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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 5.

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Pretty Little Liars: Aria's Addiction Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

Aria had been indulging in her addiction for just over a month now. More accurately, she and Spencer had been indulging in a mutual addiction, which instead of tearing them apart like Aria had worried it only bought them closer together, until they felt finally ready to tell their friends about them. Which was actually probably overdue at this point, especially considering one of their closest friends was gay, and the other had been fine with it, but it was still a big scary step, and once they actually said it there would be no going back. Which was why they chickened out a few times, but not this time. Aria promising herself that, she and Spencer psyching themselves up before going over to Hanna's after school to finally come out.

It seemed like the best place and time, as they were sure as they could be that no one was watching and it could be just the four of them. Besides, it would be no big deal, as they showed up at each other's houses all the time without warning. Although admittedly not lately, as Aria and Spencer had been busy with the whole secretly dating thing. Perhaps they should have taken that into consideration, but they were so wrapped up in what had been going on with them, and what they wanted to do now, they didn't think it was strange that Emily and Hanna had been preoccupied too. Not until they walked in on their friends making out on top of Hanna's bed.

"Oh my God!" Aria exclaimed immediately, causing her friends to quickly separate, both clearly startled by being discovered.

There was another long, tense moment, and then Hanna sighed, "You couldn't knock first?"

"Sorry, we didn't think..." Spencer apologised awkwardly, unsure what to say. Then she frowned, "Wait, are you guys dating?"

"Are you?" Emily fired back.

There was a long pause, albeit a little less tense, and then Hanna exclaimed, "Oh my God, Em was totally right! You are dating!"

"We were going to tell you." Aria said apologetically, "It, it just-"

"Never seemed like the right time?" Hanna grinned, taking Emily's hand, "Same."

"So that's why you've been acting weird." Spencer said knowingly.

"No we haven't." Hanna frowned.

"Well, maybe a little." Emily admitted, and then when her girlfriend gave her a look she quickly pointed out, "But not as bad as you guys. I mean what's up with Aria always walking funny, and shuffling in her seat?"

"Yeah, what's up with that?" Hanna agreed.

Spencer blushed, "We told you-"

"No, you lied to us." Emily corrected, before sighing, "You keep lying to us. We keep lying to each other. It's all we do. Aren't you sick of it?"

"Well there's honesty, and there's honesty." Spencer pointed out, "Some things you don't need to know."

"But we want too." Hanna pushed, her face lighting up, "Oh, it's a sex thing, isn't it? That's why you're so reluctant to tell? Now I have to know."

"No, you don't." Spencer huffed.

"Come on, please?" Hanna pleaded, "I swear I'll never tell."

"Didn't we just promise no more secrets?" Spencer pointed out.

"I meant from other people." Emily countered.

"We've been having butt sex." Aria abruptly announced, blushing furiously as she clarified, "Spencer has been fucking me up the butt."

Again there was a long pause, and then Hanna exclaimed, "Oh my God, that's so cool!"

"Like with fingers or a toy?" Emily pushed, clearly curious.

"With, with a strap-on." Spencer admitted hoarsely, then adding with a little smile, "Aria likes them big."

"It makes certain things like sitting down or walking a little tricky, but it's worth it for the orgasms." Aria admitted with another blush.

"See, that's what I've been saying." Hanna told her girlfriend, before explaining to her friends, "I've been trying to get Emily to fuck my ass for weeks."

"I just don't want to hurt her." Emily lowered her head, "We're both totally new to it, and it took me ages to get comfortable with a strap-on."

Yet another pause, and then Aria cautiously offered, "What if we help?"

"What?" Spencer exclaimed, her friends echoing the same word.

"Well, Spencer tutored all of us at one point. This would basically be the same thing." Aria pointed out.

"No, it really, really wouldn't." Spencer blushed.

"Oh come on Spencer, please?" Aria whined, "Think about all the fun we've been having with anal. Don't you want Ems and Han to experience the same thing?"

"They can experience it without us." Spencer quickly pointed out.

"Yeah, but didn't you wish there was someone helping you out during our first time?" Arya countered, quickly answering her own question, "Because I know you did. Don't even try and lie."

"Well, yeah... but now I'm proud of being able to overcome my nervousness, and now we have a sweet memory of just the two of us." Spencer argued.

"Oh, we already have plenty of those." Hanna argued, "Like the first time we had sex, the first time I ate pussy, and the first time Ems used a strap-on to fuck me. Besides, butt sex is supposed to be nasty. That's part of the charm. And what's nastier than doing it in front of an audience?"

Spencer stared at her friend with disbelief for a few long seconds, then turned to Emily, "What do you think, Ems?"

"I think... I could use all the help I can get." Emily admitted hesitantly, "I mean, if you really don't want to we can forget it, but if everyone else's into it, why not?"

"Yeah, come on, please Spencer?" Hanna gently pushed.

"Yeah, please." Aria whined around the same time, before adding, "Isn't the whole point of being young getting to try things?"

There was yet another long pause, and then Spencer sighed, "Okay!"

"Yay!" Hanna exclaimed, Aria more or less doing the same thing, except the blonde also added, "Let's get this party started."

With that Hanna started stripping off her clothes, playfully at first, but then gradually more sensual, causing initial giggles to turn into lustful stares. Which should have probably been a red flag for Spencer to put a stop to this madness, but she just couldn't help herself, she wanted to see where this would go next, and she wanted to see her friend naked. Well, she'd seen all her friends naked at some point, and knew they were all pretty, but seeing them under these circumstances was different, and allowed her to truly appreciate just how amazingly beautiful they were. Maybe especially Hanna, who was second only to Aria in Spencer's eyes. Although Em was also stunning, as proven by her stripping sensually right from the start.

Then it was her turn, Spencer letting out a little whimper just before she tried to take off her clothes with a tenth of the eroticism her friends had shown. She was pretty sure she failed, but that didn't stop Emily and Hanna from staring at her like never before, which was an incredible boost to her ego. Although she was glad when the attention was taken away from her as the second she was naked Aria eagerly jumped into taking off her things, albeit a little quicker than the others. At least, with most of her things. But not with her pants. No, with her pants Aria slowly turned around and pulled them down, pulling her underwear with them which left her completely naked, and expose the fact that there was a butt-plug firmly entrenched up her ass.

"No way, a butt-plug? Really Aria?" Hanna questioned excitedly.

"Does it hurt?" Emily asked nervously.

"Does it feel good?" Hanna quickly asked.

"It feels amazing." Aria beamed, "Mmmmm, it's a constant reminder of just what kind of slut I really am, and that my slutty little ass hole is ready at a moments notice. It also makes anal easier, obviously, but it isn't necessary. You can totally get by on just lube. But I recommend trying butt-plugs later. It's totally worth it."

"For now, you could try a rim job." Spencer suggested, actually finding herself getting into this, "It helps set the mood, and you can never have too much lube."

"Oh yes, you must." Aria quickly agreed, "Mmmmm, I love them, and Spencer's so good at it."

"Oh, I want too, but Ems is reluctant." Hanna exclaimed.

"It's the hole you poop from." Emily scratched up her nose, "Shoving a toy up there is bad enough, but I don't think this is a crazy line to draw."

"No, but I'm sure Hanna keeps herself clean back there, so it'll be fine." Aria said, before suggesting eagerly, "But if you're worried about it, Spencer could do it."

Spencer's eyes went wide, and she quickly admitted, "I, I don't know whether I'm comfortable with that."

"Me neither." Emily quickly added.

"Ah come on, it's just a little preparation! It isn't that big a deal." Aria tried to argue, then when the others gave her a look she changed tactics, "I mean, if the problem is Spencer being a top, I could do it. You know, that way it's two bottoms putting on a show for their tops? Mmmmm, I like that idea actually. And I've eaten Spencer's butt, so I know what I'm doing. What do you think Han?"

"Oh yes please, ohhhhhh, eat my ass Aria." Hanna moaned at the thought, before realising who she should be appealing too, "Please Ems? I get why you don't want to do it, but maybe Aria can show you it's not so bad? And Spencer, mmmmm, please let her do it Spence. Please let Aria eat my ass. I promise not to steal her from you, no matter how good she is. I love being topped too much for that, and Aria is clearly too much of a bottom for me. And I love Emily, of course."

Spencer chuckled at the way Emily glared at her girlfriend's priorities, then thought about it for a few long seconds before agreeing, "I guess if Emily's okay with it."

As all eyes turned to her Emily caved under the pressure, "Fine, just as long as I don't have to do it."

"Yay!" Aria beamed, before licking her lips, "Spread your cheeks Han. I'm about to prepare your ass hole for Emily to fuck."

"With pleasure." Hanna grinned, doing as she was told.

Aria briefly admired the twisted sight of one of her best friends spreading her butt cheeks for her, exposing her most private hole, before she leaned forward and licked it. Oh God, she licked Hanna's ass hole! More accurately for that first long lick Aria licked Hanna's entire ass crack, something she repeated a few times before concentrating on her friend's back hole. Which of course, caused Hanna to moan, gasp and cry out in pleasure. Especially when Aria switched from gentle lapping to more intense licking, not only stroking her tongue up and down but swirling it around Hanna's butt hole. At one point she even tried pushing it into her friend's ass, although unsurprisingly she didn't get very far because Hanna wasn't a shameless butt slut. At least not yet.

While Aria was very much hoping they could help Emily to change that she kind of wish Spencer had been allowed to do this. After all, it was her girlfriend who had the most experience at eating ass, having spent almost as much time tonguing Aria's slutty little ass hole as she had violating it with a dildo. But on the other hand Aria had done her best to return the favour, at least as far as the rim jobs were concerned, which allowed her to settle in for a nice long butt munching. Munching her friend's butt. That's what she was doing. And yet somehow, it didn't really feel like cheating on Spencer. No, it felt like preparing Hanna to experience the kind of pleasure which Aria had quickly become addicted too, making this just a bizarre favour between friends.

Wanting to make sure Emily was still involved in the fun Aria eventually pulled away from Hanna's butt and explained, "Now the butt hole needs fingering. Do you want to do the honours, Em?"

Seeing that their friend was unsure Spencer gave her a gentle push, "Some people see it as taking an anal cherry, and you don't really want some other girl to in any way take your girlfriend's anal cherry, do you?"

There was slightly more hesitance and then Emily cautiously stuck out her index finger on her right hand and slowly pushed it towards Hanna's ass. As it wasn't properly lubricated Aria decided to do her friends another bizarre favour, and without being asked wrapped her lips around that finger and began gently sucking it. Which somehow, was almost as weird as rimming Hanna, and yet Aria liked it just as much, because it felt wonderfully naughty. Thankfully neither Emily or Hanna complained, and after a few long seconds Aria backed off and watched one friend anally violated another with her finger, causing both Emily and Hanna to cry out in mostly pleasure.

"Wow..." Emily murmured softly, feeling stupid as she found herself adding, "She's so... tight."

"Well yeah, I'm a virgin back there." Hanna quipped with a wicked smile.

"I know..." Emily blushed, "It's just..."

"We know what you mean, Em." Aria gently soothed.

"Yeah, and it feels good doesn't it?" Spencer grinned wickedly, causing Emily to blush again, although she did nod, prompting Spencer to further encourage, "Mmmmm yessssss, now slid that finger in and out of Hanna's butt, ohhhhhh, that's it, nice and slow. Then, when you're ready, add another finger. Oh yeah, stretch that little ass hole out. Get it nice and ready for your dick."

Even though Emily didn't reply it was a extremely promising sign, as instead of getting even more embarrassed she just stared lustfully at her fingers slowly being buried up to the knuckle inside Hanna's ass, and then beginning to slide in and out, just like Spencer had told her too. What made it pretty much perfect was that Hanna continued making very positive sounds as her most private hole stretched and was prepared for what was to come. That continued being the case even when Emily finally added that second finger, Aria letting out soft sounds as she anticipated getting a front row seat to a truly wicked show. Also she was hoping that Spencer would then show Emily how it was really done by fucking Aria's slutty little ass. Although the reality was even better than that, as there was no more waiting around before her greedy butt got some attention.

"Are you ready for more Han?" Spencer asked huskily.

"Oh God yes, mmmmm, please fuck me." Hanna moaned before quickly clarifying, "Fuck my butt Ems! Ohhhhh please, please fuck my virgin butt. I want you too. Butt fuck me Emily! Fuck me in the butt."

"I, I... I don't know if I can." Emily stammered nervously.

The right thing to do would have been to ensure her she didn't have too, but instead Spencer suggested, "What if I show you how it's done?"

"What?" Emily frowned.

"With Aria." Spencer quickly clarified, "What if Aria bends over next to Hanna, and you watch me take her? Mmmmm, then we can butt fuck them together?"

"Oh yes!" Aria blurted out her approval to that plan, "Please Ems, let Spencer show you how it's done by using my slutty little ass right in front of you. I wanna be butt fucked right next to Hanna. God, that would be so fun."

"Yeah, it would." Hanna agreed, before gently pushing, "Please Emily, do this for me? Please? Mmmmm, I want you and Spencer to butt fuck me and Aria side by side."

Which was insane, but Emily found herself hesitantly replying, "Okay."

"Yay!" Aria exclaimed, quickly getting into position.

Spencer chuckled, handed Emily a strap-on and then demonstrated how to put it on using another strap-on she had in her bag, and then reassured her friend, "Relax, it's easy. Just watch and learn..."

Emily watched as in one swift movement Spencer pulled the butt-plug out of Aria's ass hole and replaced it with her strap-on. To her amazement Aria even moaned as that forbidden hole stretched wider than before, allowing Spencer's strap-on dick to slide into it with ease. Because of course Spencer Hastings could make something look easy, Emily thought with a grumble. Although Spencer was clearly dealing with an incredibly slutty hole, instead of a virgin one, as Aria continued moaning as her girlfriend pushed inch after inch of dick up her butt, Emily finding herself bizarrely fascinated by the obscene sight, so much so that it felt like only a second between the initial penetration and the moment Spencer's thighs came to rest against Aria's butt cheeks, announcing the full length of the cock was buried in her friend's backside.

"See, easy." Spencer said smugly, before encouraging, "Now you do it."

"Easy?" Emily grumbled.

Before Emily could continue Hanna spoke up, "Please Em, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Stick your cock in my ass, just like you saw Spencer do to Aria, and then butt fuck us together like the anal sluts we are!"

"Are you sure? I, I don't want to hurt you." Emily double-checked nervously.

"I'm sure." Hanna reassured, "You're popping my ass cherry here, so it's going to hurt a little, but I can handle it. I promise. Now do it! Please? Oh please Emily, fuck me!"

With a deep, calming breath Emily pressed her strap-on against Hanna's virgin ass hole and slowly pushed forwards until it began to stretch for her, which caused her girlfriend to cry out, causing Emily to check, "Hanna, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, just do it." Hanna grumbled in annoyance, "Fuck me!"

Again Emily took a calming breath, then admittedly gulped, before pushing forwards again, this time ignoring the tiny gasp Hanna let out before her back door began opening for her, slowly stretching until the head of her strap-on slipped through her girlfriend's anal ring and into her butt, meaning Emily had officially taken Hanna's ass cherry. Which of course caused Hanna to let out a sharp cry of agony, which was almost enough to make Emily pull out, but Spencer placed her hand on her arm, silently telling her to give it a minute. Sure enough, Hanna quickly calmed down, and more to the point didn't complain, if the blonde had wanted to stop she would definitely say something. She always had before when she didn't like something, so Emily cautiously continued.

That meant pushing the rest of the dildo into Hanna's ass, Emily going as slowly as she possibly could to make this as easy as possible for her girl. Although if she was honest with herself, she was also doing it for her own benefit, because as twisted as it was Emily enjoyed watching inch after inch of her cock disappearing into Hanna's most private hole. Oh yes, during intense moments like this it truly felt like her cock, and to actually be shoving it up Hanna's butt, that was just so naughty and wrong, and Emily loved it. She didn't want too, but she did. And she wasn't the only one. No, Spencer was watching her progress the entire time, and briefly congratulated her when she finished stuffing Hanna's behind full of dick.

"That's it Ems, just a little more, just a little more, mmmmm, fuck yeah, that's every inch. Every single inch of your cock is buried in Hanna's slutty little butt. Great job Em. We'll make a top out of you yet." Spencer gleefully encouraged.

"Thanks." Emily said dismissively, before turning the attention to the girl who was actually doing something impressive, "Hanna, are you okay? Does it hurt? How does it feel?"

"It feels amazing!" Hanna moaned, "Oooooooh Goooooddddddd Emily, your dick feel so amazing in my ass! Weird, gross, and yeah, it hurts a little, mmmmm, but it's so, so amazing. I love it! Oh God Em, fuck me! Ohhhhhh, fuck me like an anal addicted slut."

"Me too!" Aria eagerly chimed in, who unlike Hanna was finding it easy to speak with a butt full of strap-on dildo, "Oh please Spence, butt fuck me! Butt fuck me as Emily butt fucks Hanna. Ooooooh yesssss, fuck our butts side by side like the total ass whores we are. Oh God Spencer, give me my fix. mmmmm, I'm addicted to anal, and I need you to give it to me baby. Please? Please fuck me in the butt, ohhhhhh Spence! Oh fuck!"

"What do you think Em? Up for a little double fucking?" Spencer teased, before quickly adding, "Ready to fuck our girls up the butt side by side like the little asss sluts they are?"

"Y, yes." Emily stammered.

Spencer just smirked, "Just try and keep up."

"Hey!" Emily whined, "I will."

While Emily might like to pretend it was simultaneous the truth was that Spencer started sodomising Aria at least a full minute before she worked up the courage to start butt fucking Hanna. Although when she did Spencer ordered her with a smile, and Hanna with a loud cry of mostly pleasure, both of which caused Emily to smile bashfully. Then she did her best to focus on her girlfriend again, even though it was extremely distracting with Spencer ass fucking Aria besides them. Which should have been weird and off-putting, but somehow it wasn't. It was fun and exciting, and more importantly, it was so intimate. Like in an extremely bizarre way they were solidifying their friendship and giving each other a memory they would treasure forever.

Hanna certainly felt that way, which she admitted was super weird, but in the same way kind of appropriate. The four of them had just always been so close, to the point where they were inseparable. Really the only thing missing was the missing member of their group, Alison DiLaurentis, ass fucking another girl the other side of her. Or being ass fucked by another girl. Only no, Alison was definitely a top. Although she had to admit, while Alison was much nicer now Hanna was kind of glad she wasn't here now, so she could share this intimate moment with Aria and Spencer, but especially Aria who spent the entire time holding her hand, smiling at her and whispering words of encouragement.

Those things had been particularly welcome during the initial anal penetration, which was pretty much just as bad as Hanna had imagined it would be, but to her relief her virgin back passage pretty much welcome the rest of Emily's cock into it. Sure, she felt unnaturally stretched back there, and kind of like she needed to go to the bathroom, but it also weirdly felt good. Then once the full length was inside her and Emily started pumping it in and out of her forbidden hole Hanna was surprised about just how quickly she felt pleasure. In fact, soon whatever discomfort had been left was a distant memory and all she really felt was increasing pleasure coming from her most private orifice, making her whimper and moan in undeniable joy. Something which didn't go unnoticed by their friends.

"Yes, that's it Han! Moan! Mmmmm, moan while Emily fucks your ass!" Arya gleefully encouraged, before calling out, "Hey Spencer, Hanna is moaning already!"

"I know." Spencer chuckled with delight, "Mmmmm, I can hear her, and at this rate the whole town will hear her before the end. Not that they need to, because it should be obvious to all of them you're a natural bottom, Hanna. Ohhhhhh yes, a born butt slut. Oh Hanna, you were clearly born to be an anal loving bitch who takes it up her ass every single day, just like my sweet Aria. Mmmmm, you better watch out, Em, because if you're not careful some other top will try and steal a bottom of Hanna's calibre right from under you. Not me of course. Mmmmm no, I have Aria. But still, you should fuck this little anal whore harder! Yesssssss, come on Emily, really put Hanna in her place. Show her what she was born to be."

It was true, Hanna was born to be a butt slut. It was so twisted, and perverted, and wrong, but it was true. Hanna saw that now. Her ass had literally been made for fucking, and it was a crime against nature that she hadn't been sodomised before now, because clearly it was her purpose in life. Oh yes, Hanna's reason for existence was to be on all fours, or whatever other position a dominant woman wanted her in, and to be fucked hard and deep in the ass. Hanna just hoped that Emily could be that woman, because she loved her with all her heart, but she couldn't deny her overwhelming need for butt sex. Yes, if Emily didn't have what it took to properly pound her ass they would just have to work out an arrangement where they were still together while Hanna could go out and be a literal anal whore.

For a few long seconds Hanna became lost in the fantasy of literally whoring her slutty ass out on the streets, charging just $2 a pop so she could be the cheapest anal whore in history. Or better yet to be an anal slut giving it away for free. But no, Hanna needed someone who gave her a proper butt fucking. Like Alison, maybe? Or Mona? Jenna? Spencer? No, not Spencer. Hanna could never do that to Aria, who she now felt more close to than ever. Although, maybe they could share? Swap tops, or maybe just all be Spencer's bitches? Oh yes, Hanna loved those ideas, and they were just about the only way she could possibly feel closer to her best friends as she did right now.

Aria wasn't thinking about the future now, because she was too focused on the present. Which surprisingly, didn't mean the huge dildo up her own butt, even though normally she could think of little else except receiving that perverted treat again. But this time she had her best friends right beside her, one of them receiving the treat she was now receiving, and seemingly enjoying it just as much as she was, which Aria hadn't thought was possible. She just loved anal so much, to the point where it was a literal addiction for her, and she didn't think anyone else would love it that much, but clearly Hanna did and it made her feel just so close to her. And hopefully they could be even closer now as they bonded over being anal addicted lesbian bottoms.

Hopefully Spencer and Emily could do the same, except as butt pounding lesbian tops. Because sure, Emily started out a little unsure of herself, but Aria had confidence that if anyone could tutor her into being an amazing ass fucker it was Spencer Hastings. Oh yes, Spencer had always been an amazing tutor, and she had never been more qualified to teach someone about a subject than this, because she didn't have this much practical experience with anything else she had taught. Also Emily was displaying some natural talent now she was getting more confident with herself, so much so Aria was surprised Hanna didn't beg for more sooner. But that just proved they were even more alike, as surely Hanna was savouring this wonderful moment.

Hanna was, but there was only so much she could hold back, "Fuck me! Fuck me harder, ooooooh Em, pound my ass! Pound my slutty little ass! I wanna cum for the first time with a cock up my ass! Your cock! Ohhhhhhh please Em, oh please, fuck me harder! Drill my little ass hole as hard as you can! Oh fuck! Use it as the fuck hole it is! Make it yours! Oh God Emily, make my ass yours, mmmmm, all yours! Make it yours by fucking it hard and deep and making me cum! Oh fuck! Fuck me, fuck my ass! Ass fuck me, mmmmm, fuck me in the ass, oh Emily! EMILY! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHHHH, AH FUCK!"

About the same time Aria started whimpering with increasing volume, and then just crying out, "Me too, mmmmm fuck me! Fuck my slutty little butt Spence, oooooooh destroy it like only you can. Oh God! Oh yes Spence, fuck my little lesbian butt just like that, ohhhhhhh, just like that, mmmmm, but harder. Come on, please? We both know it's already yours, ohhhhhh, but show Emily and Hanna. Oh God yes, show our friends that Aria Montgomery's butt hole belongs to Spencer Hastings. That it's her personal fuck hole, to use however she wants, ohhhhhhh, whenever she wants, mmmmm fuck! Please? Oh Spencer, fuck me Spencer! Butt fuck me, fuck my butt, ooooooh yessssss, fuck me in the butt, oh shit! Oh Spence! Oh God! Ooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeessssssssssss, OOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSS!"

It took longer than Aria would have thought, but inevitably Emily increased her pace. Slowly at first, but eventually one of her friends was brutalising the other's butt hole as hard as she possibly could, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoing throughout the room almost as loudly as Hanna's squeals of ecstasy. Of course it didn't take that long for Hanna to cum. No, Emily had barely started increasing her pace when Hanna was rendered completely incoherent from her approaching climax, and soon after her cum started squirting out of her cunt, which was fascinating to Aria. Ear piercing, but fascinating. Mostly because she was wandering the entire time if that was how she looked when Spencer gave her an anal orgasm.

Not that she was given much time to contemplate it, because soon she was receiving an anally induced orgasm of her own, completely robbing Aria of her ability to think coherently. Just before that happened she thought how she would love to do this again, as it felt so wonderfully intimate cumming at the same time as Hanna, while their girlfriends fucked them in the ass. Especially side by side like this, Aria and Hanna still squeezing each other's hands as they receive the greatest pleasure that a couple of anal sluts like them could possibly receive. Besides, now Emily really, really seem to be getting into it, and it would probably be good for her to recreate the moment she found her confidence.

Spencer meanwhile had to keep her thoughts about her friends sparing, as her main focus had to be on the perfect little fuck hole in front of her that she called her girlfriend. Okay, she might have looked over at them once or twice, but that only reconfirmed what she had thought during the build-up to the rough anal sex, and that was that she was so proud of her friends. Especially Emily. Hanna too, as she had embraced the ass whore she was clearly always meant to be, given that amazing booty of hers, but in this room the blonde was just a fuck hole. Just like her precious Aria. Oh yes, it was Emily who was doing all the work, and for that moment all the nervousness was gone and Emily looked like a confident top putting her bottom in her place.

The confident dominance of Emily, and the shameless submission of Hanna, was just a little too much for Spencer to concentrate on though, as it was pushing her towards her own climax, especially with everything else going on. And it was that everything else she wanted to concentrate on. Aria! She wanted to concentrate on her beloved Aria, and perhaps more importantly for this precious moment Aria's perfect bubble butt. Because it literally felt like Spencer was born for this. Born to pound Aria's heavenly booty, just as Aria had been born to take hard butt fuckings just like this. Like her ass had literally been made to be fucked. And really, what other explanation could there be for an ass that fuck-able?

More than happy to oblige Spencer's entire world fell away except for the juicy cheeks in front of her which were jiggling with every powerful thrust, the somehow still tight hole in between them, and Aria's squeals of delight. And honestly, even that last thing more or less fell away from her attention as her girlfriend started cumming over and over again like the shameless little anal whore she was. Well, about the same time she became vaguely aware of Hanna again, if only because her friend was cumming just as hard as her girlfriend, thanks to her other friend, causing a smirk of delight to cross Spencer's face. Then she thought how embarrassing it would be to be outdone by a first timer, so she became even more focus than before.

Of course inevitably the feeling of Aria's juicy butt cheeks jiggling against her thighs, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh just about audible despite the screams of joy from the bottoms and the sheer joy of once again ass fucking the most perfect girlfriend in the entire world, with the most perfect ass in the entire world, combined with the stimulator bashing against her clit caught up with Spencer. To her credit Spencer powered through that orgasm to ensure that she, and more importantly Aria would have several more, but sadly it was the beginning of the end, and they both knew it. Especially given the added bonus of what was happening beside them. Although their friends collapsed first, which caused a grin to cross Spencer's face, who decided to give everything she had to the butt sex in order to impress them.

Emily was very much impressed by this, but she was also terrified and guilty because of it. Spencer, and especially Aria, looked so beautiful like this. Both of them completely in their element. Both naked except for a huge strap-on which the top was hammering in and out of the bottom's bottom, making them both cum. More obviously Aria, who's cum was squirting out of her cunt almost constantly, making Emily certainly hope that she had given Hanna even a fraction of that pleasure. But she knew from what they'd just been through Spencer was cumming too, which had taken her by surprise, and resulted in the ass fucking of Hanna ending much sooner than Emily would have liked. Although at that point she wanted to sodomise Hanna forever.

After experiencing the most satisfying climax of her life Emily collapsed down onto Hanna, the two girls collapsing in an exhausted and overwhelmed heap, left to slowly regain their breath and then watch as their friends continued the bum fun. It certainly felt like in retrospect Emily had pounded Hanna's butt just as brutally as Spencer was slamming Aria's ass right now, which was where the fear and the guilt came in, as Emily never wanted to hurt Hanna, but surely that was just what she had done. And even if it wasn't quite as agonising as it looked in the moment, surely Hanna and Aria would never be able to sit down again. Yet when Aria and Spencer finally collapsed they had barely a second to catch their breath before Hanna surprised her girlfriend with her enthusiasm.

"Wow, that was so awesome!" Hanna beamed.

"Really?" Emily asked nervously, "I... I didn't hurt you?"

"No." Hanna quickly replied, before answering more honestly when Emily gave her a look, "Sure, a little at the beginning, but it was so worth it to have you popping my butt cherry. And I mean, did you see how hard I came! Mmmmm fuck, we are definitely doing that again."

"You should." Aria eagerly agreed, adding in her biased opinion, "Anal is the best."

"Can you honestly say you didn't enjoy it?" Spencer jumped on the chance to interrogate her friend.

Emily bit her lip, blushed, and then admitted, "Honestly... I loved it."

"Yay!" Hanna grinned.

"And if you're sure you want too, I'd love to do it again." Emily continued.

"Oh I don't just want too. I need too." Hanna insisted, "Mmmmm, I swear after that, I'm just as addicted to anal as Aria."

"Yeah, right." Spencer scoffed.

"I am!" Hanna insisted rather childishly, before hesitantly adding, "And I'll be happy to prove it, anyway you want."

"Really..." Spencer grinned wickedly, "Aria, why don't you show our friends what you do after anal to prove what a slut you really are."

"Bring it." Aria beamed.

With an evil grin Spencer rolled onto her back, her dildo coming out of Aria's ass hole fast and quickly with an obscene sound. Instead of being embarrassed Aria cried out in clear disappointment that there wasn't a cock in her ass any more, then slowly got up, turned around and pointed her butt at her friends. That would have been obscene enough, as Emily could already see how widely stretched her friend's ass hole was, but Aria actually reached behind her and spread her cheeks, emphasising the gape. This made Emily gasp, but she couldn't stop looking behind her at it, and neither could Hanna, and Spencer certainly didn't look away from her current position. The only difference was Emily had an ounce of shame about it.

Spencer clearly didn't, given how she grabbed her phone and took a couple of pictures of her handiwork, causing Emily to exclaim, "Spencer!"

"What? I'm taking a souvenir." Spencer explained as casually as if she was actually on holiday using her phone on something innocent, "Aria loves to see them, don't you sweetie?"

"Yeah I do." Aria grinned shamelessly, "Be sure to send me it."

"Me too." Hanna said hopefully, and then when Emily gave her a look she protested, "What? I think it's hot. And I want something to remember this by."

Emily frowned, but couldn't help herself quipping, "That forgettable, huh?"

"God no! Didn't you hear me? It was amazing." Hanna quickly protested, before realising Emily was teasing her, "I just... I'd like a souvenir."

"You can have one, if you give us one." Spencer negotiated, before realising she was going to need to be specific with her dim friend given the expression on her face, "Let me take a picture of your butt. Mmmmm, let us all have a memory of your first time taking it up the ass. Oh yeah, and do it besides Aria, so I can get you both. Yessssss, both. I wanna see both your bottoms gaping for me and Ems, just as it should be."

"Oh my God yes, I want that! Mmmmm, I want a shot of my ass, freshly fucked for the very first time." Hanna eagerly agreed, before turning to her girlfriend, "Please Em? Let me show off your handiwork."

Emily blushed, but nodded, "Okay."

It wasn't quite as easy for Emily to roll off of Hanna as it had been for Spencer to roll off of Aria. Partly out of exhaustion, but mostly because of inexperience, in the end Emily having to lift herself up and then her dick out of Hanna's butt hole before collapsing beside her girlfriend. Although actually watching the dildo sliding out of Hanna's ass gave Emily a shot of adrenaline, enough that she was able to stay in place and just stare at the other girl's gaping ass hole for a few long seconds, before allowing Hanna to shamelessly show it off and allow Spencer to take a picture of it. Or more accurately several, as in a few close-ups of just the gape, a few of Hanna's butt, a few with Hanna looking over her shoulder to make sure it was her, and a few with the two bottoms standing side by side exposing their bottoms.

Although Emily only discovered this a few minutes later after she asked, "Can, can you send me a copy?"

Smirking wickedly Spencer answered, "Done."

"Thanks." Emily blushed.

"You know, you could take a pic Ems." Hanna teased.

"That's okay." Emily blushed again, feeling like she was going to die from embarrassment, especially as she pointed out, "I, I don't think I could do quite as good as Spencer."

"Well, Spence does have quite an eye for this kind of thing." Aria cheeked.

"You mean beauty? Yeah, I do." Spencer grinned, pushing one of Aria's hands off her cheeks so she could give her butt a playful slap, before adding, "But I have more than enough of you both, so go ahead and have your yummy reward for being such a good little anal slut for me."

"Yay!" Aria beamed, before turning around and receiving that reward.

Hanna loved showing herself off like this. It was so twisted, gross and wrong, just like the butt sex which had preceded it. Especially as this and that butt sex had been side by side with Aria. But it was the perfect desert to the main course which had been losing her anal virginity, and thanks to those photos would provide a wonderful reminder to this perverted little moment. Then just when she didn't think it could get any better Aria turned around, kneeled in between Spencer's legs and wrapped her lips around the head of the strap-on which had just pummelled the deepest part of her butt. The little slut even moaned from tasting her own ass, and it was enough to be heard over the loud gasp Emily let out.

"Oh my God!" Emily exclaimed during that gasp, then after a few long seconds questioned, "Don't you have any limits?"

"No." Spencer said proudly, as she reached down to lovingly stroke Aria's hair, "Aria is a grade A lesbian anal whore who is almost as addicted to going ass to mouth as she is getting her perfect little bubble butt pounded hard and deep! Mmmmm, and I'm betting she's not the only one in this room who is worthy of that grade."

It took Hanna a while to figure out Spencer was referring to her, and that she and Emily were now looking at her, as the blonde was just so lost in watching Aria work. The little ATM slut was truly shameless, bobbing her head up and down Spencer's dick, eager to clean her own ass from it, despite the fact that she had an audience of three watching her. God, it made Hanna want to touch herself so bad, and despite her exhaustion she got pretty close, her hand even moving up and lingering over her wet pussy, when her mind finally registered exactly what Spencer had said. It wasn't easy pulling her gaze away from Aria, but when she did Hanna found Spencer watching her expectantly, and a strange expression on Emily's face.

She wasn't sure whether Emily was pleading with her not to be that gross, or hoping she would be, but either way Hanna just couldn't resist following Aria's lead and kneeling between Emily's legs so that her face was inches away from the cock which had brutalised her virgin butt. Hanna just couldn't help it, the sight of that ass flavoured dildo was making her mouth water, as she desperately wanted to be worthy of being a grade A lesbian anal whore. It was easily the only A she wanted in her life. So she did it. She wrapped her mouth around the strap-on which had violated her shit hole, and like a true grade A lesbian anal whore Hanna instantly loved the taste, moaning happily in celebration.

"Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, I knew it! Mmmmm, I knew you were a grade A lesbian anal whore!" Spencer chuckled, and moaned with delight, "It's the only A grade you've ever got Han, and oh God, have you ever earned it. Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, you've been the perfect little grade A lesbian anal whore all night long Hanna, mmmmm, as in your first night as Emily's butt slut. God Ems, you're so lucky. I didn't think anyone could be as big an anal addict as Aria, but you've truly landed yourself the perfect lesbian bottom. A grade A one. Don't you agree? Aren't you lucky Em? Don't Aria and Hanna look good sucking our cocks? Sucking their own asses off of our cocks? Oh yes, you love it, don't you? You love that we have the perfect little grade A lesbian anal whores. Ooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, because I sure do! Oh fuck!"

Even though she didn't reply, partly because Spencer didn't really give her the chance, Emily couldn't take her eyes off of Aria and particularly Hanna, which Hanna chose to take is a very positive sign. Although she was only half paying attention, as her main focus was cleaning that cock of every drop of her yummy butt cream. Which included a bit of deep throating, partly to catch up to Aria, although mostly to get more of that heavenly juice. Even with her previous experience sucking cock Hanna struggled a little, at least compared to Aria, but eventually she managed to get every inch into her throat, and more importantly cleaned the dildo entirely. Shortly after that Emily pulled her up into her arms and kissed her, tasting Hanna's ass on Hanna's lips and tongue, which was an incredible thrill for them both.

"God, I adore you." Emily confessed breathlessly once they were done kissing.

"I adore you too." Hanna beamed, before double-checking, "And we're doing this again, right?"

Emily bit her lip, and then checked, "Just us, or..."

Breaking her own kiss with Aria, which she had began shortly after Emily had begun hers with Hanna, Spencer confessed, "Hey, I'm down for doing this again."

"Me too." Aria grinned, barely resisting the urge to add and maybe more given the look on Emily's face.

Although eventually that look turned into a grin as Emily agreed, "Okay."


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