Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to Orwell’s 1984, Outlaw Star or the word
sherbet, this story is written in jest I urge you all to NOT create your own
alternate universe, bend reality so you can have sex with fiction characters.

If your reading this your saying your over 18 (mentally or physically, your
choice) and if your not I blame your crappy upbringing and urge you to turn
yourself in to the nearest boarding school straight away.

Ok Kiddie crap over let’s get to the background:

A lot of people ask me what is Smoke all about, well like Plato had the
polis, a city based upon an idea, I have Smoke, a world based on my lust,
the back-story to this little world is a interesting one, back when I was
a younger man in college I created a basic adult text game about a man
named Rob Black sells his soul to Satan for a date with a super model but
then repents and converts to the church giving him a shoe in with god.

However halfway thru the date he chokes to death on a bit of fish (karmas a
bitch huh?) and both god and Satan come for what’s theirs (see where this is
going?) and realize they’ve been doubled crossed but neither…entity will let
the other man have his soul.

So they have a revelation, they ask Rob where he wishes to go, Satan offers
him sex, gambling and rock & roll, God offers love & knowledge and U2
concerts for eternity.

Rob Black has a better idea... “Let me have my own world.”

Not wanting to start a war over one man, both god and Satan agree and give
him a room out side reality, called “The Infinity Bunker” containing the
ultimate computer “Enigma” capable of terrorforming and creating life on
the world he is in charge of.

But still with his old memories he creates the ultimate world, a world where
nobody ages, nobody get ill or injured, a land of beautiful people and loose
morals but with a twist of his own on this world populated by porn stars and
models he is the only man and everybody idolizes him (Freud would have a
thing to say about that huh?) now living as the continents most beloved
bachelor Rob black lives in the world of neon lights and the latex wearing
police forces of ministry of love.

It’s a crazy world, but it just works.

This story is situated between episodes “Gravity Jailbreak” and “The Hot
Springs Planet Tenrei” in the Outlaw Star series, I’m no expert on this
series but the crew is still searching for the galactic lay line while
chased by the McDougal brothers and countless others desperate to get
their hands on the sexy android Malfina.

Well that was the plan until that god empowered guy Rob Black sought a
fresh challenge for his attention; bending reality with the aid of enigma he
brought the escape pod containing Aisha Clan-Clan, Malfina and the assassin
Twilight Suzuka to the continent of Europia.

Unaware of who or what Rob Black really is, all three women accepted his
offer of recovering at his private Chateau in the mountains, however Suzuka
is quickly arrested after being caught spying on Rob Black’s true plans and
condemned to be “Re-educated” in Europia’s way of thinking, Aisha meanwhile
has egocentric eyes as dreams of power and honor when Black offers her an
alliance between Europia and the Ctarl-Ctarl, Malfina of course is still in
shock having watched the Outlaw Star containing Gene and Jim explode.

Things naturally got worse for our heroines as the effects of living in this
world of sin and sex sunk in; Suzuka on route to the Sherbet isles was given
an in-depth search at the border control courtesy of the seductive agent
Jennifer Silence and MOL’s finest: “Agent Sunshine”, but in a heated moment
Suzuka gets the chance to escape and almost does, unfortunately Silence is
on top of her (no pun intended) and knocks her out with a blow from her gun
butt, Suzuka wakes to find herself at the docks overlooking the menacing
prison/education complex: The Sherbet Isles.

Malfina’s paranoia worsened when she realized Suzuka was gone, though she
knew not why, Rob Black had told her she had attacked several people in the
chateau and escaped, of course in reality it was because she had jut seen
too much.

Aisha’s heads were full of big plans, namely the big impending historic
alliance between Europia and the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, of course at a private
dinner she chokes when she’s given a firm “no” to what she offers, in a panic
she offers a better deal to which Black agrees but adds a condition: She had
to become his mate.

Although initially shocked, she warms to the idea once Black explains (in a
lie) how sad and alone he is…well that plus how powerful she’ll be once she’s
smoke’s Queen!

In a heated moment she agrees and they end up sleeping together.

In a twist, when threatened by the MOL’s director Susan Weissmann with
Malfina’s dismantling; Black fires her and installs Midnight as the new MOL

Over across the ocean Suzuka arrives at the Sherbet isles when she learns
that MOL agent Sunshine has alternative ideas and in haste gives her the
message “Go to Phoenix Rising and search for Détente”, but Suzuka has worse
problems now…When she meets the governor of this institute she puts herself
in hot water and for her actions - “Dreadnought” has been summoned.

Meanwhile Rob Black prepares to make the call to TEK-Q for the solution to
his problems.

Outlaw Star: Smoke-Alpha - Part 4: Iron In The Blood
by Rob Black

The night had been one of little sleep for me…Calls to Tek-Q, blackmail and
lust on the cards, all fitting props in this play I perform in.

But now it was clearly morning, my eyes were clamped shut but the sound of
birdsong outside and little else made it obvious.

My chest felt heavier than usual, the sheets were not as loose as usual...
what was going on?

My eyes popped open only to be blinded in a flash of light.

“Jesus!” I cry out, my hands grab my face trying to block whatever just
blinded me.

“Ah quit being such a drama queen” replies a voice in the darkness; I
recognize it instantly as the voice of one of the guests.

My eyes slowly open again, sitting on my body is indeed, the source of this
disturbance, my ‘Fiancé’ Aisha Clan-Clan, clad only in a large blue jumper
that fell all the way to her thighs (sadly not revealing any of her shapely
features), her white hair spread wildly over her ears and face arranged in
to a goofy smile…in her hands is a Polaroid camera.

“Say cheese ya big lug” She says as goofy as she smiles.

BAM! Another blinding flash! My eyes clamp shut.

“Ha Ha” I say sarcastically “where did you get that camera Aisha?”

I feel Aisha climb off me and on to the bed next to me.

“Melinda gave it to me, she said you told her the big secret and it was an
engagement gift.”

Midnight was obviously trying to make a point with this gesture, to what it
was I had no idea.

“So…” Aisha began, again as chipper and happy as she could be “What’s the
plan today?”

I sit up, letting my torso become exposed from behind the sheets.

“I have something to show you….” I begin.

“Rob, I’ve seen it and I know it’s great.”

I smile, innuendos always make me smile.

“No this is something even better than that Aisha” I finish.

“Psst As if” she says sarcastically.

“We don’t have time for games today...Come on, we need to get Malfina and
get some breakfast, and it’s a big day ahead of us.”

I try to pull my body from the bed when I feel Aisha’s hand on my shoulder,
her hand is surprisingly cold.

“Surely our flames of passion have not been extinguished already my love” she
purrs seductively, her fingers playing along my shoulder and on to my neck
like some kind of sexy xylophone.

“Mmmmm Miss Aisha you are insatiable, but what about breakfast?” I say with
a degree of smugness and sarcasm.

I feel the warmth of Aisha’s breath on my back and the sudden shock of pain
of her teeth biting in to me in a short sharp bite, before resuming her

“I think I have enough to get my teeth in to right here.”

* * *

In the now misty sky above the Sherbet Isles, Silence was broken by the sound
of the chopper emblazed with the letters TEK-Q on it side slowly descended in
to the courtyard.

A glove hand reaches out to test the climate, feeling only a cold wind biting
back it retreats in to the darkness.

Inside the chopper a distinctly English voice broke the howling weather’s

“Really, the conditions in this hellhole are most unbecoming of a pureblood.”

* * *

Melinda midnight stood on the cold porch step, her dark hair waving in this
wind, sun shining off the tight leather of her uniform.

Her eyes switch from the green hills and winter sunrise to her digital watch.

They were late, unusual for a group like Tek Q, for them efficiency was a way
of life.

“Director!” shouted one of the grunts on watch with a point to the hills for
that added dramatic effect.

Melinda’s eyes shot to the horizon, somewhere in the distance an armored car
crawled over the hill.

* * *

For the man in black, life felt good as Aisha Clan-Clan’s tongue run over the
head of his rock hard cock.

“You know Rob, as many times as I suck this cock, it tastes better and better
every time” Aisha exclaimed before deepthroating the throbbing tool.

“I love that voodoo you do baby” came his smug response.

Aisha released her lip lock of the dick and instead clasped her nimble
Ctarl-Ctarl hands around it.

The man in black looked down to his fiancé “So what’s the deal today my love,
a handjob, a blow job, a titfuck, your varied I don’t know what to expect
from you, you crazy thing.”

“Hmmm, I think you should give me something today darling” purred Aisha “How
about you fuck my ass.”

Aisha’s spiral in the dark ethics of Europia was always so delicious he doubt
he could refuse her request.

“Better suck it some more babes, I don’t want to hurt you shoving it in to
that tight ass of you” came the response from her fiancé.

Aisha stopped her jerking and looked up, hazel eyes piercing his heart in
innocence and sin.

“Rob, you should know more than anybody that we Ctarl-Ctarl can take any pain
a human like you can dish out (no offense), now get behind me and fuck my

Black climbed to his feet as Aisha lay on her front on the soft bed of the
master bedroom, her large breast sandwiched between her and the sheets.

“Aren’t you suppose to have a tail?” Asked Black in shock that it had only
just occurred to him.

“Well it’s a personal thing, if you believe doctors, my tail only shows
during fights and full moons, don’t worry I wont be ‘cat’-ing out when your
about anytime soon my love.”

Black’s hand ran down the slender curve of Aisha’s backside.

“Come on Rob, no romance, I want assfucking and I want it now.”

Somewhere inside him, something snapped, is this Ctarl-Ctarl wants anal
action, he was going to give it to her.

Rubbing his cock on the buttocks of the Ctarl-Ctarl caused Aisha to purr in
delight, these purrs turned in to groans as he took her by the surprise by
suddenly pounding the full length of his hard cock in to the asshole of

“Ahhh that’s the love I’m talking about Rob, come on …pound me hard!”

Black pound in and out of Aisha anus, as his hands clamped on to the fine
buttocks of the Ctarl-Ctarl ambassador to gibe him leveraged as he continued
this anal assault.

“That the stuff…ahhh, when we’re married, every days going to be like…this
Rob, Sex all day, fierce hot…love…just for you my love” Aisha groaned between

Black could feel the swelling in his balls.

“I gonna come baby, you wanna swallow this one?” screamed Black between his

“No way b…babes, Squirt this love juice in to me, paint my insides with your
jizz jazz!”

he didn’t need much more prompting and squirting load after load in to the
ass of his love.

“Ahhhhh that’s what love is all about…red hot fucking and cum in your ass”
groaned Aisha feeling the hot gooey sensation in her ass ad the two lovers
collapsed in to teach other in the hot sweaty darkness of the master bedroom.

* * *

There was a clang of metal as the guards club smacked against the bars of the

“Wash up in 10 minutes! Alphas through Gammas Only!” she bellowed before
moving on to the next cell.

Suzuka’s sleep deprived eyes reluctantly pulled open.

“Come on Alpha, we need to get ready for wash up.”

The voice had been her cell mate, “Cyclops Cyan.”

Suzuka sat up clambered to her feet, the thick orange uniform clinging to her
sweaty body.

“Wash up?” Suzuka asked in a confused awoken state.

“Yeah, the screws make us shower once a day, and its that time” Cyan replied,
trying to fix her hair with the small cracked mirror in the corner of the
cell with her nimble fingers.

“So you’re an Alpha too?” Suzuka asked, not really sure what Alpha meant
apart from that she was one (apparently).

Cyan (back still turned to Suzuka as she tried to fix her hair) chuckled at
this question.

“Fuck you Alpha, I aint no Alpha!”

Suzuka stood up, stretching her legs.

“So what are you then?”

“I’m a Delta” Cyan began, finally turning round “All I did was some
smuggling, that’s all.”


“Yea you know...” Cyan’s hands slipped back in to the uniforms two side
pockets “Contraband, the usual shit, drugs and material that’s too...”

She was interrupted by the rap of the guard’s nightstick on the bars.

“Quit the chatter ladies, its wash-up time!”

* * *

Midnight stepped triumphantly in to the dining room carrying a large metal
suitcase, I look up for a second before turning my attention to the suitcase.

“Is that from TEK-Q?” I ask (more eagerly than I thought I would).

“TEK-Q sent it as soon as they could, we had to have it couriered via armored
truck for god’s sake, and have you ever tried getting one of those things on
short notice?”

There is a dramatic silence.

“Is it all here?” I ask.

She lays the metal case on the table with a gentle thud.

“This is it” she replied coldly “Are you sure this is the right thing to do

I open the suitcase revealing my prize and smile.

“Shit happens.”

* * *

The prisoners were lined up outside the small shower building, a small
yellow painted thing with a big metal door, on the walls of this outside
area, guards armed with riffles stared down at them, itching for somebody
to test their skills on, the sky a dark grey, it looked like it could rain
any minute now.

Suzuka was placed near the front of this line, behind her was Cyan talking
to an unknown inmate, Suzuka dipped and out of the conversation hearing the
odd snippets of “2 boxes?!” and “Your pulling my leg aint ya?” which only
served to confuse her more so rather than attempt to be sociable she spent
this free moment looking at the wall, maybe she could get out and meet this
Calypso group Sunshine had told her about.

“So this the new pussy I’ve been hearing about” came a loud boisterous voice
behind her.

Suzuka turned and matched eyes with the voices source.

A tall woman (easily a good 6’2), with flame colored shoulder length hair,
eyes a equally a dark yet fiery darkness quality.

Her skin a suntanned bronze upon a well exercised body, her chest covered
by a t-shirt that was stretched to cover her massive chest, her pants the
regulation orange of all inmates.

Cyan pushed her way to Suzuka’s side past the redhead.

“Yo Big red, you eying the new kid honey?” Cyan said in a thug like manner.

“Maybe I am Cyclops, buts that’s none of your business is it now?” replied
the red head.

Somewhere in the line came the cry of “Screws! Screws!”

Every eye in the yard turned the southern most corner.

A small group of guards emerged from what must have been the guard’s tower,
a thick structure built in to the walls corner, all brandishing menacing
looking rifles; the largest guard carried a bullhorn and clipboard instead.

“Ladies, I know you’re all so eager to get squeaky clean but there is a
system in force, first in are Alphas, then betas and so one till we get to
Gamma inmates” There was a silence as the rifle bearers spread along the

“Now…” the bullhorn continued “Alphas will enter the shower first, after 10
minutes they will leave and we will move to betas, got that?”

There was no response.

“Fantastic, now lets get to the Alphas” The bullhorn looked to the list “All
Alphas step forward.”

Suzuka stepped forward, it would have been stupid to resist.

“RED! Step forward you dumb bitch” Bellowed the bullhorn guard.

Suzuka looked back; the large redhead who the guard had called Red who had
approached her moments ago was talking in whispers to Cyan, both bearing
smiles, the redhead quickly shoke Cyan’s hand and stepped forward.

“Since you two are the only alphas you get first dibs on the showers”
bellowed the bullhorn “Now get in there, you have 10 minutes.”

* * *

I looked up from the item’s documentation, a small yellow pamphlet.

“Look at this shit: ‘Please, for the love of god, DO NOT CONSUME’” I read out
from the text “Who the hell would eat this crap?”

Melinda, now standing by the window staring out over the chateau’s garden
chuckled “Gee I don’t know, ask that dumbass Ctarl-Ctarl, maybe she will”
she added with a spin on her heels, her eyes meeting mine.

I shot Melinda a stern look, the giggling and smiling stopped dead in it’s

“What?” She looked puzzled at my lack of humor.

“I’d be grateful if you didn’t insult Miss Aisha when I’m about” I say
without a trace of emotion.

“Jesus Rob, who turned you in to such a moody blue? If I didn’t know you
better I’d say your taking this marriage spiel think a little seriously
...but we both know that’s not true is it now?”

There was another awkward silence; Melinda’s eyes didn’t leave mine once as
she climbed back in to her seat.

“Rob...” She began in the best serious voice she could muster “tell me your
not being serious...please.”

My hands instinctively went for my tie, pulling the knot down a little, I
needed the air.

“Well I was just thinking…maybe we could run this spiel a little…longer, you
know a bit continuity would be nice you know.”

That had come out a lot worse than how I had imagined it.

* * *

Suzuka stepped in to the shower building first.

The inside was no bigger than the large entrance hall of the chateau. The
room had a short dividing wall separating a small strip of carpet (probably
a changing area) from the large showering area.

“Move it will you” shouted Big Red pushing past her “We only get 10 minutes
and there’s shit I need to do.”

The shower area was tiled brown and white, caked with grime and filth the
stench was sickly sweet to Suzuka’s nose.

“Come on Alpha, we aint got all day” shouted red as she undressed, in a
stretch her tight white vest like top fell to one side revealing her firm
round chest.

Suzuka began to unbutton her orange overalls unaware of Red’s eyes locked on
her body.

Suzuka pulled off the overalls off her sweaty body allowing her pendulous
breasts to sway as they came loose revealing her pale naked body, dark hair
no longer the shapely for it had been on the star, her soft skin slowly
loosing its sheen but still giving her a innocent and alluring quality.

“Oh yeah baby, your worth every penny.”

What did she say? Suzuka’s eyes popped open and looked at the now naked Big
Red, her body almost standing over Suzuka, body covered in rippling muscles,
the nipples on her large breasts were hard and her right hand reaching toward
her red haired pussy.

“Wha...” Suzuka began to ask in her confused state.

“4 boxes of cigarettes is a lot for new meat but Cyan said this one had
potential and baby you got so much to give me” Big Red Smiled “Let make this
10 minutes count.”

* * *

The craft was a lot longer than the château and seemed to almost flatten the
hill, the strong the ship seemed to be concord nose like while the body was
round and cylindrical, with two wings both bearing turbine like engines and
again a concord like tail, all paint in the darkest black with red lines all

“Ladies let me introduce you to the “Sky Dragon”…the vessel that will take
you to where your destiny, sky, sea or space, nothing can stop you in this

My arms stretch out to signify its vastness as I turn to meet the gaze of
Melinda, Malfina and Aisha.

“I must say Rob; your technicians are experts for making this ship up so
fast” Aisha says at least attempting enthusiasm.

I smile, the Sky Dragon had been sitting in some hanger for a good while
awaiting some great need for a this stylish steel cruiser.

“The ship you landed allowed us to synthesis something space worthy, so your
unlucky landing was a lucky deal for the project” I reply maintaining my

Slowly a ramp emerges from the ship’s side, proving an entrance to the ship’s

“Come now, I must give you the grand tour.”

* * *

Suzuka didn’t dare refuse the advances of big Red, a woman of her size could
kill Suzuka with her bare hands if she dared tried.

Red’s rough hands clapped on to Suzuka’s tender flesh, refusing to let go.

“Your mine now Alpha, your going to be my own little fuckslut baby.”

Red’s hands cupped Suzuka’s large breasts, thumbs rumbling against her
increasingly hardening nipples.

“See I know your enjoying this Alpha, so why don’t you please your master

Suzuka was wary not to anger her new master and clambered down to her knees
in front of the muscular Big Red, her hands reaching gratefully towards Red’s
breasts hungrily.

“Oh you want a get a hold of these bad boys?” Red laughed rubbing her firm
tits wither muscular hands “Oh you can feel these babies up as soon as you
make your master happy first.”

Red’s hands grabbed hold of Suzuka head, fingers feeling though her black
hair as she pushed Suzuka’s face in to her red haired pussy.

“Now lick slut, lick like your life depends on it because if I don’t cum,
yours will be over.”

Fear shot through Suzuka as her tongue run up the thigh of Big Red to the
prize of her pussy.

“Come on Fuckslut, your master doesn’t want teasing she wants satisfaction...

Suzuka’s tongue sliced across the tuft of red hair around of her master’s
pussy causing a gasp of apprehension from Red.

Sensing the shake of pleasure from her master, Suzuka’s tongue penetrated the
slit of Red’s pussy, causing the giant to bit her lip.

“Come on slut, lick me, eat me...” Red let out in a whisper.

Suzuka’s tongue rubbed against the sides of the inside of Red’s pussy, Red’s
hands now held Suzuka’s head in place as she committed this oral assault on
her master.

Pleasure shook through Red’s system, the slut new how to lick pussy well, she
was something was going to have about.

“Ahhhh you’re a good slut Suzuka, you’ve passed my little test, your going to
be great to..mmmmm...have around.”

There was a bang on the metal door.

“2 minutes ladies” came the guards cry.

“And our time is up...” Red said releasing Suzuka and staring down at her
pale face “But I think you should come join me in the yard…not that you have
a choice my little slut.”

* * *

We stood in the Sky Dragon’s massive living area, pinball machines and slot
machines combined with a big screen TV and a stack of video games made even
a hedonist like me jealous.

“It’s so big!” Malfina cried out in almost joyous shout.

“The Sky Dragon can hold at most 25 people; there are only 4 bed rooms
mind you so it’s ok for a party not a lodger…. Aisha next to you is the

Aisha poked her head through though the hole/door to see the spacious

“Certainly is a lot more room than the star” Aisha chuckled.

“There’s no expense spared Aisha...” I broke in “…all the latest tech has
gone in to this baby, replicators should keep the food and water going
indefinitely; you could be in space a million years and never starve once
if you wanted to.”

“Gee I hope not” muttered Aisha.

A door slid open revealing the cockpit of the craft, two large seats in front
of a host of dials and buttons.

“Now look to your left ladies and your see the powerhouse of the craft” I say
with a point.

In the leftmost corner of the cockpit was a huge cylindrical metal and glass

“The Chaos Engine Chamber...” I announce “…is fully compatible with Malfina’s
bio-matrix, not only can she steer and control the craft, unlike the Star,
there’s no painful wires or messy water for you Miss Malfina.”

Malfina touched the chamber with her palm.

“Can I try it?” she asked inquisitively.

“Of course” I smile “A test is perfectly in order.”

I turn to Melinda and Aisha, both of whom have a look of anger and joy at me.

“Ladies I think you best watch the test from the ground, this may take some

* * *

Aisha and Midnight stepped down the ramp, metal clanking as they went.

“Miss Aisha, I think this may take more time that Mr. Black may believe,
perhaps we should retire back to the chateau and await their return.”

“Sounds like a plan Miss Midnight, perhaps we could talk about nail polish
and read magazines.”

Midnight shot Aisha a look of defiance; this outsider was being sarcastic

“Sounds good but I’m sure you would like to prepare for your lovers return

Aisha smiled.

“I think Rob would get a kick out that… good idea MM.”

“Don’t call me MM” Midnight snapped.

“Gee sorry… I just thought we should be a bit more chummy…we are going to be
seeing a lot of each other after all.”

Melinda’s hands scrunched in to fists in silent anger.

* * *

“Malfina, I must be awfully rude and ask you to remove your garments and step
in to the tube” I say hitting a red button on the wall causing the chamber to
split in the centre and separate allowing entry.

“Don’t worry, I’ll turn my back, let you keep your dignity, just strip, enter
and hit the big red button to close the chamber.”

As I turned my mind filled with images of what I had seen behind the mirror
when I had spied on Malfina’s shower, her large breasts had been so wet and
sexy looking I had wanted to smash the mirror and fuck her then and there...
my crotch was throbbing at this memory.

Behind me the sound of gears as the chamber closed, I turn to see a now
naked Malfina, her nipples and pussy hidden by large metal strips around the

“Now just close your eyes and relax Malfina, your become one with the ship

Her eyes clasped shut as I reach for the metal case by my side.

I opened the metal suitcase and removed the large metal canister Tek Q had
sent us like a child on a cold Christmas morning.

The canister bared the letters “XL 15” and in a sharp red font “DO NOT ALLOW
oozed from side to side, this shit looked like it was alive

Well technically it was, it was a concentrated Nano programming robot I
thought an android like Malfina would get a kick out of, well I would any

“This is a conductive gel, no need for leads or water in this ship Malfina”
I tell her before inserting the canister in to the prepared slot next the

“You ready for this Malfina?” I ask, to which she nods.

I press the large red button next to the canister and the process begins.

* * *

Suzuka was pushed in to the corner of the yard by Big Red.

“Your mine Alpha, I own you in these for walls…when I say lick you say what
and how long” shouted Big Red, cracking her fists in a show of aggression.

“I gotta make up my loss from buying your slutty ass, I’m going to whore you
out to whoever want a piece of you.”

Suzuka cringed; the notion she would have to succumb to more sexual demands
was beginning to take a toll on her psyche.

“And you better go along with this plan slut girl else ole Red has some even
worse shit set aside for you.”

Big red cupped her hands around her mouth to form a cheap bullhorn.

“Come along ladies I know your all look for a way to get rid of your stresses
and strains, well I got your answer right here…A grade meat, fresh off the
boat for your pleasure.”

The crowd to greet around Big Red’s prize, a small number of inmates, 20 at
most but still outnumbering her.

“Yo how much red?” cried one of the inmates.

Red smiled a thin red smile “depends what you want her for D... I know your
thinking baby and that kind of shit is going to cost you 5 cigarettes a urn.”

“Shit red, that’s cheaper than the crack users, what’s wrong with this girl”
replied D from the crowd.

Big Red ran her fingers through Suzuka’s dark black hair with an evil

“Because she’s a slut.”

* * *

The ooze began to flood the chamber, Malfina’s face looked panic stricken.

I place my hands on the chamber, the glass is surprisingly cold.

“Don’t be worried Miss Malfina…the substance is perfectly harmless.”

She breathes in, and relaxes; the gel like substance was already waist looks scary even to me, I couldn’t even see Malfina’s legs through
this stuff.

Only a matter of time, I thought, the anticipation had my cock rock hard just
imaging what I was going to do to her when I got her out of there.

* * *

Big red watched on, cigarettes clutched in to both her hands.

Suzuka was in a state of bliss and agony; some of the inmates were torturing
her with quick licks and rubs to her pussy and asshole, these slight and
quick touches prolonging her pleasure but denied her joy of an orgasm.

In turns the inmates lay on the dusty ground of the yard ground as Suzuka’s
face was pushed in the inmates waiting pussy.

Suzuka’s mind was in pieces, why weren’t the guards intervening and why was
she enjoying this so much?!

“Come on lick you slut?” moaned the inmate as her hands pushed Suzuka’s face
in to her dark haired pussy.

Suzuka’s tongue throbbed in and out of the inmate’s pussy, the inmate’s
fingers running through Suzuka’s hair.

Behind her, two inmates examined and prodded her body.

“Hey BG, check his out” cried of the inmates before pushing one her fingers
deep in to the asshole of Suzuka.

Suzuka stopped her licking to let out a shocking gasp at this anal entry; her
hands became fists as mix of pain and pleasure rippled through her body.

“That aint nothing Essa” replied the slightly Spanish sounding BG shoving two
fingers in to Suzuka’s wet pussy.

“Ahhh, come on, use another finger” Suzuka heard herself say through her

“Jesus she is a slut!” exclaimed her anal invader plunging a second finger
in to Suzuka’s asshole.

Suzuka’s licking of the inmates pussy sped up, he tongue rubbing over the
inmates clit, lapping up her sweet sweet nectar.

Suzuka was in a state, she was cuming and entranced to fulfill her lovers
wishes, for what seemed forever the inmates took term, fingering her hole,
licking her heavy chest and getting oral relief from this assassin turned

Then the cry came from the thronging crowd “Screws! Screws!”

The crow seemed to dissipate; even Red stepped away from the near passed
body of a sexually relieved Suzuka.

One guard prodded Suzuka’s ass with a truncheon.

“You alive Alpha?”

Suzuka groaned a sign of life.

“Come on Suzuka, you’ve got a date waiting for you.”

Suzuka, too exhausted from the orgy did not refuse as they dragged her from
the yard.

* * *

Somewhere in the dark… code was compiling.

















I look away from the keyboard and the monitor to Malfina’s tube, I can’t see
her in the solid black but I think I can hear….is she laughing?

* * *

The darkness was all around her now, she wasn’t even scared now, the darkness
was tickling to the touch; she felt like she was being kissed by a million
lips…all over her naked form.

He body rocked in a half orgasmic half hysterical fit.

Her nipples, teased with these tiny kisses and licks, were as hard as
diamonds; her pussy for the first time was soaking wet as she felt her first
ever orgasm ripple through her body.

Her mind was bombarded with images, memories stories were written in seconds,
systems integrated with her body as she became one with the ship.

A new sense ran through her body, it was something she’d never felt before...
she felt horny!

* * *

The guards threw her to the floor of the cell…was this a cell?

The room was dark grey, on the north wall a long thin mirror shone like it
just been polished, in the corners of the room; cameras stared down at her
as she lay naked on the cold stone floor of this horrid place.

“Hello Suzuka” blared some kind of hidden PA system in the room; she
recognized it as the voice of the Governor she has spat at yesterday “Did
you think I’d forget about you?”

* * *

Melinda was tramping around the chateau; uncontrollably in angry thought
about her conversation with Rob that morning and now the plucky cocky
attitude of Miss Aisha.

He couldn’t do this to her, she thought she was the one he was suppose to

Not the Ctarl-Ctarl, she was suppose to be some sex toy, a bonus to that
slutty android, he even said so that night he screwed her in the kitchen!

Now he was going to stay with her, continuity he had called it, what kind
of bizarre bullshit is that.

If she knew what kind of sex manic he really was she’d kill him.

Melinda stopped dead in the corridor, an idea had been born.

* * *

“You should feel honored Miss Suzuka; you have earned my full attention” The
voice began “The Sex Pack rarely makes house calls to the Isle, but when they
heard I had a spunky outsider who dared to annoy ME! Well they couldn’t keep

“The Sex...Pack?” Suzuka managed to say.

“Yes... 6 of the most evil and demented sexperts in Europia...even the
hedonists fear their wrath.”

Suzuka felt sick, all the sex was beginning to make her nauseous, after all
that big red had put her through now it would seem she would have to be in
some kind of sick sevensome too, She wanted to shout, beg for forgiveness,
anything to make the sick and sin end but she was so worn out she couldn’t.

* * *

In the shadowy board room a cigarette was put out in a black ashtray.

“So did she get the message?”

“Yes she did, gave it to her myself.”

“Excellent” The third voice put down their wine glass “So the wheels are in
motion now?”

“Of course Arch-Chancellor, we have C-Corp stationed all over the place; once
the group is ready we can begin in minutes.”

There was a flick of a lighter as the arch-chancellor lit her cigarette
“Excellent….excellent, now all we need to do is wait.”

* * *

There was a beep, the pamphlet had told me that meant the process was done.

“Miss Malfina, are you ok in there?”

“Just dandy” cam a voice from all around the ship.

“Are you integrated in to the system?

“Sure am, I can make coffee and pilot this thing at the same time”
Malfina/the ship chuckled.

“I’ll take mine black” I shoot back.

“No surprise there.”

The canister ejected from the import slot, now empty of its content.

“Did the Nanos fuse correctly?” I ask, I had to be careful, if they didn’t I
was screwed.

“Of course they did silly, why do you think I’m in such a good mood.”

That was true, she did seem a lot perkier, I should get her out of there but
there’s some thing I need to do first.

“Set the course” I command.

“Destination?” asks the Ship/Malfina.

“The Sherbet Isles...” I smile “...It’s time for me to start playing with a
full deck.”

* * *

Aisha was sat in the guest bedroom, running the brush through her white
hair...she wanted to look good for when Rob got back from the test flight.

“You know if you wanted your hair done, I could have called the specialist.”

She spun round, in the doorway stood Melinda Midnight standing in the door

“I think it’s time you and me talked.”

* * *

In the darkness Suzuka could see shapes; the light on her wasn’t good enough
to make out anything definite.

The voice returned “Now Suzuka, it’s time to meet the sex pack.”

From the shadows out stepped a woman, her pretty face crowned with long blond
hair, her long legs covered by bubblegum pink leather pants and to finish a
white cotton top over her round firm chest.

“Er, Ya-ha, I’m Jemma, Jemma Jameson, I’m like totally thankful to be here
cause, you know we’re going to make out old school style, and that shit.”

To her right another shadow took shape to the sound of deep hissing, a long
black leather boot stepped in to the light revealing another woman clad in
some kind of perverse latex outfit, there were zips all over this thing,
from her crotch to her ample chest, even her head was covered in a latex
mask with zipped eye holes and mouth, in her hand a long ship cracked as it
snapped the ground.

“I am Miss Take, I’m going to take your love…by force if need be.”

Next a brown boot joined to expensive white and tight gold trimmed pants
stepped in to view, on top of these prestigious pants lay a crisp white
shirt and a heavy red blazer decorated in god and silver medals, Suzuka’s
eyes wandered to the head of this posh person to a thin face with dark
blue eyes, over one a monocle and a raised eye brow christened with long
brown hair that flowed to her shoulders.

“I am Lady Killa, Charmed I’m sure...I’m sure your wretched offspring will
be pleased to know your skin has touched that of a pureblood…that is if Miss
Take hasn’t flailed it from your scum bred back before we’re done, what?”

From behind Suzuka, there was the sound of footsteps echoed around the room,
then the sound of air being cut with swift movement two figures cart wheeled
out the darkness landing in front of her.

Both dressed in latex bodysuits, one in black the other white, with dots
along their long legs and arms, the latex tight against their round chest
and slender necks, both looked identical (chances were they were twins,
both did sport long blonde hair and dark green eyes) to Suzuka.

“We are Domino, a single soul shared between two bodies, our whims and
desires double that of a single person, our ability and skill is too in

Finally with a heavy pounding in to the light the largest of the group.

Although she was not fat, she was heavily muscular, even more so than Big
Red had been, her hair a solid black, her chin chiseled and hard looking.

This stranger wore generals uniform, the right of her pendulous looking
breast wore the heart shaped badge Suzuka had become so familiar with,
christened with the name “Dreadnought”, the stranger pierced Suzuka with
a hard stare from her almost black eyes.

“I am Dreadnought, feared and loved across the Black Empire, from the shores
of Europia to the darkest pits of Pornikstan, I am known for my dark lusts
and my extreme fantasies and today you will learn my wrath.”

To be continued in:

Outlaw Star: Smoke-Alpha Part 5 - Lights, Camera...Suzuka!


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