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Once Upon A Time: A Storybrook Tale Part 2 (Fb)
by Neenah

Emma Swan rolled over and out of her bed. She could feel the cum trickling out of her aching pussy and down her thigh. Though she was sexually sated and happy, her cunt felt sore and aching as if a log had been jammed in. It wasn't a log of course, but the massive schlong of her eleven year old son, Henry Mills. The young boy was lying in the bed, his large prick starting to go limp, though from her experience over the last month it wouldn't take much for it to go big and hard again. Henry might be young, but he was a stallion, able to fuck her into blissful delight and then go again a few minutes later.

"Do you want anything from the kitchen?" she asked as she reached for her shirt.

Henry shook his head as she buttoned it up, "I'm okay."

"I'll be right back," said Emma and went downstairs.

Her flatmate, Mary Margaret Blanchard, was sitting at the kitchen counter and drinking a coffee. She looked up as Emma came into the room, "How's Henry?"

"Hung like a horse, as ever," smiled Emma. There were no secrets between the two friends and Emma had told Mary Margaret as soon as she started being boned by Henry. If nothing else it helped that his teacher knew where he was if he wasn't in class and was willing to cover him playing truant. Not that it mattered today, as it was a Saturday: though that had not stopped Henry's adoptive mother, Regina Mills, from going into her office as Mayor.

Mary Margaret nodded, "I heard you through the door. It seemed like Henry and you were having fun. Lots of fun." She sounded wistful. Her boyfriend, David Nolan, was trying to reconcile with his wife, which meant that Mary Margaret was as celibate as a nun. "Would you like a coffee?"

"Yes," replied Emma, "I need to keep my energy levels up for Henry. He can keep it up for ages, no-one told me how exhausting a younger boyfriend can be."

"At least you're getting some," said Mary Margaret as she poured the coffee, "I don't think I've had a dick in months. The only exercise my holes are getting are my fingers."

Suddenly Emma had an idea, "Why don't you fuck Henry one night? He's got plenty of stamina and I'm sure I could spare him for an evening. In fact, it'd be good because he might learn some new tricks and show them me - not that he's not bad in bed," she added hastily.

"Will he agree?" asked Mary Margaret. She hoped he would, she needed cock badly.

"I'm sure he will," said Emma, draining her coffee, "I have ways to persuade him."

She headed back to her room. Henry was still lying on the covers, reading his fairy tale book. Emma wondered if there was a story where the hero fucked his mommy, if there was she couldn't remember it at school. But as the hero had such a huge schlong Emma was sure that this was one tale that would end happily ever after. She undid her shirt dropping it to the floor and showing her large tits and fuckable pussy. Henry put the book away, his large member rapidly hardening as he looked at the sexy sheriff in all her naked glory.

Emma got onto the bed crawling towards him, "I've got a favour to ask?"

"What?" asked Henry.

Her tongue moved up his shaft, licking away the drying cum, his and hers, that was on it. His cock finished its hardening and became ten inches of massive meat. It was too sexy not too suck, "I'll ask in a moment," said Emma and placed her mouth down over the humongous dong. Her head moved up and down the shaft as she sucked him. Henry smiled as she sucked, his breathing controlled and his fingers moving through her hair. Emily sucked harder and harder, enjoying the taste of Henry's dick in her mouth and the feel of it against her cheeks.

"I'm going to cum," said Henry.

As she was about to ask him to fuck her friend Emma decided that she would swallow and continued sucking the cock and bobbing her head until Henry exploded in her mouth. The salty semen filled her mouth and she slurped and swallowed it all down, it was filled with protein and despite the saltiness, she loved the taste. She took her mouth off his cock and wiped away a trickle of extra sperm that had slid out of her lips.

"What's the favour?" asked Henry again.

"Will you bang Mary Margaret for me?" asked Emma.

"Yes," said Henry, "If you want."

* * *

"Goodnight Miss, see you tomorrow."

For a moment Mary Margaret didn't respond, her mind in a dream, then she quickly pulled herself together and answered, "Goodnight Jenny, see you tomorrow."

"I'm Florence, Miss," said the small girl. Mary Margaret ignored her as she started to hurriedly clear her desk of her papers and pens to take home. The girl waited for a few seconds and then seeing her teacher wasn't going to reply she turned and left, Miss Blanchard had been acting strange all day.

And that was because, little did Florence know, tonight was the night that Emma Swan had arranged with Florence's classmate, Henry, to come round and fuck Mary Margaret Blanchard. All day Mary Margaret had been looking forward to it, stealing little glances of Henry sitting their doing his work and trying to imagine what his prick looked like beneath his pants: big was the way Emma had described it; very, very big.

Her papers in her bag Mary Margaret hurried home. Henry had to go home to drop off his things and then to the Mayor's office to see his Mother before she went into council meetings until late. But then he was going to come over. Emma had arranged to be out on Sheriff's business, so it would just be Mary Margaret and the teacher reckoned she had just time to have a quick shower and get changed into something sexy before Henry came.

She did have time to change, a sexy see-through night-dress which went down to just above her thighs. She didn't bother with panties: they would not be needed.

The doorbell rang and she scurried downstairs.

"Hello Henry, come in."

"Thank you Miss Blanchard," said Henry politely and stepped over the threshold.

"We're not at school, so you can call me Mary Margaret," the teacher giggled, "especially given what we're going to be doing."

"Okay, Mary Margaret," smiled Henry back. He put down his rucksack, "You are looking very pretty in that."

"Thank you, I hoped you'd like it," Mary Margaret gave a twirl, showing her naked butt and the ripeness of her firm titties beneath the thin material. She saw a bulge under Henry's pants - it definitely seemed her friend Emma had been right about the size. Reaching out she took him by the hand, "I've got some ice-cream, do you want some?"

"Yes, please," said Henry. Mary Margaret was always so impressed by his politeness, Regina Mills might be evil, but she'd obviously taught Henry his manners well. Mary Margaret led to Henry into the kitchen, where she had two bowls of ice-cream ready and melting. She passed one to Henry with a spoon and took the other herself. She sat down at the table opposite Henry and began to eat her ice-cream. She wasn't interested in the taste or coldness, but by how sexily she could eat it. The teacher didn't so much as place the spoon in her mouth so much as suck it slowly, slurping down the ice-cream suggestively. She deliberately allowed some to trickle down her lips, so that her tongue had to move out and wipe it away slowly and seductively. Henry quickly guzzled down his ice-cream do he could watch her.

She took another mouthful, seductively sucking at the spoon, suggestively playing with it in her mouth and tongue. Henry's eyes lit up and she could see he was raring to go. She took another spoonful of ice-cream. This one never reached her mouth, deliberately and slowly she turned the spoon so that the ice-cream fell down over her titties. "Oops," she said. The ice-cream was cold, but it was worth it for the ravenous look on Henry's face as she rubbed at her breasts as she cleaned away the spillage. Her nipples went hard, pushing through the material.

"Shall we go upstairs and I'll get out of this thing?" said Mary Margaret.

"Yes," said Henry and showing he knew why Mary Margaret was inviting him upstairs, he added, "And I'll get out of my things as well."

"Of course," giggled Mary Margaret. She took his hand and led him to her room. She shut the door once in and unhooked her night-dress. It fell to the floor leaving her naked and exposed.

Henry showed his manners again, "You are very beautiful." He began to undress as Mary Margaret waited with excitement. She wasn't disappointed: as he pulled down his Y-fronts the biggest cock Mary Margaret had ever seen sprang to hard attention. It would have been large on someone twice his age, such as a college stud that Mary Margaret had used to fuck, on Henry's small body it looked ginormous. But also very hot.

He got onto the bed and sat on the side, as Mary Margaret got to her knees, "Let me suck that monster," she said. Without waiting for an answer she opened her mouth and moved her lips over it. After her recent period of chastity the cock tasted so good. She bobbed her head back and forwards, slurping and sucking at the sex-filled schlong. Her eyes looked up at Henry, sitting there watching her back and grinning as his huge member was sucked clean.

Mary Margaret got into a cock-sucking rhythm, her mouth moving up and down the hard shaft, leaving traces of spit in her wake and making the thick prick shine where she had sucked it. Henry continued to look down, beaming in pleasure as she sucked him off. She could taste the pre-cum, just as Henry's face contorted in joy. She quickly brought her head back as the cum exploded. It lashed onto her face and down her tits. She slid a finger over the silvery liquid and put it in her face, it was salty, but tasty, "Yummy," she grinned.

"Emma says so as well," said Henry. He rolled onto his back and started playing with his prick as he waited for Mary Margaret to join him on the bed.

She didn't straight away, going over and rubbing the wet cum from her body with a towel. It didn't take her long, but even in those few moments Henry had moved his prick from flaccid to hard. Mary Margaret got onto the bed, the sight of the cock and the aftertaste of the cum, joined together to make her feel hot and horny and more than ready for the big dick to go inside her. She said, "That dick looks so good."

"Emma always says that as well," said Henry. He looked at her, "Do you want it?"

"Oh fuck, yes, I want it," said Mary Margaret.

"Why don't you come and ride me then" said Henry, "It'll be fun."

"Oh yes," said Mary Margaret as she looked at the huge rod. She got up and started to lower herself, on her haunches, over the massive manhood. Henry held it, guiding it as Mary Margaret's cunt hovered above it and came down. She groaned as it started to enter. It was such a tight squeeze that at first she didn't think she'd be able to get it all in. Henry continued to keep one hand on it as he used the other to hold her waist and encourage her downward motion, Mary moaned, "It won't fit."

"It will. Push down," said Henry.

Mary Margaret did as he said. Her cervix seemed to expand as his cock went up and she gave another moan of pleasure. Even before her recent dry spell she'd never had a cock this big inside her, it hurt and excited her at the same time: the soreness less important than the bliss. She went down further, Henry letting go off his cock and just taking her waist, to guide her the remaining few inches. "Come on Mary Margaret, come on you can do it," he said in encouragement.

She gasped and threw back her head as she went down the full length, feeling his large boy balls against her. It stretched her having him in her, but it was stretched in a nice way and she said, "Oh that feels good, I love your big cock."

Mary Margaret sat like that for a few moments, Henry holding her waist and looking up at her, as she got used to it.

Then she began to bounce.

Her body moved up and down, her wet cunt sliding up and down Henry's meat. Despite it's size it moved easily, oiled as it was by his cum, her juice and the saliva from the blow-job. Henry also helped, thrusting upwards to meet Mary Margaret as she came down and ram his massive member over her e-zone. Mary breasts jiggled and bounced as she moved, the firm bosoms juggling sexily. She saw Henry was looking up and she made sure to wiggle them some more as she came down. Henry gripped her waist harder and smiled, "Come on Mary Margaret."

"Oh," groaned Mary, "Oh yes, oh yes." The prick filled her most satisfactorily, making her cum pleasantly with every thrust. He quicker and harder she moved, bouncing down on the cock, the more powerful the orgasm became, until she was moaning loudly and cumming hard. "Oh, Oh, Oh."

Henry thrust upwards, pushing his meat into Mary Margaret's wet cunt. Her sweat dripped down, together with lots and lots of pussy juice, as they energetically moved together. Her moans got louder and more intense as they slammed together, "Oh, Oh, OH."

Henry's back bent and he gave a grunt. His cock exploded cum into Mary Margaret's hole. She gave a final squeal as the warm liquid shot deep within her, further soaking her already sopping cunt. With a moan she pulled herself off and dropped down, so her sweaty body was covering his and her head resting on his heart. She felt the cum trickle down her cunt and said, "My God, that was fucking fantastic. I've never been fucked like that before."

Henry just smiled and said, "Give me a few minutes and we can do it again."

* * *

Emma Swan arrived home and hung up her jacket. It was dark outside and downstairs, but she had seen a light in Mary Margaret's room. The blonde Sheriff smiled, she was hoping that wasn't because Mary Margaret was up reading after a boring evening, but because Henry was still there. As she went up the stairs, her hope came true. From Mary Margaret's room came the sound of the dark haired woman cumming and the pants of Henry.

Emma opened the door and looked in.

On the bed lay Mary Margaret, her legs spread; on top of her, pumping down, was Henry.

Emma stood watching for a moment, a smile on her face: it looked like her friend Mary Margaret was getting all the dick she needed.


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