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Oh! My Goddess!: Oh! My Urd Category: Animation,
by Sethite Set

Urd was in the kitchen, preparing green tea. She finally sent the annoying kid Skuld away for a whole week, leaving Belldandy, Keichi and her alone in the shrine, where they were living. The white haired goddess knew that with her youngest sister along, Bell and Kei may only dream about having some intimate time. Skuld was still angry at Keichi, blaming him for "stealing her sister". So Urd decided that she will do anything to help them. It was grotesque, two young lovers being together for such a long time and they haven't had even a chance for a kiss.. She had to do something. And she did.

"Onee-sama?" - Urd suddenly heard the voice of her sister. Belldandy, dressed in her white, one piece dress, with a blue ribbon around her neck, walked into the kitchen - "I want to ask you about..." - her face went red, making Urd grin. Her younger sister was damn shy.

"Yes, Bell?" - She asked.

"Uhm... yes... how..." - it was a hard thing for the first class goddess to ask her sister about it, but Urd understood everything without words. She smiled.
"Yeah, I just wanted tell you that I'm leaving for a party tonight".

"Really?" - Bell smiled cheerfully.

"Yes, so you can be finally home alone" - she winked at Belldandy conspiratorially.

"Oh, onee-sama!" Her sister blushed. It was a cute and innocent blush, that made Urd almost laugh. Gosh, she was a first class goddess with unlimited power, able to destroy whole planets, but when it comes to those things, she was useless. But she was her sister. So Urd hugged her, whispering to Bell's ear "good luck!"

Of course, there weren't any parties she was invited to. But Urd was sure that Saturday night at the big city couldn't be boring. She wore black high heels, fishnet stockings, a short leather dress, a black top and dark blue jacket plus a single gold bracelet on her right wrist. "Now, time to hit the town" - she said, starring at herself, while standing in front of the mirror and checking her makeup. Without a word, she left the home, hoping that Keichi and Belldandy are going to have a good time together. They deserve it.

"Taxi!" She cried, seeing the car with a lit sign on the roof. When it stopped, she thought that she had amazing luck. It was late and to catch a taxi in that area wasn't an easy job.

"To the centre" - she said to the driver, when she was inside the cab. The doors closed and the car drove into the night. Urd hadn't any plans, but there were so many clubs, so she was sure that she'll find a suitable place to have some fun, get some drinks and dance. So she placed herself on the soft taxi seat, thinking about that possibilities that Saturday night offers.

"Leaving home that late, Urd?" She suddenly heard a voice. It was voice of the driver. And it was familiar voice.

"What? Who are you?" - asked surprised Urd.

"Huh, you don't recognize your own aunt?" - The car stopped and the driver turned to the now deeply surprised goddess. It was a woman wearing the usual taxi driver suit. She had long, blonde hair, falling down on her back. Half of her face was a look of stunning beauty, but the second looked like a rotting corpse.

"Hel?" Urd was more than surprised, she was shocked, seeing the sister of her mother there. Hel was one of the lords of the land of death. She rebelled against the Hild and after her defeat, Urd's mother sent her away, into the deepest voids of the underworld. She had to spend eternity there. But it seemed that eternity was over, because she was there. Was it possible that Hild set her free? Or maybe she just escaped?

"At last you remember my name, sweet. I thought you just forgot about me, just like your bitchy mom".

"How can you..." Urd was speechless. She couldn't believe that Hel was here. It was impossible to leave her prison. But from her words she could guess that Hild wasn't the one that let Hel go out of her prison.

"That's not of your concern. You may believe or not, but there are still persons down there who are supporting me. I'm still too weak to fight my place and position back, so I thought I'll have a little fun with you first".

"In your dreams!" said Urd with a loud tone, while gathering her power. Her body begun to shine from growing force. She wasn't the strongest goddess, but she was ready to fight.

"Na, na, na..." - Hel waved her hand in protest - "Before you'll do anything, just look at this" she rose the shinning ball. In the glass, Urd could see the shrine where she, along with Belldandy, Skuld and Keichi, was living.
"I left there one of my minions. He's gonna burn that place in one second when I tell him to.. Do you think you're able to beat me in less than a second?"

She wasn't. Urd clenched her fists, letting her power out, knowing that she is in Hel's might. That witch probably hated her as much as her mother. It was a serious situation.

"Ok, you won... for now. What's next?"

"Next we're going to have a ride"

Urd spend the next few minutes in gray silence, thinking how to free herself from that terrible situation and help Belldandy. She also needed to inform Hild about Hel's escape. Then a car stopped, and the doors on both sides opened.

"Come on, girls!" said Hel, as two girls went inside the car, sitting on both sides of Urd. One of them was a punk dressed chick, with pink iroquois on her head. She was wearing a leather jacket and tight, black jeans with some metal chains on them. On her legs were heavy, army shoes. Second, in contrary, had a Paris Hilton image, platinum blonde hair, pink mini dress, blouse in similar color and some golden jewelry. On her feet were pink heels. Both were tall and slim, although the punk one looked stronger.

"Meet Ganglati and Ganglot, my most devoted servants" - Hel grinned as the girls positioned themselves on Urd's sides - "Girls, as I told you, this is Urd, daughter of that bitch Hild, thanks to whom I was where I was. Give her a warm welcome".

"Hi, I'm Ganglot" the pink dressed girl moved near Urd and kissed the surprised goddess straight into her lips, giving her a long and passionate kiss. Her tongue forced its way inside Urd's lips and begun to play. In the same time, Urd heard the voice of the second girl.

"I'm Ganglati" her hands cupped Urd's breasts, while she was licking and biting the neck of the goddess. Urd wanted to resist, but she was sure that Hel might carry out her threat then. Ganglati and Ganglot were caressing and fondling her body, while Hel was driving them into the centre of the city. Their fingers were everywhere, molesting Urd unmercifully.

"Mmmmmm" - Ganglot broke the kiss, giving Urd little time to catch her breath, because Ganglati was next to have a long, French kiss with the goddess. Urd never experienced such things in her life, she had nothing against sex, but only with guys. Doing this with girls wasn't comfortable for her, but she had no chance to resist their efforts. A hand (she wasn't sure whose) went between her legs, caressing her womanhood through the material of her panties. Soon the helpless goddess's moans filled the car along with wet sounds of the kisses. Hild grinned. She knew her girls are doing their job well.

After about thirty minutes the car stopped. They parked before "Rainbow in the Dark", a low class dance club. Ganglot and Ganglati finished their play with Urd and helped her to dress all the clothes they stripped from her. The trio, along with Hel, left the car and entered the club. Hel took her place in the corner of the club, the dead half of her face was covered with her long hair. The girls lead Urd to the bar. While they were walking there, Ganglot rounded Urd's waist with her arm, while Ganglati cupped Urd's ass with her palm. They were looking like a lesbian trio, having a good fun and looking for more.

"Jack Daniels times three!" - ordered Ganglati and quickly three glasses of golden whiskey where standing on the bar before them.

"Come on, drink!" said the punk, as she handed the glass to Urd. The tan skinned goddess wasn't sure, but at last, it was better than being constantly groped in the car. She emptied the glass with a few gulps. When the empty glass landed on the bar, she saw two glasses standing in front of her.

"Now, drink to my health!" Ganglot gave her own glass and when Urd finished that, Ganglati told the goddess to drank from her glass too. When she finally finished, she saw another two full glasses, full of golden liquid.

"No, no more..." she protested - "I'll surly get drunk".

"Oh come on, it will only warm you up a little" Ganglati caressed Urd's ass, as she pushed the glass into the goddess hand.

"But I..."

"Ekhm..." - she heard the voice of Hel in her head.

"Ok, I'll drink it" - said the goddess, and with a trembling hand she took the glass, drinking slowly its contents. Whiskey was burning her throat; it was thick and strong, so after the fourth glass Urd could feel a little dizzy.

"Ughm... I feel.... A little..."

"Come on, to the bottom" Ganglot moved her glass to Urd's lips, forcing her to drink the alcohol. As the liquid was running down her throat, some part of it went out, down her neck. In the same time the pink dressed girl was rubbing her hand against Urd's pussy. Urd was feeling equally dizzy and hot. Light and rhythmic techno music around were making her head spinning.

"Gah... I feel... hard..."

"Ok, let's dance now!" commanded Ganglati. They took Urd by her hands, because the goddess had a little problem with walking. Loud, disco music was filling that place along with Urd's head. Soon she found herself positioned between the two girls. Ganglati placed herself behind the goddess and begun to move up and down, rubbing her body against Urd's. Punk girl cupped Urd's breasts, mashing and caressing them. In front of the tan skinned goddess was Ganglot, the girl in pink clothes. She hugged Urd and begun to French kiss her, while her hands were rubbing Urd's ass and pussy.

Urd didn't protest while Hel's servants were molesting her in the public, dancing with her. Ganglati was licking her neck, while Ganglot had her time with her mouth. They changed soon after. Soon Urd's jacket was on the floor, along with the girl's tops. The sexy trio was dancing only in their bras. Men all around were starring at the sexy show with astonishment. Some of them were taking photos with their cell phones.

The white haired goddess was in seventh heaven. Alcohol helped her to forget about the circumstances that lead her there. Now she was willing to play with the girls, she was kissing them back with delight. Her body was all hot and warm. Ganglot left them for a little time, came to the bar and bought a bottle of cheap wine.

"Now, open wide" - she said, while pouring the wine into Urd's mouth. The poor goddess had to drink it all, no matter how foul and ugly was the taste of the booze. When the bottle was half empty, Ganglati begun to push Urd down, positioning the drunken goddess on her knees between Ganglati's legs.

"Lick me up!" - She said, revealing her pussy to Urd.

"Mah... gah... ngmhm..." was all Urd was able to say, before her face was pushed to Ganglati's crotch. Drunk and confused, Urd begun to move her tongue inside the punk's pussy, sipping her juices. After that, the sexy dance made her horny; she couldn't stop eating pussy, even when Ganglati was spraying her face. She was holding Urd's head in her hands.

"What a whore!" cried someone from the crowd, seeing the helpless goddess licking pussy with gusto.

"Yes, there, there... Ohh yesssssss!!" Ganglati moaned loudly as she experienced the orgasm. Ganglot didn't waste any time, she grabbed Urd by her silver hair and pushed the goddess's face into her pussy. Soon Urd was licking the second pussy with the same vigor. From the distance, Hel was watching everything, recording every single second with her magic ball.

"I can't believe it" said one of the guys starring at everything - "A lesbian show for free. It's amazing!"

"Ughm... slurp... mhmmm... slurp" those were the only sounds Urd was making while eating Ganglot's pussy. Ganglati removed the goddess's bra and knelt behind her, playing roughly with Urd's breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples painfully. At the same time she was whispering in her ear naughty words, telling her that she is a slut and her only goal is to be a sex toy. Normally, Urd would ignore such words, but her current state was far from normal. Thanks to the alcohol and sexual daze, she was listening obediently. With her face between Ganglot's legs it was all she could do.

"Ooooooh! I'm cumming!" cried the pink dressed girl as she orgasmed. River of her love juices sprayed Urd's face again. Then Ganglot pushed the out of her pussy and looked at the crowd that gathered around them. Guys were aroused, without any doubts. Ganglot winked to her punky friend.

"Ok, pussy licker, time for some meat!" - Said Ganglati, as she turned to the crowd - "Which one of you wants a blowjob from our slutty friend? She just told me that she secretly wants to have her face covered with a male's jism".

"I don... gah...mmmphmmmm!!!" Urd tried to protested verbally, but before she was able to create one full sentence, a long cock was pushed between her lips. Soon a line was formed. Ganglati and Ganglot were standing near, telling the guys that all they have to do is to shoot their loads on Urd's face. They told them it's because she heard that male's cum is perfect for her skin softness.

"Have some shampoo too" Ganglati gathered a solid part of jism from Urd's face and mashed it with Urd's hair. Guys were coming and coming, the line becoming much longer than Urd expected. Soon her entire face was covered with sperm, without a single free inch. Many photos were taken during this marathon of blowjobs.

"If you're enjoying her, you just have to meet her sister, she is way more slutty than her!" Ganglati and Ganglot were saying as they were handing the guys cards with the phone number and home address of Belldandy "Ask about Bell!".

When the last customer emptied his cock, Urd fell on the floor. The girls dragged her into the bathroom and washed her face and hair from the sticky, stinky cum. Cold water helped her to get conscious a little. When she was clean, they dressed her back and returned to Hel.

"Gah... I did... what you... want nghhh..." it was hard for Urd to say anything, as she was forced to kneel "Let me...hammm....gahhh... go...".

"No, no, no, my dear Urd" Hel cupped her chin "The night is still young and we have many things to do. Let's go, girls."

Ganglati and Ganglot helped Urd to walk and packed her to the car. Hel took the place of the driver, while the two girls began their play with Urd again. This time they placed her on their laps and started to spank her. Their hands were hitting her butt and with brutal force, making her to groan unhappily. When one of them was spanking her, the second was telling how low of a slut she is and how being a sex slave is the only way of life suitable for her.

"Don't you agree, bitch?" She asked.


"Slap!" Ganglati's open palm hit her face, leaving a red mark on Urd's face.

"Yes, yes..." quickly corrected herself Urd.

"That's right, you're learning quickly"

The car stopped. It was dark outside, but even the half drunken Urd recognized that they were in the worst part of the city, the slums. Ganglati and Ganglot helped her to get out of the car. Soon they saw a bunch of homeless guys, sitting around the small fire.

"Hey boys, how long since you had a live girl?" Asked Ganglati, forcing Urd on her knees "Luckily for you, we have here a really unsatisfied one. Have fun with her".

She didn't have to tell them twice. Soon their hands were all around her perky body. Urd groaned when their fingers touched and teased her crotch and buttocks, quickly pulling her panties down. Soon both of her big breasts were sucked and bit roughly. It was horrible, being touched and licked by these unknown, horrible men, but on the other hand, the tan skinned goddess found it kinda erotic. She forgot why she was obeying Hel, about Belldandy and Keichi.

Their tongues parted her pussy lips and ass cheeks, another guy was licking her belly. The drunken goddess was rocking back and forward, between two homeless winos licking both of her holes. They weren't very experienced in such things, but Urd was aroused enough to cum quickly, spraying her juices into the mouth of the man who was licking her pussy. He drank everything, licking and playing with her swollen clit. Her long moans were heard in the whole alley. Ganglati and Ganglot laughed, while Hel was recording everything.

"All right, time for the real thing" - both guys who were licking her holes, rose and unzipped their trousers. Urd could feel their manhoods rubbing her ass and womanhood. They penetrated her at once, grunting as they were pushing their dicks into her. Their hands grabbed her by her hips, forcing their erections with much power.

"Ohhhh goooodd.... So gooood..." the white haired goddess couldn't hide her emotions and feelings any longer. She was rocking faster and faster, forcing herself on both of their cocks. She was in sexual delight. Soon the trio begun to grunt and moan, as they came all at once. The men removed their dicks from her. Flood of cum poured out of her openings. Urd fell on her knees, licking their cocks clean. Her fishnet stockings were now in ruins, but she didn't care. Some more guys approached, to have their time with her too.

Urd spent hours in the alley, pleasing them in every way they wanted. She sucked a big number of cocks, so her belly was now filled with their sperm. Her pussy and ass were reamed hard, and her dark nipples were all in pain thanks to the rough treatment. She was nude, her clothes were lying torn on the earth, only her black heels were still in the same place. Semen was all over her body. Finally, when the last man emptied his cock inside her womanhood, Hel's servants took her back to the car. They wiped her clean with the pieces of her own clothes as best as they could. Hel was sitting in the open doors of the car, waiting, as the semi conscious goddess was brought to her knees.

"Now" - She cupped Urd's chin "I have some questions about my dear sister. Hope you'll cooperate..."

"Anything you ask...mistress..." Urd open her mouth, only to let another string of saliva mixed with semen slip out.

Belldandy woke up with Keichi by her side. The brown haired goddess smiled to her memories of last night. Finally, they did it and it was great. Secretly, she wanted more, but Keichi went to sleep just after. She walked down, dressed only in white chemise, when the phone rang.

"Yes?" Belldandy picked the receiver up.

"Bell?" she heard a strong, male voice "Would you like to suck my cock?"
The blushing goddess put the receiver down, but only a minute later the phone rang again. And it didn't stop.

Much later
Hel was sitting on the throne that belongs to the queen of the underworld. Well, technically now it belonged to her. The Goddess of death smiled. With the help of Urd, her rebellion was quick and successful.. She rewarded Urd, of course. The tan skinned goddess was kneeling on her left, chained to the throne with a small, golden chain. Urd was naked, her magnificent, long white hair was cut down. On the right, was Hild, former queen of the underworld. She was nude and bald, as well as her daughter, with a black mask on her face. Hild was now busy with licking the boots of Hel, while Urd was starring at her queen with love and lust in her eyes.

The End


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