Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I am simply borrowing them from ABC
and The Bedford Falls company to tell this story.

Rating: NC-17 (ff)

Summary: The 4th in a new on going series,exploring the life of Once and
Again's wonderful characters of Jessie Sammler and Katie Singer. The story
continues and this has to be my favorite chapter so far. Jessie and Katie
finally finish what they started and Zoe and Grace visit Sarah's. A lot
of stuff is beginning to happen. I had a blast writing it and wait till
you read, I think you'll like it. At least I hope so. Of course I won't
know unless you tell me. So even if you hated it tell me about it. Enjoy.

Once And Again: Jessie And Katie Part 4 - Pillow Talk
by The Vert Man ([email protected])

"Finally," Jessie said as she kissed her way up Katie's thighs slowly.

"You gonna tease me, huh," Katie said getting a little frustrated with
Jessie's slow moving kisses. Jessie kissed her way across Katie's stomach
and down the other thigh, "Jessie please I need it...."

"Do you need it badly now?" Jessie asked as she licked her tongue up Katie's
pussy, like she had seen in the movie and she heard Katie moan for the first

"Yeh so bad, and only from you," Katie responded moaning and squirming under
Jessie's tongue, which now was licking up and down fast on her slit, "yeh
Jessie oh yeah...."

Jessie licked faster and faster as Katie's moaning got louder and louder.
She squirmed harder under Jessie's tongue. Letting her tongue slip inside and
starting to fuck her lover's pussy fast and hard,which made Katie hotter. She
knew Katie wouldn't last very long, so she wanted to make it a good orgasm.
Katie's hands moved to Jessie's head and guided her tongue where to go.
Jessie's tongue was now covered in Katie's juice as she fucked her tongue
even harder, trying to make Katie cum.

"OHHHHHHHHHH Jessie I'm Cuuuuuming, I'm Cuuuuuming," Katie moaned as her
body tensed up and she felt an incredible wave of intense pleasure surge
through her. Jessie's tongue never letting up for a single second on Katie,
going harder even when she tasted the first drops of Katie's cum on her
lips. Katie moaned and grunted as Jessie continued to lick and suck her
through the intense orgasm. Finally falling limp to the bed as it faded
away. Never having felt so fulfilled before.

"Holy....shit.....Jes..." Katie said trying to get her breath as Jessie
licked every drop of cum of her lover's pussy, "Oh yeah.....oh

Jessie finished licking every drop off Katie's pussy and crawled up beside
her. Katie pulled her into a long french kiss and both tasted the fruits of
thier hard work, being both had the other's cum on their lips.

"Did I do ok?" Jessie asked giggling and already knowing the answer, "cause
it was the first time."

"Yeh, oh yeah," Katie said leaning in and kissing Jessie again, "incredible
is the word that comes to mind."

"Thank you," Jessie replied smiling, "Can I ask an honest question?"

"Sure," Katie replied.

"Would you ever do a three way like they where talking about on TV a couple
of weeks ago?"

Katie seemed to be some what surprised at Jessie's question and stopped to
think for a second before answering it. "Maybe if it's what you really
wanted," Katie finally replied. "Why do you have someone in mind."

"No," Jessie said acting like the thought was absurd, "just an idle

"Not like I'm wanting to share you anyway," Katie said pulling Jessie into
her arms and lying back on the bed where they would end up falling asleep for
the rest of the afternoon.

Meanwhile at Sarah's Apartment.....

"Cool apartment," Zoe said looking around Sarah's place in awe, she was
right it was huge. Luckily for Sarah, the landlord was in and was able to
make her a duplicate key so she could get back into her apartment, "it's
so big."

"Yeh, it's pretty big," Sarah said taking Zoe's coat and backpack and laying
it beside hers on the bed in the corner, "you guys wanna hang for a while?"

"Of course," Zoe said looking around, "we got no place to be, right Grace?"

"Yeh, I guess," Grace said taking her coat off and tossing it on the bed.

"Nice TV," Zoe said sticking right by Sarah.

"Yeh, it's good for watching movies on," Sarah said.

"What kind of movies?" Grace asked as Zoe went over to the window to look

"Check'em out their in the closet." Sarah said looking at Grace with a sly
smile. Grace slowly walked over to the closet and opened it up, seeing a
huge collection of movies. She began to scan the titles on the first shelf,
finding nothing of interest. She moved to the top shelf and got a shock,
when she read the first title "Lickity Split: A Family Affair" and the next
one "Sara and the Swim Team".

"Sarah," Grace said in mock horror as Sarah walked over with a smile in her

"Find something you like?" Sarah asked.

"These are pornos," Grace said.

"Yeh duh," Sarah responded smiling at Grace, "some of them are pretty hot,
but doubt you would ever watch one."

"And what makes you say that?" Grace asked putting her hands on her hips and
acting like she was offended by that comment.

"Cause," Sarah started, "you just seem like the proper type. That would never
watch anything like that."

"Well, let me tell you something," Grace began, "I've watched plenty of

"Oh really," Sarah said reaching for one of the other titles, "you ever seen
this one?"

Grace looked at the title and it read "Horny, Young and Bi",being taken aback
by the title, she flipped the box over and started looking at the vidcaps on
the box. As much as she hated to admit it, she would probably watch it, if
Sarah wanted to and might even enjoy it, Grace thought.

"No," Grace said still looking at the box with intense interest.

"It's so hot you won't believe it," Zoe read from beside Grace, "cool."

"Zoe," Grace said looking back at her sister in shock, "your too young to
look at this." With that being said Grace handed the box back to Sarah and
ushered Zoe away from the closet.

"I am not," Zoe said complaining to Grace and then looking to Sarah for
support, "I've watched more than you I bet."

"No, you have not," Grace said thinking about the one and only time she did
watch one. It was with some friends of hers at a party and she thought how
disgusting it was, but for some reason, she wanted to see the movie Sarah

"Yes, I have, too," Zoe said pulling away from Grace and walking over to
Sarah's side, "it was called 'Talk to me Dirty' and they did everything. We
watched the whole thing. And then this other time, me and Jennifer watched
one in her room."

"Zoe, I'm telling Mom," Grace said obviously surprised at her sister's
having watched more porn than her.

"OH, come on, Grace" Sarah said, "it's a movie it's not like she's screwing
the mailman."

"Can we watch that movie?" Zoe asked grabbing Sarah's arm and jumping around
excitedly, "I've never seen a bi movie like that. The ones I watched where
guys and girls."

"Up to your sister," Sarah said moving back to the closet and pulling the
tape out again, "whatta ya say Grace, I know you want to."

"No, Zoe where leaving," Grace said firmly and grabbing her coat.

"NO!" Zoe screamed getting her sister's attention, "I'm not gonna be the
good little girl and do what you say. I wanna stay."

"Ok," Sarah said putting the tape back in the closet and closing the door,
"I won't mention it again."

Grace decided to stay, maybe more to avoid a fight with Zoe than anything
else and eventually they did settle in to watch a movie. One of the new Olsen
Twin movies, which Grace insisted on and Zoe almost refused to watch. Grace
had to take a bathroom break, so Zoe used the opportunity to talk Sarah into
letting her borrow the movie for a few days.

"OK," Sarah said making sure Grace was still in the bathroom, "but if you get
caught, I'm gonna say you stoled it."

"Fine," Zoe said taking the movie and slipping it into her back pack as
Grace came out and gave them a strange look, like she knew something was
going on, but couldn't put her finger on what it was. Setting back down and
watching the rest of the movie, she couldn't shake the thought of something
had happened. A few minutes later, the movie ended and Sarah took Zoe with
her as she took out the garbage, Grace took the opportunity to take another
look at that tape. Finding it gone, she looked around thinking Sarah had
layed it somewhere else. But not being able find it. She finally, on a
hunch, looked in Zoe's bag and their it was.

"I'm gonna kill them two," Grace said, then thinking it would be an easy way
to watch the movie later herself. So with that she slipped it back in the bag
and sat back down on the bed like nothing happened. Zoe and Sarah came back
about a half hour later, as Grace was beginning to worry.

"What happened to you?" Grace asked as they fell on the bed laughing.

"I was showing Zo the neighborhood and we lost track of time," Sarah said,
noticing the way she called Zoe, 'Zo', "I think my neighbor's little boy has
a crush on you," Sarah told Zoe.

"He's cute alright," Zoe giggled.

"He was like 'Hi my name is...what is my name again'," Sarah giggled, "he's
totally into your sister Grace."

"Can you blame him, after all she gets her looks from me," Grace said joining
in on the goofiness.

"Yeh, I can see that," Sarah commented, "and I must admit I prefer the more
mature model."

"Hey," Zoe said acting like she was hurt by the comment, "I thought you
where in love with me. Your such a tease."

"Oh, I do my little monkey," Sarah said trying to stop laughing, and putting
her hands on either side of Zoe's face and then kissing her nose, "I shall
come for you in the middle of the night and we will disappear like Romeo and

"Now I'm feeling left out," Grace said turning her back to the other's.

"and besides I'd rather not end up like them two anyway." Zoe said falling
down on the bed and laughing at her own joke.

"There's enough of me to go around," Sarah said putting her arms around
Grace, "and after she goes to bed,we can ... you know." Sarah went on giving
Grace an exaggerated look with her eyebrows and making Grace crack up
laughing and fall over.

"Ok," Zoe said standing up on the bed with a pillow, "you've betrayed me for
the last time."

With that she swung at Sarah who ducked and hit Grace square on the back on
the head. Grace turned and grabbed a pillow herself and climbed on the bed as
Sarah laughed and watched from below. Whacking her sister, Zoe fell on top
of Sarah and covered up as Grace whacked her again and again. "Truce!" Sarah
screamed as she moved off the bed and grabbed a pillow herself. "Now your
gonna get it," Sarah said.

"Get her Sarah," Zoe screamed. The fight ensued and it was pretty even until
Zoe tripped Grace on the bed and her and Sarah held her down while they
tickled her unmercifully. After a few seconds Zoe had to run to the bathroom
and Sarah and Grace layed their on the bed breathing hard and still giggling.

"I haven't had this much fun in a long time," Grace said looking at Sarah.

"I'm glad, you seemed like you needed a little fun," Sarah said rolling over
and looking at Grace," and like I said anytime you wanna drop by, feel free.
I'm usually here by myself."

"I might just take you up on that more than once," Grace said smiling, "cause
my family drives me crazy sometimes."

"Anytime you want some peace of mind, you can find it here." Sarah smiling
again at Grace, "you can sleep, read or just watch TV, whatever you want. You
know what I mean." Sarah said going on before starting to giggle.

"Or maybe I'll just wanna see you," Grace said, fighting her mind to not over
think that comment like she was prone to do. As Sarah stopped mid giggle and
gave Grace a serious look.

"I hope you do," Sarah said smiling and leaning a little closer, taking in
the scent of Grace's hair and really enjoying the moment. It seemed to Sarah
that Grace was leaning towards her too, and the moment once again lingered in
the air like a mist. Their eyes locked in the other's gaze.

"I really needed that," Zoe said emerging from the bathroom. Shaking Sarah
and Grace back to reality, as they both sat up and Grace rolled off the bed.

"I think we better get running Zoe," Grace said looking at Sarah as her
expression turned to a sorta frown, "you know how Mom is about dinner."

"Yeh," Zoe said grabbing her coat and backpack as Sarah stood up. Zoe
walked over and hugged Sarah and thanked her.

"Remember what we talked about," Sarah said looking at Zoe, "you can be
anything you want."

"I know, but thanks," Zoe said as Grace walked around the bed and headed for
the door. Zoe disappeared out the door, when Grace felt Sarah's arms move
around her neck, and heard her say, "Don't be a stranger ok."

"You have no idea how much you'll see of me," Grace giggled watching Sarah
pull away and smile as she walked out and headed for the car. Grace's mind
wondered for the entire ride home about everything that had happened today.
Until she came back to what Sarah said to Zoe before they left.

"Hey Zoe," Grace said trying to get her attention through the headphones.
Zoe looked over and asked, "What?"

"What did Sarah mean by you can be anything you want?" Grace asked pointedly.

"Oh, I asked her about being a lesbian or gay...whatever you call it," Zoe

"You did what?" Grace asked about to loose control of the car,as she was
almost in shock, "Why?"

"Cause," Zoe said, "I know she's gay and I was curious and all."

"Wait, how did you know she was gay?" Grace asked.

"I heard Jessie and Katie talk about it one night on the porch." Zoe said
taking off her head phones, "and I just figured I would ask her what it was
like and all."

"So you know about Jessie and Katie?" Grace asked tentatively as she pulled
the car into the drive.

"Yeh," Zoe said looking away shyly, "did you?"

"Yeh," Grace said, "not as long as you, but yeh I know." Grace sat there for
a minute before going on and asking, "so why didn't you tell anyone?"

"Cause I really love Jessie and I would never tell on her like that," Zoe
said sounding more mature than her age at that moment, "besides who she

"Zoe your really growing up," Grace said smiling at her sister as they both
got out and headed inside. Just as Eli came up the walk from being dropped of
by Karen. Grace smiled as he fell into step with them.

"Can we talk?" Eli asked Grace as they reached the inside and Zoe zoomed off
to her room.

"Sure," Grace responded.

"Let's take a walk ok," Eli said.

Rick and Lily arrived just as they reached the end of the driveway and told
them to hurry back cause dinner would be ready soon. They walked for a while
before either said anything at all. Finally Eli broke the long silence and
asked, "You been doing ok?"

"Yeh," Grace said, "and we both know that's not what you wanted to talk

"Your right," he said, "I been doing a lot of thinking is all."

"About what?" Grace asked expecting Eli to start going on about the latest
of his bubble headed girlfriends.

"Us," he said looking at Grace and then touching her cheek, moving the hair
out of her eyes and going on, "I been thinking about how much you mean to me
and how I was hoping we could maybe see if there is anything really there,
between us."

To be Continued.....
_ _ _

Preview of Chapter 5: Eli and Grace go on a date and Jessie reveals her love
for Katie.


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