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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 9
by MTL ([email protected])

"Do you trust me?" Mona asked, ignoring both the irony of the question and how it made her feel inside, especially when Hanna smiled up at her.

"Of course." Hanna whispered softly, "It's just... I don't know..."

"Kind of weird?" Mona offered hesitantly.

Hanna smiled again, and blushed, "Kind of big."

Both girls laughed, then Hanna let out a long moan as Mona reached down and slid her fingertips over her pussy lips.

"Trust me sweetie, you won't be complaining once it's inside you." Mona said softly, gently pushing first one then a second finger into her best friend's tight but welcoming love hole, "And it looks like there's at least one part of you which doesn't think it's too big."

"I, ohhhhh, I never said it was too big." Hanna moaned, blushed and then joined Mona in giggling, although she quickly went back to moaning as her friend gently fucked her with her fingers, each thrust melting Hanna's nervousness away.

After a few way to short minutes Hanna felt those fingers being removed and be replaced by something much bigger, then Mona whispered, "Look, if it's too much, we'll try something smaller, ok?"

"Ok." Hanna murmured, closing her eyes as she felt her pussy slowly open to allow Mona's strap on inside it. The initial penetration wasn't easy, Hanna digging her nails into the bed that she felt herself stretching and then once the toy actually entered her she let out a sharp, "GAWWWWD! Fuck, Mona?"

"I told you, just relax." Mona mumbled dismissively, her eyes clearly focused in between their legs.

"Yeah, easy for you to say." Hanna grumbled before cursing again as Mona slowly pushed more of the dildo inside her.

Hanna continued swearing pretty consistently for the next few minutes but they weren't exactly all in a negative tone of voice. In fact after the first minute there wasn't that much negative about her tone at all as that was when Mona started gently pumping her hips, moving a couple of inches in and out of Hanna's love hole with each thrust. Ok, so the dildo wasn't all the way in. Barely halfway actually. But it wasn't exactly thin, not that Caleb had been thin, or short, but the point was this thing was not super wide, but wide, and it took a little getting used too. And after half a dozen slow thrusts, Hanna was definitely getting used to it.

Mona's parents were out tonight, but as it was established Hanna was loud, particularly when she came, both girls had agreed to try and keep it down. Which of course was proving difficult for Hanna, but by her standards she felt the volume wasn't too bad. That was until her first real moan of pleasure, Mona thrusting into her a little harder and a little deeper which just made this guttural sound escape Hanna's lips. It certainly wouldn't be the last time, Hanna's womanhood quickly switching from overstuffed and overstretched to relaxed and hungry for more, which was something she quickly got.

"Wrap your legs around me." Mona ordered softly.

Without hesitation Hanna obeyed, mostly because it pulled the other girl closer to her, and in doing so pushed more of the dildo into her now very eager cunt. After that all it took was another hard thrust and Mona was all the way in, their bodies pressing against each other as for a moment they both savoured the unusual but very pleasant sensation of having Mona's strap on completely embedded within Hanna's pussy. Then their eyes met and they shared what Hanna could only describe as a moment.

There seemed to be a thousand things in Mona's eyes all at once. Lust, wonderment, fear, regret, excitement... it all seemed like a weird mixture. But then Mona started fucking her and Hanna quickly found herself not caring, the blonde mostly just closing her eyes and enjoying the wonderful sensations which flooded her body as her cunt was filled and fucked like never before.

While Hanna was clearly enjoying what was happening to her Mona seriously doubted she was loving it as much as she was. After all Mona had wanted this exact thing for so long. To mount Hanna as if she was a man and mate with her. Hanna becoming her woman, if only for a few glorious moments. To have her like Caleb got to have her. Imagining him jerking off to porn or whatever he did with his time, all the while having no idea his girlfriend was now taking Mona's cock inside her, his girlfriend hers in this moment, Mona fucking her better than he ever could, perhaps even showing Hanna what she was missing by being with him instead of her.

It was that thought which prevented Mona from fucking Hanna too hard too soon which had been an almost overwhelming urge ever since she pushed the strap on inside the other girl. In fact Mona had been feeling that urge since she'd strapped on the cock and made Hanna give it a little blow job to make sure it was nice and wet to fuck her with. However Mona was able to maintain control, slowly thrusting in and out of Hanna's pussy until she had her best friend writhing and moaning in pleasure beneath her.

"Have you, mmmmmmm, have you done this before?" Hanna question softly.

There was a brief pause, although it was only for dramatic effect. Honesty was almost never the best policy in Rosewood, and if Mona went into details about her past lovers it would be something of a passion killer, and if she was vague about it Hanna might ask more questions later. Besides, Mona wanted to pretend this was her first time, and that everything from her past to the world around them was nothing but a scary dream.

"No." Mona murmured softly.

Hanna of course didn't notice, the blonde smiling dreamily before moaning, "Oh... well, you're really good. Not that I thought you'd suck, but, mmmmmm, ohhhhh my Gawwwwd this is soooooo fucking good!"

Mona smiled softly. Positive reinforcement. That definitely wasn't something she was used too. It felt... nice.

Shaking the bad thoughts and memories away Mona smiled more wickedly and growled, "You haven't seen anything yet."

With that Mona began slowly increasing the speed of the fucking, causing Hanna to whimper joyfully, claw at the other girls back and cry out, "Yeeeessssss, FUCK ME! Fuck me hard! Oh Gawwwwwwd Mona! Mona! Fuck me harder Mona! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

It took a while for Mona to comply with that final request, although Hanna didn't complain about it. Ok, so she was crying out for a harder fucking pretty regularly, but that wasn't a complaint. It was a request. Maybe a demand. Actually it might have been more accurately begging. Yeah, that was it. Hanna was begging Mona to fuck her harder.

She'd never begged for Caleb. It hadn't seemed necessary. He was, maybe a little surprisingly, nothing but a gentleman in the sack. Which Hanna loved, especially for their first time, but... she had kind of, sort of, maybe been thinking it would be fun to spice things up. That's why she had agreed to try this experimentation stuff out with Mona, which was proving to be maybe the best decision of Hanna's life because OMFG, this felt good. No, this felt amazing. Orgasmic.

Hanna could feel it. That tell-tale tingling which told her she was going to cum. Except this tingling was so wonderfully powerful, and seemingly not just shooting from her pussy to her brain but echoing through her entire body, the adrenaline rush making Hanna feel more alive than ever before. And that was just the build-up to her orgasm, so obviously when her climax hit her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she literally felt like she saw stars.

Thankful for her previous practice Mona fucked the perfect girl writhing underneath her through climax after climax, something made incredibly difficult by the fact that Hanna was trembling and bucking back against her so very hard. Also the stimulator on her own clit insured Mona had a handful of climaxes herself while drilling into Hanna, each orgasm causing the teen to pause momentarily before forcing herself to continue.

After all when it came to fucking Hanna Marin good wasn't good enough. Neither was great. No, this had to be amazing. The best Hanna had ever had. That she ever would have. Partly because Mona genuinely wanted to make Hanna feel good, but mostly because that was part of the plan. Fuck Hanna so good that she would question her sexuality. Would start thinking about Mona, and other girls, all the time. Even, or perhaps especially when, Hanna was getting fucked by her unworthy boyfriend. Slowly break Hanna down until she was an eager lesbian sex addict, willing to fuck any hot girl who crossed her path. Was willing to submit and be the little fuck pet of any hot girl who crossed her path. And then, well... then Mona would get what she really wanted.

Shaking the thought Mona redoubled her efforts, throwing Hanna's legs up onto her shoulders and bending the blonde in half so she could pound her pussy hard and deep. She also kissed Hanna's neck, cheeks, jaw and even occasionally forehead in between long sessions of either making out with the other girl staring deep into her eyes. Basically anything Mona could think of which wasn't simply drilling Hanna's fuck hole hard. Not that it wasn't effective, but Mona knew from experience that the little touches made all the difference.

Unfortunately despite her... training, Mona had her limits. She pushed her breaking point like never before, but inevitably her tiny body slipped from Hanna's and Mona found herself crashing down beside her best friend, both girls desperately gasping for breath.

Briefly Hanna closed her eyes, content to take little nap or maybe even just sleep the night away so she could wake up extra early for more morning fun with Mona. Then her friend said something which jolted Hanna wide-awake.

"So, have you ever let Caleb do you up the butt?" Mona asked, sounding as casual as can be.

"Wha, what!" Hanna exclaimed, her eyes wandering to the dildo as she added, "N, no."

"Really." Mona murmured softly, Hanna almost swearing she could hear a twinge of joy in that one word although it was missing as the brunette continued seconds later, "Ever thought about it."

"No." Hanna replied, but as it was telling she waited a couple of seconds to give that answer she quickly changed it to, "Well, yeah maybe, but... you know..."

"You're afraid it'll hurt? That it'll be gross? That you'll hate it, but he'll love it so much that you're worried he might talk you back into it or you'll start bending over for him whenever you really want something?" Mona offered.

"Yes to all, and... there's no way something like that could ever fit in my butt." Hanna said, eyeing the strap on which had just given her so much pleasure cautiously, proving while she could be dumb she wasn't stupid and could see where this was going.

"Isn't that what you said about getting this thing in your pussy? And didn't I promise it would feel good? I mean, you can't tell me that it didn't feel good." Mona pointed out before quickly adding, "Besides, we're both just friends here right?"

"Right." Hanna murmured, mostly still looking at the strap on which was thoroughly coated in her cum.

"Right, so if you want to stop at any time we can and you won't have to worry about disappointing me or this affecting our relationship in a negative way. You can just satisfy your curiosities and if you don't like it or it feels ok but not great anal can be a hard no for you from here on out. And if you like it, well, then we can spend some time stretching you out back there. Get you nice and ready to give your boyfriend a present he'll never forget." Mona explained, just as she had rehearsed it.

There was a few long moments of silence as Hanna looked back and forth between the dildo and her friend's face. Everything that Mona said made a lot of sense to her, and honestly anal was something she'd always been curious about.

So just before turning over onto her hands and knees Hanna said, "Well, I guess we could try. Just be gentle, ok?"

"No problem." Mona murmured as she quickly got behind Hanna to admire her prize.

Hanna had a great body, the best Mona had ever seen, but by far her best feature was her perfect ass. Just seeing it in a pair of short shorts, or jeans, pants or better still some bikini bottoms was enough to make Mona practically drool, and now that perfect ass was naked in front of her waiting to be fucked it was almost too much for Mona to bear.

After a few seconds of staring Mona licked her lips, spread Hanna's ass cheeks with both hands and then leaned down to give the puckered rosebud in between them along, slow swipe with her tongue. She then quickly began repeating the process, gently licking the other girl's ass hole in a way which made Hanna moan in pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwd, that's... that's so kinky!" Hanna exclaimed.

Mona could have pointed out that agreeing to take a big strap on cock up the ass would probably be considered by most to be more kinky than letting a tongue go up there, but that would involve pulling her mouth away from Hanna's beautiful backside so it wouldn't have been worth it. In fact for the next few minutes the only time Mona stopped licking Hanna's ass hole was to wrap her lips around and suck on it or so she could quickly spit on it and then rub that spit in with her tongue.

These things did a good job of lubricating the hole, which was of course the point, but it wasn't long before Mona became lost in the pleasure of dishing out a rim job. That hadn't really happened before, mostly because whenever she'd done this in the past she'd either been in a hurry to get to the ass fucking or the other girl had ruined her enjoyment by insulting her almost the entire time. Hanna was just moaning and muttering random curse words, and honestly Mona was in no hurry right now. In fact it felt like she could spend eternity in between these cheeks.

As Mona buried her face deeper in between her butt cheeks Hanna cried out even louder in joy. This wasn't something they'd discussed, and if they had Hanna might have been even more hesitant to have someone's tongue back there. After all it was kind of gross. But God, it felt so good. Not quite as good as having her pussy licked, but still pretty good. It was definitely something Hanna could get used too, and if Mona's strap on felt half as good in her ass as her tongue did Hanna had no doubt she would instantly become a shameless anal whore.

Then all of a sudden without warning Hanna felt something harder than a tongue invading her butt, the blonde letting out a sharp cry as her tightest hole was forced open and filled. It took a few seconds to figure it out but Hanna quickly realised it was way too small to be the dildo and given the feel of the thing it had to be Mona's finger.

Hanna confirmed this by looking over her shoulder, but not before Mona moaned out, "Mmmmm Gawwwwd Hanna, you're even tighter than I imagined. Don't worry though, I'm going to loosen you up real good."

With that Mona began pumping her finger in and out of Hanna's ass hole, causing the blonde to let out another sharp cry followed by a loud moan as her ass quickly got used to being invaded for the first time. Within seconds Hanna was moaning just as frequently as she had during the rim job, Mona soon adding a second finger a little cautiously only for Hanna's butt to quickly adjust again, resulting in more pleasure for the blonde teen.

Not long after that Hanna moaned, "MMMMMmmmmmm Gawwwwd fuck me! Please fuck me! Ohhhhhh fuck, it feels so good. Please Mona mmmmm fuck me! Fuck my ass with that big cock! Your finger feels so good inside my ass and I want more. I want you to shove that big cock right up my ass and fuck me like a shameless anal whore!"

Clearly taken aback by this Mona blinked a few times and then smiled, "Well, since you asked so nicely... I guess I could do that, if you do me one favour first..."

"Name it." Hanna moaned.

Grinning happily Mona ordered, "Reach back and spread your ass cheeks."

That grin grew wider as Hanna pressed her face against the bed sheets, slowly reached back and grabbed two handfuls of her own ass cheeks before pulling them wide apart, presenting Mona with an irresistible target.

Wasting no time after that Mona pulled her fingers out of Hanna's butt hole and replaced them with her strap on, the brunette placing the head of the toy against the blonde's ass hole and slowly pushing forwards. Mona wanted to savour this. Enjoy every single moment of taking Hanna's anal cherry. It drove her crazy that somebody else had taken Hanna's virginity, a virginity which rightfully should have belonged to Mona, but she only had herself to blame. She should have made a move on Hanna much sooner. On the bright side it meant Hanna was much more open to seduction, and as much as she would have preferred otherwise it wasn't like Hanna's ass was going to be all hers.

Shaking off the thought Mona concentrated on the heaven that was the here and now, Hanna's virgin back hole finally opening wide enough to allow the head of the strap on to pass through it, making it official... Mona had just taken Hanna Marin's anal cherry. Hanna's anal virginity belonged to her now, and it always would. No matter who else got to fuck this ass it was hers. Hanna's ass belonged to her, and Mona promised herself she would make the other girl see that.

Setting out to do just that Mona ever so slowly began pushing forwards, invading Hanna's rectum one inch at a time as she gave her BFF plenty of time to get used to having a large dick in her butt. At first Hanna clearly appreciated this, the blonde gasping at the initial anal penetration and to Mona's disappointment taking her hands off her butt cheeks and grabbing onto the bed sheets. The first few thrusts also got Hanna to gasp and gripped tighter to the sheets, however after a little while the blonde's gasps and cries slowly turned into whimpers and moans.

Eventually Hanna even begged, "More, mmmmm, give me more! Please, mmmmmm, it feels so good. I, oh, I wanna feel every inch of that big dick inside my ass! Please Mona, give it to me!"

"If you spread your cheeks again, and this time keep them spread, maybe I will." Mona offered.

Immediately Hanna's hands shot to her ass cheeks, the blonde pulling them as widely apart as she could in hopes of getting that big dildo all the way into her butt. To her surprise and delight she got what she wanted almost instantly, Mona tightening her grip on her hips and then slamming forwards so that the brunette's thighs smacked against her butt cheeks, announcing every inch of that big cock was firmly embedded in Hanna's ass.

"Oh fuck!" Hanna cried out as her rectum desperately tried to adjust to the full length of the shaft now stretching its inner walls wide apart, "That's big! Mmmmm, it feels so big in my ass! Mmmmmm, even bigger than in my cunt. Oh fuck! Fuck me! Please Mona, fuck my ass! Butt fuck me! Fuck me like an anal whore!"

Hanna then cried out loudly as Mona gave her what she wanted, her friend slowly pumping her hips in a fucking motion... Mona beginning to literally ass fuck her. That's what she was doing. She was ass fucking her. She was fucking her up the ass. Hanna was taking Mona's big cock right up her ass, letting another girl freaking sodomise her, miss use her shit hole, violate the hole she pooped from and it felt so good. In such a twisted, wicked way it felt good to be fucked in the butt by another girl, Hanna quickly moaning like a shameless anal whore as her back passage quickly became used to being a fuck passage.

Somehow spreading her ass cheeks made it even better, Hanna unable to believe she was displaying herself so lewdly and that she was taking such perverted joy from it. But she was. There was no denying it, not when she couldn't stop the moans and groans from escaping her lips. Not that she was trying. No, Hanna was far too preoccupied with simply enjoying the thrill of her first ass fucking, the blonde already looking forward to bending over for Caleb and imagining the look on his face when she begged him to fuck her up the ass.

As if she could read her thoughts Mona moaned, "Ohhhhhh Gawwwwd Hanna, your ass is so fucking tight! Mmmmmm, you're so lucky I'm not a guy or I'd have been cumming in seconds."

"You think?" Hanna frowned.

"I know." Mona assured, "Mmmmmm trust me sweetie, your little boy toy would blow his load way before he could get you off. Oooooh fuck yes, mmmmmm, but don't worry though, your bestie is here to help loosen you up. Mmmmm yeah, loosen up this tight little hole, oooooohhhhh, turn it into a gaping fuck hole, your slut ass open for anyone who wants it, that hole you shit from so fucked that you'll be able to take the biggest cocks available right up your fucking whore butt! That's what you want, right Han?"

Hanna was a little taken aback by Mona's sudden and almost violent out burst but ultimately she moaned in agreement, "Mmmmm yes, loosen my ass! Make my tight ass loose and gaping! Ohhhhhh yes, turn my virgin hole into an open slut hole! I want to have a nice loosened ass so my boyfriend can butt fuck me!"

"In that case, you won't bend over for him right away, will you Han?" Mona pushed, "You won't give him this ass until it's nice and ready for him? Let me loosen it up first? Open your tight ass hole nice and wide? Let me turn it into a slutty fuck hole?"

"Mmmmmm Gawwwwd yes, turn my ass hole into a slutty fuck hole!" Hanna moaned happily, "Fuck it hard and deep and make me cum!"

"Oh I will, just as soon as you promise not to give your little boyfriend this ass until I've had a proper chance to loosen it up." Mona said.

"I promise! I promise I won't let him have it until you say!" Hanna quickly promised.

"So until then this ass is mine?" Mona pushed.

"Yes, yes my ass is yours!" Hanna swore, "All yours! My ass is all yours!"

"Good, now let go of your ass cheeks and get ready for a serious butt pounding." Mona promised.

"Yesssss, fuck my ass! Fuck it hard and deep!" Hanna moaned deliriously as she let go of her ass cheeks and grabbed onto the bed sheets.

After that Hanna felt Mona tightening her grip on her hips, the blonde in turn gripping tightly to the bed sheets as she prepared to receive the type of butt pounding she now so desperately wanted. Perhaps even needed, given the way that every fibre of Hanna's being was now aching to cum, and perhaps more importantly get her ass roughly fucked.

Hanna got exactly what she wanted/needed. Not right away, but the gentle increase in the pace already had her moaning in pleasure and aching for more. Mona seemed only too happy to give it to her, the other girl continuing to increase the pace until the sound of her thighs smacking into the blonde's butt cheeks was echoing throughout the room along with Hanna's screams of pleasure.

The butt fucking became so hard, even vicious, that Hanna felt her only up until recently virgin hole and passage gently complaining with the dull ache. It was barely noticeable with all the overwhelming pleasure but Hanna was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to sit down for a week once Mona was finished destroying her ass hole. The very thought of it made Hanna blush furiously, but it also send a feeling of twisted delight through her which was like pouring gasoline on a raging fire. Soon she found herself imagining herself walking awkwardly around, finding any excuse to stay on her feet, her friends and Mom utterly confused at her behaviour while a few of the bigger sluts in school would no doubt take one look at her and know she had been fucked in the ass. That she had allowed someone else to use her exit only hole as a fuck hole. That she was now a dirty slut just like them. She... she was an anal slut.

As pure pleasure once again filled her body Hanna felt like she could live with being an anal slut. Then all of a sudden she came and it wasn't a matter of living with it, it was a matter of Hanna accepting who she was. She was an anal slut, and from now on Hanna was going to be proud of that fact because fuck, this was the most amazing thing she'd ever felt. And that anally induced orgasm was quickly followed by a second, then a third, then a fourth, Mona easily sodomising Hanna to multiple climaxes and in doing so turning Hanna into a shameless anal loving slut.

This momentarily caused problems for Mona as without warning Hanna lifted herself up into the all fours position and began desperately slamming herself back against the anal invading thrusts, nearly knocking the brunette off-balance in the process. Luckily Mona had been trained to deal with this type of thing, and while Hanna was bigger than her she wasn't stronger. So after only the briefest of pauses Mona fully regained her balance and once again began pounding Hanna's pooper with every ounce of her strength.

More out of instinct than anything else, at least in Hanna's case, the two girls began working together to make the ass fucking as hard and as rough as possible, the sound of flesh on flesh becoming even more deafening as the dildo slammed in and out of Hanna's widely open back door at what seemed like lightning speed. Hanna's screams of pleasure also became louder, Mona never more grateful that they were home alone.

Of course even if they weren't Mona wouldn't have cared, and if her parents came back early or Hanna's Mom or one of the blonde's friends came looking for her or even if Mona's mistress literally or figuratively came calling it wouldn't matter because there was nothing and no one in this world at this moment that could make Mona stop fucking Hanna's ass. It was just too good to even think about stopping, Mona so overwhelmed with pleasure that she swore she came just from the mental euphoria she got from pounding Hanna's perfect ass. The clit stimulator undoubtedly helped, but Mona was currently barely aware of its existence. In fact the only thing in Mona's world was a wonderfully tight little hole and a pair of perfectly round cheeks.

In those moments, just before her mind melted and she became a total animal consumed with destroying her mate's butt hole, Mona could have sworn she could literally feel how tight Hanna's ass hole was. Like she could feel it and the blonde's back passage clamping down like a vice around the large toy Mona was using to wreck Hanna's rectum. And those cheeks, those nicely rounded yet firm little ass cheeks jiggled so wonderfully against her thighs that it was no wonder Mona became completely lost in pounding Hanna's ass, both girls using every ounce of their strength to squeeze as much pleasure out of each other as possible while seemingly both trying to make sure Hanna's butt hole would never ever fully close again.

Finally after what felt like an eternity both girls simultaneously crashed together down onto the bed sheets in a sweaty mess, their last simultaneous climax draining them of the last of their energy.

They stayed like that for several minutes, Hanna more or less slipping into unconsciousness while Mona desperately fought that urge. Eventually Mona used reserves of strength she didn't know she had to roughly pull the dildo from Hanna's ass. This action caused both girls to wake up a little, Hanna crying out and clutching her aching backside as Mona stared lustfully at it.

There was just something so wonderfully perverted about admiring her handiwork after an anal fuck, Mona loving how an ass hole would stay gaping open for seconds, minutes and even hours depending on just how brutally hard she had fucked it. From the looks of it Hanna's butt hole was going to be loose and open for hours, a huge smirk crossing Mona's face as she admired the red ringed crater which allowed her to see deep inside the blonde's bowels.

After a few seconds of this Mona did something equally perverted, namely lifting herself up and then moving around so that she was crouching over Hanna's face, the dildo pressing against Hanna's lips, "Suck it."

Those two soft words echoed throughout the room as Hanna and Mona stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Then Hanna's eyes lowered to the cock, the blonde teen staring at the toy for several long seconds before closing her eyes and wrapping her lips around the dick. Which of course put another huge smile on Mona's face. Her mistress will be very, very pleased.

Hanna had never imagined doing something so perverted. Hell, she wasn't even sure there was a term for this it was so depraved. Because sure, she'd done a little bit of research on sex before she'd had it and had seen a girl suck a dick right after it had been in her pussy but this was completely alien to her. Of course she had avoided watching anal sex as she had been pretty sure she would never actually do it, which had been totally a mistake because it felt amazing. Which was why Hanna decided that as gross as this seemed she'd give it a try, just to see what it was like.

Again Hanna found herself glad that she did as she instantly loved the taste. She instantly loved the taste of her own ass. This dildo had gone into the deepest depths of her ass and Hanna loved the taste of it. God, she was a perverted anal slut.

Of course that thought only pushed Hanna onwards, the 'IT' girl of Rosewood soon eagerly bobbing her head up and down on the strap on which had just pounded her virgin butt. She even stuffed every inch of the dildo down her throat so she could get every drop of her anal juices, the whole time Hanna blissfully unaware that she was playing right into the hands of A.


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