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Author's note: spoilers for Season 3, and possibly 4, although some stuff is made up/altered to fit the story.

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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 15
by MTL ([email protected])

After hours of being filled with the sound of mostly joyful cries, moans and screams the Marin household was now deafeningly silent. So much so if someone was awake they might have heard the almost inaudible sound of a lock being picked or a door being slowly, carefully opened and then closed with the same amount of practice care.

Moments later a few steps softly creaked, although it was the type of gentle sound which sometimes echoed throughout a house at the dead of night and most likely wouldn't have made someone give it a second thought. If they were awake.

But no one was awake. It had taken a while but Hanna had managed to fall asleep on her side, her exhaustion eventually overriding the pain in her ass, while behind her Ashley had drifted off while staring at her daughter's well spanked behind. They were of course both in Ashley's bed, a punishment for Hanna's sins, leaving Emily sleeping soundly in the room she shared with Hanna. Although at the moment Emily was unknowingly sharing the room with someone else.

Someone in a redcoat.

* * *

Maybe somewhat ironically at the same time the door to first Ashley's room, then the door to the room Emily and Hanna shared, were softly opened Aria was doing the same to her parents' bedroom.

It was the dead of night so she was confident they would be asleep and therefore wouldn't notice her. Or at least she knew for sure her Dad was asleep given his heavy snoring. She kind of hoped her Mom was awake, that she would see her sticking her head into look at them so she could silently beckon her over. Then they could go to Aria's room and her Mom could alleviate her horny state by eating her pussy. And maybe Aria would return the favour. And then she could pound her Mom's big fat ass, relentlessly slam her Mommy's little ass hole until it was gaping wide open.

Fuck, this wasn't fair, Aria thought. She had woken up horny and desperately wanted to fuck her bitch, but didn't want to run the risk of waking her Dad up by trying to get her Mom's attention somehow. Or worse, be discovered fucking her by her father and/or brother.

Things had to change, Aria decided. This whole sneaking around had been fun at first but her father and brother were around so much she rarely got her Mom all to herself. As a result there was so much time being wasted not having sex with her mother.

Perhaps a new living arrangement was in order. A place Aria could call her own, and be free to fuck her Mom whenever she wanted.

Yes, Aria smiled, she liked the sound of that. And as long as she gave her Mom the right motivation she was sure she could get it.

* * *

Far away Jenna Marshall was on her knees sucking a strap-on cock which had just plundered the deepest depths of her bowels. As a result her ass hole was gaping wide open, her ass cheeks were bruised from being spanked by both thighs and hands, and she had the glow of someone who had been well fucked. And maybe more than a little humiliated. Unfortunately Mona was too busy staring at the TV screen in front of her to enjoy it.

"That bitch better know what she's doing." Mona grumbled as she tightened her grip on Jenna's hair when she tried to take the ass flavoured dick out of her mouth and take a look at what the other brunette was watching.

* * *


The blonde figure smiled, "Hello Emily."

Emily was momentarily stunned, then she relaxed. She thought she heard something, thought she opened her eyes, but clearly she was dreaming because in front of her stood the figure of Alison DeLaurentis, her dead friend she often dreamt of.

After a few seconds of just staring, or imagining herself staring, at the vision before her Emily blinked and then stammered, "Wha, what are you doing here?"

"I'm always here silly." The blonde smiled, "I'm always with you Em. After all, how else am I going to look after my property?"

Emily wasn't sure how to answer that, even in her dreams Alison was confusing, but ultimately she went with, "I'm not your property."

The blonde laughed, "Oh Ems, you always were so funny."

Feeling a little hurt Emily was about to try to muster up a defence, but honestly wasn't it kind of true? Ali always did have a magnetic power over her, after all. And sometimes she had felt more like a pet than a friend to the beautiful blonde.

Of course the main reason why Emily didn't reply was because the imaginary Ali had slowly slipped underneath the covers with her, pretty much confirming exactly what type of dream this was going to be. Emily was surprised she had the energy for a sex dream, although truth be told all the sex she'd been having lately had only enhanced her libido, perhaps proving that she truly was a slut. Not that Emily dwelled on that given that the vision of Alison DeLaurentis was now lying beside her on the bed and looking at her in the way that Emily had always wanted her too.

Then the blonde girl reached out and cupped her face, "It's one of the many, many reasons you always were my favourite."

Emily barely heard the words, and certainly couldn't connect them to what was being said before, because she was so focused on the gentle touch to her cheek.

It... it felt so real. So...

Emily forgot what she was thinking when the blonde girl pressed her lips to hers in what had to be the most wonderful kiss ever. It was quickly followed by another equally wonderful kiss, Emily's heart swelling as her imagination made her feel like she was being truly kissed for the first time. Kissed by someone who didn't just like her, but loved her. It was heart-breaking because Alison never truly felt that way about her, no one ever had, but somehow that didn't matter right now. All that mattered was this wonderful dream.

It was easily as wonderful as any she'd had over the years, and she'd had many dreams of Alison over the years. It was actually kind of embarrassing how much her subconscious just couldn't let go of the blonde girl who despite her flaws would always be perfect in Emily's eyes. Or at least the real Ali was, Emily refusing to believe the 'nice' version of Alison that talked about running away to Paris together wasn't the real version of the girl most people remembered as being a cold-hearted bitch. Even her closest friends mostly remembered Ali as a bitch, which was why she didn't feel comfortable telling them about her dreams. Plus she knew it wasn't healthy to cling to Ali like this, and she didn't, not when she was awake, but as morbid as it was she couldn't stop her unconscious mind from pining for her long dead friend.

While after every one of these dreams Emily would feel sad and remind herself why it was wrong in the dreams she could normally only concentrate on what Alison was doing to her. Normally that would be just playful kissing and shared laughs, or long making out sessions, but occasionally things would become less PG-13 rated. Now was one of those times as after what felt like a whole dreams worth of kissing Ali broke the kiss and moved her lips down to the brunette's neck, Emily letting out a soft moan as the other girl got to work kissing, licking and sucking on her sensitive flesh.

That wasn't the only sensitive flesh Ali touched, the blonde quickly beginning to cup and fondle her breasts with knowing hands. Because sure, Alison had been straight as an arrow but Emily had never imagined her being anything less than a sex goddess in bed, the perfect blonde of course knowing exactly where, when and how to touch her body.

Honestly this dream was making Emily so horny she thought she was going to cum just from imagining Alison kissing her neck and tweaking her nipple. Then the blonde girl's hand travelled down to Emily's sex and... and it felt so real. Then it felt like she was literally being invaded, like two fingers were really inside her and the force of these sensations would wake her for sure. But she didn't wake up. No, the surreal haze she was in remained exactly the same, only now she was being fucked by her own fingers. Or was she?

"Alison?" Emily whispered in disbelief, desperately trying not to get her hopes up. After all this couldn't possibly be real, could it? It... it would be impossible.

Before Emily could truly over analyse the absurd thought the blonde figure lifted her head, looked the brunette directly in the eye and softly whispered, "I love you, Emily. I always have."

For a moment Emily was devastated. Despite herself this dream had momentarily fooled her and felt like she lost Alison all over again. Because Emily's life was filled with so many lies it was hard to tell what was true anymore, and Alison DeLaurentis had been the greatest liar of them all, but surely it couldn't be possible to tell someone that they loved them with such meaning and passion and mean it. Because make no mistake, Alison DeLaurentis never loved Emily Fields. Not like this, like how she had always wanted her too.

Luckily for Emily her latest heart break was forgotten when dream Alison kissed her again and then slowly built up the pace of the finger fucking, the brunette soon becoming so overwhelmed by the pleasure all she could do was moan into Alison's mouth.

There was a brief period when the blonde figure slipped down to take each of her nipples in turn into her mouth and suck gently on them but it was rather short lived. Hell, there was only a couple of swipes of the imaginary tongue to those hard little peaks of flesh before Emily felt herself clenching around 'Alison's fingers' in a tell-tale sign she was about to cum. That prompted the girl of her dreams to swiftly kiss her again in order to swallow her loud cries of joy, Emily once again amazed she didn't wake up considering how much noise she was making and how hard she seemed to be cumming. Not that she could focus on that for long when blinding ecstasy flooded her body and overwhelmed her senses.

The next thing she was, only dully, aware of was the fingers inside of her bringing her slowly down from her high, dream Alison of course knowing exactly when to slow down and take her fingers out of the still trembling Emily. Then this dream girl did something else the real Alison would no doubt never consider doing, namely slide those two fingers which had just been inside Emily's pussy into her mouth and moaning with pleasure. The blonde even sighed in disappointment once her fingers were clean and then gave Emily a burning, hungry look.

Normally when Emily had a wet dream she would wake up before she could get any satisfaction. Also, due to the content, she couldn't really convince herself to finish the job so she would have to take a cold shower and spend most of her day feeling sexually frustrated. Now not only had she already had one very satisfying orgasm but she was imagining Alison DeLaurentis slipping underneath the covers, the dream version of the girl she had loved obviously about to go down on her and despite being so sure that she would wake up at any moment Emily didn't.

Instead she imagined hot breath against her cunt and then a soft girl tongue slowly slide across her pussy lips. Then she imagined that lick was followed by another, and another, and another, Emily even swearing there was a pretty blonde haired head between her legs thanks to just how vivid this dream was.

It seemed to go on forever, dream Alison first gently licking up remainder of her cum before settling in to give Emily the longest, most passionate oral sex she had ever received. Or imagined receiving as the case may be, Emily moaning softly the entire time as her previously very satisfied body was slowly turned into a raging inferno of need once again. A raging inferno which was surprisingly allowed to explode, the blonde of her dreams licking her pussy softly and gently until the moment Emily felt like she could take no more only then to get exactly what she needed, namely the other girl's tongue inside her.

Despite wanting it, and perhaps even needing it, so badly Emily hadn't been expecting it. After all, it wasn't often she got exactly what she wanted/needed, exactly when she wanted/needed it. But here she was, her imagination providing her with a tongue sliding as deep into her cunt as she needed, that wonderfully wet little muscle not only beginning to thrust in and out of her pussy but twirl and curl inside her, hitting all her most sensitive spots. Of course that perfect girl tongue mostly curled upwards, Emily imagining her G-spot being ruthlessly attacked until she came in the most satisfying climax she could ever remember receiving, in the dream or otherwise. That wonderful experience was somehow repeated, the imaginary blonde pressing her face as deep as she could in between Emily's legs and making her cum over and over again.

Throughout the series of hard climaxes Emily could have sworn she felt her cum and pussy cream being sucked from her cunt, just as she swore that through her screams she could hear the imaginary girl gulping down her cum, however she was pretty sure like everything else it was just her mind playing tricks with her. After all for Emily Fields nothing was hotter than the image of Alison DeLaurentis swallowing her girl cum, the very idea of it causing the brunette's mind to turn to mush.

Then, somehow, she became so overwhelmed with pleasure she slipped out of the dream and into another.

* * *

Elsewhere in Rosewood the latest competition between the Hastings sisters had come to an end. As usual there was a winner, and a loser, but this time round the stakes were higher than they'd ever been before.

The first time it was too close to call. So was the second. But the third time Melissa orgasmed a full five seconds before Spencer. Granted that was because Spencer pushed the index finger of her left hand into Melissa's ass hole while curling two fingers of her other hand inside her sibling's cunt and sucked the other brunette's clit as hard as she could, but hey, it wasn't like they had laid out any ground rules.

So after a brief rest it was Spencer pulling the strap-on up her thighs and fastening it tightly around her waist, the younger sibling focusing solely on the task at hand so she could do it properly. That wasn't easy as her fingers were trembling. Whether that was from fear, excitement, or a combination of both and/or a whole bunch of other emotions Spencer didn't know. What she did know was she couldn't stop thinking about what was going to happen next. And what she wanted to do.

Finally she looked up at Melissa and noticed that her sister seemed almost as excited as she was. They both hated to lose and normally Melissa would have been visibly upset after being beaten by Spencer. This time Melissa seemed ok with it, the older brunette laying on her side in a sexy pose which Spencer was sure was supposed to entice her. And it was working.

"So, where do you want me?" Melissa purred invitingly.

"What?" Spencer stammered, a little taken off-guard.

Melissa smiled wickedly, "What position do you want me in?"

"Oh... I..." Spencer briefly blushed, then forcefully said, "All fours. I want you on all fours."

Too horny to hesitate Melissa flipped over onto her stomach and lifted herself up into the requested position. As she did this she made sure her ass was pointing in the direction of her little sister, Melissa even wiggling her butt in the hopes of enticing Spencer to get over whatever nervousness she might be feeling and fuck her. Which in turn made Melissa blush a little from her wanton behaviour, but she had crossed the line of decency long ago. She had chosen to indulge in this debauchery and now she was going to enjoy it.

"Fuck me Spencer." Melissa whispered after a few moments of her sibling just staring at her, "Please, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock."

Even though there wasn't much nervousness in her tone Melissa still felt some. It was the reason she didn't look over her shoulder at her dildo wearing sibling, not even when she felt a dip in the bed which told her Spencer was moving behind her. This was confirmed when she felt Spencer's hands on her cheeks, at first just slowly sliding over the flesh before pulling them apart and exposing Melissa's very ready love hole. However she was about to find out Spencer wasn't interested in her love hole, at least not right now.

Melissa closed her eyes and softly moaned when she felt Spencer's fingers sliding over her pussy lips, her kid sister still spreading her ass cheeks so she could easily get to her juice dripping cunt. Then Melissa opened her eyes wide in surprise when Spencer moved those fingers upwards and pressed one of them firmly against her ass hole.

"Wren... Ian... did you let them touch you here?" Spencer asked softly, "Or anyone else?"

Going a little pale Melissa whispered, "No."

"So... you've never been ass fucked?" Spencer pushed.

Gulping softly Melissa answered, "No."

Spencer took a deep breath, reminded herself of the way Aria dominated her mother, and added in a soft firm tone, "Well I'm going too. I'm going to fuck you right here. Take your little anal cherry and make you mine!"

Those words both terrified and aroused Melissa more than she thought possible, the older Hastings sibling mumbling in disbelief, "Ok."

Then Melissa let out a sharp cry as Spencer pushed a finger into her ass hole, popping her anal cherry. Or did she need the dildo for that? Either way Melissa would let her do it. Would let Spencer take her anal virginity, if she hadn't already. Because the idea was too wickedly delightful not to let her, and after all Melissa had wanted to revel in her debauchery, and nothing seemed more forbidden than her own sister violating her most private of holes in this way, taking her like she would have let no man take her.

"You're so tight." Spencer mumbled softly when she had finished pushing her finger all the way inside her big sister's butt.

Spencer revelled in that tightness for a while, then she began slowly pushing in and out, eventually adding a second finger while she used her other hand to gather up Melissa's pussy juices and rub them all over the fake cock strapped around her waist. All of which took quite a while but only seem to last a couple of seconds, Spencer so overwhelmed by this intense experience that it felt like a dream. It continued to feel like that as she finally pulled her fingers out of Melissa's ass and replaced them with the strap-on, Spencer slowly pushing the head against the tight ring of flesh until it opened wide enough to take the tip of the dildo inside it.

Both Hastings siblings let out a sharp cry followed by a moan as the little sister took the big sister's anal cherry. There was then a pause as the two brunettes dwelled on that, Spencer ever so slightly more overwhelmed because she could see the tip of the dildo buried in between Melissa's ass cheeks. The tip of her cock buried in between her sister's ass cheeks. She was inside her big sister's butt. And... and she wanted more. Spencer wanted to bury every single inch of her strap-on cock inside her older sister's backside.

Filling with confidence and determination Spencer gave a few forceful thrusts, making Melissa cry out loudly in pain as the younger brunette roughly invaded her rectum. Those cries made Spencer slow down as she didn't want to hurt Melissa, at least not right now, but she didn't stop until her thighs smacked against the older girl's butt cheeks, telling Spencer she had done it. She had buried every single inch of her cock inside her big sister's butt, skewered Melissa's insides with her huge dildo, rammed her rival sibling's rectum full of fake dick, fully embedded her strap-on as deep as it would go into her older sister's ass.

Again both sisters were overwhelmed with this perverted act, descriptions of it repeating over and over again in their heads for several long moments. It was the same story when Spencer decided she wanted more, the younger girl pulling back and then pushing forwards, the younger sister slowly beginning to butt fuck the older sister, both of them so overwhelmed it was a long time before they could think coherently.

Spencer's first coherent thought was that she definitely had the better deal of this. For one thing obviously there wasn't any huge dildo ravaging her insides, probably forever turning her back passage into a fuck pipe. But mostly Spencer thought this because she could watch as that big, long shaft disappeared and reappeared from Melissa's ass hole, the sight of that massive object abusing that normally tiny hole indescribably perverted and hot. Spencer prided herself on an advanced vocabulary but she didn't think she could do justice to what she was seeing, or feeling for that matter, for once the brainy brunette simply enjoying the sweet heaven that was sodomising her sister.

While Spencer might have thought she was getting the better deal out of this Melissa was thinking the exact same thing. She was also thinking this whole situation was indescribable, her forbidden passage stretching like never before and giving her pleasure the likes of which she could never have imagined.

It was so wrong. So very, very wrong. A taboo on top of a taboo. Anal sex with her sister. She was having anal sex with her sister, and it felt so good. Melissa loved it. She loved being fucked in the ass by her little sister. She loved taking it up the butt for her baby sister. Loved being sodomised by her kid sister who she was supposed to love and protect but now she was just bending over for her. Melissa was on all fours getting ass fucked like an anal whore by her own sister and she'd never been happier.

Melissa had always been curious about anal sex but she had never dared suggest it to any of her former lovers. It's just not the type of thing a respectable girl would do. Of course a respectable girl wouldn't fantasise about fucking her own sister, and she certainly wouldn't give in to her fantasies, but that was why she had always resisted her anal curiosities. After all if she started giving in to her taboos who knows what would happen.

Now it felt like she was breaking the ultimate taboo, Melissa unable to imagine something more wrong and perverted than having butt sex with her baby sister. And she knew she should feel ashamed for allowing it to happen, knew she should hate the act or at least feel humiliated by it, but the truth was she didn't. Melissa loved being fucked up the ass by her kid sister, so much so she actually regretted not trying anal sooner. Then again that would have meant her anal cherry wasn't taken by her little sister, although maybe this was something she had done sooner given how eager Spencer was to ass fuck her, the pace now slowly picking up as apparently the younger brunette really got into it.

The extra pace made Melissa moan loudly, a fact which didn't go unnoticed by Spencer, "Like that Melissa? Huh? You like having a dick in your ass? Do you like being ass fucked? Do you like being ass fucked by me? Taking it up the butt like a little anal whore? Huh? Do you like it?"

"Yes! I like it!" Melissa gasped, "It feels good! Ohhhhhh fuck me Spence! Fuck my ass! Ass fuck me and make me yours!"

With that Melissa felt Spencer tightening her hold on her hips and then begin really picking up the pace until the dildo was being hammered into her butt hole so hard it hurt again, although that feeling was almost unnoticeable thanks to the ecstasy that was overwhelming Melissa's body.

In a desperate attempt to silence or at least soften her screams of pleasure Melissa buried her face in the bed sheets and gritted her teeth. It didn't seem to do much good, but even if it had the sound of Spencer's thighs smacking into her butt cheeks sounded deafening to Melissa, the older sibling amazed that even with bad hearing their parents remained oblivious to the fact that the two sisters were engaging in the most sinful/forbidden sex act imaginable. Melissa certainly couldn't imagine something worse, or better as the case may be, but it didn't matter. It didn't matter how wrong this was or even that they were taking such an incredible risk Melissa just didn't care any more. She needed more of this heavenly pleasure.

Melissa also wanted to do this again. All of it. She wanted to spank her sister, and be spanked by her, tongue her sibling's twat, to fuck Spencer in every way possible every chance she got from now on. Most of all Melissa wanted to be butt fucked by her baby sister. She wanted to bend over and spread her cheeks for Spencer. Or let the younger girl ass fuck her in whatever position she wanted. In every position she wanted. Yes, Melissa definitely liked the sound of that. Spencer ass fucking her in all kinds of positions, not just in this room but in every room of the house so that everywhere Melissa went she was thinking of being butt fucked by her own sister.

One final dirty thought sent Melissa over the edge of a powerful climax which wiped her mind and the ability to think, the following climaxes keeping her in that mindless state until she passed out. That thought was that she wanted to return the favour. Melissa wanted to strap on the dildo which was now pummelling the deepest depths of her ass and shove it up her baby sister's butt, sodomised Spencer so she could feel the type of ecstasy she was feeling and perhaps more importantly so Melissa could show Spencer who's boss.

Spencer was thinking something similar when she saw just how hard Melissa came. True, at least in Spencer's experience, Melissa's orgasms had always been intense but she couldn't remember seeing her sister squirt like that. And Spencer like to think she would remember given that her face had been inches away from her older sibling's cunt at the time. Which might be a sign that Spencer needed work on her pussy eating but the ass fucking definitely seem to have something to do with it. In any case Spencer definitely wanted to try this again so she could further test her theories.

As much as Spencer liked tests she also wanted to fuck Melissa again for the sheer pleasure of it. In fact after this Spencer was almost 100% certain she couldn't stay away. It had been hard enough before, but now Spencer didn't see how she'd even be able to convince herself to leave the house when it felt like all she really needed was Melissa. As long as she could fuck her big sister in every way possible Spencer would be just fine.

Spencer especially wanted to fuck Melissa's ass again because other than tasting Melissa's pussy this was pretty much the best thing in the world. It was just so incredible to be able to fuck her older, smarter sister up the ass. To sodomise her. To misuse her butt hole. To turn Melissa's forbidden hole into her personal fuck hole. Oh Melissa's back hole made such a good fuck hole, that ring a flesh so wonderfully tight around Spencer's dildo even after the pummelling it had taken. Melissa's back passage was nice and tight too, Spencer having to use every ounce of her strength so she could ram that heavenly hole and get herself and her sister off. Of course Spencer tried to hold off for as long as she could so she could savour the heaven that was butt fucking her big sister but as much control as Spencer had she was only postponing the inevitable.

Unknown to her Spencer was sent over the edge by the mirror image of what sent Melissa over the edge, that being what would it be like to be on the receiving end of a ass fucking. What if Melissa turned the tables on her and shove that big dildo up her butt. Would it hurt? Would it feel good? Would she cum as hard as Melissa had? Did she really want to find out? Spencer wasn't sure. All she knew was that for a few glorious moments she was overwhelmed with an incredible climax which turned her into a wild animal, mindlessly pounding into her sister's ass over and over again until she collapsed in exhaustion down onto Melissa's back, the two Hastings siblings crashing in a heap on the bed.

For several long minutes Spencer lay there panting, the intense brunette very tempted to give in to the urge to go to sleep. Or possibly pass out. However images of what she had just done flashed through her head, and while there was part of her which was horrified and ashamed a much bigger part of her liked the things she saw. Then Spencer remembered what Aria had done after butt fucking her Mom, the obscene memory causing Spencer to smirk wickedly and contemplate forcing that on her big sister.

Suddenly reinvigorated Spencer pushed herself off Melissa's body, the dildo pretty much sliding out of her older sister's ass of it's own accord, leaving behind a gaping crater in its wake. The sight easily replaced Mrs Montgomery's gaping butt hole as the most obscene thing Spencer had ever seen, the young brunette completely lost in staring at that red ringed hole and deep into Melissa's bowels. Spencer swore that her sister's ass hole was now gaping wider than Mrs Montgomery's ass hole had, the thought making Spencer proud as Aria had obviously had some experience pounding her Mom's butt.

Not that it changed the fact that she was tired, Spencer relieved when she allowed herself to collapse down onto her back, point to her dildo and order, "Clean!"

Briefly Spencer thought that Melissa had just passed out, the younger brunette already considering ways to wake her sibling up when Melissa lifted her head to look at her. Then Melissa nervously looked down at the strap-on which had just been deep inside her rectum, biting her lip before looking up at Spencer again, the two sisters becoming lost in one of their famous staring matches.

That nervous look almost had Spencer letting Melissa off the hook, but she was currently a slave to her hormones so instead she forcefully repeated, "Clean! I said clean bitch! Suck your slutty butt juices off my big dick or I'll never ass fuck you again!"

Melissa was pretty sure Spencer was bluffing about that last part, and she really should tell her off for the first part which was a disgusting and degrading order. However Melissa's brain wasn't really in charge right now, her body was, and her body was seriously worried she'd never be ass fucked again. At least not by her little sister, and possibly not at that level of intensity and/or skill, that thought apparently unacceptable to her body which had her slowly and gradually shuffling down Spencer's body until she was eyelevel with the dildo which had just plundered her shit pipe.

Once she reached her destination Melissa was at least able to crinkle her nose in disgust before opening her mouth and then closing it around the head of the dick, the taste of the deepest part of her bowels finally waking Melissa's mind to the horror of what she was doing. Not that it helped her any, her body still in control as she slowly but steadily sucked the head of the strap-on.

The worst part? She liked it. Melissa actually found that, after a while, she actually liked the taste of her own ass, that revelation making her exhausted pussy burn with wicked desire once more. Which in turn led her to think about everything that just happened, Melissa immediately wanting to do it all again so badly she could barely feel ashamed of it. Which was surely worse than liking the taste of her own ass, so maybe that was the worst part? Or maybe it was that she found herself sucking her sister's strap-on far more passionately and eagerly than she had ever sucked a man's cock, Melissa overwhelmed with the need to please Spencer.

To do that Melissa thoroughly cleaned the tip of the dildo and then started bobbing her head on it, slowly at first, but with ever-increasing devotion. She even found herself looking up at Spencer for approval, her little sister giving it to her in the form of a smile and a hand on the top of her head to gently guide her to go faster. Not only did Melissa obey but she tried stuffing the fake cock down her windpipe, the older brunette choking herself as she took the dildo into her throat. Her eyes overflowed with tears and she violently gagged, but Melissa Hastings refused to fail at anything. So, eventually, she deep throated every inch of her baby sister's dick, a smile from Spencer absurdly making Melissa feel proud of this fact.

Even after all her anal juices were long gone and all she could taste was rubber and her own saliva Melissa sucked her sister's cock, not stopping until Spencer broke the silence that had fallen between them, "You're mine now. Whenever I want you, I'll have you. Do you understand?"

Melissa should have said no. As the older sister she should have made it clear that this was wrong, disgusting, something they could never do again.

Instead she slowly removed her mouth from Spencer's cock and meekly mumbled, "Yes... I'm yours. Whenever you want."

Spencer smiled happily in triumph.

* * *

Back in Emily's room a red coat was being retrieved from its hiding place under the bed, the one who retrieved it sighing softly before slipping it on. Then she looked back at Emily, who was sleeping soundly, the blonde becoming lost in staring at her for a few seconds. Then, placing the red hood over her head, Alison DeLaurentis left the room and then the Marin household with the same stealth she used for breaking and entering into it.


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