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Rating: PG-13

Summary: The 10th in a new on going series, exploring the life of Once and
Again's wonderful characters of Jessie Sammler and Katie Singer. In This
edition Jessie's confession to Lily takes a strange twist. While Sarah and
Zoe have a heart to heart.

Once And Again: Jessie And Katie Part 10 - Mi Mono Pequeno
by The Vert Man ([email protected])
edited by Chris Franklin

With her heart pounding and her palms beginning to sweat, Jessie uttered the
words that would change her life forever, "Because I am too....."

"You are what sweetie?" Lily asked looking around as she hung up the phone.
Shaking Jessie back to reality as Sarah, Grace and ZoŽ disappeared back into
the bedroom. Looking down she noticed the glass of milk was gone and Lily
was staring at her with a puzzled look on her face. "Are you feeling ok?"

"Yeh, I was just thinking out loud again, you know me," Jessie said smiling
and thinking to herself, that she had imagined the whole thing.

"Yeh, I really like Sarah," Lily said, "we should have her over more often,
cause if Grace and ZoŽ are so crazy about she can't be all that bad."

"Yeh she's not so bad" Jessie said looking intently at Lily and thinking
seriously about telling her she was gay, for real. "Lily" Jessie said very

"Yeh," Lily said turning around and walking over to the counter and sitting
down opposite Jessie. Seemingly sensing she had something important to say.

"If I tell you something will you promise not to say anything to anyone,"
Jessie asked with her heart really pounding and her palms sweating as she
thought about how stupid that question sounded.

"Of course," Lily said looking worried.

"Morning," Katie said as Lily looked up and smiled at Katie.

"Morning?" Lily asked, "don't you mean afternoon sleepy head"

"Yeh, ok afternoon," Katie giggled, "Jessie let me sleep to late."

"Now what where you gonna say?" Lily asked. Jessie suddenly decided she
couldn't say anything with Katie in the room.So she tried to quickly cover
it up with a small white lie.

"UMMMM," Jessie stumbled as her mind raced, "it's just that....I think Grace
has a crush on Sarah."

Lily looked at Jessie in surprise as did Katie.Jessie closed her eyes briefly
and thought how much she wanted to tell Lily and how mad Lily might be for
telling such a lie on her daughter. Opening her eyes Lily smiled and got up
from the counter to check on the water now running in the sink. Seeing this
Katie quickly pressed her lips to her girlfriend's forehead as Jessie smiled
and squeezed her hand. Katie then whispered, "What was that all about?"

"I'll tell you later," Jessie mouthed to Katie as Lily turned around.

"Jessie," Lily started after thinking for a few seconds, "Sarah obviously
makes Grace very happy when she's around, so if she does have a crush or
even something more.It's not ever gonna change the way I look at Sarah."

"Oh my god," Jessie said standing up and walking around the counter, "I
didn't say that because I wanted you to hate Sarah. It just sorta slipped

"Honey, it's ok," Lily said hugging Jessie, "I know what you meant."

Jessie wondered if Lily really knew she was just covering up for what she
was gonna say until Katie came into the room or if it was just Lily being
Lily. She came to the conclusion then, that when she finally did get the
courage to tell someone, Lily might very well be, the first person she

"Besides if Grace being gay is the worst thing she ever tells me, I think
I'm doing pretty good," Lily said as Jessie hugged her again and Katie jumped
up and threw her arms around Lily and Jessie.

"You just missed Sarah and Grace," Lily commented a few seconds later and
handing Jessie and Katie a glass of milk.

"Sarah's here again," Katie asked.

"Yeh, her and Grace have become quite the friends lately," Lily said.

Just then the phone rang and Lily answered it, telling Jessie and Katie she'd
be right back as she left the room for a second. Jessie looked to make sure
the coast was clear and turned to smile at Katie.

"Hey, you know what?" Jessie said kissing Katie playfully, "I love being in
love with you."

"You love being in love with me, huh," Katie asked giggling and returning
the kiss, "that's the goofiest thing you've ever said."

"Yeh, but it's true," Jessie said, paying no attention to Katie's remark.

"I know and I am the luckiest person in the world for it," Katie replied and
after a few short kisses and took a long drink of milk and soon both settled
in at the table. "So what was up with the Sarah and Grace thing?"

"Up?" Jessie asked, "Why does something have to be up?"

"Well, I come into the room and hear you telling your Mom about Grace having
a crush on Sarah" Katie said," and it looked to me like you where about to
say something else."

"You know me to well," Jessie smiled thinking about Katie calling Lily her
mom and decided to just let it go instead of pointing out the obvious, "and
your right."

"So you where gonna tell her something?" Katie asked, "I knew it."

"Yeh," Jessie said talking in a lower voice, "I had this weird day dream
about me telling her, I was gay, it was so real. So I decided to just go
ahead and do it."

"And I sorta interrupted it, huh" Katie asked.

"Yeh and I had to cover," Jessie said, "but after the way she acted I'm
thinking we should tell her."

"Whenever your ready," Katie said smiling, "you know I'll be there if you
need me."

"Yeh, I know," Jessie said taking Katie's hand.

"So you really think it's true?" Katie asked after a few seconds of silence,
"about Grace I mean."

"I don't know," Jessie said, "why do you?"

"It wouldn't surprise me," Katie replied taking a muffin from the table and
biting a piece off, "it's just after what happened a few days ago out front,
you remember?"

"Yeh," Jessie said listening intently to her.

"I'm thinking the person she's in love with is Sarah," Katie said surprising
Jessie with her accusation.

"Grace in love? No way," Jessie said.

"Weirder things have happened," Katie pointed out.

"But it's Grace," Jessie said again, "I just can't see her falling for a

"Why you did," Katie said smirking.

"Not really I was just pretending," Jessie said leaning back and giggling out
loud as Katie through a piece of muffin at her.

"And I was pretending last night," Katie countered with an evil grin.

"Then you won the Oscar baby," Jessie said making Katie laugh.

"Your right, you can't fake that, at least I can't," Katie said.

"Me neither," Jessie said, "I'm not that good an actress."

"So when are you gonna ask your Mom about Nashville?" Jessie asked changing
the subject.

"At the last minute," Katie said looking serious, "that way she can't say

"You know Sarah ask me over to her place," Jessie said watching Katie for a
her reaction.

"So why didn't you go," Katie asked back.

"She wanted me and her to watch movies and plan what we where gonna do all
summer." Jessie said again, still watching Katie and purposely leaving out
the fact that Grace and ZoŽ would be there too.

"Making plans without me, huh," Katie asked standing up.

"Yep," Jessie said leaning back in the chair.

"You know if your trying to make me jealous, it's not working," Katie said
sitting down across Jessie's lap and feeding her the muffin, "cause I know
and you know the only person your gonna be with is me."

"Oh is that right?" Jessie asked biting at Katie's fingers.

"Yes!" Katie said emphatically.

Katie then kissed Jessie playfully as they giggled and Katie finished feeding
Jessie the rest of her muffin. While Jessie moved her hand up Katie's bare
leg and started to turn both of them on.

"You wanna take a nap with me," Jessie asked with a sexy tone to her voice,
"I promise I'll make it fun."

"Will you stop," Katie said pushing hand away briefly, "your gonna get us

"So I want the world to know who I love." Jessie said kissing Katie

"So your really ready to tell the world huh?" Katie asked seriously.

"Yes," Jessie said.

"Ok, then when Lily comes back in, tell her," Katie said as Jessie gave a
sorta panicked look before Katie went on, "see your not ready. But when
you are, I'll be by your side, every second. Just I like said. I promise."

Lily came back in to the kitchen and noticed the way Katie was sitting
across Jessie's lap and watched as she hung up the phone and Katie quickly
moved. Setting back down in her chair and trying to explain she was just
playing with Jessie and trying to make her eat, so she was holding her down.
Lily said she had to go to the mall and asked if the girls wanted to go.
Which ofcourse they quickly said no, they had plans and as soon as Lily
walked out the door and her car turned the corner they made a beeline for
Zoe's room.

"So you guys are about done, huh," Jessie asked hopefully, standing at the
door to Zoe's room.

"Yep," Sarah said.

They did finish after another hour,with Jessie and Katie's help. Even after
all that time as Grace, Sarah and Zoe left, Jessie was still hot and as she
saw the car pull away she dragged Katie by the hand back into the kitchen.

"You really wanna do it in here," Katie asked in surprise as she watched as
Jessie took her robe off and began to strip.

"Yes," Jessie said kissing her and feeling Katie's touch on her bare stomach.

"You are so kinky" Katie giggled...

Meanwhile at Sarah's apartment...

"So what do you wanna watch my little monkey," Sarah said opening the closet
and letting Zoe pick the movie.

"I know what I would pick; but we'll both get in trouble," Sarah said

"Maybe we can run Grace off later and watch," Zoe said being half serious.

"Ok pick a movie," Sarah said walking back to the bed as Grace came out of
the bathroom.

Zoe picked some R rated moved and popped it in the VCR, then laid down
between Sarah and Grace. With her feet at their heads. A few minutes into
the movie Sarah touched Grace's arm and motioned for her to tickle Zoe's
bare feet. Grace tickled the one next to Sarah and Zoe shot her a look
and turned back around. Then Sarah tickled Zoe's other foot and Zoe looked
at Grace. This went on for a few minutes until Zoe had had enough and bent
her legs over her back, still trying to watch the movie.

"Stop," Zoe said looking back at Sarah, "I wanna watch this."

Grace and Sarah where snickering and laughing, and kept picking on Zoe, until
she sat up and moved back between them.That only made them start poking her
in the ribs and it soon became obvious to Zoe that trying to watch the movie
was useless.

"OK, I've had enough, you been picking on me since we got here," Zoe
standing up and grabbing a pillow, and before either Sarah or Grace could
move she whacked both of them with it at once and then did it again and
again. Finally Grace got off the bed and tripped Zoe onto Sarah, and Sarah
held her down while Grace hit her with the pillow.

"Hey let's play Bubble belly," Sarah said rolling Zoe over and holding her
arms down.

"Oh yeah, I remember" Grace said laughing as Zoe kicked her feet and screamed
trying to fight her way out of the situation. Much like Sarah had done to
Grace a few days earlier, She raised Zoe's shirt, uncovering her belly and
Grace started in with the bubble blowing.

"STOP STOP," Zoe screamed begging for mercy, "you win you win...."

Sarah and Grace smacked a high five as Zoe pulled her shirt back down and
tried to catch her breath. Sarah was leaning on her elbow beside Zoe now as
Grace got up to once again visit the bathroom.

"I think your gonna break my toilet Grace," Sarah giggled as Grace
disappeared into the bathroom. Sarah then felt Zoe set up on the bed and as
Sarah turned around, she found Zoe only inches from her face. A shy smile on
her face. And her lips then touched Sarah's. Not being able to prepare, Sarah
started kissing her back softly, almost on impulse. Zoe's hand moved to
Sarah's cheek and she tentatively licked her tongue on Sarah's lip, searching
for Sarah's again.

Sarah, now fully aware of what was happening had to admit she liked it, but
also felt she should stop it. She moved her tongue to Zoe's instinctively and
fought herself to stop. As Zoe moved her arms around Sarah's neck and pulled
her in and laid back against the pillows. Stopping for a second and seeing
Zoe smile at her melted Sarah's heart, this time Sarah kissed Zoe and kept
telling herself to stop, for the life of her she couldn't.

Sarah soon noticed the kiss was much like it was earlier, just Zoe going
through the motions,with very little real emotion not passionate or
aggressive, which is usually the case. This seemed weird as Zoe's tongue
slipped back into Sarah's mouth. Their tongues met again and Sarah forced
herself to pulled away at last.

"Why did you stop for," Zoe asked.

"Because we shouldn't be doing this," Sarah responded to Zoe.

"Why not?" Zoe asked sitting up.

"Because your too young to have feelings like those" Sarah said realizing
how stupid that sounded.

"I'm not in love with you" Zoe said touching Sarah's lips with her finger,
"if that's what your thinking. I just really liked kissing you and thought
you did too."

"I did" Sarah admitted to her, then leaning in and kissing her one more time,
"but people might think the wrong thing if they found out."

"So I won't do it front of people," Zoe said returning Sarah's playful kiss
with one of her own.

"Zoe, stop!" Sarah said, "We shouldn't do it anymore period."

"I thought you liked kissing me?" Zoe asked pointedly with Zoe's lips only
few inches away from her's.

"I do," Sarah said sitting Zoe down on the bed, "But you and me aren't dating
or anything and that's what kissing is for, you know, showing affection to
the one you love."

"I know that Professor kiss" Zoe said not amused by Sarah's text book

"I'm sorry that's just the way it is" Sarah said feeling terrible as she sat
down on the bed.

"I don't understand, your not that much older than me" Zoe said, "two or
three years at the most. So why can't we just pretend where going together.
Or something?"

"Let me ask you something Zoe," Sarah said looking at her, "did that kiss
turn you on?"

"No," Zoe answered simply, "why did it you."

"It could," Sarah said before explaining herself, "see you like kissing me
because it feels good right?"

"Yeh," Zoe said

"And your not into girls are you or are you just curious?" Sarah went on.

"Curious about what the stuff feels like yeh," Zoe said, "but I don't really
like girls...No."

"Now see theirs the difference," Sarah responded, "I like girls and when I
kiss someone, it's because I like them and not just because it feels good."

"Oh, ok," Zoe said seeing Sarah's point, "do you mean you liked me, because
you said you liked kissing me?"

Sarah thought for a second on that interesting question, when Grace finally
emerged from the bathroom.

"What are you guys talking about," Grace asked sitting down.

"I'm explaining some things to Zoe," Sarah told Grace before turning back to

"Well, you gonna answer me?" Zoe asked.

"Ok," Sarah started, "and no Zoe I love you to death my little monkey, but
I'm not in love with you."

"What?" Grace asked in confusion.

"Zoe kissed me," Sarah explained, "and I was just explaining to her why we
can't do it anymore."

"Zoe you little tease," Grace giggled at her sister.

"You think this is funny don't you," Sarah said breathing a huge sigh of
relief, "and here I was worried sick, you would try to kill me more for
seducing your sister or something."

"She's all yours," Grace said standing up and laughing, "Seduce away."

"OK, if that's what you want," Sarah said giving Zoe an evil grin and telling
her to come closer, "come closer my little muffin" Zoe moved closer to Sarah
and they kissed slowly as Sarah watched for Grace's reaction.

"Hey, stop that!" Grace said pushing Zoe away, "You two are not funny."

"AHHHH look she's getting jealous," Zoe giggled.

"So you want in too," Sarah said touching Grace's cheek and rubbing it

"Your impossible," Grace giggled pushing Sarah's hand away.

Zoe grabbed Grace's arm and pulled her down as Sarah pulled her onto her
back, and held her down.

"Now you gotta kiss Sarah," Zoe told Grace.

"MMMMMMM I like that idea," Sarah said moving over Grace and giggling as she
leaned to within inches of her lips.

"Come on do it," Zoe said watching the two intently as Sarah sat up.

"Nope I won't force anyone to kiss me," Sarah said looking at Grace, "if she
wanted too it would be different."

"I think she wants to," Zoe said falling down on the bed and laughing out

"You mean like you do, you little lesbian wannabe," Grace said to her sister
making Zoe set bolt upright.

"I am not," Zoe said looking angry, "and besides your the one in love with

"Stop it you two," Sarah said, "just stop right now. I don't wanna hear you
two fight."

"She started it," Zoe said turning around and sliding off the bed and walking
to the window. Sarah followed after her. Stopping behind her and putting her
arms around Zoe's neck, "I know your not, and if your where I bet I'd be so
in love with you. But I'm still crazy about you. After all, you are Mi Mono

"I'm your Mi whatto," Zoe asked as Grace and Sarah started to giggle.

"Mi Mono Pequeno," Sarah repeated in perfect Spanish, "it's Spanish for My
Little Monkey."

"Oh, Mi Mono Pequeno," Zoe said smiling, "I like it."

Zoe looked back at her sister, who had her back turned to them now reading
one of Sarah's books on the bed. She whispered, "Thanks," and then hesitating
for a moment turned around and standing on her tip toes kissed Sarah's lips

"Last time I promise," Zoe said giggling.

"Zoe," Grace said as both Sarah and Zoe looked her way, "I'm sorry!"

"It's ok," Zoe said hugging Grace as they fell on the bed.

All three settled back in to watch the movie. That is until about a half hour
later when Zoe remembered that she had to baby-sit for her dad and Tiffany.

"It's ok Zoe I'll drop you off," Grace said as Zoe raced around excitedly and
hugging Sarah before sprinting from the room, "Zoe...."

"Hey, when will I see you again," Sarah asked grabbing Grace before she could
escape at the door.

"Well, I was thinking I'd come over in the morning and hang out for a while,"
Grace said smiling nervously at Sarah.

"Really?" Sarah asked getting a devilish grin on her face, "that way you can
have me all to yourself, huh?"

"Yeh, that's it," Grace said giggling softly as Sarah moved close to her.

"You might be getting yourself in some trouble you know" Sarah said almost at
a whisper.

"Maybe I want that kinda of trouble," Grace replied as Sarah touched her
cheek, and for the first time Grace let herself feel the electricity that
seemed to shoot through her entire body everytime Sarah touched her.

"I'm beginning to think you do," Sarah said her lips moving closer to
Grace's, as both could feel the heat of the moment.

"I don't know what to think anymore really," Grace whispered as she kissed
Sarah's chin every so lightly.

"Well, you could think about me if you want," Sarah said her fingers touching
Grace's lips and then kissing the back of her fingers. Grace smiled shyly and
touched Sarah's lips with her fingers.

"Grace, come on," Zoe screamed from the hallway, making Sarah and Grace jump

"I'll see you tomorrow morning," Grace mouthed to Sarah as she ran after Zoe
and felt her heart pounding hard in her chest and thinking to herself, she
couldn't deny it anymore, she was falling for a girl and that girl was Sarah
Grasser. Stopping for a moment at the bottom of the steps and leaning her
head against the wall, she could feel her heart still thumping and relived
every single moment of what just happened, "Sarah," Grace said under her
voice, "I'm falling for you. Oh, my god, this is so unreal."

Sarah closed the door as Grace vanished from view, her heart pounding much
like Grace's and relaxed against the back of it. Thinking how much things had
changed since she met Grace and wondering if she really felt the same way.

"Grace Manning, I'm in love with you," Sarah said out loud to herself and
then laying her head against the door and closing her eyes before feeling
the incredible rush of adrenaline that sometimes goes with that feeling,
she started bouncing up and down in excitement. Then running to the window
as Grace pulled away from the curb she said softly to herself, "I Love
You..." and then noticing her reflection in the glass, she began to laugh.

To be Continued
_ _ _

Preview of Chapter 11: Jessie and Grace have a revealing conversation.


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