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Author's note: spoilers for Season 3, and possibly 4, although some stuff is made up/altered to fit the story.

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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 17
by MTL ([email protected])

The knock on her door sounded so frantic it could have been straight out of a horror movie. Given that there was a killer on the loose if it had been followed up with cries of 'help me, someone's after me' Mona would immediately rushed to open her door, especially as she knew for a fact it was Hanna who was continuously knocking. She still checked the hidden camera set up outside via her phone, just to double check Hanna was frustrated and not fearing for her life, and as that was the case Mona took a long sip of her wine and then slowly walked towards her front door.

The second she unlocked it Hanna barged past grumbling, "Where have you been?"

Trying not to smile Mona closed and locked the door, "I told you, I had things to do, but now, I'm all yours."

Liking the sound of that Hanna bit her lip, "Are your parents home?"

With her best innocent smile Mona replied, "No, they're out of town. Why?"

As soon as she got that last part out Hanna reached out, grabbed her face and pressed their lips together in a kiss which started off gentle but quickly escalated. Mona let Hanna push her back against the wall and slip her tongue into her mouth, then she forcefully took the aggressive role from her, Hanna seeming only too happy to let the slightly smaller girl take control of the kiss and bully her tongue into submission. Which really was the whole idea of this twisted little game.

Playing her part to perfection Mona broke the kiss after a while and pretended to be surprised, "Not that I'm complaining, but why-"

"Fuck me Mona!" Hanna interrupted, "Please fuck me right here and make me cum!"

Mona had been waiting so long to hear those words, and the way Hanna said them, the look on the beautiful blonde's face, it was beyond tempting just to do it. Just to slide her fingers into Hanna's panties or remove them entirely so she could get her tongue inside the other girl's pussy and fuck her until she came in her mouth. Given everything Mona had seen over the past week it probably wouldn't take much, probably only a couple of thrusts before she could be treated to some heavenly Hanna cum, and a adorable look of blissful satisfaction on that pretty little face. But no, Mona was playing the long game, and she was so close to getting everything she ever wanted and more she wouldn't settle for anything less.

So, remaining strong, Mona somewhat dismissively chuckled and said, "You could at least wait until we get upstairs."

"No, no, noooooo, please, you don't understand, I NEED to cum!" Hanna whined.

Narrowing her eyes Mona spoke in her most commanding voice, "Hanna Marin, I will not fuck you have against the wall up my living room. I'm not some kind of desperate slut with no self-control. No offence. Now, follow me to my room and I'll make sure you get what you need."

Mona then turned, finished the last little bit of her wine, put her glass on a nearby table and headed towards the stairs as her heart beat rapidly in her chest. For the briefest of moments she worried she'd been too harsh, that she'd miscalculated in some way, that Hanna would take offence and either yell at her or storm out of the house and maybe never speak to her again. She even considered turning around and apologising when Hanna didn't immediately follow. Then a relieved smile crossed her face as she heard Hanna begin to slowly shuffle forwards, Mona risking a glance back and discovering that Hanna had even submissively lowered her head as she followed. Sure, that probably wasn't a conscious decision, but that made it even better, Mona never more sure that she and her bestie were perfect for each other.

Meanwhile Hanna was sulking. She had been so sure Mona would fuck her right away and she had been so excited to finally get what she needed it had been like she was already on the edge of orgasm. That was exactly what she had been denied once again and Hanna honestly felt like she would do anything to get it. The problem was she was beginning to think she wasn't going to get it as soon as she had hoped, Hanna trying not to dwell on that horrible thought as she followed Mona upstairs, who was moving frustratingly slowly, and into the other girl's room.

Once they were inside Mona closed and locked that door too before casually strolling over to her bed, sitting down and addressing the blonde, "Now, what's the problem?"

"Problem?" Hanna huffed, "No problem, I just need to cum."

"Why?" Mona asked, before clarifying, "What's got you so horny?"

"What's...I... YOU!" Hanna murmured in disbelief before switching to yelling in frustration, "You get me hooked on lesbian sex then you disappear for a week, leaving me with my lesbian roommate who won't fuck me and my Mom who's completely fucking lost it, and you ask me why I'm horny?"

Mona blinked a few times, and then said, "So... seducing Emily didn't go well then?"

"No! I fucked her and it was amazing, but then my Mom found out and forbid us from fucking. And not just each other, at all. I can't even fuck myself anymore!" Hanna half yelled, half cried in frustration.

"What? She doesn't let you touch yourself? Really?" Mona questioned, doing a good job of sounding surprised.

There was a pause as Hanna debated whether to leave it at that or clarify, eventually choosing the latter, "Well... I can, but I can't close my door anymore because apparently 'I can't be trusted' and even if I could it's, it's... it's just not the same. I mean, I try and you know, finger myself in the shower, but I can't seem to cum anymore. Or if I do it's just not enough. Not when that bitch is fucking Emily's face every chance she gets."

"Emily's fucking your Mom!" Mona exclaimed as if she hadn't been gleefully watching Mrs Marin fuck Emily's tight little ass moments before Hanna arrived.

"I know right, its so unfair." Hanna whined, for the first time actually surprising Mona by following up with, "Why should she get to have all the fun? Emily's my friend, I should be the one fucking her."

"Well... if that's how you both feel, why don't you two just fuck in the school toilets?" Mona offered helpfully, and then added when Hanna looked embarrassed, "Hanna, what's wrong? What happened exactly?"

Of course Mona knew exactly what happened...

* * *

"Why do you have to be such a bitch?"

Mona was never more sure of a decision than the one to put multiple hidden cameras all over the Marin household as it allowed her to see the look of horror on Emily's face while the older Marin looked surprised and then increasingly angry while her daughter tried to keep her face a mask of anger and defiance.

"What did you just say?" Ashley questioned coldly.

"You heard." Hanna stated, standing her ground.

The two women stared each other for a moment, then Ashley sighed, "I'm running out of options here Hanna. What else am I supposed to do?"

Hanna shrugged, "I don't know, ground me? Take away my TV? Spank me again? Anything, just not this."

"Well apparently that other stuff doesn't work." Ashley said flatly.

"I'm home on time aren't I?" Hanna huffed, "And I didn't skip any classes today. Or arrive late for any of them. Or get detention, or anything."

"Yes..." Ashley murmured thoughtfully, "Although these are basic things you should be doing anyway the spanking has had some positive results, so we will be doing more of it. But I don't think it's too much to ask that my daughter refrains from having sex on school grounds, or anywhere which isn't her own bed."

"Yeah, I'm sure all Moms enforce that rule." Hanna mocked.

"I'm sure they would like too. But then again most daughters have some level of self-control, while you apparently do not." Ashley said flatly, before her tone somewhat softened, "Look, I'm sorry Hanna, I just know you and I don't want you to develop a reputation."

Hanna blinked in disbelief, "Reputation? What's that supposed to mean?"

Regretting her words Ashley apologetically began, "Honey, I only meant-"

"Are you calling me a slut?" Hanna interrupted, "Because that's rich coming from the bitch who's fucking my best friend!"

Silence filled the room as this time Hanna regretted her words as her mother clearly fumed with silent rage, the blonde opening her mouth to apologise before the redhead beat her to it, "I won't make excuses for my behaviour, but that does not give you the right to talk to me in that way. Or spy on me."

The last part refuelled Hanna's anger, "Well you don't have the right to make up a bunch of crazy rules."

"Actually I do." Ashley snapped, blinded by rage as she continued, "I have every right because I'm your mother and I'm the one responsible for you becoming this insolent little lying brat who can't go a day without getting into trouble! And it is my fault you're this way, isn't it? I've spoilt you Hanna. I've almost always let you have your way, constantly failed to find a proper punishment when you fuck up, and haven't even made you feel obligated to listen to me when I'm trying to teach you right from wrong. Clearly I've been failing you as a mother, but not any more. From now on you're going to be polite, punctual, truthful, and above all else behave, because until you do, until you can go a freaking day without getting into trouble and doing everything you're supposed to without complaining I forbid you from having sex! Not just with Emily, or anywhere other than your own bed, but at all!"

Again there was a moment of silence and then Hanna mumbled, "You can't do that."

"I just did." Ashley said, fighting the almost overwhelming urge to take it back. Clearly she knew this was crazy but she was just at the end of her rope with this child and desperate for anything which would potentially turn things around. Of course she couldn't play favourites, so she turned to her lover and firmly said, "That goes for you too Emily. And since you possess an ounce of self-control I'll be relying on you to make sure Hanna changes her ways."

There was another pause and then Emily nodded, clearly not sure what to make of this whole situation. Naturally that led to Hanna throwing a hissy fit, "NO! You can't do this! You... you can't, I... I hate you!"

Ashley waited patiently as Hanna got it out of her system, each bratty teenage phrase making her more sure she was doing the right thing. Then, when Hanna finally took a breath, she patted her knee and said, "Hanna, this is how it's going to be until you learn to behave. Now, pull your pants and panties down and bend over my knee. It's time to punish you for today's bad behaviour."

* * *

"And then she spanked me again!" Hanna huffed, finishing her story in which she was the innocent victim of a clearly delusional woman.

Mona knew the truth, but she tried to sound sympathetic, "That's terrible."

"I know!" Hanna exclaimed, her tone becoming slightly happier as she added, "So, can we fuck now?"

Deliberately looking thoughtful for a moment Mona asked, "So, just so I've got this right, for this last week you haven't been able to be good for an entire day, until today?"

"No, I was late to school. And a couple of classes. And I didn't exactly get permission to come here, but it doesn't matter because whatever I do Mom always find some little thing to punish me for, so what the hell right? If I'm going to get spanked anyway, I might as well finally cum first." Hanna said, quickly adding, "Not that I don't want to be here with you because I do. I mean you're the only one I can really trust now Emily is 'trying to help me' or whatever, and I don't know any other lesbians or bi girls, or at least none that were just fuck me if I asked, and... and please can we just have sex now?"

It was tempting, but again Mona wasn't about to give in when she was so close to everything she ever wanted, "So... your Mom doesn't know you here?"

Clearly confused Hanna frowned, "Yeah, that's what I just said."

Casually sitting down on her bed Mona softly murmured, "I guess she would be pretty mad if she found out you were here, acting like a desperate lesbian slut, begging to get fucked by another girl even though you were ordered not too."

Becoming a little angry Hanna began, "Mona-"

"Silence!" Mona snapped sharply, enjoying the look of shock on her friend's face before she continued in a somewhat softened tone, "Hanna, I love you, but you're kind of being a bitch to your Mom, who's only trying to help because she's worried about you, and frankly she's not the only one. Now, unlike your Mom I'll fuck you no matter what, if you still want me too, but I have a condition first. And unless you want your Mom to find out you came to me for sex I suggest you do it."

Hanna stared in disbelief for a few long moments, then trying to keep her anger control murmured, "What do you want?"

"For you to pull that cute little skirt and I'm sure equally cute panties down and bend over my knee." Mona said firmly, then interrupting her blonde friend before she could start, "Hanna! We both know your submissive, I knew that before we had sex. But I'm curious to see just how submissive you are, and in the long run you'll thank me. I mean, if the reason you're so sexually frustrated is because being spanked turns you on you can simply explain that to your Mom and I'm sure she'll never touch you again. Maybe even rethink this whole new dynamic of hers. Isn't that what you want?"

Hanna blushed like she'd never blushed before, "I, I, I... I don't... I would never..."

"Let's find out." Mona interrupted, patting her knee.

For several long seconds the two girls stared at each other. Then Hanna pushed her skirt and panties down to just above her knees, like her mother had taught her, and positioned herself over Mona's knee. She did this all very slowly, very awkwardly, blushing the whole time. She also kept asking herself how she ended up in this mess, Hanna knowing the answer but seemingly unable to believe her own memories.

Ultimately as she settled herself over Mona's knee and waited for the first strike Hanna told herself she was just doing this so she could get fucked. That after all the abuse her butt had taken over the past week a brief spanking from Mona should be a breeze, and then she would get the one thing she was so very desperate for. Then Mona's hand crashed down hard on her right butt cheek, causing a painful sting which caused Hanna to cry out, but more importantly a more pleasant sensation in her aching to be fucked pussy.

This process was repeated over and over again, ironically Mona repeating the exact same actions of her mother by giving her plenty of time between the first few strikes to dwell on the pain and humiliation of what she was going through. Luckily Hanna also received the soothing caress of Mona's hand rubbing her butt, and unlike when her Mom did it she could enjoy it without feeling guilty or disgusted with herself. Not that she enjoyed it-enjoyed it, meaning the butt rubbing and not the spanking because that would have been even weirder, it was just that, "Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

Hanna lost her train of thought for a moment as Mona gave her an extra hard spank, the slightly smaller girl showing a surprising amount of strength as her hand connected with the blonde's butt and searing pain seemed to echo throughout Hanna's body. It was easily as hard as her Mom's worst strikes if not harder, and again like her previous spankings those harder strikes became increasingly frequent until Hanna was nearly constantly screaming in pain and for whatever reason her body was reacting so strongly that the blonde teen couldn't deny that on some twisted level she was enjoying it.

While the blonde teen was ashamed of the fact she was enjoying this the brunette teen was revelling in it like never before. Because sure, Mona had got a thrill out of spanking Jenna and her various different conquests, and Alison's many, many conquests, but she'd never wanted to spank them as much as Hanna Marin. She'd never wanted anyone like she'd wanted Hanna Marin, and she'd certainly never wanted a butt like she'd wanted Hanna Marin's butt.

It was just so round and perfect, the milky white skin turning first pink and then a light red and those full cheeks jiggling under the forceful blows, Mona practically drooling as she spanked and groped that little bubble butt. Of course inevitably Mona just switched to just spanking Hanna's ass, but not too hard. After all, her bitch-in-training hadn't done anything worthy of a serious punishment and she was in a very delicate stage of her breaking in and the last thing Mona wanted to do was scare her away.

Ironically stopping before she went too far was one of the hardest things Mona had ever had to do. She loved Hanna, she really did, or at least as much as someone like her was capable of love, but she was the type of sadomasochist who not only got off on hurting others but got antsy when she didn't. And Hanna had hurt her by choosing those three little bitches over her, and worse still constantly looked right past her and failed to see that Mona could give her everything she could ever want, and more importantly everything she could ever need.

Which was why Mona found the strength to stop, because before going over board she had to prove the obvious. Mona was going to have to because for all her good qualities sometimes Hanna just needed the truth spelt out for her in simple phrases even she could understand. And that's what Mona was going to do. She was going to spell out that Hanna was a slutty lesbian masochist who NEEDED a girl like Mona to own every single little part of her being.

So after half a dozen extra hard spanks Mona shoved her hand down in between Hanna's legs to rub the most dripping wet pussy she'd ever felt and then firmly ordered, "Kneel before me!"

Once the words were out of her mouth Mona removed her hand and briefly glanced at it, smirking as she saw just how drenched in pussy cream her fingers were despite the fact that she'd only spent seconds rubbing Hanna's womanhood. She also smirked because of the deliciously pathetic whimpering sound the blonde let out, Hanna slowly and awkwardly getting up off Mona's knee and then kneeling before her as instructed, her head probably unintentionally lowered in an extra sign of submission.

"Look at me." Mona ordered after enjoying the sight for a moment, and then when Hanna was looking at her nervously she pointed her fingers at her, those digits inches away from the blonde's eyes as she continued, "I'm going to ask you a question, and if you lie to me you'll be right back over my knee. Do you understand?"

After the briefest of pauses Hanna croaked hoarsely, "Yes."

For a moment Mona let a small smile cross her face then she asked her question, "Do you like being spanked?"

Mona was deliberately vague, suspecting Hanna would not pick up on it right now but subconsciously it would make her think back to all those times she had been spanked by her mother and when the time came Hanna would know what she really wanted. What mistress A really wanted Hanna to want, Mona getting a thrill out of training her to want it.

Of course right now Hanna just looked panicked, the beautiful blonde looking pleadingly at Mona for a few long seconds before finally gulping and weakly replying, "Yes."

"Yes what?" Mona pushed, "Tell me what you like."

Again Hanna's eyes pleaded for mercy only for her to inevitably whimper, "I... I like being spanked."

"Open your mouth." Mona ordered, stuffing her fingers into the other girl's mouth as Hanna first obediently parted her lips and then wrapped them around the brunette's digits and started sucking, "Yes that's it, suck your filthy little fuck hole off my fingers. You see how much you liked it? You see how much you got off like a nasty little freak from me spanking you? You see how wet your dirty little whore pussy got from me beating your butt until you cried? Do you? Do you see, or should that be taste, what a submissive slut you really are? Answer me!"

The second Mona removed her fingers Hanna practically wept, "Yes, yes, yes, YES! You were right, ok? I liked it. I got off. I'm... I'm submissive."

"I know... but let's see how much." Mona said ominously, stranding herself before ordering, "Strip."

Obviously still emotionally and physically exhausted by her ordeal Hanna moved very slowly but didn't complain, Mona enjoying the sight of her friend slowly stripping for her until she was kneeling before her again, this time without a stitch of clothing. Mona briefly smirked and then followed suit, also going slowly but doing so to tease Hanna and not because she was feeling in the least bit rattled by this admittedly unique situation.

When she was completely naked Mona ordered, "Rub your nipples for me. Get them nice and hard."

Unsurprisingly Hanna was clearly confused by this but instead of questioning why or complaining like her untrained self probably would the new and improved Hanna Marin did as she was told almost without hesitation and continued doing it as Mona retrieved her strap-on from its hiding place. She then slowly strapped on the monstrosity, Hanna's eyes lighting up at this action and then becoming confused again when Mona reached under her bed for something else. Then those eyes became deliciously terrified when Hanna saw what Mona retrieved.

"No." Hanna whimpered, although there was no conviction in her voice.

"If you want to leave now, that's up to you." Mona said almost casually, "If you want to stay and cum harder than you ever have before, put your hands behind your back and stick out your chest."

For a moment the two girls stared at each other, Hanna silently pleading for mercy while Mona remained unflinching. Then Hanna predictably whimpered, closed her eyes, placed her hands behind her back and stuck out her chest. Smiling with sadistic joy Mona then leaned down and, unable to resist, wrapped her lips around one of Hanna's nipples and gave it a brief sucking. This caused Hanna to moan happily and relax, Mona choosing that moment to attach the nipple clamp so she could get an extra loud cry of pain out of the surprised blonde. Mona then repeated the process with the only difference being a little longer sucking on the other nipple as well as swirling her tongue around it before she clamped it.

Mona then took a few moments to admire her handiwork and then pressed her strap-on against Hanna's lips, "Now I want you to suck my cock like you're desperately in love with me and can't get enough of me inside you."

Before Mona was even finished talking Hanna opened her mouth, swallowed the head of the cock and started bobbing her head up and down on it. Briefly Hanna worried that she would be punished for jumping the gun and looked up at Mona with a pleading expression. That hadn't worked before but it was all Hanna could think of, and she was in luck, because either Mona took pity on her or she was just enjoying the sight of her best friend bobbing on her cock.

It was a possibility it was a combination of both, but in case it was more the latter, or just all the latter, Hanna took Mona's words to heart and began giving her a passionate blow job right from the start. That included quickly stuffing inch after inch of dildo into her mouth until it was pressing against the entrance to her throat and then lowering her lips down further, Hanna choking as she forced that cock into her windpipe. Eventually, after a lot more choking and gagging, Hanna managed to deep throat the entire thing, ravenously sucking and slobbering on the dick which would hopefully very soon be entering one of her more welcoming fuck holes as she pumped this particular fuck hole up and down her friend's cock, Hanna glancing up every so often to give Mona another pleading look.

Mona just blankly at her for a very long time, and then revealed which fuck hole the toy cock would be entering next, "That's it bitch, suck my cock. Get it nice and wet because I'm about to stuff every inch of it up your ass! Mmmmmm, that's right you little cock sucker, you're going to be taking it up the ass. See, last time you came hard when I fucked your pussy, but you came harder when I fucked your ass so that's where this dick is going. I mean, it's simple really, you're an anal whore. You have an ass which was made to be fucked and you cum like a total anal whore when you're taken back there, which just proves you really are a submissive little slut and you need to be treated as such. You need to be treated like nothing but a fuck hole, your pussy, your ass and your mouth nothing but orifices for other people's pleasure. Here, let me show you. Let me show you what your mouth is for!"

With that Mona grabbed hold of Hanna's head and began thrusting her hips back and forth, the motion gentle and yet still enough to make the blonde feel like she was going to throw up all over the brunette's cock. Rather than be disgusted or angry at her friend Hanna was terrified of displeasing Mona, and perhaps worse disrespecting her, so she desperately fought to control herself, even feeling proud when she got her body under control so she could allow Mona to casually fuck her mouth.

As if able to tell anything more forceful would have been too much Mona pulled her cock out of Hanna's mouth after only a few minutes of throat fucking and ordered, "Lay down on the bed so that your ass is hanging off the end. I'm not done testing just how submissive you are."

Disobeying never crossing her mind Hanna wordlessly did as she was told and then didn't complain when Mona pulled out some rope and started tying her to the bed. When she first saw the rope she had a moment of panic and almost said something but Hanna was more desperate than she could ever remember to be fucked, and again if she couldn't trust Mona who could she trust? So Hanna lay there silently as Mona tied her down and then shoved a ball gag into her mouth and tied it tightly around the back of her head, leaving the blonde completely helpless.

Mona slowly circled Hanna, admiring her handiwork. Hanna looked sooooooo pretty all tied up and helpless, her poor little cunt now practically frothing as the blonde whimpered and pushed herself back, clearly more desperate than ever to be fucked. Which made the most darkest and twisted parts of Mona want to leave her for a few hours, maybe even a few days, just so she would have extended footage of a helpless Hanna whimpering pathetically as she struggled with the ropes holding her in place. However honestly, Mona was almost as desperate to fuck Hanna as Hanna was to be fucked.

So Mona kneel down behind her bestie and used one hand to spread Hanna's left ass cheek while she used the other hand to grab hold of her strap-on and guide it to the blonde's butt hole. She then paused for a few brief seconds to savour the moment before ramming roughly forwards, almost half the dildo sliding into Hanna's ass on that first hard thrust.

Given that the only lube had been Hanna's spit Mona wasn't totally surprised when her bitch-in-training let out a loud cry which was only slightly muffled by the ball-gag. In fact Mona had been counting on it, her eyelids fluttering in wicked delight much the same way she was sure her mistress's were, Hanna's pain a tremendous turn on for any watching members of team A. Of course they also got off on Hanna's pleasure, especially Mona who received more than her fair share as she began to thrust in and out of Hanna's ass hole, Mona officially beginning to butt fuck her best friend.

Almost immediately Hanna started moaning in pleasure and pumping herself back against Mona's thrusts. Sure, there was more than a little undertone of pain, but it was only really noticeable to a really well trained ear, Mona grinning wickedly as that continue to be true as she filled Hanna's rectum with strap-on cock, the blonde seemingly happily exposing herself as a anal whore with every additional inch into her desperate to be abused back passage. Not that Mona had any doubt what type of girl her best friend was. If she did she might not be doing this. Then again, Hanna did have the prettiest little ass hole, which looked extraordinarily wonderful stretching for a strap-on, that Mona imagined she would have done whatever necessary to turn Hanna into a anal whore if she wasn't one already.

Whatever lingering doubts Hanna had about her love for butt sex ended the second she started feeling pleasure from her abused back door, which happened shortly after Mona violated her ass. True, the fact that she hadn't cum in a week intensified everything she was feeling, but that didn't stop Hanna from remembering how amazing it had felt to lose her anal cherry to Mona, the initial minute or so of the ass fucking making it clear time hadn't sweetened Hanna's memory of the act because it was at least as perversely thrilling as she remembered.

Then Mona's hips smacked into her ass cheeks, the brunette allowing a few seconds for both of them to enjoy the sensation of the full length of the strap-on dildo buried in the blonde's bowels, Hanna screaming with joy as she felt her guts squirming around the large piece of man-made meat. Then Mona started butt fucking her again, this time her thighs slapping Hanna's butt cheeks with every thrust as she drove the full length of the toy in and out of the other girl's ass, Hanna feeling nothing but pleasure as what little discomfort that was left became a distant memory as a result of the skilful sodomy.

The obvious upside to this was that Hanna was finally getting what she wanted. The obvious downside was that she really, really wasn't. Sure, she was finally getting fucked and for a while that was enough, however it wasn't long before the greedy blonde wanted more. Not that she really considered it greedy considering everything she had been through lately, Hanna briefly imagining her mother arguing the point but she quickly banished that thought as it took her mind to dark and disturbing places.

Hanna focused on what she really came here for, and that was the kind of powerful orgasm she had only ever received from lesbian sex. Lesbian anal sex had caused her maybe the most powerful orgasm of her life, another reason Hanna hadn't exactly spent a lot of time arguing when Mona revealed her intentions for her ass hole. And now Hanna knew she was so close to receiving what she so desperately wanted, she just had to find the right words. Unfortunately her words were muffled, but she was sure Mona understood enough of them to know what she was begging for.

Besides, Hanna was pretty sure it was obvious, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, oh fuck Mona! Fuck me Mona, fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Oh my God it feels sooooooooo goooooodddddddd mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkkk! Fuck my slutty ass! Use it as your fuck hole! ooooooooh shit, you can treat my ass hole as a fuck hole whenever you want if you just make me fucking cum! Mmmmmmm fuck, I'm submissive! I am a submissive little bitch who loves being dominated by you! Is that what you want to hear? That I love being your bitch? Ohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd, just tell me what you want me to do or say and I'll do it, just for the love of God make me cum! Butt fuck me and make me cum! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk, make me cum make me cum make me cum make me cum make me cuuuuuuummmmmmm!"

For a while it seemed to work, Mona increasing the pace ever so slightly so she was pushing Hanna ever closer to her climax. Eventually the ass fucking became so hard Hanna could practically taste her orgasm it was so close. All she needed was just a few more consistently hard thrusts and she would cum like a total slut with a dick in her ass, the perverted feeling and all the build-up telling her it would be perhaps the biggest orgasm of her life. Unfortunately Mona slowed down ever so slightly at the last possible second, denying Hanna what she so desperately needed.

It no longer felt like a matter of want because you could survive not getting something you wanted while Hanna felt like if she didn't cum soon she would literally explode. Sadly it didn't seem to matter how loudly and desperately she begged for her release Mona cruelly denied her again and again, the act feeling almost sadistic as it was far worse than any pain or humiliation Hanna had known before. Given her recent week that was saying something, but somehow even being bent over her mother's knee was preferable to this never-ending pleasure in her butt, Hanna somehow delirious from ecstasy and painfully aching to cum at the same time.

And still she begged, "Pleaseeeeeeeeee, please, please, please please please please oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk make me cum! MAKE ME CUM! Oh Goooooddddddddddd, please Mona, I seriously can't take it anymore, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oh God please, please, I'll do whatever the fuck you want, I'll be your anal loving bitch forever, just make me cum!"

Just when Hanna thought she would literally faint Mona stopped completely, removed the ball gag and then roughly pulled her hair before she lent down and growled in the blonde's ear, "Call me Mistress M, bitch!"

With that Mona let go of her hair, pushed her forwards and grabbed onto her hips and restarted the butt fucking, Hanna barely missing a beat before beginning to plead, "Oh fuck me Mistress M! Please fuck your bitch and make her cum! Butt fuck me Mistress M, fuck me in the butt. Fuckkkkkkkk yesssssss mmmmmmmmm, harder, harder, yeeeeeeesssssss oooooohhhhhhhhh, fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty ass! Fuck me up the ass Mistress M and make me cum! Mmmmmmmmm, I'm your bitch Mistress M, and I'll be your bitch forever if you just make me cum! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk this is sooooooo goooooodddddddd, mmmmmmmmm, I wish I'd submitted to you sooner Mistress M but I'll make it up to you by doing whatever nasty thing you want if you just make me cuuuuuummmmmmm aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck, Mistress M aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssssss, fuck me, fuck my slutty bitch ass, oooooooohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk!"

Later, much later, Hanna would think it was kind of weird Mona chose in that moment to shorten her name to a single letter. It was after all eerily similar to the psycho who had been tormenting herself and her friends. However she dismissed it as coincidence. And why wouldn't she? If she couldn't trust her beloved Mistress M who could she trust?

At the time though Hanna was incapable of concentrating on anything but the large dildo pounding in and out of her ass hole, words falling from her lips for a while but she had no idea what she was saying and only continued for as long as she did because she hoped it would finally get her what she needed. And thank God it did, Hanna feeling like her earlier prediction of what would happen if she didn't cum actually becoming true when she did as she became a mindless wreck, her whole world consumed by ecstasy.

It took Mona longer to become mindless and even when she did she didn't technically reached the same euphoria as her blonde bitch. Her cum didn't squirt from her cunt, she didn't become hysterical and she certainly didn't shake so hard she threatened to tear the ropes apart. Luckily Hanna was not very strong and the ropes held in place, allowing Mona to concentrate on the purest heaven she'd ever known, the brunette literally feeling like she was in paradise as a result of pounding the blonde's butt.

Throughout this paradise her clit was hammered with a stimulator. Hell, her entire pussy was feeling the impact of those thrusts almost as much as Hanna's constantly jiggling ass cheeks, Mona feeling like she was being rubbed down there every time she sent her toy cock into the deepest depths of her bitch's bowels. But as always it was the mental pleasure of sodomising another girl which really got her off, Mona cumming multiple times as she relentlessly wrecked Hanna's rectum, proving to her best friend once and for all she was always meant to be her bitch.

Some argued that anything which wasn't a man and a woman doing missionary was unnatural, but for Mona nothing was more natural than this. Hanna Marin helpless before her, completely naked and tied up, the blonde's butt hole a sacrifice to their mutual pleasure. This was how it was always meant to be between them, Mona on top, Hanna on bottom, the two of them fully committed to the roles they were always meant to play, the act of sodomy making those roles crystal clear to even the ditzy but lovable blonde.

Mona relentlessly butt fucked Hanna as long and as hard as she could, desperately wanting the girl she loved to realise the truth. The truth which if she had realised on her own would have made their lives totally different. But despite Alison's coaching and a lot of practice Mona wasn't a machine and eventually it had to end. She squeezed a few extra hard climaxes out of them both beforehand as Mona became a mindless animal, her darker side taking over and nearly ripping out Hanna's pretty hair she pulled it so hard while the butt pounding became so rough that if Hanna was ever able to sit down again it would surely be a miracle.

Then Mona collapsed in a sweaty heap onto Hanna's back, the brunette sucking wind so hard she thought for sure she was going to pass out. Then an equally near unconscious Hanna moaned dreamily, "That was amazing!"

Smiling with blissful happiness Mona challenged, "That was amazing what?"

Hanna frowned in confusion, then blushed at her disobedience, "Mistress M! That was amazing Mistress M. Mmmmm, you're amazing. My Mistress M is amazing."

"That's right sweetie." Mona grinned, "And if I'm your Mistress, what are you?"

Without hesitation Hanna obediently replied, "Your bitch! I'm your bitch Mistress M. Ohhhhh Gooooodddddd, I'll be whatever you want me to be and do anything you want if you fuck me like that again."

"Prove it." Mona ordered, slowly lifting herself slightly off of Hanna, untying the ropes and then pulling her strap-on out of the blonde's butt hole, "Spread your cheeks for me."

"Yes Mistress M." Hanna replied obediently, the blonde reaching behind her with sore, tired hands and pulling apart her cheeks to expose her gaping ass hole.

Of course that stretched hole had been perfectly visible between those still nicely reddened ass cheeks but by spreading those nicely rounded globes Hanna was providing her new owner with a better look at her brutalised back hole, Mona enjoying that perverted view for a couple of long minutes before ordering, "Now suck your slutty ass off my cock!"

Again Hanna replied with a soft 'yes Mistress M' before she turned around and wrapped her lips around the head of Mona's dildo, the blonde moaning with submissive joy as she tasted the deepest part of her bowels. Then, after briefly savouring that taste, Hanna started bobbing her head on the thick shaft, eventually cleaning every drop of her own anal juices from that cock while Mona watched with glee and reflected on what an undeniable success Hanna's breaking in had been.

There were just a couple more tests to go, the next one arguably being the biggest and most perverted, then Hanna Marin would be the biggest lesbian slut in Rosewood and more importantly the perfect bitch. Her perfect bitch.


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