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Pretty Little Liars: Aria's Addiction Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

After losing her anal cherry to her girlfriend Aria had been addicted to getting her ass fucked. Spencer had used the word jokingly, but Aria immediately realised that's exactly what it was, an addiction. After one little ass fucking Aria Montgomery was a total anal junkie, who became increasingly cranky and desperate for her fix the longer she went without it. Whenever her ass was denied cock it felt empty and unloved, although at least it was bearable when her butt hole was freshly gaped because she was still recovering from amazing orgasms, and her busted open anal ring was a wonderful reminder of what she truly was. But no matter how hard Spencer pounded her butt it always completely closed again, creating a vicious cycle. Luckily one Spencer came to her house this morning seeking to fix.

"It's called a butt-plug." Spencer explained when she pulled it out of her bag.

"I know what it is." Aria grinned, "The question is, why isn't it up my ass right now?"

Spencer smirked, "Well, if you're going to be like that, maybe you won't get your present."

Aria blushed and then rambled, "No! Sorry. I'm grateful, I really am. But you didn't stay the night, again, and I'm-"

"Desperate for a butt fuck?" Spencer smirked, "I know baby, but we don't have time. We can't be late again. So this is a compromise. Mmmmm, but I think it deserves at least a little lube first, don't you?"

"I guess." Aria agreed reluctantly, before a happy thought occurred to her, "And I know just what type to give it."

With that Aria grabbed Spencer's hand tightly, pulled it towards her and opened her mouth. She then grinned mischievously as she wrapped her lips around the butt-plug, taking most of it into her mouth in one go and then beginning to bob her head up and down on it. At first she didn't take any more in her mouth, then for a moment she teased it before instead sliding her tongue up and down it while looking Spencer in the eye. Aria then couldn't resist grinning at the look on her girlfriend's face before she took the toy back into her mouth, and with a little effort, stuffed it all in then began noisily slurping on it while Spencer continued to watch her lustfully.

After about a minute of Aria practically trying to gag herself with that butt-plug Spencer forcefully pulled away from her and said, "That should be enough for a total butt slut like you. Mmmmm yeah, that's more than enough, so turn around and give me that pretty little ass of yours."

Grinning with excitement Aria turned around and wiggled her ass, which was barely covered by a tiny miniskirt, at her new girlfriend, "You mean like this?"

"Yeah baby, just like that." Spencer grinned, eyes locked at the perfection in front of her, "Now really show it to me and pull your little skirt up. Ohhhhh yes, that's it! Oh, no panties? God Aria, you're becoming such a slut."

"Damn right I am." Aria proudly proclaimed, grinning back at her girlfriend, "I'm a nasty little anal slut, and I want my ass filled with that plug. Come on baby, shove it up my slutty butt. My bitch hole is aching for it, oh yes, stuff that whore hole! Fill it up with that plug. Plug it, please I'm aaaaaaahhhhhh FUCK! Oh yes, mmmmmm, fuck!"

Clearly hearing exactly what she wanted to hear Spencer pressed the saliva covered butt-plug against Aria's ass hole and gave her a few more seconds to anticipate what was coming, and to beg for it, before shoving it roughly into her butt. It was actually way more often than Aria was expecting considering how gentle Spencer normally was with her back hole, at least at first, but to her shame and delight she absolutely loved the rough treatment. Best of all Spencer didn't shove it all in from the start, allowing aria the chance to savour the feeling of her butt hole stretching, particularly during that last few seconds as the largest part of the toy stretched her most private hole before it just slipped in.

Spencer then just admired the sight of that plug filled ass for a few seconds, then smacked it and asked, "How does that feel?"

"Mmmmmm, like it belongs there." Aria beamed at Spencer as she turned to her, "Can I wear it to school?"

"That's the idea." Spencer grinned.

"Yay." Aria grinned back as she was pulled into Spencer's arms, "I love you Spencer."

"I love you too, my little anal slut." Spencer teased, before pulling Aria into a deep kiss.

* * *

Despite Aria's best efforts to convince Spencer to stay and fool around, even if it wasn't anal related, she was shot down and they were soon in school. Which was probably for the best, because they would have definitely been late otherwise, but like many horny 18-year-olds Aria thought that it would be worth it if she could have sex with the person she was dating. Unlike most 18-year-olds she hadn't touched herself in the morning, mostly because she believed she could get Spencer to do it for her, which hadn't been true enough for her liking. As a result she was almost unbearably horny all day long, minutes feeling like hours and hours feeling like days so that by the time lunchtime finally came it felt like an eternity of waiting.

Sitting on a butt-plug the entire time definitely didn't help. In fact it was probably the main reason why Aria just couldn't concentrate on her work and instead thought of nothing but having passionate butt sex with her girlfriend. Something clearly Spencer knew, her girlfriend giving her these little smiles which made Aria blush, and feeling that she should be mad at her lover. But she couldn't. She just couldn't help it, not after Spencer had made her cum so wonderfully hard last night. And it was even worse once they were actually in the cafeteria, Spencer picking the seat directly across from her so Aria couldn't escape those looks, or her blissful memories. Which became a little too obvious.

Even for Hanna, "You guys are acting weird."

"No we're not!" Aria protested unconvincingly.

"Yeah, you are." Hanna insisted, "Is something wrong? Are you worried about finals? College? Your new boyfriend?"

"You don't have to tell us." Emily reassured, nudging Hanna to get her on board, "We just want to let you know, we're here for you."

"I know, thanks guys." Aria smiled.

There was a brief pause and then Emily cautiously asked, "What about you Spencer? Are you having... boyfriend trouble?"

Raising an eyebrow at how Emily phrase that Spencer dismissively told her friends with a shrug, "Everything is fine. More than fine, actually."

"Oh, do tell." Hanna grinned, and then when Spencer just gave her a look she protested, "Oh come on! I know things are stressful right now, and you've probably got your face buried in a thousand books, but it's been ages since we talked about boys and shit. I just want to know what's going on with my best friends. Plus you've been acting weird too. Not as much as Aria, but-"

"I know." Spencer interrupted quickly, "And we'll do girl talk soon, I promise. Just not now. And not here."

"Then when?" Hanna pushed.

Spencer shrugged, "Maybe a week or two. You know, when things are a little less chaotic."

"Fine!" Hanna sighed, before noticing something out at the corner of her eye, and deciding not to dismiss it this time, "Is something wrong with your butt?"

"What?" Aria blushed, "No! No. Why, why do you say that?"

"I don't know." Hanna shrugged, "It's just lately, you've just seemed a little uncomfortable when you sit down."

"Or walk." Emily added.

"Bathroom!" Spencer suddenly exclaimed, standing up, "I need to go to the bathroom. Aria?"

"Oh, yes, me too." Aria quickly got up as well.

"Want some company?" Emily smiled.

"No!" Spencer exclaimed, Aria saying the same thing at almost the same time, before Spencer added, "We'll be okay, thanks guys."

"See you later." Aria said awkwardly, before quickly following Spencer to the nearest bathroom.

"So weird." Hanna mumbled, returning her attention to her lunch.

"Yeah, weird." Emily agreed unconvincingly as she watched her friends leave.

* * *

Spencer felt guilty for not telling them the truth, but it wasn't like they hadn't kept secrets from each other before, or lied to everyone around them, to the point where some people called them the pretty little liars, which was meant to be an insult, but unfortunately was all too true. But this was one lie which was unfortunately justified, as coming out was a big deal, and she wasn't even sure she was ready for it, let alone Aria. Although as scary as it was Spencer wanted to do it soon, because she was having trouble hiding her love for Aria. They just might omit the reason that Aria was having problems sitting down was because she had become addicted to getting her perfect little ass fucked, and Spencer had become addicted to fucking it.

So addicted that going a full school day without butt sex was becoming increasingly unbearable, and since they needed to get away from their friends anyway now seemed like a perfect time to scratch that particular itch. So without even checking the stalls Spencer pushed Aria into the nearest one, shoved her up against the door and roughly kissed her. Aria immediately and eagerly responded as Spencer fumbled to lock the door, and then her hands immediately shot to that perfect little butt she was so obsessed with and gave it a squeeze. Aria then moaned into her mouth, a clear sign that she was all for this. Not that Spencer truly had any doubt she would be, but verbal confirmation would be good.

Which was why Spencer reluctantly broke the kiss and growled in Aria's ear, "I need your ass! Now!"

"It's yours." Aria happily reminded her as softly as she could at that moment, which wasn't very, "Mmmmm, my ass is yours to screw whenever you want, wherever you want. And it wants you right here, right now, so please screw it. Screw my butt Spence! Take it and gape it! Show me who's boss!"

"Shut your pretty little mouth, before you get us caught." Spencer growled, a wicked idea suddenly coming to her as she reached underneath her skirt to grab her panties and pull them down her legs and step out of them, before shoving them directly into Aria's very willing mouth, "Here, this should shut you up. Oh yeah, you like that, huh? You like knowing what you do to me? How wet I am from the thought of owning your sexy ass? Huh? Knowing what a distracting little slut you are? How you're all I can think about in class? Huh? Do you like knowing how I can't stop thinking about pounding your perfect little butt, you anal addicted little bitch?"

To each question Aria enthusiastically nodded her head and mumbled through Spencer's wet panties, "Uh-huh."

"Well then bend the fuck over, so we can both get what we want." Spencer ordered, slapping Aria's butt.

For a few long seconds Aria clearly debated exactly where she should bend over, before going for the obvious choice of the toilet, quickly getting down on her knees, closing the lid and then bending over the seat, presenting Spencer with the most fuck-able thing in the entire world, her girlfriend's bubble butt. Spencer might have literally drooled as at first she just stared at that work of art, before remembering their lunch break wasn't going to last much longer, and they could be caught at any time. Which should have forced her to stop. Spencer always was the most mature amongst her friend group, and she was the top of this relationship, so she felt it was her responsibility to do the sensible thing. One she completely ignored in favour of doing what she wanted.

That meant retrieving the strap-on she was keeping in her bag just in case, pulling up her skirt and then quickly attaching the dildo before covering it with the lubricant which was also in her bag. She then knelt down behind Aria and slowly pulled her skirt upwards, exposing her prize. Spencer then grabbed the butt plug, slowly pulled it out until the widest part of the toy was stretching Aria's ass hole, and then she pushed it back in before repeating the process. She partly did this to tease Aria, who groaned in frustration into her improvised gag, but mostly because they were skipping a lot of stages of their normal preparation because of their lack of time, and although Spencer didn't doubt her girlfriend could take it, and would even enjoy it, she wanted to help at least a little bit. Also, it was just fun to keep sliding that plug in and out of Aria's butt hole, before inevitably exchanging it for her strap-on.

Aria let out a soft cry into her makeshift gag when Spencer finally pulled the butt-plug out of her ass and replaced it with the head of the strap-on. The fact that Aria's ass hole still had to stretch a little wider than it had been to accept Spencer's cock inside it was a sign they probably needed a bigger plug. Then again Aria loved the feeling of her ass being stretched, so maybe she should stick with this size. Or best of all, pick out a bigger one every time they were going to have a quickie in a public place. Which would be every school day, and maybe even every time they were on a date together, Aria promised herself that, as she was already loving the feeling of being so naughty as to have sex in a public place. Especially butt sex. Her favourite.

The naughtiness and feeling of her ass stretching which Aria was quickly growing to crave came back full force as her ass hole stretched wide enough to allow the head of Spencer's cock to slide inside it, causing Aria to cry out softly again. She then continued letting out sounds of pleasure as Spencer slowly but surely stuffed her butt full of dildo. She tried not too, but she just couldn't help it. It felt so good. Also, if Aria was honest with herself, she rather liked the idea of getting caught being butt fucked by her girlfriend, as that way everyone would know what kind of a slut she truly was, which was way more appealing than it had any right to be. Although clearly Spencer didn't share this fantasy.

"Shut up, or I'll stop." Spencer threatened.

Which of course was the one thing which could really make Aria concentrate on being quiet, or at least as quiet as she could. That involved a lot of grinding her teeth against the panties which were in her mouth and digging her fingernails into her butt cheeks, which admittedly didn't help much, but apparently was enough of a excuse for Spencer to keep going. Or maybe Spencer just couldn't help herself, as her girlfriend loved anal sex almost as much as Aria did, albeit giving instead of receiving. Which was a fact Aria was very grateful for right now. That and the fact they were in a hurry, because it meant her butt was stuffed with cock in record time.

Once Spencer's thighs were pressed against her butt cheeks, announcing that every inch of that big strap-on cock was buried within Aria's ass, the taller brunette gave the shorter one a few seconds to recover before beginning to pump her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to pump in and out of Aria's back hole, officially meaning the butt fucking was underway. Which had quickly become the norm for them, except just like with the initial anal penetration the wait time was slightly shorter, which Aria loved. It caused a little more pain, but it was the kind of pain she found she enjoyed in a twisted way, and was totally worth it for the pleasure to come. Besides, she was giving her top what she wanted, which as a bottom was Aria's duty to fulfil.

Spencer had considered putting Aria in another position for this, but she just couldn't get enough of having her girlfriend bent over in front of her with her perfect little ass on display. Arguably it was even better when Aria was spreading her cheeks like this, providing Spencer with the perfect view of her girlfriend's ass hole stretching for a toy. Especially during the anal penetration, as always Spencer savouring every moment of it, even if it did have to be faster to try and prevent them getting caught. Yet still Aria only crying out in pure pleasure, proving what a total ass whore she truly was, making Spencer feel very lucky indeed. Even if she wished her girlfriend could be a little more quiet about it, given this public setting.

While she truly didn't want to get caught as it would be incredibly embarrassing, Spencer had to admit the fantasy was kind of hot. To have to talk to the principal and explained to them that she just couldn't go a full school day without ramming her girlfriend's most private hole full of her big dick. To get detention if they were discovered by a teacher. And if they were discovered by a student the entire school would know they were butt sex loving lesbians before the end of the day. And God, Spencer didn't know what would be more embarrassing. Or hotter. And fuck, what if their parents found out what they had been doing? And most of all, why was this turning Spencer on so much?

For a while Spencer became so lost in those fantasies that she almost didn't hear someone come in and use the facilities. Luckily she was not that far gone, and instantly froze when she heard the door open. Then when the mystery girl entered a stall next to them Spencer cautiously leaned down so that her boobs were pressed against Aria's back and she used it to cover her girlfriend's mouth and just in case. Especially as she knew she couldn't resist continuing the sodomy for long, and sure enough when the chain was pulled Spencer couldn't resist giving Aria's ass a few gentle thrusts, and then one more when the tap was used.

Once the other girl was gone, thankfully without them being detected, the two brunettes breathed a sigh of relief, and then Spencer almost instantly started gently sodomising Aria again. Even though that close call should have been enough to force them to stop this obscene act in public Spencer just couldn't help herself. She needed to fuck Aria's ass just a little more. Just enough to make Aria cum. And ideally, herself. Oh who was she kidding, of course she wasn't stopping until both of them came, and given she was fairly certain that while she had been fantasising about being caught her body had switched to autopilot it was more than likely that Aria was ready for a hard anal pounding.

Aria was afraid Spencer was going to stop after they had come so close to being discovered, and was beyond grateful that she didn't. However it was a reminder that while Aria wanted Spencer to spend hours making sweet anal love to her they just didn't have the time. In reality they had already spent too long on the gentle sodomy, and certainly longer than was necessary as Aria's ass had already completely relaxed and remembered that it's true purpose in life was to be fucked, and it was more than ready for hard fucking. Aria was more than ready to get her butt fucked hard and deep, and most of all, Aria was ready to cum. Cum in her favourite way possible, like a bitch with a dick in her ass.

The only problem was how did she make that clear when Spencer's hand was over her mouth? Normally Aria would just beg for more, albeit after holding off for as long as she possibly could so she could enjoy the sweet heaven that was being sodomised, but again she couldn't afford that, and more to the point even if she was able to force Spencer's hand away she couldn't just beg for what she so desperately wanted. Or more accurately, she shouldn't, because at this stage there was no way she could guarantee she could be quiet enough for her voice not to echo around the school. Hell, they were having a hard time preventing that even with Spencer's hand covering her mouth.

It didn't help that Aria was receiving so much pleasure that it was hard for her to think, although ironically she accidentally came up with the answer out of pure lust by simply beginning to push herself back against Spencer's thrusts. It wasn't at all a conscious decision, just Aria selfishly wanting to increase her own pleasure, but clearly Spencer took that as a sign that she wanted more, and more importantly was ready for it, because she'd started increasing her pace. In turn Aria increased her own until the two girls had to be using every ounce of their strength. Or at least Aria had. Spencer later proved she had more in the tank, although Aria was barely aware of it, or anything else, as she was just cumming so hard and frequently.

Given she was a total anal whore it didn't even take much to make her cum. The increased thrusting alone would have done it, but shortly after Aria started thrusting back against her Spencer leaned in and whispered softly against her ear the most wonderful things Aria had ever heard. Words of ownership, humiliation, and perhaps most importantly love filled her head from the woman she loved, and it was just too much. Then it was like a dam had been broken and she just kept cumming, Spencer not only keeping up the brutal thrusting but the words until Aria was only aware of the overwhelming ecstasy rocking her body, and the fact that the main reason for it was the large cock brutalising her bottom.

Spencer had just been about to risk taking her hand away from Aria's mouth when her girlfriend started thrusting back against her. As she had only done that previously when she was getting close to cumming Spencer took it as a sign she was ready for more, and the reaction she got after it only confirmed she was right. Perhaps a little too much, as not only did Aria start thrusting even harder, and take her hands off her cheeks so she could use more leverage, but she started whimpering, moaning and crying out so loudly that not even Spencer's hand and the panties could silence her. No, Aria was becoming very audible, which should have been assigned to stop or slow down, but they were beyond that point now, and Spencer decided just to concentrate on making Aria cum.

Knowing what would seal the deal Spencer whispered into her ear, "Cum for me baby. Cum like the pretty little anal whore you are! Ooooooh fuck Aria, your ass is heaven. Oh fuck, the best ever. Mmmmm, I wanna fuck it forever. Ohhhhh fuck, and I can, because it's mine! All mine! Yeahhhhhhhh, I own your fucking butt hole Aria! It's my fuck hole, to use whenever I want, mmmmm, and apparently, wherever I want. Oh yeah, look at you, you little butt slut, taking it up the ass in the middle of our school bathrooms because you can't go a full school day without a ass fucking. Ooooooh yeahhhhh, and I can't go a full school day without this ass! Oh God Aria, I love this ass! I love you! Oh fuck! Yessssss, that's it babe, cum for me! Cum! Cum with my girl dick in your hot little dyke butt! Ooooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, you litttle, ohhhhhh fuck! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Goooooooddddd!"

That was more than enough to push Aria over the edge of orgasm, and not just once, but over and over again. It was even enough to make Spencer cum. Well, that and the stimulator inside the harness, and the sheer joy of fucking this beautiful girl's perfect little ass in a very public place. Hell, Spencer hadn't even tried to hold back at that point, not because she wanted to sodomise Aria for longer, but because she knew it would be no use. The whole situation was so hot, and she just couldn't get the idea out of being discovered fucking another girl in the ass, and the consequences to that discovery. Which should have been frightening, but at that moment they only turned her on. So much so that she almost considered removing her hand and letting Aria's screams truly echo throughout the building.

Although she was able to resist that temptation Spencer wasn't so lucky when it came to being able to stop herself from using every ounce of her strength to squeeze as many orgasms out of both of them as she could. No, she just kept pounding Aria's ass hole beyond the point she meant to, because she just couldn't get enough. She could never get enough of this perfect little ass, especially when Aria eagerly pushed back against her thighs with every thrust, the sound of her thighs smacking against those butt cheeks so wonderfully loud as she was muffling Aria's sounds of enjoyment. And of course, she was making the girl she loved cum so wonderfully hard and frequently, and giving Aria what she had quickly become addicted too. What they were both so addicted too.

For who knows how long they were completely lost in that addiction, Spencer becoming nothing but the cock she was wearing and Aria becoming nothing but a butt hole desperate to be fucked, and together they relished in those roles. Then Spencer collapsed down on top of the sweaty body of her girlfriend, so exhausted it took her a few long minutes to realise what she had done. Then she blushed with embarrassment over how she got carried away with using Aria's ass hole, and pressed a few gentle kisses to her neck in apology. Luckily Aria only groaned in appreciation, and then actually thanked her when Spencer finally removed her hand from her mouth, reaching into grab the panties and pull them out.

"Oh God, that was so good! Mmmmm, thank you Spence." Aria sighed dreamily once the panties were out.

"Well, I lived to please my girl." Spencer grinned bashfully.

"Speaking of which, I get to clean your cock now, right?" Aria asked hopefully.

"Only if you show me your pretty little gape first." Spencer offered.

"Deal." Aria quickly agreed.

Aria then gasped with disappointment as she felt Spencer lifting herself off her body and beginning to pull that strap-on out of her ass. Which was a necessary evil regardless whether she was rewarded for it or not, but it was still disappointing not to feel her girlfriend's body pressed against her, and especially not to feel every inch of the dildo in her butt. Although while Aria preferred to have her slutty little ass being stretched as wide as possible with a toy there was definitely something to be said for having it so stretched out that it remained open and loose even after a toy was removed. It just made her feel like such an anal whore, especially when Spencer pulled the last inch out and Aria got to reach back and slowly spread her cheeks as wide apart as possible, exposing just how widely gaping her ass hole was.

With only a few breaks she and Spencer had spent hours making sweet anal love, so from the feel of it the gaping wasn't a record or anything. Of course Aria couldn't see it, and she couldn't risk looking for herself in the bathroom mirror, even if she did find the idea of being discovered checking out her gaping ass hole to be wonderfully humiliating, and so very, very hot. Then again maybe she should get Spencer to show her using a pocket mirror? No, she was pretty sure she had heard the bell while cumming, and they had already spent long enough in here, and she couldn't risk not getting to go ass to mouth. So after only about a minute of allowing Spencer to admire her handiwork Aria turned around and wrapped her lips around the dildo which had just pummelled her butt.

Despite the fact that they were still supposed to be quiet Aria just couldn't prevent herself from letting out a loud moan as she tasted the deepest part of her own ass on her girlfriend's strap-on. Which resulted in Spencer quickly grabbing her hair and giving it a little warning tug, Aria opening her eyes and looking up to see the other girl giving her a warning glare. She did her best to look apologetic, which certainly didn't please Spencer, but beginning to bob her head up and down did, Spencer's expression quickly turning from anger to pure lust as Aria cleaned her cock. Sadly she didn't reward her with commentary, although she smiled down at her and stroked her hair, which was all the encouragement that Aria needed to give her woman a thorough blow job.

Actually Aria didn't need any encouragement as she lived for all things anal. Sure, it couldn't compare to the build-up, and especially not the act itself, but the aftermath made the experience perfect. Especially when she got the chance to properly thanks Spencer for her hard work stretching her slutty ass, and so thoroughly putting Aria in her place. Oh yes, Aria Montgomery was a proud anal loving bottom who lived for dick in her ass, and the least she could do now was give her top the proper respect by thoroughly cleaning her cock, which Aria gleefully did, eventually deep throating the entire length with what was now well practised ease. Which of course also allowed her to get every precious drop of her butt cream.

Once that dildo was thoroughly cleaned Spencer pulled the other girl up into a brief kiss, before Aria broke it and asked hopefully, "We're doing this again, right?"

"Anal in public? Definitely." Spencer grinned wickedly.


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