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One Tree Hill: Reward Ststem (mf,oral)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Nathan Scott walked into his house with a gigantic smile on his face. Earlier
today, after almost a week of waiting, he had received his first A in English
and was very excited to tell his tutor. Nathan Scott was not just any boy at
Tree Hill High, he was the star of the school's basketball team, at least he
was the star until that no good bastard brother of his showed up. But his
hatred of Lucas was behind him, especially since through Lucas he had met his
new tutor, Haley.

Just thinking about the luscious brunette brought visions of sexual fantasies
to his mind. The young girl was quite beautiful in her own right and despite
his friends ribbing about slumming, he knew he was the smart one for trying
to get with a hot little package like that.

Last time they had studied she had made a comment that really made him
excited, she told him that she would give him a reward if he managed to
procure (Her exact words) an A on his paper. One week latter and he was
about to see what sort of "reward" she was talking about.

Haley soon arrived excited at the prospect of another day studying with her
crush, Nathan Scott. She opened the door to his bedroom and couldn't help
giving him the biggest smile she could manage, as her fantasy driven mind
shifted into overdrive.

Nathan watched the brunette enter the room and looked her thin body up and
down, taking in every inch from head to toe. Haley was wearing a typical
outfit for the young tutor, Jeans and a T-shirt. The T-shirt was a surf
Malibu pink number that was almost translucent allowing Nathan to see the
outline of the young girls bra through her shirt, causing his imagination
to work overtime. Her hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail which was
hidden beneath a baseball cap. The brim of the cap was turned slightly to
the side, Haley liked the look and Nathan thought it was pretty cute.

"How did you do on the test" Haley asked with a smile as she entered the

"Well enough for a surprise!" Responded Nathan as he proudly held up his

"I didn't bring a surprise with me" Haley said embarrassed, and a little
shocked at Nathan's accomplishment.

"I'm sure you can come up with something" Nathan said suggestively looking
down at her ample bussom covered by her small tantalizing T-shirt. His cock
hardening at the sexual undertones he was implying to her.

Haley apparently got the hint as flicked off her baseball cap enticingly,
slowly she knelt to the floor, Kneeling before him as he sat on the bed
awaiting the next step in the little show she was putting on. Haley smiled
up at him, her full red lips twisting pleasantly into one of the most erotic
sights he had ever seen.

"I have just the thing for a smart guy like you" Haley said with a wink, and
with that she reached down and unsnapped the buttons on his jeans. She than
pulled down his underwear before he even knew what was going on. His cock
stood straight up in the air, the cool air ofd the room making him gasp in
surprise as Haley stared at the half hard fucking instrument.

"That's not quite as hard as I thought it would be" Haley said with some
disappointment, Nathan began to panic until Haley reached down to the edge
of her shirt, and with one quick yank pulled her shirt over her head.

Haley's bra clad breasts bounced free as the material left her chest, and she
licked her lips in anticipation of what was to come. Nathan's half hard cock
sprung to life at the sight of Haley's underwear, he had yet to convince her
to even go this far with him and the sight of her underwear made him horny as

Haley glanced at his hardened cock, "Well, that's a little better, but let's
see what else we can make it do."

Haley smiled at Nathan and gave him a little wink as her hands moved behind
her back and unsnapped the sportsbra that held her boobs aloft. The material
fell to the floor and let her braless breasts fall forward. She was still
young and her boobs did not sag at all as Nathan gazed hungrily at the twin
globes. Her breasts were smaller than most but that just made her nipples
seem all the larger, they were huge brown stains on the perfect pale globes,
with rock hard points that betrayed her arousal of the situation.

Nathan let out an involuntary moan as he gazed at her chest, Haley smiled at
his reaction, things were going according to plan so far. "Time to get your
reward" Haley said with a smile, and before he knew what was happening her
mouth had engulfed his cock in one swallow.

Nathan was shocked, he had been hopeing for a sexual favor but had never
dreamed that it could come true without any prodding whatsoever! Now Haley
was kneeling between his legs with her hot mouth over his cock sucking his
dick like a pro. Nathan wondered just how she had become so good.

Haley meanwhile was enjoying the basketball stars cock, she had practiced her
blow jobbing technique on many a dildo and now was enjoying tasting the true
flesh of one she lusted after. Her lips and mouth moved down over the head of
his cock and sucked gently, lifting the barest traces of precum onto her
tongue, assaulting her taste buds with his taste.

Nathan moaned in pleasure for the first of many times as Haley pulled her
mouth off his cock only to begin licking his shaft up and down. He shivered
in pleasure, feeling like a building shaking in an earthquake. Nathan wanted
nothing more than to stay in her warm hot mouth, and who was he kidding, he
planned to spend as much time as he could there.

Haley smiled at Nathan's predictable, yet entertaining reaction to her expert
cocksucking. She smiled sweetly before turning the blow job into an even more
unforgettable experience. Making noises at the back of her throat, Haley
began to hum Brittany Spears hot I'm a Slave For You. As the vibrations
tickled her throat walls, his cock felt like it was being internally massaged
by her delicate speech, the Vibrations greatly increasing his pleasure as the
sexual act continued.

Haley pressed her wet lips against his hard shaft, stopping the cum from
bubbling over and prolonging his orgasm to create more pleasure. Haley
continued her expert blowjob, sucking and licking his shaft up and down as
Nathan struggled to keep from not screaming her name in pleasure. This is
well worth studying for!, Nathan thought to himself.

Haley pulled herself off his shaft and smiled up at Nathan, her lips covered
in precum and saliva. Haley looked at the still hard cock before her, she
scrunched her eyebrows and forehead in concentration, something that Nathan
always found discreetly sexy in the face of his tutor. Now that gaze of
contemplation was not on the books she was studying, but apon his cock. Haley
took a deep breath and gently blew it out of her lips, the cool air rushed to
his cock and blew over his skin like a whisper, he shuddered in delight as he
looked back down at Haley, just in time to see her lean down and engulf his
cock once more.

This time he couldn't keep his hands to himself and placed his right palm on
the back of her head, pressing her mouth forward and deeper onto his cock.
Haley didn't mind and in fact seemed to like being pushed around, she gladly
took the extra length down her throat, and even pressed her face deeper into
his crotch to take the entire shaft. His cock was down her throat, he felt
like he was fucking her head as she allowed him to force her mouth up and
down his shaft.

Nathan couldn't hold back any longer, although he made a valiant attempt to
keep the session going. He came hard, his creamy white cum shooting down
Haley's throat and into her mouth, Haley took the entire large load and
savored the taste in her mouth before swallowing the salty liquid happily.

As Nathan lay back recovering from the deliciously powerful orgasm she had
given him, Haley stood up and moved to the door. Picking up her shirt and
bra, her young pert breasts swaying slightly as she bent over, she opened
his door and turned to him.

"See what you get next time" Haley said as she gave Nathan a little wink and
left the room. His gaze was still firmly attached to her swaying ass as she
pulled the shirt over her head and headed for the exit. If this, or something
better, was what he got for studying than the chances of falling behind in
his schoolwork would be astronomically low.

The End.......For Now......


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