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Author's note: This is set during Season 4.

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Parks And Recreations: I Just Wanted Her To Like Me Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

April Ludgate stared into the camera, trying to make up her mind whether she should say something, ignore them or tell them all to fuck off. When the camera crew at first showed up she had of course mostly ignored them or told them to leave her alone, but Leslie had insisted she interact with them and it was kind of impossible to say no to Leslie Knope. So April had started reluctantly talking to them, and honestly it had kind of become therapeutic. However talking to them about the goings-on in the Parks and Recs Department was one thing, and talking to them about her relationship with Andy was mostly fine too, but her relationship with Ann? Lately that had become... complicated.

Knowing the camera crew wouldn't go away until she said something April sighed deeply and then said, "I love Andy. I really do... but... sex with him has always been vanilla, and... well, kind of boring. It's never that way with Ann."

After admitting that April looked over at her desk and smiled, remembering one particularly very not vanilla/boring time with Ann Perkins.

* * *

"We're here." April unnecessarily announced as she put the handbrake on and then turned to the woman sitting in the passenger seat, "Get out."

Ann sighed, "You're not just going to drive off and leave me here, right?"

Oddly enough the thought hadn't occurred to April, which was unusual for her, so to save face she replied in her usual monotone which she knew Ann struggle to understand, "No."

"See, you don't sound serious, and this is very serious April." Ann huffed, before burying her face in her hands, "Oh my God, what am I doing. This is crazy, and I look fucking ridiculous."

Shrugging nonchalantly April murmured, "I think you look hot."

"I look like something out of a porno." Ann whined.

"I know." April smirked.

Not amused Ann exclaimed softly so nobody but them could hear, "April! This is serious, if somebody catches us-"

"God Ann, no one is going to catch us." April rolled her eyes, "It's after midnight. Not even Leslie is lame enough to still be here. And you know for a fact there is no security or anything."

That was true. With all the cutbacks the local government could barely afford one security guard during the day, and that's Andy. Who would still be playing in front of like three people in some bar in the middle of nowhere, unlikely to make it home to fill April's needs. Although truth be told if he was April would still be here with Ann. April just didn't want to tell Ann that.

Not satisfied with April's observation Ann pushed the issue, "I know, but if we get caught-"

"We won't." April said loudly.

"IF, we get caught..." Ann insisted on continuing, "We could lose everything. Our friends, our jobs, everything. April, you'd lose Andy, and I'd officially be a home-wrecker. Is that what you want?"

April pouted. Why did Ann have to be so lame and responsible? Why couldn't she be fun all the time, like when her mind was clouded with lust and she was April's submissive little plaything, so adorably eager to please her no matter what. That's the Ann that April wanted to hang out with, not one which would make her question why she was risking everything for an affair with the person she hated most in the world. Or at least until recently believed she hated.

Pushing those thoughts out of her head April forced a smile and put her hand on Ann's thigh, "Don't you want to prove you're mine?"

Ann blushed, looked down and after a long pause weakly mumbled, "Yes."

"Well..." April purred, tracing her fingertip up and down Ann's thigh as slowly and as gently as possible before leaning in to whisper, "Get out the car."

There was a long pause, April honestly expecting Ann to complain more. She even started thinking about ways she could push the issue, then Ann just reached out, open the door to the car and unbuckled her seatbelt before awkwardly stepping out of the vehicle. Ann did all this without looking at April, or even what she was doing. No, she just kept her head lowered with an adorable look of horror and despair mixed with submission which April just found intoxicating. Then the older brunette just stood where she was awkwardly, and then looked pleadingly in April's direction.

The temptation to just drive away was almost overwhelming. It would be so easy, all April would have to do was it the automatic lock, kick the car into gear and then slowly drive away while enjoying the delicious looking expressions on Ann's face. April even seriously considered driving around the block and then pretend Ann was a hooker and try and 'negotiate' a price. But now she wasn't blissed out from orgasms Ann was freaking out again, something April had to admit was understandable under the circumstances, so instead April decided to get out, lock the car, and casually stroll over to the entrance to City Hall, which they just so happen to have keys too.

Maybe they would do this again and April would risk pissing Ann off, but right now she couldn't not cautiously walk with the older woman to their place of work, Ann smiling proudly once it was confirmed no one was there, "I told you."

"Someone could still come." Ann pointed out nervously, "We could still get caught."

"Ann, you need to relax." April purred, slowly advancing on her prey.

Taking a couple of steps back Ann stammered, "Do... do you even like me?"

April frowned, "What?"

Suddenly feeling emboldened Ann stepped forward, "You heard me. Do you like me? Because you've done a pretty good job of convincing me and everyone else you hate my guts, and if... if we're going to have sex in the middle of where we work... well, I... I'd like to know I'm not risking my entire life for someone who doesn't give a damn about me."

There was a long silence, and then this heartbreaking expression crossed Ann's face which might have literally broken April's heart, at least when it was combined with the older woman turning and walking away, even if she only got a couple of feet before April mumbled, "Ok."

Turning Ann parroted suspiciously, "Ok?"

"Ok." April grumbled, "Ok, OK! Yes. Yes... ok?"

"Yes you give a damn about me?" Ann clarified, and then when April nodded added solemnly, "Prove it."

There was another long silence, this time not because April's mind went suddenly blank but because it became overwhelmed with thoughts. Luckily Ann didn't go anywhere, the nurse just standing there in that two sizes too small bright white outfit, the skirt barely covering her ass and the cleavage cut so low it was barely concealing Ann's tits which looked almost twice as big pressed up against her body like that... and ok, maybe April saw Ann's point a little bit. In the dull lighting it did look a little silly, but that was only because stupid Ann had ruined the mood.

Sighing deeply April finally said, "Why do you think I'm mean to you?"

Ann frowned, "You're mean to everyone."

"It's not the same." April mumbled, looking down, "With you... I make an effort. I would never go out of my way to be mean to Jerry. Well, maybe. But not to the same extent."

"Oh." Ann said, looking confused, "Thank you, I guess."

"Ok, sometimes I just genuinely hate you. I mean God Ann, don't be so easy." April sighed, then Ann gave her a look and she quickly added, "But most of the time I push you away because you... confuse me. I, I don't know if that's the right word for it, but... sometimes it's just really hard to hate you, you know?"

There was a long pause and then Ann admitted, "I know. About the being confused part, not the it's sometimes hard to hate me part. Although, I have my moments, and I'm certainly not perfect and... and why are you smiling?"

"I'm not." April lied, quickly wiping the treacherous expression off her face, and then when Ann kept looking at her grumbled, "It's just that you're annoyingly cute when you ramble."

"Oh." Ann blushed slightly, and then looked thoughtful, "That might be the nicest thing you've ever said to me."

"You're also smoking hot in that outfit." April added, making Ann blush again. Then, seeing she had the older woman on the ropes, moved forwards and took her in her arms before firmly continuing, "You're also really smart, funny and a great person. This office and everyone in it is lucky to have you, although I'll probably never admit it in front of them."

Ann laughed at that, pulling April in for one of those long hugs which normally confused the crap out of April. At least when they were in public. However now they were in private April smiled wickedly and return the hug for about a second, then she slowly slid her hands down Ann's back to squeeze the older woman's ass. This of course had Ann letting out an adorable little gasp and trying to pull back, however April kept a firm grasp of the other brunette's butt and thus making sure she couldn't pull away entirely.

"April!" Ann exclaimed shortly after the initial squeeze, repeating the word when her lover kept her from pulling away, "April?"

Unable to think of a good line again, despite anticipating something like this for a while, April pulled Ann forward until their bodies were pressed closely together, then she kissed the other woman. Only it wasn't just a kiss. No, April put every little bit of passion and desire she had for the other brunette into it, but more importantly she put how she really felt about Ann into it, using that kiss to admit things she wasn't ready to acknowledge herself.

The kiss itself wasn't actually that long and was as gentle as could be but both women were breathless by the time it ended, April eventually asking in a husky voice, "Do you get how I feel about you now?"

There was a pause, then Ann gave her a peculiar look before smiling, "Yes Dr Snakehole."

April smiled, leaned in for another kiss and then at the last minute gently pushed Ann backwards and casually walked around to sit at her desk. Once she was in her normal seat she pretended not to noticed the slutty dressed nurse, even doing a reasonable job of acting surprised when Ann knocked on her desk as if it was a door, just as April previously had told her too.

"Awww, nurse McSlut, thank you for coming, please take a seat." April said in her exaggerated Janet Snakehole voice, motioning to a chair which wasn't there.

Again knowing what she had to do Ann grabbed a chair from one of the other desks, placed it in front of April's desk and sat down and asked in a ditzy voice, "What did you want to see me about Dr Snakehole?"

"Well, I'm afraid it's kind of a sensitive subject Miss McSlut." April began, before pausing and asking, "Can I just call you Slut? Miss McSlut seems so informal."

Frowning Ann briefly broke character, "So in this scenario my name is Slut McSlut?"

"Just go with it." April insisted.

"Fine," Ann sighed before returning to her character, "Call me whatever you like Dr Snakehole."

"Excellent." April beamed, before faking dire sincerity again, "Anyway, as I was saying, this is a very sensitive subject. It seems there have been quite a few complaints about you."

"Complaints?" Ann asked innocently.

"Yes Slut, complaints." April said grimly, "It seems you're living up to your name Slutty McSlutason."

Ann almost asked for April to make up her mind on what her name was, but knowing that it didn't matter instead followed up with her line, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh come on Slutty, the jig is up." April said in a accusing tone, "We've got you red-handed on video sucking off all those patients like the greedy cock whore you clearly are. And I know you're just a dumb nurse who doesn't know anything, but even you have to understand I hold your future in the palm of my hand."

For a few seconds Ann faked a horrified look on her face, then she pleaded, "Please don't report me Dr Snakehole. I really can't lose this job. Please, please, please... can't we come to some, arrangement?"

"Relax, I'm not going to turn you in." April promised, slowly getting up and walking around to Ann's side, "But I am going to have to punish you for being such a slut. How else will you learn?"

"Of course, Dr Snakehole." Ann said mournfully, "I'll do anything you say to make it up to you."

"Good to hear it." April said, motioning Ann to stand up, then when she obeyed that silent command she slapped the other brunette's butt and said, "You can start by bending over my desk. Remember to keep your hands flat on the desk and stick your ass out. Ok, that's acceptable. Now, I'm going to spank your whore ass, and you're going to count them and thank me for every blow. Oh, and apologise for being a slut while you're at it."

Ann frowned, "Every time?"

"Every time." April confirmed firmly before lifting her hand up and bringing it down on the nicely rounded target in front of her.

"As you wish Dr Snakehole... owww... one, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... two, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... three, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... four, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... five, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut..."

April more or less kept a steady rhythm, although she only used a fraction of her strength to slap Ann's ass, making this the type of playful spanking you'd see as the build-up to the main event in any old porno as opposed to the hard-core BDSM stuff April wasn't so sure she wanted to inflict on the nurse. Although she did think Ann would look cute all tied up and helpless. After all they'd tried handcuffs before, and April had loved that, and considering how hard Ann had got off it was no mystery how the other girl felt about it. Still, April didn't really have the patience to tie Ann up, even if she was pretty sure she could get rope from somewhere in Ron's office.

That would involve taking her eyes off perfect little Ann Perkins dressed in a slutty nurse's uniform and bent over her desk though, and April didn't think she could ever take her eyes off that. She could barely keep her hands off the sexy nurse, April squeezing, fondling and even pinching that tight little butt through the fabric of Ann's skintight miniskirt, making the older woman moan and coo softly in between each spank as the younger brunette caressed the pain away.

Honestly April wasn't sure how long she did that for. It was long enough to make her hand kind of ache from slapping Ann's butt, and for Ann to get so used to this treatment that she began letting out a pleasure filled cry during the spanks, something which made April grin sadistically. However 'Dr Snakehole' just couldn't accept that behaviour, so for the sake of staying in character April delivered an extra hard slap and then informed 'Slut McSlutason' that this behaviour was not satisfactory.

"You're not supposed to be enjoying this Slut!" April practically growled after an extra hard spank.

"I'm sorry Dr Snakehole, I just can't help it." Ann whimpered.

"Try!" April pushed.

"I am trying." Ann insisted.

"No you're not, and for that and you're unspeakable reaction to your punishment, I'm afraid I'm going to have too escalate the situation by making this a bare bottom spanking." April informed Ann grimly as she pushed the miniskirt up, then after a few seconds of admiring her handiwork murmured, "No panties, why am I not surprised?"

Ann blushed, "I'm sorry Dr Snakehole... I'm... I'm just such a slut."

"I know, now concentrate on putting some effort into your apologies." April smirked before returning to the spanking.

"Yes Dr Snakehole OWWW... forty eight, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... forty nine, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... fifty, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... fifty one, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... fifty two, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut..."

Ann's ass was already a light pink from the playful spanking, and that was when it had some protection via the miniskirt. Actually April didn't know weather it helped or not, and she really didn't care. All she cared about was turning that ass from a light pink to a bright red, something she did slowly but surely, April unable to stop herself from groping Ann's butt between every blow, especially now Ann was squealing loudly with pain from the strikes. Well, she was always crying out like a little bitch, but all of a sudden April didn't like the idea of causing Ann any real pain.

That thought was kind of scary. Ok, so she pretty much never wanted to cause any real physical harm, but only a short while ago she would have been really into spanking the hell out of Ann's ass. And she still was, it was just that... April was kind of confused about what it was she wanted right now. After all, she loved Andy, but doing this to him would be weird and she definitely didn't want to be on the receiving end. But spanking Ann's butt, that was something wild and exciting, even if the older woman's sounds of pain weren't as pleasant as she had always imagined they would be.

April had fantasised about giving Ann a spanking. But before this love affair began it was a fleeting thought, something she mostly daydreamed about, or sometimes used to help get herself off. Regardless of what she did or didn't feel for little Miss perfect April refused to be denied beating Ann's butt bright red, so even though her hand was aching as she increased the intensity towards the end, used both hands and barely allowed Ann to say her lines she was rewarded by getting exactly what she wanted, April getting an incredible thrill out of watching those tightly toned cheeks jiggle ever so slightly for her and eventually turn the colour she had been craving.

"Owww... ninety six, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... ninety seven, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... ninety eight, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... ninety nine, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut... owww... one hundred, thank you Dr Snakehole and I'm sorry for being such a slut."

Once she got what she wanted April went back to caressing Ann's ass, and after a few minutes of just doing that while the older woman whimpered pathetically April cooed, "Well done Slut, you took that like a good girl. Maybe there's hope for you yet."

"Thank you Dr Snakehole." Ann whimpered softly, and then added, "Is there anything else I can do to prove how sorry I am?"

"As a matter of fact, there is." April grinned, walking around to her chair and then removing her panties before sitting down, "Why don't you crawl under my desk and do what you do best?"

"Yes Dr Snakehole." Ann said quietly, quickly getting into position and then adding, "Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I've wanted this for so long."

"I can believe that Sluuuuuttttttttt ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!" April moaned.

April was going to say more but Ann pushed her head up her skirt and started eagerly lapping away at the young brunette's cunt, meaning April totally lost track of what she was going to say and all that came out of her mouth for several long minutes was just moans, groans, whimpers and cries of pleasure. If April really tried she could have said something, but if she was going to put any effort into this it would have been to stop the kind of pathetic sounding whimpers she was letting out. As it was she just tried to relax and just let those whimpers fly.

It wasn't like those pathetic sounding whimpers could compare to what she was putting Ann through, the older woman who acted so perfect almost all the time crouching down in the small space beneath April's desk and eagerly licking her pussy while wearing a ridiculously slutty outfit. Sure, she was acting very embarrassed right now, but April could tell the prudish goody two shoes was inwardly horrified at the situation, and every time Ann will go to see Ron, or Leslie, or just attend a meeting in the middle of the Parks department she would see April's desk and blush at the memory of this moment, of what April was making her do now and would make her do in a few seconds.

The image of the future horrified Ann Perkins was enough to make April sadistically grin in between cries of passion, although it was fleeting because as fun as that image was it wasn't quite as enjoyable as their current situation. After all a blushing yet normally dressed Ann couldn't compare to a slutty dressed Ann who was eating her out, the older brunette moving her tongue clockwise as well as anticlockwise around April's pussy lips while lingering on her clit and entrance. It was particularly the last thing which had April closing her eyes, relaxing back into her chair and pushing Ann's face deeper into her cunt.

Encouraged by this Ann licked April's cunt with even more enthusiasm than before, eventually taking the younger girl's clit into her mouth and sucking on it. That had April opening her eyes wide, crying out and beginning to literally fuck the pretty face in between her thighs, April silently hating herself for the fact that when she looked down her own face betrayed her and she gave Ann a happy look. Unfortunately Ann was looking up at the time so she saw this approval, although at least it resulted in some increased suction for the younger girl's clit.

Wanting to make sure Ann didn't get ahead of herself April called out, "Fuck me Slut, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me with your slutty little dyke tongue! Ooooooooooh tongue fuck me, mmmmmmm, that's it Ms Slut, use your tongue. Use your slutty little dyke tongue to OHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!"

Again April was going to say more, but Ann granted her request for a tongue fucking sooner than she would have expected, and the second April felt that soft wet muscle inside her she became incoherent again. It wasn't slowly inserted like it usually was either, oh no, innocent little Ann Perkins slammed her tongue as far as it would go into April's cunt, even only waiting a few seconds before beginning to thrust in and out, tongue fucking April just like she wanted to be fucked.

In that moment April had never liked Ann more. True this was a direct result of her influence on her, April accidentally turning Ann into someone she could like, but those feelings only ruined the mood for an instant. She didn't want to think about how she was developing feelings for someone she had always claimed to hate, even though she had never really hated Ann. Which was weird, because in many ways Ann Perkins was everything she despised, but from the beginning April had felt drawn to her, and when she realised the other woman wanted her, well, she just couldn't resist. It was wrong, it was betraying her husband Andy who she still kind of loved, but it was worth it for moments like this.

Moments where goody two shoes Ann Perkins was kneeling in between her thighs and tongue fucking her to orgasm, those thrusts slow and steady at first but then picking up steam until Ann was obviously slamming her tongue as fast as she could in and out of April's eager fuck hole. From there it only took a little push to send her over the edge, in this case Ann curling her tongue upwards to hit April's G-spot, the younger brunette unable to stop from screaming the older brunette's name as she came in her mouth and all over her face.

That was part of the fun of it. April could feel, and to some extent here and see, Ann desperately trying to swallow her girl cum, but there was just so much of it shooting out of her that the 'mature' woman just couldn't prevent getting herself covered in girl cum. Which kind of felt like April was marking her territory, that thought helping to send her over the edge of another climax, Ann eventually inserting one and then two fingers inside her so she could ensure April would have many multiple orgasms. Just like April had taught her, Ann once again proving herself the perfect pussy pleaser. A rug munching dyke. A natural lesbian.

So no matter how badly she treated her, April was really kind of doing Ann a favour here by showing her what she really liked, April allowing Ann to feast on her for about an hour before pulling her away from her while moaning softly, "Mmmmmmm, that's enough of that slut, otherwise I'm not going to have enough energy to fuck you."

"Fuck me Dr Snakehole?" Ann questioned, impressively remembering the role-play.

"Yes Ms Slutson, fuck you." April grinned as she stood up on wobbly legs, hiked up her now ruined short skirt and bent over her desk, "But first, why don't you get me in the mood for it by kissing my ass! I've heard you kiss ass all the time around here, so let's make it literal."

"As you wish Dr Snakehole." Ann said submissively as she positioned herself behind April and placing her hand either side of her pressed her lips to the younger brunette's left butt cheek.

Ann then cautiously kiss the right cheek, then the left, then right, and so on, April grinning as her little toy went back and forth for a few minutes, pretty much covering April's ass in soft kisses, then the assistant called out, "Ok, that'll do. Now give me a rim job. Mmmmmmm, lick my ass hole you naughty little bitch."

Crinkling her nose in disgust Ann questioned, "Really?"

April smirked, and then broke character for a second, "Ann, I thought you wanted to prove you wanted to be mine?"

There were a few seconds when nothing happened, and then just as April was about to look around at Ann and maybe say something else she felt hands pulling apart her butt cheeks and a soft wet object cautiously caressing her ass hole. This caused April to grin widely, especially when that cautious licking turned into machine-like lapping as the prudish Ann Perkins accepted this latest humiliation. Oh April wished she knew how Ann was feeling right now with her tongue up another girl's ass, almost to the point where she wanted to ask her. Of course that would involve Ann's tongue moving away from her ass, and April wasn't ready for that.

Honestly April was surprised that this felt so good. If she'd had known she would've tried it much sooner, but then again part of the fun was making such a prudish woman like Ann lick her back there. In fact without it being Ann it might be kind of lame. Not that April wanted to dwell on that. No, she was much more interested in seeing just how far she could push Ann Perkins, and just how far Ann could push her tongue up her butt.

With that in mind April called out, "Mmmmmmm, that's good Slutty, really, really good, mmmmmmm, you're such an amazing ass licker, really darling. Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh yes, now let's see how far you can get your tongue up my ass. Oooooooooh, come on Slut the slut, shove your tongue up my butt. Deeper, deeper, deeper, mmmmmmmm, I wanna feel you caressing my stomach from the inside Slutty! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh, get that tongue up there and clean me out good and proper, mmmmmmmmm, get me in the mood to fuck you by giving me the best rimming ever, ohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd yesssssssss!"

Again there seemed to be some hesitation on Ann's part, but once again the older woman obeyed April's really twisted demand, which gave the younger girl an incredible thrill. It didn't really matter that Ann didn't succeed in entering her ass, just feeling that tongue pressed against her puckered hole with all the force it could muster was enough to fully invigorate April. April also got the feeling that if she was to strategically rub her clit and/or finger herself a little she could totally get off to this, which was a tempting thought she'd definitely have to do in the future, but for now she was going to put her new found adrenaline to a different cause.

"Ok Slutty, that's enough. You've proven yourself to be a great ass kisser, now let's see what kind of cock sucker you are. Get the strap-on dildo out of my purse and strap it on to me." April ordered, straightening up as Ann quickly retrieve the toy, again April pushing her skirt up so both she and Ann were still technically fully clothed, if that was the right term for Ann what was wearing. Once the hard dick was firmly in place April grabbed the dildo by the base and pressed the head of it against Ann's lips, "From what I hear Slutty, I really shouldn't have to tell you what to do now."

Briefly Ann gave her an unamused look, then she wrapped her lips around the head of the shaft and started bobbing up and down on it with practised ease. As April normally liked to say out loud in this situation, but didn't really work for this role-play, she wished she could claim to be the reason for Ann's blow job skills, but this was one thing Ann had acquired without her. True, just because you were good at giving head didn't automatically mean you'd done this a lot, but in Ann's case it was obviously true, and part of April was weirdly jealous of that.

Then again if it meant quality blow jobs like this April could find a way to repress or at least ignore those weird feelings and just enjoy the sight of Ann bobbing her head up and down on her cock, eventually deep throating the rubber monstrosity. Sure, Ann couldn't take every single inch down her throat, but she could take enough for April's usual purposes, especially as she thoroughly licked the base. However this wasn't going to be like usual.

Luckily April had come prepared, "Wow, you really are an amazing cock sucker Slutty, no wonder you are so popular around here. But I think it's high time I fuck you, don't you agree? Of course you do, but first let me just grab the lubricant out of my purse."

"Why?" Ann frowned once she had taken her mouth away from the dildo, "Surely it's wet enough already?"

"Not for your ass hole." April murmured almost conversationally as she casually got the tube of lube, put some on her hand and then started rubbing it into her cock, before finally looking at the particularly flabbergasted Ann and asking, "What?"

"Dude!" Ann exclaimed, using a word she used too often for some reason, "There's no way that thing could go up my ass!"

"You said you do anything." April reminded her.

"Yes, but... that's so big and, and I've never done that before." Ann whined.

"Fine." April huffed, "Then you can leave. But we're not having sex again if you do."

"You, you can't be serious?" Ann complained.

"Why not? If I can't have all of you, what's the point?" April shot back, then after a bit clarifyed against her better judgement, "You want me to what, leave Andy? Leave my husband for you, yeah? Well then, I want your virgin ass! Prove to me how badly you want this by giving up something you never thought you could give up, because I never thought I would want to give up Andy. Especially not for you of all people, but here we are... I want to be with you, not him, but I want the cool you. The submissive you. The you who is mine and no one else's. Do you get that?"

April was honestly expecting Ann to answer no, because she didn't fully understand it herself. Sure, ass fucking another girl seemed bizarrely hot to her, but the feelings she was having, what was going on in her head, was all kind of a mystery to her. So maybe part of her was pushing Ann away, because there was no way prudish little Ann Perkins would actually let her do this, right? She was totally about to get off her knees and yell at April for at least five minutes before storming out in a fit of rage and/or threatening her to never speak of this again.

In a move which blew April's mind Ann got up, then hiked up her skirt, placed her hands on her buttocks and bend over April's desk while pulling apart her ass cheeks before softly whimpering, "Please April, be gentle."

April took several long seconds to savour the amazing sight of perfect Ann Perkins offering up her virgin ass hole as a sacrifice, the older woman looking unbelievably slutty with her tiny little white skirt hiked up around her waist and her hands spreading her butt cheeks, giving April all the access she needed and more to that unspeakable target. Just to see the prudish goody two shoes do this for her maid April feel like she was going to cum on the spot, a feeling which continued as she grabbed a firm hold of her strap-on and pressed it against her target and ever so slowly began to apply pressure.

While she was doing that April softly demanded, "Beg for it!"

Without hesitation Ann whimpered, "Fuck me. Fuck my virgin ass. Ass fuck me. Please Dr Snakehole, take my anal virginity. It's yours. Oh doctor, butt fuck your slutty nurse. Pop her anal cherry and fuck her ass. Fuck it good and hard. Oh April, I mean... oh, oh, oh, oh God, owww, owww, owwwwwwww AAAAAAHHHHHHHH APRIL!"

Part of April wanted to drag this out even more as she could practically taste the humiliation Ann was going through, but the begging on top of everything else just became too much. April could no longer resist pushing forwards, her mouth becoming almost as wide as Ann's ass hole as the thick mushroom head of the dildo forced that back door to open wider than it had ever been designed to, Ann letting out the most adorable sounds as her virgin hole was obscenely stretched and then finally penetrated by April's unforgiving strap-on. This made April cum. Sure, it was like no orgasm April had ever had before, but orgasmic seemed like the only accurate description of how it felt to rob perfect Ann Perkins of her anal cherry.

Despite the obvious pain she was feeling Ann continued spreading her ass cheeks like a good little submissive slut, meaning April got a perfect view of the other woman's butt hole stretching around the tip of her cock. So, understandably, April just stared at that wonderful sight for a very long time. Minutes, possibly hours, passed and April just kept staring, the young assistant feeling like she could stay like this forever. At least at first. Then she was filled with an overwhelming urge to give Ann a proper butt fucking, and get every single inch of her 'dick' buried inside Ann's backside. Not necessarily in that order.

So April pushed forwards with more speed and force then she had originally shown, using the element of surprise to her advantage. To be fair on her Ann's cries of pain had turned into whimpers of discomfort and then eventually becoming coos, the older woman obviously struggling to relax at first but now, oh now April had never seen someone more at peace. Which made shoving her strap-on cock further up Ann's ass even better then she had imagined, April watching with glee as Ann went from completely relaxed to crying out loudly as her anal walls were stretched like never before.

Shortly after that April took her hand off her 'cock' and grabbed onto Ann's waist with both hands for leverage. She initially placed the left there to make it easier for her to take Ann's anal virginity, but now there was only a few more inches of dildo to shove up the respected elder woman's butt she obviously had to move her hand. Besides, it wasn't like April hadn't been in the exact same position while fucking Ann's pussy, and holding onto the nurse like this gave her an extra thrill of dominance.

In truth the best thing about fucking Ann Perkins was that April always felt a thrill of dominance. The prudish older woman was just so deliciously submissive, Ann seemingly eager to be fucked in a variety of different ways and positions, all of them making April feel so awesome. Up until now her favourite had been bending Ann over and pounding her pussy. There was just something about fucking Ann doggy style which enhanced the feeling of control April always felt when she was with Ann, but shoving her strap-on up the older brunette's butt while in this position was a thousand times hotter, April promising herself that she would ass fuck Ann Perkins every day for the rest of her life just to feel this euphoric rush.

Just when April didn't think it could possibly get any better April's thighs crashed against Ann's butt cheeks, meaning that April had done it. She had buried every single inch of her large strap-on dildo deep inside the bowels of perfect little goody two shoes Ann Perkins. Ann's rectum was stretching like never before as it was now struggling to relax around the entire length of April's shaft, the younger brunette looking down at where their bodies were pressed against each other and basking in the knowledge that the anal cherry of perfect Ann Perkins well and truly belonged to April Ludgate.

Then after a very long time of April just enjoying what she had already done she slowly began sliding her hips back until half of the dildo had been pulled from Ann's butt, then just as slowly she pushed forwards again until that large cock was back where it belonged, deep inside the now formally virgin ass of Ann Perkins. April repeated that process over and over, quickly slipping into a slow but steady pace. Ass fucking Ann at a slow but steady pace. Fucking Ann up the ass gently but firmly. Fucking her in the ass, taking her butt, sodomising this perfect little goody two shoes, you name it April was doing it. She was fucking Ann Perkins' ass, and honestly April had never been so happy.

This was the greatest day of her life. Perfect little goody two shoes Ann Perkins was in a slutty nurses uniform bent over April's desk and spreading her ass cheeks wide apart so that Ann could have the best possible view of her 'dick' sliding in and out of the other woman's butt hole, April almost literally drooling over the pure submission she saw before her. And the pure dominance she was feeling, April wanting this moment to last forever because she knew nothing in this world could be better than butt fucking Ann Perkins in the middle of the Parks department. Even if the rest of the department was here and forced to just watch April didn't think this could be more awesome, especially as the no doubt disapproving/horrified looks would probably only put her off the heaven which was sodomising Ann.

Of course April could only wait so long until the desired to have the type of satisfying orgasm which she'd only ever experienced from fucking Ann with a strap-on, so what felt like hours after the initial anal penetration April demanded, "Take your hands off your ass cheeks and beg me to make you cum."

Ann, who had been mostly making guttural noises since she was robbed of her back door cherry, didn't hesitate to whimper, "Please Dr Snakehole, make me cum. Fuck my ass and make me cum. Oh God, fuck me. Fuck me! Butt fuck me, fuck my butt, fuck me in the butt, ooooooooh Goooooooooddddddddd fuck me! Fuckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhh Aprilllllll!"

Before April was even done demanding Ann beg for her she was already increasing the pace, the older woman soon becoming completely incoherent as the younger of the two pounded her ass with every ounce of her strength. Which admittedly wasn't much, April seriously considering biting the bullet and joining a gym so she could build up the muscle needed to really wreck Ann's rectum. Not to the point where she was some kind of steroid freak with bulging muscles in places they probably shouldn't be, but enough so she could pound the soft and yet firm butt in front of her, April becoming just as lost as Ann in the heavenly sodomy.

Well, almost. Ann was screaming so loudly that the whole of Pawnee probably heard her, and her cum was squirting out of her cunt almost like a river at this point. She was almost shaking enough to push April off of her, Ann almost achieving that when she began to frantically hammer herself back against April's thrusts. But April would not be denied, the younger girl tightening her vice-like grip on the older brunette's hips so she could continue giving Ann a serious butt pounding.

Just like that the two women turned into savage animals, the dominant one viciously pounding the submissive one's ass hole to prove who was the Alpha female and who was just a submissive little bitch. It was beautiful. Maybe the most beautiful thing April had ever experienced, tears of joy flooding her eyes as she experienced dominance in its truest form and showed Ann who's boss. Who's the top and who's the bottom. Who's in control and who's just the personal fuck hole of her younger mistress.

Sadly despite April's best efforts it couldn't last forever. First she joined Ann in experiencing mind blowing orgasms, one after the other leaving her scrawny body painfully weak and fragile until she had almost literally used every ounce of strength in her body to butt fuck the older woman. April had the chance to stop while she still had a little left to maintain her dignity, but ass fucking Ann was too important to her than that. Besides, Ann wasn't exactly in a position to make fun of her when April perhaps inevitably collapse down onto the other brunette's body, the two members of the Parks And Recreations Department laying there for several minutes as they desperately tried to recover from their multiple orgasms.

April didn't even mean to get off of Ann, it just kind of happened. One minute she was lying on top of the slightly larger woman, the next she was slowly sliding off of her and falling back. Must have been all the sweat. After all, both their bodies were dripping in it. Luckily for April though she only fell onto her chair, although she was too blissed out to care. Then all of a sudden April found herself directly in the eye line of her handiwork, namely Ann's gaping ass hole.

In the few pornos she had watched in preparation for ass fucking Ann there was little or no focus on the aftermath, so April found this turn of events oddly fascinating. It was gross and obscene for sure, but that was one of the things April liked most about it, the younger brunette staring at the older one's butt for what felt like hours and she studied every detail of that well fucked ass. The bruised red cheeks, the battered open hole revealing the equally battered open back passage and Ann's adorable little whimpers fascinating April. Then Ann tried to move, something April wasn't ready for yet.

"You look pretty like this nurse." April grinned after a little bit.

"Thank you doctor." Ann panted softly in reply.

* * *

"Then, after a little rest, I totally ass fucked Ann over every other desk in our department." April bragged, a gleeful smile briefly crossing her face before returning to the sullen thoughtfulness that had been there before her story. Then after several minutes or so she looked back at the camera and said, "I... I probably need to talk to Andy."


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