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sherbet, this story is written in jest I urge you all to NOT create your own
alternate universe, bend reality so you can have sex with fiction characters

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Ok Kiddie crap over let’s get to the background:

A lot of people ask me what is Smoke all about, well like Plato had the
polis, a city based upon an idea, I have Smoke, a world based on my lust,
the back-story to this little world is a interesting one, back when I was
a younger man in college I created a basic adult text game about a man
named Rob Black sells his soul to Satan for a date with a super model but
then repents and converts to the church giving him a shoe in with god.

However halfway thru the date he chokes to death on a bit of fish (karmas
a bitch huh?) and both god and Satan come for what’s theirs (see where this
is going?) and realize they’ve been doubled crossed but neither...entity
will let the other man have his soul.

So they have a revelation, they ask Rob where he wishes to go, Satan
offers him sex, gambling and rock & roll, God offers love & knowledge and
U2 concerts for eternity.

Rob Black has a better idea... “let me have my own world”.

Not wanting to start a war over one man, both god and Satan agree and give
him a room out side reality, called “The Infinity Bunker” containing the
ultimate computer “Enigma” capable of terrorforming and creating life on
the world he is in charge of.

But still with his old memories he creates the ultimate world, a world where
nobody ages, nobody get ill or injured, a land of beautiful people and loose
morals but with a twist of his own on this world populated by porn stars and
models he is the only man and everybody idolizes him (Freud would have a ting
to say about that huh?) now living as the continents most beloved bachelor
Rob Black lives in the world of neon lights and the latex wearing police
forces of ministry of love.

It’s a crazy world, but it just works.

This story is situated between episodes “Gravity Jailbreak” and “The Hot
Springs Planet Tenrei” in the Outlaw Star series, I’m no expert on this
series but the crew are still searching for the galactic lay line while
chased by the McDougal brothers desperate to get their hands on the sexy
android Malfina.

Outlaw Star: Smoke-Alpha - Part 1: Crash Landing
(MF,rough-anal,voy,cream pie,cons,nc-cons)
by Rob Black ([email protected])

I never said paradise was perfect, part of me yearns for that taste of lust,
to get back in to the game of seduction, to corrupt an innocent girl and bend
her to my ways, days like that make me glad I have the Infinity bunker, her
cold walls made me feel warm and safe inside, and the power of this place
made me feel like a god

The sound of whining fills this empty place as “Enigma” geared in to life, in
the blink of the eye the huge video wall glows with a blue haze followed by
the digital voice of the computer as it asks “How can I help you Mr Black?”

Inside I smile a little more.

* * *

The Outlaw Star rumbled as the missile missed the cockpit by a few hundred

“Shit!” cried Gene Starwind wrestling the controls after falling off his
pilot’s seat.

“Come on Gene, we need to get out of here!” shouted his co-pilot James

From the interior of the ship the beautiful android Malfina sprang in to
action “Hold On Gene, I’m going to slingshot the ship around Jiax 4 and jet
us out of here.”

“Gene I must protest...” Replied the ship AI better known as Gilliam II only
to be cut off by a direct impact by a second missile.

James pulled himself to his feet “Damage 60%, we’re losing oxygen, water,
fuel, we’re going to burn to death… Gene we got to get out of here NOW!”

Gene slammed his hands on the console “No! I’m not leaving the Outlaw Star
for the McDougals to get their hands on!”

James for the first time in long while was scared shitless and in almost a
whisper replied “Gene, We wont make the jump……we’re all going to die!!”

“Gene!” Malfina cut in “I’m routing full power to the jump jets, I think we
can make it!” Gene breathed in and strapped himself in to his seat - “Ok
guys! It’s all or nothing – Malfina! Get the jump jets online line and ready
to fire on my order!!”

* * *

The scenario printed out on Enigma's in-built laser printer, I collected the
documents in to a plain folder and picked up the telephone hanging on the

“Hello operator? Yes its Mr. Black, be a dear and put me through to the
Ministry of Love.”

* * *

The Outlaw Star rumbled as the jump jets fired in to life, Gene said a quiet
prayer for the souls of the crew, and James got in the ship PA system.

“Aisha! Suzuka! Strap yourselves in; this is going to be a big one!”

In the living area, Suzuka whom up until now had been polishing her blade
unaware of the gun battle outside the ship, Aisha had been glued to the port
window; battle was in the blood of every Ctarl-Ctarl warrior.

Inside her own little world, Malfina had that nagging doubt that always been

“Why do I exist? What purpose do I have in this world?”

“Malfina!” Gene’s voice broke the silence in her mind, snapping her back to

“Hit the jump..!”

She was too late; the engine had hit dead on with a nanotech mine, no doubt
planted on them back at the docking station.

She had been right to suspect the mechanic after all it would seem.

“SHIT!” cried Gene.

In the haze the vid-screen flickered to life with the face of Ron McDougal
grinning sadistically.

“I said I’d finish you Starwind and Now I shall!”

Gene stared back at McDougal and in a solemn voice through his teeth hissed
“Go to hell McDougal!”

He turned to Jim and looked him dead in the eye.

“Jim, get the girls and get in the escape pod, I’ll hold off the McDougals.”

“No way Gene, I’m staying. We’re get the girls out but if we die, we die

Gene ran towards Mafina’s cabinet and pulled it open, water splashed out as
he ripped her naked from her station and lay he in the escape pod, Aisha and
Suzuka rushed in to the cockpit trying to find out what had happened.

“What the hell is going on Gene?!” burst out Aisha amid the sirens and
crashes around her.

“Suzuka, Aisha, we need to get Malfina out of here, if the McDougals get
their hands on her... I don’t even want to imagine how much shit the whole
universe would be in for.”

“Then we fight... to the death!” yelled Aisha, it was the Ctarl-Ctarl way
after all.

“NO!” Gene almost screamed back “I won’t have your blood on my hands, you're
to take the Starfire escape pod and get out of here while we try and end

“But Gene...” The silent assassin finally spoke out “We can’t leave you to

Gene drew his gun and aimed it at Suzuka’s heart.

“Suzuka, get in the pod, and don’t argue with me, I don’t have the time to
argue! Get Malfina as far away from here as possible.”

“Are you crazy!?” yelled the Ctarl-Ctarl ambassador.

Gene growled “Get in the pod Suzuka! You too Aisha! Your have to thank me
later! Now GO!”

* * *

I stood by a tree on a silent hill, silence was always special to me, after
all from nothing in this world something would always emerge.

True to this theory in the distance I spotted movement as two of the
Ministry’s all too familiar jet black jeeps slowly crept over the hill.

I climbed in to the first to reach my location jeep and signaled the driver
to set off for the target zone, with a mock salute she turns the key and the
jeep rumbles in to life, behind us a second jeep begins to follow.

I turn to my right and seated next to me is the Battalion leader, instantly
I cut the silence with a shout over the diseased sounding engine.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it, Melinda.”

Melinda Midnight is perhaps one of the most recognized Love Battalion
leaders; she was no doubt picked by the Ministry of Love because of her
strict training and beautiful body, almost immediately I examine her to
remind myself just how beautiful she is.

A slim beauty with shoulder length black hair, dressed in a latex top which
is pushed against her huge tits (I can see her nipples pushing out, maybe
she’s just pleased to see me), on her right breast is a pink heart with
“Midnight” written on it, to match her leather top she is also wearing a
pair of tight leather shorts and tan colored stockings, topped off with long
latex boots.

“I see you’re admiring the body work” she scorns.

“I got to say I have an eye for art” I smile back.

She flicks open her small notepad and scans the blanks in her notes before
asking “So are you going to brief me on why we’re leaving the city on the
biggest day of the year, surely if you wanted my affection all you needed
to do was ask!”

I smile again.

“The mission is of highest priority, Smoke’s president, The NC Committee nor
Sin City have been told about this and I wish it to stay that way for the
foreseeable future...I trust your girls have been cleared?”

She sighed “Cloak and dagger shit huh? My battalion is the best there is, I
trust these girls more than I trust myself, you can be assured they won’t
pull any shit.”

I open the folder containing Enigma’s print outs, each detailing the targets,
the location of the extraction not to mention the details of the next few
days, it always paid to think ahea...

“So are you going to let me in on your plans?” Melinda asked solemnly.

I never liked being interrupted mid thought “Not now, ask me later.”

* * *

Malfina now dressed in her trademark shirt and tie sat in the Starfire escape
capsule as it blasted off from the Outlaw Star and rocketed in to the unknown
depths of space, at the porthole Suzuka stared as the Outlaw Star fought
against the McDougal’s onslaught.

“You crazy fool you alw...” she whispered but before she could finish her
sentence the Outlaw Star exploded.

The pod rocked with aftershock, Malfina unable to contain her emotions ran
to the porthole and screamed, banging on the glass in anger and fear before
breaking in to tears and collapsing to the floor.

Neither Aisha nor Suzuka could think of the right thing to say.

* * *

Melinda Midnight looked at her watch, I look at her.

“Should be porting in...any second now” she looked sky ward.

I was beginning to get skeptical about Enigma’s ability, over years of use no
doubt sooner or later it would get rusty even with lesser used functions like
reality bending teleportation.

I cough, the cold and damp air is playing havoc with my body.

“So...” I break the silence again “read any good books lately?”

* * *

“Ohhh Gene. What are we going to do without you” Malfina sobbed, her eyes not
leaving the porthole, hoping to see a sign of life, a ship or anything that
would suggest it was McDougal who blew up and not the Outlaw Star.

Aisha looked to Suzuka who was examining the escape pod console.

“So where is the pod taking us?” Aisha asked, he voice no showing any sign of
emotion, she had to be strong in time, she had to hold these girls together,
that was the Ctarl-Ctarl way with grief.

Before she could answer Suzuka was blinded by a flash as the console blew up
in front of her, shrapnel exploded across the small cabin of the pod, as all
three of the girls feel to the floor in panic.

Suzuka had managed to dodge most of it but a large piece had slashed across
Malfina face, cutting her face pretty badly.

From the other side of the cabin, Aisha wrestled with the controls in a half
crazy panic.

“Hold on guys, I’m going to land this thing.”

* * *

The sky had lit up with a flash, that must have been reality bending, a sight
to behold indeed, I looked to the troops.

“Girls, get ready for action.”

Melinda gave me a coy look, how I’ve come to loathe innuendo these days.

Melinda pointed to the cone shaped escape pod, all as Enigma has told me so,
it was on a decent, I took a few steps back, and getting flattened was not on
the cards that day.

Melinda gave the command:

“Ladies make sure those guns have bullets in them, She’s coming down!”

* * *

From the porthole Malfina could see the cities and rolling hills of this
mysterious land.

“Hold on guys, I’m going to try for an emergency landing on that field” cried
Aisha as Suzuka strapped in the android.

“Aisha!” cried Suzuka “Just try and make sure we land in one piece!”

* * *

I watch as the pod hurtle towards the world, with a bang and crash it smashes
in to the hill, I had expected it to make more a dent in these green hills
but this the first time I’d ever seen anything like this so you can't blame
me for being wrong.

The battalion to their credit didn’t even move during the impact, I rather
embarrassingly had fallen on my backside, I leap back to my feet trying to
regain my honor among these ladies (not that I cared about honor, I just
didn’t ant my first impression with the newcomers to be me on my ass).

“Let’s give them a few minutes to get their bearings...” I shouted, “...then
let’s take it home.”

* * *

During the impact Aisha has fallen on top of Suzuka, Aisha’s face was buried
in Suzuka’s large cleavage, an awkward position indeed for a respectable
Ctarl-Ctarl warrior.

“God... Suzuka’s breasts are so soft” thought Aisha dismissing it quickly;
this was hardly the time or the place to start questioning her sexuality,
slowly she pulled her self up as the others recovered.

“Is everybody ok?” yelled Suzuka to the ship, the sound echoed slightly.

“Yeah, just kosher” replied Aisha.

Malfina regained her place by the porthole and gazed out to the night sky.

“There are people out there!”

Suzuka pushed Malfina from the window and gazed out to confirm this new

There was at least six people out there, 4 of them were armed with rifles,
old fashion ones too, the kind she had seen in a museum once, all but one of
them were women, the only man was roughly 6ft with brown hair styled in to a
kind of centre parting, his build looked strong through his dark suit, the
kind of man who worked out a lot.

“There’s some kind of militia out there, 5 women dressed in some kind of
black uniform, and a man in a suit, their not well armed but it’s enough to
finish us off.”

Aisha breathed in and the out, her large chest heaving under her tight top.

“We need a plan... I say we send Malfina out to gain their trust then you and
me overpower them!”

Suzuka and Malfina looked at her slightly disappointed that a Ctarl-Ctarl
could think of such a bad plan. In a calm voice Suzuka replied “I have a
better suggestion, I say we surrender.”

“WHAT!?” cried Aisha “A Ctarl-Ctarl would never give up so easily.”

Suzuka smirked “Aisha, I promise you, your get your fight but we need to know
what plant this is and who these people are.”

With a twirl Suzuka hit the red button next to the exit and slowly the pod
door opened.

“Let’s say hello to the natives.”

* * *

Slowly a metal ramp extends and from the smoke I can see the figures of
Malfina, Aisha Clan-Clan and Twilight Suzuka, I extend my arms, give the
biggest smile I can and in the warmest voice I can muster, the battalion
takes aim at these newcomers, “Ladies ... Welcome to Europia” I say.

There is silence aside from metal being trod on as they descend the ramp, I
resist the urge for a handshake, it’s improper to be too formal when meeting
a lady.

“My name is Robert Black, I am the protector of these lands, forgive the
guns, your...ship gave us quite a fright”

My eyes began to wonder, a man’s curse and pleasure, first I examined the
ship’s android, the jewel in this terrific trio’s crown for me.

Malfina’s white face stamped with innocence is crowned with jet black hair
and even more innocent brown eyes that seem to stare in to my heart, dressed
in a white shirt with black tie, I can see her firm breasts pushing against
her shirt and her short black skirt drives me crazy, I’m tempted to drop
romance in awe of getting my mitts on her now, then I look at her face once
again, I notice her face is cut, no doubt from the crash or whatever Enigma
dreamed up to get them here.

“Miss Malfina, I must insist we have you checked, I can see your quite badly

Malfina touched her cheek; there was a cut with blood slowly oozed from the
wound, I was glad I didn’t invite one of the Gothics to this ... event of
sorts, blood is such a turn on for them, I watch as a small drop of blood
descends her cheek, I go to stop it with my finger, but she moves back, her
hands raided in protest.

“Have no fear Miss Malfina; these lands have produced the greatest medical
minds in the galaxy, trust me when I say you’re in safe hands.”

Malfina held to her silence, was it fear or hate of this stranger who was so
warm to her? Either way I considered it a challenge to win her over, I turned
my eyes to the nimble dark skinned Ctarl-Ctarl they called Aisha, my eyes
examined her beautiful body, her large breasts were heaving against her tight
white Ctarl-Ctarl uniform as she breathed, the former ambassador stared at
me, no doubt working out where to punch if the situation demanded it, I
better break out the A-game stuff.

“Ah Miss Aisha Clan-Clan, your beauty does indeed meet the legend that is the
Ctarl-Ctarl’s most beautiful and dangerous ambassador.”

That dangerous part caused Aisha to blush. Flattery was an old trick that
always worked for me and being known for danger was a sure way to a
Ctarl-Ctarl’s heart.

Finally my eyes turned the dangerous one of this trio, the assassin dressed
in a almost geisha style white robe, here face partially covered by here long
black hair but a beauty no doubt about it.

“How do you kn..." began Suzuka but I stopped her with the raised palm of my

I straighten my tie and pointed to my shoulder “I’m afraid I’m going to have
to ask you to hand over your sword Miss Suzuka, our laws are very strict on
Civilians carrying weaponry.”

“I’m sorry... Mr Black, but the blade stays with me.”

Melinda looks angry, I step back suspecting a problem.

“Miss Suzuka” Melinda begins “I must insist” Melinda raises a pistol I didn’t even know she
had at where Suzuka’s cold heart must be.

In less than a heartbeat there was a clack of rifles followed by the swish of
metal as Suzuka drew her blade in reaction.

A shout/scream from Malfina breaks the silence “Suzuka..No!”

I blink and regain my smile.

“You would be wise to listen to her Suzuka, you have my assurance you will
have your blade returned and I only wish to protect my people.”

Reluctantly she dropped the blade with a satisfying clang, I let out a sigh,
I had feared bloodshed and was surprised an assassin like Suzuka would be
give up her blade without conflict.

I breathed in, on with the spiel, “Ladies I can see you are in distress and
injured please join me at my chateau, I shall answer all your questions and
you can tell me why my hill now has a dent in it.”

The troops point them to the jeeps; Suzuka gives me a surprisingly sharp
look, a lot sharper than any blade she’s welded before.

“These jeeps will make the journey a lot shorter, please I know you have
suspicions but let me allay them for you with my generosity.”

Suzuka leading the pack they walked off to the jeeps followed by the troops.

Melinda looked to me and gave a mini salute breaking the silence with a firm
question: “Your orders... sir?” she hates that word.

“Debrief these troops and remind them that this event never happened, I shall
be entertaining these...visitors personally at the Crystal Chateau, I will of
course need a skeleton guard, the assassin looks to be a trouble maker, make
emergency preparations in case she needs to be incarcerated.”

“And the ship?”

“Load it in to a hover carrier, fly to the centre point between Europia and
the Sherbet Isles and dump it!”

* * *

The jeep rattled as it left the road and headed toward the distant chateau.
Malfina stared at the man who called himself Black. She didn’t know what to
make of him, was he a king, a tyrant, why was he being so kind to strangers
and how did he know who they are.

He and Aisha were discussing something, aided with a medical kit the woman he
had called Melinda was silently bandaging the wound to Mafina’s head, Suzuka
however was even more silent than usual. Malfina wondered why, perhaps she
would tell her at the chateau.

* * *

I push open the old oak door to the chateau, revealing the grand hall of the
chateau, a flight of red carpeted stars with large windows looking out over
the veranda by the rose gardens in my best announcing voice I declared the
place “Welcome to my summer home, this is my retreat away from the rat race;
I call it the Crystal Chateau!”

I lower my arms, Malfina was impressed, Aisha too I’d venture, Suzuka was
obviously not, still 2 out of 3 was a small victory in any book.

“I have two rooms prepared, Miss Aisha I have one for you and Miss Suzuka and
Miss Malfina I apologize you must share, and we have only so many rooms.”

From the silent figure that was Suzuka the words “fine” floated by me.

“We shall have breakfast first thing tomorrow, in the mean time I urge you to
rest, we have a library if you need some material to help you sleep and if
you need an ear, I’m up for a talk.”

Midnight snapped to a salute “Sir, I wondered if I may talk to you in private

I smile, and nod.

“Yes, we may talk, but first let me wish our guests good night!”

Malfina broke her silence at last.

“What will happen to us now?”

I smiled; I was ready for this one.

“We shall talk in the morning no doubt your story will help us make so leeway
for us to come up with a beneficial solution for both of us.”

A private joke, but I’m sure Midnight probably got too.

* * *

The troops and guests retired in to their allocate rooms. I walked in to the
kitchen where Melinda Midnight was making coffee which I gladly accept, it
had been a long day and I needed my caffeine co-pilot.

“So it’s a conversion job huh?” she began.

“I prefer the term re-education Melinda” I replied “when they learn the ways
of Rob Black, they will fall in line.”

“Like I did?” she adds.

“No Melinda, your naturally a slut so it was natural our paths crossed” I

Melinda looked over my shoulder; I turn to see the window that looked out
over the veranda.

There stood Aisha, looking in to forever.

* * *

Out on the veranda Aisha Clan-Clan stood, cape blowing in the wind as she
stared in to the horizon. I feel like I should interfere so with a slide of
the glass door I join her, she however does not even acknowledge my presence.

I put on the smile, braving the elements and raise my hand in greeting.

“Miss Aisha, What brings you to the veranda on such a cold and stormy night?”

“I find it very calming to stare in to the horizon and wondering what lies
beyond the distant mountains.”

I loved those mountains; they had a mysterious quality that Miss Aisha had
obviously picked up on.

“There’s quite a lot to see in our great land, over that ridge in the City
of Smoke we hold the great Tao festive, the people of this great land come
together and trust me when I say no matter where you go in this great
universe, you will never see a greater display of color, music and love.”

Aisha seemed crestfallen. I moved neared to her tempting the idea of putting
my arms round her, romantic cliches be damned but decided instead to simply
give a reassuring smile and a easy line: “Miss Aisha, you seem unhappy, want
to talk about it?”

Not even looking at me, she breathed in and let out a audible sigh.

“Mr. Black, I hardly know you but I feel I can really open up to you.”

I shot back with a cocky grin and a quick wit remark: “Yeah I get that a lot,
people just love me I guess.”

Again Aisha sighed, this time it was mixed with sadness and pity.

“It seems so long ago... I was so young and full of happiness, I was an
expert on Ctarl-Ctarl combat, I could beat any punk to death for just
looking at me wrong, but now? Here I am, No ship, I’ve failed my mission,
my parents would have been dishonored had my people had learned of my,
I’m no Ctarl-Ctarl, I’m just a pathetic little girl!"

To hell with manners, my arm with a mind of its own, went around her
shoulders and I pulled her to my side.

“Miss Aisha, let me break my sterile little persona here and go out on a
limb. In my line of work I have encountered many strangers, from worlds and
realities beyond even the great Ctarl-Ctarl’s imagination, and let me tell
you, your neither a pathetic little girl nor a failure to me.”

For the first time that evening, Aisha looked me in the eyes, here face was
beautiful; her blue eyes reflecting the moonlight and her smile a delightful
(if a little scary) sign of a mood change.

“Really?” she said half dreamy with pride.

“No doubt, you may be the greatest Ctarl-Ctarl warrior ever! And I’ve seen a
lot of warriors in my time!”

The grin on Aisha’s face grew as did her ego.

“You have a point Black, I am a Ctarl-Ctarl, the best of the bests, and I am
the greatest warrior in the galaxy!”

I clapped my hands in celebration adding the remark “That’s the spirit!”

I pause, opportunity never seemed finer.

“Miss Aisha may I make a bold Idea as your in such high spirits?”

Aisha stopped her merry jig, no doubt she was about to leave.

“Mr. Black you have shown me such kindness I feel it rude not to return it”
she added with a smile.

“Well you are the first actual Ctarl-Ctarl to arrive her on Europe I would
like you not to be the last, so I would like to talk about a alliance between
our great nations I would consider it an honor.”

More ego friendly comments no doubt have mad me look like god, an alliance
with a new planet could secure Aisha a place in Ctarl-Ctarl history!

“Mr. Black I would consider it MY honor.”

She dances off in to the chateau and for once I feel a little better about

* * *

“Malfina, Listen to me, there is something going on here! This Black
character is some kind of hypnotist or psychosurgeon or monster, every woman
here seems to obey him slavishly, we need to get Aisha and get the hell back
to the Starfire.”

Fighting tears at Suzuka’s anger Malfina musters in a crying burst: “But
Suzuka, Mr Black says it isn’t safe, the radiation will kill us all, we
should stay... Gene will come for..!”

“Gene is probably DEAD Malfina! That explosion almost ripped us apart and he
was a lot closer than we were! Ro...”

This time Malfina didn’t wait for the chance to speak “The distress signal,
he said he would find Gene for us. He promised!”

Suzuka looked at Malfina with a look of contempt and disgust: “I don’t
believe anything that gimp says, it could just be another ploy to keep us

With that Suzuka reached for the door, paused and sighed “I’m going to do
some hunting round here, get some answers because he won’t give us any
without a fight!”

* * *

“That was noble of you Rob, I always thought your side of chivalry was dead”
Melinda told me jokingly.

I gave her my “I’m a good guy” look, I’m anything but it does the job
“Sometimes you got to do the right thing, she was crestfallen and I brought
her back to the top, simple ego boosting.”

“You know we haven’t spoken since that night at the Tao Carnival” she
said sternly, I was caught unaware, few people remember things with such
seriousness her in Europia.

“I wasn’t aware there was much to talk about” I replied.

“You don’t remember do you?!” I looked at her hands, no gun thank god, I’m
sure she’d never hurt me but sometimes I wonder, I drag up my memory to that

“Of course I do, I remember you blowing me off when I asked you to dance,
which by the way you promised me you would that day and then me and that
cheerleader went off together.”

Melinda looked at me cross-eyed ad if I’d forgotten something.

“I also saw you to fucking in the alley behind the dance hall” she said

I crossed and uncrossed my arms, I was slightly angry at why she was angry
about that.

“I hate to point it out but the Tao Carnival is orgy time, it’s a sexual
free for all baby! I’m the only guy around these parts so sure if there’s an
opportunity I’ll take it.”

She slammed her coffee cup down on the kitchen surface

“You know what I saw Rob, I saw Smoke City’s number one bachelor assfucking
some gutter trash whore, and it drove me crazy, I deserved your love you
know, I needed that sort of attention and every since that day I’ve wanted
you to fuck me just like you did to her that night!”

Oh yes I still have that charm.

* * *

Suzuka hugged the wall as she moved through the corridor, there had to be a
clue around here somewhere, a document, the video, a post it note detailing
an evil plan would do right now, it was textbook evil genius stuff for fuck’s

She hear a cry and here stealth abilities kicked in, it was nearby, maybe it
was Aisha or Malfina, she’d better investigate.

* * *

There was sound coming from the kitchen, it sounded like heavy breathing,
like somebody trying to run a marathon, there was also a the sound of
pounding of flesh on stone, using her stealth and guile Twilight Suzuka
edged her way towards the open door glancing towards the source of this

It was the military woman, what had he called her... Midnight? Yes that was
her name and Mr. Black.

Midnight was lying on her chest bent over the kitchen counter, her large
breasts pressed against the granite kitchen surface, Black was naked, and in
his hands he was holding his cock, a 12 inch monster cock ready for action.

Suzuka was paralyzed in fear and lust; she stared as Black rubbed his cock up
and down “You ready for this Melinda? Just like the old days, you’re going to
get your wish, your going to be my little slut.”

“Oh I want this Rob, I want to be used like your little fuck toy all theses
years, use me Rob, USE ME!”

Suzuka felt her self get wet, she had seen the bluer side of humanity in
strip joints but this was filth the likes of she had never seen before.

Black rubbed his rock hard cock on the backside of Melinda, she purred in
delight as she backed in to him.

Through his teeth Black hissed “Oh yes I remember that night two years ago
at the Tao Carnival, I knew you were watching me buttfuck that whore in the
Alley, I know you wanted it too, that’s what made me even harder as I fucked
her... you wanted to be pounded like a slut in a alley just like that blonde
bitch, used up and tossed aside like the garbage you really are, well now
your going to get it.”

Suzuka resisted the urge to masturbate at this debacle, she couldn’t believe
she would even consider it; she should be looking for her blade, not spying
on this sick scene.

Melinda was ready for the sport, she replied to Black’s comments: “yes! I’ve
wanted your big cock in my ass for so long, I watched you assfuck that whore
in the alley and want the same now, use me Rob, assfuck my brains out!”

That did it, with a slow push savoring every second of it, all 12 inches
slowly pushed in to Melinda tight anus, Melinda reciprocated with a warm and
satisfying groan, her hands tightened in to fists and she bit her bottom lip,
a slight discomfort but it would ultimately rewarding for her.

“You like that slut?” groaned Black.

“You know I like it rough Rob, pound me like a slut!”

Suzuka was on knife-edge, she wanted to sit there and finger her wet pussy
because this was the most horniest she had ever been in her entire life.

Rob Black slowly pulled his cock out of Melinda’s ass, she let out a groan
of pleasure, almost immediately he pushed it back in, then out again, in to
a pounding motion, He was going to give her an assfucking she’d remember.

Melinda let out a short scream in orgasmic joy “Uh…ahhh… give it to me Rob,
fuck me!... Fuck me again and again! FUCK ME LIKE YOUR LITTLE SLUT!”

Black looked angry for a moment, had she offended him in some way wondered

“Melinda, please try and control your screams, our guests are trying to

Melinda laughed despite being pounded harder and harder.

“Rob, I know you want them to hear this, it turns you on doesn’t it, you
fucking me and you know soon your fuck them too, even that android... you
can't help yourself can you!”

Suzuka was in shock, had this been why he was so good to them? He wanted
them to be his sex slaves?

“Oh you better believe it, but don’t worry about it Midnight, I don’t mind
sharing the spoils!”

“Oh Mr Black your so...uhhh.. Generous… that….ahhh…assassin is the one I
can’t wait to get my hands on… I have a special little treat for...her.”

Suzuka froze in fear, Black grinned, he does that a lot, and maybe he knows
something she didn’t.

“Fuck me harder sir, I want to feel your hard cock in me!”

Rob pounded her ass with his rock hard cock just as she wanted, Melinda
groaned in time to his pounding, Suzuka watched on – crotch wet in excitement
and fear, she should go and tell Malfina, but to even think of the others
gave her the mental image of Black assfucking her on the kitchen counter like
he was doing to Melinda.

“Oh god I’m going to cum” Black blurted pulling out of Melinda’s asshole, in
a flash Melinda got on her knees rubbing the rock with her hands.

Black looked like he was going to explode, but Melinda despite being deeply
satisfied looked in control and in a stern and strong voice shouted out:
“Suzuka... why don’t you come in and finish off this job?”

Suzuka froze again, this time in terror, they knew she was there? That was
impossible! She was the best assassin in the business; nobody had ever
spotted her while she was in hiding!

She got up to run but when she turned round 3 rifles welded by Ministry Of
love troops, all grinning in a sense they too were satisfied were pointed at
her head, she was outgunned and clearly out of luck.

In a heartbeat they had her in handcuffs, she completely forgot about the
erect cock of Robert Black, but as the troops began to escort Suzuka away
from the kitchen hallway Melinda shouted to her troops.

“Girls, Girls, Miss Suzuka is a guest, please bring her back and let her get
what she wants.”

The troops hauled Suzuka back to the kitchen, Melinda was still rubbing the
cock of her lord and master, and the troops pushed Suzuka to her knees in
front of the throbbing cock in Melinda’s hands.

“I know you wanted this Suzuka, it would be selfish if I didn’t share so
please enjoy!”

With that the hard cock pressed itself against Suzuka’s face, she would not
open her mouth or even her eyes but she could feel it squirting its load all
over her face, it felt warm and sticky.

A she opened her eyes Melinda was staring at her cum covered face and in a
whisper told her “You’re a lucky girl Suzuka, you should feel honored” and
with no hesitation licked the cum from the cheek of the handcuffed assassin.

* * *

I feel relaxed; I always do after I enjoy the pleasures of a ladies intimate
company, I stare at Melinda, she licks her lips, and then at Suzuka whose
face is covered in my cum, a joy I’m sure many men have sought to do.

“I’d appreciate it if you’d uncuff her” I tell Melinda who had began putting
on her uniform, she relays the order to the girls behind Suzuka.

Slowly she climbs to her feet, guns pointed at her.

“Why Miss Suzuka, the international assassin, a spy in my own home? I feel
both sad and proud to have such an honor.”

In a blink she goes to wind me with a stealthy chop, thankfully my years in
the dojo have served me well and in equal speed and stealth like reflexes I
thrust forward catching her arm mid air, still maintaining my now trademark

“I tried to warn you Suzuka, In Europia violence will only get so far...”

“Spare me your bullshit Black, I know full well what’s going on here, this
whole place is being brainwashed, or hypnotized and you’ve turned these women
in to some kind of sex slaves for your own twisted needs and trust me after
what you have done to me, I will make it my duty to kill you and destroy this
little world of yours!”

I break a wide grin, breathe in and let my words fill her empty little mind.

“Miss Suzuka, you don’t know how close to the truth you are, these women
are all mine, from morning to evening they exist solely for my love and
admiration, but they are not slaves or zombies, as your soon work out, they
just know how the world works!”

I let go of her arm and spin on my heels to face Melinda now back in uniform
and command, she always was so professional, I must remember to continue our
sport a little later.

With a bark I give the order: “Take her to the Sherbet Isles, no doubt the
governor will find a use for her there!”

* * *

And so the great game of Smoke begins once again, three ladies, virgin
territory for me to invade, oh yes I look forward to this one, it should be
out of this world!

To be continued in:

Outlaw Star: Smoke-Alpha – Part 2: Feel The Love Of The Ctarl-Ctarl Empire


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