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Rating: NC-17

Summary: The 6th in a new on going series,exploring the life of Once and
Again's wonderful characters of Jessie Sammler and Katie Singer. This chapter
features the Grace/Sarah storyline that seems to be hitting it's stride at
least with the people who have commented on the storyline. In this episode,
who's title I got by adjusting the slogan for the state of Georgia and it's
makes a cute title I thought. Anyways Grace goes looking for a little peace
of mind and ends up at Sarah's. Just read it,and enjoy. Reply also if you
enjoy it.

Once And Again: Jessie And Katie Part 6 - Sarah On My Mind
by The Vert Man ([email protected])

After the date with Eli and that kiss, OOOOOHHHH that kiss, Grace spent the
next few days almost in a daze as she tried to figure out what to do and more
importantly what she really wanted. Jessie seemed to be in a perpetual state
of bliss after what happened at the restaurant and Zoe spent a lot of time in
her room, watching that video, Grace thought. Eli, the source of her recent
troubles was staying at Karen's to give Grace some space as he said. As is
usually the case, there wasn't one quiet spot in the house to truly think.
It seemed everywhere Grace went she was bombarded by noises of some kind.

"Tonight might be different," Grace thought as Lily and Rick where again
planning on going out for the evening, this time for a PTA meeting, while
Jessie was expecting Katie to come over and pick her up for some event they
had planned, "and I'll be stuck with babysitting Zoe undoubtedly," she
muttered to herself. But things soon changed drastically.

"Grace," Lily said from the bottom of the stairs. Grace, hoping it was her
mom telling her she was leaving, "come on down, where going to play

"Scrabble, what the fuck," Grace said wondering a loud.

"Mom, I thought you and Rick where going to the PTA meeting tonight," Grace
asked Lily from the top of the stairs.

"It was moved to Saturday night," Lily said, "so we decided a night with the
family would be nice."

"Yeh," Grace said thinking about much she was looking forward to having a
little peace and quite tonight, "sounds great Mom."

"Tell your sister Zoe to come down, ok," Lily said walking away into the

Grace muttered a barely audible reply and walked back down the hall towards
Zoe's door.

"Hey, you gonna play?" Jessie asked passing by on her way downstairs,
"Katie's coming over and everything."

"Yeh, maybe, but wait, you were going out with Katie; what happened with
that?" Grace asked.

"Change of plans," Jessie said spinning around and heading downstairs.

"Oh, this night can't get any better," Grace said watching Jessie disappear
down the steps. Walking the last few steps to Zoe's door, she was stopped
cold by a weird sound, some cheesy music and a lot of moaning. Moving closer
and pressing her ear to Zoe's door, it became louder. She could also faintly
hear Zoe's voice; thinking fast she bent down to get a visual of what was
going on by peaking through the crack in the door facing.

"Oh, my god," Grace thought to herself as she saw what Zoe was doing. She
rose up and walked back downstairs.

"Where's Zoe?" Jessie and Lily asked at the same time, before bursting into

"Uh, she's busy," Grace said, "if you want her you can go up and get her."

"Ok, Grace, no reason to get mad," Lily said standing up and moving towards
her daughter.

"Mom, I'm gonna go for a drive, ok," Grace said moving away from her Mom and
towards the door, taking the keys from the handle by the door.

"OK, don't be too long," Lily said, "and pick up some more milk will you,"
Rick added as Lily hugged Grace.

"Sure" Grace replied not even paying much attention, just wanting to get out
of the house for a while at this point. Getting in the car and taking a deep
breath, she wondered where to go. Anywhere would be better than here she
thought. Pulling out and speeding away, she felt this huge pressure leave her
shoulders and for once she was at ease. She drove downtown and off on some of
the side roads just relaxing and singing along to the radio. That's when
Lonestar's "I've Gotta Find You" started playing and it made Grace start
thinking about Eli.

"I've got this dream that won't go away. When I close my eyes you're there
night and day. Baby whatever it takes I've gotta find you," The song played
as Grace soon began to sing along, while she stopped at the red light.

"Are you someone I know or that I'll meet by chance? Are you somewhere close
or in a far away land? Across the ocean or burnin' sand, I've gotta find
you." Grace sang to anyone who was listening, "I've gotta find you; Don't
care how long it takes. I know when I do, it'll be worth the wait," Grace
sang on, just hitting the chorus, as her mind raced about all the things she
loved about Eli.

"With God as my witness and love as my guiding star." Grace sang, as she
pulled away from the curb and just noticed the street sign. It read Mulberry
Rd. "Maybe Miami on some sandy beach."

"New York City making waves on wall street." Grace sang the last line of the
chorus as the thought suddenly came into her head of who lived on Mulberry.
"No matter where you are I've gotta find you, I've gotta find you."

"Maybe she won't mind if I drop by for a while," Grace said turning the
radio down and looking for Sarah's building. Finding it, she then had to find
a parking place. Fifteen minutes later and a half a block down the street she
did indeed find one. Parking and locking up the car, she looked around and
observed what a nice neighborhood this appeared to be. Walking up to the
building, she rang the intercom to Sarah's apartment and waited, suddenly
feeling nervous.

"Yeh," The voice said coming over the loud speaker, "who is it?"

"Ummmm, it's Grace," She said a little too low.

"Who?" Sarah said getting a little iratated by the sound in her voice, "look
either speak up or go the fuck away."

"It's Grace, Grace Manning, Jessie's sister," Grace said panicking a little
and looking around nervously. Thinking for a second Sarah didn't wanna talk
to her.

"Grace," Sarah said excitedly, "oh my god, come on up."

Going inside she rode the elevator up, as the door opened, she saw Sarah's
smiling face standing by the door.

"Hey," Sarah said hugging Grace as she came out of the elevator, "didn't
think I would hear from you again."

"Why?" Grace asked again nervously hugging Sarah back.

"I was kidding," Sarah said taking Grace's hand and leading her into her
apartment, "I didn't think it would be tonight."

"Oh, if your busy, I can come back some other time." Grace said.

"No, I'm not and you're not leaving," Sarah replied through a huge smile.
Then taking Grace's coat from her, "Besides, I was just thinking about you."

"Really?" Grace asked as she smiled back at Sarah, "I don't know if that's
good or bad."

"It was good, it was very good," Sarah said moving close to Grace and letting
her voice drop to a sexy tone.

"You're crazy you know that," Grace said, not able to help but laugh.

"Only for you," Sarah said turning around and laying back against Grace,
"well at least right now."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Grace asked pushing Sarah away

"It means I'm a huge tease" Sarah said turning back around,"and if you want
me you gotta catch me and hold on."

"Good thing I don't want you" Grace said giggling and throwing a huge pillow
at her before running away.

"Oh, yeah right," Sarah said putting her hands on the pillow and lifting it
up, "you know as well as I do that's why you came over here tonight."

"OH, you are dead," Grace said running at Sarah, just as Sarah blasted her
with the pillow. Knocking her onto the bed, Sarah jumped on top and pinned
Grace's arms to the mattress, "now admit it."

"Never," Grace said laughing out loud and fighting to get loose. Sarah
released Grace's hands and leaned down looking Grace in the eyes,

"Do you know how pretty you are?" Sarah asked.

"Yeh, I do," Grace said, "that's why your all over me."

"No, I'm serious," Sarah said, "you're so beautiful"

Grace laid there for a few seconds thinking about that comment as Sarah
rolled off her and laid down on the bed. Not sure how to feel about that
comment, considering all she knew about Sarah, but for the life of her she
couldn't bring herself to wipe the smile of her face at what Sarah said.
The moment had sorta passed Grace thought finally looking over at Sarah,
who was now tossing a bean bag up in the air.

"Sorry if I made you uncomfortable," Sarah said in a low voice, that Grace
thought was only intended for her.

"You didn't, cause I think you're beautiful too," Grace said in response.

"Thank you," Sarah said blushing a deep red, "and I'm glad you came over

"Me too," Grace said as both looked into the other's eyes and got lost in
the moment. Sarah then rolled over facing Grace and asked, "Wanna know

"Yeh," Grace said laying her head down on the pillow.

"I just realized I've got a crush on someone." Sarah said her eyes never
leaving Grace's.

"Yeh, and who would that be?" Grace asked her mind racing and finally
settling on the conclusion that she didn't care anymore if Sarah did say what
she thought she was gonna say. Cause she was starting to feel the same way,
maybe. Confusion reigned in Grace's head in those few seconds between.

"Brad Pitt, he is so fuckin' hot." Sarah smiling brightly and starting to
laugh uncontrollably on the bed. Grace felt her face turn red with blush as
she rose and grabbed the pillow again and whacked Sarah time after time.

"You're such a tease," Grace screamed as Sarah escaped from the bed and kept

"I told you," Sarah said and turned around said, "Truce, ok."

"Fine," Grace said throwing the pillow on the bed and laying down as if she
where mad. She was far more embarrassed and a little hurt by what Sarah said
than anything else. Sarah opened the closet and started looking through her
movies, when Grace noticed for the first time something that had never
occurred to her. Sarah had a great ass.

"oh my god," Grace said mumbling to herself, "get a hold of yourself. What
is wrong with you. She's a girl."

"You say something?" Sarah asked turning around.

"Thinking out loud," Grace said, "you got any good movies?"

"Of course," Sarah said, "porno or regular?"

Grace started to giggle at the way Sarah said that, as she held one in each
hand like on a game show. They decided to watch a movie called "The Truth
About Jane" with some woman named Stockard Channing. Sarah swore it was a
good movie and since it was taped off the TV, there was no way of knowing by
looking at the box. So Sarah joined Grace back on the bed and laid face down
with her feet only inches from Grace's hand. As the movie started going,
Grace moved her hand quietly to Sarah's foot and stroked it up and down, then
looking back at the TV like nothing happened.

Grace soon realized what the movie was about; seems the girl was a lesbian
and she fell in love with this other girl and had to tell her mother who
turned out to be a "Super-Bitch". Grace repeated her tickling of Sarah's foot
every minute or so for an hour until finally Sarah looked back and said,
"will you please leave my feet alone."

"Sorry," Grace giggled at Sarah moved around to her end and laid back down,
"maybe now you'll let me watch the movie."

But Grace was in one of those moods, and she wanted to tease Sarah for what
she did earlier.

"Do you think she's hot?" Grace whispered as the girl came back on the
screen. Sarah tried to pay her no attention, but Grace wouldn't quit, "I bet
you wanna do her mother...."

"GRACE THAT'S SICK!" Sarah said looking at Grace and smiling, "and no I
don't. Geez, if you want my attention so badly just ask."

"I was just picking," Grace responded, "the movies boring..."

"Yeh, I guess so," Sarah said hitting the stop button.

"We can finish watching it if you want," Grace offered suddenly feeling bad.

"Yeh, right like you would let me," Sarah falling down beside Grace and then
propping herself on her elbow.

"I'll let you do anything you want," Grace said.

"HMMM, really?" Sarah asked letting her voice drop again to that same sexy
tone as earlier, "might be something you don't want."

"Right now I dunno what I want," Grace replied thinking about all that was
happening to her, about Eli and then about the girl laying next to her.

"Yeh, I've been there before," Sarah said laying back this time across
the pillow by Grace, "but what I discovered is, if you're afraid to try
something, you'll never know if it's what you want."

Grace didn't respond, she just laid there and started thinking about
everything and for the minute enjoyed the peace and quite. She thought about
Eli and how he broke her heart when he told her he didn't have those kind of
feelings for her. Then about what he had said about wanting to try and see
if there was anything really there. Then she thought about Zoe and what she
saw earlier. Quickly moving on, she looked over and caught Sarah staring at
her. Sarah looked away and Grace felt herself blush slightly, closing her
eyes for a second to think.

"Grace," She could hear Sarah say, "wake up, you ok?"

"Yeh," Grace said realizing she had fallen a sleep on Sarah's bed, "how long
have I been out?"

"About an hour," Sarah said, "your Mom called a few minutes ago and I told
her you'd be home in a little, you were using the bathroom."

"My Mom," Grace said setting up, "how the hell did she know where I was?"

"Said Zoe thought you might be here," Sarah replied.

"I better be going," Grace said jumping up, "get the car back and

"Yeh, ok," Sarah said looking away to the TV, "thanks for dropping by."

Grace grabbed her coat and walked to the door, before looking back and
catching Sarah's eyes with hers. Grace didn't want this moment to end and it
seemed to her Sarah didn't either. Sarah stood up and walked over to the door
and came eye to eye with Grace. Leaning in close, letting her forehead touch
Grace's, she whispered, "when you figure out what you want, I'll be here."

"Really?" Grace asked at the same voice level as this warm feeling swept over
her body.

"Yeh, cause I do have a real live crush," Sarah said smiling.

"Yeh, and who is it?" Grace asked and waiting with baited breath for Sarah's

"It's you." Sarah said as her hand touched Grace's cheek, "hope you don't
think it's too weird."

"No," Grace said her eyes still locked on Sarah's and her heart pounding
like the first time she ever fell in love. Little did she know Sarah's was
pounding too, and she had that same feeling sweeping over her, standing
there looking into Grace's eyes. In that moment there was no more, "how can
I get Katie back," it was only, "is she for real?" and "am I falling in love
with her?"

"I really do have to go," Grace said not wanting to leave, but being afraid
of what might happen if she didn't.

Sarah didn't say anything, just backed up a few steps and held the door for
her. "See ya later." Grace said in a questioning manner.

"Yeh, anytime" Sarah said as Grace walked out and practically ran for the
elevator. The drive home was a complete blur as Grace couldn't stop thinking
about Sarah and everything she had said, "do I have feelings for her?" Grace
repeated to herself thousands of times it seemed on that drive.

Arriving home she pulled in and saw that Jessie and Katie where standing
outside by the garage kissing and whispering back and forth to each other.
She parked and got out, trying to walk by unnoticed, but then she heard

"Hey, Grace where were you?" Jessie asked already knowing the answer.

"Like you don't already know," Grace said giving Jessie an annoyed look.

"I don't, really," Jessie said moving around Katie and standing beside Grace,
"we been out here for like an hour."

"Oh," Grace said, "I was over at Sarah's, ok."

"Sarah?" Jessie asked a little confused, "Sarah, Katie's ex."

"Yeh," Grace said turning to go inside, "what were you doing over there?"

"Watching movies, hanging out, you know," Grace said now closed to the door
and reaching for the knob, trying to get away from Jessie and anymore
questions. Little did she know it was only beginning for on the other side
of the door was Rick, Lily, and Zoe.

"That is so weird," Jessie commented, "never seen Grace like that before."

"Yeh, but I bet I can guess what it is," Katie ventured, "I think Grace's in

"With who?" Jessie asked in surprise, "I dunno,but she has all the signs.
Maybe she went over there to talk. Sarah is a good listener afterall."

"HMMM, well if she's such a good listener, why don't you go talk to her,"
Jessie said turning away and trying to hide a playful grin.

"Yeh, that way you could follow me and get that three way you want so bad,"
Katie whispered to her.

"AHHHHHHHH, Katie Singer, you slut," Jessie said in mock horror and slapping
her arm, "I swear sometimes I wonder about you."

"Like what do you wonder?" Katie asked meeting Jessie's eyes with her own.

"How I got so lucky and found you," Jessie said kissing Katie and putting her
arms around her neck. They stayed like that until someone's car backfired and
they jumped apart like they'd been shot at. The car backfiring was Karen's as
she dropped Eli off, and offered Katie a ride home. Eli walked on up the walk
while Katie quickly pressed her lips to Jessie's and whispered, "I Love You",
which was soon followed by Jessie's, "I love you, too," reply and another
quick kiss.

"Bye," Jessie said

"Bye," Katie replied running off for the car.

Jessie turned to walk back into the house and thought how the world could
not be more perfect right now.

To Be Continued.....
_ _ _

Preview of Chapter 7: Jessie enters a contest for a chance at a recording


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