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Once Upon A Time: A Storybrook Tale Part 3 (FFb, inc, anal)
by Neenah

Emma Swan watched the naked buttocks of her eleven year old biological son moving up and down; she had never noticed how firm and solid the two cheeks were, barely wobbling as Henry Mills thrust his ten-incher into her best friend's front hole. Mary Margaret was crying out in excitement, her body bending as the massive schlong rammed at her clit. Emma's hand moved down to her slacks and she undid the buttons enough to slide her hand down and under her panties. Her cunt was already sodden, it became even slicker, the juice almost literally pouring out as she slid her finger in.

"Ooooohh, Henry you stud, oooohhh, yes, yes, yes, thrust your cock into my cunt. Ooooh, that's right, that's good. Ooooohhhh!" Mary Margaret screamed and shouted as the schlong slammed into her clit. Emma could see her friend's body shaking as she came and her shrieks were loud and full of excited pleasure. Emma's own fingers moved faster, pushing in and out of her sopping slit and making her own body tense and warm with orgasmic pleasure. Harder and faster she pushed feeling the joy course through her as she watched her son and best friend banging away.

"You're so hot, Snow," gasped Henry, even when screwing he kept to his delusion she was a Fairy Tale character, though from the way she screaming and shifting under him any Fairy Tale she was in was X-rated. His little buttocks moved up and thrust down, pushing his massive member into her. Emma moaned as her fingers delved deep and she remembered the feeling of her son's hard prick in her. It has been her idea to allow her sexually frustrated friend a taste of Henry. Emma tried not to be jealous, he would still be around and on other nights feeding her, his biological Mom, his huge schlong. But he was such a good fuck it was hard not to feel a little jealous as she watched him bang someone else, even if it was with her permission and even though she knew there would be plenty left for her tomorrow.

She moved her fingers quicker, thrusting at her pussy until it was soaked and juice was slopping out of it to stain her panties. The blonde gave a quick moan as she pushed her fingers in once more and then pulled out, meaning to go back to her own room and let Mary Margaret and Henry have their fun. Even as she sucked the cum off her dripping fingers Henry gave a small gasp and straightened his body. Beneath him Mary Margaret gave another shriek and pushed her body upwards, "That's it Henry. Cum in my cunt. I want your spunk filling my fuckhole."

The young boy rolled off Mary, his cock remaining straight and ramrod hard like steel; cum - his and hers - slithering down the huge member. Gradually it began to wither and shrink, though even as it went flaccid it still couldn't be called small. He breathed in and out as he got his breath back. Beside him, Mary Margaret was equally spent, her face red and flushed as her stomach pumped up and down as she struggled to get in enough breathes to recover her composure, a line of white goo trickled out of her hole, over her labia and down between her legs. Emma thought they looked cute and she stayed a few moments longer, leaning against the door and drinking in the sight of the two of them.

Mary Margaret looked up and saw her friend. She gave her friend a grin and nudged Henry. The young boy opened his eyes again and sat up, he gave a toothy smile, "Hello Emma. How was your evening?"

"Not as fun as the two of you by the looks of it," said Emma.

"We've had a good time," agreed Mary Margaret. Her gaze moved to Henry's schlong, as did her hand, "You were right about him being a stud." As she moved her hand over his dick it began to twitch back into life. Mary Margaret licked her lips and smiled again, "Look at that; my pussy is going to be sore for days. In a good way," she quickly added.

Emma nodded, the itch in her pussy she thought she had fingered away returning with a vengeance as she looked at Henry's erect muscle, throbbing with desire. "I know what you mean," she too licked her lips as her hand sub-consciously moved down to her still undone pants and slid under the material to her wet sloppy hole.

"We could share," giggled Mary Margaret, "If Henry is up for more." She looked at Henry who nodded enthusiastically and then back to Emma, "And if you don't have any objections?"

Emma was already kicking of her shoes and pulling of her slacks and underwear. Her top and bra quickly followed, with her socks last. She skipped over to the bed and the huge schlong on display, "I'm in."

She got down on the bed next to Henry and began to lick at her son's wet cock. Mary Margaret let go off the schlong and moved her face down to opposite her friend's and began to follow her lead in licking the dick. It tasted sweet and salty together, the remains of Mary Margaret's pussy juice and Henry's boy batter mixing together in an original flavouring. The two young women's tongues moved up and down the schlong, keeping it hard and making Henry give little grunts of excitement. Emma's tongue moved up the shaft and she opened her mouth so that as she went down again the huge hunk of meat was pushing into her. She moved her head down half-way down the oversized schlong, keeping the top-half for herself and allowing Mary Margaret to lick and tease the lower.

The blonde's head bobbed up and down, until she and Mary-Margaret had sucked and licked the salty and sweet girl and boy cum away from the Henry's meat and replaced it with their sexy spit. Emma lifted her mouth up and looked at her saliva sliding down the schlong, "Let me fuck you now," she said. She got herself up and lowered her pussy onto the Henry's waiting wang. The huge, thick meaty dick entered her cunt as she came down on it, stretching her so wide that if she hadn't already fucked Henry she'd have been worried she wouldn't have been able to take it. She had expected Mary Margaret to move, but her friend was continuing the lick the stalk and balls of their boyfriend, preparing the huge dick with saliva as Emma came down and licking up her friend's cunny juice as she went back up. Emma moved up and down, slowly at first, getting reused to the huge dick working its way up her, "Oooooh, ooooooh, Henry you're so big."

As she went up and down Mary Margaret stopped licking the dick and moved so that she was next to her friend, kissing and stroking the bouncing breasts. Emma groaned and gasped, both with her friend's light and sensual touches, but also with the cock drilling at her clit. She moved harder, thrusting herself the full length of the schlong so that she could feel it deep within her and her body squashed down on the small boy's well-filled ballsack. Her bosoms jumped like balloons as Mary Margaret began to kiss and slurp at her mouth, one hand stroking the back of Emma's head, the other rubbing over Henry's smooth chest. Emma was cumming harder, her body exploding in pleasure, as she kissed back at her friend, her tongue moving over and under the other woman''. She continued to ride Henry, enjoying immensely the feel of the huge hammer of a prick filling her and stretching her.

The blast of cum filled her pussy, the white goo shooting up into her womb. She gave a squeal of pleasure as Henry's white man-juice filled her, warm and wet and making her feel pleased, excited and wanton. She slipped away from Mary Margaret and off her son's cock to drop to the bed, "Oh baby, oh Henry, that was so fun much fun."

"Let me clean your pussy Emma," said Mary Margaret. And without a response to the shorthaired brunette's face was at the cunt and she was digging out the wet cum with her tongue. Emma's pussy was already hypersensitive and stimulated from the super-schlong, but her friend's flexible tongue drove her to further orgasms. She moaned and bent as Mary Margaret made her cum again and again as she licked out every last drip of Henry's white man-juice.

It wasn't only Mary Margaret and Emma who were enjoying the brunette pussy cleaning the blonde. Henry's dick was also rising again. Emma's hand reached out and she began to stroke the schlong, keeping it erect, though from the way Mary Margaret was slapping her tongue round the blonde's pussy, she thought that even without her help Henry wouldn't have had any trouble remaining erect. Mary Margaret pulled her head up from the pussy, licking her lips free of Henry and Emma's cum. She licked them again as she looked at the huge dick pulsing in her friend's hand, "Is it my turn again?"

Henry nodded, "Yes."

Mary Margaret rolled onto her front next to Henry and giggled as she moved her legs apart, "You got the energy to do me in the butt?"

"Yes," said Henry again, giving a toothy grin. He looked at Emma, "Could you lube me up?"

"I can, honey," said Emma. She got up and walked to the bathroom, opening the cabinet and pulling out the anal lube. By the time she got back into the room Mary Margaret had pushed her legs further apart and Henry was working a small plastic dildo into her back door. His cock was hard as he pushed the toy deep into the brunette's shitter and wiggled into to ease the hole. Emma got onto the bed and unscrewed the container. Henry left the toy wobbling in Mary Margaret's buttocks and lay on his back. Emma scooped out the lube and began to slide her hands up and down his schlong, feeling it throb under her hand as she gripped it and worked the lube into the flesh until the prick was smooth and shiny and slippery as an eel.

"Come on Henry, take me in my shitter, fuck my pooper," moaned Mary Margaret in excitement as Henry pulled out the toy. He moved over and spread her cheeks apart. His schlong moved in slowly, an inch in and half an inch out as he worked the oversized member down her tight hole. Mary Margaret was gripping her ass cheeks and pulling them apart to help him, pushing her buttocks up to meet his thrusts. She was groaning with pleasure as the hard member went down into her, "Ohhhh, ooooh, ooooh, Henry, ooooohh, ohhhh, ohhhh."

Emma slid her legs round so that Mary Margaret's head was resting on her pussy. As Henry pounded deeper and harder the vibrations shot through the brunette to the blond, making Emma gasp with pleasure. Mary Margaret was screaming and shouting, though the words were muffled by her mouth being stuffed in Emma's cunt. Henry was all the way in now, pumping and panting as his prick punished the pooper. He hammered the oversized dick down in and Mary Margaret's ass stretched painfully and pleasurably, making her squeal more into Emma and twist as she came again and again. Henry panted, "This is fun, you're so tight."

Mary lifted her head long enough to squeak, "Bang my butt, Henry, butt-bang me boy." Then her head was down on Emma again, except this time her tongue was out and she was licking at her friend's cunt even as her own ass was filled with a delectably oversized dong. Her body vibrated as she orgasmed, shaking like a leaf in a gale.

"Ooooooohhhh," Henry let out a long drawn out sigh of contentment as he shot his juice into Mary Margaret's butt. He flopped down exhausted as the cum leaked out over her cheeks. The brunette lifted her head from Emma's slot and began to kiss a tired out Henry with her pussy juiced tongue. Emma moaned with pleasure as she moved to drop down on the other side of her son, waiting until Mary Margaret had her fill before gently turning Henry's head and kissing him as well.

They lay like that, the women taking turns to lock lips with Henry whilst their hands moved over his smooth body until they all fell asleep.


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