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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 10
by MTL ([email protected])

Hanna looked so beautiful when she slept. The blonde was beautiful no matter what she was doing but when Hanna slept she was free of her worldly worries, her face a picture of peace and tranquillity, making her somehow even more breath-taking. Or maybe Mona just felt that way because like this she could stare at Hanna for hours without her BFF getting suspicious that her feelings for her weren't entirely platonic.

Because Hanna was a heavy sleeper Mona had been able to sneak into the blonde's room to watch her friend sleep many times but for once she didn't have to leave because this was one of the blissful occasions she was spending the night in the Marin household. This would normally mean that she could watch Hanna sleep for hours. Unfortunately Mona had things to do.

Finally Mona untangled herself where she had been spooning with Hanna, as the big spoon of course, pulled out her well hidden black gloves and hoodie, put them on and briefly looked at Hanna again. She then lent down to gently kiss the blonde's forehead, "I'm doing this for us."

* * *

Spencer had no idea how long she'd been staring at the menacing object she had found waiting for her in her room when she returned from school. It was probably hours.

Initially she had tossed the sex toy underneath her bed, partly so she wouldn't have to look at it and partly because there was a chance her parents or Melissa would walk in and see it. The latter of which turned out to be the least of her worries, at least concerning Melissa, when she read the note that came with the toy, Spencer somehow stopping herself from tearing it up, if only so she would have something to show Melissa as proof that it was A behind this. Or at least as much proof as these type of notes could be.

Even though she had only read the note a few times Spencer could remember it off by heart, the words echoing in her head over and over again as the minutes passed:

The Hastings sisters, always in competition with each other and causing each other misery. Well here's a little competition for you, and if you win you get to use this little gift on the loser. That should make the loser plenty miserable. All you have to do is get in a 69 and make your sister cum first. Good luck.

- A

The little gift in question was a paddle. The kind you find in a sex store, designed for BDSM fun. Getting spanked by Melissa's hand was bad enough, Spencer didn't even want to begin to imagine how bad this thing would feel. Of course she couldn't help herself, the vision being almost as terrifying as the prospect of an A retaliation against her for refusing a command. No matter how many times she went over it in her head Spencer reached the same conclusion that she had no choice but to do this, because there was no way she was going to get spanked by that thing.

Just then Spencer heard the front door opening and being slammed loudly shut. That was quickly followed by footsteps on the stairs, each step sounding deafening in the quiet house. Then Melissa appeared at her door glaring angrily.

"Did you get a text from A?" Melissa asked forcefully.

"Not a text." Spencer mumbled, her eyes darting to the piece of paper on her bed.

Immediately Melissa grabbed it and frantically read it only for her shoulders to slump in defeat, "Mine basically says the same thing."

"Ok then." Spencer said, standing up and beginning to unbutton her shirt.

"What, just like that?" Melissa smirked.

"I, I can't... I can't... not..." Spencer said weakly, "I'm sorry, there's... there's just too much at stake. If you only knew-"

"I meant what, no romance?" Melissa laughed humorously.

There was a long pause and then Spencer frowned, "Have you been drinking?"

"Just a little something to calm my nerves. I am about to fuck my little sister after all." Melissa said before smirking, "Not that you won't enjoy it."

"Melissa!" Spencer exclaimed.

"What? It's true, isn't it?" Melissa accused, "I felt how wet you got from that spanking. And you totally got off on eating my ass, didn't you?"

"You don't know what you're talking about." Spencer snapped.

"Don't I?" Melissa countered, the two sisters staring at each other for a few long seconds before Melissa slumped her shoulders and said, "Whatever, let's just get this over with."

"Fine by me." Spencer grumbled, turning her back so she wouldn't have to look at her sister as she finally removed her shirt and then the tank top underneath it before going to work on her bra.

Melissa caught herself staring at Spencer's back for a few moments, just until her little sister removed her bra. Then realising what she was doing Melissa quickly turned her back to Spencer and proceed to remove her clothes, trying not to acknowledge the fact that she kind of wanted to turn around much sooner than when she did. Once she was fully naked she turned around to find an equally naked Spencer laying down on her bed with her eyes closed. Taking the hint Melissa got on top of her, pausing only to shut and locked the door.

As she got into the correct position Melissa admired her sister's naked body. Lean and toned, with everything... well proportioned. And... she was very pretty. If she wasn't her sister, and she swung that way, Melissa could see herself being very attracted to Spencer. Not that she was. She couldn't. That would be wrong. And yet when she moved her head in between Spencer's legs Melissa was filled with an odd sensation which kind of felt like... like lust. Like she really did want her own sister. In a sexual way. Not that Spencer's pussy wasn't cute, if you were into that sort of thing, but, "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwwd!"

Melissa momentarily lost her train of thought when Spencer suddenly reached up, grabbed Melissa's ass and pulled her down onto her waiting tongue. Her sister's tongue. Her little sister's tongue. Her little sister's tongue was now licking her pussy. And it felt so good. It felt so very good.

For a little while Melissa was lost to the sensations she was feeling, partly because she couldn't believe who was giving them to her and partly because she couldn't believe she was loving them so much. Then she remembered the price of losing this little competition. That had Melissa quickly lowering her head, sticking out her tongue and then after a moments hesitation giving her first lick to her younger sister's pussy.

To her shame Melissa found herself immediately liking the taste. She actually liked the taste of her own sister's pussy. How perverted was that? No, she decided. It had been a mistake. But when she slid her tongue over Spencer's twat again, and again and again, to her horror Melissa found out it was true. She really did love the taste of her own sister's cunt. Oh God. She, she was going to have to desperately repress that fact after this but more so right now because Melissa couldn't afford to dwell on this horrific discovery. Not when she had a competition that she had to win.

Spencer was thinking the exact same thing. Or at least had been. Now she's trying not to think, just concentrate on licking her sister's pussy. But her pesky thoughts kept coming back, reminding her how wrong this was and how sick she was for actually liking it. No, she didn't like it. It was her body. Her treacherous, wicked body which was reacting like never before to her sister's touch, and before that becoming an believably hot and bothered from just going down on her own sibling.

It wasn't like she really wanted this or anything. She just wanted to avoid the consequences of losing this competition, and as always Spencer was willing to do anything to win. That included laying in wait for Melissa before springing her trap on her. The first part of it was to hopefully take Melissa by surprise and cause her to hesitate, allowing Spencer to gain a steady lead. That had worked better than she had expected, except the fact that Spencer herself became a little distracted. So much so she forgot to spring the second part of the trap for a good long while. Then, whether intentional or not, Melissa grinded herself down onto Spencer's face, reminding the younger girl there was something she was supposed to be doing.

Again taking Melissa by surprise Spencer suddenly flipped them over so that she was on top and drove her tongue into her big sister's cunt. Again this succeeded in distracting Melissa, just like Spencer had planned, but there was a downside. For one she had rubbed her own pussy on Melissa's face which Spencer had hoped would further disorientate her older sister but only seem to push her towards her own climax. Worse still when Melissa came to her senses she shoved her own tongue into Spencer's twat, fucking her with it just as hard as Spencer was fucking Melissa with her tongue, if not more.

The final seconds of that 69 became very frantic indeed. Both sisters found themselves slamming their tongues in and out each other's pussies as hard as they could, the pace becoming almost brutal. They also wrapped their upstairs lips around each other's downstairs lips, sucking away at each other's cunt cream like they actually wanted it. Which, as much as they tried to pretend otherwise they did.

Finally Melissa shoved a finger into Spencer's pussy and began fucking her hard with it, hoping it would send the other girl over the edge. Instead it led to her own downfall, Spencer quickly returning the favour and after only a few hard finger thrusts Melissa came. Hard.

"FUCKKKKKKKK!" Melissa cried, partly out of frustration and partly because it felt so good.

At the height of her orgasmic bliss Melissa felt a overwhelming urge to continue, so she did. She fucked Spencer to the very edge of climax, only to realise just at the last second what she was doing. She couldn't go through with this. Not now she didn't have the excuse of the competition. Not that it was an excuse, but the fact that Melissa had briefly thought of it as that was exactly why she had to stop.

So she did. Somewhat reluctantly, but she did. Then there was a very long pause, Spencer eventually rolling off of her but continuing to say nothing. Finally Spencer sat up, grabbed the paddle and moved so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed and emotionlessly murmured, "Let's get this over with."

Understanding the command Melissa cautiously moved over to where Spencer was sitting, bending over her sister's knee and praying she would be gentle.

She was. At first. Mostly because Spencer was still in a daze and felt like she was barely aware of what was going on. Well, she knew what was happening, but... it was like she was having an out of body experience. She was watching herself do all these unnatural things and the only way to get through with it without driving herself crazy was to imagine it was some kind of dream. That she somehow wasn't in control, her body mindlessly working of it's own accord.

It wasn't strictly true. Although she felt a weird disconnect with what she was doing Spencer also felt she had never been more alive, excited and conscious of her actions. Which was a contradiction she couldn't even begin to understand, but it was the best she could do to describe how she was feeling as she went down on her own sister and then spanked Melissa like a disobedient child.

The second Melissa had been in position she had started a slow but steady pace of bringing the paddle down onto her big sister's butt, Melissa crying out from the first few blows but then restricting herself to just wincing. Spencer kept this up for quite a while until eventually she considered stopping, hoping that A would consider what she had done enough. Of course she didn't contemplate it for long because Spencer knew deep down if she showed Melissa mercy A would show her none. And it wasn't like Melissa had shown her any mercy when the situation was reversed, the memory of that filling Spencer with the first emotional response in a long-time which didn't seem sick or wrong. Anger. Pure burning anger which began to rage like an inferno inside her.

Soon the sound of the paddle smacking off Melissa's butt cheeks echoed throughout the room along with the older girl squeals of pain, Spencer mercilessly beating her big sister's ass as she remembered all the times her elder sibling lied to her, ratted her out and in some way shape or form didn't have her back. She also began taking out frustrations which had nothing to do with Melissa. Frustrations about A, and Alison, and her friends, and this whole situation. But most of all the fact that she was once again enjoying this far more than she should and despite her desperately trying to deny it Spencer still very much wanted to cum. She wanted her own sister to make her cum.

If Melissa had been offered a choice she would gladly make Spencer cum if it meant stopping this. She would do anything if it meant stopping this, the first few blows bad enough but this brutal butt beating was unbearable. Especially because to Melissa's shame she was enjoying it far too much, her pussy juice dripping from her as she was disciplined like a naughty child. The only consolation was that Spencer seemed to enjoy it just as much, although she wasn't sure how much a consolation it was that her sister was just as big of a pervert as she was.

Getting off on dishing it out had been bad enough, but to get off on taking a spanking? What kind of freak was she. Fuck, part of her was even really loving the rougher treatment, every strike to her butt sending an erotic shockwave to her cunt, making her crave her sister's tongue and fingers to touch her again. Not anything else, in that moment Melissa was so caught up in the pain she was feeling that she couldn't deny that she wanted her own sister's inappropriate touch.

When she had been utterly humiliated and her ass had changed from its normal state into a red and bruised mess Melissa got her wish. Spencer threw the paddle away but her hand came to rest against Melissa's ass cheeks, making the older girl worry her ordeal was not over. Then Spencer began caressing the bruised flesh, gently massaging Melissa's pain away to the point that Melissa didn't even care that this was an inappropriate touch. Then Spencer reached in between her thighs and found just how wet Melissa's pussy. Not that she had too given how much Melissa was dripping, but maybe Spencer wanted to check, not believing Melissa had got off so much on the forbidden act. Melissa couldn't believe it herself, nor could she believe how much Spencer seemed to enjoy it.

For a few long moments Spencer's hand remained where it was, then it began gently rubbing Melissa's pussy lips, causing the older brunette to cry out and then moan in pleasure. This continued for a few long seconds before finally Melissa whimpered, "Please... fuck me."

There was a long deafening silence which gave Melissa plenty of time to be ashamed of herself but she just couldn't help it. Her body needed sex, and right now as shameful and humiliating as it was it felt like nothing could truly satisfy her like Spencer's inappropriate touch.

Spencer's mind told her she should put a stop to this. Take a page out of Melissa's playbook and immediately get dressed and run as far away as she could. Instead she suddenly rolled Melissa onto her back on the bed and pressed her body down on top of her, both sisters letting out a long pleasure filled cry as the most sensitive parts of their bodies touched. Everywhere their bodies touched each other felt on fire but especially their breasts and of course their pussies, the latter of which felt so wet and hot both sisters felt they were going to melt through the other, or at least the bed.

Again there was a deafening silence as the two sisters stared at that each other. Then Spencer began grinding herself down against her sibling, concentrating on rubbing her cunt against Melissa's. Melissa cried out loudly and began grinding back, the two sisters began to mindlessly hump each other like mating animals. Spencer, who felt like she had been on the edge for an eternity, came almost immediately, the blissful sensations like nothing she'd ever known before. They were so overwhelming they caused her to briefly pause, but Melissa's insistent movements quickly had her humping back, in turn making Melissa cum again only to suddenly encourage her big sister to keep going.

They did for a while, almost the entire time staring wordlessly into each other's eyes. Then Spencer kissed her older sister, Melissa immediately opening her mouth and welcoming her younger sister's tongue with her own. As the two girls began fighting viciously with their tongue Spencer reached between their legs to shove a finger into the other brunette's cunt, Melissa quickly following suit and upping the ante by quickly shoving an additional finger into Spencer's love hole. Spencer copied this action and the Hastings sisters again frantically began fingering each other as hard as they could, relentlessly forcing orgasm after orgasm out of each other.

Even in her delirious state it was pretty clear to Melissa the floodgates had been opened. Making Spencer cum was no longer a challenge, every little touch seemed to make her baby sister cum with the body trembling climax. The same could be said for herself, Spencer somehow making her cum multiple times look easy despite how much her previous lovers had struggled to make her cum even once. Still as blissful as this state was Melissa already felt exhausted. Either she would have to eventually stop this or she would pass out, the latter beginning to feeling like it would happen at any moment. There was just something she had to do first.

Without warning Melissa flipped Spencer over onto her back, removed her fingers from her little sister's cunt and forced Spencer's fingers from her own cunt. Before Spencer had time to complain Melissa broke the kissed and turned around so they were in the 69 position again, both sisters wasting no time in burying their faces back into each other's cream filled pussies and began to greedily gobble up all the cum and cunt juice they could get down their throats. They continuously fought for dominance, rubbed their centres against each other's faces, flipped the other over, and came countless times until finally they collapsed in an unconscious heap.

* * *

It was true what they say, if you lose one sense the others are heightened. Or at least it was true in Jenna's case. Then again with her sight now return to her all of her other senses still felt heightened, to the point where if it was really quiet someone could pick the lock to her front door and she would hear it. She also heard footsteps slowly making their way to living room and then stop.

Jenna cautiously waited about five minutes and then slowly made her way downstairs. Despite the darkness and her now just for show shades she could just about make out the shape of someone sitting in her living room chair. Judging by the size it was perhaps the least dangerous of all the people Jenna had thought it could be, the realisation causing relief to flood her body as she struggled to not show it.

Now feeling as safe as she possibly could under the circumstances Jenna called out, "Hello? Is there anyone there?"

There was silence for a few moments as Jenna got closer. Then a familiar voice spoke, "Oh, don't pretend you don't see me?"

Jenna smirked and slowly took off her sunglasses, "Well, look at you. All grown up... too bad you never learned how to be stealthy."

Beneath her black hood the figure smiled, "If I didn't want you to hear me, you wouldn't have. It was my Mistress I didn't want you to hear. That would have spoiled the surprise."

For a moment Jenna frowned in confusion. Then she heard the sound of very light footsteps behind her, Jenna whirling around to find herself staring at a very familiar looking face which haunted her dreams, and her every waking hour, "A... Alison?"


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