Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to Orwell’s 1984, Outlaw Star or the word
sherbet, this story is written in jest I urge you all to NOT create your own
alternate universe, bend reality so you can have sex with fiction characters.

If your reading this your saying your over 18 (mentally or physically, your
choice) and if your not I blame your crappy upbringing and urge you to turn
yourself in to the nearest boarding school straight away.

Ok Kiddie crap over let’s get to the background:

A lot of people ask me what is Smoke all about, well like Plato had the
polis, a city based upon an idea, I have Smoke, a world based on my lust,
the back-story to this little world is a interesting one, back when I was
a younger man in college I created a basic adult text game about a man
named Rob Black sells his soul to Satan for a date with a super model but
then repents and converts to the church giving him a shoe in with god.

However halfway thru the date he chokes to death on a bit of fish (karmas a
bitch huh?) and both god and Satan come for what’s theirs (see where this is
going?) and realize they’ve been doubled crossed but neither…entity will let
the other man have his soul.

So they have a revelation, they ask Rob where he wishes to go, Satan offers
him sex, gambling and rock & roll, God offers love & knowledge and U2
concerts for eternity.

Rob Black has a better idea... “Let me have my own world.”

Not wanting to start a war over one man, both god and Satan agree and give
him a room out side reality, called “The Infinity Bunker” containing the
ultimate computer “Enigma” capable of terrorforming and creating life on
the world he is in charge of.

But still with his old memories he creates the ultimate world, a world where
nobody ages, nobody get ill or injured, a land of beautiful people and loose
morals but with a twist of his own on this world populated by porn stars and
models he is the only man and everybody idolizes him (Freud would have a
thing to say about that huh?) now living as the continents most beloved
bachelor Rob black lives in the world of neon lights and the latex wearing
police forces of ministry of love.

It’s a crazy world, but it just works.

This story is situated between episodes “Gravity Jailbreak” and “The Hot
Springs Planet Tenrei” in the Outlaw Star series, I’m no expert on this
series but they crew are still searching for the galactic lay line while
chased by the McDougal brothers desperate to get their hands on the sexy
android Malfina.

Well that was the plan until that god empowered guy Rob Black sought a
fresh challenge for his attention; bending reality with the aid of enigma he
brought the escape pod containing Aisha Clan-Clan, Malfina and the assassin
Twilight Suzuka to the continent of Europia

Unaware of who or what Rob Black really is, all three women accepted his
offer of recovering at his private Chateau in the mountains, however Suzuka
began to suspect the real motive of Rob Black whom all the while was really
arranging the escape pod to be dumped in the sea.

Suzuka’s suspicions were heightened when she oversaw a ministry of love
battalion leader Melinda Midnight and Black making love in the kitchen of
the chateau, Suzuka knew it was time to get away but it was too late, the
ministry of love had their pray.

After being caught and used by Rob Black, as an end to his & Midnight’s
sexual games Suzuka’s fate was sealed; she was to be taken to the Sherbet
isles for the governor’s pleasure.

Aisha on the other hand fed by her ego, is agreeing to meet with Black to
form an alliance with Europia and the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, ensuring Aisha’s
place in history.

Malfina meanwhile is still silent, after her horrific witnessing of what
appeared to be the outlaw star exploding with Gene and James still in it.

Outlaw Star:
Smoke-Alpha Part 2 - Feel The Love Of The Ctarl-Ctarl Empire
by Rob Black

There was the sound of clanking as the Ministry love van pulled up to the
door of the chateau, more than ever stealth was needed, if Suzuka was seen to
have been arrested and removed, questions would be asked and I’m running out
of answers as is.

I look at Melinda, she mouths a few words at me, I don’t know what they are,
one of them defiantly ended in “you”.

The door opened a number of MOL agents entered the room; the skeleton
battalion Ministry of Love troops met them escorting a gagged and handcuffed
Suzuka through the hall from the kitchen.

Melinda kept her gaze on the stairs, should Malfina walk in, I doubt I would
be able to salvage her innocent mind but it would never be as pure as it is

Aisha too was a risky girl; if she walked in now she would slaughter a few of
the battalion before being subdued, best to continue sugar coating her until
she’s mine.

In seconds Suzuka was bundled in to the van and driven off, part of me felt
guilty but no doubt when the governor was done with her she’ll be back and
ready for the games we had planned.

“Please enlighten me on what the story for kidnappings the ministry uses
these days?” I said half mocking to Melinda.

“We don’t have one, nobody ever questions our method.”

I let out a sigh, it would be one of those days, how had she put it
yesterday? Oh yes “Cloak & Dagger shit.”

* * *

The inside of the van smelt like tarmac and rubber and rocked and rattled as if they were
driving over a sea of stones, the MOL agents were dressed in dark suits, all with the pink
name heart-shaped badges on the right breast, all wore shades and all had dark hair in

Suzuka imagined them to be some kind of blatant secret police

Now a good distance from the chateau, the nearest agent removed her gag, a surprisingly
nice act considering she was their prisoner

There was silence as Suzuka looked around the van’s back section, she was sitting on a
bench that ran along the sides of the wall, the seat was leather and in this heat it was sticky
on her skin

They traveled in silence for a while until Suzuka decided she’d better get some answers

“So where are you taking me?”

The nearest agent, her badge read “Sunshine” began in a stern monotonous voice

“You’re going to the edge of this fair land, your going to the Sherbet Isles for re-education”

“Brainwashing?” Said Suzuka without thinking

Sunshine chuckled

“No, this is a bit more…..practical”

“Practical?” Suzuka thought, she had seen cults use all sorts of cults using bizarre techniques
to “educate” unbelievers but none had ever called them “practical” methods

Sunshine saw Suzuka’s distress in here eyes

“Get some sleep Miss Suzuka, we wont be there for some time”

The road was much smother now; they must have driven on to a street

* * *

Unknown to our guests, we had no chef but we did have the replicators (god bless Star
Trek for giving me that gem of a idea) and in a flash myself and Melinda had a full English
breakfast ready for the chateau’s occupants

It was 8:20am, I knew because of the large clock in the kitchen, I went to the side board of
the dining area and picked up the telephone and called Aisha’s room (I tempted with the
idea of calling Malfina but if she hadn’t noticed Suzuka’s disappearance by now, I doubt
she’d answer the phone)

“…hel..Hello?” answered a groggy voice

I smile, I’m not sure why, she can’t see me after all

“Good Morning Miss Aisha, it’s me…. Robert Black”

Aisha’s brain geared in to life

“Ah yes, Good morning sir, what can I do for you?”

The words unusually and chipper, sprang to mind

“I was wondering if you ladies would like to join me for breakfast this fine morning”

a few seconds passed as she processed this information

“Of course, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we can talk about the

I cut her off “Miss Aisha, politics can wait lets just have an informal get together, I know the
others have questions for me”

Aisha sprang back trying to cover the mistake of pushing the Europia-Ctarl-Ctarl alliance

“Of course, Of course, I’ll fetch Malfina and Suzuka and we’re be right down”

There was a click as she hung up, I return the handset to the telephone and look across the
dining room to Melinda

She smiles at me, I breathe in and broke the silence “You know the plan right”

She winks at me “I’m the best Battalion leader to come out the MOL in the last 5 years; if
there’s one thing I know how to do its pull off a plan”

I give her a coy look and laugh “And you know how to be a slut”

She looks at me, not breaking her smile

“Yeah but just a good extra on this package deal”

* * *

Aisha knocked on the door of Malfina and Suzuka’s room

There was no answer, Aisha was sure she could hear something going on inside

“Malfina, it’s me Aisha!”

There was a click; the door had been locked from inside, the door flung open Malfina fell in
to Aisha’s arms, in a mumble/rant cried out:

Aisha pushed Malfina away from her

“What are you talking about?!”

Malfina’s large eyes pierced Aisha’s heart, with tears pouring down her face slowly said


* * *

I was seated with the finest English muffin the replicator could muster that morning with one
hand and Enigma’s notes on the current possibility scale in the other.

Enigma had predicted a 90% certainty Suzuka’s visit to the Sherbet isles would make her
subservient and corrupt as the others in this little world of mine

90% was not good, I needed 100% reassurance she wouldn’t massacre the prison with
soap on a rope and a pair of tweezers, she was the galaxy’s greatest assassin after all

Perhaps I should have the MOL fly me out there to make sure she gets the full treatment

I looked at the text again:

“Given the situation statistically the one known as Twilight Suzuka is 90% likely to develop
the traits befitting the world you specify…”

I had expected a clean 100 or a sure thing 99, I reached in to my blazer pocket for my
cellphone, I should get this finalized before I get paranoid

I began dialing when the door creaked, I quickly pocketed the phone and returned the file to
the plain-looking folder

* * *

The man in black was seated at the table, in his hand a muffin and in the other a cub of what
looked like coffee

He smiled as he spotted Aisha

“Miss Aisha, how fantastic it is to see you here for breakfast, I was about to
call up and ask if you’d prefer breakfast in bed….is that Miss Malfina behind

Malfina appeared behind Aisha still silent and sad looking.

“Mr. Black” began Aisha “Have you seen Suzuka?”

* * *

A direct question, I was sad to see my ego boasting hadn’t softened her up to
me, no worry I was in the right state of mind, Melinda had briefed me on this

“I was hoping you knew” I smiled.

Aisha’s eyes straightened as if in deep thought.

“Last night...” I continued “two of the battalion that escorted you here was
attacked by a woman with a kitchen knife who then escaped in a jeep heading
towards the city.”

Malfina almost seemed to whisper “Suzuka” as if this was something she had

“At this time we have agents locking down every entrance and exit to the
region, this woman has caused me a lot of grief, you know.”

Aisha held Malfina’s hand in a silent prayer for Suzuka’s safety.

I looked at Aisha.

“I know you’ve been through a lot and I understand your at a loss but believe
me that she will be found and returned to your party soon…very soon.”

Aisha stared at me, could she tell I was lying?

“Mr. Black on the behalf of the group I wish to apologize for the actions of
Suzuka, She’s a little paranoid of your hospitality and we have suffered so
many losses lately that...”

“Please…” I interrupt “there is no need to apologize, I too would be paranoid
if a stranger offered me such kindness, now let there be no more talk of
sadness, lets us talk of breakfast instead.”

Slowly they joined me at the breakfast table, almost instantly Melinda walked
in with fresh coffee, a stickler for timing indeed.

“Can I offer you ladies some coffee?” she asked with a smile.

“Oh yes, I can’t start the say without my caffeine co-pilot” laughed Aisha.

I raised my eyebrows in the most over the top way I can imagine.

“Miss Malfina, I know I am a stranger but you are being so silent I may think
myself a ghost in your world, surely you need some kind of sustenance, and we
have tea if you prefer or fresh squeezed orange juice.”

Aisha nudged Malfina with her elbow sharply, for the first time she stares at
me directly, here blue eyes so deep and beautiful.

“Excuse her….she’s in a kind of shock” Aisha spoke for her “She’ll have some
OJ…can we get some toast too?”

“Sure thing” said Melinda with a smile before turning walking off to the

I put down my coffee cup and let out a sigh.

“Now Miss Aisha, you delightful creature you, I told you and your group
yesterday I would be here to answer an all of your questions so please fire

There was a silence, an awkward one.

“Our Ship…” I almost fall off my chair in shock, that weak voice came from
Malfina “When will it be repaired?”

I stand up, I spin on my heels and face the wall as if to examine the picture
of the chateau on the wall, best not let my eyes give me away.

“The ship has a faulty radiation deflector, you were lucky not to burn to
death on impact, rest assured the MOL have their best agents on the task now,
we should have you were you belong very very soon.”

I hear a clunk of Aisha’s cup on the old wood table.

“MOL?” she asks quizzically.

Another sigh emits from me “yes, the Ministry of Love, we don’t have a lot
of crime here so when their not fighting the evils of society there are
responsible for making sure everybody is happy.”

Aisha chuckles “gee I know some Ctarl-Ctarl’s who’d be right at home here.”

I turn back to my guests, my smile stamped on my chiseled face.

“And indeed they shall be once our alliance is formed...”

Malfina looks uncomfortable; I doubt she knows of mine and Aisha talk last

“Miss Aisha, I know it improper but may I ask you a personal question?”

Aisha gives me a stern look, full scale seriousness in play now.

“Er...Sure thing” she tries to joke off her intrigue.

“Well...” I begin, I edge closer to the table “I know it sudden but I would
like to talk more about Alliance, perhaps tonight me and you could have a
more ‘Intimate’ discussion, perhaps over some dinner…just the two of us?”

Aisha gives me a smile.

“That would be most agreeable Mr Black.”

I smile back “Would 7pm be a good time for dinner Miss Aisha?”

* * *

The fan was speeding through the streets of Smoke city, but in the windowless
MOL fan it may have been the darkest region of Katmandu.

Suzuka looked at sunshine again; she and the agents had remained silent the
duration of the trip.

She tugged her handcuffs, it was tight and secure, these were experts, no
doubt about it.

“So how much further until we get there?”

Sunshine removed her shades revealing two dark blue eyes that pierced
Suzuka’s hear in a glance.

“We hope soon, we need to be at the port by nightfall to catch the last

So they were crossing the ocean to get there huh? That would make escape so
much harder.

The van screeched to a stop, there was a clang outside and a muffled voice
shouted “Border Control, we need your papers.”

* * *

I wait till they leave before opening the small black diary in my blazer
pocket, jumping to today and noting down 7pm as “Dinner with the feisty one.”

Yes tonight I would get that one step closer to corrupting Malfina...

I didn’t realize it till just then that she was the focus of my attempts,
Aisha was a prize, Suzuka too if the chance arose but Malfina was the one I
wanted to control and corrupt.

Oh how perversely pleasant it was to be the puppet master and not the puppet

* * *

“You’re working with him Aisha?” Malfina screamed between her tears “...he
may be linked to Suzuka’s disappearance for all we know.”

“Oh quit being such a cry baby, Suzuka’s good but you know what a livewire
she is...” Aisha suddenly felt her heart break as she stared at Malfina’s
tear streamed eyes, they were worn with sadness... for Gene, for little
James... for the Outlaw Star…now for Suzuka too.

“Listen…” began Aisha in a slightly sadder, more personal tone “Rob Black is
a major wheel in this place, if I can get him round my finger tonight with
dreams of power equal of that of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, we can be out of
here in under a week!”

Aisha stretched her arms out offering a hug that the android Malfina gladly
accepted; Aisha could almost smell the sadness on Malfina, the smell of iron
and blood.

Malfina didn’t want to let go, if she lost Aisha she would be alone again
just like when she was in her little box all so long ago... She could never
go back to that 4 sided little world ... never.

Aisha could feel Malfina’s warm body pressed up against her; a loving embrace
between two good friends, yesterday Aisha had thought to herself, maybe there
was something more than just friendship between her and the crew of the
Outlaw Star...but now wasn’t the time to wonder such things, she had bigger
fish to fry.

* * *

Suzuka and the MOL Agents lined up against the side of the MOL van while the
border guard read the transfer authorization forms.

The dark, long haired boarder guard looked up from the paperwork.

“Authorization from Black himself eh?”

Sunshine looked at the guard with a stern look of authority and pride.

“We’re MOL’s finest; everything we do is above board.”

The guard approached Suzuka and touched her face with a leather gloved hand.

“Says she’s “Danger Class Alpha - Hostile Outsider of Europian
know I need to do a ...Personal search of her.”

Sunshine smiled at the guard.

“Of course but I must insist on being present, she’s a very dangerous woman
after all miss...”

The boarder control guard opened her ID card wallet revealing a laminated
card and badge.

“Silence, Jennifer Silence.”

* * *

I look at my watch… it was 7:05pm.

My nerves were shot... Had Aisha been smarter than I had guessed? Had she
deciphered my plans to turn her in to my little fuck toy?

Impossible, hell even the regular people didn’t know of Enigma’s powers, had
could outsiders guess that I bent reality to bring us together?

Melinda, still dressed in battalion wear marched in and stood by the door.

“May I introduce Lady Aisha Clan Clan, The First Europian Ambassador to the
Ctarl-Ctarl Empire.”

* * *

Silence brushed her dark hair from her face and opened the door to the small
Border Control hut, the one and only room was a gray painted office with a
metal table in the centre, on the table were two metal loops.

“Ok I need you to place both your hands on the table Miss Suzuka.”

“This is it”, thought Suzuka, “Their have to remove my handcuffs to search
me, then I can take these two out and get away.”

Suzuka complied and put her hands on the table.

Suddenly she felt a pressure at the back of her head; instinctively she
looked back only to be eye with a gun muzzle.

“This is a Lovecon .45 automatic pistol...” The voice was Sunshine’s melodic
tone “...It’s strong enough to punch a hole the size of my fist, I see even a
hair on your head the governor gets a plaything with no brains LITERALLY!” -

Suzuka’s head snapped back, In the distraction Silence had handcuffed Suzuka
to the table.

Silence smirked “When you work in the BCs you learn your way around the
cuffs... So let’s get this show on the road.”

* * *

Aisha was dressed in the same outfit we had met in, the tight white top of
the Ctarl-Ctarl Uniform pushing out her large breasts, her cat like ears
poking through her wild white hair, culminating in a full length single
plait which ended with a large cold wing at her feet, her skirt a short
blue number with tan colored stockings, typical Ctarl-Ctarl dress I assumed,
if these people had a real home planet no doubt fashion was behind them.

I stood up and with a slight bow declared “Miss Aisha your beauty and charm
warms even my cold and old heart.”

Aisha blushed.

“Mr. Black, your welcome warms this old warrior’s heart too.”

Melinda gets the hint that she should leave but works out an excuse to
first “Tonight the Crystal Chateau special is Steak with roast potato and

I smile “That would be fantastic Miss Midnight; no doubt our Ctarl-Ctarl aide
here would prefer it extra rare would you not?”

“Of course, you obviously know my race well” Aisha replied with a grin.

Better than you can imagine my dear, better than you can imagine.

* * *

Above the dining room Malfina sat by the window staring in to the night sky.

She wanted to cry but all she could do was touch the window and remember the
name of the man who had set her free.

“...Gene...” she whispered to an earless room.

* * *

Suzuka stood, hands cuffed to the metal table, she couldn’t even move the
table, somebody had thought ahead and bolted it to the floor, this was indeed
a bad situation.

“Name?” began Silence looking at the clipboard she held.

“My name is Twilight Suzuka” she said, a tone of defeat almost stabbed in to
her voice.

“Occupation?” Silence continued.

“Assassin” Suzuka replied.

Silence looked up from her clipboard, but continued.

“Reason for incarceration?”

Suzuka looked down; her hands were firmly held to the table.

“She is an enemy of Rob Black, which in itself is a fine reason for
incarnation!” bellowed Sunshine from the corner of the room.

Suzuka pulled her hands from the desk as hard as she could, hoping, praying
for a break, there was a clank of metal on metal, but not break or sound of
a snap.

Suzuka panicked, which itself was a rarity but this was a unique situation
“He’s controlling you... Don’t you see that? He’s using you for his own
needs; he’s made you in to things instead of people!”

Silence walked round the table, face to face with her captive.

Suzuka’s eyes ran up Silence’s body, she was wearing tight leather pants;
her chest was firm and robust under a tight leather uniform, stamped with a
beautiful face with long black hair and dark blue eyes.

In what seemed a heartbeat Silence slapped Suzuka’s face hard.

From the corner Sunshine chuckled before adding “Miss Silence please continue
your search.”

* * *

“The proposal I’m in a position to offer you is simple and beneficial Mr.
Black” Aisha said as she lowered he glass that had previously held Europia’s
finest red wine.

“A simple proposal Miss Aisha but one that does make me suspicious of your
motives” I replied.

It was a Ctarl-Ctarl trick to make me believe I as her equal, then stab me
in the back by signing away half of my country to her, I was no fool on her
trickery after all.

“You seriously expect me to give up 45% of virgin Europian soil to make space
for Ctarl-Ctarl spaceports and cities?” I said, a look of anger (which was
rare in this day and age) spread across my face.

* * *

Aisha was in trouble, if she couldn’t close this deal then she’d never be
able to go back to her home planet, the shame already on her was immense,
this would kill her reputation as a noble member of the Ctarl-Ctarl race,
she’d better compromise else lose this altogether.

“Ok then how about this: We build one orbiting space station, 20% land for
civilian use, my personal guarantee not one gun will land on this beautiful
country and full military support of the Ctarl-Ctarl empire.”

* * *

I smiled; she was getting desperate wasn’t she? Desperation always bred
opportunity; any good business man knows that I raise my wine glass “I agree
to your terms…” I pause to take a sip, she has a smile on her face, and I
think she thinks she’s won me over “…but there’s a condition.”

The smile nosedived off Aisha’s face.

“Which is?” she barked rather disappointed at her lack of winning me over.

“Well...” I began with a dramatic pause “my people are going to need some
kind of event to bring our two nations together, if say your lot just turn
up, plunk a few ships on our land and say “Hi, were your new neighbors”
their likely to think we’re being invaded, pick up guns and start a war...
and as much as your race loves war, mine however does not.”

Aisha bit her bottom lip to stop her defending her people.

“Now…” I continued “Say I was to become affiliated with a high ranking
Ctarl-Ctarl ambassador….then say 6 months later become more than just good
friends...they would object less to a unification of our two races.”

Aisha looked puzzled by all this and replied “I don’t follow you.”

I sighed, a deep one too “Miss Aisha, I wont mince words here…I find you
deeply deeply beautiful, and although I am a stranger to you I can think of
no better way to unite our races than if you became my... mate.”

There was an awkward silence.

* * *

The keys jingled in the lock as Sunshine opened the old border control supply
closet with a creak of rusted iron that seemed sound like a 1950’s b-movie
horror flick.

Silence came around the table again, staring at Suzuka’s face, still red from
the slap.

“Now Miss Suzuka, the next part of the examination is one we think you’re

Silence fished in to her pocket and pulled out a pocket knife, the light
seemed to reflect off the blade indicating it was sharpened lately.

“I know your thinking, hey if I can get my hands on that…I don’t know break
these cuffs... slit their throats and escape in to the night like a good
little assassin.”

“That would be most unfortunate miss Silence” mocked Sunshine from the closet
“I do so treasure my throat.”

For a moment Silence stared at Suzuka, She was sweating profusely, a white
with red trim geisha style robe covering her whole body (a stylish change
from the crappy uniform the BC’s provided for grunts), a single white
headband round her head under her long black hair.

Silence brought the blade to Suzuka’s shoulder, delicately cutting in to the
fine fabric of the robe, causing it fell almost instantly to the floor,
Silence knew her way around the knife as well it seemed.

Suzuka stood naked without her robe, anger building in her, humiliated, no
weapon and now a robe she had treasured for years destroyed by a low ranking
gate opener.

“You are a remarkable woman Miss Suzuka” remarked Silence as she examined the
pale and delicate naked form of Suzuka.

“You brave the elements without even underwear for warmth, commendable

“Keeps me on my toes” Suzuka hissed.

Silence ran her fingers through Suzuka’s long black hair, it felt so soft and
warm to the touch, Suzuka insistently yanked at the chains but couldn’t get

Silence bent down behind her, she could feel the guard’s breath on her neck,
it was heavy yet uplifting, Silence’s hand ran along Suzuka’s side (Suzuka
wanted to move, to strike back, she was confused and scared what this
perverse creature would do to her) up towards the assassin’s large breasts.

Silence whispered “Looks like your packing quite a package up their Suzuka,
perhaps me and you should get better equated before you go the Isles.”

Sunshine’s head emerged from the obviously deep closet holding a large strap
on cock.

“Hey you better not be starting without me!”

* * *

“Be your mate?!… You mean marry you?!?! What are you crazy?!” Aisha was in
shock, I could tell… she had spat a piece of steak the size of a nickel
narrowly missing my head across the room was proof in itself, the fact I
was hiding behind my chair backed that theory up.

“Before you get your panties in a twist… hear me out here... 1- you would
not only be the ambassador to the jewel in the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire’s crown
you’d be its queen! 2- Can you imagine the emotion and jubilation when the
Ctarl-Ctarl honors YOU! Aisha Clan-Clan as the woman who brought two great
nations together is celebrated as the greatest ambassador in Ctarl-Ctarl

There was a silence, I poke my head from behind the chair and Aisha is sat
there, straining her brain cells over what I just told her, I stand up brush
the food from my jacket.

“I want to tell you something Aisha, something I’ve never told anybody this
but...” I breathe in, big fat lie time “In all my years as protector of
Europia, I’ve never had somebody I could call a friend... I never had
somebody I could put my faith and trust in and call my …mate and if I could
find such a person… my life would be complete.”

Aisha’s eyes flow from anger, to pity to sad, she looks like she’d buy me the
world on her parent’s visa card and then let me keep it when they found out
(long story I’ll save for another time).

I walked around the dinner table and stood face to face with the Ctarl-Ctarl
warrior, I could smell the food on her, a dash of wine in that mix and we’d
have a full course meal.

“...Oh Rob...” she moaned and leaned in towards me.

I catch her with my arms and press my lips to her, after a length pose, I
release her from my grip, her eyes hazel stare in to mine, and in a whisper
she tells me “You better fly my folks in for the ceremony.”

I give her a cheeky let loveable grin and reply “Sure thing.”

* * *

“You’re like a cup of hemlock Miss Suzuka, inviting yet deadly, is it any
surprise that we would like a taste of that dark desire?” Sunshine told
Suzuka as she secured the strap on to her naked body.

Silence ran her palm down Suzuka’s naked back, sending shivers up the
assassin’s spine.

“Your skin is so soft” whispered Silence.

Suzuka knew when she was beat, she thought it best to endure the shame of
defeat and use it for time to plan her escape… besides she was slightly
curious to what pleasures she could gain from this new experience...god!
What was she thinking? Had being on this world of sin and seduction really
turned her in to such a slut?

Silence got on her knees and sucked on the 13 inch strap on, the taste of
previous “interrogations” and hard plastic drove her crazy, plus in a small
way of mercy she was trying to cushion the blow (no pun intended) for Suzuka.

All Suzuka could hear was the sound of sucking and the chinks of her
restraints, a thrill of fear and anticipation of what may soon follow filled
her and she couldn’t her but admit she was getting off on it.

She could feel something firm rubbing against her pale slender thighs.

“I think your enjoying this Suzuka” Silence remarked before running her
palm along Suzuka’s shaved pussy instantly feeling the wetness as Suzuka’s

Suzuka let out a gasp, she felt so dirty and it felt so wrong.

“Your so wet Suzuka, I must say it’s a whole new side of you I’m seeing, your
so stern yet deep down your just like us all, a dirty slut.”

Suzuka sighed, it was true.

Slowly the strap on cock pushed into Suzuka’s exposed pussy, gorging on the
hard throbbing penetration, Suzuka was ashamedly enjoying every second of

“You like that don’t you Suzuka, hard cock in that tight pussy of yours”
hissed Sunshine as she stepped up the tempo of her thrusts.

“I know what’s she’s thinking Sunshine” whispered Silence “She’s thinking,
“I wish I’d let Rob Black do this to me when I had the chance”, Isn’t that
right Suzuka.”

Suzuka couldn’t deny it, her mind was spinning images of Rob Black, his power
and control, and she wanted that, she wanted him…NO! She didn’t! She wanted
her blade, she wanted to cut his head off and throw it to a liberated mass
who were under his thumb.

She let out a groan of orgasmic pleasure as the strap on pounded her pussy.

“Told you so” joked Silence.

The man she had thought a stranger, now her fiancé now held her in his strong
arms, his breath stained with the red wine of the evening.

Suddenly the thought crossed her mind, had he been drunk when he had asked
her to be his mate? Perhaps so, she kind of hoped not...after all being a
queen of the empire was a duty she now wanted whole heartily.

His lips moved from hers to the nape of her Ctarl-Ctarl neck, this sent her
mind in to a firework like state, her mind was aflame and she was about to go

“Aisha, why don’t we continue these talks in my private chambers.”

She couldn’t help herself but follow his lead.

* * *

Silence laid on the cold metal table, naked in front on Suzuka, Suzuka’s
beautiful face was buried in Silence’s beautiful pussy.

Suzuka’s tongue lapped at the feast before her, tongue exploring every
crevice and crease of the young firm body of Silence.

The border control guard shivered in orgasmic bliss, holding on to the once
proud Assassin’s head to make sure this ecstasy never ended.

Suzuka’s tongue lapped at Silence’s clit causing her to shake in orgasmic

“Uhhh...Dont stop baby…don’t ever stop.”

Suzuka moved her tongue across Silence’s clit faster and faster stimulating
more orgasmic moans.

From the other side the room, Sunshine watched her fingers dipping in and out
of her pussy, in a state of bliss at what she was seeing, but in a frenzied
second looked down to see the wet strap on she had removed to allow her to
pleasure herself.

Silence watched in a orgasmic haze as Suzuka’s tongue rand down her pussy
pushing open this.

“Ladies, I think I can one up this situation.”

* * *

“Commander Midnight I shall expect you to detail me IN FULL and nothing less,
upon your return to MOL HQ.”

Midnight gulped as the director barked from across the country via the room’s
speaker phone.

“Director Weissmann I must insist on remaining here, Mr. Black is in need of
support both physically and mentally, he’s been so cryptic I doubt I can even
tell you the events that transpired yesterday...”

Weissmann coughed and resumed her rant “Midnight, I don’t want details, I
want facts, people think the sky has fallen over there and we have women
trying to get home from the Tao Carnival, how do I explain to McKenzie or
Anderson when I say Crystal Hill’s no go territory!?”

“Perhaps Rob could…” She whimpered, even over the phone Weissmann was scary.

“Mr. Black is to stay away from the political leaders, you know what PR
disaster he was last time! NO! You will return to HQ TONIGHT! Leave the
battalion to ensure Black’s safety but if you aren’t here by tomorrow your
go back to street corner patrol! Pack your things and be ready to go in 1

There was a crash of Weissmann slamming her phone down.

“Bitch” Midnight muttered.

* * *

Now Suzuka was faced with double the pleasure, Sunshine now re-wearing the
strap on cock she had used before on Suzuka’s tight wet pussy was pounding
her doggy style while Silence lay in front of her demanding her oral assault

Daring not to disappoint either, through her groans Suzuka tongue penetrated
Silence’s pussy, running along the inner walls, causing Silence to abandon
her name sake and allow her orgasmic screams to echo through the cold metal

Suzuka was in ecstasy too, the hard strap on was the biggest cock she’d
ever taken in her, it had plunged her in to previously unexplored levels
of delight.

As the pounding increased, so did the licking, Suzuka’s tongue rippling
across Silence’s clit, Silence hands running over her own large check,
rubbing her stiff nipples and enjoying this pleasure.

“You...ugh...You know Suzuka, I should escort...ah...don’t to the
coast...I better call...ah! That’s it! For somebody to relieve me... But
first... ah god...I’m cuming!!”

Suzuka’s continued to lick up Silence’s orgasmic juices as her own wet pussy
became even wetter as she succumbed to Sunshine’s hard pounds.

“Maybe there’s hope for this one yet” Sunshine smirked.

* * *

The man she knew as Rob Black, now her fiancé in a foreign land was besieging
her with tender kisses as the lay on the soft double bed of a room decorated
in gold.

She had never felt this loved before, even her family had paid her this
attention, and perhaps Rob Black really was her knight in shiny armor.

Rob Black climbed off the bed and threw off his dark blazer before yanking
don his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, Aisha took this as the cue for
undressing, slowly she reached down and untied her blue Ctarl-Ctarl boots,
and watched as the fell from the side of the bed in to the darkness below,
next she reached behind her, slowly undoing her tight white top via the
convenient zip on her back.

Rob Black had his back to her ad he removed his crisp white shirt, it fell
to the floor in the heap of his coat and tie, Aisha examined his back, it
looked well looked after, he had strength, not beyond that of a Ctarl-Ctarl
male but of a human it was impressive how well toned his upper body was.

Aisha slowly pulled her white top from her chest, exposing her large dark
skinned breasts, he nipples, even darker were hard in anticipation for what
was to come.

His back still to his fiancé, Rob black unbuttoned and lost his pants
revealing a pair of striped boxers.

“Jesus Christ” muttered the nearly naked Aisha in show.

Rob laughed at her shock stating “They were a gift” before pulling them down
to leave him completely naked to his soon to be bride.

Aisha purred “I have a gift for you too my love, close your eyes and turn
around” she slowly removed the blue Ctarl-Ctarl regulation skirt and whipped
off her tights to lay completely naked on the bed.

Rob turned round, his 12 inch cock already hard from tension, he wanted
Aisha, and now he would.

“Open your eyes” she commanded.

He opened his eyes to reveal the dark skinned beauty in all her Ctarl-Ctarl
beauty, his eyes trailed up Aisha’s long and sensual legs to the promised
lands of her perfectly trimmed pussy, past her flat and inviting stomach to
her large uniform stretching breasts, to her beautiful face.

Were it not for the knowledge he had or the desire to screw Malfina too he
may have fallen in love with this nimble beauty then and there.

Rob black laid down on the bed, using his arms to bring this creature of
beauty closer to him, kissing her tender lips, running his hands through her
wild hair.

Aisha’s breasts were sandwiched between her and her lover, slowly he moved
down her slender body to enjoy these two magnificent items, his tongue
lashing across her erect nipples.

Aisha bit her lips as she felt intense rushes of pleasure from this oral
exercise, but better pleasures were still to come as Rob moved further down
to Aisha’s pussy.

“Oh me wild” Aisha moaned as Rob’s tongue licked across
her clit, slowly pulsating and penetrating in to her tight pussy.

Aisha could feel an orgasm rippling through her body, she didn’t want this
moment to end, and she just had to have this beautiful creature inside her

“Fuck me my love, fuck me now” she breathed encased in the moment.

Black edged up the double bed and rejoined her at face height, greeting her
with a deep kiss; her tongue could taste her own juices on his.

Slowly she rolled on to her back, Rob rose up and got in to a better
position, the sweat of their bodies dripping on the bed.

Slowly his pulsating cock penetrated her tight Ctarl-Ctarl pussy; she let out
a gasp as this monster cock filled her up.

“Ughhhh... Come on…fuck me” she gasped.

Rob pulled the cock half out and then slammed it back in, pulled then pushed,
harder and harder, he wanted to fuck her like he had Midnight the night
before, like a slut!

“Oh god! Oh God! Come on…Fuck me harder” cried Aisha not believing she could
be so dirty.

Aisha could feel herself shudder in orgasm after orgasm, the hard cock that
would be her husbands was assaulting her pussy like a battering ram and she
loved it.

After what seemed forever Rob Black cried out to the echoing walls of the
room “I’m going to cum.”

Aisha smiled; she’d already cum several times, time to let her fiancé have
some fun.

She reached down and pulled out the cock that had given her such joy as she
sat up; Black looked down in surprise, the naked Ctarl-Ctarl lowered her head
to his throbbing rock hard cock and began to suck it.

Aisha’s tongue ran up and down the cock’s head as it slowly blasted wave
after wave of cum in to her mouth, a small trickle ran down Aisha’s mouth but
what she managed to keep in she swallowed with a smile.

Rob Black watched as his fiancé cleaned his tool with her tongue determined
not to let one drop to go to waste.

She would do anything for her master after all.

* * *

Silence put down the telephone, she had called in for a replacement guard
for the border, she wanted to accompany the MOL van for security reasons, at
least that’s what she told HQ and it was plausible enough for them.

Silence looked back to Sunshine and Suzuka, Sunshine had been getting
redressed, as much as she wished to continue their games, the governor had
expected Suzuka delivered by midnight, and nobody made a monkey out of the

Suzuka’s robe was ruined, not that it mattered, Border control had spare
clothes for this kind of problem, not fashionable but useable.

“Should I get the gun?” Sunshine asked pointing to Suzuka’s restraints.

Silence nodded and fished in to her pants for the keys.

“Same deal as before Miss Suzuka, you make a move and you get some more holes
to enjoy.”

There was a clank of metal as Silence undid the hand restraints for the

“Hands behind your back” Silence demanded.

Suzuka complied.

“See we all have a good time when you do what you’re... FUCK!”

Suzuka had slapped the gun from Sunshine’s hand, the gun fell to the floor
and skidded towards the door, Sunshine dived to grab it while Silence ate a
chop to the face from the galaxy’s greatest assassin.

Silence fell towards the floor, narrowly missing the metal table.

Sunshine crawled the last few inches hoping to grab the gun and the advantage
in the ruckus.

Just as she reached it, out of nowhere a sandaled foot trod on her arm, she
looked up to see the naked form of Suzuka, bearing a high and mighty smirk.

“This bitch knows how to play hardball too” she reached down to grab the gun,
giddy that she had finally broken free... now if she can get out of here she
could stand a...


Silence had a gun muzzle to the back of Suzuka’s head.

“Sunshine pull your head out of your ass and get that gun away from her!”

Suzuka raised her hands in surrender, not turning to face the gun welding

“Oh please… you must think I’m a real dumbfuck!”

With that Silence pistol-whipped Suzuka unconscious.

* * *

Melinda Midnight looked at the watch the MOL had given her when she

No doubt faulty but surely her pick up couldn’t be that tardy.

She chuckled at the thought.

Slowly a jeep appeared over the hill, Melinda turned to stare down the grunt
posted at the Chateau door.

“I am to return to return to MOL HQ to report to Director Weissmann
immediately please inform Mr. Black of this when he attends breakfast

The Love battalion member saluted to accept the order as the jeep chugged in
to the pathway.

Melinda climbed in and looked at that Chateau, her eyes examining the windows
perhaps spotting the lone figure at the window her girls had reported seeing
during the day.

She saw nothing, just darkness.

The jeep rolled on, her duty came first but she vowed to return: This case
was unique and needed a second look.

* * *

After watching the jeep drive silently through the chateaus grey rusted
gates, Malfina stepped away from the window.

* * *

The van ground to a stop, Silence reached for the chrome handle and pushed
open the door to reveal the dark evening sky.

Suzuka’s hands struggled under the straight jacket; she had got two blows in,
a chance she doubted she’d get again.

She was defeated; she had once been the galaxy’s greatest assassin, now
forever the galaxy’s biggest slut.

Sunshine pulled her from the fan, the remaining agents singled silently to
the driver (funny, she had not even seen the driver) and the van rumbled
back in to life fleeing in to the night wind, leaving the boarder guard, the
MOL Agent and their captive on the cold tarmac of this new place.

Suzuka tried to take in as much as she could; the area was clearly a dock,
several small ships were anchored to metal posts on the coast’s edged, women
were dashing about barking orders and being escorted in the distance a large
grey structure with a lighthouse seemed to encompassed the horizon.

Sunshine patted Suzuka on the back.

“I hope you like what you see Miss Suzuka, what you see ahead of you is the
Sherbet Isles, the most powerful reeducation tool in the Europian arsenal!
And now it is your home!”

* * *

I look to my side, the naked form of Miss Aisha for company on this cold
night, I was now one step away from my goal, Malfina, my love, I’m coming
for you and not even the dogs of hell can stop me now.

In the darkness, I smile.

To be continued in:

Outlaw Star - Smoke Alpha: Episode 3: Darkness For Eternity

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