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Pretty Little Liars: A - Helping Hand Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Normally Ella Montgomery liked third period as by that stage most of the students were fully awake and as ready to listen to her as they would ever be, even if a certain number of them were just trying to pass the time until lunch. However this particular lesson wasn't as productive as most. Nor had the last two for that matter, but while Ella had been constantly distracted with thoughts of the previous evening actually having her daughter in the room was making the images in her head far more vivid and difficult to ignore.

Ella did her best, but she ended up giving her students a lot of reading to do and made them discuss in groups when her original lesson plan involved much more hands-on teaching, this making Ella feel like she was letting herself and her students down. The worst part though was while most of the students didn't seem to notice or care one girl barely took her eyes off of Ella for the entire lesson, Aria not only noticing the fact that her Mom was off her game but actually seeming to enjoy it.

When the lesson mercifully ended all the students gathered at their things and quickly headed out the door. All except Aria that is, who pretty much stared directly at her Mom for a few seconds before gathering up her things, allowing everyone to leave before she slowly made her way to the door. Then when she reached it Aria looked over at Ella, the two women staring at each other for a few long moments, then Aria slowly shut the door and locked it.

"Aria-" Ella began, honestly not sure what she was going to say.

Not that Aria let her finish, "Are you wearing it?"

Ella blushed, lowered her gaze and shook her head.

There was a moment of silence, then Aria began slowly approaching her mother, "That's a shame."

"Why are you doing this?" Ella asked, looking at Aria with a mixture of anger and disbelief.

Aria bit her lip, slowly moved so she was pretty much sitting on her Mom's desk in front of the older woman, and for like the millionth time considered exactly what she was going to say, ultimately deciding to go with the truth. Sort of, "I have too."

"Why?" Ella pushed.

Lowering her gaze Aria said, "I'm being blackmailed."

"What?" Ella mumbled, an odd sensation of relief filling her, "By who? And why?"

"I don't know. And I don't know." Aria said.

"And why didn't you tell me before?" Ella blushed.

"It's complicated." Aria said, quickly adding, "Look Mom, I've already said too much. You just need to trust me ok? If we don't do as they say they'll destroy Ezra. And Dad, and me, and you, and probably everyone we know. So please, just do everything I tell you to do, ok?"

"But-" Ella began.

"No!" Aria said firmly pressing her fingertip against her Mom's lips to silence her before slowly cupping the older woman's face, "No cops, no detectives, no nothing. That only makes things worse. Trust me, I know. All we can do is exactly what they want..."

During the last sentence Aria slowly lent in, finding it a very encouraging sign that her Mom didn't pull away. True, she did try pulling away once Aria finished speaking and pressed her lips to hers, but Aria was pretty sure that was instinctual given their relationship and again it was very encouraging that even though her Mom tried to push away at first she didn't try that hard.

After a few cautious moments Aria added her tongue into the mix, pushing it against her Mom's lips just enough so she could make them part and get her tongue into the older woman's mouth. That had her Mom briefly whimpering then slowly melting into the kiss, Aria briefly grinning before she too became lost in the taboo lip lock for several long minutes. Then Aria slowly began to slide her hands over her Mom's voluptuous body, loving the fact that even though her mother briefly tensed she soon relaxed and allowed Aria to do whatever she wanted, which included playing with her big beautiful boobs, even if it was through her clothes. When Aria finally took things to the next level and pushed her right hand into her Mom's pants there was a cry of protest and a brief struggle but honestly Aria barely noticed it given she was so focused on just how wet her Mom was.

Unable and unwilling to continue to take things slowly Aria quickly pushed two fingers into her Mom's cunt, producing a much more pleasure filled cry from the other brunette and yet very noticeably no struggle. It was the same story when Aria began gently thrusting those fingers in and out of that incredibly welcoming hole, the little brunette finger fucking her Mom for a few wonderful minutes before finally Aria broke the kiss.

"Pull your pants and panties down." Aria ordered softly into her Mom's ear, and then when nothing happened for a couple of long seconds added, "Please. Trust me, we need to do what they say. Please?"

Somewhere in her cloudy mind Ella was telling herself how wrong this was, how she needed to stop it, find a way to save Aria from whoever was blackmailing her, but like last night her body betrayed her.

Feeling as if she was watching herself from afar Ella helplessly watched her pants and panties being slowly pushed down around her ankles, honestly feeling like it wasn't her hands doing it even though it was. Then she was crying out in disappointment as her daughter removed her fingers from her and put them into her mouth, Ella brushing furiously as Aria moaned at the taste.

After she had noisily cleaned her fingers Aria got down on her knees and crawled underneath the chair, prompting Ella to ask, "Aria... wha, what are you doing?"

"Having lunch." Aria grinned wickedly, before quickly adding, "It's what I have to do. Please, let... let me eat my lunch."

For a few seconds the mother and daughter just stared at each other, then Aria reached forward and gently pushed her Mom's legs apart. The older woman didn't resist and even let out an encouraging groan of pleasure as Aria pressed her lips to the top of her Mom's right thigh and started to ever so slowly kiss her way down it. As she moved closer to her Mom's centre Aria found it difficult to look away, the sight almost as intoxicating as the smell which was making Aria's mouth water. Meanwhile her Mom was practically shaking, which Aria chose to take as a good sign.

It was incredibly tempting to just dive right in, but despite their time restraint Aria wanted to savour this. So when she reached her destination she actually ignored it, pressing her lips to the flesh right outside her Mom's pussy on one side, then the other, then continuing up the left thigh. The whimper of disappointment her Mom let out sounded deafening to Aria who grinned widely. If that and last night was any indication her Mom wanted this just as much as she did, the older woman just needed a little push in the right direction. And Aria had a pretty good idea how she could do that.

Once her lips travelled back down to their target Aria took a second just to savour the moment, and the sight and the smell in front of her. Then fulfilling what felt like a lifelong fantasy Aria closed her eyes, stuck her tongue out and slowly slid it over her Mom's pussy lips.

Both mother and daughter let out a long moan of pleasure which pretty much lasted throughout the first lick. That fact along with being able to finally do this and the taste of her Mom's pussy sent Aria over the edge, her brain frying to the point where there wasn't a single coherent thought in her head and all she could do was happily lap at her mother's cunt like a kitten with a saucer of milk.

For a while Ella was the same way, the respected teacher unable to believe what was happening to her. And when her thoughts did become clear she didn't really like them as they basically consisted of two things, I should stop this, and this feels too good to stop.

Ultimately the deciding factor was that they were apparently being blackmailed into this, Ella deciding she had to believe her daughter because she just couldn't face the alternative. However that didn't excuse whatever sick part of her was enjoying this so much and telling her to just let it happen and give in to those heavenly feelings of pleasure.

The worst thing about this insanity was that whatever twisted part of her was taking over had succeeded in conquering her body, Ella not just staying still but actually showing genuine signs of arousal. Her entire body felt like it was trembling with pleasure, her nipples were as hard as rocks and there was a obscene amount of juice flowing from her pussy onto Aria's tongue. Perhaps most embarrassingly, and certainly most dangerously, of all was the constant moans, groans and whimpers escaping from Ella's mouth, the teacher desperately keeping them as quiet as possible but unable to totally silent them no matter how hard she tried.

Just when she didn't think it could get any worse the sound of a door handle being turned echoed throughout the room, Ella practically snapping her neck as she turned her attention to where someone was trying to open her door. Thankfully the lock held and the blinds prevented whoever it was trying to get in the room from seeing her own daughter hungrily lapping away at her pussy. Nevertheless Ella quickly pushed her chair into the desk, forcing Aria underneath the table in the process.

Then Ella heard a voice which almost had her dying on the spot, or at least made her want too, "Ella, honey, you in there?"

For a few long seconds Ella felt too petrified to reply to her husband, then words tumbled from her lips, "Ye, yesssss, oh, I'm... I'm here. What do you want?"

"I found another note from this A person telling me to come see you." Byron explained, "Is everything alright? You sound like you're in pain?"

Of course he wouldn't know the difference, a bitter voice echoed in Ella's mind. Ignoring it Ella replied, "I'm, I'm fine."

"Why is the door locked?" Byron asked as Aria's tongue suddenly pressed against Ella's entrance.

As her daughter slowly increased the force Ella mumbled, "I... I, I just needed some time to myself. Could you please leave me alone."

"There's no need to be rude dear, I just thought we should have another talk about this A person and why they keep sending us notes." Byron explained, completely oblivious to the fact that his daughter was now slowly pushing her tongue into his wife's pussy.

"I... I..." Ella murmured, gripping tightly to her desk as she forced herself to remain quiet as Aria finished pushing her tongue as deep into her cunt as it would go before mercifully remaining still, allowing Ella to reply, "Can, can we talk about this later? I, I just need some time to myself."

"Fine, I'll see you at the end of the day." Byron huffed, not for the first time marching off without considering how his wife was feeling.

Ella could only imagine his reaction if he knew the truth, especially as during Byron's last sentence their daughter began thrusting her tongue in and out of Ella's fuck hole, the older brunette gripping to her desk so tightly it caused her fingers to go numb. It was sort of the same for her teeth, although while she was gritting them Ella was aware of some pain. Of course it was a small price to pay to stop herself from screaming in pleasure as her daughter started to tongue fuck her with a slow but steady rhythm.

After a few agonisingly pleasurable minutes of that Aria, who had already pushed her face as deep against Ella's crotch as possible, removed her tongue only to wrap her lips tightly around the older woman's pussy lips and begin to suck greedily, Ella blushing furiously as she literally heard her daughter swallowing her cunt cream. Aria switched back and forth between those two techniques for a little while, then she suddenly plunged a finger inside her mother's welcoming hole, that suddenness causing Ella to finally cry out loudly.

Of course instead of complaining Ella simply whimpered and relaxed, the horny teacher far too desperate to cum to stop things now. Even if she had to endure the shame of having her own daughter making her cum, again, it felt as if it would be worth it, pleasure the likes of which Ella had only known the previous evening slowly building up inside her until she was sure she was once again on the edge of an orgasm.

It was then that Aria softly whispered, "Mom... imagine if I stayed here, underneath your desk, fucking you for the next two classes. Can you imagine that? You desperately trying to keep yourself under control while I fuck you? Everyone staring at you, thinking you've gone crazy or something? The looks on their faces as they tried to figure out what was going on? How they would look at you if anyone actually found me here, your own daughter, eating you out? Me looking up at them with a face full of your cum and pussy juice? Them all looking horrified and disgusted at me and particularly you? Can you imagine it, Mommy?"

Ella could definitely imagine it, and it was horrifying. And it made her cum. God help her, the image of a class full of students watching in revulsion as her own daughter tongue fucked her made Ella cum all over her baby girl's fingers, Aria's wicked little tongue quickly beginning to do unspeakable things to her which made Ella's orgasm so powerful she once again lost the ability to think clearly. It was all she could do to bury her face in her hands in a desperate attempt to silence her screams of ecstasy, and even then Ella had this terrifying feeling that someone could hear them. Plus it almost looked like there was a shadow on the other side of the blinds, as if someone was actually watching them.

Aria was too far gone to worry about such things, her only focus being on making her Mommy cum. She achieved that over, and over, and over again by hammering what was now three fingers in and out of her Mom's cunt, Aria even cautiously adding a fourth while concentrating her tongue work on her mother's clit. After a couple of orgasms with that technique Aria switched to using her mouth on her Mom's pussy, fully intending to switch back like she'd been doing throughout this latest round of forbidden sex. However once she glued her mouth to that cum leaking hole Aria couldn't see how she could ever remove it again.

The moment she had tasted it Aria had thought her Mom's pussy juice was the yummiest thing on earth, but she had been wrong. Somehow there was something even more heavenly, the flavour setting Aria's taste buds on fire with pure unadulterated need. Suddenly she needed to swallow it all. Every drop. And she'd do anything to succeed.

So Aria pressed her face as deep as before, if not deeper, in between her mother's thighs, wrapped her lips as tightly as possible around the older brunette's fuck hole and began sucking and swallowing for all she was worth. Not that the sucking and swallowing was really necessary as her Mom's cum seemed to squirt directly into her mouth and down her throat, but the ravenous Aria was determined to do whatever it took to hurry the process up. Sadly no matter how much Aria tried a lot of her Mom's cum escaped her hungry mouth and covered her face, which would later force her to reapply her make-up. Not that Aria was really thinking about that now. Well, not much.

Eventually what did distract Aria was a firm hand pushing away from the source of pure heaven, Aria looking up angrily at her Mom who whimpered, "Please honey, you have to stop. My next class will be here any second."

For a few seconds Aria debated going through with her threat to stay down here for the rest of the day eating her Mom. However as heavenly as that seemed in theory Aria certainly didn't want to get caught for real. What she had already done was risky enough so Aria relented, crawling out from underneath the desk, grinning mischievously at the older brunette then kissing her roughly on the mouth.

Ella hesitated only briefly before kissing back, Aria graciously giving her Mom a little of her own cum but mostly just encouraging her mother's tongue to push it down her throat and swallowing it herself with a little of her Mommy's saliva to go with it.

After a few seconds of that Aria broke away and firmly ordered, "Lick my face clean."

Again Ella briefly hesitated but she did as she was told, Aria unable to keep the grin off her face as her Mom licked her face like a lioness cleaning her cub. Once she felt she was sufficiently clean Aria dried her face with her Mom's pants before handing them back to her. Without needing to be asked Ella put them back on, noticing too late that Aria had pocketed her panties.

The two of them exchanged a look, Aria daring her mother to complain. When she didn't Aria quickly reapplied her make-up using her hand-held mirror and then smiled softly at her Mom, "I'm going to need to see you again after school. Tell Dad that a student wants some counselling or something, I don't care. Just be here alone at the end of the day."

With that Aria left her Mom to figure out how she could remove the leftover pussy juice staining the floor, and more importantly how she could get rid of the lingering smell of sex before her next class.


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