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Author's note: spoilers for Season 3, and possibly 4, although some stuff is made up/altered to fit the story.

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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 19
by MTL ([email protected])

Why couldn't Hanna be more like Emily, Ashley thought as she watched the brunette teen wiggle her sexy ass upstairs, the redhead momentarily distracted from her rage by that wonderful little butt. If Hanna didn't show up soon Ashley would have her way with that wonderful little butt, and the rest of Emily's incredible body for that matter. And if Hanna did show she would fuck Emily anyway, to punish her rebellious daughter for her latest outrageous behaviour. Or more accurately she would do it to further punish her, as first Ashley was going to spank Hanna's little bubble butt so hard that her baby girl wouldn't be sitting down for the rest of the week.

Desperately trying to calm down Ashley took a deep breath and tried to remind herself that she was walking a very fine line. Things between herself and Hanna were tenser than ever, and if she came down too hard on her daughter she might push her into doing something rash, like running away or staying wherever she stayed last night and stubbornly refusing to come home ever again. It was just so hard after last night, Hanna having the audacity to text her saying she was staying over at a friend's.

Ashley had knocked on the door of every friend Hanna had, called everyone she could think of, pressured Emily to tell her where Hanna was, all with no luck. She was confident that Emily had been telling the truth and she didn't know where she was, but the Hastings had seemed distracted while Byron Montgomery had simply seemed uninterested, and there was no answer from the Vanderwaals and Ashley hadn't been about to break into someone's house in search of her rebellious daughter, so who knows where she was last night. All she knew for sure was that she couldn't let Hanna get away with this.

Just then there was a knock on her door, followed by someone simply opening it, that person quickly being revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal who smiled warmly at her, "Mrs Marin, may I come in? I would like to speak to you about Hanna."

The audacity of this girl made Ashley frown but any information about Hanna would be welcome so she replied, "Of course, please come in."

"Thank you." Mona beamed, closing the door and swiftly walking up to the older woman.

"So, do you know where my daughter is?" Ashley asked as the teen approached.

Ignoring the question Mona smiled, "You wanna know something Ashley? Can I call you Ashley? Cause you might find it inappropriate now, but trust me we're going to be very, very close friends, and soon you'll be surprised what feels natural."

"I have enough friends, thank you." Ashley said dismissively, opening her mouth to transition the conversation back to what was important.

Unfortunately she was rudely interrupted by Mona, "Really? Because according to the cameras I set up around your home you don't have that many, especially not close friends. That's one of the things we have in common. I have a lot of people I call friends, but I don't even trust the ones closest to me with all my secrets. In fact they're probably the least trustworthy, but they are a means to an end. An end I have now finally achieved, more or less. I just need to take care of any lingering complications, like Spencer and Aria. And you."

There was a pause in the conversation, allowing Ashley to digest this information, the redhead becoming pale and gulping, "Cameras?"

"Yes Ashley, cameras. In every room of this house, and I do mean every room." Mona beamed brightly.

Ashley blinked a few times, too shocked to be angry, and then murmured, "You bitch."

"Now, now Ashley, there's no need for that. Like I said we're going to be really, really good friends. In fact when I'm sure you're committed to the cause I'm going to personally make sure you get any truly damaging footage, because by then we'll be bestist buddies." Mona beamed happily, finally moving away to talk more clearly, although like before it was still soft so that in the unlikely event of Emily or Hanna listening in they wouldn't hear anything important, "Because like I said, we have so much in common. We're both driven, independent, dominant women, who love to fuck submissive little dykes who clearly need women like us. Women who can protect them, keep them in a safe and loving environment where they can explore their sexuality and indulging their perverted desires. And another thing we have in common is once we've committed to something, realised what we want, we go for it 100%. That, and the fact that we both love Hanna dearly. Perhaps in the exact same way."

While she was talking Mona was frantically typing on her phone, bringing up a specific clip she wanted to show the older woman. When she was done talking she played it for her, Ashley horrified to see herself masturbating on top of her own bed, Mona clearly having turned up the sound to make the tiny whisper out of her video form's mouth audible, "Hanna."

"Are you in love with your daughter, Ashley? I couldn't blame you if you are, because I am." Mona calmly explained, returning her phone to its main menu and then slipping it into her pocket, "I've been in love with your daughter since... well, as long as I can remember actually. Of course, I didn't always know it, and then when I realised it... well, it took me a while to accept it. But when I did, I went after her, and got her, oh, it was so worth every single little thing I've had to do to get what I want. My question is, what do you want? Do you want to be with her? Or do you just want to fuck her? Because you definitely want to fuck her, and if you try to deny it I might have to do something rash, but I'm curious, is that all?"

There was a long pause and then Mona frowned, "Answer the question Ashley."

"I, I... oh God, I want her." Ashley admitted, "Is that what you want to hear you little bitch? Fine, I do. I do want her, and I do love her, but I swear I don't love-love her. I just have a really inappropriate crush, that's all."

For a moment Mona just stared at the redhead, then she smiled happily, "Good. In that case this really is your lucky day... Hanna, get your sexy ass in here and tell your Mom what you told me!"

Mona had opened the kitchen door before yelling that, an extremely nervous looking Hanna slowly entering seconds later and then, after some coaxing from Mona, Hanna softly admitted, "I... I want you Mom. I, I... I want you to fuck me..."

There was another long pause, and then Mona prompted, "Well Ashley? Aren't you going to tell your little girl what you just told me?"

Ashley ignored the way Mona put emphasis on her name, and her questions entirely, in favour of asking one of her own, "Hanna... do you mean it?"

Knowing her daughter was never that good at subtlety Ashley risked making her desires as blatant as possible, stepping forward while she was talking and lowering her eyes to her daughter's lips were allowing a hopeful expression to cross her face which wasn't all forced. Of course this only made Hanna look more nervous, the teen gulping softly before nodding her head. Then, telling herself she was being blackmailed and therefore had no choice, Ashley took another step forward, grabbed Hanna's hips and pulled her baby girl into her, first their bodies and then their lips crashing together in a passionate embrace.

Despite how convincing Mona had been Hanna was expecting to be yelled at, beaten and maybe kicked out of her house. Hanna had just about accepted that she was a masochistic slut who got off on pain and humiliation, so she had almost looked forward to being rejected by her mother, however she was terrified of losing her completely. After all she loved the rest of her family but they were never around, and while she and her Mom fought like cats and dogs it always felt like they were there for each other, like they really cared.

So Hanna's initial feeling about being kissed by her Mom was overwhelming relief, followed by overwhelming shock. Then she melted into her mother's arms and welcomed the older woman's tongue into her mouth, massaging it with her own like a good little submissive. Then Hanna found herself being pressed up against the fridge with her Mom's thigh rubbing in between her legs, making her moan into the mouth of the woman who gave her life.

The kiss seemed to last an eternity, that gentle rubbing making Hanna feel like she was being fucked already. Fucked by her own mother, the very thought of it a turn on more twisted and wrong than any Hanna had ever felt before, and she had spent a lot of the last twenty-four hours getting ass fucked by her best friend turned girlfriend/lesbian mistress. Then her Mom broke the kiss without warning, the two of them just staring at each other for ages while they gasped for breath. Then all of a sudden her Mom was shoving a hand down her miniskirt and into her panties, Hanna blushing furiously at her mother discovering how wet she was.

"You little slut." Ashley breathed huskily, unable to believe she was touching her daughter's pussy and that she was soaking wet for her, "How... how long have you wanted this?"

"I... I... I don't know." Hanna moaned truthfully, "Mona made me realise it last night, but she thinks I wanted you before that. That's part of the reason we're always fighting."

"The other reason being that you are a spoiled little brat who I should have been disciplining a long time ago." Ashley growled as her hand seemed to start gently rubbing Hanna's pussy of its own accord, "Because look at this Hanna? Look at this! You're wet for me, your own mother... and I haven't even really done anything to you, yet. And still your soaking my hand like a shameless little slut! What happened? Where did I go wrong? How did I raise such a slutty lesbian whore who wants to fuck her own mother so bad that she's practically creaming in my hand right now?"

The angry tone was what Hanna had been expecting, but she hadn't been expecting such words, for her Mom to touch her like this, and for it to feel quite so intense, and overwhelming, and, "Oooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddddd!"

Ashley was momentarily shocked by the sudden increase of wetness, then she hissed, "You little slut, did you just cum already?"

Hanna blushed, "I couldn't help it."

For a few moments Ashley just stared at her daughter with disbelief, then she murmured, "There really is no hope for you, is there Hanna?"

Unsure what to make of that Hanna frowned and opened her mouth to ask her mother what she meant. However the only sound that came out was a deafening scream of pleasure, which was mostly drowned out by her Mom's mouth wrapping around her own shortly after the older woman pushed two fingers inside her. That and the fact that her Mom immediately started to finger fuck her was the reason Hanna screamed, and not long afterwards came again, this time all over her mother's fingers.

For her part Mona just grinned wickedly, perfectly content with being forgotten as she got to watch this mother on daughter action. She had warmed to the idea since 'Mistress A' had insisted on it, but Mona's imagination hadn't done justice to just how hot it would be. Sick, twisted and perverted beyond belief, sure, but it was really hot to watch a mother ravaging her daughter like this. That the mother was a woman she had known for years and the daughter was the best friend she'd ever had only seemed to make it better, mostly.

There was this small part of Mona which was jealous and wanted Hanna all to herself. Maybe she could even achieve that, payoff Ali somehow into letting her keep Hanna as exclusively hers or even run away with the blonde. However Mona figured it wasn't worth the hassle, and there was something to be said for getting to have access to the likes of Emily Fields and Ella Montgomery. Oh how Mona was looking forward to fucking them, although perhaps not as much as she was looking forward to this little show of family affection.

It was already shaping up to be great, Ashley practically tearing Hanna's shirt open and then pushing the blonde's bra aside so she could get to her daughter's full, well rounded tits. She did all of that with one hand so she could continue finger fucking her little girl, Hanna's squeals of pleasure once again uninterrupted as her Mom's mouth moved down to start licking and sucking her nipples, the Milf moving back and forth in between these things which always got Mona's attention for who knows how long as the redhead continued to fuck her daughter.

At this point in her little hobby turned grand plan Mona was very used to watching people having sex, but getting a up close personal look was always way better than just watching it on film. Of course her filming had helped lead to this moment in multiple ways... to having Hanna pass her latest test, which was arguably the biggest and most perverted, Hanna Marin proving herself to be the biggest lesbian slut in Rosewood by letting her own mother fuck her. Well, maybe she had some competition from Ella Montgomery and Melissa Hastings, but at least they were in committed relationships with the family member they were fucking. Hanna was fucking her own mother pretty much because Mona had told her too, that fact making Mona feel more powerful than ever before.

Power was one of many things Ashley was feeling as she ravaged her own daughter's body, the redhead frantically sucking on Hanna's big boobs or making her little girl cum on her fingers over, and over, and over again. Sometimes she just about managed to tear herself away from Hanna's boobs long enough to silence her wailing daughter with another tongue filled kiss, but mostly she stuck to licking, sucking and occasionally biting the blonde's perky little nipples while finger fucking her.

Stopping was perhaps the hardest thing she'd ever done, but Ashley's pussy was burning with need an Hanna had been selfish enough for a lifetime. So eventually Ashley forced herself to remove her fingers from her daughter's cunt, although the older woman was unable to resist bringing those fingers up to her mouth and sucking on them. That made the temptation to keep fucking Hanna, this time with her mouth, almost overwhelming but again Ashley remained in control.

"Tasty." Ashley murmured as she took the fingers out of her mouth, lifted up her dress and pulled down her panties, "But it's my turn."

With that Ashley grabbed Hanna firmly by her pretty blonde hair, leaned against the little island in the centre of her kitchen and forced her daughter down onto her knees and more importantly in between her legs. Hanna didn't resist, allowing Ashley to literally push her baby girl's face into the hole she had once pushed her out of, the redhead rubbing her child's pretty face into her pussy for a few long moments before holding still and strategically moving Hanna's head so that her pretty little mouth was pressed against her needy centre.

"Eat me! Eat me you little bitch! Eat it! Eat my pussy oooooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd!" Ashley struggled not to wake the dead with her loud cries of pleasure as Hanna began eagerly lapping away at her cunt, "Mmmmmmmmm, that's it Hanna, eat Mommy! Mmmmmmmm, eat Mommy's pussy like a good little girl. Ohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd, your tongue feels soooooooo goooooooddddddd! Ooooooooh, you've clearly had plenty of practice at this with Emily, mmmmmmm, and I imagine Mona too mmmmmmm, but who else? Aria? Spencer? Have you sluts been eating each other's pussies every chance you get? Or do you just drop to your knees for every girl you see? Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, because that would explain why my teenage daughter is such an amazing pussy licker, ooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk, and why she's eating my pussy soooooooo fuckinggggggg goooooooddddddd!"

"Oh believe me, she was a natural pussy licker, and an extremely quick learner." Mona said gleefully, not knowing or caring if the other women even heard her, "Mmmmmm, she started off good, but became amazing, so clearly she was always meant to be a cunt worshipping submissive lesbian slut."

Ashley was surprised by Mona's words but she was too far gone to respond to them, her daughter's incredibly talented for her age tongue driving her to the edge of orgasm in what felt like seconds. To be fair Ashley had been finger fucking Hanna for quite a while and actually living out her most taboo fantasy was making her juices flow harder and faster than ever before, so much so that Hanna could have been the worst pussy eater ever and Ashley would have still probably cum quickly and powerfully. Instead Hanna was amazing at this, resulting in Ashley's eventual orgasm being the most powerful of her life.

Hanna had been loving this before she was given her Mom's girl cum, and when that heavenly liquid flowed into her mouth and pretty much directly down her throat she became even more lost in this heaven. Oh how she loved eating pussy. Mona's, Emily's, it didn't matter, she loved them both, and she really loved the idea of going down on Aria and Spencer. They were so hot, and Mona was right, she was meant to be a cunt worshipping submissive lesbian slut, so why not share her skills with her best friends? In fact it would be mean not too, Hanna hoping that Mona could arrange that for her like she promised.

Of course thoughts of her girlfriend and best friends were fleeting as she was far more concentrated on swallowing what was now her favourite drink in the world, girl cum. That it was her Mom's girl cum filled her with so much adrenaline the previously extremely tired Hanna felt like she could run a mile, or more importantly could fuck her mother all night long.

Mother fucker. That's what she was now, a mother fucker. Or at least she was after her Mom's first orgasm subsided and she shoved her tongue into the woman who gave her life and began to tongue fuck her tasty little cunt, Hanna only stopping when she made her mother cum in her mouth again, which didn't take that long. Hanna happily repeated that process over and over again, switching to using her fingers when her tongue got tired and even then she sucked her Mom's clit to make sure the older woman came extra hard.

At first her Mom called her every name under the sun while doing this, but very soon she became an incoherent mess which Hanna thought was an incredible accomplishment given how much experience her mother had at fucking lesbian sluts just like her. Her Mom also used a strong grip on her hair to push her face as deep into that yummy cunt as possible, although if she hadn't Hanna would have pushed herself that deep anyway. Unfortunately her mother also rubbed her face back and forth and even thrusted into her, meaning that try as she might Hanna couldn't swallow all of her Mom's cum. On the bright side the rest of the girl cum ended up covering her face which made Hanna feel like even more of a slut.

When she was sure another orgasm would knock her unconscious Ashley roughly pulled her daughter upwards, Hanna deliciously reluctant to remove her mouth from the older woman's cunt but eventually the redhead used enough force to make her stand up on shaky legs. She then pinned her baby girl against the fridge again and shoved her tongue down her throat, Ashley delighting in tasting her own cum and pussy juice on Hanna's lips and tongue.

After a long making out session Ashley strategically moved backwards a little, broke the kiss, forcefully turned Hanna around to face the fridge, grabbed hold of the teen's miniskirt and panties and then slowly pulled them downwards, Ashley licking her lips as she got a good look at the ass which had haunted her most forbidden fantasies. As soon as that clothing hit the floor Ashley placed one hand on Hanna's hip and her other on her daughter's upper back so she could force the teen to bend forwards. Perhaps out of natural instinct Hanna reached out and grabbed the fridge before pushing her ass out and against Ashley's still very wet pussy, the Milf moaning as she took a moment to grind herself against her favourite part of a girl's body before she moved back and smacked that well rounded rump.

"I had such high hopes for you Hanna." Ashley mumbled in between spanks, "I was going to forgive the past few years as youthful indiscretions." SMACK! "Dismiss them as a teenager acting out." SMACK! "But this is who you are, isn't it sweetie?" SMACK! "Just look at you, your own mother's cum drying on your face." SMACK! "And digesting in your belly!" SMACK! "God, how did I raise such a shameless slut?" SMACK! "Where did I go wrong with you?" SMACK! "Or is it not me?" SMACK! "Were you always going to turn out this way?" SMACK! "Are you just a little slut at heart and nothing I could have done would have changed that?" SMACK! "Answer me slut!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Hanna squealed at the rough series of spanks before eventually answering when she was given the chance, "I, I don't know. I just love being a slut. I love it so much OWWW!"

Another series of hard slaps followed, Ashley only stopping when Hanna's butt was a pretty pink, so she could growl, "Mmmmm, you disgust me. Well, if I can't have the perfect daughter, I suppose I can settle for the perfect slut." SMACK! SMACK! "Just so long as you're not whoring yourself out to just anyone." SMACK! SMACK! "That you at least give this perfect little body to someone who loves you." SMACK! SMACK! "Someone who cares about you." SMACK! SMACK! "Someone who can give you what you need." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Like your little girlfriend here." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Or your friends." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Or me." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Do you promise Hanna?" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Do you promise to only give this perfect little body of yours to someone who loves and cares about you, and can give you what you need?" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Waiting for the latest round of spanks to finish Hanna then whimpered, "Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! I promise."

"Good." Ashley murmured, slipping her hand all over the now slightly red flesh of her daughter's perfect ass, "Now, perfect sluts always take it up the ass. You and Mona try anal?"

"Yes! I love it! Mmmmmm, I love it up the butt." Hanna moaned shamelessly.

Ashley felt a overwhelming sense of disappointment and jealousy for one horrible moment, then she quickly hid it as she pulled apart Hanna's ass cheeks to study her oh so fuck-able little holes, naturally concentrating on her personal favourite, before glaring at Mona, "And yet, you're not even plugged."

Mona smiled, "I figured you would want her nice and tight."

Turning back to Hanna's wonderful little butt hole, which looked tight enough to be virgin anyway, Ashley murmured, "I love tight little holes, but this ass hole is so beautiful and fuck-able I'm not sure it should ever be allowed to close."

"I couldn't agree more." Mona smiled, before turning her attention to the girl she loved, "Hanna, why don't you go upstairs and wait for your Mom in her room. She'll be up in just a second to pound your ass, I promise. Oh, and don't even peek into your room otherwise you will be severely punished. Look at me Hanna, do I make myself clear?"

Swiftly turning around and forcing her Mom to let go of her cheeks Hanna looked directly at Mona and obediently replied, "Yes Mistress M, I understand. I promise I won't even peek into my room."

"Good girl, now come here and give me a kiss." Mona beamed, delighting in not only her lover swiftly obeying her again but that she could taste Hanna's Mom on Hanna's lips, Mona savouring that for quite a while before she broke the kiss, smacked the blonde's butt and giggled, "Now off with you, the grown-ups need to talk."

For a moment Ashley thought her headstrong daughter would object, but she just smiled and nodded obediently before wiggling her cute little butt out of the kitchen and quickly up the stairs, Ashley watching her go as she marvelled at how the rebellious teen had apparently given into her submissive nature seemingly overnight thanks to the tiny brunette still standing in the kitchen. Although Ashley guessed there must have been some build-up to Hanna's breaking, her own discipline of the child probably pushing Hanna to submit to Mona, which was something which filled Ashley with joy.

Turning to the other 'grown-up' Ashley said, "I'll do whatever you want, as long as I can fuck Hanna whenever I want."

Mona's smile could light up a football stadium, "I knew you'd see it my way. Just FYI though, I'm Hanna's number one Mistress. That means whenever we're all together I'm in charge and you do what I say. That also means I get priority over her, but unlike some people I can share, so if you're jonesing for a piece of Hanna's ass I'm happy to make a pretty little blonde sandwich with you, but only if you're willing to extend the same courtesy to me."

Seeing the expectant look on Mona's face Ashley reluctantly nodded, "Fine, I suppose that seems reasonable. But I want... I mean, I'd appreciate any cameras being removed from my home. Please?"

Loving the fact that this older woman was trying to be polite about such a thing Mona grinned, "Sorry, I can't do that. One thing we learned from a less organised team was that knowledge is power, and you can't have knowledge if you can't see everything. But don't worry, like I said I'll make sure you'll get anything really incriminating, and once you see all the fun we've been able to record trust me, you won't mind a little violation of your privacy."

"Fine, as long as I get Hanna, I don't care." Ashley said through slightly gritted teeth, "Is there anything else I need to know?"

"Just don't mention any of this to Hanna. She's not ready to know just yet, but don't worry, you won't have to lie to her for long." Mona promised, fishing a black phone out of her pocket and handing it to the older woman, "Welcome to the A team Ashley. I'm sure you're going to be a valuable asset."

Ashley frowned, "A team?"

Mona shrugged, "I didn't pick the name, but as you'll soon see... it fits like a glove. Now, I think your baby girl has waited long enough to get her ass stuff, don't you?"

With that Mona started heading towards the stairs but Ashley moved to stand in her way, "If you have cameras everywhere, you don't have to be in the room."

Mona frowned, "But I wanna be."

"I understand, believe me I do, but I really think this should be just between the two of us as mother and daughter. You know, help Hanna think of me as a Dom without having her Mistress around to prompt her." Ashley politely argued, before promising, "Please, I swear I'll share next time and every time after that, but just for tonight let me be greedy. Please? I've wanted this for so, so long."

Mona looked thoughtful for a moment, and then relented, "Fine, just make sure to put on a good show. Oh, and whatever sounds you hear coming from Hanna's room, don't look inside. One of my friends is in there and she doesn't want to be disturbed. If you do, she might do something rash."

With that Mona left the Marin household, leaving Ashley to slowly make her way up the stairs, passed her daughter's room and into her own. She did pause when she reached Hanna's room, and she was tempted to peek inside to see who was screaming in pleasure, but ultimately she couldn't wait any longer to get back to fucking her precious daughter. Given that she then entered the room to find a naked Hanna waiting for her on her bed, her baby girl's battered butt pointing directly at her as she walked in, Ashley in no way regretted her decision.

For a few moments Ashley just admired the sight, then she called out, "Hanna, did I give you permission to get completely naked?"

Suddenly feeling very stupid Hanna admitted, "No Mom."

Ashley sighed dramatically, removed the rest of her clothes and got onto the bed so she could play with her daughter's butt, the whole time murmuring, "Like I said there really is no hope for you. You just never think things through. Oh well, I'll just have to introduce harsher punishments for when you screw up like this. I think spanking your bare bottom with a hairbrush should suffice for this little indiscretion, but just so you know, next time you really screw up I'm going to tie you up and beat your cute little butt with one of my paddles. Or a riding crop. Oh, and I think your ass would look so pretty covered in red lines, and I have just the thing to do it. But first..."

Hanna gasped as her Mom spread her ass cheeks wide open, spat on her ass hole and then rubbed that saliva in with her tongue. Of course then Hanna quickly started to moan as her Mom got down to some serious ass licking, the woman who gave her life burying her face in between her ass cheeks so she could give her a long, thorough rim job.

Mona had done this to her a few times now, and while it had always been heavenly this seemed better somehow. It was hard to describe, especially considering Hanna's mind was all foggy with lust, but it was like... her Mom's tongue was so much more confident and sure of itself, and at one point it actually pushed its way through her tight anal ring and started pumping in and out of her, her Mom literally tongue fucking her ass which made Hanna moan like a shameless whore.

Just when she didn't think it could get any better her Mom slid a finger into her pussy, and then another, the older woman casually fingering and rimming her at the same time for a double dose of pleasure. Then her mother took her pussy juice covered index finger and slowly pushed it into her butt hole and kept going until it was buried at the knuckle in her butt, both mother and daughter letting out a long moan from the moment of the anal penetration to the moment that finger was all the way inside Hanna's ass.

"Oh Hanna, mmmmmm, sweetie, you sure you're not a anal virgin?" Ashley found herself moaning as she enjoyed the incredible tightness around her finger, then quickly backtracked as she realised how stupid she sounded, although she didn't do much better in her second attempt, "It's just that... you're so tight."

Hearing that made Hanna feel proud, liking the fact that she had pleased her mother for once, "I'm sure, mmmmmm, Mona butt fucked me sooooooo goooooodddddd."

"Well, clearly it wasn't good enough." Ashley grumbled as she began to pump Hanna's butt.

After initially moaning at the pleasure Hanna bit her lip to stop herself from defending her girlfriend. Mona was a fantastic butt fucker, but defending her right now might lead to further punishment, like that wonderful finger being removed from her butt. Which would be a shame since it felt like she was quickly rewarded for her silence with a second finger, her mother constantly twirling, curling and more importantly pumping those fingers in and out of her slutty ass for several minutes before pulling out, getting off the bed and retrieving a bottle of lubricant and the biggest strap-on dildo Hanna had ever seen.

Ashley was quick to attach the toy to her waist however as she was rubbing lube into the dick she noticed the nervous look on Hanna's face, prompting to ask, "Sweetie, are you sure you want this?"

With a soft smile Hanna said, "Yeah Mom, I want this."

Relief flooded Ashley's body, then a wicked smile crossed her face, "Prove it."

Sadly Hanna had to think about this for a long moment before finally the light-bulb went off in her head and she began wiggling her butt invitingly and begging, "Fuck me. Please fuck me. Please fuck me up the butt. Butt fuck me. Fuck my butt like the butt slut I am. Please Mom, I love it in the butt so fucking much, mmmmmm, there's nothing like feeling a big fake dick stretch open my little butt hole and fill me full of strap-on cock. Mmmmmm, it's one of the best feelings in the world, second only to getting my butt pounded hard and deep, mmmmmm, I love it when Mona does that to me. When she fucks me like a total slut and makes me cum for her. Please Mom, do that to me. Fuck my butt and make me your slut. Your perfect little slut."

For a while Ashley just listened to Hanna begging for a butt fucking while wiggling that cute little bubble butt of hers. Then when she couldn't take it anymore Ashley pulled one of Hanna's butt cheeks to the side to give her better access to her target and then grabbed the dildo by its base so she could guide it to her daughter's tightest hole. She then savoured the moment before roughly pushing forwards, forcing not only the head but the first couple of inches into her baby girl's bottom, the abrupt anal penetration causing Hanna to let out the cutest little squeal of pain and pleasure.

Hanna quickly recovered and continued her begging, "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck, oh fuck me, fuck my ass, ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, ooooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, mmmmmm it feels soooooo gooooooodddddddd! Oh Mom, stretch my ass Mom! Stretch my ass hole wide open! Mmmmmmm, make me gape for my own mother! Mmmmmmm, I wanna be my Mommy's little ass slut! Ohhhhhhhhh Mommy, get every single inch of your big cock up my ass so you can make me your perfect little ass slut! Oooooooooh yeah, fuck me up the ass, oooooooohhhhhhh, stuff my ass hole full of cock, aaaaaaaahhhhhh fuck, fuck me, ooooooooohhhhhhh Mommy!"

Slowly but surely Ashley pushed inch after inch of dildo into her daughter's butt hole, letting go of the toy once it was halfway up Hanna's butt so she could spread both those gloriously rounded cheeks and get the best possible look at her little girl's anal ring stretching for her cock. Because in Ashley's mind that was what it was right now, the long thick shaft strapped around her waist not simply a toy cock but a living, pulsating organ, the redhead swearing she could feel her daughter's teenaged ass clenching around her dick as she fulfilled her most shameful/forbidden fantasy ever.

It wasn't true of course, but the incredible tightness of Hanna's ass created mental stimulation more powerful than anything Ashley had experienced before, the older woman having to use every ounce of her strength to shove that dildo up her baby girl's butt. Then, when her thighs came to rest against Hanna's butt cheeks, announcing she had buried every single inch of that strap-on cock in her daughter's bowels, Ashley thought she was literally going to cum on the spot. Or maybe her head would explode from all the thoughts going on in her head.

Again that annoying part of her mind was reminding her how sick, twisted and wrong this whole thing was, but when she looked down she didn't see a whining toddler stomping her feet and demanding her way, she saw a super sexy teenager's incredibly fuck-able ass which she had just stuffed with strap-on. Besides, she couldn't bear the thought of stopping now she had the one thing she wanted more than anything else, Hanna's round little bubble but all to herself. So Ashley began pushing backwards a few inches and forwards, continuing to spread Hanna's ass cheeks with both hands so she could stair at that stretched little hole as she, Ashley Marin, officially began to sodomise her daughter.

Hanna tried to keep begging throughout this process, she really did, but anal sex was just so distracting. Ok, so it didn't take that much to distract Hanna if she was honest with herself, but she had become such an ass whore lately that whenever she was bored chances are she was thinking of someone doing something to her ass, and when her ass was being penetrated in some way it was nearly impossible for her to concentrate on anything else. Which to be fair was Mona's fault. She was the one to show Hanna how much pleasure she could get from her butt, so was it really her fault if she couldn't get enough of that type of heaven?

If Hanna was being honest with herself it was kind of scary how much of a butt slut she had become. Now even the initial penetration was something she craved, Hanna getting an incredible kick out of her forbidden hole being unnaturally stretched so things could invade her rectum. Also there was the little matter of the fact she was now getting butt fucked by her own mother and loving every second of it, Hanna feeling like the biggest slut on earth for indulging in such a horrific taboo. And sure, part of her was wondering what was wrong with her, and more importantly terrified anyone would find out, but they were like tiny whispers being drowned out by her own deafening cries of pleasure.

So, for a few minutes at least, everything was right in Hanna's world. She was experiencing overwhelming pleasure, and hey, she and her Mom had never been closer, Hanna finally making up for all those times she had acted like a brat by giving up her tight little ass to the woman who both gave her life and clearly loved ass fucking teens. Then the satisfying pleasure was suddenly replaced, or at least drowned out, by an overwhelming need to cum, rewarding her Mom for years of putting up with her bull-shit immediately forgotten in favour of concentrating on her own needs.


Just when Hanna thought she was going to break down and cry from the unbearable torture of being denied orgasm her Mom finally began to pick up the pace. It was slow, almost unnoticeable at first, but it gradually increased until the sound of her mother's thighs smacking into her ass echoed throughout the room. The impact was so forceful Hanna thought she was being spanked again, but the pain was completely overwhelmed by the pleasure originating in her rectum and then spreading into every ounce of her body.


"My bitch? I like that." Ashley grunted as she pounded Hanna's butt, "Yes, that's what you are Hanna, my bitch! Mmmmmm, I'm going to turn you into the perfect bitch. Oooooooh the perfect bitch for me, mmmmmmm, you're going to give me this tight little ass of yours whenever I want, oooooooooh, because it's mine now! I don't care what Mona or anyone else tells you, this ass is mine! You're mine! Ohhhhhhhh, you're mine Hanna, and now I'm going to fuck you whenever, wherever, and however I want because from now on you're my bitch! Aaaaaahhhhhhh fuck, my perfect bitch!"


It wasn't long before Hanna was completely unaware of what it was she was saying. It was probably just gibberish anyway, and it really didn't matter at this stage because she had gotten what she wanted. Well, technically she was seconds away from getting what she really wanted, but as much as a mind blowing orgasm would really satisfy her right now part of her would have been content if she could have stayed like this forever, on the edge of orgasm while her ass hole was brutally pounded by her dildo wearing mother.

When Hanna thought about it, really thought about it, it would probably be better. Her life had become a nightmare the past couple of years and the only things which had been consistently good in that life was sex, her friends and her long-suffering mother, who she had always known on some level was just trying to do what was best for her. After everything she had been through... after everything they had been through together, both her family and her friends, it would be better if she just stayed here forever, being butt fucked by her Mom over and over again.

At the very least Hanna planned to be the perfect sex slave for her mother from here on out as a way to make up for the drama she had caused the older woman. Also her Mom was an incredible top, and maybe the best butt buster she'd ever had. Don't get her wrong, Mona was an amazing ass fucker, but it was like comparing the top draft of the college football league to the top drawer in the NFL, one was the best in their field but there was clearly someone out there older and more experienced who was better. Or something like that, Hanna didn't really follow sports. The point was her mother had to be the best butt fucker in the world, because the way she was slamming her rectum was beyond anything Hanna could describe.

Hanna felt that way before her Mom finally ass fucked her to orgasm. Afterwards there wasn't anything left of her mind because the first climax rendered her an incoherent mess unable to think clearly, and then she was hit by orgasm after orgasm, each one at least as strong as the last if not more so. Which pretty much sealed it, Hanna had meant every word she said, especially the part about being her Mom's bitch.

While that was the last coherent thought in Hanna's head for quite some time it was like a drumbeat going through Ashley's mind. Hanna would be her personal anal slut, her ass whore, her butt sex loving bitch, and whatever else Ashley wanted to label her little girl as. The important thing was Hanna was hers and she would fuck her daughter whenever she wanted, however she wanted. And more than anything else in the world she wanted to butt fuck her baby girl, Ashley promising that she would devote the rest of her life to sodomising her own daughter.

No matter the cost, what she would have to do, who found out, the scandals it would cause, Ashley would never ever stop fucking Hanna. She was HER Hanna, the child she had carried inside her for nine months, given birth too, fed, clothed and protected all this time, why shouldn't she do whatever she wanted to her? Especially considering how criminally hot her little girl had become. And speaking of criminally, her baby girl would probably be a jailbird or turning tricks on the streets if it wasn't for a loving mother giving her a firm helping hand to prevent her from that kind of life, so really it was for her own good.

At the very least Hanna would become the town's anal slut if her insatiable ass wasn't constantly fucked by someone willing to give her the attention she clearly so desperately needed, Ashley planning to make sure her daughter never went a single day without being butt fucked by someone she could trust, namely Mona or the woman who had given birth to her, a.k.a. the one person in this world who would always care about Hanna more than anything. Hell, given how mind numbingly perfect this ass was in every single way Ashley wasn't sure she could stand to leave it alone for more than an hour, the redhead now knowing heaven existed because it was the perfect description of butt fucking her baby girl.

Of course right now she was more accurately wrecking her daughter's rectum, the mental stimulation of sodomising her little girl and the clit stimulator inside the harness combining to make sure Ashley experienced the most powerful orgasms of her life. They were so powerful Ashley became like a wild animal relentlessly pounding into her submissive mate's bottom to both prove her dominance and to use the heavenly fuck hole in front of her for pleasure. Even when she ran out of steam and collapsed onto Hanna's back and thus caused them to collapse down onto the bed she kept pumping her daughter, albeit lazily, Ashley digging her teeth into the blonde's neck to mark what was rightfully hers.

Then, after nibbling on Hanna's ear, Ashley whispered, "What are you sweetie?"

Hanna let out an unintelligible sound as her Mom punctuated the question with one last hard thrust, burying the dildo completely within her bowels, and then the blonde moaned, "I'm your bitch. I am my Mom's bitch. Oh God Mom, mmmmm, I promise I'm going to be the perfect bitch."

"Then prove it." Ashley purred, rolling them onto their sides and then roughly pulling her cock from her daughter's butt, "Spread those cute little cheeks for me honey. Show me how much damage I've done to my little girl's ass."

At the sudden removal of the toy which had given her so much pleasure Hanna cried out and then whimpered. However she still obviously listen to what Ashley said because when asked she instantly spread her butt cheeks to expose her gaping butt hole. Then after a few moments of rest she lifted herself up onto her knees, move closer to the older woman and then spread her cheeks again, making sure Ashley had the best view possible of her handiwork, in a weird way the redhead never feeling more proud of her daughter.

Hanna's round little bubble butt had been a thing of beauty for some time now, but Ashley thought it had never looked better like this, the cheeks discoloured from the earlier spanking and from the redhead's thighs repeatedly crashing into them, and that hole! That wonderful little butt hole which had once looked so tiny and virgin was now a gaping crater, that hole now so open that Ashley was able to see deep into her daughter's bowels.

After enjoying that sight for quite a while Ashley called out, "Good, now come clean up your mess. Suck your naughty little ass off my cock like a good girl. Mmmmm God yes, just like that, suck my cock. Suck Mommy's cock. Oh good girl, you make me so proud."

Although Ashley said a whole lot more she wasn't really aware of it as she was completely wrapped up in watching her daughter suck her cock, again Hanna obeying immediately by letting go of her cheeks, turning around and taking the head of the dildo into her mouth. She then audibly moaned as she tasted the deepest part of her rectum, Hanna eagerly suckling at the flavour until it was all gone and then beginning to bob her head on the cock, proving that Mona had taught her very, very well.

Perhaps wanting to impress her Hanna even deep throated the entire length of the dick. Sure, it took her quite a while, but that was part of the fun of it as Ashley got to enjoy watching inch after inch of her strap-on disappearing into her daughter's mouth until Hanna's nose was pressing into her pubic bone and the little blonde slut was choking on the full length of her dick. This made Ashley smile proudly, reached down and start stroking those pretty blonde locks as she continued mumbling her encouragement.

"Mmmmmm, that's it, good bitch. That's a good little cock sucking bitch. Oh Hanna, you're such an amazing cock sucker. And a slutty anal whore. Mmmmmm, the perfect bitch." Ashley grinned, "And that's what you're going to be, isn't it Hanna? The perfect bitch?"

"Yes Mom." Hanna agreed, only briefly pausing her blow job duties, "I'm going to be the perfect bitch for you, I promise. I'm going to be my Mom's perfect slutty bitch."

After that Hanna went right back to her sword swallowing, barely even gagging as she thoroughly deep throated that dick until Ashley tightened her grip on that pretty blonde hair and yanked her baby girl upwards into a kiss. Hanna eagerly kissed back, Ashley delighting in the fact that she got to taste her daughter's ass on her daughter's lips and tongue. Although now Ashley had essentially finished fucking her own child she was flooded with guilt at having broken this most forbidden of taboos.

Breaking the kiss Ashley smiled nervously, "I love you Hanna."

Smiling happily back Hanna replied, "I love you too Mom."

Ashley returned the smile briefly, and then bit her lip, "If... if I ever do anything to you that you don't like or you don't want, do you promise to tell me?"

Hanna smiled softly, and then blushed as she said, "I promise, but I don't think you could ever do something I wouldn't want, and not just because I love being a slut, but because I don't think you'd ever really hurt me."

Smiling softly Ashley leaned in for another kiss, mumbling just before their lips connected, "Oh Hanna, you really are going to make a perfect bitch, aren't you?"

"Yes Mom." Hanna mumbled just before she kissed her Mom again.


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