Office: Pam's Empty Nest Part 1 - Pam's Awakening (F-solo)
by Dana Gordon

Chapter 1

Pam Beesly leaned back in her chair, and with mixed emotions, she surveyed what was once a lively and downright boisterous room.

The office had been stale since Michael and Holly moved to Colorado, which triggered something of a mass exodus from the once robustly staffed company. A few new faces provided some short-lived excitement to the mundane day-to-day slog, but Dunder-Mifflin was noticeably in need of a spark.

Aside from Michael and Holly, most of the old standbys moved on as well. Stanley retired, Toby moved back to Puerto Rico, Ryan disappeared after multiple cocaine relapses, and Andy was still pursuing his dream of becoming a star. To date, the office was manned by something of a skeleton crew. There was Kelly, who toned down a bit since she lost Ryan. Truth be told, Pam kind of liked Kelly now. She was more reserved, less talkative, and about twice as sassy as she once was. Then there was Angela, who returned to Dunder Mifflin after finding out that Dwight cheated on her with an old flame. Angela had seemingly no problem relinquishing custody of her child to Dwight. Call it a mid-life crisis, but whatever it was, Angela was over it. She was ready to live her own life again. And frankly, she was better for it. Her disposition almost completely changed. While she wasn't exactly a bubbly source of sunshine, her sharp edges had certainly been smoothed out a bit, and Pam was not one to complain about that.

In general, Pam was pleased with her co-workers. There was less drama and distraction than ever, and overall everyone enjoyed each others company. In fact, Pam didn't even miss Jim like she used to. Of course she loved Jim, but there was something nice about having some space. Now that the kids were in school and Jim was constantly traveling for his job at Athlead, coming to the office was like a mini-vacation for Pam. On top of that, Helene offered near round-the-clock support for the kids, and on many occasions, they preferred to stay at their grandmother's house. All this amounted to a newfound feeling for Pam. The married mother of two, now in her 40s, had total control over her own life. It was like being single again. She got to go to the gym, drink wine when she wanted, watch what she wanted on TV, stay up late on occasion, and she even had the time to make herself look good.

This was the big one for Pam. For years Pam felt like her glory days were over. After having two kids, her body felt like it would never get back to something desirable. With Jim and the kids at home, she never had the time to work out, much less put on makeup and make herself presentable at work. Now things were different, though. Pam had gotten back into shape, and she looked more like late-20's pam than a mother in her 40s. She liked the way she looked now, and with no one to judge her, she liked getting a little attention here and there. Yes, she still wore her classic blouses and pencil skirts, but there was a glow about her that nobody could avoid noticing. Her tasteful application of makeup brought out the beauty of her natural red hair. Her arms and shoulders were toned and slender, and the combination of age and two pregnancies accentuated her already unmistakable curves. Everyone knew that Pam's boobs were one of the best kept secrets in Northern Pennsylvania, but now they were exquisite. The hung just a bit lower and heavier than they used to, but filled out proportionally. Her blouses could barely contain them, and she loved that. Another unexpected benefit of the pregnancies had been her rear end, which grew in size and multiplied in softness. Pam hadn't realized it, either, until several weeks earlier when Kelly made a comment while they chatted in the kitchen.

"Damn, girl. How do you do THAT"? Kelly motioned toward Pam's butt.

Pam acted shy but she enjoyed the compliment. Blushing, she answered.

"What are you talking about? My mom butt"?

Kelly craned her neck as if to get a better view.

"If that's a mom butt then I need to have kids immediately. You could rock someone's world with that thing."

Pam remembered back to when Kelly said something similar to Angela when the two new mothers came back from maternity leave. "Damn, Angela, your body," Kelly said. Pam had always semi-resented Angela for that. And while she was certainly curious what little Angela looked like naked, it bothered her that she got outshined by the petite accountant. "But," Pam thought, "Kelly never said anything like that to Angela. Rock someone's world?"

Pam smiled and looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was coming.

"Ok, do you want to know my secret"?

"Yes," Kelly responded emphatically.

Pam leaned in like it was a secret.

"You need to eat Pizza... and then..." She looked back over her shoulder.

" need to have some ice cream... and then..." She looked the other way.

" need to eat more pizza."

Kelly rolled her eyes and started walking out of the kitchen, playing up the fact that she was checking Pam out the entire time. Pam chuckled and smiled, pursed her lips, and got a warm feeling inside. She knew she got to feel sexy for the rest of the day. Kelly's words kept spinning circles in her head for the rest of the afternoon. "Rock someone's world..." It gave her a mischievous feeling, and now all she could think about was rocking someone's world.

* * *

With the kids asleep and Jim in Los Angeles, Pam had some time to herself. She had a couple glasses of wine while she flipped channels on the TV, spending the most time watching one of the Kardashian shows, which she loathed. With a buzzy head, Pam went to the bathroom. Wine still in hand, she glanced at the large mirror as she walked by. She liked what she saw, and the wine certainly helped. She was wearing silk pajama shorts that fit snuggly against her thighs, and a matching silk top that showed ample cleavage. As she passed the mirror, she stopped, and stared for a moment. She stood standing profile, and looked at the way her round butt poked out from her lower back and filled almost every inch of her silk night shorts. Her top was hung up a bit from sitting on the couch, revealing just an inch of her midriff, which she was proud of. She worked hard on her core, and it was finally starting to show. No more pouch! She thought.

In that moment, with the wine warming her brain, she pulled out her phone and snapped a picture. Maybe it would be some inspiration if she ever stopped working out. She looked at the picture and liked what she saw. In almost every context, Pam would despise another woman taking self-indulgent bathroom selfies, but here she was doing it anyway. She smiled and laughed at herself as she moved her free hand to her backside and jutted her hips out a bit more to take another picture. "Maybe I'll send these to Jim," she thought. And in the next second she started to unbutton her silk night top. She left the top on, but unbuttoned, and squared up to the mirror. Her big beautiful breasts laid hanging almost halfway down her torso, but still were plenty perky. The sides of her shirt barely covered her nipples, which were getting harder by the second, and she reached up with her free hand to test that hardness with a hesitant touch. She snapped another picture, capturing her exquisite, curvaceous body, and her face, which had the expression not dissimilar to surprise. Her mouth was half open and her eyes were glossed over. Her rosy cheeks coordinated perfectly with her hair, which was down and somewhat wild from lying around. She looked at the picture. Her hand looked downright small next to her boobs, which actually surprised her. She knew she had big boobs, but even now it seemed like they had really grown. At once she realized that she had a full blown mom body, and it was sexy.

Pam put her phone on the counter and proceeded to go to the bathroom. She noticed that she had gotten just a little bit wet, and while she considered that, she chewed the inside of her cheek, smiled through it, and took another sip of wine. Her emotions were changing fast. What started as a harmless compliment from Kelly turned into an intriguing thought... "Can I rock someone's world"? Now it was becoming more exciting - more amplified. "I want to rock someone's world."

Chapter 2

The next day, Pam was back in the office. Things were busy enough to keep her occupied while she was at work, but just like in the old days, she found plenty of time for distraction. Lately, one of her favorite ways to kill time was to spend time with Angela. For a while that surprised Pam, but over time she got used to the fact that Angela had genuinely changed. She was still something of a cold bitch, but she had softened up to Pam in particular, which meant what was once a borderline hostile relationship had developed into a situation where Pam was on the inside of Angela's trust circle. For the most part, that meant Pam got to enjoy and even take part in Angela's snide rants about the other women in the office, the "morons" that she encountered every day, and any other person she chose to target. Truth be told, the two had developed a bit of a bond over the last few months. They got coffee together, ate lunch together, and increasingly Angela had replaced Jim as the person who spent the most time loitering around Pam's desk.

That afternoon, Pam heard her phone vibrate on her desk. It was a text from Angela. The two found enjoyment in sending texts, on occasion, instead of talking in the office, as it provided some privacy.

"You'll never guess who I was stalking the other day..."

Pam looked up and across the office and caught Angela's eye. Angela rolled her eyes and Pam looked back at her phone to see that Angela was typing.

A few seconds later, a picture came through to Pam. It was Donna Mitchell, Michael Scott's former lover. The picture was of Donna with her arm around yet another man. Not Michael, and not her husband who she was cheating on with Michael. This man was younger, and fairly handsome, especially as far as Scranton men go.

Pam looked back up at Angela, wide eyed, and mouthed "what??" Angela sent another text.

"Looks like someone took the slow train from Philly."

Pam laughed audibly and texted back.

"That outfit, though..."

Pam was referring to Donna's low cut top, a bold choice for someone in her 50s. It definitely looked like Donna got some cosmetic surgery, and was trying her best to live out a few more years of being sexually appealing.

* * *

About an hour later, Pam and Angela were in the kitchen at the same time.

Angela was passively standing at the fridge, looking for something to drink. "How do you think she lures these guys in"?

Pam responded, "Who, Donna? I assume she just tells them they can have whatever they want."

Angela acknowledged the comment and reached for a diet soda.

"I think she may be the best salesman in Scranton," she said.

"What do you mean?" said Pam.

"Well, she wants to get her money's worth for all that surgery," said Angela. "I am guessing she's not afraid to send special pictures to show them the goods."

Pam gave a smile and started pouring some coffee. "You have to have NO fear to be sending pictures like that to just anyone," she said.

"Are you telling me you've never sent a risque picture, Mrs. Role model? Not even to Jim"?

Pam held her coffee close to her face with both hands. She looked inquisitive and chewed the side of her mouth while she thought. "Jim's never really asked for anything like that," she said. "I don't think it's his thing."

Angela eyed Pam's chest and nodded toward it. "Please, I'm sure he would love having something like THAT in his spank bank."

Pam paused, got a little closer to Angela, and lowered her voice to almost a whisper. "Ok, so this is kind of ironic. I took some very interesting pictures last night and thought I might send them to him, but I haven't yet," she said.

Angela perked up. "Ohhhhh," she said, sarcastically, reaching out and lightly touching Pam's arm. "Not quite the role model after all, are we?"

Pam made a shy face.

"No judgment here. I used to despise that sort of behavior. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do," said Angela.

Pam gave a sweet smile. "Well, I probably won't send them anyway," she said. "But I AM super curious what Donna's pictures look like."

"You mean here 'sales pitch'? I can only imagine," Angela said sarcastically.

The two went back to their desks.

* * *

Later that night, Pam was home again. She liked to stay comfortable around the house. On this particular evening she was barefoot with black yoga pants and a tight fitting t-shirt that left little to the imagination in terms of the magnitude of her breasts. With no pockets, Pam kept her phone tucked into the waist band of her pants. She had already heard from Jim for the evening, but she kept it close while he was still awake in case he wanted to talk. While she picked up after dinner, she felt her phone vibrate.

"Do you think it was something like this"? It was Angela, and there was a picture under the text.

Angela sent a selfie taken from a very flattering angle. She held the phone high overhead and looked up at it innocently while wrapped in a bath towel. The towel was low enough on her chest that, even with her small frame, still made for some cleavage.

Pam chuckled to herself and started to type.

"Well 1- I don't think she would fit in that towel, and 2- I think she probably showed a bit more than that. But you do make a convincing sales pitch."

Angela started typing, and Pam put her phone back in her waist band. She started picking things up again when the phone buzzed again. This time, it was a very similar picture, but the towel was lower, exposing Angela's small, perky boobs. Her face, Pam noted, was a bit naughtier. At first, Pam couldn't believe it. She was no stranger to female nudity, of course. Her high school and college days on the volleyball team meant that she spent a lot of time around naked women. The reason it shocked her is that, despite being warmer and friendlier these days, this did not seem like something Angela would do. At the same time, Pam thought, they were friends now, and actually they were good friends. Maybe even best friends. That thought alone was odd to consider.

Pam texted, "OMG"

Angela Responded, "Well, that certainly got some kind of response. I guess the shock value is what works for her."

Pam texted, "No I mean OMG like in a good way. I wasn't expecting that. You look amazing!"

Angela responded, "Well I'm glad you approve. I expect some reciprocation, though."

Pam waited to respond. She had never sent anything like that before, and if she did, certainly she thought it would be to Jim, or even Roy back in the day. Yes, it was just Angela, her friend, but is this really how she was going to send her first nude picture?

Pam texted back with a picture of her face, trying to look innocent. She included the text, "Gotta get the kids to bed. I'll text you back later."

Angela responded with a smiley face. "You better!"

When Pam finished tucking in the kids, she sat down on the couch with a glass of wine and got her phone back out, opening her text conversation with Angela. She scrolled up to the second picture that Angela sent and studied it more closely. Angela's little nipples were perked up and looked hard as rocks. Pam looked for a few moments, her heart rate going a little faster than usual, and found herself wondering what little Angela would like if she took the towel completely off. Pam knew that Angela was fit. Her tummy was tight, and her butt was toned. She looked like she was in the best shape of her life in this picture, and if Pam was being honest, she was a little turned on by the exchange. It was nice being close enough with someone, especially like Angela, who never gave her the time of day over the years. This picture created an instant bond that gave Pam a warm rush in her head. Angela was being free, and being a little bit naughty, and was sharing it with her. It was thrilling.

Pam began to text Angela back.

"I'm tempted to show you what I almost sent Jim last night."

Angela almost immediately responded.

"!!! Yes!"

Pam exhaled, almost out of relief. She wasn't used to making herself vulnerable, even to another woman. She was glad that Angela was so eager to see.

After a brief pause, Pam opened up the second picture she took the night before and sent it to Angela.

Pam saw that Angela was typing, then not typing, then typing again, and so on for several seconds, though it seemed like an eternity since she had just exposed herself and felt less than confident that it would garner a positive reaction.

Just then, a text came through.

"Holy hell!"

Pam hesitantly responded... "lol"

Angela typed, "Who would have guessed? Mommy pam is a bombshell!"

Pam blushed a bit, but as she started typing, another text came through.

"Your boobs are amazing. And your butt! Those are birthing hips, girl! That thing would smother me!"

Pam started to get aroused. Was Angela on the verge of sexting her? Did she want her ass to smother her? She started this whole thing by sending her silly towel picture. But now it seemed like she was genuinely coming onto her. Pam thought it best to give a neutrally accepting response.

" I don't want to smother you!"

Angela typed for what seemed like minutes.

"Well, it wouldn't be the worst experience ever." She added a wink face.

Without hesitation, Angela sent through another picture. This one was of her sitting on her couch wearing nothing but black lace underwear. She took the selfie from an angle so that Pam could see her perky little breasts from the side. Her nipples were still erect and frankly beautiful. Then Pam noticed her toned stomach and tiny waist, but could see that Angela actually did have a bit of an ass herself, which was on full display as the black, high wasted underwear hugged her petite waste, allowing her butt to poke out in either direction. Pam was blushing, and noticed for the first time ever that Angela truly was a beautiful woman. In the picture, Angela was pouting her lips and making a face like, "you know you'd love to play with this little thing." And Pam did.

Pam didn't have the words, so in an impulsive moment, she whipped out her camera and started to take an equally beautiful picture. She leaned back on the couch took off her t-shirt. With no bra, her boobs hung wonderfully against her torso, like two soft pillows. She looked over her shoulder to make sure no one was there. No one was, of course, but this was her instinct when she knew she was doing something naughty. She noticed that her nipples began to get hard as well. In an instant, she knew what picture she would take.

She shifted in her seat and sat with her shoulder against the back of the couch. She held the phone high and aimed it down. Because her right hand was holding the phone and her left shoulder was pressed against the couch, it caused her to naturally squeeze her boobs together, making them look like they were exploding out from between her shoulders. Her nipples were erect, and she used her left hand to cup the bottoms of her boobs, almost framing them in the picture. She played with some facial expressions, but settled on a mouth-slightly-open face with her red hair falling above her eyes in the front, and cascading past her shoulders, closing the frame she created with her hand underneath her boobs. It was by far the most flattering picture that Pam had ever seen of herself, and she sent it.

Angela typed, deleted, typed more, deleted, and eventually just sent through a picture of her overwhelmed face. Her mouth was agape, her eyes were wide open, and she followed up with several heart emoji's.

"Ok, would you like to go on a date with me and then get married to me"? Angela texted.

Pam responded, "lol"

Angela typed, "Honestly I'm stunned, and maybe in love."

Pam smiled. This felt good.

Pam responded, "Seriously same here! I can't believe how hot you are!"

Pam's heart rate was fast. She bit her bottom lip and smiled. She hadn't smiled like that since Jim came back from Sanford and they began dating. This whole experience was so new and so fresh and so off-limits. It sent a jolt through Pam and excited her in totally unexpected ways. It seemed an awful lot like this was the beginning of what would be a very fun era at Dunder-Mifflin.


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