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This is a sequel to Pretty Little Liars: 'In Vino Veritas' and 'Two's Company, Three's a Crowd'

Pretty Little Liars: Like Mother, Like Daughter (Ffff,anal,dp,voy,double-anal)
by LL

Ashley Marin looked up at Emily Fields and said, "Hanna seems to be out with Paige a lot?" There was an inflection at the end making it a question. Ashley continued to look up at Emily to see if she had realised, and if she had, whether she was going to reply.

The two of them were naked in Ashley's bed, Ashley resting her head on the teen's naked midriff. That wasn't surprising nor was the fact that Ashley's butt was still aching from the ramming Emily had given it with a strap-on. The Milf had always enjoyed sex, but until she had started her fuck-fests with Emily she hadn't realised she was quiet so much a nymphomaniac. She found herself waiting desperately for Hanna to leave the house so that she could drag her long-term house-guest upstairs for a session of rampant and hard sex. Not that the teen resisted, as far as Emily was concerned the older woman was both beautiful and a complete slut, a winning combination and she needed no persuasion to get naked and sweaty.

"Mmnn," Emily either seemed to have missed the question or wasn't replying as she just nodded and ran a hand through the older woman's long hair.

Ashley smiled, she didn't mind being stroked by her lover, it was comforting, a relaxing come down after the brutal, vigorous, passionate thrusting of the teen and Ashley could have lain like that for longer, enjoying the tender touch of Emily's fingers. However, she also wanted an answer to her unspoken question, so she lifted her head and asked outright, "Is Hanna seeing Paige?"

Partly the question was out of nosiness, Hanna had no secrets from her friends, but like most teenage girls told her Mom the bare minimum; certainly about her sex life. But wondering whether Hanna had, like her Mom, lesbian tendencies and whether she was fulfilling those tendencies with Paige was only part of the reason. Another reason was self-interest, Ashley did love her daughter, but the more she was out of the house the more alone time Ashley got with Emily and the Milf could never get enough of that. There was a final reason, though Ashley tried not to admit it to herself and that was jealousy. Emily had often invited Paige over to join her in banging Ashley, the two teens filling two holes at once or snapping pictures on their phones of the Milf in positions which were both humiliating and exciting. But since the time three weeks ago that Hanna had announced she was going over to Paige's to study the swimmer hadn't made one trip over to join Em in double-fucking the Milf.

"By seeing do you mean fucking?" asked Emily with a smile. It seemed that the final reason wasn't as secret as Ashley had thought as before Ashley had a chance to reply Emily grinned and said, "Are you missing Paige coming round?"

"Yes," said Ashley, her response deliberately ambivalent on which of the two questions she was responding to.

Momentarily Emily didn't speak, just smiling as she continued to run her fingers through Ashley's hair. The Milf looked up waiting.

"They're fucking," Emily said with a grin. "Hanna told me she was into to girls before she and Caleb had even broken up and Paige told me she was interested in making a move on Hanna before she even told Hanna. I was a bit of a matchmaker and set them up. I brought Hanna to that lesbian bar in Rosewood to help her get over her split and see what was available and I told Paige we were going to be there. Then I just sat back and let nature take its course. It didn't take long for Paige to have Hanna on the dance floor, you know how she loves dancing and even less time for her to have her tongue down her throat.

"It didn't take long for Paige and Hanna to head out to the car and for Paige to introduce her pussy to Hanna's mouth. You should be proud, Paige told me later that Hanna was the best virgin pussy eater she's had, it seems Hanna really went for it and cleaned Paige's hole like she was born to eat cunt. And Hanna told me that as soon as she tasted Paige's juice she knew why I was a lesbian; she said it drove her wild, it was like an aphrodisiac and all she wanted to do was tongue harder and harder until Paige came.

"Which she did; repeatedly.

Emily stopped talking, "You alright with it? Hanna being a lesbian."

"Yes," said Ashley and she was. She wasn't surprised or shocked or horrified. Hanna was eighteen - just - and that was a time of sexual adventurousness. She was a little jealous of her with Paige recalling the swimmers sexual athleticism, but she still had Emily. She knew that sometimes when Em couldn't fuck Ashley the teenager went going elsewhere and that whilst Hanna and Paige had been getting hot and heavy at lesbian club Ashley didn't that Emily had been as sitting as chastely as she implied. Still, she left plenty of energy for banging the Milf and if eighteen was time for Hanna to explore her options with girls it was also a time Emily could put to use to play the field.

"Cool, cos from everything they're telling me, Han's having a great time with Paige and I don't think she's going back to boys any time soon," Emily grinned.

" Have you told her..." Ashley paused and reworded, "Does she know about you and me?"
Emily grinned, "Don't worry, she knows. I tell her and the others everything, remember?"

"Everything?" Ashley blushed. She wondered if that was literally true or not. Did Hanna know not just that she was having a relationship with her friend, but all the things they did; hat Emily used her ass like it was free or that Hanna's girlfriend used to join her and Emily for a threeway fuckfest, the teens double-penetrating butt and cunt. She wondered about asking, but decided there were some things she'd rather not know.

Instead Ashley flicked her hair away from her face and looked at her lover, licking her lips seductively, "Well if Hanna's with Paige she'll be back late." The Milf rolled onto her front and slid her hands onto her cheeks, "I'm sure you can think of something to do in the meantime."

"I can," grinned Emily as she moved over to the Milf, "though now you know about Paige and Hanna we ought to do a double-date."

"Oh, yes," murmured Ashley in reply as she pulled apart her buttocks for her girlfriend's toy.

* * *

Ashley Marin was in front of her wardrobe, looking through the dresses. It was only yesterday she'd found out her daughter was being banged by Paige and as Hanna had been late in last night and rushed for breakfast so she hadn't yet had a time to sit down and have a Mom-daughter talk about what it meant; if anything. It also looked like she wasn't going to have time because just minutes ago Hanna had rung her and said Paige was coming over; she hadn't said but from the tone in her voice she knew her Mom knew that Paige was no longer just a friend. Seconds after Hanna had rang off, Em had been on the phone, instructing her lover to change into something a bit more revealing, one of your slinky dresses that showed her figure. "I want to show you off," the teen explained,

Ashley still felt nervous about being out in front of her daughter, but less so now she knew that Hanna was a lesbian. She carried on looking in her wardrobe, something sexy, something revealing that was what Emily had asked for; that this was something slutty was unsaid, but expected. Ashley knew just the thing, a dress so short that she had never dare wear it in front of Hanna for fear her daughter would get the wrong impression; or the right one. She slid into the little red number, so tight against her body that panties would spoil the line.

She was just in time. Even as she came downstairs Emily was coming in the door,
with Paige following, her hand lightly resting on the Hanna's butt. Paige gave an appreciative grin as Emily smiled, "That's the dress I meant, you look good." She came over and kissed Ashley, her mouth briefly opening so that the Milf could feel the moist warmth of her breath and the flick of her tongue. The kiss wasn't long, just a few seconds, but it was the first time Ashley had been kissed by Emily in front of her daughter and she found it exciting. Emily pulled back from her and slid a hand down the Milf's back to rest on her the top of her butt.

Paige grinned at the Milf, "Hi Ashley, you're looking hot." Ashley nodded and mumbled her thanks as Paige gave her daughter a light swat on her rear and said, "Why don't you go upstairs and change, get into a nice short dress, something with easy access?"

"Sure Paige," said Hanna.

She scooted upstairs, Paige watching her go, "She's got the sweetest ass," she said.

"It's a family thing," grinned Emily and gripped Ashley's butt.

The Milf gave a squeak and a giggle. "Emily..." she said in fake admonishment.

"Why don't you go and open a bottle of wine," Emily gave her lover's ass another squeeze, "We'll put on a DVD."

"What kind of DVD?" asked Ashley, though she suspected she had a good idea. Normally when Paige came over they watched lesbian porn, in fact Ashley couldn't remember them ever watching anything else - her girlfriend's friend didn't come over to watch the latest Twilight movie.

"You'll see," the two teens grinned, adding to Ashley's suspicions. She went red; she always got aroused when watching lesbian porn, hot and horny and ready to go, which was probably why they were shown, but this time she'd be watching it with her daughter. Ashley resolved to keep herself calm and to make it seem that watching porn did nothing to her, certainly not turning her into a complete lesbian slut; not in front of Hanna anyway.

The TV was on, but the DVD wasn't yet playing when she brought the first two glasses through. She put one next to Paige, who was sitting on one of the couches, the other was for Em who was sitting on her knees in front of the TV sliding a DVD in. Ashley put her glass down on the table on the other couch. She went to the kitchen and poured the final two glasses, for her and Hanna. Emily was sitting on the couch, as the DVD started to play - the images on screen confirmed it was lesbian porn as naked women started to kiss and lick at each other. Ashley set Hanna's glass down beside Paige and took her own and sat beside Em. The teen slid an arm round the older woman, "We thought you'd enjoy this one - it's called 'My Lesbian Gang'."

Before Ashley answered, Hanna entered the room gaining appreciative stares from both Paige and Emily. She was wearing one of the smallest dresses Ashley had ever seen, so short that it barely covered her ass. Ashley hadn't even known that Hanna had something that tiny. The teen must have noticed her Mom's expression as she shrugged and said, "It's my clubbing dress; I change into it when I leave the house." She sat down next to Paige, the swimmer sliding an hand on the blonde's thigh as she sat down and passing her a drink. Hanna looked at the screen, "What are we watching?...oh" She blushed.

Like most of the porn Emily and Paige shared with Ashley the acting was poor and the plot non-existent; but all was made up for by the enthusiasm of the performers. The porn stars started off talking and examining the toys one of them had brought, but it didn't take long for the group of them to be stripping off and putting the dildos to use. Despite her best intentions Ashley found herself getting hot, her pussy itching with desire - normally at this stage she'd be getting naked ready for action, but she could hardly do that with Hanna sitting near by. Instead Ashley snuggled herself closer into Emily and tried to squeeze her legs together in the hope the pressure would remove the tingling of her cunt.

It didn't work, not least because by snuggling close to Emily the teen reacted by putting her mouth on Ashley's, opening it and sliding her tongue in. Ashley's brain told her to stop making out with Emily whilst Hanna was watching, unfortunately her body had other intentions and she returned the kiss, pushing her mouth hard back and fondling her lover's tongue with her own. The swimmer's hand moved up and down Ashley's side, massaging her waist and pulling the dress up so that it uncovered Ashley's thighs and only the fact her legs were closed stopped her exposing her pussy. Ashley didn't mind, or rather she was so horny and turned on her mind was no longer in control. The moans from the TV acted as a soundtrack to her own passion, as Emily's hand reached up and began to grope the Milf's titties through the material.

"Oh, yes, oh, yes," the sound came from Hanna reminding Ashley she wasn't alone. She tried to see what was causing her daughter to moan so loudly, the teen's groans seemed even more ecstatic than those from the porn stars. However, Emily's face was in the way and without stopping the make-out, which Ashley wasn't sure she could, there was no way to look at Hanna. The blonde teen groaned again, "Oh yes, oh, oh, oh."

Emily mouth moved from Ashley's. The Milf had barely time to notice that Paige was intertwined with Hanna writhing like a nest of snakes, before Emily's mouth was on the side of her throat, easing up Ashley's head so that she was looking at the ceiling as Em's mouth sucked and slurped at her throat. The Milf gave a small cry of pleasure as Emily's hand moved between her thighs. She gave a slightly louder moan as the teen's middle finger reached out and began to tease at her slit. "Oooohhh, Emily," moaned Ashley, closing her eyes tight as if that would keep in the excitement. The teen wasn't penetrating her, the digit just rubbing lightly over the hole, tracing patterns round the flaps. It was enough and Ashley bit her lip, before moaning loudly.

Hanna's moans and groans were still continuing, "Oh yes, oh yes, Paige, oh yes." Ashley should have been horrified that the teen's grunts and gasps were turning her on, but she wasn't. It was exciting and titillating, hearing her daughters ecstasy as her own lover teased her snatch; the sounds and thoughts of what was causing them making Ashley even hotter and wetter. "Oh God, Paige, oh God, that's so good, oh Paige, oh," Hanna groans were louder and Ashley moved her own body in time with them, wriggling against Emily and thrusting her body forward, pressing against the teen and willing her to slide her digit in.

"Yes, Emily, you know what I want, don't tease me," she murmured. Emily's teeth nibbled gently on the Milf's neck and she sucked at the flesh, like she was a vampire. But her finger still frustratingly remained outside the pussy, teasing and touching but never entering. Still Ashley rocked and groaned, her body afire with excitement and her cunt slick with lust. "Emily, yes, Emily, yes, yes, yes."

There was no penetration, Emily pulled back her mouth and hand, moving into a sitting position as she reached for her glass of wine. Ashley relaxed back into the seat, blushing slightly. She looked over at Paige and Hanna, they too had stopped their make-out session with Paige reaching for her glass. It must have been intense, as one of Hanna's tits had popped out from the dress, the teen blushed red and pushed it back in as she noticed her Mom looking. Not that Ashley could have chided her too much, it was lucky that Hanna wasn't at an angle where she could see how far her Mom's dress had gone up and how much of the pussy it exposed. Ashley pulled down her dress and reached for the wine glass; she was red, but excited and horny.

"So Han, what's the kinkiest thing you've done?" asked Paige.

Hanna blushed, "You know..." She cast her eyes between Paige and Emily, before trailing into silence and taking a gulp of her wine.

"I know," grinned Paige, "Okay if you're shy what about you Em?"

"I'm not shy," grinned Emily and hugged Ashley closer, "but it's got to be one of my threesomes. Not sure which one, let me think, what about you?"

"Okay, there was this time I was at the lesbian bar in Rosewood, Hanna you know the one," Hanna did as she went bright red, "Anyway I picked up this really hot girl and we started making out on the dance floor. After a bit of tongue action this girl makes it clear that she wants to do her tongue action somewhere else, somewhere lower." Hanna went even redder, but Paige continued, "So we went outside and I was thinking that we'd go somewhere private before she hoists up my skirt and pulls down my panties. But not a bit of it, this girl she's such a slut she just walks me over to the memorial park, sits me on a bench and thrusts her head down between my legs... at least Hanna you waited until we got in the back seat of the car." Hanna glowed so brightly red that it looked like she was auditioning for being a stop light.

Paige gave her girlfriend's thigh a squeeze and took another sip of wine before carrying on, "The park's not exactly secluded as well and it gets less so as I'm not being too quiet with my clit getting tongued to perfection. Anyway soon there's this crowd from the club all watching me have my pussy eaten, which is kinky enough as I've never done it with a crowd. But what makes it more so is that once she's finished with me and I'm pulling up my panties she's moved onto this other girl, getting her on the bench and licking her out. She must have eaten about eight or nine lesbians that night."

"I remember Shana," grinned Emily, "You forgot to mention that even after she serviced half of the pussy in Rosewood you still went back to her place and banged her."

"We had a brief fling," smiled Paige, "What can I say? She'd got a lot of experience."

"So what about you Ashley, what's your kinkiest lesbian experience?" asked Emily.

The Milf thought about it, going slightly red, the only lesbian experiences she had had were since she'd been with Emily, the kinkiest with her and Paige. "I don't know," she said.

"What about that time you came to pick me and Paige up from swimming?" grinned Emily.

Ashley blushed redder, it was certainly one of the kinkiest things she'd done, though she wasn't sure she wanted to tell Hanna the story, "I'm not sure," she said.

"Why don't you tell it Em?" said Paige, she squeezed her girlfriend tighter, "I'm sure Han would love the story, it might give her some ideas for what she should say as her own kinkiest lesbian fuck."

"Okay. It was about six weeks ago, when you were out with Caleb. Paige and me had been practising at the pool, after school, with Coach Fulton and in walks Ashley to the spectators' section. We finish our laps and as we're getting out Ashley is sweet talking the Coach, telling her if she goes home early Ashley can lock up as she'll be driving me home anyway. I'm not sure how she does it, but Coach agrees or at least she must have done because the next thing is Paige and I are in the showers and Ashley walks into the changing rooms. She undoes her coat and she's totally naked underneath and asking do we want our backs soaped. Of course me and Paige jump at that and Ashley joins us in the shower...

"Shall we say that in cleaning us she wore the soap down and we had the cleanest cunts in the State. That's all kinky enough, but once we were out of the shower Ashley gets out of her bag a couple of strap-ons. Well, Han, you know me and Paige don't say no to DP" (Hanna blushed again and muttered something), "so we're on the benches, me on top, your Mom in the middle and Paige on the bottom, filling both her holes. Then we swap and Paige's rides your Mom, whilst I'm underneath thrusting up. It was one of the best threesomes I've had with Ashley, and from her screams she sounded like she was having the time of her life."

There was no point denying it, so Ashley looked at goggled eyed daughter, who was looking like she'd just seen Jesus jump out of the ground with a cigar in his hand and sporting a tattoo. The Milf gave a shrug "I guess you'd say that was kinky." She didn't want to dwell on it though so she said, "What about you then Emily?"

Emily paused for a moment, thinking; Ashley knew that Emily had plenty to choose from. The teen eventually decided, "It happened a few nights ago..." and she grinned. Ashley was sure she knew what experience her lover meant and she squirmed uncomfortably, a few moments ago Hanna had found out her Mom enjoyed double-penetration and this was even harder. But there was little she could do apart from listen as Emily continued...

"... when Hanna was out with Paige. The two of you know that as soon as Ashley gets me alone its clothes away time and Tuesday was no exception. We went to Ashley's room, got naked and Ashley wiggled her cute little butt for me to fuck. I wasn't going to say no and equipped myself with a strap-on, one of the big twelve inchers. It took a lot to get it in, but once it did there was no stopping us and we really went at it, I pounded her asshole and making her cum like she was a rocket. So far, so normal, but when I took it out her ass was gaping and it gave me an idea.

"I got some lube and worked it over my fingers and hand, and then started to see how I far I could get into Ashley's ass. I started with a couple of fingers and they went in easily, then I added a third and pushed, still she was taking it and she's enjoying it. So I pulled back, really dumped on the lube and tried the whole hand. In up to the wrist; it was tight, like I was being gripped by someone and I could hardly move it, but Ashley took it all. She screamed like a banshee as she came, I thought she was going to orgasm so much she'd break the bed... That's the kinkiest for me..."

"You've been anally fisted?" Hanna's mouth was more agape than Ashley's butt had ever been.

Ashley managed a smile as she went red, she had never thought she'd be sitting with her daughter talking about having a fist up her ass. She nodded, unable to deny it "Yes..."

Paige interrupted, squeezing Hanna and saying, "Cool, we'll have to try that won't we Han?" Hanna blushed, but nodded, not wanting to disagree with her girlfriend and perhaps, secretly excited by the thought; she was her mother's daughter. Paige took another sip of wine, "So, now you've heard everyone else you're going to have to spill and say what was your kinkiest experience, licking my cunt that first time? Or the nude photo-shoot we did in the back yard? Or was it when I broke your anal cherry?"

"I think it was when you and Em DPd me the first time," blushed Hanna.

It didn't come as a surprise to Ashley that her daughter had been fucked by Emily. The Milf knew that Paige and Emily often shared girlfriends, they'd done her together plenty of times and told her of all the other girlfriends they'd share, Samara, Jenna, some girl they'd once picked up after a swimming competition up state. It would have been a bigger shock if they hadn't shared Hanna. She gave a smile to show it wasn't a big deal, "So what's the story?" she said hoping she sounded casual and relaxed.

The blonde gave a tiny shrug and wiggled uncomfortably, "It was y'know... DP, like you had." She had perhaps hoped that would be enough and that she wouldn't need to delve into details, but everyone continued to look at her expectantly, even though Paige and Em already knew the details. Hanna paused as long as she could and then continued, "I knew Em was coming over to study, real proper study, not 'study', "she wiggled her fingers round the word. "But I thought that after she and Paige had done their History assignment Em would leave and I'd have some time with Paige.

"Except Emily didn't leave and the three of us ended up sitting in Paige's room daring each other, first it was me to kiss Paige full on in front of Em, then it was to kiss Em. Soon it was to remove bits of clothing, sweaters, pants. It wasn't long before it was panties and bras and I was licking Paige's pussy while Em looked on, and I was really getting into it, it was a real turn on. So I didn't say know when Paige suggested I ate Em's cunt, whilst she looked on.

"I got down between her legs and started slurping out, wanting to do and good job and make Paige proud of me as a girlfriend. Next thing I knew is that Paige had got a strap-on and was fucking my pussy from behind. It drove me wild, getting my own hole filled whilst pleasuring Emily and I my tongue went into overdrive. It didn't take long for me to make Emily cum. Paige made us shift positions then, she sat on the bed and I rode her reverse cowgirl with the dildo up my ass so Em could watch as she recovered.

"It didn't take her long to regain her strength, especially as she'd just been lying back as I munched her muffin. And when she did Paige asked me if I'd let her join in. I said yes, but I was cumming so hard I'd have said anything, though I'm glad I did. Em got a strap-on on and went for my pussy which was free, sandwiching me between her and Paige. Just from the anal I was in orgasm heaven, but with the second dick in me I went atmospheric, I've never cum so hard. I'm not sure how long it lasted, not long, five minutes? a little more? But in that time I must have had about a hundred orgasms... it was... just... well that's my kinkiest thing."

"So far," grinned Paige.

"Looks like your story has made your Mom wet," Emily said as she slid her hand between the Milf's thighs, the tips of her finger touching the twat. Ashley tittered and blushed.

It wasn't just the story that had made her wet, it was the whole evening. It was being touched in front of her daughter and seeing Hanna with a tit popped out, it was telling a story about what a wanton slut she was and listening Hanna tell her about how she too had taken two strap-ons. It was knowing that there was plenty more to come and that Paige and Emily would be fucking her and Hanna later. She giggled and opened her legs wider, allowing Emily more space to slide her hand deeper and rub at her damp slit with her fingers. "It made me horny," the Milf said.

"It seems you're not the only one," replied Paige as opposite her the teenager slid her hands down under Hanna's dress. Ashley could see Paige's elbow moving slowly back and forth and her daughter's face suddenly twisting in pleasure. Paige moved quicker, her other hand pushing up Hanna's dress over her stomach as the blonde's legs opened wider so there was no doubt where Paige's finger was going.

"Oh, yes," Ashley groaned, getting hotter and hotter as Emily digits slid round the outside of her hole and she watched her daughter getting fingered, "Oh yes."

Two of Emily's fingers entered her and Ashley gasped, as from experience the teen found the spot and began to vigorously press it. The swimmer hit harder and harder, making Ashley gasp and shake, her pleasure heightened by the sight of Hanna's slit getting jilled. As she watched Paige was pulling down her daughter's dress, uncovering her large and firm teen titties. They bounced up and down as Hanna shook with orgasm, "Uuurrhhh, aaarrggghh, Paige, oooooohhh, yesssss!" Paige moved quicker slamming her finger down, her expression one of concentration as if nothing mattered but ramming her digit down the blonde's hole.

"Oh, yes, oh, oh, fuck yes," Ashley cried out in pleasure. Emily moved faster and harder, thrusting her fingers at the clit and making the Milf wet with excitement. The teen's other hand moved to the dress and she dragged at it roughly, tearing it down over Ashley and down to her belly, leaving her as topless as her daughter. Emily's mouth closed in on one of the tits and she began to eat and lick at it, slurping loudly as she sucked the nub into her mouth, making the nipple hard and erect. Ashley groaned, overcome with bliss as Em worked two of her erogenous zones at once. "Oh Paige, you know what I want, finger my cunt raw, finger fuck it so good..."

On the seat opposite Hanna was squealing in pleasure as well, gasping and shaking as Paige's fingers rammed into her. Ashley could see the glistening of juice on Paige's fingers and into Hanna's hole, hear the slurping, sucking sound as the teen swimmer slammed her digits into the blonde. She could almost taste her daughter's excitement as Hanna shrieked loudly, "Oh fuck yes, ooohhh, fuuuckkk, yessss!"

It drove Ashley over the edge as well and her back bent as the orgasms smashed into her like stormy waves against a pier. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth and screamed in ecstasy, "Aaaarrrghhh, aaarrgghhh."

"Looks like you enjoyed that," said Emily. She licked her finger and smiled, "Why don't you finish getting out of your dress."

Standing up Ashley got out of her dress. Hanna did the same, shimmying out of the sparkling silver material and dropping it to her ankles. Ashley could see why Paige was attracted to her daughter, with her full breasts and firm stomach and the wet, shaven pussy, so attractive and enticing. Paige and Em were sitting their admiring their girlfriends as well, mother and daughter standing and letting their lovers drink in their nakedness. It was Paige who spoke first, "You've had your fun, it's mine and Em's turn to get our pussies licked." She stood up and started to undo her jeans.

"You want to swap," grinned Em, "I know Ashley has missed guzzling your pussy and I'm sure it'd be a big turn on for her knowing as she was eating her daughter's girlfriend Hanna was licking me out."

Ashley blushed a little, though she didn't think Em was wrong. Hanna cast a quick look at her Mom and went a little red herself, but like her Mom didn't say anything. Paige nodded, "Yeah, I've not had Ashley's tongue down my cunt for a few weeks. I've got to admit it'll be good to get a reminder of what a cunt licker your Mom is Han." She continued stripping and Em stood up and joined her, the two swimmers peeling off their jeans and tops and socks, unhooking their bras and finally bringing down their panties, revealing their aerodynamic shaven slots, Emily's decorated by a jumping dolphin. They moved back to their seats and opened their legs wide.

"Over you come, Han," said Emily. Ashley briefly watched as her daughter scurried over to her friend and dropped to her knee before she dropped down between Paige's thighs.

The swimmer's cunt was so wet it almost looked like she'd already been licked. The sight and smell was enticing, exciting Ashley even before she went in. And that was without the sounds starting to come from her lover and daughter, loud slurps and sharp groans. The Milf tossed back her long hair and dropped her head down. She thrust her tongue into the hole and began to hammer and lick away, thrusting as far and fast as she could. Paige squealed in pleasure and grabbed the back of Ashley's head, driving the Mom's face deeper down into her cunt, "Fuck, eat me, I want your tongue in me, lick it, lick it harder."

On the other seat Emily was crying out in enjoyment as well, "Aaarrrghh, urrrghhh Han, that's the spot. Use your tongue faster, eat my cunt, eat it all."

The sounds of her girlfriend's pleasure were an aphrodisiac to Ashley, spurring her on and making her lick Paige harder and quicker, hoping that she could make the other swimmer cry out in pleasure as much as her own girlfriend. Paige squeaked as the Milf's tongue ran over her clit, "That's right, that's the spot, lick it, lick my clit." Ashley's tongue returned and she slammed at the bud, ramming it with her tongue, sucking it into her mouth, stimulating and pleasuring the small bit of hard flesh until Paige was soaking with cum and squealing in pleasure, "Fuuucckkk, aaaarrghhh, fuck, harder Ashley, harder."

The Milf continued, her tongue doing its job with skilful enthusiasm. The screams from Emily were louder as well, loud shrieks and gasps of orgasmic ecstasy. It was almost like Ashley and Hanna were driving each other on, encouraging each other to drive the other's lover to higher peaks of pleasure. Emily and Paige cried out louder, their screams reaching an ear bursting crescendo. Ashley couldn't resist moving a finger down to her own pussy and inserting it, moving the digit swiftly back and forth in time with her swift licks.

"Oh yesssss!" Paige screamed, "Yesssss, you're making me cum."

The teen bucked and twisted in orgasm as across the room her friend also shrieked in pleasure, "Aaaarrrghhh, Hanna, aaarrrrghhh, fuuuucckkk, yesssss!"

Ashley continued to pound pussy, slamming her tongue down and slurping back the juice. More and more of the sweet cum was filling Paige's hole, more than Ashley could lick down - the Milf still tried. Paige shrieked harder and shook, letting go off Ashley's head and rocketing back into her seat. Ashley pulled her head back and looked up - Paige was panting, recovering from her orgasms. She grinned at Ashley, "You've not lost it."

"No," agreed Ashley. She continued kneeling, but rested her chin on Paige's thigh as she looked across to where her daughter was finishing her girlfriend. Emily was rocking in pleasure, one hand fondling her titties, the other down between her legs stroking the mop of blonde hair that was all that visible of Hanna's head as she slurped.

The sounds of Emily's excitement combined with the noise of Hanna's heavy lapping, a slurping, gargling, gasp as her tongue rushed through her friends juice and into her wet walls. Ashley reached down and rubbed at her own cunt, embarrassingly aroused by the sight and sounds; her pussy got wetter and warmer as she watched Em's face contort and the teen's body tense and stretch. She was silent for a moment, almost as if the ecstasy was making her temporarily speechless, then she shrieked like a coming train, "Aaaaaarrrghhh, yesssssss, aaaaaarggghhh."

Hanna's head bobbed up and Ashley could see the juice on her daughter's lips before the blonde's lithe tongue flicked out again and wiped it away. For a few minutes they all remained, the two swimmers sitting back and recovering from their orgasms, the Mom and daughter, kneeling between their legs, heads resting on the teen's thighs letting their tired tongues regain their strength. Then Paige stood up and walked over to her girlfriend; she reached down her hand for Han to take and helped the blonde up, "I'm getting horny again, let's go upstairs."

Ashley looked expectantly at Emily, the fingering and tonguing had made the Milf horny without leaving her satisfied; and upstairs there were toys and beds, and the perfect way to end the evening was to combine them. Em gave her lover a quick glance and smiled, seemingly to read her mind as she turned back to Paige and said, "We'll join you." She moved over to Ashley and slid her hand round her waist. The two of them following a naked Paige and Hanna up the stairs. As they walked Ashley was looking at their bare butts, wondering how long it would take before Paige was filling her daughters - the thought didn't phase her at all, in fact it turned her on.

On the landing Paige turned Hanna and headed into the teen's room. Ashley expected her and Em to turn the other way, but Emily put a little pressure on her lover's butt, gently steering her after the two teens. They followed into Hanna's room. Paige turned and grinned as they came in, "You joining us?"

"I thought we could share unless Han or Ashley mind," grinned Em.

"If you want Em, you know I'm happy to go along with you," Ashley tried to sound nonchalant and relaxed.


Ashley looked at her daughter, willing her not to complain, it had been weeks since Em had shared her with Paige and the Milf was suddenly desperately aware of how much she missed being double-fucked. And seeing them doing it to her daughter would almost be a big a turn on as having her daughter watch as dildos took both her Mom's holes. It seemed like an age before Ashley made a move, looking up at her Mom and saying slowly, "I don't mind if Mom doesn't."

"Well let's get you two prepared," grinned Em, "Get on the bed and spread your ass cheeks." The two Marins got on the double bed, Ashley getting onto her hands and knees before reaching round to pull at her buttocks, Hanna lying on her back in front of her, pulling her legs back and to sliding her hands down to open her asshole. "Wait there, we'll just be a few seconds."

It was longer than a few seconds, but Ashley and Hanna waited, not patiently, as they were both quivering with anticipation. Hanna giggled with excitement and Ashley turned her head at Paige and Em's footsteps. The two teenage swimmers stood, just inside, the door stroking their gelled up ten-inch strap-ons as they surveyed the two butts in front of them. In their hands they were each holding a butt-plug Em grinned as she held it up to make sure both the Marins could see, "For your ass."

"Oh yes," said Ashley, her pussy felt warm and wet and she could almost imagine her anal chute quivering in excitement at what it was about to receive.

"Stick it in me," moaned Hanna, dragging at her cheeks and exposing her small puckered hole.

"Sure thing, Hanna," replied Paige. She moved onto the bed and started to slowly push the plug into her girlfriend's back hole. The teen blonde gasped and pulled at her buttocks as the toy penetrated her anus and began to be slowly shoved down. Ashley could see juice forming on her daughter's pussy as the teen's sexual excitement rose.

She was still looking at the wettening cunt when Em came behind her and put one hand on top of Ashley's, both of them resting on the Milf's buttocks, "Open wide," said the swimmer. Ashley began to draw apart her cheeks, one side being helped by her girlfriend. She felt the sharpness of the plug on top of the hole and then inside her, pushing down as Em twisted like Ashley's asshole was a cork and the plug a screw. The Milf moaned in ecstasy; she knew the bliss was no where near as intense as it would be, but it was a good start.

In front of her Hanna gave another squeak and shake as her lover pushed the plug all the way in, leaving only a tiny hook protruding. She stepped back, "Cute."

"Mmnnn yes," Ashley moaned, it was both an agreement of how sexy her daughter looked with a butt-plug up her ass and a declaration of pleasure as her own ass stretched out and the guard of the plug came to rest across her cheeks.

"Pretty as a picture," agreed Emily as she stepped back to stand beside her friend and look at the two plugged Marins on the bed. She smiled, "Han, where's you camera? I've got to take a few snaps for a keepsake."

"On my desk," moaned Hanna, "Next to my One Direction CD."

Emily went over and picked it up. It was a camera Ashley had bought her daughter for her birthday, so that the teen could use it take pictures of her friends as reminders of her senior year. She had never imagined that it would be taking nude pictures of her and Hanna with toys stuffed up their asses; if she had she would have spent more to get a really high quality one.

"Smile," said Em as she raised the camera, though it wasn't their faces she was concentrating on. Again and again she clicked the camera, shooting the two women from multiple angles and positions. Ashley slid one of her hands between her legs, sliding a finger up her cunt - behind her Emmy knelt on one knee and zoomed in, snapping a close up of the digit going in and the butt plug in the hole above it. "That's a screensaver for my phone," she grinned.

"Hanna," Paige said, "You do the same. Stick a couple of fingers in your juicy little slit and work it. Em, take a snap of that, it's so hot."

"For your phone," grinned Em and took a picture of the blonde teen lying on her back, fingers working in and out of her pussy, a ringlet visible from her stretched ass.

"One more," said Emily, "Ashley, turn round and lie on your back next to Han. That's it, pull your legs back so we get a nice shot of your ass; good, you can hook it round Hanna's... look like your together. That's it, that's sweet, Mom and daughter ready for the night."

Ashley smiled as Em raised the camera and snapped a shot of the Milf and teen lying on the bed, both pulling their legs back to their ears, their wet pussies glimmering with excitement and the toys shaking in their holes. The teen swimmer smiled, "One more and then we fuck." Ashley and Hanna nodded their enthusiastic agreement as Em turned to Paige and asked, "Could you take the toys out and I'll take one of their gape?."

"Sure," Paige said. Hanna's easily exited with a pop, it took a few more moments to remove her Mom's, which was much more firmly lodged in. Ashley felt a rush of cool air as it was pulled out.

Paige skipped out of shot and Em's finger came down on the button, snapping pictures of the Milf and teen. "Now we're going to have to keep these, they're deserving framing," the teen laughed. Ashley and Hanna lowered their legs as Em hovered over them and showed them the shot; it looked so sexy and dirty, Mom and daughter, legs held high, assholes open and gaping, two black cavernous holes of lust filled promise. Emily put the camera down and licked her lips, "So who's first?"

"Han, you up for it?" grinned Paige at her girlfriend. She didn't even wait for a response from Hanna before she turned to Em, "You want her ass or pussy?"

"She's your girlfriend," Em said, "You choose."

"Okay, as I haven't had a go at Ashley's ass for ages I'll do Han's cunt and you can do her butt and we'll swap for Ashley," Paige decided.

"Suits me," replied Emily. She looked at Ashley and grinned, "Better put the plug back in Paige."

"Yes," agreed Ashley, "I want to be ready for my butt-fucking." She reached down and gripped her cheeks, pulling them apart so that Paige could pick up a plug, the one that been in Hanna, and thrust it into the waiting hole. Ashley gave a small moan and a shiver as the toy ploughed in its full length.

"Take some pictures, please" said Emily, she picked the camera up again and passed it to Ashley.

The Milf took it and got up, she walked to the end of the bed and knelt down beside it, feeling the toy move and rub as she got down again, resting her elbows on the mattress. In front of her Paige was lying on her back, holding up her strap-on as Hanna slowly lowered herself on it, giggling as she wriggled down, enjoying the feel of the rubber dong filling her teenage hole. Ashley's right hand raised the camera and clicked, her left hand moved to her pussy and she began to lightly rub the wet hole. She wondered whether all Mom's got turned on by their daughters having sex, probably not, she decided, she was just unusual in that way.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, I love big plastic pricks in my pink pussy," moaned Hanna. She was coming down the prick, her twat lips spreading apart to accommodate the thickness of the toy, the cunt so tight round the phallus it was like prick and pussy were one. She groaned all the time she slid down, "Yeah, oh yeah. This is soooo good," until she was fully impaled on the ten incher. She bent over, moving her face so it was close to her lovers and her titties were rubbing against the other teen's. Her ass lifted and Hanna reached behind herself to pull at them, making her still open butt-hole more enticing, "Mmmnnnn I want more plastic dick."

Emily was moving behind her. Ashley rubbed at her cunt so hard her finger ached as she watched her girlfriend begin to slowly penetrate her daughter's butt with a huge toy. Up and down Em moved, each time girding her strength and coming down hard, bringing the dildo a little deeper into the teen's bottom; and with each thrust Hanna would let out a pleasured cry as she was shoved down her own girlfriend's toy. Ashley gave out little moans of her own, her finger touching her spot, tickling and touching the clit, as she enjoyed the show. With her daughter's ass already opened it didn't take long for Em to get the full length in, Hanna gave a moan, "Mmmnn, oh yes, oh yes, oh..."

Her finger hitting her spot Ashley repeated almost word for word, "Oh, Mmmnn, yes, oh yes." Her other finger found the button on the camera and clicked repeatedly.

In front of her Em and Paige and Hanna began to move into a rhythm, the two swimmers pounding up and down like a rocking horse. Em thrusting as Paige pulled back and Em retreating as Paige advanced; and Hanna moving in time with them both, gasping and squealing in pleasure as the dicks filled her hole, "Fuck, oh my God, fuck, this is so hot."

'Click' Ashley took another picture. She had been double-fucked by the teens before, but this was the first time she'd watched them. They were supple and agile, their bodies firm, with a slight sheen of sweat. Their toys rammed her daughter's hole as their tits bounced against her body and their hands held her in place. They went in hard, slamming with force and passion, and deep, hammering the toys so far in that the rubber vanished from view. It was like watching experts at work, two pros who knew how to double-fuck, who could move as a partnership, who knew exactly what to do to bring the third girl to climax. Ashley raised the camera the screen was too misted for her to see properly through it, so she just pointed and pressed, hoping for the best.

Hanna was screaming and squealing, her face red and flushed, shaking with each orgasm, "Aaaaarrrghh, yessssss, aaaaarggghh." Emily and Paige pounded on, ramming their straps ons against the teen's clit. Her blonde hair was messed up, sticking up at odd angles or plastered to her scalp as sweat poured down her face. Ashley clicked the camera as she watched her daughter's fists clench and open as she fruitlessly grabbed at the bedding. The blonde's head rose up and she screamed again, "Aaaaarrrghh, uuuurrrghhh, aaaaarrghhh." The cries were loud and passionate, the shrieks of a woman who was lost in orgasmic pleasure. The two swimmers rammed harder, their bodies striking against her like slaps, thrusting the toys deep in. "Yesssss, aaarrgggghhh, yessssss!"

Ashley moaned herself, her finger ramming at her clit, her pussy soaked. But no matter how much she fingered herself it wasn't enough to suppress her desire or dampen the excited anticipation that she was next. She put down the camera; its screen so steamed everything was a blur and slammed her finger down deeper, "Ooooh, ohhhh, urrrhhh."

"Aaaaaarrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaaaarggghhh," Hanna screamed again, a roar of passion as the pleasure welled within her.

Em pulled the dildo out of the teen's ass and stood up, wiping sweat from her brow. More trickled down her coppery skin, like little rivulets of molten steel. She looked down at Hanna for a moment, smiling at the gaping hole in the teen ass, before the teen rolled off and onto her back. Em turned to Ashley, "Your turn." Ashley nodded enthusiastically and got onto the bed as Emily looked down at Paige, "You want to fuck her butt?"

Paige was grinning. She got up from her lying position and picked up the camera, for a second or two she skimmed through some of the pictures the Milf had taken, given small nods of approval. Then, satisfied that at least some of them were worth keeping, she tossed the camera to Hanna, "Get some of us and your Mom; we've not got any of me and Em sharing her."

"Okay," said Hanna. She raised herself up and moved over to the seat next to her desk, sitting on it, legs akimbo and raising the camera to snap one of her Mom on her legs and knees, quivering with excitement, the butt-plug ring sticking out.

Ashley turned her head towards Paige and Em, "You want to do something new?" she asked as an idea came to mind.

"What?" smiled Emily as she watched Paige pull the butt-plug out.

"Ouch," Ashley gave a giggle as the plug scraped at her insides; she was open, ready for action. She moved her hands round to her buttocks, tugging at the cheeks and accentuating the gape of her butt, "What about you both fuck my ass?"

There was a gasp from Hanna, surprise or embarrassment or excitement, Ashley wasn't sure, but from the smiles on the faces of the other two teens she knew their answer even as Paige said, "Now that's something I've not done before."

"Me neither," said Em, "I'm so up for it though."

"I am too," smiled Paige, "How do you want to play this?"

"You go first," said Em, "Open her up for me and I'll join when she's ready."

Ashley nodded her agreement and dropped forward, raising her ass in the air and resting her elbows and wrists on the bedding. Paige moved behind her and the Milf felt the tip of the plastic rubbing over her as the teen started to direct it into. Then the tip entered her, moving in a couple of inches with no trouble, until the walls started to close round the dong. "This is going to be fun," laughed Paige as she pulled an inch back.

"Yes," giggled Ashley. She groaned and gasped as Paige punched forward again, driving the dildo further into her butt. The teen retreated again, pausing as she took a firm grip of the Milf's waist and ploughed down. Ashley gave a moan, "ooohhh," as she shot forward and bounced back, the bed squeaking under her. Paige took hold off her harder, the teen's nails nipping at her skin and slammed down again, the dildo going in deeper, pressing at her walls and starting to pound at the tightness as it entered territory the plug hadn't been long enough to reach. Paige grunted something, and paused long enough to wipe a sheen of perspiration from her eyes, before going forward again, "Oh yes," cried out Ashley as the dildo pleasured and stretched her, "That's right."

Paige started going faster, pushing aside the anal walls obstructing her and ramming the toy down deep. It slammed further, racing down the passage way and hitting Ashley's cervix from behind. The Milf squealed in pleasure, her body tensing in excitement as the strap-on smacked her special spot through her wall. Her pussy was soaking, the cum bubbling up like lava from rock bed. "Fuck, yeah, oh my God, fuck yes," she screamed loudly. Behind her she could hear the click of the camera as Hanna snapped away.

"Aaaarrrghhh," the first orgasm smacked into her, an explosion of bliss, "Aaaarrrghhh!"

Paige went faster and harder pounding at her backhole, until suddenly she stopped and pulled back out. Ashley lay shuddering with pleasure and waiting. Paige slid her thumbs into the hole and pulled at it, the Milf winced as she was stretched wider than she ever had been before. "I think she's ready," said Paige and reinserted her strap-on.

"She is," agreed her friend. Em got on the bed and stood over Ashley, facing Paige. She started to gradually lower herself; Paige took hold off her rubber dong as she descended and started to guide it towards the Milf ass. Ashley moaned and quaked, the pleasure from the dildo in her and the anticipation of the one to come turning her into a quivering lump of sexual frenzy.

"Oh my God," Hanna gasped from the seat as Emily's dildo, guided by Paige, started to enter her Mom's butt. There was the click from her camera as she took snap after snap of the slow entry. Ashley could hear her daughter's moans of ecstasy, suggesting that like her Mom she was using one hand for taking pictures and one hand for self-pleasure. The teen moaned "That's so hot," as her friend's dildo moved another fraction in and she pressed down on her button again

It wasn't like Paige's penetration, hard, brutal thrusts; more a gradual easing, letting the asshole stretch and open at is own pace. It hurt still though, like her asshole was being torn open. But despite the pain Ashley wouldn't have swapped places with anyone else at the moment, she was doing something with the two more experienced lesbians that neither had done before and doing it all in front of Hanna. It was painful, it was humiliating, it was the most exciting, dirty and fucking hardcore thing she'd ever done. The pleasure wasn't in the orgasm or the rushes of excitement she was getting as her nerves were stimulated, it was in the knowledge she was a slut; a super, sexy slut. She screamed and moved back, "Ooooohhh, fuck, do me, do it, do my asshole."

Em grunted, "Sure Ashley." She eased in further, leaning her hands on Ashley's back as she pushed in. Paige was also moving, gripping the Milf's waist and pushing forward. The two strap-ons were locking together, dragging each other forward as their owners surged forward. "You're taking it good," moaned Em, her body slick with her perspiration as she shoved down, "It's going in."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Hanna moaned. She wasn't even bothering to take photos anymore, just hammering her wet pussy with her fingers as she watched her Mom take two dildos in her backhole.

"Aaaarrrghh, aaarrrghhh," Ashley screamed loudly in pain. "Oooooohhh, ooooohhhh" a rush of pleasure combined with it as the toys went deeper in. She could feel her pussy throbbing with pleasure, dripping liquid as she came again. The two teens were moving slowly back and forth, working in conjunction to stuff their toys down her anal fuckhole and stretch it like it was a flimsy rubber. "Ooooohh, aaaarrggghh."

The three of them continued to move; Paige and Em slow and deliberate, pushing and penetrating the anus with their toys, Ashley forcing herself back onto them, revelling in the dicks going up her ass. She could feel another orgasm, a volcanic burst of ecstasy, which left her pussy gushing her cum onto the bed. Her hands clenched and relaxed, her face contorted and her back arched and bent. The dildos moved in, only half their length, but still as far as they could go. Ashley shrieked again, "Oh yes, aaaarrghhh, ooooh, urrrrrghhhh, fuck my slutty ass, fuck me like an anal whore."

They continued at it, thrusting and grunting and sweating and swearing, until Ashley's ass felt like it was on fire. And then she screamed for more and the two teens gave it her, battering her ass, opening and elasticating it, pushing, probing, pounding; the two dicks sharing a space that wasn't designed to accommodate even one. Ashley screamed and shrieked, bounced and writhed, came and came again, enjoying every single second - until her lust filled body was wracked with ecstasy and the feelings overcame her like a flood.

The teens pulled out and Ashley lay grunting on the bed as Hanna picked up the camera and took shots of her Mom's wide open asshole. "Fuck," gasped the Milf, "That was the best sex we've ever had."

"It was..." agreed Em. She reached down and pulled up the shattered Milf, and kissed her. Ashley opened her lips, tasting the salt of her lover's sweat on her mouth. Em's hands reached down to rub and hold Ashley's cheeks, a finger lightly rubbing over at her sore hole. "We need to do it again," Em confirmed as she broke the kiss, "Even harder, perhaps we could get a video camera and Hanna could record it next time."

Ashley nodded and looked at her daughter. Hanna was on her knees, sucking at Paige's strap-on. The Milf smiled, the teen obviously knew that after use a dildo needed to be cleaned. Em's glanced round to see what her lover was looking at. She smiled as she saw and started to guide Ashley towards the door, "Let's go to your room; it's about time we gave Paige and Han some privacy."

* * *

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