One Tree Hill: Whatever It Takes (FF,oral,anal,fist,BDSM,spank,toys)
by DarkRage6

Chapter 1

Few things are harder to deal with than having friends turn on you out of nowhere, Brooke Davis was definitely no stranger to that scenario, she'd gone through it with Peyton, with Rachel, and now it was happening with Millicent. She knew having Millicent model wasn't the best idea, as model's were under constant pressure to have a perfect slim figure, something Millie didn't have. Alex knew that as she'd used the term "plus-size model" and although she hadn't intended it as an insult, she may as well have just called her fat, Millie had gotten insulted by thinner women for her less-than-perfect figure all through high school, she tried to ignore they're comments, she knew she wasn't fat or bad-looking, but that didn't stop her from feeling insecure about herself, and Alex and all those people who talked about her online were unintentionally causing her to relive her high school days all over again, and since ignoring the comments hadn't helped in the past, Millie was determined to fit in for once by any means necessary.

Brooke could've tried to reassure her, but it would've done little good, since she knew Millie wasn't one to pass up an opportunity for success. And that was what worried Brooke most of all, she knew very well that success would lead Millie into more then just diet pills, she might soon get into drugs, and Brooke had already watched Rachel go through withdrawal symptoms, which was something that strongly affected of her, regardless of how she felt about Rachel after the argument with her. And of course Alex was going through it as well, causing Julian to spend more time with Alex then her. Brooke knew Julian wouldn't cheat on her, but that didn't stop her from worrying. So she'd thrown away her birth control as a failsafe, to make sure that Julian would get her pregnant.

Brooke was getting more nervous by the minute, she was worried about Julian spending more time with Alex, she was worried about whether she's been too hard on Rachel, and she was worried about what Millicent was doing right this second, Brooke had been hoping that Julian would call her, but he hadn't called back yet, "Why the hell isn't he calling me back?" Brooke thought anxiously. She was getting tired of waiting for him and everything, so she smashed her fist into the mirror in frustration, "Fine! If he wants to spend more time with that manipulative little bitch, then I won't be waiting around for him!" Brooke screamed to herself.

She decided it was time to act on something, she knew Millicent better then anyone, and she was the only person Brooke was sure she could help right now, so Brooke immediately went through her dresser, packing various items into a duffel bag. Brooke knew she had to save Millie before it was too late, and she had a plan to do it. It wasn't the most straightforward plan, but she was sure it would work nonetheless. Brooke immediately got into her car and drove over to Millie's as fast as she could without getting arrested, and walked to to the front door and hesitantly rang the doorbell, "please be OK" Brooke kept saying to herself over and over.

Chapter 2

"Why can't everyone be happy for me?" Millie thought out loud. "For once in my life I've got a chance at success and they all just want me to give it up? What the hell is their problem? They'll never understand what it's like being judged and I'll be damned if I'll let anyone ruin my shining moment!" she muttered angrily.

She had just finished inhaling the last of Alex's Coke, she'd taken it from her as payback for her "plus-size" comment, and she also reasoned that she might be saving Alex's life by taking it from her. To say she was unprepared for the sensation of getting high was a huge understatement, all her nerve impulses were reeling and she could barely stand still, she was pacing nervously and frantically. When suddenly she heard the doorbell ring, she immediately started panicking, "What if it was Mouth?" he couldn't see her like this! She went her bedroom and sat on the floor and started nervously rocking back and forth. "Go away! Go Away" she mumbled nervously.

Brooke had rang the doorbell 5 times and she still hadn't heard an answer, so she tried to open the door, but it was locked, so she started angrily kicking the door repeatedly as hard as she could, but the door still remained shut. Brooke was on her last nerve by this point, so she said "Oh fuck it!' and was thinking about pulling her gun out and blasting through the door, but then she noticed the partially open window by the kitchen. So she then quickly shoved it open, heaved her bag through and climbed in herself and shut the window behind her.

She immediately headed upstairs to the bedroom and was thinking "Please don't let me be too late!" Millicent jumped up when she heard her window open. "Oh shit!" she nervously exclaimed. She then hid in her closet, but then she heard someone coming upstairs, causing her to get even more rattled and she started shaking harder and muttering "Oh fuck!" repeatedly.

Suddenly the bedroom door slammed open, and she heard someone enter and shout "Millie, are you here?"

It was Brooke, she realized, she tried to stay still, but the drug's effects had not completely subsided yet and try as she might she couldn't keep still. Brooke heard noises coming from the closet after calling for Millie. She opened the closet door to find Millie nervously shaking. "Millie, what's wrong?!" Brooke asked in a scared voice.

"Nothing! Nothing's wrong! Nothing at all! Everything's just fine!" Millie responded nervously and frantically.

"Bullshit!" Brooke snapped venemously, "You're acting like you've got something to hide!".

Millie's eyes widened at that statement and she tried to avoid looking directly at Brooke. Brooke then had a sudden realization - Millie was on drugs. After watching Rachel struggle with her addiction, she knew the symptoms all too well, and Millie was definitely taking more then just pills. "What the hell are you on? You better tell me right now Millicent Huxtable!" Brooke demanded angrily.

Millicent knew she couldn't hide anything from her best friend, so she figured she might as well tell her now and get it over with. "Fine you want know so bad?" she asked. "I'm doing lines, nose candy, snow, whatever you want to call it!" she snapped.

Brooke gasped when she heard this, hearing her best friend admit she was doing coke was one of the most shocking and unpleasant moments of her entire life. It ranked right up there with getting assaulted by Xavier.

But her shock quickly turned to blinding rage, and she then grabbed Millicent by her shoulders and threw her on the bed angrily and yelled, "What the fuck is wrong with you? Taking diet pills is one thing, but doing drugs is just really fucking stupid!"

Millie then yelled back, "You don't know what it's like being a model! You have to look thin all the time and you can't screw up or you're out! All my life I've wanted to do something worth remembering, and now I've finally got my chance and im not letting anybody get in my way!"

"Oh is that so?" Brooke asked angrily "Is your chance of success worth all this shit? Huh, is it? You're well on your way to becoming a full-fledged anorexic junkie!" she snapped. "Exactly how is that worth being remembered for?" she asked.

Millie had no idea how to respond to that, so she just shrugged and looked away.

"Well I'm not about to let my best friend throw her whole life away over a few comments about her size," Brooke said icily. "No, I'm going to set you straight if it's the last thing I do. Besides, where the hell did you get coke from anyways?" she demanded.

"I stole it from that bitch Alex!" Millie laughed. "That'll teach her to insult me!" she said triumphantly.

"Really?" Brooke inquired, "Well, I'm going to have a little chat with her later then, but for now let's focus on you." Brooke then took a pair of handcuffs out of her bag, which made Millicent get a nervous look on her face.

"What are you going to do?" she asked nervously.

"Oh, you'll see!" Brooke said with a evil grin, "You'll see REAL soon!"

Chapter 3

Seeing Brooke with handcuffs and a evil smirk was making Millicent very uncomfortable, she knew Brooke didn't play around when she wanted something done. "Now, I'm going to handcuff you to the bed," Brooke said firmly, "but first, I want you to take off that Clothes Over Bros. dress that you stole! I still can't believe you did that!" Millie sensed that now was not a good time to get on Brooke's bad side, so she slid the dress off quickly, revealing that she was wearing black lace panties and a matching bra.

Brooke took the dress and stuffed it in her bag, and then she starred at Millie for a moment, admiring how good she looked. "Nice underwear," Brooke said out loud without realizing it.

"Thanks," Millie said in a tone that made it obvious she was uncomfortable about the comment.

Brooke then grabbed the handcuffs and told Millie to turn over and lie still, she did so without hesitation. Brooke then chained her wrists to the bed frame and said, "Alright it's time for you to be punished for what you did," Brooke said sternly, "I know deep down your still a good person, and I'm going to whatever it takes to get you back to normal!". Millie couldn't help but smile a little at hearing this.

"So first, I think a little spanking is in order, it should teach you not to disrespect the person who gave you a job and helped you through your relationship problems," Brooke said in a deadly-serious tone. Millie shivered a little upon hearing that, she's never been spanked before, not even during sex as her skin bruised very easily and it made her uncomfortable. "Don't worry," Brooke said in a reassuring tone, "I'm doing this for your own good, so please don't try to resist."

Millie obliged and kept still. Brooke then sat next to her on the bed, briefly admiring Millie's sexy ass, before winding up her arm bringing her open palm upon Millie's panty-clad ass as hard as she could. She got in a rhythm of spanking her and kept switching arms, so she didn't get tired too quickly. Millie winced in pain as she was being spanked. Brooke was alot stronger then she looked, as she had viciously beaten Xavier and fought off Psycho Derek, so every one of her blows left a painful stinging sensation akin to that of a bee sting. Millie kept as still as possible, determined not to struggle or cry. In fact part of her was somewhat starting to enjoy being spanked.

Brooke had been spanking Millie's ass raw for 5 minutes straight and her arms were starting to tire out. She gave Millie a few more smacks for good measure and stopped abruptly. She figured that she'd done enough for the moment and she was surprised that Millie hadn't struggled or objected in the least. In fact, after awhile she almost seemed to be enjoying it. Brooke then detected a sweet scent in the air near Millie. Brooke turned toward her in suspicion, could Millie have enjoyed the spanking that much? Brooke examined Millie's panties, and sure enough, there was a small wet spot around the crotch of them. Millie had gotten off on getting spanked by her!

Brooke sat there slightly surprised for a minute, before getting a sexy grin on her face. "So, Millie, I see you like getting spanked," Brooke said in a cheerful tone. Millie's cheeks turned bright red, this was easily the most embarrassing moment of her entire life, and she had a strong feeling that it wasn't going to be over just yet.

Chapter 4

Brooke was stunned that her best friend was getting turned on by being spanked. Had Millicent always had secret fantasies about her? She was determined to find out, so she gently asked Millie, "So, have you always thought about me like this?"

Millie's cheeks turned into every single shade of red imaginable when Brooke asked her that question. She secretly had thought of Brooke like that for awhile now but she'd never told anyone out of fear, not even Mouth. She was too humiliated to speak, so she just nodded her head quickly.

"Whoa! I never pictured you as being so, well open!" Brooke exclaimed excitedly.

Millie didn't respond, as she was still unable to form any words, and she was shocked to find herself fantasizing about Brooke eating her out while she screamed in pure pleasure. Her panties were completely drenched in her arousal, her clit was throbbing for attention, and her nipples were hard as diamonds.

Brooke loudly inhaled her luscious scent and could feel herself starting to get aroused as well. "Holy shit, your soaking!" Brooke exclaimed, taken aback. "Well, I suppose I should do something about that," she whispered in a very sexy, lustful tone that made Millie moan in pleasure. "Though I don't know if you deserve it after everything you've done," Brooke said firmly, "Maybe I should just leave you here and let you suffer while you think about what you've done!" she continued.

Millie's eyes widen in horror upon hearing that. Brooke wouldn't just leave her like this! Would she? "Luckily for you however," Brooke continued, "I'm not that cruel, so I'll give you what you want when I feel you've learned your lesson. You took your spanking pretty well, but I think it's time to kick things up a notch!" With an evil smirk, she then reached into her bag and pulled out a long leather whip. She cracked it once causing Millie to cringe. She knew exactly what Brooke planned on doing to her next, and she could tell Brooke wasn't going to hold back one bit.

Brooke hardly wasted any time as she removed Millie's bra and panties, the latter of which she ripped off, as they were ruined anyways. She took a brief moment to admire her nice 36 C breasts and her bare pussy. Millie had never felt so exposed and uncomfortable as she did now, she could feel Brooke's eyes starring right through her. She really hoped that Brooke would just get this over with and make her cum long and hard, as she was so horny she could hardly stay still. Brooke immediately started cracking her whip upon Millie's firm ass like there was no tomorrow. Millie shut her eyes and winced at every hit, but it still turned her on somewhat.

Brooke kept on whipping Millie's ass for a good 5 minutes before her arm started to get sore. It was bright red and throbbing by the time Brooke was done, she then turned Millie over roughly and then, to Millie's complete and utter shock, she placed the whip in her other hand and began furiously whipping her breasts. Millie bit her lip in an effort to avoid moaning in pain, not wanting to show any sign of weakness to Brooke if she could help it.

Brooke eventually stopped her assault on Millie's chest to her immense relief. She tossed the whip away and grabbed a hold of Millie's hair, pulled her close and starred directly into her face, then she sternly said, "Do you promise to stop doing drugs and pills and never touch them again?"

"Yes, I promise!" Millie responded quickly.

"Hmmm, I don't know if I believe you just yet. Maybe I will once you do something for me," Brooke said in sickeningly sweet tone.

"Like what?" Millie asked nervously.

"Like eating me out!" Brooke said with a wicked grin as she tore off her skirt and soaking wet panties.

Chapter 5

Millicent couldn't help but gasp upon hearing Brooke's request, but it was one of pleasure rather then one of shock or disgust.

"You don't have a problem with that, do you?" Brooke sneered menacingly.

"No, not at all!" Millie quickly responded.

"Good, now get to work! You better make me cum really hard or else!" Brooke demanded as she took off her shirt and bra, leaving her completely naked. She then lowered her dripping well-trimmed pussy over Millie's face.

Millie, not wanting to find out what the "or else" part was, wasted no time in going to town on Brooke. She licked, sucked, fingered Brooke's moist cavern as quickly as she could while Brooke gave loud moans of encouragement. Millie found that she absolutely loved the taste of Brooke's sweet nectar, she couldn't get enough of it. Cocaine had nothing on Brooke's love juices. Millie then decided to really speed things up and shoved her whole fist into Brooke and began chewing on her clit, causing Brooke to scream so loud that she was sure everyone on the block could hear them.

Millie could sense Brooke was on the verge of cumming, so she pulled her fist out and went back to licking her. She probed around with her tongue until she found Brooke's G-spot, she then repeatedly licked it while gently squeezing Brooke's throbbing clit until at last Brooke could take no more. She screamed at the top of her lungs as she had the most explosive orgasm of her life. She was squirting juices onto Millie like a geyser.

Millie tried in vain to drink as much of Brooke's honey as humanly possible, but there was just too much of it. It was almost 2 minutes before Brooke's orgasm finally subsided. She was panting like she'd ran a marathon and had to rest for several minutes before she had enough strength to speak. "So how did I do?" Millie asked in the most sweet and innocent voice imaginable.

"You were fucking fantastic!" Brooke said happily, that was the best orgasm I've ever had!"

Millie got a huge smile upon hearing Brooke compliment her performance, she then decided to be bold and asked her hesitantly, "Can you please make me cum now?"

Brooke turned to her while smiling and replied, "Sure, I think you've learned your lesson now." She then reached into her bag and took out a pink vibrator and a long black 8-inch strap-on dildo. She then turned the vibrator on the low setting and fastened the dildo to herself.

Millie quivered in anticipation as Brooke approached her. Brooke then told her "OK, I'm going to untie and uncuff you now and I trust you won't try to escape. Will you?" she asked.

"No fucking way in hell!" Millie responded eagerly.

"Good girl," Brooke said warmly. She then took the cuffs and rope off Millie and shoved the vibrator in Millie's pussy, causing her to squirm in pure pleasure. Brooke then got behind her and roughly shoved the dildo up Millie's ass after she lubed it up with her saliva and remaining juices. She roughly fucked her ass for a bit before pulling out and removing the vibrator from Millie's pussy. She then turned the vibrator up to the highest setting and shoved it in Millie's ass and quickly thrust her fake cock deep into her cavern.

Millie was thrusting herself at Brooke as hard as she could as she was aching to cum. Brooke then stopped her thrusts and once again removed the fake cock and vibrator from Millie, who almost cried at the loss of pleasure. That quickly changed when Brooke immediately dove into her pussy and started eating her out like it was her last day on earth. Millie was shrieking with pleasure and couldn't take it anymore. She felt herself tense up and then she screamed herself hoarse as she had the most mind-blowing orgasm or her life. Her pussy erupted like a volcano and her juices were pouring out. Brooke was rapidly drinking as much of the sweet substance as she could manage.

Millie came for what felt like an eternity before she finally collapsed in compute and utter exhaustion. She had never been more tired in her life, but she still managed to say "That was amazing!" in a weak, voice to Brooke, who smiled and gently kissed her on the lips. Brooke and Millie laid next to each other in bed for awhile, as they were both too tired to move. When they both finally recovered, Millicent was the first to speak.

"Thanks for helping me, Brooke," she said while smiling brighter than ever.

"Anytime," Brooke said half-laughing.

Millie then had a sudden realization. How would Mouth react if he found them both sleeping naked in each other's dried cum?

Brooke sensed her worrying. "Oh and don't worry about Mouth, I'll think he'll be more concerned about whether your ok or not, rather then you having sex with me," Brooke reasoned. "And besides, I'll bet you and me having sex was one of his biggest fantasies!" she said laughing.

Millie relaxed upon hearing this and she gently kissed Brooke on the lips. Then Millie asked, "But what if I go through withdrawal?"

"Well then, I would say the best thing to do is to take your mind off of it by pleasuring yourself," Brooke said with a smile.

"That actually works?" Millie asked in disbelief.

"Well it couldn't hurt to try now could it!" Brooke replied cheekily.

Both of them quickly fell asleep in each others arms, Millicent's last thought before she fell asleep was that she was eternally grateful to have a friend as amazing and devoted as Brooke Davis.


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