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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

"How are you connected to A?" Spencer Hastings practically screeched at her older sister shortly after barging into her room.

Looking up from her phone Melissa stared at her younger sister, clearly startled. Then she murmured, "A..."

"Yes, A!" Spencer exclaimed, shoving her phone into the other girl's face where she could read the message displayed there.

Toby was pretty lucky to survive that fall, don't you think? If you want him to stay lucky you better do everything your sister says tonight.

- A

"You know something! Tell me what it is?" Spencer demanded before Melissa had even finished reading, adding moments later in a far softer, hurt tone, "Are... are you A?"

There was a long deafening silence, and then Melissa said softly, "No. I'm not this A person and I don't know who they are. I've... I've received some texts before, but never like this. And... it doesn't matter-"

"It does." Spencer insisted, "Just tell me what you know and-

"I don't trust you." Melissa interrupted, "For all I know you're the one behind this!"

"I'm not." Spencer said, struggling to keep her anger and control as she added, "Melissa."

"Shut up!" Melissa said flatly, and then when Spencer tried opening her mouth added, "Uh-uh, you have to do what I say, remember?"

Spencer's mouth remained open for a few long seconds then she closed it.

"Shut the door." Melissa ordered. When Spencer had done as she asked Melissa gritted her teeth and then forced the next words out, "Take off your clothes."

"What?" Spencer exclaimed.

"You heard." Melissa said, looking down at her bed spread. Sensing Spencer was about to say something else Melissa then added, "I was sent some pretty clear instructions too."

"Show me." Spencer demanded.

"You don't want to see." Melissa said softly.

"I said show me!" Spencer snapped angrily.

"And I said shut up and strip off!" Melissa snapped back, adding in something of a snarky tone, "And I'm not the one supposed to be doing what you say."

The two sisters stared each other down for what felt like an eternity. Then for Toby's sakes a fuming mad Spencer began stripping off her clothes.

Immediately Melissa looked away. Why wouldn't she? She wasn't some sick pervert like this A person. But something drew her eyes to her younger sister. Maybe it was curiosity, maybe her own sister stripping naked in her room was to weird to ignore, especially under the circumstances, but Melissa found her brain turning off as she watched, mesmerised by this... unique sight.

Spencer didn't notice Melissa looking as she was too busy trying to look anywhere but at her sister. Also she was pretty much blind with rage, with a little embarrassment mixed in, especially when she was down to her underwear.

"All of it!" Melissa unnecessarily pushed, a weird feeling echoing through her body as her little sister unhooked her bra, revealing her firm teen tits.

Once she had pushed her panties down Spencer covered herself pretty quickly, embarrassment quickly replacing anger as the main thing she was feeling.

It only got worse when Melissa said, "Bend over my knee."

"What?" Spencer exclaimed.

"Do as I say!" Melissa snapped angrily, before adding with a sigh, "Look, I don't like this any more than you do, but it seems neither of us has a choice, do we? So let's just get this over with, ok?"

There was a long pause and then Spencer asked, "What are you going to do?"

Trying not to smirk Melissa answered with, "What do you think?"

Another long pause followed and then slowly, awkwardly, Spencer laid down across Melissa's lap, her ass stuck up vulnerably in the air.

Nothing happened for a couple of seconds, although those seconds felt like hours to both sisters. Then Melissa raised her hand and brought it down hard on Spencer's ass. The process was repeated over and over again, Spencer blushing as she received a spanking for the first time in years.

Like all those years ago when she was lying across her mother's knee Spencer cried out with the first strike. That cry echoed throughout the room, clearly filled with pain and betrayal. It used to be the betrayal which really caused tears to flow from Spencer's eyes, the knowledge that someone she loved was doing this to her for normally a really trivial reason hurting more than the stinging blows.

In this case Spencer hadn't even done anything. Well, she had unintentionally hurt her big sister in the past, but the emotional divide between them wasn't all her fault. Both sisters had kept secrets from each other for so long it was hard to remember that brief time they'd had each other's backs. In fact that time was so far in the past it might as well have never happened. Besides while Spencer still felt guilty for certain things that didn't give Melissa the right to do this to her, and if Melissa really had sent her that text pretending to be A just so that she could spank her Spencer was going to make sure her sister would regret it. And if it really was A, then Spencer would be more determined than ever to get that bitch.

The more Spencer thought the angrier she became, which really helped distract from the pain of the spanking which seemed to increase over time. It increased because Melissa began spanking her harder. Like, harder than their mother had ever spanked them, the pain becoming worse than anything Spencer had ever felt. But Spencer wasn't the same little girl crying as her Mommy beat her butt. She was now a strong and independent young woman, and while the occasional cry of pain escaped her lips they were few and far between, the rest of the time her lips and teeth pressed tightly together as Spencer focused on getting through this so she could wreak vengeance on whoever was responsible.

While Spencer's motivation for something had never been clearer the same was not true for Melissa. She truly had received a graphic text telling her to do this, and there would be severe consequences if she didn't that she wasn't willing to go through. However, at least as far as giving Spencer a spanking was concerned, Melissa had been looking forward to it, and actually getting to do it was perhaps more enjoyable than it should be.

Spanking Spencer after all the bitch had done to her was therapeutic. Melissa knew it would be, and there was part of her that relished every single blow delivered to Spencer's butt. That was why she continued spanking her little sister far beyond the 10 minute mark. True, the text had said at least 10 minutes, but Melissa had gone beyond the 20 minute mark last time she checked and despite how sore and aching her hand was she didn't even want to consider stopping, Melissa grateful that her parents normally worked late as it meant she could spend as long as she wanted beating her baby sister's butt.

Spencer's ass had turned from pink, to red, to this indescribable bruised and battered colour and rather than show her sister mercy Melissa spanked Spencer even harder. Partly because she wanted to hear Spencer cry for her, really cry for her, just once. A sob, a whimper, a little scream, anything. Better yet she wanted to hear Spencer beg for mercy. Tell her how sorry she was for everything. And for everything she did to her Spencer deserved this. And damn did Spencer's tight little ass look good like this.

That last thought, combined with some uncomfortable feelings which were creeping up on her, finally made Melissa stop. That was when she finally felt a rush of powerful guilt which battled the part of her which was convinced Spencer deserve this, that battle raging on as several long seconds of silence filled the room. Then Melissa softly said, "Get on your knees."

Glad that the spanking was finally over Spencer quickly wiped away a few tears which had ran down her cheeks despite her best efforts and then pushed herself backwards so she would be out of position for any further strikes. Unfortunately this was an uncharacteristic mistake, only made as a result of Spencer being mentally exhausted from dealing with the pain and humiliation she'd been feeling, which resulted in her landing on her incredibly sore ass.

With a brief cry Spencer quickly got up onto her knees, and watched with a mixture of horror, disbelief and other emotions she wasn't sure she could name as her big sister stood up in front of her and began to strip.

Like her sister before her Spencer tried to look away but found herself drawn to this... unique sight, Melissa seeming like she was in a hurry, like she wanted to get this over with.

What this was exactly was beginning to seriously scare Spencer, but between the spanking and the sight of her older sister stripping in front of her Spencer felt like she couldn't find the words to express herself, and she was pretty sure that had never happened before. In yet another unheard of act Spencer's brain seemed to shut off entirely when Melissa pulled her bra off, Spencer barely hearing her sister's next words, which only came after Melissa had removed her panties and got onto her bed in the 'doggy style' position.

"Kiss my ass."

Spencer just stared at her in disbelief.

"I said, kiss my ass." Melissa said, "Literally. I want you to pucker up and press your lips against my ass. Do it!"

The command was definitely the weirdest and the most revolting thing Spencer had ever heard, but above all else it was terrifying. The stripping and the spanking could easily be classed as humiliation. This seemed to cross the line into something else. Something worse. But what choice did Spencer have?

Crawling up onto the bed behind her big sister Spencer gritted her teeth, lent down and pressed her lips to Melissa's right butt cheek.

"Again. Again. Keep going. Keep kissing my ass until I tell you to stop." Melissa ordered, waiting until she had felt half a dozen kisses before adding, "Now, tell me how sorry you are for stealing Wren. For kissing him and Ian. And for all the other shit you and your little friends have put me through."

Spencer's blood boiled. If Melissa hadn't been pregnant and if Toby's life wasn't on the line Spencer might have have violently sworn at Melissa and stormed out. And at that particular moment Spencer was envisioning herself giving her big sister a taste of her own medicine, beating Melissa's butt until it was as sore as her own. Considering she was pretty convinced that a little spanking wouldn't affect the baby Spencer was really tempted to do that regardless and then go right back to doing what her sister said, but she couldn't endanger Toby like that.

So again Spencer reluctantly relented, continuing to cover Melissa's ass in kisses in between each sentence, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry for... for stealing Wren... for kissing him and Ian... and for all the other shit I've put you through..."

"Say it like you mean it." Melissa said firmly.

Pausing only to grit her teeth Spencer tried to sound sincere as she added, "I mean it... I'm sorry for stealing your man... men... I'm sorry for breaking you and Wren up... I know that was my fault and I really am sorry... and for what happened with Ian... for everything... I'm so, so sorry..."

Even though she was trying to sound sincere it wasn't all an act. Melissa and Wren were all wrong for each other, and he clearly hadn't been in love with her, and it wasn't like everything that happened with Ian was Spencer's fault, or that everything that ever went wrong in Melissa's life was Spencer's fault. However Spencer should have never kissed Ian and Wren when they were Melissa's boyfriend and fiance respectively. That was wrong, and without meaning to Spencer had really hurt her big sister. She knew that, and that literally kissing Melissa's ass shouldn't have made her feel better about it as it wasn't a proper apology, but no matter how many times she'd said 'I'm sorry' before it hadn't made Spencer feel better. In a weird way humiliating herself like this did.

"Kiss my ass hole." Melissa commanded, waking Spencer from her thoughts.

There was a long silence, and then Spencer softly murmured, "You can't be serious."

"I told you, I have my orders." Melissa snapped angrily, "Now kiss my ass hole. Put your lips on my fucking butt hole! Lick it. Lick my ass hole. Tongue my back hole you ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh!"

After reminding herself why she was doing this Spencer shut her eyes tight and got on with this latest act of humiliation. Although this went beyond humiliation. This was incest.

The spanking was arguably sexual, as was the ass kissing, but a rim job, that was definitely sexual, meaning... Spencer was having sex with her sister. Not in the conventional sense, if sister on sister sex could ever be conventional, but now Spencer was licking her big sister's butt hole and that was something sexual, wrong, gross, disgusting and Spencer hated it.

She hated Melissa for making her do this. For A making her do this. But most of all she hated herself for the very clear tingle of excitement that ran through her as she began tonguing her big sister's butt.

Desperately trying to ignore that tingle Spencer concentrated on two things, the anger welling up inside of her which was luckily so overwhelming it blocked out any other thoughts, and doing as she was told.

Ironically even though she was practically a mindless drone at this stage Spencer still tried to do the best she could possibly do at her current task. That her current task was licking her sister's ass hole seemed irrelevant to Drone Spencer, she buried her face between Melissa's ass hole and tongued that puckered rosebud as thoroughly as she could. Maybe because even at her core Spencer was competitive. Maybe because deep down she just wanted to do whatever necessary to get this over with as quickly as possible. Then there was another reason which luckily Spencer was too blinded by rage to even properly consider.

Melissa didn't have that luxury. In fact she found herself dwelling on that unspeakable thing, the thing that would be such an embarrassment if it ever got out Melissa would probably have to kill herself, preferably after brutally murdering whoever was responsible for her knowing the perverted joy of her little sister's tongue up her ass.

The humiliating truth of it was that Melissa wasn't sure she'd ever been so turned on than when Spencer's tongue was sliding across her back door. It was so wrong, so perverted, so forbidden, and a billion other things but for whatever reason Melissa loved it. She loved the sheer perversion of it, of humiliating Spencer like this, of finally getting even with her, and even though she was being forced into this Melissa felt this indescribable feeling of power which she just adored.

As per her instructions her hand had slid down to her cunt. Melissa wasn't sure if Spencer had even noticed but she had been going back and forth between rubbing her pussy lips and clit since shortly after the first heavenly lick. And while part of Melissa wanted to give her own work all the credit for her increasing need to cum the truth was her fingers had only provided additional stimulation, and worse Melissa found herself biting her lip to stop herself from telling Spencer to shove her fingers inside her pussy. Or better yet her tongue.

Melissa hadn't even been told to do that. This was the last thing she'd been told to do, and while she had almost thrown up at the thought of this earlier now it didn't seem to be enough. Now Melissa wanted to go further and make Spencer do any nasty little thing she could think of. After all, how would her baby sister know that Melissa hadn't been ordered to eat Spencer's pussy, or make Spencer go down on her? All Melissa had to do was delete that text message later and she could make Spencer do anything she wanted. She could even arrange this to happen again, send Spencer a message pretending to be A and ordering her little sister to do whatever her big sister said.

Just then Melissa felt Spencer's tongue entering her ass hole. Spencer had been spitting on that little hole, and pressing her tongue firmly against it, but Melissa didn't actually think she'd get through, but when she did Melissa felt herself immediately reach the edge of orgasm. She barely had time to shove her fingers inside herself and begin frantically masturbating before she came, Melissa screaming her baby sister's name as she experienced the hardest orgasm of her life.

Shortly after that, as her cum were still covering her fingers, realisation set in. Realisation of what she'd just done. What she'd just thought. And then Melissa thought she was going to be sick.

Panicking Melissa screamed, "Get out!"

There was a pause and then Melissa began screaming those two words hysterically, Spencer eventually stumbling out of her sister's room, not even bothering to poke her head out the door first to check the cost was clear. Thankfully it was, neither Mr or Mrs Hastings seeming to be back yet, leaving Spencer returning wordlessly to her room and just crawling into bed where she lay there for what felt like an eternity. On her side of course, just the feeling of the soft bedsheets on her sore butt was kind of painful.

Much later Spencer threw on some clothes and tried to talk to Melissa but she was gone, leaving Spencer to wash out her mouth repeatedly, although no matter how many times she did it she could still taste her big sister's ass hole on her tongue.


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