The following story is from the WBs One Tree Hill. This story is fictional
and for entertainment purposes only.

One Tree Hill: Mom Stayed Out Late (MF,M-dom,inc,cream pie,preg)
by HornyIndian_181

Lucas had been waiting all night for his mother to come home from her date.
When he looked at the clock, it was 12:30 and he was be ginning to get
worried. He was about to call the police when finally she walked in.

Lucas: Where have you been?

Mom: I was out on my date.

Lucas (in a mocking tone): Do you realize how late it is young lady?

Mom: Well, yes I do. I stayed past my curfew.

Lucas: What am I going to do with you young lady?

Mom: I don't know, punish me?

Lucas: I think a punishment is proper. You need to be taught that staying
late is unacceptable.

Mom: Oh my, please Lucas, don't punish me. I promise I wont do it again.

Lucas: Mom! You know the rules. Now you have to face the consequences. Now,
I want you to take off your clothes, but leave your bra and panties on.

Lucas' mom did what she was told. She took off her jeans and shirt, but left
her panties and bra on as asked.

Mom: I just stayed past my curfew a half hour late!

Lucas: But you still broke your curfew. Now lie on the floor and spread your

She laid on the kitchen floor. Lucas took off his jeans and boxer, exposing
his 6 inch cock. He then moved in between his mothers legs and laid an top of
her, rubbing his cock against her panties.

Lucas: Put your hands behind your head.

Mom complied. Lucas then started to slowly grind his cock against his
mother's pussy. Making sure she would feel each thrust. Soon, he was dry
humping his mother on the kitchen floor.

Lucas (rub his dick across her panties): Oh fuck, mom!

His pace was getting faster and faster.

Mom (moaning): Oh Lucas! Oh Lucas

After a few minutes of dry humping his mother on the floor. Lucas began to
slow down and grabbed his balls. He didn't want to cum yet.

Lucas: Flip on your back.

Lucas mom did as she was told. Lucas then laid on top of her, putting his
cock between the crack in her ass. He then put his full weight down and
rubbed his cock up and down her ass. First very slowly, and then with a
few hard pounds. He continued to hump his mother, making sure she felt
him. He then held his balls, to make sure he wouldnt cum.

Lucas: Alright mom, I'm going to stand up and I want you to get on your knees
and suck my dick.

Lucas' mom got up and went down to her knees. She grabbed Lucas' dick and
started to stroke it and then put his cock in her mouth. She moved up and
down his shaft.

Lucas: Oh mom, fuck yeah!

He grabbed onto his mother's head and started to mouth fuck her.

Mom (trying not to gag): Ummphhh!!!

Lucas continued to fuck his mothers mouth until he was about to ready to
explodebut he was able to maintain his composure.

Lucas: Okay, now its time for me to blow a load into your pussy. Perhaps
that will teach you a lesson. Stand up and turn around!

Lucas' mom stood up and bent over. Lucas came over and pulled her panties to
her knees. He then mounted his cock and slowly inserted it all the way into
his mother. He then grabbed her hips and gave a thrust forward.

Mom (as Lucas' dick shot through her pussy): OH GODDDD!!!!

Lucas withdrew and then slammed into his mother again. Another loud moan came
from her. Lucas started with slow deep thrusts and then began to really slam
her pussy. She had to hold onto the door frame to maintain her balance. Lucas
continued to fuck his mother standing doggie style for awhile, varying
positions to make sure she would feel each thrust.

Lucas: Okay, now I'm going to sit on the chair and I want you to sit on my
cock reverse cowgirl with your legs in between mine.

Mom did as she was told and Lucas and his mother began to fuck again. He
grabbed onto her hips to gain more leverage when slamming down. Finally,
Lucas was ready to blow his load.

Lucas: Okay, mom, I'm about ready to cum in you. I want you to lie on your
back in a conceivable position.

Lucas' mom lied on the floor and moved into a position where her son could
have deep penetration. Lucas then lied on top of his mother and began to hump


Lucas was humping his mother wildly and she could feel his cock tremble.
Finally, Lucas arched his back and slammed into her pussy, releasing waves
after waves of hot cum that shot straight to his mothers cervix.

Mom (she moaned as she felt the cum shoot into her.): Oh...

Lucas emptied his balls and then collapsed on top of his mother.

Lucas (breathing heavily): There that should teach you a lesson the next time
you decide to stay out late.

Lucas then got up leaving his mother to think about her pussy full of baby
making sperm.


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