Once Upon A Time: A Short Story Part 1 - Hook And Emma (MF,oral,anal,drugs,mc)
by Insomniac

Hook had been trying to get with Emma ever since he met her. He had truly fallen for her, it was just a lust at this point. He thought she was the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Unfortunately Emma didn't feel the same. She had been so hard up since losing Neal she didn't want to open herself up again, in fear of being hurt. Hook decided the only way to get her to sleep with him was magic, he only knew one person who could possibly help him with magic.

Hook went to see Gold, even though they hated each other, Rumple could never resist a deal.

Hook entered the pawn shop. "Listen crocodile, I'd like to strike a deal," he said.

Gold: Oh really? You're never getting your hand back pirate, you got what you deserved he sneared.

Hook: It's not that. I want a little love potion.

Gold smiled: Ahh, can't win over Ms Swan with your charm. Like how you stole my wife, huh?

Hook: Listen crocodile, just give me something to help ease her tension and I'll be in your debt.

Gold thought for a moment and couldn't resist. "Here, put a little of this in her drink, should help a little, but Ms Swan is a tough girl, may not be enough. Best to do it when she's in lighter spirits."

Hook nodded and left. He was already planned to meet up with Emma at her house. Snow White and Charming had taken baby Neal out and gave Hook and Emma the house for the night. Hook was becoming more involved with Emma, but not at the rate he would have hoped. He got to Emma's and knocked on the door. She answered smiling.

Emma: Hey you.

Hook smiled and walked in. "How are you, darling?"

Emma: Great, I've got the food all ready, you hungry?

"Sure," he replied.

Emma was finishing in the kitchen when Hook noticed his chance, her drink was sitting on the table already. He opened the bottle and dumped it in. Emma then came to the table and they started to have dinner.

A few minutes in Emma took a drink from her glass. Hook smiled to himself as he thought of what could happen. A few minutes past and Emma stared to sweat.

Emma: Boy its hot in here, ya think?

Hook: No, dear, I'm alright.

Emma: Man, let me take this off.

Emma proceeded to take off her dress. Hook couldn't believe it, this must be because of the potion. Emma then was standing in just her bra and matching panties. Both a sheer white, which was left the panties practically see-through. His mouth dropped. She then continued to get fully nude. She had large breast that didn't drop an inch with the removal of her bra. She had a bare pussy except a small wedge shape just about her clit. Almost an arrow inviting someone in. Hook could feel himself getting hard.

Emma: Want to join?

Hook didn't need another hint. He too started getting naked. He dropped his pants leaving Emma staring at a 10 inch cock.

"WOW!" Emma gasped, "That's huge!"

Hook smiled. "I've been told."

Just then Emma leaped on a standing Hook and wrapped her legs around him. She was wet enough she didn't need foreplay. She mounted him in one jump. His ten inch hard cock penetrated all the way inside her hot cunt.

Hook: Holy fuck, doll. You are ready to go!

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! I fucking love your cock. FUCK ME! Hook, I want you to do something!"

"Anything, love, what is it?"

"I want... you to put your hook in my ass!"

"What?! Are you sure?"

"More than anything."

Hook slowly reached back to her ass, and slowly slid his hook in her hole.

"OHHHHH, that hurts so good." Emma pushed back so her ass covered his hook. "Let me know when your gonna cum."

"I'm not far off dear."

Emma dismounted and swallowed his cock, taking about 9 inches. She could feel his cock deep in her throat.

"OHH FUCK, EMMA!!!" Hook shot his load down her throat. "That was amazing Ms swan."

"I've got to be to bed though. Henry, Mary Margeret, David, and Neal should be back soon."

"No problem. Have a good night." Hook was so happy his plan worked, though he hoped Rumples favor wouldn't be too daft.

The next day Emma woke up with her vagina and anus incredibly sore. 'What the fuck happened last night?' she thought. 'Did hook ever even come over? Did we get drunk and fuck? If so... up the ass?'

Emma couldn't recall anything that had happened.


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