further in, her lips pursing gently at the teenager's flesh, butterfly kissing her way to the pussy. She continued to peck her lips around the slit, already wet from the fingering, over the labia lips and at the slit itself up to the clitoris itself making Aria shake and shudder.

A finger slid up, opening the hole for Ella's tongue. Aria gasped, her hands gripping the desk so hard the wood almost splintered, there was the sound of scraping and bangs as she shook and shivered, the desks legs rocking on the floor. Ella tongue and finger was sliding together, pleasuring the teen in unison, as at the same time the thumb made little concentric circles over the clit. It felt so good, Aria pussy got even wetter. Her Mom was such a perfect cunt licker that Aria never minded that she was far from the first to enjoy her Mom's tongue; in fact all her other lovers had taught Ella how to please another woman - Aria benefiting from all the experience. "OOoohhh, uuurhhh," she moaned, "Oooohh, yes Mom, that's so hot, tongue my wet pussy."

Ella tongue sped up, pounding at the teen fuckhole, soaking it with her saliva. The teen shook harder, her face twisting in pleasure as orgasms spread through her, racking her young body and making her legs feel like they were made of coiled springs. She squealed and gasped, "AAaarrrghh, you're making me cum Mom, you are so making me cum."

The explosions in her pussy were magnificent, like songs from heaven. She screeched louder, "Aaarrrghh, yeessss, aaaaarggghhh," as her Mom shot her tongue deep and hard into the teen cunt, "Aaaarrrghhh, yessssss." The orgasms blew her mind, like her brain was being turned to mush, "Aaaaarrgghhh, aaaaarggghhh."

Ella stood up, licking her lips free of her daughter's cum, "How was that?" she asked mischeviously.

Aria's answer was to lean forward and kiss her Mom full on her cummy lips, "Mmmnn, you know how it was - great."

"Well there's more when we get home," giggled Ella adjusting her dress back, "But we better return to the main hall."

* * *

Spencer led her Mom from the dance floor towards the table, she could see Aria and Ella heading towards it from the opposite direction; their hair was mussed and Aria had a big beam on her face. Spencer grinned as her two friends took their seats, "Had fun?"

"You just been dancing?" asked Ella, then she looked at her daughter smiling, "We were just taking a peek at my old classroom."

Hanna laughed, "Is that what they call it now?"

A few moments later Pam and Emily returned, both looked warm - for good reason; whilst Spencer and her Mom had gone out for a couple of dances Pam and Em seemed to have been slow-dancing and smooching most of the evening. Spence wasn't even sure if they'd paused for a sandwich and cheese on a stick. Whatever - they still looked blissfully happy. And Hanna and Ashley hadn't danced at all, they hadn't said anything but Spence thought it might be because Han was worried Ashley was still a little weak. However they still were holding hands on the table, looking at each other's eyes and sharing a plate of chips, popping them each other's mouths - which Spencer thought was romantic.

She pushed her own seat closer to her Mom, slipping an arm round Veronica's shoulder and as her Mom turned giving her a light kiss on the shoulder.

On the stage the Principle was at the lectern, giving a few words about the importance of family and how glad he was to see so many parents and their children here tonight and so many loving relationships. Spencer squeezed her Mom shoulder at those words, before looking around the hall trying to work out who was A.

There was Paige - she had to be a suspect - especially as she was looking at her mobile. But then she wasn't the only one, Mona was typing and Jenna had her specially designed cell up to her ear, either dictating a text or listening to one. The two twins, Cindy and Mindy, were sharing a table with their parents - she wasn't sure who was with who, but both had disliked Alison and by extension her friends. And Lucas as well, if A wasn't a woman - he had to be a suspect. And then there was Jessica DiLaurentis herself, standing to one side of the stage - no daughter to dance with, but did she blame Spencer and the rest for the vanishing? Nor did Spencer forget Shana, she wasn't here tonight, but that didn't mean she wasn't A.

The Principal was finishing his speech and inviting Jessica to say a few words. The Milf walked onto the stage with some desultory clapping from the parents across the hall, but the only teens giving enthusiastic applause were Aria, Hanna and Em - Spencer was too busy scanning the audience. She was pleased to see her Mom was doing so as well, even if Ella, Pam and Ashley were more concentrating on Jessica's speech.

Spencer only half listened, it was the same every year - thanking the students of Rosewood for their non-existent support in the search for Alison, wishing them luck for the year ahead and presenting the Principal with a cheque to buy some books for the library that Alison would enjoy reading when she returned. The Principal led another round of applause, as half-hearted from the students as before, before leaning into the microphone, "And to remember Alison DiLaurentis, one of our most popular students..."

A syrupy tune began to play from the speakers, one Spencer knew her friend would have hated and on the screen above a slideshow started. pictures of baby Alison in her bath tub, at kindergarten, playing in the park, going to Junior High, the first ones with Spencer and Emily and Aria and Hanna, the five of them becoming inseparable.

Spencer continued to look around, few people were watching the slides - that wasn't suspicious - they were the same as the last dance and the one before that and the one before that. And many of them were playing with their phones, Spencer looked harder, trying to work out whether they were reading messages or sending them, but in the dull light of the hall it was impossible to tell.

Suddenly there was a collective gasp in the hall and Spencer saw everyone looking at the screen. She turned her head to look.

Her own mouth fell open...

Instead of Alison on the screen it was a picture of Ella, lying on her back and pulling her legs back to reveal a well gaped ass. The slide slipped on and another one of Ella appeared, lying on her bed legs spread and a dildo buried deep in her cunt.

Spencer looked at Ella; her friend and daughter were sitting in shock - this was as unexpected to them as anyone.

Eight mobiles suddenly beeped...

* * *

The hot water poured over Ella, steam rising and clouding the cubicle thicker than the densest fog. But it wasn't the boiling shower that made Ella's skin burn brightly, but last night when the intimate pictures of her that Aria had taken were flashed up. It might have only been a couple, one of her posing after an excellent butt-fuck and another of her masturbating for her daughter, before the projector had been stopped, but it seemed most of Roseview High had been there, ex-pupils and colleagues as well people she saw in the street and shops. It was so humiliating.

And A had been behind it.

Even as the pictures had been rolling on the screen A had texted them all with the message 'Very sexy - A'. Spencer's plan to look around for suspicious behaviour had been diverted, as the blushing teen admitted, by what was on the screen. Damn A, thought Ella, who was he/she and what did they want - it seemed she was no nearer knowing than when Aria had told her about the first message. The Milf soaped herself harder, trying to forget the looks of everyone as their gazes had moved between what was on the screen and Ella sitting at the table; even the dress - which had been sexy, now seemed overly revealing.

There was the click of the bathroom door opening. "Mom?" Aria said, her voice holding a slight edge of concern.

"I'm fine," lied Ella, scrubbing at her skin and looking at the wall, as if that would remove the embarrassing memories. Above the water she could hear the slip of her daughter's bare feet on the bathroom floor and then the cubicle being opened.

Aria stepped in, "It's A," she said, "She's a bitch."

"Everyone saw me," said Ella, "It was horrible."

"Everyone saw how lucky I am to have such a hot, sexy Mom," said Aria. The teen's hand slid between Ella's legs finding her sex and stroking it, she knew how to help her Mom. "Did you see everyone looking? All the Moms were thinking I wish I had a body like that and everyone else - Dads, sons, daughters - were all wishing they could fuck that."

"It was still embarrassing," Ella said as her daughter's fingers moved over her pussy.

"Why?" asked Aria, "We've got some nudes round the house; these were just a little more hardcore and not so well lit."

Her Mom smiled, despite herself, "So you think the issue is that they weren't your best shots."

Aria kissed the top of her back and moved her spare hand to cup a booby, "Yes, I'd love to have displayed some of the best photos I've got, even the harder ones, so everyone can see how hot and sexy you are."

"MMnnnn, you say all the right things," Ella arched her back against her teenage daughter, "So I suppose we know one thing about A - they don't know enough about photography to pick the best shots."

"No photographer's eye, they were far from my best shots even if I enjoyed what went into them" smiled Aria. Her finger went back and forth over her Mom's pussy, sliding through the soapy suds surrounding the sexy slit, her other hand squeezing the a slippery tit, the water rushing down from the boob. The teen's mouth was on the top of Ella's back, kissing it gentle as the shower gushed down and steam floated around them.

Suddenly Ella wasn't thinking about last night, but now and how incredibly horny her teen daughter made her - especially since with everything that had happened yesterday she hadn't had her nightly strap-oning. She moaned a little, shiting and arching her spine so that her head fell backwards so that the soaking hair brushed across her daughter's face and more importantly her back brushed against the teen's firm tits. They bounced and rubbed against her, as she stroked them like she was a cat against a leg.

"Are you hot?" said Aria softly whispering in her Mom's ear.

"Very," moaned the Milf. Then she couldn't but smile as Aria's hand left her boob to find the temperature gauge on the shower to turn down the heat from scalding to merely boiling. The teen's hand returned, albeit to the other tittie, fondling and playing with it as the water coursed down. Her lips were gently, but seductively, brushing her Mom's back. Sweet, tiny kisses covering the older brunettes skin, each lasting less mere fractions of a second before they were washed away. Aria fingers were itching Ella' pussy itch, sliding between the crack of her pussy lips, but not penetrating, just teasing. The Milf arched, again driving herself at her sexy daughter, "Mmnnn, I'm still hot, I'm so horny... for you."

"Are you sure it's not the shower?" teased Aria, rubbing a nipple between tow fingers.

To prove it wasn't Ella moved her hand back to fondle her daughter's cunt, only to encounter a surprise, albeit a nice one, "You're wearing a strap-on..." she said with just a hint of surprise in her voice.

"I thought I'd come ready," replied her daughter.

Ella leaned forward, placing her palms on the wall wet with condensation, pushing her butt back at Aria. The teen's hands moved to the Milf butt in front of her, cradling and fondling the round cheeks, gently bringing the cheeks apart. Ella moaned in anticipation, quivering under the warm shower as her daughter's fingers held her butt, the nails lightly scraping the skin. Aria was moving her hips fractionally, keeping her hands on her Mom as the tip of the toy tickled at the exposed anal rosebud like a promise. Ella bit her lips and arched her butt further backwards, her daughter giggling as she gently pulled the toy back in time with her Mom so that the asshole never quiet cuaght up with the toy to impale itself on. Ella slid forward, straightening a couple of inches whilst still remaining at an angle. "Ohhhh, fuck me Aria, fuck my ass."

"Mmmnnn, it's tempting," teased Aria running her hands over her the wet buttocks, washing away the beads of water than were coursing down as the shower splashed on Ella's back.

"Don't be wicked," said her Mom, "I know you know I want a buttfucking and you know I know that you want to buttfuck me."

"Put like that..." said Aria with a grin. She slid forward, slowly easing the toy up her Mom's butt.

"Mmmnnnnn," the Milf groaned in pleasure, her hands sliding down the wall as she bent further, pushing her butt towards her daughter. The teen went in a couple of inches and pulled back, leaving her Mom gasping for more. Luckily more came a second later as Aria shoved forward, shoving the plastic dick further into Ella's asshole. The older brunette shuddered in pleasure, working herself back along it, her fingers sliding down the wet wall, leaving trails in the foggy sheen covering the tiles. Aria withdrew and thrust again, moving in and out in one fluid motion. "MMMMnnn, ooohhhhh," her Mom groaned. Aria hands were on the Milf's waist, her fingers digging into skin that was slippery when wet. The teen began to move faster and push deeper, pounding the dildo at her Mom's butt. The Milf bucked and bounced, her fingers curling like claws as if she was trying to rip at the walls, not balance against it. "OOohhh," she moaned, "OOohhh yesssss."

"Mmmnnn, sweet ass," purred Aria, her hips jerking and jolting as she pounded her rubber dick into her Mom's tight butthole. The dick went all the way in and Aria's thighs smacked at her Mom, water shaking from them both as leg and butt collided. The teen went harder and faster, her thrusts born of long experience of giving it to her hot Mom.

"Uuuurrrhhh, oooohhhh," Ella moaned as the dick found the spots it needed to find, sending waves of ecstasy rushing up her. Her toes curled up in pleasure, soapy suds swirling round feet, warm water brushing over and under them before it spun down the plug hole. The warmth of the water sluicing down her body from the shower merged with the warmth coming from her inside as the orgasms hit her, making her skin blush red and burn. She cried louder, the pleasure flaming inside her. Aria grunted something in reply - what she said was lost in the hiss of the shower, the smack of body against body and her Mom's shrieks, "Aaaarrrghh, yessss, fuuuckk, yessssss."

Whatever Aria said it certainly wasn't to tell her Mom she intended to slow down. The dildo speared the Milf ass at speed. Ella shuddered, raising her hand and closing her eyes as the water washed over her. Aria rammed in again and Ella lowered her face so the hot shower blasted the top of her head. She howled ecstatically, "AAaarrrrghhh, fuuckkk, yesssss, aaaarggghh."

Her daughter's thrusts were harder and faster, Ella shuddering as she was pushed up a hill of ecstasy, the orgasms getting longer and more powerful, coming quicker and merging together into one super-long wall of bliss. "AAaarrrrghh, you're making me cum, Aria, you're making me cum."

The teen grunted in exertion and continued to butt-pound the hot brunette, slamming her through the orgasm and beyond. And then she carried on, pounding vigorously, ploughing into the asshole, leaving it aching and sore and warm, pleasured and satisfied and hot. Ella pushed her hands at the walls and drove her butt back at the racing dildo, screaming and squealing all the time, her fingers drawing patterns on the tiles and her wet hair flopping down her back. "Yes, baby, fuck me harder, fuck me good."

Aria, like a good girl, did exactly what her Mom asked, ramming her dildo as far into the Milf's anal tunnel as it would go; and that was at least ten inches in. Ella shrieked and scream, lost in the bliss of being butt-banged by her sexy daughter and enjoying every second of blissful ecstasy. Aria continued faster, ramming like she was a woodpecker hammering out a hole. Ella could imagine her daughter's pretty smile, her lovely teen's boobs bouncing, her dark hair pinned to her head by the water; she could see her in her mind's eyes, a sexy a teenager lover as any woman could have. "I love you, Aria, fuck my ass, fuck it."

"I love you too," grunted Aria, not pausing in her pounding.

"Uuurrhhh, urrrhh," Ella moaned in pleasure, thanking God, once, for giving her such a perfect daughter and, twice, for giving her a perfect daughter who enjoyed fucking her Mom. The teen slammed harder, her fingers sliding up and down the Milf's waist like she was tuning a piano. The dildo pounded at Ella's sensitive spots, ramming through nerve endings and at ereogenous zones, making the Milf buck with pleasure. "Aaaahh, uuuuhhhh, aaaarrrggghh," she groaned and cried. The orgasmic excitement rose like mercury in a warm room, her daughter's pounding driving the sexual joy she was feeling higher and higher. "Aaarrrgghhh, yessss, give it meeee! AAarrrghhh yessss!"

If anything Aria was going even faster, ramming the dildo as far into the ass as it could go, slamming like a boxer in the ring. Ella squealed and jumped, her toes curling as her feet tried to keep their traction on the wet, but bumpy, shower floor. Her head felt heavy with, like it was going to drop and her fingers were sore and aching as she splayed them out across the condensed wall. It was worth it. Aria was slamming harder and harder, grunting and panting as she went to it with as much power and passion as she could muster; and that was a lot.

"AAAArrrrggghhh," screamed Ella, "Make me cum, aaaaarggghhh, yesssss, aaarrrrghhh! I'm cumming, God, I am cumming!"

The explosions in her ass raced through the rest of ehr body, blowing everything out of the way and leaving her shuddering and dazed, stunned by the orgasmic whirlwind which had ripped through her.

There was a pop as Aria pulled the dildo from her Mom's butt. Ella turned her head and met her daughter's mouth as it came towards her, the two of them kissing happily, if uncomfortably, as the water rushed down them.

* * *

Veronica and Spencer Hastings entered Ezra's coffee shop hand in hand. Once in the Milf let go off the teen, but only because if she tried to sit in the alcove whilst still holding her daughter's hand she might overbalance and as soon as the two of them were in she took it again. Opposite them Aria smiled, "Did you come in on the motorcycle?"

As both Spencer and Veronica were wearing leathers that was a good guess. Veronica smiled, she'd have thought of herself as very conservative until she started dating Spencer. But fucking with her daughter had uncovered both their wild sides and whilst they could still be sensible (Spencer's grades weren't dropping and at work Veronica kept her staid, professional personality on) and Veronica had a tattoo and was considering not only another one, but having her nipples pierced. And she certainly enjoyed having a hot, throbbing piston pounding between her legs as she held Spencer's back as they rode... and not just on the motorcycle. "Yes, we rode."

Spencer grinned in a way that was extremely suggestive of the riding they'd done; Veronica smiled as well. It was hardly a secret between the friends that all of them were highly sexed and a Saturday morning banging before meeting for coffee was almost guaranteed. She'd be really surprised if Aria and Ella hadn't been fucking themselves, especially after last night. She wondered whether to raise the subject, Ella looked okay, but it might just be that she was hiding her embarrassment well and not wanting it raised; on the other hand as it was A they needed to talk about it.

Before she could decide Ezra came over with his notebook and a smile. The young man was a good a coffee shop owner as he had been a teacher; and he'd been good at that. "Hi, how are you all? I here there's been a bit of trouble?"

Ella looked round at the others for a second and then nodded, "You could say that. It was embarrassing, but it happened."

"Embarrassing?" Ezra looked confused, "I heard Ashley was attacked by a burglar."

The four friends looked at each other, all now blushing, the chloroform incident seemed so far away. It was Ella who spoke again, "I thought you meant something else..." she paused and then continued, "at the dance yesterday, during the memorial to Alison, a few of my more intimate photos went on the screen."

"It was my fault," lied Aria fluently, "I'd meant to give Mrs diLaurentis a few photos I had of Ali from our last summer, but I must have got a few of my pics of Mom in as well and Mrs diLaurentis must have just put everything up without looking."

Ezra looked concerned, but also, luckily, like he believed them; no-one wanted to try and explain A at this point. He shook his head, "That's terrible; you've been through the wringer." He scribbled something on his notepad, "Coffees are free."

The women thanked him, but he continued, "And there's something else. You know my family a cabin, well it's mainly mine as I don't think anyone else has been there for years. Anyway it's not in use next weekend and I was thinking you all could do with a relaxing break, so its yours. Take Ashley and Hanna and Pam and Em as well, get away from here for a few days and ignore Rosewood and all that's happening."

The four friends looked at each other, nodding and smiling, "That'd be great," said Aria.

"Thanks," added Spencer, "and for the coffees as well."

* * *

The black clad figure sat in front of the monitor and pressed play. Ezra's coffee shop sprung into view, the first early morning caffeine addicts just coming through the door. Pressing fast forward the figure watched as the video zipped through the morning at a pace so rapid it became amusing, people drinking their coffees so quick that if it'd been real they'd have keeled over from overdosing. Aria and Ella came in, followed with supernatural speed by Veronica and Spencer. The figure clicked the video back to normal speed to catch Ezra part way through his conversation, his voice coming clearly over the speakers "...a cabin, well it's mainly mine as I don't think anyone else has been there for years. Anyway it's not in use next weekend and I was thinking you all could do with a relaxing break, so its yours. Take Ashley and Hanna and Pam and Em as well, get away from here for a few days and ignore Rosewood and all that's happening."

The figure smiled and looked at jar of chloroform, ropes and handcuffs sitting on the table next to them.

* * *

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