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Pretty Little Liars: Moms And Lovers Part 1 (FF,inc,anal)
by LL

Aria Montgomery slid her hand round her Mom's front and squeezed her titty. The Milf gave a small squeak and turned her head to say something. Aria was ready for that and as Ella's mouth opened Aria was already latching her own onto it, her tongue flickering out to land over her Mom's, swivelling round and probing. Ella quickly relaxed into it, her lips moving against her daughter's, her tongue striking back, slipping over and under Aria's.

"You two are insatiable," smiled Veronica Hastings, sitting on the couch opposite.

"You mean we're not?" her daughter Spencer said in a mock affronted tone from behind her, before her Mom could reply the teenager was bending down over the Milf's shoulder and feeling her titties, through the expensive satin shirt. Veronica might have briefly thought of replying, but if she did the thought didn't last long as she was turning her head to kiss Spencer as passionately as Aria was kissing her Mom.

"Young love," grinned Ashley Marin at her daughter, a knowing nod to the fact that of the mother-daughter couples they'd been seeing each other the longest.

The blonde teen grinned and nodded, "But it never gets old, does it," she said, her hands sliding onto her Mom's waist and her mouth onto the older woman's before the Mom had a chance to reply. Ashley's lips opened, her tongue sliding and slipping in Hanna's mouth with enthusiastic vigour, showing the truth of her daughter's words.

Pam Fields paused in the living room door, looking in at her friends, all kissing passionately. She paused, unsure whether to interrupt or not, they all looked like they were so into it. She could hear and feel her daughter coming up behind her, the teen sliding her hands onto her waist; no matter how often she felt her daughter's touch the widowed Mom thought she'd never get used to it. It made her legs feel like water and her pussy itch in a way that it hadn't done for years. Emily's mouth went to Pam's ear, nibbling and kissing the lobe sensually as her hands massaged the Milf's waist. "You should call them in for dinner," the teen murmured between her sexy kisses.

"I just thought... I didn't want to interrupt..." her Mom replied.

"That's sweet," giggled Emily, "You're always thinking of others, that's one of the things about you." As she spoke her hands were moving further down her Mom's sides to stroke at her hips, making Pam feel even more excited. No matter whether the others were ready for dinner with her sexy daughter behind her she wasn't. Perhaps Emily recognised that her Mom's vocal chords were in danger of seizing up and the food going cold as she stood being massaged by her daughter as with Emily moved her mouth from Pam's ear and stepped away to say, "Dinner's ready."

The three couples making out in the main room slowly decoupled, Aria unable to resist giving her Mom a final peck and squeeze. Veronica stood up, smoothing her blouse and rebuttoning where it seemed to have come undone. She gave a quick smile at Spencer, before turning back to Emily and Pam, "Sounds lovely," she said politely. She walked forward, holding out her hand for Spencer, the teen took it and walked towards the dining room. Pam watched for a second as the others did the same, before turning into the kitchen. She looked briefly round, a final check that everything was okay, this was her and Emily's first dinner party for their friends as a couple and Pam wanted it be as near as perfect as it could be.

Emily sensed her worry, "Relax," the teen said, kissing the back of her Mom's neck lightly, as she massaged her waist, "It'll be great."

"Do you think we should have left them a few more minutes, they might think we're being pushy?" Pam said nervously.

"No," Emily smiled, "If we hadn't told them they'd have all been making out all night and we'd have been serving them cold and yucky at around midnight." She slid her hand down to Pam's butt and gave it a small playful slap, "Now you serve the food and I'll pour the wine."

Pam nodded, putting on her oven gloves to pick up the boiling hot bowls. She picked up the first and walked into the main room. The other couples were sitting round the table, each daughter next to her Mom, leaving two seats for Pam and Emily. Pam placed the piping hot bowl down, steam rising from the vegetables as she removed the lid to take back to the kitchen. Emily was coming in with an open bottle of wine, "White or red?" she asked, pouring to those who answered the former.

Pam made several more trips to the kitchen, her nervousness gradually receding as the others thanked her and made no signs that they minded her breaking up their make-out session. Emily continued pouring the wine, red or white for those who wanted it, before sitting herself down in the seat as her Mom came in with the final dishes. The Milf placed the meat in the centre of the table, next to the vegetarian option. She paused for a moment, briefly looking at the others before she sat. They were all dressed smartly, if in Spencer and Aria's case slightly eccentrically, in cocktail dresses or smart blouses and suit skirts. But they all looked happy as well, chattering and smiling, giving sexy looks at their lovers and basking as they received them in return. Emily most of all, in her purple dress, which didn't quite cover her breasts, especially when her Mom was standing above her. The teen sensed her Mom was still standing and turned, looking up and mouthing, 'Sit down,' at the same time as stroking her butt encouragingly.

Pam sat down, reaching for the nearest pot of vegetables.

"It looks good," said Ella politely.

"Tastes good as well," said Hanna who hadn't wasted anytime both in shovelling the food onto her plate and starting to eat it.

"Oh, its nothing," lied Pam, though she'd spent most of the afternoon preparing it.

"You must tell me how you've got the pastry so..." Ashley waved her arms trying to find a word, before settling lamely on "...delicious."

Pam relaxed, catching her daughter's knowing smile. Emily was right, everything was fine, the others were enjoying the meal and the company as well. She began to explain what her cooking techniques were, Aria suggesting to her Mom she should take notes and Hanna showing how much she was enjoying the food by continuing to guzzle it. Emily lifted the bottle of wine and topped up the nearest glasses, making Spencer joke that she was trying to get them drunk. Emily had laughed and said that she didn't need to make Pam drunk, she'd run her fingers over Pam's wrist as she said it, making the Milf tingle with pleasure. The others had all laughed, knowing what was meant. Pam had enjoined them all to have some more food and Hanna had swept in straight away; it was a miracle the teenage blonde had kept her figure.

Veronica had poured herself some more white and offered it to Ella and Aria. Ella shook her head as her glass was still almost fill and Aria nodding for a top-up as she continued to describe the plot of an old black and white she and her Mom had watched the evening before, snuggled up on the couch. In return Spencer also described the movie she and her Mom had watched the night before, making the Milf laugh and blush, as the teen cleverly and gradually shifted from describing it as romance between two starred crossed lovers and more a porn. The Milf tried to explain they also watched arty movies as well, but from the laughs of her friends they were all pretending not to believe her. Hanna talked about the comedy she and her Mom had been watching yesterday, but admitted they missed the ending as they'd gone into a make-out session. And Pam felt confident in the flow to say that and Em had started watching the box-set of Game of Thrones, her daughter adding her review that there wasn't enough female nudity - which made the others laugh and, those who'd watched it, agree.

As the women round the table began to talk about what shows were best for boobs Pam quickly glanced at her watch, excusing herself to go into the kitchen and start the coffee as well as putting the last touches to the pudding. She returned with it, a fruit crumble, its pastry glazed and sugary. The other couples again complimented her; Emily giving her a told you so smile, as she dished it out and Hanna rushing in almost as soon as the dessert was in her bowl. Ella made a romantic comment about it not being the only sweet thing in the room and from the look she gave her daughter/lover it was obvious what she meant. Spencer grinned and said she hoped it wasn't a competition, her hand sliding down her Mom's back as she said it. The others laughed and agreed it wasn't; especially as Emily said they all knew who would win. Pam blushed as her daughter looked at her with her sultry smile.

Picking up the bowls, Pam suggested they take the coffees in the main room. Emily nodded in agreement, standing up and leading the way, briefly turning back to her Mom to give her a smile. Pam went into the kitchen. Seconds later Emily joined her, standing behind her to kiss her Mom a brief kiss and mention how well it was going and how much everyone was enjoying themselves. Then she took the first of the coffees through as Pam poured, quickly coming back twice more to pick up the rest apart from the final two that Pam brought in.

The couples were sitting on the couches, on the main one Ella and Ashley, half sitting on their daughter's knees on one with Spencer sitting on one of the smaller two seaters, her arm round the back of her Mom's neck, the hand resting just below the shoulder. Emily was sitting on the third, which was a two seater just about if you sat close. Pam did so, handing her daughter the coffee and then placing hers delicately on the table as she sat down. The moment her butt touched the fabric Emily's arm was round her shoulder's the teen's fingers massaging the skin beneath.

The chatter and conversation continued as the Moms and daughters sipped the coffee; Spencer talking about a the short break she and her Mom had taken recently to visit her sister and Aria and Ella talking about a photo exhibition they'd been to in Philadelphia. Hanna said she and her Mom were planning a weekend away and if anyone had ideas and Veronica recommended a bed and breakfast she and Spencer had stayed in when they'd first got together. Emily had squeezed her Mom's shoulder and suggested they might want to check it out. The conversation moved on to the parent-child dance and what they'd be doing for it; all agreed that the teen's would want to go as a group and their dates would obviously be there Moms, but as it wasn't for a month yet no further decisions were reached. Pam relaxed against Emily, smiling and laughing as the conversation flowed, content to be lying in the crook of lover's arm and happy that the evening had gone so well. She realised she'd put a lot of effort into it, to show that she and Em were a good a couple as any there friends, but now she realised she hadn't needed to worry - all their friends already thought that because she and Emily were perfect together.

Eventually Spencer glanced at her watch, "We better be going; it's late."

"We should be going as well," Aria said, sliding her Mom's leg off hers and standing up.

"It was a lovely evening," Ella said as Aria pushed her to stand as well, "Ouch," she giggled as her daughter pinched her butt.

"Oh definitely," Veronica nodded, glancing briefly at her daughter as she added, "We enjoyed it."

"You'll have to come over to ours," said Hanna, "Mom will cook." Her Mom nodded in agreement.

"Thank you all for coming, it meant a lot to Mom and me," said Emily heading to the cupboard where the coats had been stored.

Pam followed her to help her daughter hand them out, she briefly paused at a picture on the wall; it had been taken four or five years ago and was of Emily, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and their friend Alison. Briefly Pam wondered what had happened to the teenage blonde; they'd never found her body though Pam didn't doubt she was dead by now. She shivered, thinking how easily it might have been that it'd been Emily who wandered out from the barn to disappear. She forced the thought from her mind, taking the nearest coat and proffering it to Ella, "We had a great time."

The goodbyes, as goodbyes are wont to do, lasted a few minutes as the teens and Moms clustered in the door, each having a individual conversation with the goodbye and peck on the cheek. Eventually the last words had been said and the Montgomerys, Hastings and Marins were out and walking to their cars, leaving just the Fields.

Closing the door Pam let out a puff of air in relief, "I thought that went well."

Her sexy teen daughter grinned and nodded, "Very well, I told you it would."

"Yes," her Mom acknowledged with a smile, "You did."

"You did a lot of preparation to make it just right," Emily smiled, "I know how long you were in the kitchen before I got home this afternoon."

"An hour or two," her Mom admitted.

"Longer," Emily smiled, "but it was worth it. The food was lovely and everything else as well... It was a great evening."

Her Mom straightened with a groan, "And to finish it, cleaning up."

"No you don't," Emily was in front of her Mom, sliding her arms round the Milf's waist, "That can wait until the morning." Her head leant forward, her lips slightly opening as they moved against her Mom's. Pam moved into the embrace, her own mouth ajar and twisting to allow Emily's tongue to move out and over her lips, gently licking the inside of them as the teen's hands slid up and down Pam's waist, sensually massaging her hips beneath the dress. Pam shivered in pleasure, her own hands wrapping round her daughter, resting on her lower back, inches above her toned, firm and sexy butt. Emily was right, the dishes didn't need to be washed tonight.

The teen broke away, a slight, but desired-filled, smile on her beautiful face. Her hands fell away from her Mom's side, but immediately one of them took hold of one of Pam's. "Let's go to bed," she said, turning towards the stairs.

It was still early, or at least not late, but Pam didn't care, an early night didn't mean sleep. She nodded as Emily led them up the stairs to the bedroom they now, in practice, shared. Once inside the teen swung herself round so that she was facing her Mom again, her hands quickly reaching for the Milf's hips to squeeze, "I so want you," she said.

"I want you too," Pam said, her voice husky with love. Within seconds the Mom and daughter's mouths were on each other, there lips squelching and pressing as they slurped round each other, their tongues spearing and slapping like they were trying to battle for dominance. Pam's hands were round her daughter's back, one stroking the teen's firm bottom as the other one groped higher up, trying to find the purple dress's zip. Emily was doing similar, except as Pam's dress was buttoned at the front, she was undoing them, quickly snapping them out so the dress opened. Her hands moved to Pam's tits to squeeze and caress them, as Pam pulled the teen's dress down to her waist. Em did the rest, briefly breaking her kiss with her Mom to shimmy out of the dress. Then she was back, kissing hard and passionately as her hands moved inside Pam's dress and over the naked body underneath, stroking and rubbing the skins, the touch sensual and hot.

"MMnnnnn," Pam moaned in excitement as Emily's mouth slid to her neck, kissing and licking at the smooth flesh, the more experienced teen showing her expertise. Her hands were moving lower as well, down Pam's sides and to her hips. "Ooohhhh, yessss," the Mom moaned as her daughter's thumbs slipped under the elastic of her panties, easing them away from her soaking pussy. "Oooohhh, Emily, you're so hot."

"You too Mom," said the teen. She broke away to pull down her own panties and kick off her flats, leaving her totally nude. The Milf looked at her sexy daughter, her pussy shaven and sexy, the only decoration the small Chinese symbol tattoo next to her pussy she'd secretly got a couple a few months. Pam had always realised she was lucky in her daughter, but seeing her standing posed, naked and sexy, she realised once again how much.

Suddenly she became aware that Emily was looking at her, the teen smiled even more broadly, "So am I the only one getting undressed?"

"No, of course not," her Mom laughed, remembering their first time and the nervousness with which she'd undressed; how things had moved in the few weeks since then. She shrugged off her own dress, sitting on the bed to unbuckle her shoes and slide down her pantyhose, before standing up again and artistically removing her panties, in what she hoped was a display of wantonness.

It seemed to certainly please Emily, the teen moving in for another kiss, her hands groping over Pam's naked body, feeling her naked ass and bouncy tits, sliding between her legs and running over her slick slot, shaven as close as her daughter's. The teen's tongue continued to probe as she did so, her lips embracing Pam's like they were one. The Milf sunk into the kiss, her hands lightly holding Em's butt cheeks and stroking them like they were so fragile that any pressure would shatter them. They continued like this for a few minutes, Emily briefly coming up for air, before returning to the kill. Finally she pulled back and smiled, "Damn, sexy, you make me so wet," her fingers slid down to her own twat, rubbing it and pulling it up so that her Mom could see the proof.

"If you lie back down on the bed I can do something about that," purred Pam. She licked her lips in hungry anticipation as Emily did as suggested, the teen spreading her legs so that her pussy opened enticingly, knowing exactly what her Mom was going to do.

It was hardly a surprise, Pam Field's had been feasting on her daughter's snatch most nights since they'd become a couple and tonight would be no different. She got onto the bed herself, crouching on her knees and resting on her elbows as she went down. Her tongue flicked over the slit and the flesh between, quickly wiping over the cummy, moist walls. At first, she'd been nervous and inexperienced, but now she had lots of practice and she knew how good she was. It was confirmed by Em's moans of passion, the teen leaning on her elbows as she half sat to watch the top of her Mom's head bobbing and jerking as the Milf licked. "Ooohhh, God, Mom, lick my pussy, that's right, you know how I like it, lick my wet lezzie cunt."

Pam slurped harder, wiggling and pressing her tongue into the hole, exploring the hole, even though she knew it so well. She could taste the delightful flavour of Em's cum and unlike most tasty things the more you ate the more flavoursome and juicy pussy became, like a refilling pudding plate. The Milf's tongue shot harder and faster, swerving round the hole and then out to pound and press at the clitoris. The strokes made Emily gasp louder and more passionately, "Fuck yes, ohhhhhh, yessssss, yesssss, lap my pussy, eat my twat, tongue it hard. Ohhhh, God, Mom, ooohhh God. Yesssss!"

Her daughter's shudders and gasps encouraged Pam to harder and faster, driving her tongue at the hole like she was trying to lick her way through. More cum bubbled from the cunt, sliding over the tattoo and leaving little tiny bubbles on the skin. Pam pressed even deeper forward, so that her tongue was far into the hole and her nose pushed against it, the sexy aroma of an aroused Emily filling her nostrils. Faster and harder Pam lapped, finding the exact spot that her daughter liked and concentrating her tonguing on that.

Unsurprisingly Emily squealed even louder, her body shaking and her back arching, forcing her pussy even more firmly into her Mom's face. The Milf looked up, Emily had fallen down against the bed, the back of her head burrowing into the covers as she played and squeezed with her own titties, "Fuck meeee! Ohhh my God, yessss, fuuuuckkk, ooohhh fuuuckkk, Moooommmmm, fuuuckk meee! Uuuurrhhh, uuurrrhhh, fuuuccckk!"

Her cries were long and drawn out, each speaking of the ecstasy the teen was feeling. Pam loved knowing she was making her lover cum, that her tongue was the one causing the teen to shriek and squeal in pleasured excitement. She slammed harder, slurping hard at the cum her daughter was producing, lapping it into her mouth, her tongue pounding back and forth. With each stroke Emily wailed loudly, screaming out in joyful lust. Pam continued to keep up the pressure, eating her daughter to orgasmic heaven, "AAaaarrrrghhh, fuuuccckkkk, aaaaaarrrghhh," and beyond, "AAAaaarrrrghhh, fuuuuuuckk, aaaaarrrgggghhh," until the Mom's tongue was aching and sore. And even then she continued, driving herself to slam Emily's cunt one more time and then one more, leaving the teen shrieking, "Aaaaarrrrghhh, fuuuuckkk, yessss."

Only when she could almost literally lick no more did Pam lift her face, her mouth tasted of cum, her lips were coated in it and she could feel it dripping from her chin; all signs of a good time it seemed to the Milf. She looked at her daughter and smiled hoping she would agree. Emily was panting as she forced herself onto her elbows and into half sitting position. Her hair was awry and her mouth half open, but in a smile, "Shit Mom, you're pussy licking is getting so hot. It's the best I've had."

Pam blushed, Emily hadn't come into her bed a lesbian virgin, but a teen who knew what she liked; if she was praising her Mom's cunt lapping it was because Pam was giving her what she wanted. Still, it was best not to brag, "It was nothing," she lied.

Her daughter grinned, knowing it was false modesty, "Really, you didn't put any effort into it?"

"Not much," her Mom giggled and grinned to show she knew that her daughter knew she was lying.

"If that's the case, perhaps I'll just get under these covers and go to sleep, as there's no favour to return," Emily grinned, going as far as lifting the sheet.

Her Mom grinned, moving forward to lie on top of her daughter, kissing her nose and lips, rubbing her boobs against her own, "Don't you dare, lover, I want fucking."

"So you did put some effort in," Emily smiled back, kissing her Mom's cummy lips, "You slurped like an expert pussy licker."

"Mmnnn, yes, you know I did," Pam grinned, kissing back at Em, "I've got your hot juice all over my lips."

"I can taste it," giggled Emily, kissing her Mom for one last time, before gently pushing her off. The Milf rolled onto her front, wiggling her butt at her daughter. Emily gave the rump a playful swat as she sat up, "God, Mom, you're so fucking hot I'd bang you anyway, even if you couldn't eat cunt to save your life."

Pam blushed, turning her head to watch as her daughter stood up and went over to the wardrobe, her cheeks going up and down in a sexy motion as she walked, the muscles in them stretching as she bent over and started to pull on a pair of strap-on panties. The teen was grinning as she turned, her fingers pinging at the ten inch toy sticking out from her pelvis. "The perfect end to a perfect day is getting to fuck my sexy Mom."

Pam levered herself up onto her hands and knees, spreading her legs apart, "Mmmnn, what a coincidence, because to me the perfect day is being fucked by my sexy, beautiful, hot as hell daughter."

"Looks like we're in agreement," grinned Emily, getting onto the bed and shuffling behind her Mom. Her hand reached out and she began to stroke Pam's sex, her fingers sliding either side of the hole and gently levering it apart. She took her strap-on in the other hand and guided it to the slot, rubbing its bulbous head against the thin gap, teasing it delicately open.

"Oooohhh," Pam moaned in anticipation, shivers of excitement coursing through her. She moved her own hand to her twat, stroking it and levering it further apart, "Stick it in me Emily, fuck me with your great big dildo."

Her daughter was a pussy-tease, instead of doing what her Mom demanded she pulled the cock's tip out and rubbed it shaft at the bottom of Pam's cunt. The Milf shuddered, the expectation for her daughter's cock, building in her. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, rubbing herself back at the cock and wishing it was in her. "MMmnnn," she moaned, "Oh, fuck me Emily, give it me."

"In a minute," giggled her daughter, "I want you to be soaking."

Pam thought she was wet enough, but as Emily obviously didn't think so she pushed a finger into her twat, pressuring her spot as she continued to rub at the cock sliding between her cunt lips. "OOohhh, baby, I'm getting wet, you're making me damp and hot," she moaned, feeling the juice trickling over her finger and over the labia, imagining it dripping from that onto the bed.

"Are you wet enough, Mom, are you flooding cum out of that hot, sweet fuckable cunt?" Emily asked, her own hand moving to stroke at the slit, her fingers brushing at Pam's as they explored for a moment. The teen drew them back and slid the toy between the lips, the firm rubber pressing over the flesh, making Pam quiver and moan.

"You're so fucking hot," grinned Emily as she guided the toy into the twat, pushing Pam's finger out of the way as, in a few hard thrusts, she filled it with rubber cock.

"Oooohh, yessss," Pam groaned as her daughter, gripped her waist and began to hammer her pussy, fucking her doggy-style. The teen was slow, but deliberate, each thrust being powered dramatically into Pam's, each as accurate to her G-spot as an arrow to bullseye. The Milf grunted and moaned in excitement, loving the pound of ht prick, the plastic toy spearing brutally, brilliantly inside her. "OOoohhh, yessss, Emily, ooohhh yessss baby, fuck me."

"Yeah, Mom, fucking you, I'm fucking you," the teen almost sang as she rocked in and out, her waist heaving slowly but vigorously, each shot on target. Her hands gripped Pam's waist, nipping and massaging her sides at the same time, leaving little white marks in the skin where the teen's fingers had squeezed to hard. Harder, she rocked, slamming away at her Mom's spot, driving the Milf to distant and pleasant lands. The teen's hands slid back, rolling over her Mom's ass, cupping and squeezing the cheeks as she fucked Milf cunt.

"MMmnnnn, you're the best, Emily, fuck me some more, I love having your dick in my twat," Pam moaned, rocking her body back to meet her teenage lover. "OOoohhh, ooooohhh, fuuuckk, fuuuckk... this is so great."

"Yeah Mom, you're so fucking hot and sexy," her daughter giggled.

On Pam's butt Emily squeezed the cheeks tighter, kneading the soft flesh and gently prying it apart as the dildo continued to slam in and out. Pam gave a small squeak of pleasure as the teen's hands slipped down the crevasse, her thumb stroking at the rosebud. The Mom shuddered in anticipation, "Ohhhh, yes, Emily, yes, please do it."

The teen's thumb pushed at the back-hole, so casually if Pam hadn't known better it would have seemed an accident. She quivered and yelped in excitement as the sphincter opened to the pressure and the tip of her daughter's thumb went in. For a few moments the teen just kept the top half-inch in, as the rest of her hands continued to spread and stroke and squeeze the buttocks. Her dildo thwacked forward, slamming Pam's twat, slow and firm, deep and pleasurable. Pam gasped again, "Ooohhh Emily, do it, use my ass, you know what I like..."

"So fuckable," her daughter grinned, not stopping her forward thrusts as she pushed the thumb deeper, twitching and wiggling it as it went down Pam's chute.

The Milf gasped and squeaked in pleasure. It wasn't true that since Emily had taken her back cherry a few weeks ago that Pam had developed an anal addiction, but it was true that she'd developed a deep appreciation and love for backdoor action. She rocked and writhed, encouraging Emily, "Yessss, open my ass, ready it for a big dick, I want that big cock out of my cunt and into my butt."

Her daughter continued to wiggle her thumb for a little bit, before pulling it out and replacing it with two of her fingers, drilling them up and down the tight hole, gradually expanding and prepping it for what was to come. All the time Pam was moaning and gasping pleasure, as her daughter dildo went in and out of her soaked pussy, the cum dripping from the twat and onto the bed. "Oooohhh, uuurrhhh, yeesss, ooooohhhh."

"Ass fucking time," giggled Emily as without warning she whipped the toy from her Mom's pussy. Grabbing it in one hand she quickly guided it to the hole, pulling out her fingers milliseconds before replacing them with the dildo.

"Oooohhh, God, yes, that's it, stick that huge dong in my butt and fuck it," Pam groaned heavily. She gritted her teeth and whinnied in pleasure as her daughter's strap-on pushed down her ass, stretching the walls and stimulating every pleasure receptacle she had, making her quiver with ecstasy. Emily shoved and thrust, pushing the toy deeper into her Mom's hole. Pam squeaked loudly, alternately it with low grunts. It felt so good to be sodomised by her daughter, she was so lucky to have such great lover. Her hands gripped the bedding, almost tearing the sheets as she pulled them in her pleasure. The cock was getting deeper, near it's full length, each time Emily came down going in a little further, stretching and opening the hole a little more, sending Pam further into the pleasuredome. She closed her eyes, letting it soak through her. Her daughter's thighs smacked at her cheeks. "Fuucckkk, yessss," the Milf screamed.

"Oh yeah, Mom take my cock, I'm giving it you it all, ten inches of plastic prick in your sexy ass, mmmmnn, oh yes," Emily grunted as she hammered in, her hands were back on her Mom's hips, grabbing them tightly like she was riding a particularly wild bronco.

The teen thrust hard and deep and accurately, all the same as when she'd been fucking her Mom's pussy, but this time there was no slowness in the thrusts, but raw, overpowering speed. She slammed and hammered, the friction from the cock burning at Pam's insides, almost sending sparks like flint against stone as it scraped at the walls. Pam didn't care, the pleasure was too overwhelming, even the hot, burning sensation was adding to it. The Milf kept one hand grasping the sheets, as if she feared that if she let go the powers of gravity would go into reverse, the other she shifted back to between her legs, rubbing hard at her clit to maximise her orgasms as her daughter pleasured her butt.

"OOoohhhhh, yessssss, aaaaaarrghhh, fuuuuckk, oooohhh God, fuuuckk," Pam screamed, dipping her head and shouting into the bedclothes, before swiftly raising it and howling at the ceiling, "Aaaarrrgghhhh, yesssss, you're making me cuuuummmm! Aaarrrghhhh...." The orgasms were exploding in her like a million firecrackers all at once.

"That's it, you love my cock so much and love using it to fuck your sexy ass, its so hot and cute and tight and just made for lesbian anal banging," Emily panted out, "Mmmnnn, Mom, your ass was just made to be fucked by me, I just know it."

"Oh God, yes, aaaaarrrghhhh, it was made to hammered open by you, you're so sexy, I love you fucking my butt, nailing it so hard, gaping it open, ooooohhh God, fuck, yessss!" Pam shrieked in reply.

Her boobs were swinging and jumping as her body rocked and writhed, every slam from her daughter like she was hooked to an electric main. She could taste her own sweat, feel it trickling down her as she and Emily coupled with the vigour of Samson and Delilah. The teen was sweating as well, Pam could feel the perspiration slipping against her from Emily's palms and dripping down as she rammed, tiny droplets scattering over her Mom's back and butt. But her hands was firm and strong on Pam's waist, gripping the Milf and levering in, her titties bouncing and bopping as she gave it her all. She was going hard and fast, opening the ass orgasmically.

Pam shrieked again, loud and shrill, "AAaaarrrghhh, fuuuuccckkk, aaaaarggghhh. I'm cumming, I'm cumming, aaaaarrrgghhh." The orgasm hit her again, dwarfing those that had come before like a Skyscraper towers over a mobile. Her nerve endings danced and her eyes almost popped and in her throat her vocal chords ached and stretched as much as her butt as she screamed louder, "Aaaarrrghhh, fuuuccckk yesssss, aaaaargghhhh."

And mercifully Emily didn't stop, continuing to plough on; hard, brutal, tough, sexual, giving Pam no rest and converting the orgasm from an explosive crescendo to a series of satisfying thumps. She rammed deep, going at speed, not pausing or slowing, slowly raising Pam's pleasure level again. The Milf gasped for breath, sucking in the oxygen like she was dying; her heart was racing so fast she half wondered if she wasn't.

"Yes, yes, my God, you're hot. I love it, I love butt-banging the hottest Mom ass in the world," Emily said with daughterly devotion. She thrust and rammed, slamming the Milf forward, making her and the bed bounce and squeak. With each spearing Pam went to heaven, the pleasure building.

"AAarrrrggghhh, fuuuucckkk, aaaaargghhh," another orgasm exploded within the Milf, turning her insides out and making her blood boil like lava. "AAaaaarrrggghhh, fuuucckkk, aaaaaarrrghhh." The pleasure was so intense it was painful, the flaming pain in her butt so pleasurable it was heavenly. "AAAarrrrghhh, aaaargggghhh." The ecstasy came on and on, booming and bellowing, a never-ending flow of absolute bliss, "AAaaaarrrghhh, fuuuccckkkk, aaaaaarrggghhh."

And then it was over, Emily was pulling the dildo out of her, panting and gasping, dropping onto the bed beside her Mom. The teen reached down to the strap-on panties and managed to lower them a half a dozen inches down, until the effort of sitting up to take them the rest of the way became too much and she collapsed down letting them stay there. Her Mom fell forward as well, her ass still sore from its hammering, but buzzing for the same. She turned on her side towards her daughter, reaching down to stroke the naked twat, it was slick with juice, the cum clinging to Pam's fingers as she stroked. Emily turned her head to look at her Mom, there were still beads of sweat on her forehead, evidence of the effort she'd put into pounding Pam to orgasm, multiple times. She smiled sweetly, "God Mom, you're so hot."

"You are as well," Pam leant in to kiss her daughter, lightly and sensually. Life was good.

* * *

Veronica Hastings finished placed the brush down on her cosmetics dresser, reaching over to switch off the plug for the hairdryer. She glanced in the mirror, seeing Spencer in her pyjamas snuggled up in their bed, reading a book. The teen had been reading when Veronica had come in from the shower and was reading now, but in-between had the teen been casting surreptitious look, whilst she'd been concentrating on drying her hair? Veronica hoped so, she had been sitting deliberately naked, the recent tramp-stamp tattoo Spencer had talked her into getting on display, not that she had any complaints about their sex life, which was regular and passionate.

Stepping up Veronica walked over to one of the dressers, opening the drawer and pulling out a nightie. It was time to bring Spencer back from the books. "They make a good couple," she said.

Spencer looked up surprised, as if she'd forgotten she wasn't alone with a good a book, "Mmmnn? What?"

"I was saying they make a good couple, Pam and Emily, I'm only surprised it's taken them so long, Pam's been widowed... what two years?," she stood there naked for a moment, allowing her daughter to see her hot pussy and Milf titties. But only for a second, before she pulled the nightie over her head, she didn't want Spencer to think she was deliberately posing, it smacked of insecurity.

Spencer placed the book on her nightstand, "Yes, but I suppose she wanted time to get over it and Emily was dating Samara, then Paige, but you're right, they're a great couple."

Veronica walked over to the light switch and snapped of the main lights, casting the room into an eerie glow, the only illumination the small reading-lamps sitting on the night-stands on either side of the bed. She pulled back the covers on her side of the bed and got in; she didn't stay there quickly sliding over to Spencer's, her hand reaching out to stroke one of her daughter's boobs under her pyjama top, "They're not the only great couple," she purred.

"No," Spencer gave an innocent look, "There's Aria and Ella and Han and Ashley as well."

"You know that's not what I mean," smiled Veronica, leaning even closer to her daughter so that their faces were inches apart.

"Who do you mean?" grinned Spencer teasingly. Veronica's hand was sliding down her top, the finger brushing over the satin. "Give me a clue."

Veronica smiled back, pushing her titties forward, making them wiggle under the nightdress as she brushed them over her daughter's chest. "A couple who's Mom is totally hot for her so sexy daughter." Her hand was creeping lower.

Spencer shook her head, "Still no idea; sure it's not Han and Ashley?"

Veronica's hand reached the teen's belly and continued down, ready to stroke and fondle the sweet snatch and give the teen the clue she was looking for. Suddenly she stopped, as instead of the smooth flesh of her daughter's pussy she felt the strong leather straps attached to a large plastic toy. She smiled, "I didn't know you'd come to bed equipped."

"I've been waiting for you to finish drying your hair; we need to get you a more powerful dryer, it takes ages," Spencer grinned.

"Here's the final clue," smiled her Mom, pushing the covers back so that they only covered her daughter's naked legs and rolling over and on top of her. She hoisted up her nightie to her waist as she knelt on either side of the teen. Spencer looked up, grinning, her hands reaching out to stroke Veronica's waist as the older woman raised herself up. She took the dildo in one hand, guiding herself onto it. It slipped into her wet cunt and she continued on down, moaning softly as it entered her. "Guess now..."

"Mmnnn, ride me Mom, ride my thick dildo," Spencer didn't say who the great couple was. However from the look of desire on her face, the firmness with which she gripped Veronica's hips and the way her own began to move up and down, she obviously was aware of the answer, "I'm going to fuck your hot pussy with my rubber dick. MMnnnn yeah Mom, that's good."

Veronica moved up and down, using the muscles in haunches and calves to lever herself up and down the teen's toy. She leant forward as she rode, placing her hands either side of Spencer so that even as she was sliding up and down her prick she was looking into her amazing and beautiful daughter's eyes, connecting with her in so many ways. Spencer was moving up, her waist rocking as she thrust and pushed, quickly forcing her Mom to follow her rhythm; whoever was doing the riding and who was being ridden it remained clear that Spencer was the top in their relationship. And Veronica wouldn't have had it any other way. "Oh yes, oh yes, this feels so good, you're the best Spencer, you fuck me so good."

"Oh, God Mom, that's because I love banging you, I love hammering your sweet, sexy holes. Take it, take my dick," the teen moved harder, thrusting the toy with passionate vigour into the Milf's twat. The teen's hands moved from Veronica's side to her ass, cradling the round buns under the nightie, squeezing them provocatively, making Veronica quiver even more excitedly.

"Mmmnnn, oooohhh, yessss, urrrrrhhh, oooohhhhh," Veronica grunted and gasped, as she slid up and down the hard, thick pole enjoying every inch as it powered in and out of her pussy. Her cum trickled down it as seeped from her pussy. Spencer was going faster and Veronica moved to keep up, closing her eyes and letting the pleasure flow through her like a wave, "Ooooohhh, yessss, uurrrhhh, hhhuuhhhh, hhhuuhhhh, aaaaarggghhh."

The orgasm was an explosion in her, blasting at her pussy like a grenade had been stuffed in there. For a few moments, she even lost her stride, falling out of her rhythm with Spencer, luckily the teen didn't stop, continuing to drive herself upwards, taking her Mom's weight on her hips. Veronica quickly recovered and began to move again, letting Spencer drive the pace even if she was the one putting in most of the muscular energy. She lowered herself, bending even further forward so that she and Spencer's faces were inches away; she could feel the breath of her daughter on her mouth and knew that her own hot pants were blowing sensually over Spencer's nose and lips. She leant down further, kissing the teen, allowing Spencer to drive her mouth forward and open it, the teen's tongue darting between the lips - just for a second before the thrustings drove them apart.

"Mmmnn," grinned Spencer, "You're so sexy."

"OOohhh," Veronica gave a pleasured moan in reply and again lent forward to kiss at Spencer. The connection of mouths, lips and tongues was as brief, hot and passionate as before. Spencer squeezing and gripping the Milf's ass as they connected. In and out the dildo slid, smacking deep into Veronica's pussy as she went in for a third kiss; short and sweet. The two of them slammed and jolted, their bodies moving against each other, the toy continually penetrating Veronica as she dropped down for quick kiss after quick kiss, each one loving and sexy and short, before there couplings drove them apart. At some point Spencer's phone beeped, but the teen was too engrossed in fucking her Mom to answer it; and given how addicted Spencer and her friends were to their cells, ignoring it was the biggest compliment that Spencer had paid her Mom.

"Ohhhh, yessss, yessss," the Mom shuddered again as the orgasms wracked her, flames of ecstasy burning her like a magical fire had been set alight within her. "AAarrrghhh, ooooohhhh, ooohhh," she slid down the teen's dildo, gasping and panting, her brain temporarily fried.

After a second she pushed herself up to get back into the rhythm, but Spencer was paused. Veronica hoped it wasn't because her daughter was sated as she was a long way from it herself. She licked her lips and purred sexually, "Fuck me, Spencer, I want you to fuck me good."

"I think it's time to swap holes," smiled Spencer to Veronica's profound relief. She squeezed Veronica's cheeks.

"Me too," agreed her Mom, sliding her pussy off the soaking toy, "What position do you want me in?"

"You choose," grinned her daughter.

Veronica didn't move much, pushing herself back into a sitting position and shifting a few inches forward. She slid her hands to her cheeks, pushing up her nightdress as she gripped the fleshy orbs and spread them as she lowered herself down onto her daughter's upright fake dick. Her asshole was much tighter than her pussy, even though she was as far from an anal virgin as the Mexican border from Toronto. The toy pushed at her sphincter, gradually opening the rosebud and, as she forced herself down, into her anal passage. She winced slightly as it entered, not that she didn't enjoy being butt-fucked, she definitely did, but at first it always felt like the dildo was an intruder. She quickly pushed the feeling away and continued to lower herself down, looking at Spencer as she did.

Her teen daughter had a happy smile on her face, looking up at her Mom, her gaze alternating between the cleavage straining at the top of the Milf's nightie and the contortions Veronica's face was going through as she strained to take the thick prick in her ass. The teen smiled, "You're doing good, you're taking it."

"Mmmnn, ooohhh, that's because I love having your dick in my ass," the Milf responded.

She continued to push herself down, confident the cock was deep enough in her ass, that even as she moved up it wouldn't slip out. She leaned further back, so that her back was at a slope over her daughter's legs (or would have been if there hadn't been a quilt in the way), her hands resting on the bedding either side of them, palms down, pushing. "All the way Mom, all the way," Spencer grinned, half sitting herself and holding Veronica's thighs. "Oh Mom, take that cock."

"OOOhhh, uuurrrhhh," Veronica grunted as she went up and came down again, feeling her skin brushing the leather straps and her daughter's skin - the toy all the way in. The feeling of it being an alien was already being replaced with a sensual, snug glow, as if her ass had been designed for dick and despite being close to an atheist Veronica wasn't sure it hadn't been. She levered herself up, moaning in pleasure as she felt the scrape of the toy over her walls and then down again, groaning even more loudly as the walls expanded and stretched, nerves zinging.

"Yeah, fuck it Mom, fuck my cock," Spencer groaned, leaning on her own hands and using them to help lever her midriff up to meet her Mom's descending butt, the toy hurtling into the hole, "Ram that sexy ass down my dildo."

"Ooohhh, yeesss, ooohhh, aaaarrrhh," Veronica gasped in return, her eyelids fluttering as the pleasure flowed through her. She moved up and down, increasing her speed and pressure, pounding vigorously at the rising toy. Her night dress was falling up her thighs (or down from another perspective), the hem settling on her lower stomach, exposing her soaking pussy to her daughter's lust-filled gaze; the teen licking her lips and grunting as she looked and fucked. The Milf slammed down, the cock ramming her ass and making her twat even juicier, "Ooohhh, urrrrhhh, yessss, I love your dick in my ass."

"It's such a hot, fuckable ass," her daughter confirmed, "And your pussy is as well. They're both so hot, I love banging both." She rammed her hips, sending a most delicious feeling through Veronica as the strap-on speared deep into her chute. "You're so fucking, bangably sexy."

"Ohhhhh, yessss, Spencer, I'm so hot for you, oooohhh fuck that dildo is so big and hard and you're using it so well, oooohhh, urrrrhhhh, fuck yes, Spencer fuck me," Veronica cried and squealed in excitement.

The two Hastings continued to ram at each other, Veronica's nightdress flapping and the bed shuddering. Veronica's asshole was in paradise, her pussy wet and delightfully tingling as the toy pounded the nerves behind it. She could feel the cum trickling from it and knew that Spencer was seeing it and realising how much her ass-fucking was pleasing her Mom; and that thought pleased Veronica and made her ram the cock even harder, filling her ass with plastic. "Ooooohhhh, uuurrrhhh, uuurrhhh, yessss, oooohhhh."

"I love fucking your ass, it's the sexiest butt in Rosewood, no... in the USA, the world," Spencer panted in reply, ramming up.

"Oooooohhh, ooohhhh," Veronica could feel her enjoyment growing, the sparks of orgasms starting to burst together, promising light a fire in her insides. She went faster and harder, kindling the sparks and encouraging them to start a full-scale blaze, "Ooooohhh, ooohhh, uurrrhhh, fucccck, yesssss, aaaaarrghhh, aaarrghhhh." The flames were burning bright within her, an inferno of sexual bliss, melting every muscles and nerve and sinew, "Aaaaaarrrghhh, fuuuuckkkk," she screamed, "I'm cuuuuummmiinnngg!"

She fell off panting, turning so that she was ion the bed facing her daughter. It was only now they'd stopped fucking she realised how exhausted and sweat stained she was, the perspiration making the nightdress cling to her skin. But sated, at least for now; she'd never be fully sated off her sexy daughter.

"That was great," giggled Spencer.

"You know who makes the greatest couple," her Mom smiled, lying next to her.

"I do," giggled Spencer. She lent over and kissed her Mom, lovingly and sensually. Veronica responded, her lips moving with her daughters and her fingers tracing a pattern between the teen's pyjama covered cleavage.

After a few moments the teen pushed back the covers and got out of the bed, standing in the half-light lit by her beside lamp as she undid her strap-on. Veronica got a glance of her daughter's lovely snatch as the teen turned round and rooted under her pillow, pulling out her pyjamas and putting them on. She picked up the toy by it's leather straps, "I'll put this away."

"No, I'll do it," said Veronica getting out of bed and taking it, "I'll give it a quick clean in the bathroom first."

"Okay, thanks Mom," Spencer said and passed her the toy.

As her Mom walked out Spencer reached for her phone. She'd heard it beep whilst they'd been fucking, but she'd been enjoying herself too much to answer. Now they'd finished she'd have a quick look before her Mom returned and they went to sleep. She thumbed the messages, it was a number she didn't recognise. Intrigued she opened it to see a picture of a lovely pair of boobies. Underneath was a message, "Who's tits? - A".

Obviously from Aria, though Spencer didn't think they were her own or her Mom's or anyone's she recognised. Perhaps. someone she photographed? Spencer knew that her friend had done a couple of erotic shots of Ashley for the Marins and she might have done it for someone else; it was strange she had not mentioned it at dinner or before and she must have changed her number. Unless it was some sort of quiz? Spencer puzzled for a moment and then shut down the phone; she'd speak to Aria later and find out the answers. At the moment her Mom was returning and looking like she wanted to snuggle.

* * *

In a room somewhere across town a black clad figure smiled evilly, on the monitor in front of them were a pair of teenage tits, the same as on Spencer's screen. The figure panned out to see the larger picture, Alison DiLaurentis, naked and gagged her wrists and ankles shackled to a wall. For a moment the person looked at the screen, then they reached forward and pressed the power button.

Instantly the picture vanished.

* * *

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