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Pretty Little Liars: In Vino Veritas (Ff,fist,anal)
by LL

"Have a good time tonight," Ashley Marin stood at the door as her daughter Hanna made a last minute check of her bag. The teen's boyfriend, Caleb waited patiently, just outside the front door. Ashley wished he'd cut his hair, it made him look like he was a reject from some seventies rock band. The Mom's eyes moved from her daughter's paramour to her daughter; Hanna scurrying around in her bag like she was trying to burrow to the bottom. For a second Hanna thought she saw a packet of condoms amongst the detritus that Hanna had collected, but it was only a brief flash before the pack, if that was what it was, disappeared beneath a deodorant stick. Ashley didn't say anything; it was a reminder that Hanna was no longer a child, but a young woman and no matter how much her Mom wanted her to remain sweet and innocent that ship started preparing to sail when Hanna had been bought her first bra. Unfortunately the condoms were also a sharp reminder that at least someone in the Marin house was getting some.

Hanna finished examining the contents of her bag and, from her expression, seemed vaguely content there was enough to mints, gloss and other things to cover her trip to the pizza place and the movies afterwards. She gave her Mom a smile as she slipped towards the front door and Caleb, "I'll be back late, about midnight." Her Mom nodded, hopeful that as long as her daughter wasn't planning to stay out all night she couldn't get into too much trouble - though her experience told her differently. Hanna raised her voice and shouted, "See you later Em, don't wait up though."

"Laters," called back their semi-permanent house guest from the kitchen, "Have a great time."

Shutting the door behind her daughter Ashley walked into the kitchen. Emily Fields stood up as she entered, an empty mug in her hand. She gestured at the Milf, "Do you want a coffee? I'm making one."

If Ashley ever thought of it she'd have been surprised at how close friends Hanna and Emily were. It wasn't their differences in appearances, Hanna small, but busty, WASP and blond; Emily taller, more slender and toned with her skin colouring an attractive merge of Caucasian, Asian and Polynesian; but more their personalities. Whilst Hanna was bubbly, fun-loving and disorganised Emily was serious and studious, acting like she was almost an adult all the time Ashley had known her. And whilst Hanna would only hit the gym for the minimum she could and kept her body weight down through dieting, Emily guzzled calories and burnt it up by swimming for hours a day.

There was a bottle of wine sitting in the fridge and Ashley felt more like a glass of relaxing white than a caffeine fix. She smiled at the teenager, "I'm fine, I'm going to have a glass of wine." She turned as she opened the cupboard door to pull out a glass, "Do you want one as well?"

"I've finished my assignment, I was just going to go my room and read for a while," replied Emily.

"Just the one," smiled Ashley. She didn't want to lead Emily into alcoholism, but she was sure one glass would do no harm, and especially as with Hanna out having fun her Mom could do with a drink and company.

"I'm not sure," said Emily as her eyes flicked to the glass, obviously wavering and torn between her wish to curl up with a good novel and that as she was a guest in the Marin's house she didn't want to insult her hostess.

Ashley pulled out two glasses, "I won't tell if you don't."

Emily smiled, "I'll just have the one. It can't do any harm can it? And my book will wait."

"It will," Ashley agreed. She poured two glasses of wine, generous measures and passed one to Emily. The teen's face moved slightly as she examined the wine poured up to near the brim and Ashley half-expected her to return it and ask for less, but then her manners kicked in and she gave a small smile of thanks. Ashley took a sip of her wine, it was refreshingly cold and just sweet enough. She sat down at the kitchen table next to Emily, "What do you think?"

The teen raised the glass to her lips and allowed a small amount to pass over them. For a second her expression remained inscrutable and then a very pretty smile passed over her face, "I haven't really drunk much wine before. Half a glass at a wedding we went too over the summer and that's it." She took another drink, a longer sip this time which seemed to carry on until a quarter of the wine was gone. Emily put down the glass and looked at how much she'd taken, "Sorry, I didn't mean to gulp it down."

"Don't worry; it's not rationed," said Ashley, she took a long drink of her own wine to match Emily's speed and then, reaching over for the wine-bottle, refilled them both.

"Thanks," smiled Emily. She looked round the kitchen as if to check no-one was hiding in the corners, "You're pretty cool, y'know, for a Mom. There's no way my own Mom would sit in the kitchen and uncork some wine for me."

"It was for me as well," Ashley replied, "It helps me rewind after a long day. You'll feel the same when..." she was about to say when you have kids, but then she remembered Emily was a girl who was into girls and Ashley didn't know whether that meant children were ever on the horizon. Instead she paused and smiled, swiftly changing the subject, "So how are your Mom and Dad?"

"They seemed great when I spoke to them last. Dad's enjoying the new posting, very challenging he says and Mom's being doing lots of trips and dinners with the other Army wives," the teen shrugged and smiled, "I'm glad I'm not in Texas with them though."

"Oh why?" asked Ashley, she mentally kicked herself as she soon as she spoke, a rush of warmth spreading to her cheeks. It was such a dumb question, what with Texas's reputation for fundamentalist Christianity and Emily's feelings for other women, it wouldn't be a match made in heaven.

"It's too hot," responded Em. She smiled as she saw the colour rising in Ashley's face, guessing correctly that the Milf had misconstrued why she didn't want to be there. She shook her head and continued, "The bit where my Mom and Dad are based isn't nearly as homophobic as other bits; there's some bible thumping but thousands of soldiers and religion don't mix. 'All sinners burn in hell' types have to contend with lots of bars, strip-joints and plenty of casual pre-marital sex; women doing it with other women falls a long way down their lists of concerns." She paused and took another swig of her glass, "Anyway with my current luck I'd be as chaste as a nun."

"You and me both," said the divorcee. She reached over and refilled Emily's glass and then her own, "I thought you and Samara were such a good couple."

Emily shrugged, "So did I. But things happen and this thing was so big that it couldn't be undone."

"I'm sorry, I know what it's like to love someone and suddenly loose them," Ashley was thinking of her divorce and that was something she didn't like to think about. She swiftly drank down some more wine and forced herself to move to a more positive conversational flow, "Still you're lucky you're out now."

"Really? I mean I don't think much about it, I just am who I am."

"I was meaning when I was your age, in the eighties it would have been hell if you'd said you'd fancied another girl," said Ashley. She smiled as she remembered, "What I wouldn't have been able to give to... it doesn't matter." She shook her head and blushed, the wine was making her open.

Emily's eyes widened and her mouth went into an oh in surprise, "Did you used to have the hots for some other girl?"

Ashley went redder and took another drink of her wine. Part of her told her she should move the chat onto something safer, politics say, or religion. But another part of her wanted to be daring and shock Emily, to show the teen that she hadn't always been a divorced Mom with a no-sex life, but a young woman with sexual desires. The drink meant the second half of her brain won. She smiled, "Don't tell Hanna this. Or anyone."

"I won't" smiled Emily crossing her heart, "Lesbian's honour."

Ashley couldn't help but giggle. She took another sip of the wine and righted herself, "Okay the first girl I fancied was called Becky. She was a cheerleader with me in school. Oh, she was gorgeous, thin figure," Ashley made the shape of an hourglass with her hands, "massive tits." She held her hands upside down and made like she was squeezing a pair of beach balls. "I can remember being in the shower with her. She was looking at me and I was looking at her back and she was so perfect, so utterly drop-dead fuckable... don't tell on me for using that word."

"I won't," giggled Emily sipping her wine, "Go on, did you fuck her?"

"No," Ashley shook her head slowly, "That's the point. I could tell we both wanted it, but there's no way we could have said we fancied another girl; we'd have been tarred out of town."

"That's terrible," said Emily, her face dropped in concern and she moved her hand to rest on Ashley's, "It's sometimes hard for me, but not as bad as I thought it would be and my Mom and dad, they're getting better about it. I can't imagine having to hide it though, that must be worse."

Ashley nodded, "Don't get me wrong, Emily, I'm not a lesbian, not properly. I like men as well, even as I was fancying Becky I was having my first sexual relationship with a member of the Football Team. That was fun as well... And after that at college, well I met more than a few footballers and basketball studs. Every generation thinks it invents sex, but in the eighties I'm sure we did, I certainly had lots of sex with lots of guys."

"That's cool as well," said Emily.

Ignoring the interruption Ashley continued, "But even as I was banging away I was thinking of other girls, well not literally when I was screwing, but at other times. There was Angela who was in my sorority, tall, blonde and oh so sexy. Then there was Lucy, she was a small black girl, with an Afro as oversized as her tits, who used to tend bar. And Doctor Nadia Porter, she was one of my tutors and I guess she's what you'd call my Milf fantasy..." Ashley trailed off as her mind wandered for a moment to the three women she'd mentioned.

"And you never did it with any of them?" asked Emily sympathetically. Her thumb moved over the back of Ashley's hand as she squeezed it in consolation.

"No," Ashley shook her head, "I never could work up the nerve to say I like women as much as I like men."

"So you've never kissed a woman?" asked Emily.

The teen's eyelid fluttered and she smiled, as Ashley paused, the Milf unsure whether it was just an innocent question - showing sympathy to an older, but less experienced, woman or whether there was more to it - a challenge or an invite. Ashley licked her lips, which had suddenly become dry and gave herself more time to think by refilling both their glasses. Emily waited patiently for a moment and then, thinking she wasn't going to get an answer to her question asked another one instead, "So is there anyone you've the hots for now?"

At this moment, sitting opposite Emily with her cute smile and deep brown eyes, her sensual scent and warm touch, her lustrous skin and flowing hair; Ashley suddenly had the hots for someone. She smiled, "No and yes."

"No and yes?" Emily looked momentarily confused, "Am I prying? Would you rather not say?"

"No, yes for the moment," giggled Ashley. She looked at the teen opposite her, she looked even more adorable when she was puzzled. But at the same time the conversation would grind to a swift halt if Ashley spoke only in riddles and the Milf didn't want to end it; she was enjoying sitting with Emily too much. So she straightened her face, "No, I've not kissed a woman. Yes, there is someone who I have the hots for. No, you're not prying and yes, I'm not that drunk I want to say."

"So if you got more drunk you would," Emily had a cheeky smile that Ashley had never seen before, the teen was normally much more serious - at least when with Ashley and not alone with Hanna and her other friends. It was very adorable, thought Ashley as she took another sip of her wine.

"I might," she held out the glass for Emily to refill the glass, the teen still grinning as she poured wine up to the brim and then topped up her own glass. Ashley took another sip of the wine and looked at the bottle, there wasn't much left. She turned back to the sexy teen opposite her, "We've talked about my love life enough, at least until you've spilled as well."

"Well you know I've kissed a girl and I liked it," said Emily in a sing-song voice, "What else do you want me to spill? My wine?" So saying the teen picked up the glass and took a large gulp. She put the glass back down and smiled, prettily, "Are you asking how far I've gone?"

"I wasn't," said Ashley, before matching the teen drink for drink, "but now... as you're under my roof I need to know whether I'm housing a slattern."

Emily laughed, not at all insulted as Ashley followed up the comment with a smile to show she wasn't being serious or judgmental. The teen stood up and moved her hands down her waist, seductively, teasingly, "Are you asking whether I've let my girls get a hold of this."

"Yes," laughed Ashley, "I told you my secrets so you tell me yours."

"Mine aren't secrets," Emily teased, twisting her body and twirling in a circle, making Ashley's throat so dry she needed another sip, "But yes, I fucked Maya and I fucked Samara, and I fucked Paige and she fucked me back."

"Slut," giggled Ashley.

Emily sat down, smiling, "I am. I fucked a girl and I liked it. Or to be truthful I fucked several girls and I loved it. But it isn't a secret Hanna and the others all know, I tell them everything."

"Okay," said Ashley, "If that's not a secret you've got to tell me one."

Emily thought for a second and then drained the last of her wine, "You won't tell?"

"No," Ashley shook her head and repeated the sign of the cross Emily had made earlier, "Bi-sexual sluts honour."

Emily giggled; "If you're sure and you double, double promise." She paused and waited until Ashley nodded, before continuing, "I've took some pictures of Samara using my dildo... in her pussy," she added after a brief pause.

"That I've got to see," said Ashley. She blushed aware of what she was saying, it wasn't like she hadn't looked at women in sexual poses before. Well-hidden, and in place where if discovered she could blame her ex-husband were half a dozen girlie mags that she looked at sometimes when she was alone and lonely; but she wasn't on her own, she was admitting to wanting to look at naked teens. And to make it worse she was saying she wanted to look at the young woman opposite ex-girlfriend.

She blushed and looked at Emily. The teen didn't seem either insulted or shocked; instead she was giggling as if something very funny had been said. Or she was very tipsy. Emily looked at Ashley, trying to conceal her laughter, "What the dildo or the pictures?"

"Both," Ashley had been so relieved that Emily hadn't been sent into a horrified tail-spin of embarrassment that the words were out of her mouth before her brain could warn her mouth not to say anything else inappropriate. For a second Ashley looked in silence at the teen opposite as Emily stood up and walked to the door.

At the last moment, just before she left the kitchen she turned to Ashley with a puzzled look on her face, like one of them was slow-thinking, "Aren't you coming to see them. They're in my room." She turned and headed up the stairs.

For a few moments Ashley continued to sit at the table, wondering how the conversation had quickly moved from an innocent chat to an invitation to view sex toys and nude photos. It seemed to be moving so fast and out of control. The Milf took a look at the empty bottle next to her half empty glass - she knew what was to blame. From upstairs Emily called, "Are you coming?"

"Yes," said Ashley and drained the last of her wine.

Emily was sitting on her bed, a small open suitcase beside her, the padlock which had kept it locked sitting on the bedside cabinet. The teen smiled as Ashley came in and tapped the bed beside her, motioning for the Mom to sit. Ashley did so as Emily passed her a couple of photos printed onto high quality paper. Ashley felt her skin redden- from lust, embarrassment or the drink, she couldn't say, as she looked at the pictures of a naked Samara sitting on this very bed thrusting a toy into her naked pussy. Ashley licked her lips as she stared at them. They looked like they been taken the same day, but at different times. In the first Samara was still wearing her pull-over as she stuffed her cunt, in the second the bed was more crumpled, her pullover was off and her lip gloss was smudged, as if she had been making out. But in both, her expression was the same, a look of delighted rapture as she had masturbated for her girl. The look was so hot that Ashley found her eyes drawn to it almost as much as she was drawn to the snatch with its small tuft of blonde hair. Ashley had to resist the urge to touch herself and only the fact she could see Emily, in the corner of her eye, sitting, smiling gently, stopped her.

Ashley put down the pictures, "She's very photogenic." She wasn't sure whether that was the right thing to say or not, but it made Emily smile wider.

The teen twisted round the suitcase so that Ashley could see inside. The young woman grinned, "My secret sex toy stash. Don't tell..."

"Our secret," said Ashley, her throat's sudden dryness making her voice sound cracked. She gulped as she looked in. She hadn't really thought about what Emily was in the suitcase, but if she had she wouldn't have imagined it would be so full. There was a pile of close to a dozen DVDs; Ashley didn't know what the bottom ones were, but the top one looked very hardcore - with a woman being dildoed by a teen, whilst next that photo was another with a cheerleader between a Milf's legs. Next to the DVDs were a selection of toys, almost a large a collection as Ashley had locked away under her bed. They included a vibrator, five or six normal dildos of varying size colour and texture, a couple of double-ended dildos and a strap-on - something that Ashley had only seen on the Internet. She reached into the suitcase and pulled out another toy, her mouth opened as she looked at it, "Is this...?"

"A butt-plug," said Emily smiling.

"Have you ever used it?" it wasn't a question Ashley had been expecting to ask earlier that evening.

"Depends what you mean by used," tittered Emily as she took the toy back from Ashley and cradled it, as if the touch alone brought back memories. She was quiet for a moment, before she continued, her face lit up by her nostalgic smile, "I haven't had it in my own ass. But I put it in Maya's and in Samara's a couple of times; y'know to open them up."

Ashley eyes opened wider and she gaped, probably in both cases almost as much as Samara and Maya's assholes, "Open them up?"

"For this," laughed Emily and pulled out the strap-on. She swung it round her finger before dropping it back in the case. She gave a smile as she said, "When we did anal sometimes I used the plug, sometimes I lubed it up and sometimes we did neither."

"You've done anal?" Ashley couldn't keep her surprise out of her voice. She'd always though Emily seemed so innocent, almost demure, and it turned out she'd taken two of her three girlfriends up their back holes. For a moment Ashley wondered if Hanna and Caleb were having anal sex tonight, that was a question she didn't want an answer to. She shook her head to clear it, "What about Paige?"

"We only used this," Emily pulled out one of the double-ended dildos, "Scissoring and pussy to pussy only." She paused and grinned, "We both wanted to be the dom; I guess that's what broke us up as much as her wanting to keep it quiet."

Ashley took the double-ended toy from the teen and bent it, feeling it strain against her hands. She blushed as she remembered what she was playing with and handed it back. "So did you do it a lot? The anal sex, I mean."

"I seem to be answering all the questions," laughed Emily, "but, yes I've done it a lot. It's fun."

"Okay," Ashley smiled back. She moved slightly closer to Emily, her legs under her body as she leant forward, "So what do you want me to spill?"

Emily paused, thinking, then she gave a grin - alluring in its wickedness, "If we're talking about anal... have you ever had it up your butt?"

"What? Cock, yes," said Ashley. She saw Emily's grin get wider and Ashley had a sudden desire to shock her even more, "Dildos? Toys? Yes. Sometimes when you and Hanna are asleep I take out one of my toys, lie face down on my bed and jack it into my ass until I cum."

Emily's mouth opened and her jaw worked uselessly for a moment as she tried to speak. Then she gave up and let a slow smile steal over her face until she had gathered her thoughts enough to say, "I guess that also takes care of my next question, whether you enjoyed it."

"It's my turn for the question," laughed Ashley. Emily nodded, her hand moving closer across the bed so that the fingers of the teen were touching the older woman's. It could have been accidental or innocent, Ashley didn't think so - but she didn't care; or rather she did and hoped. She glanced into the suitcase again, she looked at the title of the top 'Mommy's Little Helper' with below it, in slightly smaller letters, 'Teen's and their best friend's Mom'. Ashley turned back to Emily, her spare hand, the one not brushing Emily's picking up the DVD and presenting it to Emily, "So do you have fantasies about older women?"

Emily grinned, "About as much as you have fantasies about getting it on with some chick..."

"Touche," giggled Ashley.

She was just wondering how to say more when Emily interrupted, "It's your turn to blab a secret."

"It is," agreed Ashley. After the previous conversation there wasn't many more skeletons to be uncovered and it would give her time to think of how to get herself and Emily to the next level.

The teen's hands moved again, covering Ashley's; it was hard to pretend it was an accident any longer and the Milf found her heart starting to beat faster. It sped even more as Emily's face crept closer, so that Ashley was looking into her brown eyes, seeing her own face, flushed and excited, reflected in the shining orbs. She could smell Emily's perfume, a subtle lavender, just strong enough to tantalise - like a brief whiff of a flower garden brought to her by a change of wind direction. Ashley's tongue moved out and licked her lips, she was sure they were so dry they were cracked, but was gratified they remained smooth and glossy, her lipstick worth the money. Emily's face was so close that Ashley could feel her breath. She gulped and forced herself to speak, "What's your question?"

"Do you want me to kiss you?"


The teen's mouth continued the few inches to Ashley's. The Milf opened and felt Emily's tongue slide in as the young woman's lips closed onto hers, fulfilling a fantasy held since Ashley had been fourteen. Emily kissed harder, pushing her tongue deep into the Mom's mouth forcing her to react. Ashley did so, twisting her knees from under her letting herself be pushed down onto the bed with Emily on top. The teen's tongue flicked in and out, exploring and probing, licking and lapping, making Ashley faint with pleasure.

Her pleasure increased as she felt Emily's hand on her bosom, squeezing at the Milf titty through her top. The teen other hand was pulling the top free from the skirt. Again Ashley reacted, twisting her body and arching her back so that the material slid out of her skirt and up her tummy. Emily's hand went under it, slipping over the skin and up to the bra. "Oh," said Ashley as the teen's fingers pulled it down.

"Too fast," said Emily, her lips wet and red.

Ashley shook her head, "Not fast enough," she giggled. She pulled herself free enough to give herself room to pull off her top and unclip her bra. Her fortysomething bosoms bounded free, jiggling as the Milf gave them a bounce. She smiled at Emily, "What do you think?"

"Nice," said Emily, her smile wide and wanton, "As the saying goes, good enough to eat."

Her hand reached out and lightly pushed Ashley back to the bed. The Milf complied. Emily's head was down and the teen's mouth opened again. Except this time her target was not Ashley's face but her titties. Ashley groaned in pleasure as Emily's mouth closed round a bosom, her tongue darting out to lick at the nipple and brown hard flesh round it. The teat went hard under Emily treatment, solidifying as it got lapped. The Milf gave another moan as the teen's teeth but down, not hard, but with just enough force to squeeze the hard nub, "Oh that's good, Emily, that's so good."

For years Ashley had imagined another woman on her and now it was happening it was even more sensual and exciting than she had dared hope. She gave another slow, sexy groan as Emily moved to her other tit; "Oh my God, please don't stop. This is heaven." The feelings of bliss flooded her body, making her pussy wet beneath her skirt and panties. She moaned again and brought her legs apart so that they were pushing at the hem of her skirt, "Please, this is so good. Oh please, carry on."

Whether Emily was reacting to her movements or was acting on her own initiative the teen began to pull up Ashley's skirt until the Milf's underwear was exposed. The teen's hand moved over the cotton panties, rubbing at them with the palm of her hand, obviously feeling the dampness of the material against her skin. Ashley moaned again, a wave of joy flooding through her as Emily's hand pressed down, "Oh, oh, oh," she gasped.

Emily slid the panties away from the Milf's waist down to the top of her thighs. It wasn't far, but it was far enough to leave the Mom's cunt uncovered. For a few moments Emily continued to concentrate on suckling, licking, biting and swallowing at Ashley's hardened teats. But then, suddenly her finger slid in and Ashley stiffened tensely. It wasn't the first time a finger had been up there, her own had many times, her ex-husband and ex-boyfriends as well, but this was the first time another woman had entered her. The reaction only lasted for less than a second and Ashley relaxed, feeling her the pleasure flow through her as the teen's finger moved into her. She moaned, "Oh, finger fuck me, finger fuck my pussy."

The teen took her at her word, slamming her digit into Ashley's pussy, not bothering to explore or tease, only wanting to ram in and out until she found the spot. Ashley's gaspy squeak told her she'd found it and the Milf quivered as Emily started to hit it hard. Her face lifted from the older woman's tits and she looked at the Milf, a smile of delight over her face as she moved quicker and harder against the clit. Ashley gasped and groaned, shaking as the orgasmic pleasure moved through her. Emily's grin got wider, "You want it harder?"

"Yes," moaned Ashley, her back curving off the bed, "I want you to finger fuck my cunt."

Emily pushed the finger in again and again, pumping hard at the pussy and ramming at Ashley's bud. The Milf gasped with every thrust, blushing as the warm pleasure flowed through her. No other fingering had felt this good, no man had ever managed to hit the clit with just the right mixture of force and direction; only another woman could have given her what a woman wants. Ashley gasped again, gripping her naked titties and squeezing them. Emily looked at her, a sexy smile on her attractive face as her gaze took in the semi-naked Milf, "Is it good? Was it worth it? You want me to stick in another couple of fingers?"

"Yes," moaned Ashley, "yes, yes and yes. I want more, I want it all."

The index and ring fingers joined the middle in thrusting into Ashley. They drove deep and hard, stretching the twat walls and making Ashley juice up like a freshly squeezed orange. The brunette Mom gasped again, overwhelmed by the joy the three fingers with giving her. She gripped her own titties, driving her fingers into the plump flesh, "More, more, I want more."

Emily moved quicker, thrusting her fingers hard against the clit. More cum flooded Ashley's cunt, splashing around the hole and leaking out over the pussy lips so they glistened wetly. She gasped and shrieked, her body bending as she was pushed into rounds of orgasmic overload. The Milf's eyes closed; "Fuck," she gasped, " I want it, I want it."

Emily didn't seem to be listening as she pulled her fingers out. Ashley gave a whinny of disappointment and opened her eyes to look at the teen. Emily was licking her wet digits. As she saw Ashley looking at her, she smiled, "You want more?"

"I need more," moaned the older woman, desperate for the pleasure that only Emily's fingers could give.

The teen took another lick of her middle finger, sucking up Ashley's cum. She smiled as she pulled it out, "How about the full fist? You ever done that?"

Ashley's eyes widened as Emily moved her fingers into a duck-bill. She nodded, "Not for a long time though." It must have been years, an ex-boyfriend in her early twenties had sometimes done it. Not very well, if she remembered, certainly not as good as she'd seen on lesbian porn films. She looked at Emily, from the teen's expression fisting her girlfriends was not a new experience to her. Ashley spread her legs wider, opening her pussy as far as she was able, "Fist me."

If her pussy had felt stretched with three fingers it almost split as the full fist moved in. Ashley gave a gasp as the tunnel widened and elasticated so hard it hurt. But even as her nervous system was shooting messages of pain to her brain, it was sending equally intense ones of pleasure. Ashley gripped the bedding, trying to control her breathing so that the streaking aches were submerged by the whizzing waves of bliss. She moaned, "Fist me, fist me."

"My sexy slut," murmured Emily, "that's my slutty sextoy. I'm going to wreck this fuckhole for you." She slowly moved her fist back and forth, gradually going deeper and faster, prepping the pussy for the next thrust. A slight sliver of sweat appeared on her forehead, Ashley watched with intense concentration as the bead slid down the teen's tan skin, over her nose and down to her lips. It hung there for a second , before falling. The teen continued to push in, each shove going that little further. "I'm going to fist that fuckhole open, I'm going to destroy your pussy," Emily continued to say, so quietly that Ashley could barely hear her.

And then she couldn't, the teen's voice becoming inaudible as Ashley's moans became louder and louder. The knuckles of the teen's hand pushed aside all resistance and started to target the clit. Ashley's eyes closed again and she found herself shrieking uncontrollably, unable to speak just to scream, "Aaaaarrrghhh, aaaarrrggghh, aaaaarrrrgghhh". Each cry was high and drawn out, a scream from her guts, a blast of intensity, "Aaaaarrrrghhh, aaaaarrrrgggghhh, aaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh"

Emily was moving faster now, slamming the clit like it was a boxing ball, making it bounce and quiver and blaze, ramming it into the soft wall of flesh around it. Each punch made Ashley explode in pleasure, wave after wave of orgasms crashing through her like she was a beach and orgasms surf in a storm. She was pulling the bedclothes so hard they were almost ripping, the material pulling out from under the mattress and over her sweaty body, "Aaaaaaarrrggghhhh, aaaaaaarrrggghhh, aaaaarrrrgggghhh."

The orgasms continued, a veritable flood of pleasure. So many, so fast, so intense that Ashley couldn't even try and count them; even if one didn't merge into the next. She screamed again, as the fist rammed in harder, "Aaaarrrrrggggghhhh... aaaaaaarrrgggghhh." The scream was so strong, so intense that she could feel her vocal chords straining with the effort, but there was no other option, she could either scream or the feelings in her would grow so powerfully intense that within seconds her heart would have stopped. She opened her mouth "Aaaaaaarrrghhhh... aaaaarrggggghhhh."

Suddenly her body relaxed as she felt the fist being pulled out of her body, a wave of cum flooding out after it so that the bedding under soaked. The Milf lay there gasping for a few moments, her eyes closed as it would require more energy than she had to open them.

"I guessed you liked that," said Emily.

Ashley opened her eyes. The teen had taken advantage of the pause to strip off. It didn't surprise Ashley that the swimmer's pussy was completely bald, better aerodynamically as well as artistically the Milf guessed. It did surprise her that there was a small tattoo of a dolphin just above it, Emily didn't seem the type, but then she hadn't seemed the type to fist one of her best friend's Moms and she just had. The teen grinned, "Enjoying the view?" she asked and slid her hand over her naked cunt.

"Yes," said Ashley. She was still reeling from her fisting, hot flushes still seeping through her skin and looking at Emily's naked, firm and toned body didn't, in any way, make the feelings fade.

Emily seemed to see the effect she was having on the Milf as she licked her lips and stretched, making her teen titties heave and wobble. Ashley slid her hand down to her own aching pussy and touched it gently, rubbing at the hole and stimulating the skin inside. Emily laughed, "You want more, still?"

"I'm greedy," admitted Ashley. She reached down and finished removing her skirt and socks, leaving herself as naked as the teen. She shifted her body so that her she was on her side and her ass was partially available to view. Her hand moved over and she pulled the top cheek upwards. She looked at Emily hoping she'd get the hint, "I never had a strap-on, if you want to use that on me."

Emily moved back towards the Milf and rolled her onto her front. Her hands resting on Ashley's cheeks, slowly pulling the cheeks apart, "What? You mean in this cute butt?"

"Yes," murmured Ashley, totally in the younger woman's experienced hands.

"Just to be clear," Emily pried the cheeks further apart and ran a little finger over the tight back hole; "You want to be take my big strap-on and fuck your ass hard?"

"Yes," moaned Ashley, "I want you to put on that huge dildo and pound my ass so fucking hard I'll be cumming for a we...oooooohhh". She gasped in pleasure as Emily's finger pushed into her butt-hole, wriggling around the top of the hole and tickling the chute.

It was only for a few seconds before Emily pulled it out. The teen's leant down, her head near to Ashley's ear, "I better prep you, hadn't I?"

"Yes," nodded Ashley. She waited in excitement, wondering how the teen was going to get her ready for the huge dong. Of all her anal experiences this could be the one she was most looking forward to, the thought of Emily, another girl, pounding her ass with toys was making her wet. She didn't have to stay in suspense too long before she felt one of Emily's hands back on her butt, squeezing the cheek and pulling it back. The dildo in the teen's other hand pushed into her hole. It was a small thin toy, the perfect thing to fit in a purse for emergency dildoing, or into an ass to start to open it. Ashley groaned in pleasure, moving her butt upwards and wriggling her body, as Emily slowly started to slide it in and out. The Milf felt it move over her walls, snugly fitting down her butt. She groaned, "That's going in good, Emily, that's working my ass."

"Your butt is so cute, so well easy to open it's been so well used... not like Samara's tight virgin butt-hole; I had to dildo that for ages until it stretched," said Emily. She continued to work the toy in and out of Ashley's ass making the Milf gasp with pleasure as the toy went deeper and pushed at her walls. She gripped the bedding and groaned in pleasure, the toy might be only stick thin, but Emily knew how to use it, both in spreading the hole and maximising pleasure. She twisted and twiddled the toy round so that it excited every patch of flesh it moved over, making the Milf burn and flare with passion.

"Now let's use something bigger," said Emily. Ashley shuddered as her teenage lover pulled out the toy. She wondered what was coming next, a bigger dildo? a couple of fingers? the strap-on itself? Her question was soon answered as she felt the sharp plastic of the butt-plug being shoved into her ass. Unlike the dildo, which slid down, the plug was designed to batter past resistance and open the most reluctant holes. Ashley's ass certainly wasn't reluctant, but even so she could feel the toy stretching her and pushing her walls open. She gasped in pleasure as the plastic stimulated her nerve endings and the tip went so far down she felt her special spot becoming excited through the thin wall that separated it from her ass chute. Emily continued to push it down until Ashley felt the hilt-guard pressing against her cheeks. The teen giggled, "Let's see what that does."

"Mmnnn, it feels good, but I want to be fucked properly," said Ashley; she was sure that was Emily's plan, but she wanted to make sure the teen remembered what she wanted.

"Sure, you do, but first you've got to do something for me. Anyway it'll let that toy stretch your ass nice and wide," Emily smiled.

"Yes, Emily, whatever you want," agreed Ashley. She almost added 'within reason' but suddenly thought that the reasonableness of their relationship was probably so far North of what it had been a couple of hours ago that there probably wasn't much Ashley wouldn't want to try.

The bed creaked as Emily moved so that she was sitting against the headrest with Ashley looking at her wet cunt between her open legs, "In your fantasies about other women, did you lick pussy?"

"Lots and lots of times," giggled Ashley, "You want me to try it for real?"

"Dip your face in my cunt and eat," answered Emily. She spread her legs wider and moved her fingers down to open her slit. Ashley lunged forward into the pussy like a wolf after a rabbit, the butt-plug quivering within her as she moved. She thrust her tongue in and started to lick, hammering at the hole. She had always found that when guys gave her a munch, most of the time they were diffident and cautious as if they feared that her cunt had teeth, whilst she knew she wanted a down and dirty licking. And that was what she was going to give Emily, a full-on mind-blowing slurping. She slammed her tongue down, thrusting it deep into the hole. Emily was already soaked and straight off Ashley could taste the tang of her juice. In flavour it was sharp and also the sweetest thing Ashley had ever eaten. She slurped and licked, ramming her tongue around and around.

"Oh, oh, oh, that's so good, for a first timer you're a natural, I bet you've had your own pussy licked by loads of men, I'm betting you've sucked loads of cocks, but its not as good as my tasty cunt is it?" Emily said. Ashley shook her head, brushing her hair over the teen's thighs and waving her tongue round the open hole. She could feel the plug playing in her ass, every slight twitch of her body made the toy shift within her, rubbing at her anal insides and sending little blasts of pleasure through her. She energetically thrust herself deeper at Emily, it was a win-win, the teen squealed in joy and Ashley's ass burnt with butt-plug induced pleasure. She slammed harder, finding the bud and concentrating on that. Emily's hands gripped her hard, pushing her further forward, "Eat me, eat me up, eat my cunt."

Ashley slammed her tongue, lashing it at the clit, making Emily scream louder and louder, "Oooohhh, ooooohhhh, uuurrrrhhhh." Her body bucked in pleasure as the orgasms hit her, fast and furious. She shrieked again and again, thrusting her teenage cunt into the Milf's face. Ashley slurped harder and harder, rattling the clit with powerful precision. Emily screamed, "Fuuucckkkkk!" More cum flooded down her pussy and into Ashley's mouth as the teen fell away quivering.

Ashley looked at her, her cum covered lips curling into a smile, "I guessed you liked that."

"My God," gasped Emily, "Are you sure I'm your first woman?"

"I'm sure, but I've been thinking about this moment for twenty five years," answered Ashley, "I was good?"

"You were more than good," said Emily. She moved over to the suitcase and pulled out her strap-on, which she began to pull up her knees, "I am going to fuck you so hard."

"Oh yes, fuck me good," Ashley moved onto her hands and knees and wiggled her ass. The butt-plug shuddered in her hole as if in approval.

The teen moved behind her and pulled out the plug. Ashley felt a rush of coldness as the comforting warmth of the butt-plug disappeared. It didn't last long, the room wasn't chilly, it was just the toy being plastic and the heat of its friction. And anyway Emily moved behind her and began to slide her dildo into Ashley's waiting hole. The Milf groaned in pleasure as, for the first time ever, another woman started to fuck her back hole. The toy went in easily, the benefits of the preparation from the teen becoming apparent. Emily's hands moved to grip the older woman's waist as she thrust in and out. It didn't take many slams for the dildo to have gone in its full length, running over Ashley's ass walls and hitting the G-spot from behind. Emily paused and said quietly, "I am going to fuck you so fucking hard, ready?"

"Bang my butt into bits," confirmed Ashley.

And the fucking started in earnest.

Emily ploughed forward, hammering the toy in hard and deep. Ashley screamed in pleasure as the rubber hit her inside, spreading her ass and pleasuring her nerve endings. The teen's hands were gripping her harder, keeping them both balanced as she sped into and out of the Milf's hole. The bliss was explosive, every thrust creating a wave of pure ecstasy that flooded through Emily like molten rock. She gripped the bedding in front of her, it was already creased from her earlier cavorting; as she dragged at the quilt it became like waves on a choppy sea. She screamed in pleasure, feeling the cum trickle from her cunt, still wet and sore from the fisting. Her juice dripped onto covers, damp with sweat and girl cum. Harder and harder Emily pounded, hammering her strap-on deep. Ashley shrieked, "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck it hard."

"I am fucking it. I am screwing your fucking dirty, skanky, slutty, whore butt. I am wrecking it open with my big strap-on, I am fucking ruining your asshole. It's my fuckhole to fuck as I want and I want to fuck your fucking fuckhole fucking open," panted Emily in return.

"Yes, fuck it, fuck it," screamed Ashley. She shrieked in pleasure as the teen's poundings brought another orgasm shooting her way. Her arms gave way and she fell face down on the bed, feeling the creased, damp quilt against her face and smelling the cum juice and sweat permeating it. Emily paused for a second, to get used to the new position the Milf was in and then began to thrust again, forwards and downwards, driving the toy deep into the older woman's anal chute. Ashley shrieked, "Fuck me, fuck my ass."

"Take it, take it fucking all, let me rip open your fucking butt, let me fuck it so hard you'll never be able to sit again. I want to fucking mince it like I'm a shredder," Emily shouted in return. Her thighs hammered against Ashley's buttocks, the skin reddening when they hit. She pounded down, ramming the toy so hard into Ashley the Milf feared it might snap. Or she would. She moved her hand up to her pussy and began rubbing and fingering it, giving it pleasure as Emily continued to pleasure her ass. The teen's hand slid up and down Ashley's sweaty waist, and she panted, "That's it, let me fuck you open, let me fuck you like an ass-whore."

"Aaaaaarrrgghhh, uuuurrrhhhh, fuuuucccckkk," Ashley orgasmed again, and then again, "Aaaaarrrrggghhh, fuuuuuuccckkkkk!" They came faster and faster, each more intense and explosive than the last. She fingered her pussy harder, trying to keep up with the anal ecstasy she was receiving. The cum trickled down. Another orgasm hit her and then another, "Fuuuucccccck, aaaaaaaarrrgggghhh, fuuuuuuccckkk, aaaarrrrgggghhh."

Her screams were as relentless as Emily's poundings; the teen using all her stamina and strength to slam into Ashley's ass. The dildo ploughed in and out, racing over the nerve stimuli and sending Ashley into paroxysms of pleasured delight. Harder and harder, faster and faster, Emily slammed in, like an out of control machine. Her fingers squeezed at the Milf's sides as she levered the toy down the battered Milf ass, grunting with exertion as she rammed and slammed.

"Fuuuuccckkk, aaaarrrrrggggghhhh," Ashley screamed loudly again as the orgasm flooded her, out of control, "Fuuucccckkk aaaarrrrrgghhhh...."

"My God," gasped Emily and pulled out the toy, before collapsing onto the bed, "That was something."

Ashley dropped beside her and snuggled herself into the sweaty sexpot, "Mmmnn it was. I loved it. I loved my first lesbian experience."

Emily grinned, "And take it from me you'll enjoy your future ones just as much."

* * *

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